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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  October 13, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> the news is next. >> bye-bye. ? ? good morning, i am gene ramirez. tragedy strikes a polk county -- couple. right into the home of a reverent and his wife. the wife is dead and the driver is in jail. we're joined live from that home. the details of the crash is just so sad. >> reporter: good morning to you said and really scary because this is a freak accident by all accounts. i will step out of the way and show you a live look at the home . believe it or not the truck
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speak this morning. it went through to perhaps 3 rooms is the barrel through the home this morning. let's go to a photo of the suspect. this all happened at around 4:or 8 this morning. 24-year- old ryan talent of plant city barreled down its gerald road in a pickup truck. he lost control and slammed into the home. 76-year-old janice folds have walked i the front of the home and was killed instantly. her husband explains he was 10 seconds behind her when he heard an explosion. the sheriff tells us what happened next. >> the suspect who was climbing out of the vehicle, if you can imagine, while mister fold is trying to find his wife and he is saying, what you doing here? what have?
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he is going to leave, but neighbors have poured out into the community and they said no, you are not going anyplace. she said i have to go to my families house was close by. >> it looks like we have lost audio from ryan hughes out in polk county but we heard the sheriff speaking to us live a little earlier this morning. he said they are looking to charge the suspec the 24-year-old, with dui manslaughter. the man refused sobriety test. they were making to get proper paperwork to get the blood test. it really has been a relatively nice morning out there. looking at max defender 8 which of course our 1 million walked radar which is scanning all
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and even toward the atlantic ocean. at this point everything is dry. we have less cloud cover than this time yesterday. we did wake up to clouds but most of them have scoured out now. no doubt people would be out on the golf course today. it is 79 degrees with the northeast winds at 6 miles-per- hour. we started the week pleasant, very dry right now it is 80 in zephyrhills. we have made it up to 81 degrees in tampa even 84 in sarasota. we will keep that breeze. we have had that the past couple of days coming from the north and east. i do think that will continue. slightly more humid mid-to upper 80s lest that a 10 percent rain chance -- less than a 10 percent rain chance. hurricane nicole slamming into bermuda right now.
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, 17-year-old hillsboro high schools and killed in a hit-and- run this morning. ashley was walking across hillsboro avenue just after 8:00 this morning right into the path of the vehicle. the vehicle left the scene. florida highway patrol is searching for it. paramedics took ashley to the hospital but she died after arriving. if you have any information please call crimestoppers immediately. donald trump is denying claims he made inappropriate advances about in that folder video. today he is rallying in south order -- vulgar video. today he is rallying in south florida . tracy has more on that plus the latest on the clinton campaign's leaked emails. >> it was like he was an octopus, like he has 6 arms. he was all over the place. >> reporter: jessica said that happened when she said next the donald trump on a plane. pageant contestants also coming
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and gave me a kiss on my lips. i remember being shocked. >> reporter: several women making allegations including one in south florida were donald trump raleigh's today. in bc has not verified their claims. the donald trump campaign denies it ever happened in question why these women -- questioned why these women waited years to reported. >> he doubles down on the excuse that it is locker room . after he said that in the last day, the most amazing thing happened. athletes and coaches started speaking out. >> reporter: demo some -- donald trump says the allegations are just to not feed into the wiki leaks emails. >> she deleted the emails. she
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campaign calls it a controversy pushed by russian hackers determined to get donald trump elected. and anti-trump union rally is planned in washington. there protesting how donald trump treated workers in las vegas. while many find the allegations disturbing donald trump still has supporters in the bay area. thousands turned out to speak at a lakeland campaign event wednesday. the rain at the lakeland linder regional airport. there donald trump continue to attack his opponent hillary clinton. >> she would be the most dishonest and the most corrupt person ever elected to high office. >> the trump campaign is fighting hard for florida. he has palm beach county today. tomorrow mike pence will stump for votes in pensacola and miami
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hours ago more details about a's upcoming nonstop flight to cuba. flights will start december 12. traveling from tampa you will depart at 6:15 in the morning. the return flight will leave any the 6:05 or 11:15 at night. here's the pretty cool part, starting november 13 there will be daily connecting flights from tampa through fort lauderdale. those typically -- tickets will only be $59. prices only good through november 20 the trip before april 24. right now a north carolina nightmare of her came math genius. for many it will only get worse before it gets better. some rivers are just now cresting and at record levels. the federal government has declared a disaster in dozens of counties. thousands of people are still without power, clean water or in many cases have lost everything. almost 3000 are seeking refuge in
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north carolina and most of those are due to drowning in the rapidly rising waters. >> it was dark. when i went to get on the highway although i couldn't see the water i could feel it. it didn't seem like i was going on to an interstate. if seemed like i was driving my truck into the river. leaders now urging people to not let their guard down as rivers reach historic levels of floodwaters threatened more communities will take months. many people still don't have power a week after the storm moved up the east coast. there helping out in jacksonville restore powers. about 25 line crews and all are in jacksonville right now. here's what is going on with hurricane nicole. it is a category 3 storm. you can see it is extremely close to her bermuda.
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nicole. you can see a curving off to the right. that is very fortunate. still people in bermuda are getting hurricane force winds and a lot of rain. the international space station captured a view from the call -- of nicole for more of it .-- orbit . the bolts are back tonight. the regular season begins for the home team on home ice at y red rings. the puck drops at 7:30. a new season means no hope for a stanley cup. the penguins eliminated the lightning in the playoffs the last season, but in off-season the lightning managed many of the big name the players primed for a championship run. if you're going to be at opening night, getting to and from amway arena may be easier. the bolts are teaming up with a new partner it whether it is legal or not. right now there is a temporary
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uber and the ptc. technically officers could serve drivers picking up and dropping off lightning and from emily a hefty fine that topsail hundred bucks. the ptc would only issue us a statement saying, they are working to find a solution that brings rideshare companies into compliance with hillsboro county law. we want to give a big shout out this morning to all of you, our viewers, because you have a big amazing wonderful heart. totals from our wfla heart walk phone bank. viewers helped us raise 17,000 $17,747 to fight heart disease. this is some video from that phone bank yesterday. right now severns our grand total to 26,000 to $26,067 so far -- that brings our grand total to $26,067 so far. thank you for all of the volunteers that help to answer
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the phones. right now is the time to join stacy steam. fucchilo kia is matching the first $50,000 we raise. head over to our website to join the team or donate. another recall from samsung and sony's newest gadget on the market today. plus, do have an old cell phone you don't use anymore and you don't know what to do with it? this morning 8 on your side will show you how to ca those old mobile devices. also what is to come of prince's musical library? will show you the interesting part is coming up. anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could...
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing. try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks. papa john's. we're back alongside leigh spann. it is something pretty spectacular happening in the
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>> that is right hundreds of thousands if not millions of migrating starlings stop for arrest for food on there way west. it creates some beautiful photo op moments. they travel in bigger groups here expect how they avoid running into each other? that takes a major coordination . >> these moving formations block the view to the sky and give the name to lacks son -- sun. >> you are right, they really have to know what the other one is going to do. >> is there a leader? >> i guess so. that is pretty spectacular. nothing happening in our sky like that, but it is still beautiful. we have clear skies basically around the area. when you look at max defender 8, there is
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quick showers put the -- pushing off the atlantic ocean . so far we haven't seen that. when you take a look right now out of our lakeland automall camera at times we have nothing but lou clouds and then we have -- blue skies and then we have clouds rolling in . to see the flag-waving here.north east wind . a few clouds. we're seeing -- yi not because it goes back to july or august levels but it is not quite as dry as it was. temperatures right now 80 in arcadia. northpoint 79. 80s zephyrhills. same piece 78. here's the breeze we were talking about. 12 miles-per- hour in lakeland. that is where the mile -- flight was
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winds meaning an average over a time period . in that you get some stronger wind gust. bartow 23, 60 miles-per-hour right now and crystal river. right now it is not a school this morning as a was yesterday and slightly more humid. as the day goes on, breeze continues. one or 2 more showers originate along the i-95 corridor. if you happen to get one of the showers it won't last create a lot of rain. another nice start to the day. tomorrow is going to be quite similar to today, a bit above average by a few degrees and only that 10 percent rain chance. here's the latest information on hurricane nicole basically battering right over the island of bermuda. the one good thing, it will get out pretty quickly into the open waters of the atlantic
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in the meantime notice the day forecast. no big changes mid-to upper 80s 10 percent rain chance is a less each day. now and alert: if you're like many families you have the junk drawer typically it is in the kitchen or maybe in the bedroom. in those drawers at least one very old smart phone, maybe even if the loan. that is money going to waste. meredith joins us now. she has info to get the most cash for our old phones. >> hours is actually in the kitchen but whether or not you have cracked screens are outdated technology like this thing, it doesn't matter because there is a good chance that you will get even a few dollars for smart phones that are currently just taking up space. start by knowing the phone's exact model, how many gigs of storage it has and whether it is unlocked. >> if your phone is tied to a carrier it will not have as much value.>> then honestly
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>> if it doesn't turn out there will be services -- turn on there will be services that will take it from you and give you a few dollars. >> some colors are more valuable than others pics back gold phones aren't as popular as space great phones when it comes to iphone. when you're trading it in a could be a $10 difference. >> trading it into your current wireless carrier could be easy but not necessarily lucrative. switching carriers might pay off . the in-store tr gratification but at a price. typically in-store trade-in programs do not pay out as much as sending in your device. specs shipping it to online sites can often give you the most -- shipping it to your online sites can also give you the most bang for your buck. >> there are sites that will give you up to 30 days to trade
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personal content to keep from selling more than just your phone a. >> there are 3 steps to protecting personal data on your phone before trading it in. first, encrypt data by setting a password on an iphone and selecting encryption on androids . disassociate your counts from the device through google or i cloud. finally, do the factory reset. >> i want to see what you have here. >> you have any idea what >> i'm just very curious as to how much the iphone has grown. look at that. >> i don't think that one is worth too much. another consumer alert for you this morning of another samsung recall. this one of the galaxy know 7 smartphone. it is for the replacement
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this is coming from both samsung and the consumer roddick safety commission. the recall impacts nearly 2,000,000 original and replacement phones . samsung has received 90 reports of lithium batteries overheating in the us and catching fire. if you still have one turn it off and return it to the place of purchase. you will get a refund in there. embattled wells fargo ceo jon stump is now out retiring sloan will take over the top job following the high-profile scandal over sales practices at the bank. sloan is now the former coo. 2 million fake accounts were created in order to meet tough sales goals only problem is the bank did not tell the customers that those accounts were set up. billboard magazines reports
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interested in purchasing prints's -- prince's musical catalog. the official prince tribute concert takes place tonight. it is happening in his beloved minnesota. performers include stevie wonder, christina aguilera, chaka khan, and moores day in the time. also tori kelly and dougie fresh . on his paisley park estate from an accidental overdose fentanyl . he was 57 years old. coming up: the last 24 hours have been huge for movie trailers, but when it comes down to it, what takes precedence? we are talking about star wars, the new wrote one trailer just dropped this morning. we're giving you a
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star wars fans excited about : a new wrote one trailer dropped this morning. -- row -- rouge one trailer dropped this morning. we get a call shot of dark vader . this trailer is on all it a look. finally for the movie trailers, nicholas cage stars in the most nicholas cage like character he has ever played. an army of one he plays gary faulkner an american civilian who claims to be divinely inspired to travel to pakistan to capture osama bin laden. the movie is based on a true story and looks kind of absurd. it hits theaters next month.
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justice league film wonder woman. wonder woman celebrating 75 years of amazonian awesomeness in comics, film and tv. a week from tomorrow the un will name the comic book character as a's new honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls. it will launch a campaign supporting gender and quality
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how tall are you? how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do.
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and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. you know me, i grew up here. and while politics and the political parties may have... changed, i haven't. i've always stood up to the special interests and for... the people. to protect social security and medicare. for women's healthcare, and our veterans.
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or defund planned parenthood. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message, because i'll put you, the people first. i always have, and always will. good morning, breaking news this morning as tragedy strikes
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a driver plowed his vehicle right through the home of reverend folds and his wife janice. she is now dead. the details of the crash is just so sad. >> really, terrible situation for this woman and certainly for her husband who witnessed it all. i will step out of the way and show you a live look at that home where that pickup truck is still lodged inside at this hour. where told thw noon or some time just afternoon to pull the truck out. it is 2 to 3 bedrooms inside. it really went in quite a ways. let's go to a photo of the victim. this is a picture of janis folds. according to the sheriff this happened at around 4:48 this morning 124-year-old ryan talent of plain city barreled down fitzgerald road here in the lakeland area. the sheriff says he lost control of the
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. the 76-year-old had just walked into a spare bedroom when she was hit by the truck and pronounced dead on scene. her husband explained he was 10 seconds behind her and heard an explosion, the explosion being the truck as a came through the front of the home. here's what the sheriff said not too long ago. ryan talent with his recklessness changed the life of this beautiful family forever system we plan to change ryan talent's wife. he is going to be held accountable according to the justice system. >> sheriff judd tells us he has a history of traffic offenses. he said he failed his field sobriety test on scene, quote, miserably. he said he is charged at this hour with dui manslaughter.
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lakeland. she has 2 children and we're told that she and her husband were married for 53 years. >> a long life and relationship there were going about the business trying to -- their business trying to get on with the they -- their day and this happens . it is really not too bad out there. you may notice it is a little more humid but we are in a fantas with all of it's watts of power, thankfully things have been dry. later today when you're watching julie phillips you will start to see a couple of very light showers and. max defender 8 will give you a good look at those. at the moment it is telling you and confirming how beautiful it is outside. this is right out of the window basically a couple of floors above me looking down at the hillsborough river. this is
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attention to. do see this dewpoint. it is now at 68 degrees. anytime we can get did you made any -- humidity at 68 it is more comfortable. the closer we get it to 70 the more comfortable it feels. it is starting to get a little bit more humid but not bad. generally upper 70s to low 80s. this nice breeze will be with us all day out of the northeast. temperatures are running a degree or 2 above average. we will run your we can forecast coming up. right now to 2 -- right now 2 teenagers are in trouble after officers found letters referencing sprinkles the killer clown threatening teachers. the teenagers said they left the letters in the building where they would be found. when they were questioned they fessed up.
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education stops, school activities stop in an enormous amount of resources from law enforcement and the school district are consumed trying to vet these threats out. >> the teenagers explained to this is all a joke but still they were arrested. this all comes at a time where people are threatening clowns across the country. now one store in the bay area is thinking clown costumes off sales racks completely for the on why the store made the decision to go clown free. >> it will suncoast stores have hundreds of options for people who want to dress up for halloween and save money. if you're looking for a clown costume this year you are out of luck. >> creepy clowns have been stirring up trouble across the country. with less than 3 weeks until halloween suncoast goodwill stores are responding.
11:36 am
clown phenomenon. without about it and wanted to be sensitive to that. >> the chain decided to yank clown costumes from their stores after reports of creepy clowns. >> in a way we could be protecting people if someone unknowingly dresses as a clown. i love clowns but if someone undresses -- dresses that the clown in unknowingly scare someone, who knows what will happen. we see this as a step an stops -- stopped everyone from selling the costumes. clown shoes, clown nose, clown hat, clown mask, it is all here at fantasy costume in pinellas county. for now there aren't any plans to bring back clowns to goodwill suncoast stores in the future, but that could change once the creepy clown
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county sheriff is warning folks that decide to dress up like clowns this year that they will be questions so it is -- questioned so it is a good idea to find another costume for this year. more clown controversy: mcdonald announced they will scale back appearances by model mcdonald -- ronald mcdonald due to the rash of creepy clowns scares antonio gutierrez was selected as the next secretary- general. he was appointed last week. overnight the united states launched missile strikes on the yemen ruggles -- rebels . the strikes are the first shots
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long-running civil war in yemen . across america this morning, the man accused of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey last month is in court today. a mod calm -- ahmad kahn rahami to boston police officers are in critical condition after shootout wednesday night the left alone suspect dead. officers were responding to a dispute between 2 roommates before 11 pm. one of the roommates had an assault rifle and fired on the officers. both of the officers underwent surgery overnight at massachusetts general hospital. their names have not been released. city leaders say they are proud of the job done
11:39 am
officers ran into a firefight, they were able to pull 2 of there firefighters out safely. >> one of the officers is a 20 year veteran of the force while the other has served for 12 years. 9 other officers were treated at another hospital for minor injuries and emotional distress . another officer shot last night in baltimore. this one was not a serious. he was hit in the rest while responding to reports of a carjacking. plane closed detective approached they drove off. the 3 suspects remain at large. president obama will try to reverend up democrats in columbus ohio. it is speaking -- he is speaking at an annual dinner . tomorrow the president will hold a rally in cleveland for clinton and for sizing early voting. this week the president into
11:40 am
devoting his time to try to push hillary clinton over the finish line in the presidential race. this is a great story, a man who left school to fight in world war ii finally receives his high school diploma but he didn't know it was going to happen. his name is george -- his grandson david walsh is a vice principal in the same school district his grandfather left in 1944 to fight in world war ii. they invited him meeting for he was told he would leave the pledge of allegiance but instead they gave him his diploma and as you can imagine it was a very emotional moment. >> i was really surprised. i never expected this. >> he received an honorable discharge and a purple heart after being injured by a german hand grenade while stationed in france. when he came home he joined the labor force instead of finishing high school. getting that diploma was a big deal for him. coming up, some amazing video of skydiving during a lightning storm. it is
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take a look. the fight against the zika virus takes aim at the state's capital. marijuana measures are on ballots in 9 states this november including ballots here in florida. we break down what could change
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>> this is a nice time of year. we have the heat and the thunderstorms and once it ends it ends abruptly. we like it warm in florida but it is nice to have the break especially in that humidity. that is why we have the blue skies out there. notice the palm tree blowing in the wind. there has been a breeze which has helped make things feel
11:45 am
the freedom plaza in sun city center you have a mix of sun and clouds, mid-80s and that is wind . as we take a look at max defender 8, we're not finding any rainfall. eventually i do expect to see a few showers that will generally move very quickly from east to west. at this point that is what you will notice, very small shower, very light showers moving very quickly taking a look at the next couple of hours we will go from 83 degrees around 1 pm, 84 at 4:00 at around 81 degrees at 7 pm. 77 right now and bartow, 81 tampa, 81 degrees in brooksville. talk about that breeze, it just really adds that fall feel to the air when you have that 30 miles-per-hour sustained wind a. unfortunately we are tracking this very strong hurricane nicole. i will zoom in right
11:46 am
as of 11 am the hurricane center said the i had moved over the tiny island. the eye is bigger than the island. it didn't cover the entire island it moved over the eastern side. now this will move off to the north and east and thankfully leave that island behind. it will take all day for the backside of the system to pass through there. not -- nellis focus in on our weather . you have these very light showers some time. we continue with our northeast wind into tomorrow. saturday, notice how the southern portion of this gets a higher rain chance. we will have to bulbar rain chance up to 20 percent potentially but we're generally high as of monday. we look at they day forecast what you will notice is i took the rain chance out or monday,
11:47 am
mid to upper 80s which is not far from average. 85 about and for this time of year. this is what we expect. we don't expect it to be super chilly at this point, but we are really transitioning out of our rating season -- rainy season . >> it will be some pretty decent weather. that is the low rain chance were we can go out and visit the beach. a number of groups including pen -- planned parenthood visited scott's office today. it one open up communication with their groups on the zika virus and birth control issues. kimberly of planned parenthood was concerned about a prior law that would have limited access to birth control for low income women.>> it took away access to birth control that would prevent
11:48 am
zika virus. they hope lawmakers will consult with them before making any cuts to reproduction or limiting access to abortions. the presidential race promises to drive voters to the polls. 9 states which includes florida will vote on whether to legalize marijuana. and florida's case it is for medical use. jennifer lee explains those votes could affect the economy nationwide. >> this is a big year for marijuana, voters in 9 states will decideif pot for personal use or get it as medicine. a gallop poll shows more than half the country, 50 percent think marijuana should be legal . colorado said yes to recreational use for years ago. now arizona, next door is considering is.-- it. colorado schools were promised millions in new revenue
11:49 am
was a bad deal for colorado. >> 5 states, arizona, california, nevada, massachusetts, and maine will decide whether to legalize marijuana for personal use. 4 others florida, arkansas, north dakota, and montana may join half the country allowing marijuana for medical reasons with so many states making it legal and candy virgins of thc already out there, many law enforcement officials are worried th >> it could be passed along to children. it might be more potent than originally believed. >> those who support legalization will say regulation will support legal use. >> you do have quality control assurance. >> most experts agree of california approves marijuana sales it could be a game changer for the entire country. >> there is growing evidence that as marijuana is legalized
11:50 am
than one 8 us adults say they smoke marijuana. and 2013 it was only 7 percent. >> a reminder of some breaking news we brought you 24 hours ago. you now have more time to register to vote. a federal judge extended the voter registration deadline. it is now 5 pm on october. it is now 5 pm on october 18. the state democratic party filed a lawsuit after the governor said he would not extend now to the video skydiving i was telling you about all of this happening during a lightning storm. you don't want to do this it is just too dangerous. this actually happened in florida. a couple of daredevil skydivers skirted the edge of a giant thunderstorm all in the name of seeking a thrill. luckily they made it out unscathed, but sure they got some great video out of it and it is good for us to look at because i don't recommend anyone do this. >> coming up, new magical place
11:51 am
plus one of the best surprise proposals you will ever see. there is a lot of them out there but this one takes the
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11:53 am
11:54 am
a disney wedding isn't anything new. we have seen those before. the park even has special wedding pavilions and everything ; right? >> but getting to say i do inside the magic kingdom is a game changer. imagine a horse drawn carriage, all the lights lit up front of the iconic cinderella castle. it is not just a dream but a reality. a >> it is going to cost you a lot of money which wasn't listed on the disney wedding website. you need to contact one of disney's wedding planners for the royal treatment. pretty neat that you get to do this. >> there are some disney lovers which will place -- pay top price for that.
11:55 am
it is very unique that is for sure. if anyone should get married at magic kingdom it is this couple.>> brendan mcneil is fiancie of the year. his girlfriend landed the role of bell in their local -- bele in there -- their local production. he dressed the place of the man cast in that role and as you can see here he surprised his bride-to- be. this is how it unfolds. >> [ video playback ] sac of course, if you can't
11:56 am
but you are belledressed as your prince has come, he is on his knee, please go get married at the magic kingdom. thankfully he proposed after he goes from beast to looking like a man again. >> she fell in love with what was inside. >> what is going on with the weather? it is not bad on the outside. 87 degrees a little bit on the warm side with a light breeze, slim ra tomorrow. basically the same thing for saturday and sunday as well. 10 to 20 percent rain chance. we had to tweak the saturday sunday rain chance is especially south of i-4. it is all about what is inside that is what the fable told us. >> thanks for joining us. have a great day everybody. we will back -- we will be
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how tall are you? how do we measure greatness in america? it's measured by what we do for our children. it's why as president i'll invest in our schools.
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and an economy where every young american can find a job that let's them start a family of their own. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families. i want our success to be measured by theirs.
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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> yeah. is is last week's. >> hey, everybody, welcome to thirsty thursday. that is "thunder in the rain" by kc brown. >> beautiful. >> such a great musician. oh, we're talking about ally sheedy. i thought we were talking about barry gibb. they're both great. >> from classic films like the


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