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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  October 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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halloween is just around the corner but could creepy clowns through in the fund? we look at what you can do to ease your child's fears against
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check on the weather with the leigh . >> it is not too bad out there. we're scanning the skies with max defender 8. we're not finding any rainfall at this point. in fact it is relatively comfortable. 64 and lakeland. 63 crystal river. arcadia 66. the humidity is also in the not too bad category . again, it is october but as we head through the humidity level down. a look through the atmosphere all the way up, there is a lot of dry air in the mid and upper atmosphere. that is why we are only putting in a 10 percent rain chance. now we have a warm temperature of 87 this afternoon. at 5 in the afternoon you will want us take a look at the cool trend. we have this accident but now we have this disabled
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state route 52 to to 75 you are looking at over a half an hour -- 275 you're looking at over half an hour delay. you can still see only the left lane is creeping back. they do have the 2nd vehicle that was involved in this accident on a tow truck so hopefully that will be pushed of have delays and in the distance behind those trucks there is a disabled vehicle tying up that right lane. in the race for the white house we are just hours away from the 3rd and final presidential debate. >> it will take place tonight in las vegas. it is down to the wire for donald trump and hillary clinton. will hillary clinton has focused on preparing for the face ball -- face-off, trump has continued campaigning.
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expect a huge change in american politics. >> this is our last shot. in 4 years we will never be able to win. it will be a one party system . this is your final shot. meanwhile, hillary clinton already in las vegas facing new scrutiny. this time it is over newly released video from a controversial conservative activists. it shows a group of pro-clintonc troubles at a trump rally. >> donald trump also criticize clinton for staying home to prepare for tonight's debate claiming she was sleeping while he was working. our keith cate is in las vegas for the debate and he shows us what donald trump needs to do tonight to rebound in the polls. >> this is the day everybody
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between hillary clinton and donald trump. we are 3 weeks away from the election. so much is riding on this debate coming up later tonight. i spoke with adam goodman. he is a republican consultant. he is considered the consultant to the stars, a lot of winning campaigns under his belt. he is watching donald trump closely and he says donald trump needs to win this debate, but candidates in the past have come from surprises. >> there have been longshot candidates in the past. would this be the longest shot going forward for the republicans? >> in vegas you get very good odds on donald trump but it may not be a bad bet to make. i think there is a hidden vote. at the end of the day i think we might be surprised what happens on election day. >> what a story that would be a
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. the polls show hillary clinton leading this race. she is ahead i 4 in florida and doing better in other places nationally -- by 4 in florida and doing better in other places nationally. we will bring this all to you in future reports coming from las vegas. as you just hold -- heard you can watch his reports here on channel 8. is donald trump continues to claim the election is rigged against him, indiana, they are now investigating possible voter fraud. the secretary of state claims she has found suspicious changes to thousands of names and birth dates on voter registration records. one supervisor says it is too early to call the changes fraud. the allegations of a rigged
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from leaders on both sides of the isles. now the president is weighing in -- i'll . now the president -- aisle. now the president is weighing in. >> donald trump is complaining of corruption before the general election even happens. he claims large-scale voter fraud is a real concern, but now president obama is firing back slamming donald trump for suggesting the election could be rigged and saying his claims are proof that does not have the temperament to be commander-in-chief. >> i would invite donald trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes. >> the president also says the rhetoric threatens to weekend voter's faith in the democratic process. donald trump not backing down and encouraging his supporters to watch out for election fraud this fall. >> so many cities are corrupt
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and making it less great is if you start the training -- betraying those basic american traditions that have been bipartisan and helps to hold together the democracy that has held us together for well over 2 centuries. the main team in the final weeks for this campaign, while most of his comments have focused on voter swat -- fraud took another hit at hillary clinton calling her the most corrupt person to ever run for president, hashtag drain the swamp. we can expect him to put election rigging front and center at tonight's presidential debate. howard stern says that
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assaulting women aren't locker room talk donald trump was a frequent guest on howard stone's radio so -- show and has also heard donald trump talk about women. donald trump has apologized for the comments and called them just words. it actually still feels really comfortable. our skies are clear in our humidity is in the not too bad a range. temperatures will warm-up pretty quickly once the sun comes up in about 2 hours. we're up to 78 degrees by 10 am. at lunchtime we are right around 82 and we will hit 87 at 3 or 4 clock. we are clear this morning. we might have a passing cloud through the morning our. -- hour. our rain chances going to be less than 10 percent . this tropical wave has an 80
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good news, all of the computer models keeps it while off the east coast and that is because of a cold front that will tip our temperatures. we will have the upper 70s this weekend. let's check in with traffic on the 8s. we are not a big fan of i 75 right now. >> no not on i 75 right now and we also have an accident in the hernando county area. what a mess here. where less than 35 miles-per- hour southbound i 75 w. of wesley chapel. one lane is open. this is before you get to state road 54. we also have a disabled vehicle in the backup. you can use 3010 41 as an alternate. let's go ahead and take a look at a live look. the traffic -- 301 441 as an
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now moving. happening today, former hillsboro county teacher convicted of having sex with 2 of her students is leaving prison. she is expected to be released later today. she has been behind bars for 6 years. we are live at a motel in pinellas county. prison documents list this will tell as her new address. >> reporter: good morning, once again the department of correction's website shows this will tell will be her new home when she leaves prison school math teacher was sentenced in 2010 for having sex with 2 of her students. records show they were 14 and 16 years old. the assault happened in 2008 and at the time the judge called her a sexual predator. he imposed 5 years of probation after her time served which officially begins today. she served her sentenced at a state prison in ocala. we found her plea to the court during
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>> i am sincerely sorry for the pain and aggravation i have caused to the victims and their families. i pray that my apology helps for a down pouring of healing in the lives of all of those who have been hurt by my decision. >> one of the victims parents said she prayed on her son's emotional disabilities. the sun sentenced her to she will live at this motel after she is released. it is close to a childcare center and not far from a high school. at this time the department of corrections is not telling us what time she will be let out. pasco county deputies are searching for this man. his name is michael putnam. he is accused of shooting a woman in the arm after an altercation
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road. -- altoona road . he is considered armed and dangerous. if you have an idea of where he might be, please call 911. around 7:45 last night a woman was walking on golf gate drive one of vehicle hit her then took off without stopping. the 61-year-old woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition. troo vehicle but anyone who has any information, you are asked to call highway patrol. another accident happened on us 19 and green key road. the pedestrian appears to be at fault. the driver is not expected to face any charges. creepy clowns scares are happening all across the bay area and across the nation. coming up: how you can ease the fears of kids so that clowns are not so scary.
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do not expect to find under the hood. see how a bay area driver reacted as a snake came
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halloween is supposed to be a fun time or kids across the country it could be an uneasy holiday. fears about how threats -- clown threat have led to stores pulling the masks off the shelves. >> reporter: last week the suncoast goodwill stores have decided to pull all the clown costumes off their shelves and target has now joined in. with all hallows eve fast
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have questions about what they have seen on the news or heard from their friends. this holiday doesn't have to be scary . >> i would explain to them that sometimes clowns are in circuses, they are fun and not meant to be scary. easy their fears about clowns but make sure you supervise them at all times and explain to them that underneath that costume -- ease about clowns but make sure you supervise them at all times and explain to them that underneath those costumes there is a real person. >> instead of choosing masks for the costume use face paint so children don't have to be worried about their vision being impaired. also make sure you accompany your kids when they are trick- or-treating. that serves a twofold purpose. parents can look out and make
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bit earlier in the bay area, but also parents can keep your eyes peeled if they see a house that has scary decorations or they see someone coming in a gory costume they can divert their kids from that. a fight at a pinellas high school caught on camera and posted online. it is drawn lots of attention this morning. the video shows a student [ class is being polled ] kayla lane to the ground -- poll pull michaela lane to the ground. students recorded the whole thing then posted it to facebook. michaela's mother wants that girl expelled or reassigned to another school. >> i find it is disruptive to the children's lives. not only are they going to be victimized by what happened but
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whole thing go down. police are investigating the beating. the school district also looking further into the students that posted the video to facebook. it actually feels really comfortable outside. max defender 8 scanning the skies all over the tampa bay area actually from the gulf of mexico toward the atlantic ocean and not finding any rain and barely finding any clouds this is the forecast as we head into the afternoon. 72 degrees at 80 him, up to 82 at noon and then 87 -- 72 degrees at 8 am, up to 82 degrees at noon and then 87 at 4 and then 87 at 40 clock -- 4:00 . for the next 2 days it will be warm but only 10
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today. if they become something tropical or if not this cold front will steer whatever it is away from the us. then we have a taste of fall with highs in the 70s this weekend. we have really comfortable weather. take a look at the roadways . we have about a 28 minute commute. it doesn't seem like it is getting any better but it is. what is going on, all lane 75. that is before you get to state road 54. we have a disabled vehicle tying up the right lane in that residual congestion but it is easing. if you are leaving the house soon i think it will be a lot that are by the time you get to it. we have a live view for you. you can see traffic is moving on . within the next 10 minutes or so it is really going to get a lot better.
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over here and take a look at this. us 98 in lake lindy has a lane blocked. a 6 foot snake slithered out of a man's car while he sat in traffic. when the snake popped his head from under the hood he pulled out his camera and hit record. he watched as the snake slithered all the way out in down the front of he did take one precautionary step. >> i did close my ac vents. i imagine the car sealed pretty well. >> he believes it was an indigo snake and he believes that hitched a ride in his car when he was kayaking over the weekend . he is much more cooler and
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st. petersburg leaders are taking a stand for young athletes. >> we wanted say what they want to ban from the playing field to protect our kids. closed captioning is brought to you by: famous tate
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we're back with the medical report: estate city councilmember -- a saint petersburg city councilmember says chewing tobacco has no place on the baseball field. he will announce the ordinance this afternoon. he says he hopes this will set the right example for players. and 8 on your side consumer alert: some holiday cars -- hyundai cars cars from model years 2010 through 2016 or impacted. the issue causes the airbags to him late -- inflate when a child is in the seat or 2 inflate with not enough force when an adult is in the seat. we will tell why deputies need your help or -- to find a shooter.
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underway today. the controversies they face as they head to las vegas. you are taking a live look this wednesday morning the hillsborough river. wednesday -- weather and traffic coming up in just a few minutes. traffic brought to you by wesley chapel honda. than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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time for weather and traffic on the 8s. it is still dark outside but it is clear. 71 degrees at the tampa international airport with the dewpoint of 65 afternoon we will be warm in the mid to upper 80s and then mostly clear overnight with a low of 69 degrees. this is all out ahead of friday's cold front that will bring the autumn air in for saturday and sunday. 79 for a high both days. take a look at hernando county. where up to speed in rockville -- brookfield but at us 98 we have a collision right at lake lindy. other than that
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49th street right at 40th avenue we have a collision. it looks like injuries are involved. we have a 30 minute delay through wesley chapel. we have that disabled vehicle and traffic clearing from an earlier crash. when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? -living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , running fees up to seventy thousand dollars. now, buesing's running for senate. how far will bob buesing go?
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it is the final face-off, the 3rd and last presidential debate happening tonight in las vegas preparing in the controversial issues that could create lots of tension on the floor. the former bay area teacher convicted of having sex with 2 students will be free today. morning the conditions of her relief -- release just ahead -- more on the conditions of her release just ahead . good wednesday morning, welcome to news channel 8 today. time now is 6:00.


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