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tv   Today  NBC  October 23, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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i will accept if i win. >> that is not the way our democracy works. >> i would advise mr. trump to stop whining. . >> cubs have won the pennant. good morning. welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. 16 days until voters choose a new president. by most measures hillary clinton has the lead. we'll dig into the campaign with a guest who says hillary supporters shouldn't be popping the champagne just yet, but the champagne is still flowing in
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since 1945, with fans there dreaming of the first title since 1908. we are live at wrigley field in a moment. and later, a meet with anthony bourdain. we'll have a seat at the table with the outspoken chef, who has shown us the world through food. how do you find the places the rest of us don't even know exist. >> the kind of questions we're asking is, what is your soul crave at 2:00 in the morning when you have a bit of more later in the show. we begin with a celebration 71 years in the making. let me say that again -- the cubs are headed to the world series. they beat the dodgers in gauge 6 of the national league championship series 5-0. ron mott is outside wrigley field where i'm sure partying is still going on. >> reporter: absolutely. wow, what a night here in the
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people who have waited their entire lives to hear the phrase -- the cups are going to the world series. >> out! oh, the cubs have won the pennant! >> reporter: and they got there in spectacular fashion, a 5-0 shutout of the l.a. dodgers capped off with a doddsling double play to end the game and ages. it's been many years, 71 exactly, since fans got to root for the cubs and there are a few of those fans out there. they'd like to see an elonger streak wiped away, 10 years, the last time the cubs were world champions. consider this. this venerable old ballpark, second oldest in major league baseball was not even around when the cubs last won.
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matter, fans say it's time to end all that and time to let bygones be bygones, bye-bye for the curse of the billy goat and forgiveness for the fan in 2003, when the cubs were just five outs away from going to the world series when he interfered with a foul ball. a lot of people blamed him for a rally the marlins then put on to win game 6. take aoo on twitter. one person writing -- it was never steve bartman's fault, i hope he's sitting where feeling a measure of absolution. now, the cleveland indians will have a bit to say about which of these two cities, chicago or cleveland, will celebrate and laugh last in the next week or ten days. >> and a great young cubs team that doesn't seem concerned
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tuesday night in cleveland. to the race for the white house. with 16 days to go, the candidates are setting up shot in battleground states. donald trump still claiming the election is rigged and delivering his own gettysburg address. hillary clinton out with her running mate tim kaine, kristen welker traveling with the campaign. kristin, good >> reporter: good morning. she has two campaign events in north carolina. she is focused on running up the score, while donald trump is trying to pull off a major political comeback. surging in the polls, hillary clinton and tim contain holding a rare late-night rally in the heart of philadelphia on saturday. >> there is so much at stake in demonstrating uneequivocally that the united states is bigger
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since labor day and holding a joins press appearance on board clinton's campaign plane, where clinton all but some of the the gop nominee. >> i debated him for 4 1/2 hours. i don't even think about responding anymore. >> reporter: but on the stump the talk of a rigged system dangerous. >> make no mistakes about this, my friends. he is threatening our democracies. >> reporter: the democrats want to win states. >> we're also excited for hillary, right? >> reporter: while trump and running mate mike pence making, later saturday. >> folks, it's a rigged system, and it's a rigged election, believe me. >> reporter: trump started the day in gettysburg, pennsylvania, the site of the legendary civil war address, trying to cast himself as a uneuter laying out policy proposals.
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attention to totally renegotiate nafta. >> reporter: but his speech quickly turned to retribution for the women accusing him of unwanted advances. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> reporter: on saturday an 11th accuser came forward, jessica drake. >> donald then asked me, what do you want? how much? >> reporter: trump hayes denied all the allegations which haven't been news. tim kaine pouncing. >> he's saying i'm not changing. i may be president of the united states, but i'm really going to focus on settling scores. >> reporter: feeling emboldened, they also told reporters they will be increasingly trying to rep on downballot races. clinton says she's superstitious and mainly focused on trying to win the race.
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let's bring in hugh hewitt, he's now as msnbc political analyst and radio host. he joins us from his studio in suburban washington. always good to see you. thanks for being up early on a sunday with us. i want to ask about donald trump's approach. he came out, with a contract with the american voters, all things a conventional candidate would do, and then near the end of the speech he says of the women these liars will be sued after the election is over. does that capture for you some of the frustration that there shall flashes of a candidate who could win overshadowed by a line like that? >> especially as the clearclear politics averageses shows the races to tightening. the obama care premium increases are hitting across the country. mr. trump should stay focused on
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eight years of president obama there are traditional blocking and tackling you do. you don't do the double reverse hail mary statue of liberty and leave alone the stores their radioactive to your campaign. while many are cheered by the substance of his speech yesterday, the remarks about his accusers are best left on the side until after the election is over, but the election isn't over. as i millions and millions of americans, about a half million in pennsylvania that are getting massive premium hikes. people like pat toomey are advantaged by that, because -- and so i wish mr. trump would stay focused like a laser on that. some of the corruption stories, bus mostly on obama care. >> pat toomey the republican senator there in pennsylvania in
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over. i think most of the pollsters have objectively said it's all but over, if. what are the things you are seeing that may go against conventional wisdom? >> i think the one i just mentioned is probably the most important. i'm not counting the russian attacks on secretary clinton. there's a lot of interesting stuff in the fsb operation, also known as wikileaks, but it's not the kind of needle. i look at the obama care premiums, willie. i see in pennsylvania they are averaging in excess of 20% rate hikes. they are going up in florida, skyrocketing in minnesota. donald trump is not going to win minnesota, but there are other places where exchanges are shooting up. i also define the election as more than presidential. senator pat toomey, who is ahead
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hampshire. i look at richar burr, he's ahead, roy blunt in missouri. joesh even ron johnson in wisconsin is coming back. if i had to look at the whole election, republicans have a lot to focus on in order to security the house and maintain the republican majority. if mr. trump really focuses like their second doctor or second plan, there's an opportunity there. i say the republican cp poll number, the gap is closing. >> he 'only got about 2 1/2 more weeks. we've been talking about the cubs this morning. you're a cleveland, the tribe hasn't won since 1948. how about a prediction, hugh? >> the indians in five. i'm wearing my red and blue. >> in five? >> in five.
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out, trevor bower come, and josh conlin -- we're going to win this. i hate to do that to the cubs fans, but the elite media is clearly favoring the cubs. the elite madia is in the tank for the cubs. >> hugh hue wills, great to talk with you as always. >> thanks, willie. the next president will have a whole plate of foreign policy for that issues. to root out militants. the offensive is the culmination of a two-year end by u.s. forces to help in the war against the terror group. richard engel has been traveling with american and iraqi forces all week right on you front lines. >> this is one of their tunnels. be very careful where you step. there's a colonel these could be
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you, my friend. if you could, set the stage for our viewers, and tell us what's at stake here, as iraqi troops move into mosul. >> reporter: well, when this offensive began a week ago, it seemed like it was moving incredibly quickly. the advance on mosul seemed like it could happen within days. it's slowed down considerably. isis which seemed to not be initially putting up a fight is certainly putting up a fight takes, the fighting seems tore more intense. it's also an incredibly complex battlefield. you talked about iraqis and american. in, much iraqi troops involved. you also have kurdish troops. i'm right now at one of the forward kurdish positions. in this mix are american advisers. there are some 500 american advisers who are very close to
8:13 am
5,000 more who are mostly on their bases. the defense secretary, ash carter, who went to baghdad yesterday paid a visit to northern iraq, and did acknowledge in both places that americans are not just sitting back on their bases, calling i ai strikes, even though they're called advisers. >> serve needs to understand that there are americans here that are in harm's enormous might of the american and coalition military to the support of iraqi security forces is a dangerous one. >> reporter: what's -- the key thing to understand about this is mosul is so important for all of the sides involved here. for president obama, mosul is a way to end his administration showing he wasn't solve on isis,
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this important city, a city that once had 2 million people in it from isis. for the iraqi army it's crucial. the iraqi army left mosul two years ago in humiliation. they abandoned their weapons and ran away. now they want to show they aren't cowards, they reconstituted and are willing to fate. for isis, this is where isis declares its caliphate. if it loses the city tucked lose the caliphate, lose have a great deal on the line here. i think that's why we're seeing the fighting get more intense. >> and important to underline something that richard says, though they are advising, americans are in harm's way. richard finan was killed this week. back hot, the the deal face is big hurdles with concerned
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much power in the media world. dylan dreyer is here with a look at the weather. good morning. >> chilly out there today, huh? >> it is. >> the winds picked up after this area of low pressure raced through the northeast. we're still looking at wind advisories across areas look boston. temperatures this morning are down in the 30s and 40s. rutland staying around 49. new york gets up to 63, and then we are also lng
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and that's your latest forecast. >> thank a lot. stick away for the latest highs and lows of the week. and as you prepared for your next family trip to north korea, there's a new attraction at the pyongyang zoo. plus you've been inundated about political ads. go away, but a behind the so when we re in the kitchen, we re not worried... ...about the laundry. so today we're going to make their secret recipe. which is so secret ...even i don't know what it is. turn it off! i'm trying to! this is why i trust tide. it has the power to get out the kind of things we get into... in just one wash. here you go, daddy! ok, let's try it. mmmhmmm. that is awesome.
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8:20 am
speech, and everyone loves it. my wife melania gives the exact same speech, and people get on her case. >> donald look at the statue of liberty and sees a 4, maybe a 5 if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair. some good comedy writing as he got more personal. the man sitting next to the lectern became famous from the interrupt change of expression from joy to horror, as trump's speech took a turn for the more direct criticism. someone set he's a metaphor for the entire campaign. our first low goes to one man's level of concern, as floodwaters rose around while he was sitting as a hong kong
8:21 am
fooling, my man does not budge, sits there checking the box scores of the paper like nothing is wrong. would you recommend that as a meteorologist? >> i would say get out before the floodwaters ever come in in the first play. >> that durd just did not care. our nest hike to vice president joe biden. the onion has a long-running gag about biden being a blue-collar renega renegade. one headline, it is satire, but he often lives up to the fictionalized version. this weeks jay leno released a clip from his show, in which the vice president gets to drive his beloved corvette for only the third time in nearly eight years of being in office. and man, did he makes the most of it.
8:22 am
[ tires screeching ] >> try your brakes. >> i shouldn't say it on television. i like speed. >> he likes speed and he likes burning rubber, but he couldn't have done it any other way. he also said he would like to fight donald trump out behind the gym in high school. the next logo to the big attraction at the zoo in north korea, zoo officials say she rips through a pac a they're quick to point out that, like bill clinton, she doesn't inhale. asaulia's trainer throwing her a lighter, and the zoo recently was renovated reopened at the insistence of the dear leader kim jong-un. >> so many other tricks you could teach the animal. the good news is bob dylan won the nobel prize, the bad
8:23 am
dylan to tell him, the permanent secretary say she gave up trying to reach him after days of unreturned phone calls. he's out on tour, was on stage, but didn't mention it, the only sigh he knew he would be become a laureate was the quiet addition that said "winner of the nobel prize in literature." even a day later that was removed. one academy many person called him rude, but no, he's just cool. dylan dreyer last week posted this throwback photo as an awkward teen. in what's become a weekly tradition, she posted another gem. police explain in eight seconds what's happening he
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good morning. i am paul mueller. it is now 8:27. authorities are trying to figure out if a body found yesterday is that of a missing boater. the man was with his fiance friday afternoon when the boat resurfacing twice, he never came back up. the body was recovered close to where the boater went missing. chilly way to the start the day. let's check in with ed with more on hopefully the warm up. >> big warm-up on the way. another morning with crystal clear skies. a breeze at new port richey with 56 degrees. the numbers chilly, 45 now inverness, brooksville. 48 in zephyrhills. and 50 in lakeland.
8:28 am
more sunshine and a comfortable afternoon, 79 degrees for your high. 81 tomorrow. a slow and gentle warm-up into the week ahead as we get back to 85 wednesday with a slim
8:29 am
when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. y thousand dollars. now, buesing's running for senate. how far will bob buesing go?
8:30 am
she wants open borders, and that's crazy. people are just pouring into this country from mexico, and a lot of them are very bad hombres. >> oh, bingo! sorry, sorry. i've been playing along here, and i got it. i have bad hombres, rapists, miss piggy, they're all living in hell, and if she wasn't my daughter. >> they're back again taking on the third and final presidential debate. big night with tom hanks and lady gaga and musical guest. if you have watched any of
8:31 am
shows, you know how far he'll go for a good meal. he's become somewhat of a one-man food guide all over the world. for bourdain, the settings is almost as important as the food. he took me along as he cruised one of his favorite food strips here in queens, new york. ? >> okay. i got to get >> sure. >> pumpkin spice -- >> who is eating this stuff? there some vast demographic of people hanging outside of whatever the pumpkin outlet is, like a methadone clinic? the farm to table bothers me, too, you're a restaurant. i'm pretty sure your vegetables grew on a farm, do i really need
8:32 am
you wondering how he feels. >> i'm thinking, really? are these prime fishing waters? i don't know about this. >> that blunt personality combined with an end-led cure yossy illustrate about food has made him a global star. for decades on a nearly constant culinary tour of the world. from historic rome. >> i want that. >> to war-torn liby fires malatov cocktails. >> and challenging our appear tide anything you've had on the show where you are you're liked, good god, never again. >> yeah, they do in fermented fish in iceland. it's a hazmat situation. >> here's the tongue.
8:33 am
anthony bourdain. bourdain currently is in the ninth season of "parts unknown." . you didn't wake up an start in this business as the famous and well-known anthony bourdain. >> i wrote an article, and my mom said send it to "the new >> "conform confidential" wasn't a cookbook. at the pulled back the restaurant industry and detail his personal temperature struggle with drug addiction. >> what was the next lead from the book. >> some delusional crackpots walked into the restaurant and off me a tv show. they showed up reeking of garlic with a really bad attitude and i
8:34 am
travel around the world dover whatever i want in every cool place and you pay, how does that sound? >> yeah, we'll take 13 of those. >> even if you were a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher, you can work only in the camp. >> it's nice to know who we're talking about when we talk about places with really complex problems, some knowledge of, you know, who people are when they're sitting their family eating instead of just statistics. >> there's no place he won't go. >> did you maggots load the chickens? no matter how dangerous. >> im not going full heragerald but i'm curious about the world. if there are manageable risks in return for satisfying my curiosity about a place, i'm willing. >> i will walk you through it. >> you're going to have to walk me through this.
8:35 am
united states. >> those of us who work in the news business, we're covering the president's trip, sits down at a table in a little restaurant with anthony bourdain. >> it appropriate to pop one of these in your mouth. >> people were walking up in tears. they couldn't believe that the president ate their humble local specialty. they says pho we could understand or pring ro beer in a place we know. >> what was it look for you? >> he seemed to want to be there enjoyed drinking the beer in the bottle. when i asked him a tricky and potentially perilous question -- is it every acceptable to put kitchen upon a hot dog, both people would say both have virtues and i respect and admire
8:36 am
he said no, never. >> no, never. >> how do you find the places the rest of us don't even know exist. >> the questions we're asking is what is your soul crave at 2:00 in the morning when you have a bit of a buzz? more often that not, it goes right to the culture. >> let the buzz guide you. >> yes. >> what are we looking at specifically? what's unique? make, but the crispiness and spicyness, there is something magical. >> what's the secret on the skin? >> i tell you, but then i would have to kill you. >> he just might be able to deliver. he has a blue belt in jujitsu. >> every once in a great, i feel a 22 years old's will to live as
8:37 am
verse pleasure out of that. but what maim him happiest is cooking at home with his family. >> whenever it's possible, that's a true movement of terror, the first time you hold a knife to a 7-year-old and ware that fingers. >> is she a tough critic? >> thee brutal. i cannot get anything past here. no, daddy, it's too salty. no, it's not, but i'm secretly, yeah. she caught me. >> cooking at home with his daughter inspired his new book "appetites." >> it's a book that trying to bring to bear what i in 30 years as a professional to the sort of stuff you cook at home. the strategy and tactics of successfully executing a traditional holiday meal like a turkey, you know, turkey stuffing, cranberry sauce without violence or mayhem, you
8:38 am
guests instead of sweating it out in the kitchen stressed out. >> which is what every always does. you disappear for eight hours in the kitchen. >> yeah, actually try to be useful this time around. >> for once. >> for once. it's fatherhood, it softens, you know. our big thanks to ufc unidentified flying chickens for the ridiculously good meal. the tongue tacos from the truck, not bad, either. his cookbook is food spot in disguise and more about the $6 meal with president obama, check out our web extras. next week, justin timberlake, we talk about his netflix project, his baby boy and elf usa from bye-bye boy bander to solo superstar. that's next week. i just saw your eyes light up. >> between justin timberlake and
8:39 am
let's look at what's going on this week. it will start off wet and windy, and then by the mid of of the week, the storms make that i way to the midwest. it will be chilly in the northeast this is. and that's your latest forecast. >> wee see you in a minute. coming up, the making of a
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power to your mouth?. a presidential campaign can be defined by and remembered for a single television ad. daisy girl, morning in america, willie horton, the 3:00 a.m. call. some are hopeful, some are downright apocalyptic. who is dreaming up the ideas that shape the campaigns? hallie jackson went t and selfies they take, bumped fists and babies kissed, most merges will meet the next president in their living room. >> i'm hillary clinton. >> i'm donald trump. >> and i approved. >> this message. >> reporter: political ads, a long-standing american tradition. >> vote for president johnson. >> reporter: part of an air war played out ad nauseam. some do get through.
8:43 am
even if the candidate wasn't. so what does work? sometimes a candidate's own words. for better and for worse. >> does she have a good body no? does shall he have a fat ass? absolutely. >> does donald trump really speak for you? >> that's grace, and that's dennis steele. >> we can go there tao. >> reporter: both hired guns and masters of the dark arts. you can. he's for washington but not for us. >> poor old washington. >> reporter: but they're equal opportunity insulters. >> i'm an actor. i do mayonnaise commercials. i don't ease man nailed. i did one of sarah palin, she's one of us. >> we didn't know. >> we knew. >> of the 300,000 ads this cycle
8:44 am
media. that's unconventional. so is what we're seeing in the ad evolution this cycle, not what's on tv, but in the palm of your hand that matters. how fast has political advertising changed? >> not fast enough. >> andrew bleeker. >> before we were digital teams, we were the internet teams, which was confused with i.t. >> were people coming to like for pri >> now media is big business. more targeted, which helps candidates, but it comes with a cost. >> it's got to be interruptive. yes, it's annoys. like anything else you have to cut through at the end. i think that's where create activity comes in. >> we put the team to the test with a first-time candidate. >> so we're your campaign consultants. hello, campaign consultants.
8:45 am
consistency is key, the colors, the lettering, no matter which platform it's four. >> aspirational, positive messaging. >> you have to may it instantly captivating. you have to get their attention. >> the final result? >> announcer: hallie jackson loves coffee, but nearly as much as she loves america. that's why she's running for office. she'll fight for us and the issue wes care about. the choice is clear. vote hallie jon voice? listen again. >> announcer: vote hallie jackson for america. >> it's grace, yes, positive, but can i afford to be against my opponent? >> that's the key thing. beat willie. >> that's right. >> that sour look on willie's face on purpose, too? >> it was just there. >> we have done our opposition research and we've had heard that he does not like snapchat. >> it's true. >> so we can highlight that.
8:46 am
vote, willie, watch out. >> i approve this message. i'm not going to dignify your attacks. they're false and it's unfortunate that your campaign has taken on such a negative tenor. >> i brought you something for your office. your very own campaign poster. >> it's kind of keel to have your own gear, and it's cool how they explained lice the font, the graphics, the colors, it's all very intentional. >> and the voices who the ads for find out later on? >> my mom -- i told her about the piece, she actually said she was going to have difficulty to choose for you or me. she's a big fan. >> by your mom? >> she's only been in hoo are her home district about 22 days this year, sure it's back she's working her butt off covering the campaign, but that's who you want to vote for. >> good to see you, my friend. >> you too, pal.
8:47 am
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it's hard to imagine walking through an art museum and studying a painting or culture
8:50 am
one artist robbed in an doesn't of her sight is teaching people to experience art the way she does. morgan radford has her story. >> what do you smell? what do you hear? what do you sense? >> a lemon peel. >> yeah. >> a rolled-up perhaps piece of paper this is how she leads discussions at new york's metropolitan museum of art. >> we sook what looks like a lux the artist is saying we also have to remember that it's not permanent. >> emily knows just how fleeting things can be. the budding painter lost her sight when she was struck by a bus while riding her bike in college. that's why now emily experiences and shares art with a multisensory approach. >> what's interesting is all of
8:51 am
our brain. it's really for you to trust and interpret your own senses. >> a lot of what i depend on is recalling colors and recalling shapes of objects and what things look look. >> reporter: emily's work has shifted towards sculpture. is this where you feel most yourself? >> yes, this is where i feel like i can forget about everything, work and by myself. >> fellow artist daniel has accident, has followed her work as a mentor, providing her space to create. >> you know, having her in the studio allows of rest of us to understand space in a different way by watching her interact. >> maybe we should blindfold you while you work. >> even doing this is interesting. you're right. i would completely use my vision
8:52 am
experience it differently. i never would have noticed the weight or the depth. >> the textures. >> let's see how i did. >> other wow, this is really good. >> seer? >> it's not so bad. >> what do you want mime to think of you as an artest. do you even want want them to know you're not i'm blind or have some or disability. i think being able to touch art or experience or imagine art, i'm able to connect with did on a deeper level, understand it and think about it in different way. i think to me is a lot more meaningful. morgan radford reporting. this week we highlight another life well lived.
8:53 am
american music with the blues at its foundation would have been very different. he was cofounder of chess reports, the legendary blues level that was home to muddy water, etta james, and a guitar player named chuck berry. the man who emigrated from poland is credited with bringing blues music from bar rooms to radio stations around was cutting the time of music no one was paying attention to. he gave us the rolling stones, too. a keith richard saw a stranger named mick jagger holding two chess records on the train, one by muddy waters, another by chuck berry. they connected then, and formed the band after a muddy waters song. chess died this week in tucson, arizona. he was 9
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it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar. amendment 1: good for the economy. good for the environment. good for florida.
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all right. dylan, let's close this thing down with some predictions. president obama will campaign in las vegas for hillary clinton one day after early voting began in the state of nevada. on the trail telling donald trump this week to, quote, stop whining about the election being rigged. we predict the president will do what we all do on a beautiful fall day, and take the dolphins against the bills. you would never bet on football, would you? never. game 1 of the world series on tuesday. if the indians were to win, it would be the first time since 1948.
8:58 am
lebron james and the cavaliers host their championship banner. if they win in the same year as the city had won none, the write-in ticket of lebron james and coco crisp will win the state of ohio. and on thursday it's the opening of the guesthouse at graceland, a new resort, the rooms are made to have the feel of the inside of the gr until his death in 1967. his widow presilla presley helped redesign the suites. we predict in keeping with the elvis authenticity guests will change the channels by casually shooting the screen with a 22 caliber handgun. you're too young to get it. elvis used to shoot the tvs. student for "meet the press"
8:59 am
dylan thank you. >> t coming up next on news channel 8, the count down is on, just 16 days to go until the election and there's a new woman accusing donald trump of sexual misconduct. the promise he is now making. plus, a race to help cancer fighters. a special surprise one fighter and a historic win last night for the chicago cubs. for the first time in 71 years, they're headed to the world series. stay with us.
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