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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  October 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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fighting for battleground florida. the candidates crisscross across our state in the final weeks of the campaign. donald trump rallying in tampa and the story is next in a live report. pressing for answers. bay area leaders questioning the sewage spill after hurricane matthew. could it have been avoided? and how much will it cost the city of st. pete. also, an 8 on your side alert for new parents. the new sleeping guidelines, plus the most dangerous places for your baby to sleep. well, good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm melanie michael in for gene ramirez. it is monday morning after a gorgeous weekend.
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>> i'll tell you what, it was hard to beat the weekend. but today we're going to be just as clear. i mean, max defender 8, all over it this morning showing you the nice, clear skies. and temperatures are cool, yes, but they're not as cool as yesterday morning. so we have some 40s. 45 in inverness. look at plant city, you're not bad, 59. just refreshing this morning. 59 in clearwater. 60 in fish hawk. and look what a difference, nine degrees warmer in brooksville. seven degrees warmer than this six degrees warmer in tampa. during the afternoon, just two degrees below the average. expecting 81. the average is 8. and tonight, slightly -- tonight, 83 -- the average is 83. in weather and traffic on the 8s, i go hour-by-hour through the day for you and leslee lacey has the commute. we have a lot of issues but fortunately, they have all cleared up. let's take a look. what i'm showing you right now is i-4. the last camera reverted to 25.
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so this is residual congestion. where the crash was located is by martin luther king. and there's no crash there anymore. but again, a residual back-up. let's take a look here at the maps. that's where the back-up is. the crash is now cleared and it's going to get better. right now, about eight minutes between 301 and 275 westbound on i-4. that's coming through ybor. that's a look at weather and traffic. now back to gayle and melanie. on the campaign trail, donald trump has a busy week in florida. a crucial battleground state. he spoke in naples last night and today he is on to st. augustine and tampa. >> it's an all out push just 15 days until election day. and news channel 8's ryan hughes is live at the mid florida credit union amphitheater. thousands expected to show up. tell us about it. >> reporter: melanie, gayle, good morning to both of you. the amphitheater expected to be packed when donald trump takes the stage around 7:00 tonight.
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until election day and donald trump and hillary clinton are making a huge push here in florida. now this was the scene in naples last night. more than 3,000 people attended a trump for president rally at the county fairgrounds. trump talked about issues including congressional term limits, a federal employee hiring freeze and putting an end to illegal immigration. and he told the crowd he plans to sue those women who came forward and accused him of sexual assault and misconduct. he also spoke about the military. listen here. >> if you elect me along with a republican house and senate, we will also immediately repeal the obama clinton defense sequester and rebuild our badly depleted military. >> reporter: now some recent polls show that hillary clinton is up by at least 10 points nationwide. donald trump is expected to speak here at the amphitheater at 7:00 tonight. melanie, the doors open at 4:00. back to you. >> busy day ahead. ryan hughes live this morning.
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crisscrossing our state. vice president nominee tim kaine will attend rallies in miami and palm beach today. hillary rodham clinton will be in florida tomorrow for a rally coconut creek. she will then travel to hillsborough county for an event on wednesday. during a rally in charlotte, north carolina, hillary clinton called donald trump a sore loser and criticized him for his threat to reject election results. d plans if elected president, she took another jab at trump. >> i understand some people are angry. but anger is not a plan. right? >> hillary clinton has a lot of work to do in north carolina. early voting began there this morning. right now, more republicans are turning out. election officials are saying voting rates are down from 2012 so far in nearly all of the counties. florida republicans are
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republicans have already cast 2% more absentee ballots than democrats here in the state. in 2012, republicans cast 3% more by absentee mail-in voting. results so far, show similar results for this election. for everything you need to know, if you want to brush up on the stuff you may have missed in the past, we have your election day 2016 guide. you can head to our website at and click on the politics tab. and you will find your complete guide, all the answers to the questions you have. happening today, millions following this season's hurricanes and this morning city leaders want answers. news channel 8's mary mcguire is now live in st. pete. and mary, this problem with details in a report that warned about this potential problem. >> reporter: that's right. this report laid out all of the problems that we saw happen out here in st. pete this summer
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it said that plants were equipped to hand it will volume of water after the shut down of the albert plant. millions of gallons of was released into the bay. the report warned of sewage spills if the treatmt and during the hurricane, hundreds of gallons of waste water was dumped into the bay. we don't know the price of the sewage bills but the city estimates it will take millions just to put albert back online again. >> i think he had a lot of courage for speaking out and he was right. and now we're going to re-open albert. we are working on that and i think that will solve the problem. >> reporter: now the head of the city's northwest water treatment plant who revealed all of this has now filed for protection under the federal whistle blower act in light of the big mess. the mayor did call for the morning's special meeting to get to the bottom of the sewage scandal. things should get underway here in st. petersburg at 8:30 this morning.
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this. there will be a lot of hard feelings here. if this was a problem that could have been avoided. >> sure, because it was inconvenient for the people that live there and think of the water dumped into the bay. thank you, mary. friends and family of a tow truck operator hit and killed by a drunk driver almost two weeks ago held an event this weekend in his memory. more than 50 drivers joined the family during a procession on sunday. towing and was on i-75 when he was hit and killed. his coworkers are hoping that something can be done about the move over law before someone else is hurt. >> wasn't nice. you know, it's a shame that we get up and go on calls and we don't know if we're coming back home to our families or not. because of drunk drivers. >> 44-year-old gregory miller of lakewood ranch faces dui
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hillsborough county jail with no bond. a fiery weekend crash on the veterans expressway claimed the lives of two people. a 54-year-old is accused of speeding and hitting another vehicle from behind saturday morning. the impact caused one car to burst into flames. two people died. they were identified as a 33- year-old and his passenger. the driver survived and is at tampa general it he is facing dui and vehicular homicide charges. all right, it6:08. and boy, it's weather-wise. >> it has been cool and chris and sunny. and that's what i expect today. when you go outside this morning, temperatures start in the 50s and low 60s. however, because of that
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forecast. 67 at 10:00. 74 at noon. 79 at 2:00. afternoon high of 81 which is really comfortable when you consider the low humidity. this is a great time of year. in fact, close to average for late october. a slow warming trend and a gradual increase in humidity through the week. but i mean, the it's gradual meaning only slim rain chances. nothing today, tomorrow and wednesday. up to 10% thursday. 4. we will check on traffic on the 8s. yeah, getting busier. more vehicles on the road but still have a good drive overall. we had an accident on i-4 that was causing big delays but maybe 10 minutes and it cleared up. and now we have issues going on. we have a crash 54th avenue north. and this is actually not too far away from u.s. 19. an eye on this. apparently it's tying up lanes. and just got word of a crash on haynes road, not too far away from there and more coming up
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traffic on the 8 tos. back to melanie and gayle. >> thank you. and the life safing benefits of green tea. the new research being done here in the bay area to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. first, an 8 on your side the new sleep guidelines from the american academy of pediatrics next. you're watching news channel 8
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port tampa bay has now become florida's largest mo e of dana young's top priorities. generating over 15 billion for the regional economy, and 80 thousand local jobs. dana young is working to continue that success, by attracting high waged jobs for families who need them and fighting a bureaucracy that too often gets in the way. dana young for the florida senate.
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in this morning's medical report, we know that new parents are tired. >> but that fatigue can have serious consequences for their and this morning, there are new guidelines for keeping sleeping babies safer. news channel 8's meredyth censullo joining us with the story. i know the guidelines are important, especially for moms and dads lacking sleep. this will hopefully help them out. >> reporter: oh, yeah, and these policy changes address sudden infant death syndrome which many know as sids.
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never let your baby sleep on sofas. now the importance of room sharing is being addressed. aap recommends baby sleep in a crib or basinet in the parent's bedroom for at least the first six months. and up to age one. should be in baby's bed is the baby. and for the very first time, the safe infant sleep guidelines include recommendations for skin to skin contact just after birth. >> the skin to skin helps encourage breast feeding and breast feeding is protected against sleep related death. >> reporter: and after mom and baby get into a good breast feeding routine, the experts
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pacifiers. they have been shown to reduce the risk for sleep related deaths. the precautions are worth the effort. about 3500 babies die during their sleep every year in the u.s. a sad reminder that we can still do better when it comes to protecting babies. and there were some benefits coming out of this when the aap released the guidelines in 2011 but now we have plateaued. so that's why they say, we need to revamp this. >> typically back in the day, they would take the baby away bring them. but they really need to feel you right after they're born. >> and hopefully this will make that better for a lot of moms. >> eye-opening. green tea is an increasingly popular drink for health reasons as much as taste. a university of tampa professor is studying how green tea can stop tumors. as gene ramirez shows us, he is doing that with the help of students committed to fighting cancer. >> my mom had breast cancer. she luckily --they caught it early enough. >> reporter: this university of
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prevention and early treatment. his mom survived her fight with cancer, his grandma did not. it's the driving force behind his chosen field of study. >> as soon as i heard that the doctor was doing research on cancer, i immediately reached out to try to just learn as much as i could. >> reporter: he is one of several current and former university of tampa students working with the professor, studying the cancer-fighting properties of green tea. they help by growing prostate then treat them with a green tea extract. >> the extract, when they treat mice or human beings with it ; it reduces the cancer risk and burden of the prostate tumors. they get fewer and smaller tumors. >> reporter: they want to know why, closely looking at how the green tea extract interacts with the cancer cells. it could lead to advances in
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in fact, he doesn't just study it, he drinks it too. and as they see the work develop, research results pending, his students are becoming green tea fans. >> did open my eyes to green tea being a health benefit. >> reporter: they still have work to do but they'll be presenting their research in april. reporting at the university of tampa, i'm gene ramirez, news channel 8. in sports there is a lot of celebrating to do this morning. first, you're waking up to the big news, the bucs beat the san francisco 49ers. jameis winston threw three touchdown passes and take a look at this. rogers ran for 154 yards to help the bucs trash the niners, 34-17. the bucs are now 3-3. next sunday, we host the oakland raiders at ray jay stadium. that game is at 1:00 p.m. what a great game that was.
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celebrating that their team is going to the world series. this weekend, they broke a 71 year curse. look at this. the streets of chicago were packed. the fans were crazy saturday night. having such a good time with the celebration that, well, it went into sunday. the cubs have not won the world series since 1908. so again, a very, very big deal. they'll face the indians starting tuesday night in cleveland. and gayle, this is big news for our buddy that's awesome. hopefully they'll have good weather too to party, right? >> and maybe colder up there. for sure. but we had a cool weekend. max defender 8 still giving you the all clear. we have such dry air. barely even a cloud expected. now yesterday morning, i would say it was cold. we had a lot of 40s and 50s.
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bright sunny sky for the lunch break when it's 74 degrees. you will need the sunglasses this morning as you're driving east. 81 degrees at 4:00 p.m. i got in that yesterday and had to drive east, put the visor down and still bright. 51 degrees in zephyrhills. 59 in clearwater. 61 in bradenton. it's refreshing. not quite as chilly. this big area of high pressure is going to keep our skies clear. and a light breeze. and as high pressure starts what it does with the clockwise wind, bridging winds more off the atlantic ocean. and that's going to help to increase our humidity. today, lots of sunshine, feeling great at 81. we are up to 83 tomorrow. and 85 wednesday and thursday. leslee lacey, how is traffic on the 8s? checking out pinellas county. we have a couple problem spots here. and we do have one, haynes road right at 60th avenue. we have a collision. this is tying up lanes here.
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accident, it's 54th avenue north at 58th street. it's not by u.s. 19. it is tying up lanes. and we have injuries involved in this crash. so activity out there on 54th avenue north. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to melanie and gayle. >> all right. thank you so much, leslee lacey. halloween is just around the corner. we will show you the most popular treats here in florida. >> hopefully some in the newsroom soon. >> yeah. and taking a stand for yoga pants. why a letter sparked a protest to a critic in the form of
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but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton:
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the [bleep] we have to make sure that donald wins this election. no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message because i'll be a senator who always works for you. yoga pant parade in long island. dozens of women marched in
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south of providence criticized women of a certain age for wearing the tight-fitting pants. when knew they had to be age appropriate? the author says the letter was meant as a joke. well, those who marched explained the turnout shows support for women of all ages and shapes and sizes to just go ahead and put on the lululemons. >> no jokes there. you may want to consider buying nestle crunch bars. the crunch bars are the top pick for trick-or-treaters here in the state of florida. what's the next? well, candy corn is the most popular in most states. and the candy pulling the highest total number of votes was, wait for it, reese peanut butter cups. >> those are good. especially in the freezer for a little bit. perfect. >> you like the three musky
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an rv owned by a marijuana group goes up in flames. >> what the rv was carrying when it caught fire. and we're coming up on 6:24 on your monday morning. look at this gorgeous shot of downtown tampa. a beautiful monday on tap for you. we will look in a few minutes. eight eight three. -- weather and traffic on the
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amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. n't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar. amendment 1: good for the economy. good for the environment. good for florida.
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice.
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send them outside when they come home from school. 81 and sunny. that's below the arch of 38. we make to it 83 tomorrow. and 85 wednesday, leslee lacey. well, looking at downtown tampa. starting to get busier, but still 45, 50 miles per hour.
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we have a couple issues going on. haynes road at 60th avenue. and i have more accidents coming up in my next report. so don't go anywhere. port tampa bay has now become florida's largest and most diversified. which helps explain why it is one of dana young's regional economy, and 80 thousand local jobs. dana young is working to continue that success, by attracting high waged jobs for families who need them and fighting a bureaucracy that too often gets in the way. dana young for the florida senate.
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just two weeks and counting until election day and the presidential candidates are turning their focus on florida. when and where donald trump and hillary clinton will campaign for votes inhe and you don't have to wait until november 8th cast your ballot. early voting gets underway in the bay area today. 8 is on your side with what you need to know to cast your vote. plus, a rapper is set to go before a judge. not to show off his music skills. why he is on trail for what he did during a concert in lakeland. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i gene ramirez is off today. i'm melanie michael. let's get started with leigh spann.
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>> if you have to get up and go to work and school on a monday, might as well feel awesome, right? so max defender 8 is confirming as it scans the skies, not a cloud out there. it is still cool. now not as chilly as yesterday but a refreshing 57 in plant city. 60 in fish hawk. 61 in sarasota. 50 in zephyrhills. that's cool. look at this, 24 hour temperature change. you are actually at 6:30 yesterday. five degrees warmer in plant city. and just a pleasant day. sunny, 81. at 6:38, i have an eight-day temperature trend. and we will let you know how long it stays this comfortable. and leslee lacey has the roadways. getting busier. we have some issues in pinellas county. that's what i'm going to talk about. st. pete, this accident is tying up lane, haynes road at 6th avenue. be aware of that. and hopping over here, another one with injuries involved, 54
6:32 am
58th street. and now let's head over to one of my favorite places in the bay area, safety harbor, 4th street at 5th avenue north, that's a collision with injuries involved. and over here in pasco county, we have one state road 54 at smith road. and that's off to the shoulder. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to melanie and gayle. it is what everyone is talking about this morning, in your vote, republican presidential nominee donald trump continues his tour of florida with a stop in the bay area today. >> he is expected to hold a and it comes just 15 days before election day. ryan hughes is live with us. trump is making a big push in the swing state. >> reporter: good morning to you. florida as always is a crucial state when it comes to the outcome of the election and that's why hillary clinton and donald trump are devoting time and resources to the state. donald trump will be here later today. he spoke in naples last night. listen here. >> if we win on november 8th,
6:33 am
it's a rigged, broken, corrupt system. it's rigged. it's broken. it's corrupt. they want me to take that back. let me tell you, folks, it's a rigged system. >> reporter: that has been donald trump's message about the election and our voting system. more than 3,000 people attended his rally at the fairgrounds where they heard that. if elected, trump claims he will seek congressional term limits, put in place a federal empl h enforcement. and he plans to sue those women who came forward and accused him of sexual misconduct. hillary clinton is up by more than 10 points nationally. trump's campaign manager acknowledged it's an uphill battle. >> we are behind. she has some advantages, like $66 million in ad buys just in the month of september, doubling the ad buys from august.
6:34 am
cease pool kind of ads. >> reporter: and before the amphitheater later today, mr. trump will be in st. augustine and then sanford and tallahassee tomorrow. doors open here at 4:00 this afternoon. back to you. >> all right. thank you, ryan. as trump pushes forward, he is facing new allegations of sexual misconduct. the incident allegedly happened in 2006 at a charity golf listen to what she says happened. >> when we entered the room, he grabbed each of us tightly in a hug and kissed each one of us without asking permission. >> that is jessica drake talking about donald trump's behavior when she and two other women went to his penthouse suite. she says after they left, a trump representative called and asked her to his room alone.
6:35 am
$10,000 and the use of his private jet. she is the 11th woman publicly accusing donald trump of inappropriate sexual contact. hillary rodham clinton is focusing on florida in the final stretch of the campaign. she is set to attend a get out and vote rally on wednesday. over the weekend, clinton campaigned in north carolina. in one speech, she criticized trump's reaction to how he would take the results of the election. >> because to say you won't respect the results of the election, that is a direct threat to our democracy. >> clinton's running mate tim kaine is also campaigning in florida. he was in gainesville yesterday and will be in miami and palm beach today. and we are just over two weeks away from the election. >> it just feels crazy creeping up on us. remember back in the summer
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>> early voting begins today in most of the tampa bay area. meredyth censullo is in the newsroom with everything you need to know before you go to the polls. >> reporter: that's right. if what happened the last election holds true. seven tampa bay area counties begin early voting today at 7:00 a.m. so just about 20 minutes from now. the polls will open in hillsborough, polk county and pinellas county. hernando and citrus counties as well. and at 8:00 and a.m., polls open in manatee county and then at 8:30, the polls open in sarasota county. three counties begin early hardee and highlands county. now here's what you need to bring with you. a valid photo id such as a driver's license, passport, military or student id. now if your picture id doesn't have your signature on it, you will need additional identification with the signature and that can be a debit or credit card. and make sure all of your voter registration information is updated, including your
6:37 am
or a new county within florida, notify the supervisor of elections in your new county and you can do all of that updating online. there is a list of all voting locations and times on our website, and in the last presidential election, 28% of florida's ballots were cast at early voting sites. another vo absentee voters. that means more than half of the florida votes were cast already in advance of election day. melanie -- >> people want a head start. and this is probably one of the craziest we have ever seen. >> reporter: you could say that. >> meredyth censullo live in the newsroom this morning. in early voting, more republicans than democrats have
6:38 am
ballots so far in florida. in north carolina, republicans have cast 2% more ballots than democrats. and while the numbers look good for republican there, are still 15 days until election day and things could change. happening today?, the trial of a local rapper caught on camera kicking a fan begins today with jury selection. kevin gates is facing a battery charge for this video. it shows him in lakeland at a concert last summer kicking a woman. gates claims it is self defense because the woman was tugging on his pants. time now for a look at your weather and traffic on the 8s. gorgeous outside. i want to spend the whole afternoon outdoors. >> you really should. get outside today. it may feel cool as you start the day because we are still an hour from sunrise. this is the hyundai of new port richey with clear skies but it's 57 degrees. by 7:00 a.m., we start to creep up to around 60. 64 at 9:00. and look at the fast warm-up, beautiful for your lunch break
6:39 am
and this is a great time of year. this is close to average for late october. how pleasant. slow warming trend and gradual increase in humidity through week. but really it's going to be comfortable all week long. just slim rain chances start on thursday. our eight-day temperature trend, the a-okay from emoji man man. 81 today. 83 tomorrow. 85 wednesday and thursday. and back to 84 friday. we check on traffic on the 8s because i know more people are hitting the roads. >> they are. still holding on to a good let's talk about the surface street issues in pinellas county. haynes road, right at 60th avenue, this collision is in lanes. and injuries are involved. and same thing here at 54th avenue north. injury crash. tying up lanes. and safety harbor here, not too far away from downtown. 4th street at 45th avenue north, an accident with injuries. and this one in wesley chapel, off to the shoulder, no injuries here. state road 54 right at smith
6:40 am
martin luther king at kings way road. and a live look at the howard frankland bridge. looks good. but downtown tampa starting to get busier southbound on 275. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to the melanie and gayle. >> thank you, leslee lacey. well, some relief at the gas pump for drivers. breaking news overseas, a deadly plane crash on a small island. whap and a stinky matter going before the st. petersburg city council. why a special meeting is focusing on the sewage spill in tampa bay. it is your monday morning. time now 6:40. you are watching news channel 8
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6:42 am
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happening today, a special meeting in st. petersburg to get to the bottom of the sewage
6:44 am
mary, the mayor was furious when he found out the report on waste water was never shared with his office or city council. >> reporter: he certainly was. this information should have been shared with city leaders back in july before hurricane matthew hit. it warned of sewage issues during heavy rainfall. millions of gallons of waste water was released into tampa a report warned of sewage spills if the city closed the treatment plant. the plant did close but st. pete's mayor and city council claim they never saw the report. back in september, the former st. pete mayor claimed the warnings were ignored. >> somebody wasn't paying attention. i'm not going to blame the administration or city council, somebody wasn't paying attention.
6:45 am
treatment plant who revealed this has filed for protection under the federal whistle blower act in light of this mess. in all, more than 148 million- gallons of waste water was dumped into the bay. things get underway at 8:30 and hopefully we can get some answers for both residents and city leaders that could clean up this mess. they couldn't use their dishwashers or water. i know a lot of people were concerned about dumping of the waste water and also just having it on the streets, maybe the kids were playing in it. so they want answers out here in pinellas county. and we hope to get them after the meeting, gayle. >> yeah, terrible for the people that live there. and if you ever never been to st. petersburg, the water is so beautiful. so sad so think that the waste water was dumped in. thank you so much, mary. we are following breaking news overseas. a deadly plane crash.
6:46 am
into the ground shortly after take-off from the island between sicily and the north african coast. five people onboard have died. officials have closed the international airport until the crews can clear the runway. a manhunt is underway across america for a man who shot two police officers with an ak-47s. the police gunfire. the officers fired back, hitting the suspect at least twice. the gunman stole a police car to get away. he is then accused of ditch thing car and shooting a woman to car jack her. we're told both the woman and the two police officers should survive. today we expect to learn more about a deadly tour bus crash in southern california. it killed 13 people and injured 31 others. it happened when a passenger bus collided with a tractor- trailer along i-10 in palm
6:47 am
figure out what caused the crash but early reports indicate speed was indeed a factor. the bus was on the way to los angeles at the time of the crash. a rv caught fire on a bridge between new jersey and delaware. investigators don't know what caused the rv to catch fire. they do say the rv was owned by hauling marijuana-laced candy. no one was hurt. drivers will save cash. the average price of gasoline has dropped four cents a gallon in two weeks. it is the first time in two months the prices have dropped. the average price of regular unleaded $2.25 a gallon. and in florida, $2.23. keep that in mind if you have to stop at the gas station this
6:48 am
on this beautiful monday morning. and if you like the weekend, well, you will like monday. >> exactly. you might have thought, sunday morning, that's cool for us. today, it's going to feel almost the same and max defender 8 is showing you obviously clear skies around the area. but we're a few degrees warmer. we call it refreshing as opposed to chilly. this the way it looks out of the veterans ford camera. there's the veterans expressway. just the beginning wind at 5 miles per hour. the sky cast, yeah, stays clear all day. 61. like i said, refreshing and a bright start. you will need the sunglasses. warming up to 74 at noon. 81 at 4:00 p.m. very few clouds and comfortable. 57 in plant city. 59 in clear water. 60 in fish hawk. patty is 57. you know today is going to be beautiful. high pressure keeping us sunny and pleasant.
6:49 am
and with the clockwise winds around it, it slowly builds up some extra humidity. and slightly warmer temperatures. but notice we go from 81 today to 83 tomorrow. and just mid-80s for the end of the week. slim rain chances too. how about traffic it? a look at tampa. we start off on 275. starting to get slow here southbound. this is right around hillsborough avenue. so keep that in mind. typical delays here. bearss avenue down to i-4, about 20 minutes. that's what i showed yo i-4 through ybor, 12 minutes 301 to 275, that's westbound. and look, slow-and-go traffic away from plant city. and leaving the new tampa and typical on i-4 through ybor. and we have a crash, martin luther king right at kingsway road. not seeing delays. southbound on the sun coast parkway past state road 54, the crash to the shoulder. this one in lanes, haynes road at 60th avenue. and this one here, 54th avenue at 58th street.
6:50 am
road 62 at sap road, that's tying up lanes with injuries. it is the gift that keeps on giverring, some say. as we count down to the election, "saturday night live" is continuing to poke fun at the presidential race. >> yes, the gift of comedy. this past week tend show opened with a sketch on the financial presidential debate. take a look. >> in the first debate, i set the table. in the second debate, up the grill. and tonight, i feast. [ laughter ] >> chris, i'm going to start this debate in the quietist voice possible. in the past, i have been big and loud. but tonight, i'm a sweet, little baby trump. >> once again, alek baldwin portrayed donald trump.
6:51 am
debate moderator chris wallace. in one portion, trump bingo is introduced. >> she wants open borders and that is crazy. i mean, people are just pouring into this country from mexico. and a lot of them are very bad hombres. >> oh, bingo! bingo! i got bingo! sorry. sorry. i've been playing all year. and i got it. i have bad hombre, rapists, miss piggy, and if she wa both of them do a brilliant job. >> they do. >> of playing the presidential candidates. >> and the ratings, they're through the roof. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> it is monday morning. we are getting you caught up on the weekend. the presidential candidates, their big push in our our state and how -- in our state and how you can get your voting done early. news channel 8 today is coming
6:52 am
6:53 am
when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools ,
6:54 am
how far will bob buesing go?
6:55 am
15 days and counting until election day. it is upon us now. and the presidential candidates of course are focusing on florida. >> hard to believe. 15 days. news channel 8's ryan hughes is live from the mid-florida credit union amp theatre in tampa where republican donald trump will hold a rally today. >> reporter: and caesar r. goodson, jr. good morning once supporters when he takes center stage around 7:00 tonight. let's go to video right now. this was the scene in naples last night. more than 3,000 people attended a trump for president rally there at the county fairgrounds. trump talked about a locality of issues including congressional term limits, a federal employee hiring freeze and putting an end to illegal immigration. and he told the crowd he plans to sue the women who accused him of sexual assault and misconduct.
6:56 am
live in tampa, i'm ryan hughes, news channel 8. >> thank you. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will campaign late they are week in the bay area. she is set to attend a rally and early vote rally in sun city center on wednesday. her running mate tim kaine is campaigning today in miami. early voting today begins today in seven bay area counties. polls open today in hillsborough, pinellas, manatee, citrus counties and list of open polling places and information on what you need to know to vote. and today the trial begins for rapper kevin gates. it will begin of course with jury selection. you may remember gates is charged with battery after he was accused of kicking a fan during a lakeland concert last summer. and today a special meeting in st. petersburg to get to the bottom of the sewage spill scandal. it centers around the release
6:57 am
hurricane. a report in 2014 warned of sewage spills if the city closed the albert treatment plant. st. pete's mayor and city council members claim they never saw that report. lots of happy folks around town this morning. the bucs return to town victorious. they beat san francisco 34-17. they are now 3-3 for the season. next week, bucs are hosting the raiders at ray jay. the first looks of da plaza in sun city center. 58 degrees, yes, it's cool but crisp and fall like. the coolest spot in inverness right now is 45. but tampa is 61. plant city, 60. 60 in bradenton. cool, refreshing, 68 at 8:00. 74 at noon. pleasant and warm at 81 at 4:00 p.m. can't get better than this. all right, looking at traffic. ybor city, folks, heavy
6:58 am
ehrlich to 275, 11 minutes. the usual suspects away from new tampa on 75 but we have a collision with injuries. bearss avenue, that's bearss like fierce, not like a bear. right at livingston avenue. >> a lot of people and me, are you -- no, bearss like you're fierce. >> that's -- >> it's not a beer and it's not like a bear, it's attention. >> and zero percent chance of rain for the next three days. >> beautiful. >> be here all morning with updates on news, weather and
6:59 am
robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites.
7:00 am
so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. time running out. a new poll shows donald trump now 12 points behind hillary clinton with just over two weeks to go. top republican strategist karl rove saying a win is unlikely. >> trump, not giving up. >> we are going to win back the house. >> clinton sounding confident. >> i debated him for four and a half hours. i don't even think about responding to him anymore. >> so is it over, or can trump turn the tide in the next 15 days? horrific crash. speed and driver fatigue possibly behind a tour bus accident in southern california that left 13 people dead and 31


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