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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  October 31, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> ugh. ? ? ? right now on news channel 8 today at 11:00. the race for the white house is in the home stretch, both candidates will be battling for your vote in the bay area this week. and donald trump is all ready pouncing on about the hillary clinton email investigation. a music teacher's triumphant return to class after battling back from a devastating crash, we have an update on his recovery and where he is teaching today. plus -- >> 2016, there will be a game six. >> survive and advance. the cubs winning game five of the world series. now the series shifts back to cleveland. good morning. >> this is interesting, isn't it in. >> it sure is.
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>> and i'm stacie schaible. we're going to head to lee span for a look at your workweek weather. >> it's not so spooky at all when you go outside. max defender 8 is confirming that of course. not only are we rain-free, we are basically cloud-free. when you look at the water vapor imagery, looking at the amount of water in the atmosphere, this bright yellow and orange, dry air, that's why i expect to see the clear skies like we're seeing at the lake land to continue. there's a light breeze out there. that will stay around through the rest of the afternoon as well. 79 in tampa. brooksville, 77. sarasota, 89 degrees. around 5:00, 84 degrees. a light breeze. nice and clear. for 8:00 p.m. a couple ghostly clouds. and eerily calm.
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friday. i'll have the details coming up next. on the campaign trail, we could learn more about the new emails the fbi claims may be relevant to its investigation of hillary clinton's private server. democrats are demanding answers and suggesting the fbi director may have broken the law by interfering in a presidential campaign. tracy pots is in washington with the latest. >> democrats are demanding fbi director james comey provide whether newly discovered emails are actually new, contain classified information, or whether they're duplicates for which clinton has all ready been cleared. >> we're calling on mr. comey to come forward and explain what's at issue here. >> from donald trump's running mate. >> he has aduty to move forward professionally in a timely way on this. >> it's suggested comey may have violated the hatch act by revealing vague new information
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when 11 days before a presidential election something like this just gets introduced as a distraction. >> clinton avoided the issue campaigning in florida sunday. >> there's a lot of noise and distraction. >> but donald trump suggested without proof that the fbi may have discovered thousands of missing clinton emails. >> i think that's called the mother load. i think they found them all. >> it could be a problem. not just for clinton but other democrats. democratic candidates who have to answer for why they continue to support her. >> with 21 million americans having all ready voted. tracy pots, nbc news, washington. former prosecutors believe it's unlikely to result in charges against clinton because the fbi all ready cleared her in an extensive investigation. donald trump's running mate is in tampa today. governor mike pence will speak to supporters from a hanger at
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emails will be part of that speech. as of this morning, tickets were still available. governor pence's visit is the first campaign stop in the bay area this week. tomorrow hillary clinton and her husband, former president bill clinton will be here. hillary clinton will hold a rally in tampa, former president bill clinton will be over in pinellas county. then on wednesday, vice president joe biden will be in tampa campaigning for hillary clinton. and donald trump's schedule on his website only shows events pl however we do expect to see him here in our area once again before election day. and there's good reason for that. all these florida visits, one week before the election, our area is a must-win for florida's 29 electoral votes. hillsborough county is florida's battle ground county. the majority vote correctly predicted the winner in 19 of the last 20 presidential elections. and meredith is in the news center with more on why this
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>> hillsborough county's balance of registered democrats, republicans, and independents makes it one to watch. brand new numbers out today show that in hillsborough, more than 240,000 votes have been cast in early voting and by mail. so far, about 15,000 more registered democrats have voted than registered republicans. of course we don't know how they voted. but every help decide who our next president will be. >> settled by 547 votes in florida decided who was president of the united states for the next eight years. >> any news that comes out about the candidates could be the reason why one or the other walks away with a win and that is why you'll see a lot of clinton, trump, and their surrogates here in hillsborough
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in the news center, news channel 8. and of course it's not just tampa that's important to trump and clinton. it's the entire i-4 corridor from tampa through orlando all the way over to daytona beach. north florida is predictably republican, south florida remains strongly democratic. but the 6.5 million people living around the 140-mile stretch of i-4 are diverse. and 1/4 of them have no trips by the candidates as we enter into the home stretch to the election next tuesday. in other news, polk deputies are searching for a hit and run driver that left a tampa woman dead and a deputy severely injured. jessica hit a tree on state road 60 east of lake wales. she flagged down deputy adam for help. another driver hit the deputy and jessica and sped off.
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hospital. the sheriff called the driver a coward. jessica's family told us she was a single mom holding two jobs to support two kids. >> this is the second one that i lost in this month. my son passed away the 2nd of this month. now my daughter in the same month. too much for me. >> that poor man. the sheriff's office does not have any information about the suspect vehicle. but a 3,000-dollar reward is that would lead to that driver's arrest. another search for a hit and run driver. this one in pinellas county. we're told that driver was going 90 miles per hour when a state trooper tried to make a traffic stop. the driver took off to roosevelt boulevard and hit another car causing a chain reaction crash. the driver was last seen at a rodeway inn motel. anyone with information is urged to call the highway patrol. an orlando judge will
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shooting should be made public. the city is fighting a lawsuit made by local orlando media and associated press to release all of the calls. family members of the 49 victims who died will also testify at the hearing. city officials have released 2/3 of the calls but are holding on to more than 200 more. also today, tampa music teacher sean hankins is back in the classroom teaching classes in hillsborough county. this is a day that has back in august, a drunk driver crashed into hankins and his girlfriend, caroline, also a teacher, she died. hankins spent the last two months recovering. the driver, bryce mcleod is charged with dui manslaughter. hankins plans to participate in the mother's against drunk driving 5k dash in november. taking a look at sports, it's all about the cubs. the team advances in the world
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cleveland tomorrow night. the cubs oh that win in part to starting pitcher john lester. you see here. he only allowed one hit and two earned runs through six innings. chris bryant jacked his first home run of the world series and closer, chapman secured game five for the cubs winning 3-2. after the win, former ray's manager now cubs manager joe madden had this to say about a potential game seven. >> i've never been looking forward to wanting to play in my life. you know. so we get to go over there with two rested starting pitchers. >> he didn't have to wear that beanie when he lived down here you know. >> that was the first win at wrigley field in 71 years. game six tomorrow night at 8:00 in cleveland. we're entering the home stretch for the heart walk. we need your help to reach our goal of raising $100,000 for the american heart association. this is video from last year's
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james stadium. tampa's heart walk is one of the biggest in the nation. we want to keep it that way. kia is matching the first $50,000 we raise. and we're getting so close to reaching our goal. we're less than $8,000 away. november12th at raymond james. go to upset customers knew they better call behnken. coming up, he his rv, but he doesn't have his money, and the buyer doesn't have the rv. see how shannon behnken is working to set things straight. there's a few treats for you this halloween. a couple restaurants offering sweet deals. we'll have that information coming up. the forecast is a treat. i can tell you that for sure. the lake club in lakewood ranches not a cloud in the sky. there's a light breeze. temperatures at 77 degrees right now. i'll have that all important trick or treat forecast for
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amendment 1 protects consumers from scams, promotes safe solar, and is endorsed by florida's firefighters. so, why are out-of-state billionaires attacking it? because amendment 1 stops their subsidies. amendment 1 ensures that if you don't choose solar, you don't have to pay for those who do. amendment 1 blocks special subsidies for special interests. it's solar done right.
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we are back with breaking news, less than a half mile stretch of hillsborough avenue in tampa closed in both directions. this is happening between nebraska avenue and north 12th street. tampa police telling us two people were seriously injured there in a crash that involved multiple vehicles. those people are now in hospital. and here's how it's going to effect you. they expect this to take five hours to clear up this crash. a big mess out there right now. that's well into the afternoon rush hour. again happening between nebraska avenue and north twelfth street on hillsborough avenue. well, the skies are clear this morning as you get ready to head out for your lunch break. here innes brook golf and spa resort. there will be plenty of people
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low humidity. a nice breeze. max defender 8 confirming what we all ready know, if there are no clouds, there are obviously no rainfall expected. i'll break down the rest of the day for you at 1:00 this afternoon. still warming up, 83 degrees. that's all ready above average. then we keep warming up. 86 at 4:00. and terrific for the trick or treaters this evening. 81 degrees at 7:00 p.m. not too hot. not too temperatures. 76 in st. petersburg. and 77 in auburndale. yes, there's a breeze. we're going to keep the steady breeze in the forecast out of the east to northeast. notice it's 12 miles per hour in lake land. you'll feel the breeze. 10 miles per hour in sarasota. 10 miles per hour in brooksville. stronger gusts getting up to 16 to 17 miles per hour.
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pressure, it brings you clear skies, around it you get clockwise wind. the winds are coming out of the east. and you'll feel it with the lighter breeze. most of the rain staying farther across south florida. above average temperatures in the morning. mostly clear. this morning we had fog. wouldn't be out of the question to have fog north of i-4 again tomorrow. and a similar pattern. mostly sunny, highs in the mid 80s. like we're seeing today. wickedly warm, dry as a tomorrow, also 86 degrees. we're at 85 degrees on wednesday. things finally begin to change a bit toward the latter parts of the week. a cold front comes through. a 20% rain chance on friday. look what happens to our temperatures. 78 for saturday and sunday in the afternoon. plus the breeze. feeling a little more halloween-like. even though today will be comfortable. >> never too early to talk about the coming weekend.
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it's monday. you only think through the day there's another weekend coming up. >> if you've been cheated, when you need help. she's on your side. better call behnken. sometimes when you trust a business you get burned. a growing number of customers are complaining about largos consignment rv. they say company officials sold rvs and dragged their feet when it came time >> for ten years michael and pam traveled the country in their rv. >> it's got everything a house has. >> they found a buyer for the rv and collected $135,000. but then michael tells me the owner jeremy convinced him to pay off the 190,000-dollar loan himself. >> he said if i paid off the loan, that we could complete
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>> when michael went to the shop and couldn't get his money. >> different people came in wanting to know when they would get the title for the rigs they bought. we got to thinking what's going on here? >> so he took off in the rv. now he did you want have the money. doesn't have -- now he doesn't have the money. doesn't have clean title. whoever paid the consignment dealer, doesn't have anything. that person is a victim as well. they pay a lot of money, and they have nothing to show for it. he three months ago. and her loan still hasn't been paid off. >> my rv was basically stolen. i went to consignment rv earlier this week. >> he needs to deal with this. this is a big accusation. that he has sold an rv and has taken off with the money. >> and now i have even more questions. >> have you seen jeremy? has he come back in town?
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who paid for it and they want their money. >> i just want to sell my rv, you know, and get it over with. >> the pinellas county sheriff's office is investigating all of those complaints. shannon behnken, 8 on your side. if you have a problem that needings solving, call 1-855- behnken. fantasy sports giants draft kings and fan dual are reportedly close to a espn and recode say the daily fantasy sites are hammering out the final details and an announcement is expected soon. both companies are entangled in legal battles right now as some states argue they operate gambling businesses and not games of skill. they reached a 12 million- dollar settlement with new york last week over false advertising claims. a growing number of retailers opted to close their doors on thanksgiving day. a shift from the trend in recent years to open on thanksgiving day for early
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retail chains have announced they will be closed and that includes lowe's, home depot, nordstrom, ikea, marshals, tj max, sames club. in most cases, shoppers will find deals on thanksgiving day. but find them online. you don't have to wait for turkey day for good deals. there's some spook ta including chipotle, go into any chipotle dressed if costume to get a burrito, salad, bowl, taco, for $3.01 goes to the chipotle cultivate foundation. and since the inception of its boo-rito event customers have donated $4 million. i hop is getting in on the
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free scary face pancakes. free. they can decorate their own using things like whipped cream, candy corn, mini oreos, strawberries, whatever their creative image imaginations can cook up. free scary face pancakes for kids 12 and under. >> those look good and creative. when the kids get their hands on them it's really scary. bachelor party. those two words draw quite >> usually mischief is involved. but not so much for mitch. he did something a little more noble for his party. it's a sweet story.
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we are back with the sweetest bachelor party story ever.
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seven pups who appeared to be livering in the woods. >> when mitchell headed to the woods of tennessee for his bachelor party, he had no idea a dog would steal his heart. >> the first morning we were there with a bunch of guys. we got the front door wide open. we're cooking bacon, we look over in the front door of the cabin we're staying in, there's a dog sitting there. just sweet as can be. but would not come inside. >> with no clue where she came from, the group of guys annie. >> so we figured she's such a sweet dog. she's got to have a home. so she'll eventually go somewhere. >> without a collar, a leash, or anyone around, it was clear annie desperately needed help. >> she was very dehydrated, hungry, everything that we gave her and put in front of her she gobbled up just as fast as she could. >> that's when the unthinkable happened. >> there's one spot over in the woods if anything went by
11:26 am
go to that spot and then come back. we connected the dots and put everything together and we walked over there and we found a giant hole in the ground. it was a den that had three holes in it. and so one of my friends went in head first and starred, we found these puppies. we started pulling them out. one after the other, knox, bear, rosie, seven of them to be exact. all in need of medical attention. >> they had all come out of the hole and they were dirty. there was a group of rough and tumble men, you know, that are going down to go four wheeling and they're sitting inside washing a bunch of puppies. >> that's not what they had planned for their bachelor party. >> but now their significant
11:27 am
all the puppies are healthy and have forever homes. >> we've talked about the world series all ready. but now let's talk about the bucks. >> it's been a rough season. but that doesn't mean hope is lost. we'll take a look at the division standings and see if the bucks have a chance at salvaging a season here at the
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our children, they look up to us. what we value, how we treat others. and now they're looking to see what kind of leaders we choose.
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frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? a steady hand? or a loose cannon? common sense and unity, or drama and division? a woman who's spent her life helping children and families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself? what example will we set? what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together.
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ended in his death. the final moments of michael vance's life. the next step in a hot car death case getting national attention. right mao the defense for justin ross is presents its case. what's new from the courtroom this morning. after weeks of waiting, schools in north carolina are back in session after getting pounded by hurricane matthew. but it won't be the same, coming up, the teachers explain why. and good morning. i'm stacie schaible.
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your halloween forecast from someone who's not so scary at all. she's quite lovely actually. >> i did wear my pumpkin colored outfit though. max defender 8, not scary at all as it has been for quite sometime. dry, it's not finding any rainfall. it's hard pressed to even see a cloud out there at this point. some extremely dry air, especially in the upper levels of the atmosphere. it's 78 degrees. the flag is were seeing last week and through the weekend. 81 in plant city. it's been warming up quickly. cool in inverness at 70. 79 in wimauma. so what about that trick or treating forecast? light breeze, warm, 84 degrees. temperatures still at 79
11:32 am
85 wednesday. look at this temperature trend as we head into the weekend. we get a big smile from emoji man with highs in the 70s. i'll let you know about rain chances coming up. new this morning the week- long man hunt for fugitive michael vance jr. is over. oklahoma highway patrol killed him in a shoot out last night. vance had been on the run since october 23rd after allegedly killing two relatives and shooting two police officers. while driving a car that he stole, a lo pulled vance over for having a chain dragging on the ground. he was unaware that it was vance in the car. the fugitive shot the sheriff and got away. but authorities caught up to him later in the night. >> they confronted vance just north of here where there was a pretty fierce gun battle for sometime. and ultimately vance was killed at the scene. >> captain paul timmins went on to say vance's death comes as a
11:33 am
taking a look around the world this morning, right now iraqi special forces are advancing on the isis held city of mosul from the east. but they're taking heavy fire as they move within two miles of the city limits. in the early morning assault armored vehicles moved in on a small village on the outskirts of mosul. allied artillery and air strikes hit isis positions. iraqi forces have been at this for two weeks now in an attempt to retake their country's second larg under ground right now in southwest china following an explosion there. there were 35 all together. but two managed to get out. rescuers are still searching for those trapped under ground. china's industry has been among the world's deadliest. but safety improvements have helped in the last few years. you can see the damage to many buildings particularly in
11:34 am
many had to sleep in tents, cars, or campers because their homes were destroyed. yesterday, 6.6 magnitude earthquake, the latest quake since august. that one killed nearly 300 people. no one died in yesterday's earthquake. in news across america, jus sin ross harris' defense team is presenting its case in georgia. harris is accused of leaving his young son to die in a hot friday after calling 51 witnesses. prosecutors argue harris was exchanging explicit messages and photos with six women while his toddler died. the defense counters the extramarital affairs are irrelevant to the boy's death. hours ago the defense called harris' now ex-wife to testify. >> cooper was the sweetest
11:35 am
he was everything to me. he loved to smile. he loved to play. he would talk to and smile at anybody. it didn't matter if it was a stranger or not. >> well, the defense expected to call witnesses for about the next two weeks. >> jurors in the george washington bridge lane closing trial in new jersey are going to hear from lawyers one more time. a defense lawyer for a former aid to governor chris christie will ve the prosecution will then get a chance to present a rebuttal before jurors begin deliberations. the prosecution alleges former aids bridget kelly and bill baroney used their political positions to create gridlock to punish a democratic mayor who wouldn't endorse chris christie in his reelection campaign. students in north carolina will return to school today for
11:36 am
hurricane matthew. teachers and staff at several schools in robison county south of fayetteville spent the day getting ready. they wrote welcome back messages in chalk on the sidewalks. >> i missed them. i've been worried about them. and i'm ready to just give them a hug and make sure they're okay. >> flooding from hurricane matthew damaged several schools. some of those schools are still not ready to open three weeks after the storm. until they are, relocating students to other schools. the scariest thing about halloween in miami beach, the zika virus. business owners hope the zika virus won't scare away crowds. the pedestrian mall typically attracts thousands of people in an informal parade of elaborate costumes. but the outdoor shopping area is one of miami dade county ice active transmission zones.
11:37 am
crowds. a heart breaking over time loss to the raiders. the raiders rally took the lead. the bucks answer with a touchdown. they had a chance to tie it up. but roberto missed the extra point. we're not showing that right now. but luckily we did get a two- point conversion, later there you see the miss. they took the lead with a touchdown and a two-point conversion. then the final blow. the raiders tie the game in over time. then scored a touchdown to win it 30-24. the bucks have a short turn around this week. they will host the atlanta falcons thursday night here at home. the bucks are now three and four on the season. and at this, the half way point in the season, bucks fans should not lose hope entirely. the falcons are on top of the nfc south. but we're in second place in our division. and we have a show down with the birds as i said in just three days on thursday night
11:38 am
season. so we can do it. the saints are in the mix too. we have the same record as the saints. three and four right now. the panthers however will need a lot of help to get into the playoff picture. but a win for us against atlanta thursday will get the bucks back on track for an nfc south division title. sunday night football right here on news channel 8 was an nfc east show down between the dallas cowboys and the philadelphia eagles. rookie sensations traded impressive drives. the cowboys prescott threw a five-yard touchdown pass to jason witten giving the cowboys the victory. this is the cowboys sixth straight win. the bucks play the cowboys december 18th. straight ahead, the viral video melting hearts all over the web. plus open enrollment for health care coverage under the affordable health care act
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up. a cure for hepatitis, but the copay is tens of thousands of dollars, coming up, we'll show you how a bay area woman found a way to afford it. and no scary news coming out of max defender 8. dry conditions for this halloween. i'll let you know when we do have some rain and what that means for our temperatures, coming up. under state attorney mark ober's watch, rape and sexual assault are on the rise. ober is not just ineffective, he declined to prosecute a man
11:40 am
ober: she was with him voluntarily. our community deserves new leadership. andrew warren, an experienced prosecutor, will reallocate resources to target violent crime, including gun violence, rape, and domestic abuse. andrew warren for state attorney.
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amendment 1 protects consumers from scams, promotes safe solar, and is endorsed by florida's firefighters. so, why are out-of-state billionaires attacking it? because amendment 1 stops their subsidies. amendment 1 ensures that if you don't choose solar, you don't have to pay for those who do. amendment 1 blocks special subsidies for special interests.
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we are back. we always see l it's crazy when you think about what makes something go viral. anything cute and adorable with pets. >> this is certainly adorable. kind of like toy story for your pet. first we see, oh this cute little dog. chilling with his favorite toy. a gumby doll. >> watch what happens now. a life sized gumby walks into the room. at first he's not too sure what to do with it.
11:43 am
does it squeak? as you see, he goes bananas. jumping on it. stomping on it. trying to make it squeak i guess. >> that's dangerous right there. it was a dangerous experiment. >> one of two things. he either thought it was the toy. or he knew his owner was in there somewhere because he could smell him but he couldn't see him. so he's trying to figure out what the heck is going on. >> or he thinks it's an intruder and he's attacking it. >> a my house. >> i'm sure there are a lot of people dressing up, including their pets tonight. trick or treating going on, beautiful outside right now. it's hard to even talk about how great it is on halloween. max defender 8, it's been scanning the skies all day. hasn't found a cloud. in fact, let me show you even more why this is happening. notice your water vapor imagery. this really looks at the amount
11:44 am
this bright red color that's been kind of sliding down the penninsula, it's obviously very dry air. in return, we're actually seeing a lot of sunshine as a result of that. so temperatures right now, 83 degrees. you know. warming up a bit as we head through the next couple hours. winding up around 86 degrees. the average high is 81. it takes us until 7:00 p.m. to get back down to terrific weather. 78 degrees in zephyr hills. it's warmer than average but comfortable. lower humidity, 80 in fish hawk. 79 in clear water. these temperatures are cooler than this time yesterday. shot in by a lot. 1 to 15 degrees cooler. yesterday was a rather warm day with a high of 88 degrees. so today we'll stay below that. plus we still have a breeze
11:45 am
gusts get higher than that, 16 miles per hour in lake land. 17 in lake placid at this point. high pressure keeps us warm and dry over the next tuesday and wednesday. here's where things change. i have to go to the long-range forecast. friday afternoon, that's when this cold front comes through. not expecting much rain. a 20% chance. but it's going to allow temperatures to fall back below average. so after we've been at and tomorrow, 85 wednesday, we go to highs around 78 feeling much more like november by the weekend, guys. thanks lee, new this morning, those living in new delhi woke up to smoggy skies during the worst season for air pollution. a new report says 1/3 of the 2 billion children in the world breathing toxic air live in northern india and neighboring
11:46 am
particulate. it's very dangerous, this morning india's levels measured 90 times higher than the world health organization recommends. and all the smoke from fire works over the weekend did not help things. right now hindus are celebrating the festival of lights. the five-day festival marks the triumph of truth over ignorance and light over darkness. it's one of the most important and popular hindu festivals ceat decorated with traditional lamps and people offer prayers to the hindu goddess of health. an 8 on your side medical report. we have tips on how to save when signing up for your 2017 health insurance coverage. open enrollment starts tomorrow. experts recommend you compare the different plan choices that you have to see what's available to you. check if your hospital and medications are covered by those plans. if they are, compare how much
11:47 am
pocket. >> you could actually end up paying more out of pocket to fill prescriptions or to see your physician, even when you pick what is seemingly the least expensive plan. >> the majority of ensured americans are covered through employer based insurance, medicare, medicaid, and all offer incentives and wellness programs to lower health insurance costs. as hospital infections become an increasing problem, a new study finds es dangerous germs. researchers collected samples from the scrubs of 40 icu nurses they found 22 instances of antibiotic resistant germs like mrsa transmitted from a patient or room to the scrubs. in an 8 on your side alert, the fda approved cures for people fighting chronic diseases but the patients can't afford the drugs and insurance
11:48 am
sickest patients. that includes a drug on the market for people with hepatitis c. in this 8 on your side medical report, i talked to one pasadena woman who found a way to easily afford this breakthrough treatment and she wants to share her findings with others. she works full time and lives an active life. that's not always easy battling hepatitis c which she contracted after a blood transfusion in until the 90s. so i've lived with that for 30 years. you know ultimately it could be a death sentence. >> her doctor recently told her about a pill patients take for 8 to 12 weeks. >> then i found out the cost. most people do 12 weeks. it's $120,000. >> even with insurance coverage, her copay of $6,000 a month made the drug out of reach until she found a hidden
11:49 am
official website. she entered her information and then came a surprise call from her insurance company. $5 for all eight weeks of treatment. i know, right. it's my lucky day. it's like i hit the lottery. >> after her first round of treatments her initial blood test results are back. >> and i actually got the test the day after my birthday. my doctor's office called and said we have a birthday present for yo and they said you have undetectable viral loads. and i was like are you serious? that's unbelievable. and i burst out crying. >> in four weeks her hepatitis is now undetectable so the drug is working. now let me share with you how she was able to get that copay coupon. first, head to harvoni's
11:50 am
copay coupon link. click on that. then you need to put in your first name, last name, zip code, and date of birth. if your doctor in fact tells you that you're eligible for this drug, it should be just that easy. and of course, we do want to thank wendy for sharing her story with 8 on your side. it's not just about hepatitis c. check for any sort of illness and medication. many manufacturers of these medicines offer the coupons. >>ll plans, that might mean you need a last minute costume. we have you covered up. coming up, easy halloween hacks to get you ready for a night of trick or treating without
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
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i moved on her like a [bleep].
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no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message because i'll be a senator who always works for you. we are back. halloween makeup can be expensive and time consuming. but it doesn't have to be. >> marry maguire learned some
11:54 am
ready have at home. >> if you don't have a costume picked out, don't worry, we'll show you how to create a spooky and simple look. when it comes to halloween, you'd be hard pressed to find a creature more terrifying than a zombie. piling on tons of makeup to get that scary look can break the bank. but makeup artist michael kate believes it doesn't have to. >> there's a lot of household products to use to save money. >> he's in charge of and he's sharing some of his tricks and treats. >> usually zombies are pounding on things. whether it be doors or people's heads. >> combing conditioner through dry hair can give dressed up zombies the undead unwashed hair look and petroleum jelly and flour can be used. >> a lot of people buy this. if you want a cut, a long gash, you can run a line like this,
11:55 am
some sort. >> a popular breakfast food can serve another purpose in the zombie world. >> oatmeal is great for texturing, mix that with some latex, lay it on the skin or the arm. and immediately it makes the arm or the face look very dirty. >> after a quick lesson in halloween hack, it was time for me to give the zombie look a trial run. >> this all ready looks scary to me. >> don't worry, this washes off. >> i hope so ten minutes to create. according to party city, costumes that deal with the 2016 election and snap chat will be the most popular this year. reporting in tampa, marry maguire, news channel 8. >> that guy knows what he's doing. on any given hallow scream night he'll dial up any where from three to five zombies. >> do you come back covered in abouts because you're covered in oatmeal.
11:56 am
crawleys out there. there's no more halloween nights at busch gardens until next year. >> but you can go out tonight. >> snap chat will be a big halloween costume. i've seep a lot of people dressed up as the deer. the different filters you can become. i had not thought of that. >> it's a bat with a funny voice. that one's cute. how's the weather looking for the trick or treaters. >> beautiful. 86 degrees. not spooky night. we don't cool down until the weekend. >> looking good. the weekend looks great too. >> have a great halloween. i'll be back here on first at 4:00 and news channel 8 at 6:00. don't over indulge on that candy. you'll regret it tomorrow. >> we'll take the left overs. there won't be any.
11:57 am
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