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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 1, 2016 12:37am-1:37am EDT

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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- nathan lane. star of "good girls revolt," actress genevieve angelson. tv critics and authors matt zoller seitz and alan sepinwall. featuring the 8g band with hannah welton. ? [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] so wonderful to hear. in that case let's get to the news. today was halloween and right on cue, hillary's private e-mail server came back from the dead.
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that's right. today was halloween. "i'm not a decoration!" yelled eric trump as he was put back in the attic for next year. [ laughter ] there are just eight days left until the election. so if anyone's still thinking of running, now's the time. [ laughter ] just saying. [ cheers and applause ] after claiming the election is rally last week that the country should, quote, "just cancel the election and give it to trump." and then on friday, fbi director james comey said, "okay." [ laughter ] according to a new poll almost 76% of people think the media wants hillary clinton to win the election, which is just crazy. think about it. if hillary wins, nobody's going to want to watch the news. e-mail hearings, droning speeches.
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going to be like an action movie written by seventh graders. [ laughter and applause ] "we've bombed mexico again? yeah, yeah, yeah. be quiet. i'm watching the topless super bowl halftime show." [ laughter ] donald trump told supporters last night that hillary clinton wants to bring 650 million immigrants into the united states within one week of taking office. whereas if he wins, canada gets 150 million immigrants. [ cheers and applause ] nasa's early warning asteroid intruder alert system spotted an asteroid as it passed by earth last night, and i think i speak for all of us when i say, "come back, asteroid!" [ laughter and applause ] a trump supporter was arrested in iowa last week for in-person
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make america great. and the second one was to make america great again. [ laughter ] according to a new study using marijuana may improve night vision. said one user, "oh, right. [ laughter ] because of the lighter." [ laughter ] a ukrainian man legally changed his name to iphone seven after an electronics store offered the phone free to the first five people to do so. and now his girlfriend is thinking about upgrading to a new model. [ laughter ] a new report has found that 61% of americans feel that the government should make it easier for people to vote. specifically by picking candidates easier to vote for. [ light laughter ] "come back, asteroid!"
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a new study shows a compound found in broccoli may slow the signs of aging. said one toddler, "then i guess this is goodbye." [ light laughter ] and finally, ikea has launched a new ad campaign using the slogan "no matter who you are, what you do, or how much you make, you can still make the dream yours." which is better than their old slogan, "there's horse in the meatballs." [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause ] there was horse in the meatballs. that's not a thing i'm just saying. he is one of our favorite guests here at "late night." he's the star of the new broadway revival "the front page," the always fantastic nathan lane back on the show tonight. [ cheers and applause ] she's on a great new show on amazon called "good girls revolt." genevieve angelson is here
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television critics who definitively ranked the best tv shows of all time in their new book "tv: the book." matt zoller seitz and alan sepinwall will be here. and i look forward to arguing with them about their pick for the top shows of all time. now, before we get to all that, again, we have a great show for you tonight, the presidential campaign was upended yet again on friday by another last minute twist, the revelation that the fbi has discovered more e-mails that might be relevant to the investigation of hillary clinton's private server. for more on this, it is time for "a closer look." ? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: by the end of last week, hillary clinton was coasting. she was up double digits in some polls and it showed in her mood with cnn reporting on thursday "hillary clinton finally lets loose." in fact she was so loose, she was even talking about organizing a national dance party. >> i keep telling people i want to close the deficit and one of the deficits i want to close is
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>> there you go. >> got to close the fun deficit. i'm sick of all this meanness. why don't these who support my opponent go out and have fun dancing? do you think they dance? >> absolutely. >> i think we need a big national dance. >> i'm with you. >> seth: hillary is the last person i'd want organizing a dance party. [ light laughter ] there is literally only one person on earth with less rhythm than her. >> bing, bing, bong, bong, bing, bing, bing. [ laughter ] this very, very serious threat of a national arms-only dance party led by hillary clinton caught the attention of the fbi, who realized they had to do something to dampen her spirits. >> breaking news tonight, hillary clinton's campaign hit with an october surprise by the fbi. only 11 days before the election, the bureau alerting congress that it's reviewing newly found e-mails related to clinton's personal server.
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>> this is certainly the ultimate october surprise. >> another october surprise. >> yet another october surprise. >> there may be an october surprise. there may be a november surprise. i think we may have surprises all the way through election day. >> seth: all the way through election day? this election is going to have surprises for the next year. and a january surprise, president trump has taken all of america's gold and fled to china. [ light laughter ] all he left in its place, a short note. [ laughter and applause ] so, trump -- donald trump still hasn't released his tax returns, 12 women have accused him of sexual assault, and he's going on trial for fraud for trump university in november. but now, the only thing the media is talking about is e-mails. it's like if during the o.j. trial everyone was focused on whether or not the ford bronco had up to date registration. [ laughter ] and for the clinton campaign, almost as frustrating as the reemergence of the e-mail issue was the way it reemerged -- a
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like a survivor clue to finding the hidden immunity idol. >> it began with a cryptic letter to lawmakers which raises many questions, or more, than it actually answered. >> he's put this letter out there that is unquestionably vague. >> there's very few facts inside that letter. >> everybody trying to figure out what exactly these words by the fbi director mean. >> what he did on friday was kind of unleash a bunch of vague speculation. >> you saw some republicans as well say this letter seems vague, we want to know of dropping an ambiguity bomb just days before the election. >> seth: that's right. an ambiguity bomb. basically, this letter was so vague, it was like the entire country got a voicemail from the fbi director just saying, "we need to talk." [ laughter ] this is not the time for vagaries. we need details. we need cold, hard facts. can you at least tell us where the new e-mails came from the first place? >> sources say the e-mails were uncovered in the sexting
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>> seth: oh [ bleep ] me. [ laughter ] go back to being vague. i'm sorry i asked for details. [ cheers and applause ] seriously. with everything -- with everything else hanging over this election, now we have the shadow of anthony weiner's photographic genitalia? i mean, what point do we -- oh, get out of here! [ laughter and applause ] all right, seriously, what happened? >> law enforcement officials say the e-mails were found on a laptop computer belonging to former congressman anthony weiner. >> former congressman anthony weiner, the estranged husband of clinton aide huma abedin. >> anthony weiner is the ghost of christmas past, present, and future. he just won't go away. >> seth: and if he ever does show up with a christmas goose claiming he's changed his ways, just know he probably had sex with that goose. [ laughter ]
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anthony weiner bringing the stuffing. [ laughter ] as for -- moving on, come on. [ light laughter ] as for how democrats feel about weiner at this point, just look at how exasperated vice president joe biden was when he found out weiner was the source of the new e-mails. >> i don't know where this e-mail -- where these e-mails came from -- >> apparently anthony weiner. >> well -- oh, god. [ laughter ] anthony weiner- i should not comment on anthony weiner. >> seth: way to go anthony weiner, you broke joe biden. [ laughter ] now this latest news has revealed the hypocrisy on display in both parties. let's start with democrats, who for months praised fbi director james comey's integrity for deciding not to prosecute hillary, but now that comey has dropped the latest bombshell, liberals are singing a very different tune. >> i think basically what we have here is unfair to
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>> there's absolutely no legitimate law enforcement purpose for what the director did. zero. >> people are outraged. and they're not outraged with hillary clinton. they're outraged with director comey for coming forward with absolutely nothing. >> this is the question about what kind of country do we live in. james comey has now joined other republicans in being what you might call banana republicans. they're acting like they're in a banana republic. >> seth: pundits, you got to stop using the phrase "banana republic." it doesn't mean third world country anymore. it means clothing store. [ light laughter ] you might as well say, "people would never get away with this behavior in the old navy." [ laughter ] and then there's trump. donald trump, who's been calling the fbi and justice department rigged for months. >> take a look at this, this tweet from donald trump -- "crooked hillary colluded with
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it's a rigged system." >> they have essentially corrupted the director of the fbi. >> i think the biggest rigging of all is what's happened with the fbi. >> the fbi rolled over. >> seth: but the nice thing about rolling is you come back around, as trump himself demonstrated with his sudden change of heart on the fbi after the e-mail news broke. >> i have great respect for the fbi for righting this wrong. the system is rigged it might not be as rigged as i thought. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's why i give this current election three and a half rigs. [ laughter and applause ] but the trump team -- the trump team didn't dwell on their change of heart and instead spent the weekend celebrating it as nothing less than one of the best days of their campaign. and trump took it even further, comparing it to perhaps the greatest scandal in modern politics. >> this is bigger than watergate.
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in my opinion. >> seth: bigger than watergate? i would be shocked if trump even knew what watergate was. watergate was so bad. "first, you had the water, then you had the gate and as you remember, the water went right through the gate because -- [ laughter ] -- a gate can't stop water. it ruined -- [ applause ] -- it ruined the carpeting of the entire hotel. they should have built a wall, in my opinion. if i'm being totally honest. they should have built a wall. you got to build a wall." [ laughter ] watergate, reports so far are unclear, with some suggesting that the e-mails might not even be from hillary. that many of them might be duplicates and that the fbi doesn't see this as a game changer. and comey himself seemed concerned about the reaction writing to employees, quote, "in the middle of election season there is significant risk of being misunderstood." but as far as being misunderstood, don't worry, because our media always behaves calmly and rationally when it comes to potential clinton scandals. they would never baselessly speculate.
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something pertinent, regarding the case, you just figure it must be big. >> what if this is something that truly is a bombshell? >> if she gets elected on november 8th, this isn't going away. so what needs to happen? special prosecutor? >> you know there's something in there. has to be. >> well there's nothing tastier than the unknown. >> seth: of course "there's nothing tastier than the unknown" is also the slogan for taco bell. [ laughter ] and now trump supporters are with many of them claiming that these latest e-mail revelations might be grounds for impeaching hillary if she wins. >> even if she wins, she's on the road to impeachment. you're going to elect somebody with a high possibility of being impeached and convicted. >> let's just say for the sake of the argument, she wins the election. this isn't going to stop. there will be a move to impeach her the moment her hand comes down from that bible. >> seth: why does cnn still let jeffrey lord on tv?
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[ laughter ] -- and only let him read "the drudge report" for like a year. and also maybe don't take the high road on hillary's legal trouble when your candidate has a fraud trial as we mentioned starting in november. so now we've got once again republicans foaming at the mouth for another four years of paralyzing political dysfunction. in fact, even before this latest round of e-mail news, republicans basically announced that they were -- that we're about to enter an era of permanent investigation, with "the washington post" reporting are already preparing for years of investigations of clinton. basically this is going to be hillary's permanent face for four years. if she ever gets put on money, that will be the face they use. [ laughter ] and this kind of permanent investigation, where you subject your political opponent to constant hounding and never-ending legal proceedings, is paralyzing our political system. it's enough to make you want to tune out politics altogether, or as hillary herself recently put it --
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gifs. in the last few weeks i watched a lot of cats do a lot of weird and interesting things. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, i love cat stuff like that. can you e-mail it to me? oh, you know what, never mind, never mind. this has been "a closer look." ? [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with our friend nathan lane, everybody. [ cheers and applause ]
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody! give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers ] also, sitting in on drums with the 8g band this week, she's the former drummer for the one and only prince, and the first single from her new group counterculture, "women's intuition," is out now. hannah welton is here, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] welcome to the show, hannah. we're so, so happy to have you. tony award-winning actor who's currently starring the critically-acclaimed broadway revival of "the front page." his children's book, "naughty mabel sees it all," is available in bookstores now. please welcome back to the show our friend nathan lane. [ cheers and applause ] ?
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>> seth: welcome back. how are you? >> you did that like vincent price. >> seth: i did. [ laughter ] >> just for halloween. >> seth: i realized i'd left the album out on the table, and i didn't want you to think -- >> no, i'm a big fan. >> seth: okay, good. >> happy halloween. >> seth: happy halloween to you. >> yes, yes. >> seth: thank you for making time for us on halloween. >> oh, you know -- >> seth: do you enjoy halloween here in new york? >> well, every day in new york is halloween, really. [ laughter ] when you think about it, especially if you live downtown. i live downtown, where you't a costume or their own clothes. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> it's like, "hey, look, edward scissorhands. no, wait, it's just a barista." [ laughter ] halloween is my favorite holiday right after arbor day and kim jong-un's birthday. [ laughter ] >> seth: i remember that about you. >> yeah, it's the most terrifying day of the year. >> seth: yeah. >> unless we elect donald trump november 8th. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]
12:59 am
donald trump costume just today. >> seth: oh, you did? >> yes. they couldn't call it donald trump because they could get sued. >> seth: sure. >> so, it was just called deranged creamsicle. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> and the hillary costume was called "hey, better than that guy." >> seth: oh, i see, yeah. [ laughter ] >> but halloween is fun. you get to dress up. you eat candy corn until you can't feel your teeth, and then -- and then, you go bobbing for xanax. >> seth: okay, well, there -- [ laughter ] a perfect way to end a -- >> i had an awkward time last year. >> seth: what happened last halloween? >> well, a guy showed up on my doorstep -- sorry. a guy showed up on my doorstep, and i said, "are you trick-or-treating?" he said, "no, i'm just really required to tell you that i'm moving into the neighborhood." [ laughter ] [ audience ohs ] >> seth: oh, now that -- >> now, that -- that's scary. >> seth: that's scary. [ laughter ] >> that's scary, ladies and gentlemen. >> seth: congratulations on your show, "the front page." >> thank you. >> seth: this is a revival. this is a fun show. >> classic american comedy, like hecht and macarthur.
1:00 am
>> brilliant all-star cast, led by john slattery, great guy. >> seth: and an interesting thing, the producer, scott rudin, did with the critics -- >> yeah. >> seth: he did this sort of old school. and explain the difference how critics used to review shows and how they do now. >> scott, you know, very brave to take on a show like this, a huge company of 27 actors. and an even braver move, he asked all the critics to review it the way they used to in the old days like when the play debuted, where they would all come on the opening night, and then run up the aisle and write their reviews and get it in for the morning io at least since the '80s, they've been -- they go to the last four or five previews, and then have some time to think about it and submit their reviews. so, he thought it would be a fun idea. he has an interesting sense of humor, and fortunately, the critics responded positively, and they all came, which was shocking to me. >> seth: yeah. >> but, you know, opening nights are strange anyway because it's filled with friends and relatives and investors of the show and the odd celebrity. >> seth: yeah, that's
1:01 am
an opening night. >> well, you know -- you know, you're hoping that it's going to be sensational, but everyone is sort of too much invested. >> seth: sure. >> if it's a comedy, they laugh either too much out of nervousness or not at all. >> seth: yeah. >> and i thought, well, "oh, we're going to add 30 theater critics to this, so it'll be like an insurance adjusters convention." [ laughter ] it will be like looking at a room of undecided voters. >> seth: yeah. >> you know, i just -- but fortunately they all, you know, lo celebrities. >> seth: well, that's fantastic. and now, you actually -- the character you play is based on a real life -- >> oh, yeah. >> seth: person from history who was a, fair to say, a vile character? >> well, he's -- it was -- hecht and macarthur were reporters in chicago in the '20s, and so a lot of the characters are based on real people. this was a man -- he was charles mcarthur's editor. his name was walter howie. >> seth: mhmm. >> and he looks, if you saw pictures of him, he looked harmless, with glasses and bow
1:02 am
that he does in the play to charles mcarthur. he gave him his watch, and then -- he was going off to get married. he gave him his watch as a present, and then had him arrested for stealing it. [ light laughter ] and he famously, one night, i guess, got drunk at the newspaper offices and fell on what was called a copy spike, and it knocked out his eye. [ audience groans ] >> seth: really? >> and so he had a glass eye for the rest of his life, and ben hecht used to say, "you could tell which was the glass eye because it was the warmer one." [ laughter ] >> seth: now, i love having you here because you are -- >> yeah. >> seth: -- by any metric a showbiz insider. >> oh, boy. >> seth: and you are -- >> yeah, you said it. >> seth: there's a lot of talk about trump tv. >> oh. >> seth: trump tv being a thing. >> yeah. >> seth: and you actually have some insight. >> i'm so glad you brought this up. >> seth: yeah. >> because, yeah, i know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy. >> seth: okay. >> who gave me the potential lineup for trump tv. >> seth: the schedule? >> the schedule. >> seth: there's already a potential schedule? >> yeah. now, a lot of them are based on,
1:03 am
twist. >> seth: sure. >> for example, they have "modern white heterosexual family." >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> and then, at 9:00, "evicting the jeffersons." [ laughter ] [ crowd ohs ] >> seth: that will be popular. >> oh, yeah. "how i deported your mother." >> seth: okay, there you go, very similar. [ laughter ] >> "married with prenups." >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> "eight simple rules for me dating my daughter." >> seth: okay. [ audience ohs ] they like that. that's their favorite so far. [ applause ] >> "touched by a billionaire." >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> "everybody hates chris christie." [ laughter ] "and how to get away with murdering billy bush." [ laughter ] yes. >> seth: there we go. well, thank you for that. >> it's quite a lineup. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: congratulations. this is a -- this is a book about your dog. >> oh, yeah. >> seth: this is a book about your dog. >> well, it's not a documentary. [ laughter ] it is just a -- it was loosely inspired. >> seth: loosely inspired. >> you know. >> seth: so wait, this stuff
1:04 am
[ laughter ] >> seth: wait, did your dog go for an eye test or not? be honest with me. >> yes, she did. >> seth: okay, okay. >> she did, and in this one, she joins the taliban. [ laughter ] no. in this one, she gets double vision. it's for an older crowd. she gets double vision. she starts seeing things and thinks she's seeing monsters, and then it turns out she needs glasses. >> seth: okay, well, there you go. >> so, it's sweet. >> seth: and this is your second "naughty mabel?" >> yeah, yeah. but, it is based on our real dog, mabel. >> seth: has it gone to mabel's head at all? >> well, sure. yeah, yeah. she -- you know, i brought this up recently, but, the story about her. she -- and i thought it was -- but it's a cautionary tale. >> seth: oh, cautionary tale. >> so i thought -- and you're a dog lover and a dog owner. >> seth: i am, yeah. >> so she's a very fussy eater, but you take her out for a walk, she will eat anything on the street. >> seth: yeah. >> so, you have to be very careful and watch her. and, i had taken her out for a walk, and about an hour later, she was, like, totally out of it and having trouble walking. she became incontinent. we rushed her to the vet. she did some tests, and it turns out she -- the vet said to us
1:05 am
[ audience aws ] >> seth: oh, no. >> and she had apparently eaten the remains of a joint and was high and hallucinating. [ laughter ] so, i should have known something was up when she started a drum circle in union square. [ laughter and applause ] i caught her watching the "wizard of oz" while listening to pink floyd. >> seth: you should have. >> you know, so now, she won't -- forget the toilet, she just wants to drink bong water. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> and she's been hanging out a lot with woody harrelson's dog. >> yeah. the good news is she wasn't arrested. luckily she's friends with a police dog -- [ laughter ] who pulled a few strings. >> seth: he pulled a few strings. >> but she did have to go to rehab. >> seth: oh. >> yeah, she went to the place paris hilton's chihuahua went, so. [ laughter ] it was first rate. >> seth: she'll be fine. >> but, you know, now she's home. she's clean. she's clean. [ laughter ] clean and sober. >> seth: she's clean. >> yeah, but i do have to give random urine tests. >> seth: oh, no. [ laughter ] >> do you know how hard it is to get a dog to pee in a cup? >> seth: oh, i can't even imagine. >> yeah.
1:06 am
frisbee -- does she, you know, when you take her out, will she eat anything on the street? >> seth: frisbee will eat anything on the street. >> yeah. >> seth: but frisbee won't go to the bathroom outside. >> what do you mean? >> seth: well, frisbee is house trained because she's so little. >> what the hell do you mean? you mean -- >> seth: frisbee, like, goes to the bath -- you put a -- >> like a cat? >> seth: yeah. >> like a -- like -- >> seth: well, like, we put a pad in the bathtub, and she jumps in the bathtub and uses that. [ audience ohs ] and then she jumps out. >> well, don't invite me over for the weekend. [ laughter and applause ] wow. >> seth: she won't do it if you're in the bathtub. [ ug >> wow, that is -- >> seth: it's not great. >> the reason she -- she doesn't want to go outside -- >> seth: no, you take her outside, but i think because she's so cold, like, she doesn't want to go -- >> does she not have a have a coat, a winter coat? >> seth: she has a coat, but i -- like, if you're a wearing a -- >> the show is doing well, you could get her -- [ laughter ] >> seth: i got -- you get her -- but, i think it is restrictive to the part of a dog that wants to go to the bathroom. like, she wears a full-body fleece. [ laughter ] >> well, i thought my dog was pampered.
1:07 am
>> seth: my dog's a mess. also, you know, all the other dogs look at her -- [ laughter ] and just -- she just doesn't -- i think she has so -- >> so paranoid and insecure. >> seth: she's a little paranoid, yeah. >> aw. oh. >> seth: it's great, though. >> but she -- but you take her out at least. it's -- >> seth: yeah, we take her out. >> you know, it's -- yeah. >> seth: but, again, she -- >> she doesn't have to -- you know. >> seth: she immediately starts to shake. >> really, when she goes outside? >> seth: she's cold from the middle of july to the end of august. or, like, that's the only time she's not freezing. [ laughter ] >> this sounds like an elderly jewish woman. >> seth: yeah. >> i'm telling you. [ laughter ] >> seth: there is a lot of similarities. i hope she always a pleasure to see you. >> always a pleasure to see you. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: nathan lane, everybody! "the front page" playing at the broadhurst theatre. there we go. we'll be right back with genevieve angelson. [ cheers and applause ] ? "when the ship comes in" by the hollies ? oh the fishes will laugh as they swim out of the path ?
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guest is a talented actress who stars in the new amazon series "good girls revolt." all ten episodes are available on amazon prime video. let's take a look. >> you know, in my freshman year psychology course we learned that suppression is conscious,
1:12 am
>> i like that. so you start the decade off with john f. kennedy in camelot, and everything appears to be perfect, but only because so much is being repressed. >> right. >> and as the decade proceeds, everything that's painful and unresolved about american life, just pushes to the surface. >> okay. yeah. so what if the 70s are a decade about expansion? >> seth: please welcome to the show genevieve angelson. ? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: i'm so very happy you're here. >> i'm so much happier than you are. [ laughter ] i really am. >> seth: that's very nice thing to say. >> i don't even remember why we're doing this. >> seth: well let me -- i'll fill you in. you're on a show called "good girls revolt." >> that's right. okay.
1:13 am
female researchers who sued "newsweek" for gender discrimination. >> yes. >> seth: tell us a little bit more about the show. >> so in 1969, if you were a woman working at "newsweek", you had to be a researcher, and all of the people who were actually getting their names on stories were men. and in 1969, there was woman working there named lynn povich who ultimately wrote the book that our tv show is inspired by, as well as nora ephron. so these brilliant women got together and sued the magazine, and they won, and our show is inspired by that story. s first read the script, before you even auditioned, you knew you wanted to play this part? >> okay. got the e-mail -- [ light laughter ] got the e-mail in my inbox, immediate response, full body crying. like -- >> seth: from reading the script or just from an e-mail? >> no, because, like -- >> seth: do you get very few e-mails? [ laughter ] >> i get very few really, really
1:14 am
>> seth: sure. >> and so 99,000 out of 100,000 auditions, as an actor, you don't get, right? >> seth: yeah. >> so it's like a process of grieving it right away. when it's something so good, i knew it was gonna be so hard to let go of. but i got to the audition. and walked in full body crying, again, immediately. >> seth: it's amazing they stuck with you. [ laughter ] considering these huge emotional swings. >> no, but what i said to them was just, you know, "cast me or don't cast me, but please make this pilot into a show because it's so good." and then i got them all drunk and had sex with them and they gave me the part. >> seth: oh, congratulations! [ laughter and applause ] another great thing about the show is based on when it takes place. a lot of drugs, a lot of sex, for your character. >> for my -- yeah. um, patti. >> seth: patti has a lot of d, a lot of s. >> a lot of d. oh, that kind of d. >> seth: no, no i meant -- [ laughter ] [ talking over each other ] >> lot of d. double d. only thing about patti that is double d. [ light laughter ] >> seth: but you -- you -- now
1:15 am
this a lot of drugs, a lot of sex. >> patti's very comfortable. >> seth: with both. >> with partying. genevieve, not so much. i was -- lhl i was recently prescribed a medicine by a doctor. >> seth: oh, well, congratulations. that's the best person to have it prescribed from. [ laughter ] >> correct. >> seth: who, what was the -- >> the drug was called ambien. >> seth: oh, i'm familiar. >> and um -- i was prepared for some side effects, like night bingeing and, like, cardiac arrest. >> seth: yes. >> i was sort of expecting those. >> seth: kind of hoping for the bingeing? >> kind of hoping for the bingeing. not so much the bladder pain, apparently that's a thing. but what they didn't warn me about was that apparently one of the worst side effects of ambien is texting on ambien. >> seth: okay. >> and i did that. >> seth: now you were actually kind enough to bring these texts. and i would like to do a short, one-act play, where i will read -- [ laughter ] now, who is -- who is the gentleman that's texting you?
1:16 am
a text from a boy i've never met that a friend was setting me up with. never met this person. >> seth: so this is a first impression you are about to make? >> first impression. [ audience ohs ] first impression. >> seth: okay, i'm -- will you be able to read this? >> first of all, look at all of the blue. [ laughter ] >> seth: all right, so he said, "is your weekend off to a good start?" and now read your answer. >> "it really is." new paragraph. "my best friend had a birthdays party. i showed up, heart open." et >> "available for fun. i had it. then comes moment where it seems the dreams you're hoped you fulfill, are on the other side of the hill you're not willing to walk, and it's time to go home. that second wave of the party where things get deeper and capital m, maybe, change locations and maybe there were a million exit opportunities, you wish you took.
1:17 am
played out in my head and walked my dog and i don't have any regrets." new text. "parties are minefields." [ laughter ] >> seth: now, you did have the wherewithal -- the next day, you followed up. [ laughter ] >> now, i woke up with no memory of this experience. >> seth: no memory. >> open my phone, ready to check "the new york times," that's when i found it, so -- >> seth: so you had to follow up. >> from the so much blue. [ light laughter ] okay. i have to jump in by way of explanation. "i took an ambien for the firs never taken it. and made the rookie mistake of not burying my phone in siberia first because it makes you trip balls. [ laughter ] and completely confident you're coherent. truly humbled by my own self-assured nonsense this morning, as you were." >> seth: and then he said -- real quick if you can lower down -- uh, hold on, there we go. "yes, don't blame the ambien, that's not fair to ambien." [ laughter ] i hope he gave you a second chance.
1:18 am
[ cheers and applause ] all ten episodes of "good girls revolt" are available on amazon prime video. we'll be right back with matt zoller seitz and alan sepinwall. ? [ cheers and applause ] inside the rack houses of jim beam thousands of barrels lay silent aging, building a fuller smoother flavor that only comes from being aged four long years now try jim beam apple poured over ice and serve with club soda and a fresh lemon wedge
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1:23 am
>> seth: gentlemen, welcome. i'm so very happy to have you here. i so enjoyed this book. it is very thorough, and i feel like it's a great argument starter, because you have ranked these shows 1 to 100. you've given them a score. >> yep. >> seth: you used five different categories and assigned a number. >> we did. yes. >> six ultimately. >> seth: six different. "simpsons." >> yes. >> yes. >> seth: i think that's a fantastic choice. [ cheers and applause ] >> "simpsons" is the greatest show of all time. >> seth: greatest show of all time. and you give it credit because a lot of people -- you know what, i don't necessarily think that it's true, a lot of people feel like "the simpsons" has slowed down over the years, and yet you give it credit, which i think is rightly so, the fact that it stayed on the air and continued to be a show, was a very hard thing to do. >> well one of -- one of the scores that we gave was consistency. >> seth: right. >> and consistency is not only how good something is over the long-term, but also how well it
1:24 am
almost three decades. >> seth: yes. and it's inspired so much other television. and certainly, being a comedian, there are just generations and generations of people now, who i feel the seed of the first thing they saw that made them laugh was "the simpsons." >> yes. >> seth: so then you go to the number two show, and this is a real argument that you guys have, and you read out your argument. you end up picking "the sopranos" as number two over "the wire." >> yes. >> seth: okay. now, i want to point out, you guys worked at the "new york star-ledger." >> we did. >> seth: which is the newspaper that tony picks up in the beginning of each episode in the credits. [ >> seth: that feels unfair to me that you picked "the sopranos." [ laughter ] there should be an asterisk. because i believe "the wire" is the second greatest show of all time. now again, i'm fine with "sopranos" as three. what is the argument? 'cause i know you are the one that truly believes "the sopranos." >> yeah, yeah. it was -- it was difficult. but ultimately what it came down to me was "the wire," i think, is the pinnacle of a lot of the classical versions of tv. telling a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. going in a linear order, and all of that. "the sopranos" was just on a whole other level. there were so many things they
1:25 am
the only ending in the history of television that you can provoke actual fights about if you mention it. the cut to black. >> seth: when you first saw the ending of "the sopranos", how -- how did you process it immediately? were you disappointed? were you thrilled? >> i laughed. >> seth: okay. >> i was watching it -- i was watching it in the screening room at hbo headquarters, a few hours before, so i knew that my cable hadn't gone out. so i just thought, "this is what david chase is actually doing. holy cow, this is so david chase to do this." >> seth: we -- i used to do this improv show on sunday night, and of taping it. so not only did i think my cable went out, i thought i'd screwed it up for everybody. [ laughter ] i had people over. and one of them was amy poehler, who turned to me like she was going to murder me. [ light laughter ] and it was days later until i finally got the okay that it wasn't the worst thing that ever happened. here's -- will you just concede this point -- if you both wrote at the "baltimore sun," "the wire" woululd be number two? [ laughter ] >> no. >> nah. >> seth: 'cause here's my thing about "the sopranos" -- dream sequences.
1:26 am
you would say you were a huge fan of the dream sequencing in "the sopranos." >> i love 'em. and they -- a lot of that comes out of "twin peaks," which david chase was huge, huge fan of. but what i love about the dream sequences on that show, and on "mad men," is you're not entirely sure if they're a dream when you first see them. they keep you on the edge, sometimes all the way up to the end of the dream. and they do all sorts of other different things with the dream, like they interweave it with things that are actually happening, so you don't know if the character's dreaming this real stuff or not. it's terrific. we used to get complaints at the "star-ledger" all the time, from people who who wanted, as they put it, "more whackin', less yakkin'." [ light laughter ] >> seth: uh-huh. >> you know, they didn't like the psychotherapy. they didn't like all the domestic stuff with tony and his wife and kids. they just wanted mob hits. >> seth: right. >> mob hits nonstop. but it's the other stuff that makes it special. >> seth: i would agree with you on that. so i want to ask, are there -- are there shows here in this book that you feel like people right now don't know about, that they could go back and watch and really enjoy? and i was going to ask you to pick one, but i'd rather just
1:27 am
'cause deadwood is a fantastic show. >> boy did you come to the right place. >> seth: that i feel like, didn't quite get the attention it deserved at the time. >> "deadwood," we -- we've always sort of viewed as the holy trinity of hbo dramas is "the sopranos," "the wire," and "deadwood." "deadwood" never got as much credit, in part because it ended abruptly, in part because it was this incred -- really profane, convoluted dialogue kind of show. but it's beautiful. it's the closest tv has ever come to shakespeare. it -- like, it overwhelms me emotionally to watch it every single time i go through it. whenever i recommend this show to people -- and alan and i used to get yelled at by people in the news room, because we talked about "deadwood" so much -- but one of the things i love about it is, even though it's really, really violent, really upsetting, there is so much subject matter that is hard to take. in the end it is an idealistic show about how people can change. it really believes that people can change. and in that sense it's really optimistic. >> seth: uh, i'm glad we're in agreement on "deadwood." now we're running out of time. so i want to -- and i hate to ask you guys to name one of anything, considering your book is about 100 tv shows.
1:28 am
>> yeah. >> seth: but name a show -- because you didn't put currently running shows. if they're still running, they didn't make the list of 100. name something right now that's maybe on the new side, that you feel like people should be watching. >> i think anyone who is not watching "the americans" absolutely should be, on fx. it's extraordinary. if we do another edition of the book, and we are considering shows that have ended by that point, "americans" i think is going to finish very highly. i would stack it up with those classic early, you know, 2000s dramas. >> seth: a fantastic show. and yourself matt? >> "atlanta", on fx. >> it is, it is great. and it's doing, not only is it doing things that i don't believe any comedy has ever done before, it's showing us characters who have never been on tv before. >> seth: those are excellent picks. the book is fantastic. [ cheers and applause ] matt zoller seitz and alan sepinwall everybody. "tv (the book)" is available in bookstores now. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ? my mother passed 2003, but she always told me i don't care if you turn out
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to nathan lane, genevieve angelson, matt zoller seitz, and alan sepinwall. hannah welton and of course the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." see you tomorrow.
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? ? ? >> carson: hey, folks. how are you? welcome to "last call."


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