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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  November 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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the mysterious discovery of a toddler on an island in the middle of the alafia river. now crews are looking for his missing father. we are live with a look at the was found alone. also this morning an unprecedented campaign stop. both presidential candidate hillary clinton and her husband, former president bill clinton will rally supporters today at two different bay area events as clinton fights for more votes in florida. plus a morning commute without ever driving on one of our jam packed bridges? still ahead we are live as the cross bay ferry gets ready to kick off its maiden voyage. what it costs and how it works.
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today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning, the day after halloween is always tough, especially for the kids. you got that sugar hangover, you still got to get them out to school. hopefully, though, we have some good news from leigh spannn. >> it's going to be comfortable as you head out the door this morning. that's about all i can say because i know it's going to be a hard day to wake up and head off to work and school. 60 right now in brooksville, 63 in lakeland. so these temperatures are above average. they're just in a comfortable range. 66 in we have very dry air in the upper levels of the atmosphere. that's why we have that bright blue sky on halloween. so now bright blue sky is back in the forecast for the first day of november. look how much above average. the average is 81, i'm expecting 86. so at 5:38, i'll have the 8-day temperature trend. we do trend cooler. i'll tell you about that coming up. and leslie will get you out the door this morning. >>reporter: that's right. one little problem in pasco county, but overall a nice drive. let's zoom in. here's whreas going on state
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i'm not seeing any delays right there so that's good news this. is kind of in the elfers area here just north of holiday. good drive on u.s. 19, no delays there. hopping over now, great drive across the sunshine skyway bridge into manatee county and down here that sarasota-manatee county line, a little bit of construction northbound at i-75 at university. and also on university underneath the interstate, should wrap up in the next half hour. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> okay, leslie. we continue following breaking news this morning. stno vanished while jet skiing with his little boy. an all out search continues when the sun comes up this morning. >> yeah. the two were out for a day on the alafia river when the dad disappeared. the 3-year-old boy answered a facetime call from his mom and explained what happened. news channel 8's ryan hughes is live along the alafia river. so, ryan, what's the latest? >>reporter: good morning to you guys once again. this is the river where the dad
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vanished. crews scoured the area last night, but unfortunately to no avail. now, this is video of the 3- year-old wrapped in a blanket after he was rescued from an island known by locals as island 75 in the alafia river. as we mentioned, he was all alone and managed to answer a facetime call from his mom on his dad's cell phone. the man has been identified by authorities as william george morris of riverview. he's 38-year-old. with the boy until help arrived. the jet ski was located on the south side of the island, pulled up on a bank with an adult life jacket on the jet ski. hillsboro county sheriff's deputies got a call around 6:00 last night when the dad and son failed to come home after a jet skiing trip and that's when they began their search. now, neighbors, of course, were sad to hear the news. listen. >> i know she's very heartbroken. i mean, she has to be wondering and just have so many questions, and i just -- i
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or at least get justice for whatever happened and figure it out maybe. >>reporter: so many questions. that really is the sentiment this morning. we're told by authorities that a search will resume at sunup here at a.j.'s on the river. it's a bar in the gibsonton area. we'll be here and we'll bring you the very latest information as that search resumes. gayle, a really sad situation all around >> it really is. it's unbelievable too, that the little boy was able to answer explain what was going on at 3. thanks, ryan. and on the campaign trail an unprecedented move by the clinton campaign in the tampa bay area. both hillary clinton and her husband, former president bill clinton will campaign here today. our meredyth censullo joins us now from the news center with more details on exactly where the clintons will be. it's two separate events here, but also why this is such a huge move for the campaign, mere. >>reporter: well, gene, it's proof of just how important the
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election. both presidential candidate hillary clinton and the 42nd president of the united states bill clinton are here to urge bay area voters to cast their ballots early. the most recent nbc poll has donald trump and hillary clinton deadlocked in florida and the tampa bay area is key to winning our state. for days the clintons have been barn storming ohio, another state where she and trump are running a tight race. last night clin of her speech on trump's inabilities to be commander in chief, attacking his relationship with russia and warning about how he'd handle nuclear weapons. >> these are weapons today far more powerful than the bombs that destroyed hiroshima and nagasaki during world war ii. to talk so casually, so cavalierly about mass anilation
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down on the economy, stressing hillary clinton's plans to help the lower and middle classes. >> there's still too many americans across the board who look in the mirror every morning and think they don't have the power to make tomorrow better than today. that is a deadening feeling, and we gotta do something about it. >>reporter: the clinton campaign is trying to refocus on hillary clinton's platform rather than the recent developments in her e-mail scandal. th thousands of e-mails found on a computer used by her top aide. right now it's unknown if any of those e-mails are new or copies of e-mails that have already been reviewed. monday clinton dialed up her criticism of fbi director james comey, questioning the timing of the investigation and reiterating that she has nothing to hide. hillary clinton will be at pasco hernando state college east campus in dade city.
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bill clinton will speak at jet jackson rec center at wildwood park in st. pete. doors opening there at 5:30 for a 6:30 event. news channel 8 will carry both events live on gene. >> we'll be watching. thanks. we want to take you live now to pasco hernando state college in dade city. you're looking at where hillary clinton will campaign just a few hours from now. as meredyth just told us, doors for this event open 1 attend. the event itself gets started at 3:00 this afternoon. donald trump is also fighting hard for florida votes. the republican presidential nominee will campaign tomorrow in miami, orlando and pensacola, capitalizing on the e-mail troubles rocking the clinton camp. >> we can be sure that what is in those e-mails is absolutely devastating. >> that was trump at a rally yesterday in michigan. well, today the republican nominee will campaign in
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expected to be on obamacare. trump's running mate campaigned in clearwater last night. governor mike pence spoke to a crowd at st. petersburg- clearwater international airport, undeterred by a power outage. pence assured supporters he's in this race to win it. >> don't be fooled. this race is on. and we are wheel to wheel, and we are leading in the latest polls in florida, and we're gonna fight all the way to the checkered flag. [ cheers ] >> now, there was a slight about 10 minutes into the event the lights went out. look at this. pence improvised with a rolled up poster and a megaphone, while a small light was aimed at the podium. well, the time right now is 5:38 on this tuesday morning, the 1st day of november. hard to believe. >> i know. we made it through halloween, now it's just countdown to the holidays, right? let's go hour by hour through today and it will be a warm november 1st. we're starting in the upper
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well into the 70s. 71 at 8:00 a.m. afternoon high of 86, should happen around 4:00 p.m. i'm not expecting any rain today. i did add in a 10% chance wednesday and thursday and a 20% rain chance on friday. that's with a cold front. but novemberly is typically our dryest month of the year. but looking back at october, october was really dry. the average rainfall in october is about 2 1/4 inches. we only had an inch and a half this month. with that cold front we will be trending cooler. we go from mid-80s to 70s this weekend. leslie, less check on traffic on the 'sings this morning. >>reporter: good drive right now, especially across the bay area bridges. we do have a problem in the pasco county area. so i'm going to go ahead and zoom in so you can see what i'm talking about. it's in the elfers area. state road 54 right at grand boulevard an accident. fhp tells me it's off to the side of the roadway. not seeing any delays whatsoever there on route 54. in fact, 54 looks great east and west all the way through here. pasco county up to speed as well on u.s. 19 and alternate
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at this construction i've been talking about that was tying up sop lanes northbound on i-75 at university and also on university underneath the interstate it has completely cleared from the roadway. we've got a great drive in sarasota. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> leslee, thank you. the race for florida's u.s. senate seat is bringing incumbent senator marco rubio back to the bay area today. senator rubio set to attend an early voting event happening in lakeland this morning at 11:30, afternoon. yesterday rubio took advantage of the early voting period to cast his ballot in miami. well, senator rubio's democratic opponent also voted early yesterday. congressman patrick murphy cast his ballot in jupiter. early voting continues through sunday across the state and right here in the bay area. a scary new health warning tied to the zika virus. >> still ahead, how researchers believe the mosquito-borne virus is affecting men's health. and a new option to get
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it's a game changer for your morning commute. the time right now is just seconds away from 5:41 on this tuesday morning, november 1st. you're watching news channel 8
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we are back. happening today after months of planning be governments around the bay area, the cross-bay ferry will finally set sail for the very first time. news channel 8's mary mcguire joins us now live from st. pete. mary, this is a $1.5 million project. >>reporter: gene, like you just mentioned, a lot of money has gone into this ferry project and organizers wantd to make sure that this thing was financially viable for a long period of time, and part of that equation was makeing it
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ferry. tickets will be just $10 for adults and $8 for kids over the age of 3. the cross-bay ferry is the brain child of st. pete mayor rick crisman who convinced the city council to toss in $350,000 to get this project going. along with identical contributions from tampa, hillsboro county and pinellas county governments. st. pete also contributed another $100,000 in startup costs and to create this docking facility, all for >> it is a pilot test project, and i think commuters will give it a test. it's going -- because it's a six-month project, so we're not asking them to give up their cars. we're asking them to try a different way and to experience it for themselves. >>reporter: now, the ferry will operate seven days a week except for holidays and it takes about 50 minutes to transit tampa bay from the venoy basin here in st. pete to the tampa convention center.
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service on friday. today the media and some vips will get to go on its maiden voyage. we will have a crew on the ferry and bale bring you the very latest on our later newscasts. and, gene, i am told that there will be concessions on board so you can enjoy a snack or a cold beverage while you're riding on the ferry. >> we already got gayle interested. she's over here saying hum. sounds good, mary, thanks. we look forward to seeing how that ride across the bay is going to it's 5:45. across america this morning, a real-life halloween nightmare. police say a man dressed as freddie krueger from "the nightmare on elm street" movies opened fire at a halloween party in san antonio, texas. four men and a woman were injured. police say the shooter is one of two men who showed up uninvited at the party and he's still on the loose this morning. and this morning an investigation into a deadly gas
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shooting into the sky. this happened along the colonial pipeline about 25 miles southwest of birmingham. one worker died and at least half a dozen others were hurt. investigators don't know what caused the explosion, but right now colonial pipeline's main lines are shut down. but back in september, a leak in the same area as this explosion caused gas shortages across the south. today we will find out more information about the shootout with a murder suspect in oklahoma. e the gun battle with michael vance. troopers pulled him over after a chase, gunfire eresulted and vance was killed. the shooting ended a weeklong manhunt for vance who was wanted for shooting two police officers and killing two relatives. well, comedian bill cosby is headed to court this morning for a pretrial hearing in pennsylvania. the case against cosby centers around a former temple university employee who claims
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now, prosecutors are also relying on sworn statements from 13 other women who accused the comedian of doing the same thing to them. but cosby's attorneys are expected to argue that those women, their memories may be flawed, perhaps even influenced by media coverage. the trial is expected to start in june. in this morning's medical report, concerning news from the march of dimes. premature births are going up. the new report shows there was an increase in premature births last year that's about 2,000 babies born too soon and enough to give the nation a "c" grade in this year's march of dimes premature report card. >> it's hard work getting the preterm birth rate down. we've always known that, and this year shows us with the uptick in preterm birth rate. so we've got to work harder. >> florida and hillsboro county also need to work harder. both got a "c" grade. part of that work will require
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racial and ethnic moirpt groups. that's where -- minority groups. that's where the rise in preterm births was most pronounced. rchld and new zika concerns this morning. the new study suggests the virus could affect fertility in men. so far scientists know that's true in male mice. scientists at washington university in st. louis found that male mice exposed to the virus had a tougher time reproducing. now they're trying to determine if the same thing is also true in humans. time now 5:48. we've got a check on weather. >> you kn nice, comfortable start to the day, start to november. mild temperatures, 68 degrees right now, our skies are mostly clear. so we'll see lots of sunshine by 8:00 a.m., warming us up to 81 by noon. so that fast warmup, not many clouds. above average at 4:00 p.m., warm and breezy at 86 degrees. currently it's 59 degrees in zephyr hills, we're at 63 in bartow. 66 in fish hawk, so relatively
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house. let's go long range because today very little change from yesterday, we're expecting lots of sunshine, a breeze and warmer-than-average temperatures. tomorrow we get a small rain chance with this breeze coming off the atlantic ocean. still warm and breezy. thursday same thing, only a 10% chance rain chance -- 10% rain chance. cold front comes through on friday, a 20% rain chance with it and it will bring in some much cooler air. we go from 80s this week to 70s this weekend when back. leslie, how's traffic on the 'sings? >>reporter: traffic looks good. we have a couple of issues in the pasco county area. here's what's going on. in the elfers area, state route 54 at grand boulevard we have a slition. collision. it's off to the side of the roadway. it's not causing any delays there at grand. a little further to the north here, heading southbound u.s. 19 right around fox hollow drive near the port richey area we do have a collision. apparently it's tying up one of the southbound lanes, but i'm not seeing any delays. that's always nice.
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look at traffic. i-4 through lakeland, this is right around the polk parkway. it looks fantastic. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> looking good. thanks. well, it is that time of year again. today tampa electric's manatee viewing center in apollo beach opens up for the season. this year the facility celebrating its 30th anniversary. millions of people have visited the big bend power station since it first opened up for this purpose back in 1986. all of them going out there to h congregate in some warmer waters. the viewing center is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. well, kids love dressing up as their favorite superhero, but in an election year costumes tend to be a little bit more political. >> yeah. and the creative donald trump hair costume is one you've got to see. we have that for you just ahead. first, though, is uber overcharging female customers? the finding of a new study is next. but, first, share your favorite memories of halloween.
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really surprised to see his owner dressed up as gumby. check out the video. it's really fun. it'll brighten up your tuesday morning. hillary clinton: far too many families today don't earn what erve. i believe families deserve quality education for their kids, childcare they can trust and afford, equal pay for women, and jobs they can really live on. people ask me what will be different if i'm president? well kids and families have been the passion of my life and they will be the
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question this morning, do uber and lyft drivers discriminate based on your sex
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the study conducted by researchers at m.i.t., stanford and the university of washington found that ride sharing drivers took female passengers on longer, more expensive rides. that same study also found that drivers in boston were more than twice as likely to cancel rides of passengers who had what they referred to as, quote, african-american- sounding names. and that minority riders also waited longer to be picked up. a little scary for funny, you decide halloween costumes. one little boy in wichita, kansas dressed up as donald trump's hair. that's right, not like donald trump himself, but just his hair. gage devannedders' mom used an umbrella, grass skirts and poster boards to create the infamous combover look. topping off the costume, one of trump's make america great again hats. gage says the costume is not a political statement, instead he thought it would just be fun. it's very clever
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we all have a special talent and that talent, whatever it may be, can help others. >> and new in our next half hour, a look at how your talent can make a difference for families families facing some tough times. let's take you outside to beautiful downtown tampa this morning. you're waking up to a great day and it's really going to be a warm one. weather and traffic on the 8s is just three minutes away. gu! he's gus! he's gus! gus bilirakis. gus bilirakis! us. all of us. and he gets things done. and he gets things done. gus stood up to his own party... to stop flood insurance hikes. he's protecting our veterans... and our seniors. and he's fighting to keep america safe. gus is for us. gus is always for us. gus is for us. for us! all of us! vote gus bilirakis for congress.
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6 november. time for weather and traffic on the 8s. currently 67 degrees at tampa international airport. it's comfortable, just on the warm side. it will be that way all day, 86 degrees, a little breezy, along with plenty of sunshine today. not many clouds overnight and a low of 68. but i am tracking a cold front. i'll tell you when it gets here coming up. leslee, how's traffic on the 8s? >>reporter: traffic is good overall. bay area interstates look good, so do the bridge. in pasco county two accidents working, and it looks like we
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boulevard. it's off to the state of the roadway. a little bit further to the north here near port richey, southbound u.s. 19 at fox hollow drive an accident as well, and it's tying up that right southbound lane. it hurts because mom is cool. she is caring, she works hard. whenever something is not right mom is on it. trust us we know from experience. mom put her career on hold for us. to raise our family. she is proud of you mom, we both are.
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our top stories this morning, a toddler found alone on an island in the middle of the alafia river. the father is still missing this morning. the st battleground florida, both hillary and bill clinton will be campaigning in the bay area today. plus when donald trump will return to the sunshine state. and a need for volunteers to help families at their greatest time of need. how you can make a difference in someone's life when they need it most. well, good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> i'm gene ramirez. thanks for waking up with us on this tuesday morning. let's get you straight to leigh spannn for a check on your


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