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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  November 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> ellen: anyway. now 4 headlines up or clock, number one, little league death. this man turns himself in and admits stealing money stand. number 2, illegal dumping. people caught leaving giant piles of garbage in the woods. number 3, vice president in town. as we get close to election day campaigning heats up. number 4, donald trump in florida. he is crisscrossing the sunshine state right now. at afternoon everyone. thank you for joining us. this is first at 4 -- good afternoon everyone . thank you for joining us. this is first set for.
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>> he is accused of stealing money from the little league. he said he would take the cash deposits from the concession stands. you also admitted to making transfers from the legal account to his business account. he claims this has been going on since may -- league account to his business account. he claims this has been going on since make. detectives say -- may . detect if say -- detectives say people rarely confessed. >> usually it is the other way around. >> board members told him if he did not give them access to the accounts they would go to the bank and that is when he admitted to stealing. he had his first appearance today and should be released from jail in a few hours. now a story that may make you think twice about your college degree. an employee is accused of taking bribes to
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>> reporter: the admissions officer approached 2 mothers and demanded money for their child to be admitted to florida a&m. one mother paid it in the child was admitted and the other one went to police. >> he was facing 2 counts of bribery for altering a student's records. >> we found there were a couple of students or former students who paid additional money their academic record which allow them to gain admission into famu.>> their online admission fee, $35. the florida law enforcement says there may be other victims that don't know they are bit dems and would like you to call them -- victims and would like you to
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caught on camera moments we have ever seen. tickler, this is surveillance from tree cameras. it is mounted and heavily wooded areas where people are driving out to dump their garbage and driving off. they didn't realize the cameras were rolling. if you recognize anyone there is a cash reward awaiting for you and awaiting them. we have seen extra clouds around today even a few showers . take a look, we are at 84 degrees with extra cloud cover. temperature still in the mid- 80s for most of us. no rain at this location immeasurable amounts have remained small. we are seeing a few showers rolling through. you can see that as we show you the satellite radar imagery across the state.
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moving from northeast to southwest. it will not last very long. mainly east of i 75 is where we are picking up on a few of though showers. this is a high resolution model that we look that -- at and it shows use -- shows you most of though showers will appear this evening. we have a few clouds around for the rest of tonight with mostly dry conditions as we head into the overnit we will drop back to 60 with patchy clouds. if you look to the sky tonight that will look similar to this. randall sent us in this photo. there is venus, saturn is a little more faint and there was the crescent moon last night. high temperatures back up into
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weekend. we have more that coming up. the clinton campaign continue it has shaq press to motivate voters in our area this time with joe biden stopping in tampa. >> reporter: good evening,, biden made it clear he was here for run reason, florida really matters in hillary clinton wants to win the election >> i don't know how you guys were to sell but it comes down to whether. >> reporter: he made a last big push telling voters that floridians have the power to stop donald trump right here. >> you all do your job will get to go to bed early tuesday night. around 300 showed up wednesday morning for this campaign event
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clinton tuesday. biden targeted donald trump on his treatment of contractors and women claiming he doesn't deserve to be president. he also made a 2nd top and west palm beach donald trump is crisscrossing the state today. both -- he first spoke in miami and now future are affordable healthcare . he is saying healthcare reform is on his list to make america great again. a homeowner catches is fine stealing deep in the asked. lisa flames a woman who was off court -- golf cart rather, she takes the clinton sign off her lawn over the weekend. she tells that she didn't realize i was gone until this one and
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doesn't know the woman but one sign back. >> it is not even the cost of the site, it's not the point. the point is as i have my first amendment right. i have the right to have the sun on my property. >> people living in hillsborough county claimed there donald trump lines have also been stolen. have replaced their signs. will this explosion in alabama cause gas prices to spike in florida?
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nd sexual assault are on the rise. ober is not just ineffective, he declined to prosecute a man who forced a girl into sexual slavery, even blamed the victim. ober: she was with him voluntarily. our community deserves new leadership. andrew warren, an experienced prosecutor, will reallocate resources to target violent crime, including gun violence, rape, and domestic abuse. andrew warren for state attorney.
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to elect a public servant who has always put the people first. charlie crist. as governor he worked with both parties to get things done and i know you can trust charlie to do the same in congress. he'll fight to protect social security and medicare. defend women's health care and planned parenthood. and take care of our veterans. charlie needs your vote, please stand with him. i know he'll always stand with you. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message. ticket prices for tonight's game seven-game of the world
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levels. the average price paid, $2700. the indians take on the cups tonight strike us airlines are 2 percent more travelers to 5 for thanksgiving this year pick the estimate 27.3 million people will fly worldwide domestic airlines from november 8 through the 29th. the busiest travel day will be a major firearms manufacturer claims gun sales are soaring as the presidential election looms. sturm ruger reported 66 point 66.6 spike in sales. you may have heard about a major gas pipeline bursting and
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across the southeast drivers are worried about how this may affect our gas supply and our prices at the pump. joining us right now with answers is greg. he is with gas thank you so much for being here . we always calling you want something like this happen because it makes people nervous. what do you think prices are going to hike but a little surprise here -- earlier this week people thought we would see huge spike eastern seaboard but only saw the financial markets react the way we anticipated we knew there was good news and we found out from colonial pipeline, they expect to have that major pipeline that had the explosion -- that will be operational by saturday at noon. that is tremendous news. >> it is really only a blip in the road for gas prices. >> instead of seeing spikes we're only seeing slight
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today from where they were yesterday. atlanta is up about $.03. they may be up somewhere by 5 or 10 since by the weekend but after that they will see prices decline. >> is the pipeline that goes from houston only up through new york or new jersey?>> yes. >> people thought this was them have a bigger impact than it is having. >> that is right. >> we reported today new corrected me, we're not going to see the spikes like we thought we we transports more than 1 million barrels of gasoline daily all of them to new york. that is more than 20 million gallons of gasoline. when they has a problem back in september, the fuel was leaking from the pipe line for days before anybody even discovered it gets this time the problem was founded -- found immediately. they corrected it and work
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less of a problem the first anticipated. >> good news for all of us that will up our tanks. >> nothing in florida. >> thank you so much. queue up the controversy one week before the presidential election, starbucks announcing it is rolling out new green unity cups and some people are not happy about it. mary mcguire caught up with some java heads right here in the bay area to see what they had to say about the cup's new look. >> this may lo controversy around the country. ahead of the 2016 presidential election, starbucks is rolling out a new green cup meant to be a symbol of unity during this device of time. >> i don't see anything offensive about it. it has led to a lot of different nationalities in. >> reporter: it features a mosaic of more than 100 people drawn in one continuous line as a reminder of our shared values . that sentiment does not sit
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screw you, my coffee should not and does not come with political brainwashing. >> it is ridiculous. it is a cup. it is a paper cup here he will throw it away and not keep it. >> folks at the starbucks say they care more about what is in there cup then on it. >> i care what is inside. it keeps napping keeps me running. >> reporter: this is the first time starbucks has been in hot water or hot coffee rather over their cups. last year the chain stood up more than just lattes the holidays removing what it called symbols of the season. >> these new cups are available exclusively a starbucks stores in the united dates. -- states. it is important to note that these new green cups are not the chain's annual holiday cup. that design should rollout in the near future. we will be sure to tell you about it. check out this great video
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the waters off of st. pete each -- beach . we found the video on facebook with the caption, have you ever seen a baby dolphin. very cute video. this was shot by allison. will his love to see the dolphin video -- we always love to see the dolphin video . not a bad day to be outside but we have seen a few showers around. we can see the extra clouds have seen. it is even gray -- hula bay that a lot of us have seen. it is even gray outside. temperatures have been warm this week looking at record temperatures. as we head through the weekend the cold front rose through and the mod man -- rolls through and the emoji man is giving us 2 thumbs- up. we do have a temperature drop as we head into the weekend and start of next week.
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it will feel any pleasant. when you wake up tomorrow morning a few clouds to begin the day. we are in the upper 60s like we have been. by the afternoon we will top out in the mid-80s bringing in a 10 percent chance of rain, but i really don't ink we will see much in the way of precipitation. today we are seeing a few light showers in our inland spots. user moving from east to west across the tampa bay area. nothing major but a few drops of rain on the windshield possible over the next few hours. temperatures in tampa it up to 87. 78 apollo beach. 86 venice. 84 plant city. 84 weeki wachee. as we head throughout the rest of the evening any showers around going to wrap up by sunset. for the overnight hours we're left with a few clouds around. tomorrow will keep a 10 percent chance of rain in the forecast but we really don't think we will see much tomorrow. if you are looking forward to rain i don't think we are going to see much along the front
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move in as we head into friday afternoon and friday evening. we will bring in a small 10 percent rain chance. winds will pick up behind it and we will see the cooler air for the weekend. there has been more moisture around today. with this front we will see drier air role in in the cool temperatures will set in just in time for the weekend. as you make your weekend plans, it looks to be excellent for whatever you have plans. highs near 80. don't forget to set your night and into sunday. we will keep rain chances out of the forecast for the weekend. next week looks nice as well. our temperatures bumped up a little bit compared to what we thought was going to happen. low 60s instead of the 50s for the morning hours -- and an extra hour of sleep this weekend. >> it all sounds nice. today cookie monster the celebrating his birthday. the
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>> we're in the same ballpark i guess. >> cookie monster has been a regular sesame street character since the late 1960s. >> yes, we are in the same ballpark. we were born around the same time apparently. a movie set nearly a century ago is getting high- tech pr expect david daniel hedger hollywood details in your hollywood minute. the strange things going on all over the city [ video playback ] >> fantastic ts 1926 new york but the marketing is 21st century. android phones will respond to spells such as loopholes for light. google maps not only displays settings from the film as the wizard watering hole the blind pig and the magical congress of the usa, but takes you inside showing you what they look like 90 years ago. >>[ video playback ]
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she will headline the victoria's secret fashion show next month in paris. this comes after she performs at the american music awards in november, and before she headlines the super bowl halftime show next very worry -- february. >> [ video playback ] chris evans struggling to the first trailer for gifted. mckenna grace plays mary, the prodigy caught between adults concerned with her potential and those trying to preserve her childhood. the drama hits theaters next april. a police officer writes an unusual person a ticket. we will tell you about that coming up at 4:30. also, politics may be changing the way people date right here in the bay area.
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next: a preview of the final game of the world series. we will also have an update on the bolts and a really nice time. that is first at 4 in sports. you can get the development on all the biggest stories on our most convenient primetime newscast. that is every night at 8:00. we hope to see you there and we will be right back. amendment 1 is endorsed by florida's firefighters...
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and unsafe solar installations. safe solar for the sunshine state. vote yes on amendment 1. for the sun. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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why are out-of-state billionaires attacking amendment 1? because amendment 1 keeps them... out of your wallet. with amendment 1, you don't pay to keep billionaires in business. it's solar... without subsidies. vote yes on amendment 1. before we start, from now on if you see somebody over there and he can't see his tie, fix it. let's help each other as americans. if you see somebody's tie is cricket, fix it for them -- crooked , 6 there for them. i'm sure they won't mind. >> love your fellow man.
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other. >> mccoy is it more of a valentine's day state of mind. he landed yours truly a clutch wardrobe assist in the locker room yesterday, but he was beginning to spread the love. the buccaneers host the atlanta falcons tomorrow night and he can't wait to see matt ryan not from a schematic or game planning perspective, no. he legitimately just likes him as a human being. it is easy to like we have bounds. >> i love the guy. i know the book fans are like he's being a nice guy again. i don't care how you guys feel. he's a nice guy. he's a great player. so what. i love football and i respect him. he's a great player and it makes you play a lot harder. i will shake his him -- hand before and after the game entering the game i will try to kill. the lightning are headed
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the islanders 6 - one last night. stephen lit the lamp for the seven-time. he is tied for the lead league -- lead in goals. tonight all eyes on progressive field in cleveland where the indians and cubs will play game sevens -- 7 of the world series. that is a look at chicago last night after they beat -- th kyle hendricks and corey kluger will start on the mound tonight but you have to think everyone to a winner takes all. -- think everyone to a winner takes all . >> it is game 7 and you have 2 really good pictures -- pitcher it is an honor to be a part of it and we will give everything we have. >> it has been a very well
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we want to be the group that breaks the strain but it is just pretty cool that we would go 7 games. >> no matter what happens a long streak of not winning the world series will be snap. >> you have a prediction? >> i want the cubbies tonight. >> kyle is in the lineup better to have him out of the lineup. i feel like >> i'm going cleveland. >> you can't rule -- route for ohio do we hear -- you can't root for ohio to win anything. what if our bought here's you -- boss hears you . >> in cleveland i give them
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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now, battleground blitz:
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pulling off all of the stops buying up the ads in wrapping up their attacks. 26 million americans have are devoted. donald trump is making 3 stops here in the battleground state of florida. clinton is holding rallies in arizona and nevada. number 2 iowa please have a man in custody accused in the shooting deaths of 2 officers. oath of them were shot and killed while sitting in their patrol cars overnight. police are calling the a police called suspected shooter scott michael greenock our. the federal reserve will not change interest rates for now. that comes from chairperson janet yellin. this sets the stage for a hike in december, amid sign that the economy is picking up steam. gas prices are not expected to spike following a fatal explosion that shut down the
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after an alabama construction crew hit it with a piece of heavy equipment. that pipeline runs from houston all the way the terminals in new jersey. of central florida teacher is facing criminal charges today . >> she is accused of exchanging more than 100,000 an appropriate message -- messages with a 14-year-old student . >> police tell us 44-year-old alice in london was a pt chair. police discovered roughly the teacher and students since last year. >> now she is facing multiple charges including solicitation to commit sexual battery. because of a lawsuit that took place in pinellas county, then i'll shut down gossip website gawker is settling with paul cogan. he sued the website over a sex tape and one a 140 million dollar verdict. now the wrestler in the media company have struck a confidential settlement agreement reportedly awarding
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. a woman in boca raton who gave birth in her car in hospital parking lot is being built a delivery room fee. paula and her husband pulled into the hospital. their daughter was already being delivered. he caught the baby's had. nurses ran out to help with the rest of the delivery. than 7 months later they received a bill for more than pay something but never expected to be charged for delivery room she never step foot in. she claims the hospital won't work with her. the hospital administration has no comment. we're curious about what you think about the story, should she be billed the full amount. fill free to share your results on our news channel 8 facebook page. the person that haines city police officer wrote ticket to
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he was reviewing red light camera footage he noticed a marked patrol car run a red light. he thought he was going to have to write a coworker a ticket when he looked closer -- i said that kind of looks like my tag number and it looks like my unit number. i then walked out to the parking lot after seeing that and it was. there is nothing left to do at that point but to take responsibility for >> that is and on the sky right there. the officer paid the ticket, $165 worth. in your vote 2016, 6 days to go before the selection and a new national poll shows the race is a dead heat between hillary clinton and donald trump. is jennifer johnson shows us, both candidates are campaigning in key battleground states today including right here in florida. with the finish line in sight, hillary clinton and
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battleground states. both are in florida and they must win state for the nominees. >> the polls are saying we're going to win florida. don't believe a. get out there and vote. >> clinton met with supporters a. last night clinton -- . last nighclinton appeal to women voters. >> if you know anyone that says they are thinking about voting for donald trump stage an intervention. >> clinton as well. >> already 29 million voters have cast ballots in early voting. in 7 states including wisconsin were donald trump campaign it is possible for a voter who are recast their ballot to change their vote. he is hoping some voters may have 2nd thoughts after the fbi renewed the investigation of the clinton emails. a new poll shows the race is
4:36 pm
the vote. clinton heads to nevada and arizona later today making her final pitch to the latino community. >> if you haven't voted and still undecided you might be thinking about casting a third- party valid -- ballot . a third-party vote worries the major party candidates and they are trying to convince you otherwise. >> reporter: so you don't like the donald and you are tired of clinton so you the new mail are going out around the state is saying don't do that because you will throw away your vote. the victory fun is sending out mailers saying don't vote for a candidate that has no chance to win in an effort to get people that are not apathetic to the process. if you are thinking about writing in a name there are only 6 qualified candidates
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your vote counts 2016. we will get you ready for election day with a one-hour special. we will look at the major races affecting you in the bay area including the final days of the presidential race. that is this sunday at 9 am. first dates can be uncomfortable and putting politics on the table could be a risky move. during this similar political beliefs are becoming a priority for tampa bay singles. mary mcguire shows us why. when it comes to choosing a partner for life, people can get pretty picky with specific requirements on everything from high to hear color. >> i have had a lot of friends who go on first dates and they have opposite political views. they call it off right away. >> there appears to be a new box some people want check and that is on the same set of the ticket. >> long-term what we talk
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tells us now more than ever clients have been coming to her laying down their own political deal breakers. this year more than ever because of all of the excitement that is going on around the debate and elections in that kind of thing, people who are passionate about it find that they want to ensure that their partner has similar values and beliefs. >> the 2016 election has become a dominant topic of conversation that campaign talk isn't taboo anymore even at the >> i think you have to nowadays. that is all everything is filled with, politics. i think it would be more strange not to talk about politics. >> just because your ballots don't match doesn't mean that you are not the perfect match. >> it can work. it depends on how people communicate, what they communicate about. it is great to have differing opinions whether it is about all it
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hello, i hope you are enjoying your afternoon. let's talk about a little bit of roadwork in the tampa area. here is what is shaken. westbound cipher street, rome avenue will be blocked. that will be close through november 30. they have a lot of repair work going on in that area. expect that to cause a little bit of a slowdown especially during rush hour. also columbus drive right near north boulevard is close through saturday. you will be routed up temperatures once again will be running above average as you get your thursday morning started. temperatures in the mid to high 60s. a few clouds but only a slim rain chance. we will have more news channel 8 today tomorrow. you can catch leslee and leigh every morning with traffic and weather on the 8th starting at 4:30 a.m. a.m. you ready to repurpose your
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to pinterest -- gail's guide
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pumpkins aren't for halloween anymore. you will see them trending as the hottest table setting ideas for thanksgiving. gayle guyardo joins us with a
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is her guide to pinterest. >> reporter: hopefully you didn't throw away your pumpkins because today we will repurpose them with succulent. >> succulent centerpieces are trending on pinterest in all shapes and sizes serving as table decor ideas. >> the tones for this thanksgiving are a little more neutral as opposed to the really bright orange and things like that. >> you start with the pump can and adhesive spray need to worry about coding the top -- coating the top. >> you wanted to look natural. >> next place mosque near the stem. >> you can find these at the craft store. >> this is died spanish moss but we have spanish moss so you can go out in your garden and find this and then you would spray it or use it with natural. >> then you will need glue gun and some succulent.
4:45 pm
pop it right on there. now you can see a little bit less like a chia pet but more like a garden. >> as you can see it takes a matter of minutes to create succulent pumpkins for centerpieces or porch to core. until next week, happy pinning. they recommend if you want to do this project what your kids let them play -- place them off and you handle the glue can heat up. if you want to follow her on pinterest she has picked -- pinned this on her pinterest board. we have seen extra clouds around the tampa bay area. we have no rain at this location. as we head into the overnight hours tonight, temperatures will drop back into the mid-70s for us by 11 pm. we will keep
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overnight hours. when you wake up tomorrow morning you we should see temperatures in the upper 60s -- we should see temperatures in the upper 60s . we will have a a few clouds but a nice start. as we reach the afternoon temperatures will be in the 80s with a few clouds around. we cannot rate -- con out it being completely dry -- count on it being tomorrow. tomorrow, here in tampa should be great for the game for the buccaneers. 70 degrees as the start. it will stay mostly dry and comfortable. we have a very slim rain chance. if you're headed out to the game it should be perfect. on the radar we have seen a few isolated showers popping up. nothing major to talk about but a few drops on your windshield in places like highlands county, hardy, desoto county we have seen so far today. temperatures are widespread
4:47 pm
currently at 87 in tampa. 81 saint pete. 82 crystal river. 84 brain and 10 -- bradenton. dewpoints are in the 60s and that is why we have seen a few showers around. high pressure is in place. at this point any showers we're seeing will wrap up i sunshine. we're left with partly cloudy skies overnight. dry start to the morning tomorrow. by the afternoon we are in the mid-80s. it is friday where the front row roll through. with this we have a 10 percent chance of rain. it will bring in some breezy north winds and cooler air just in time for the weekend. high temperatures on saturday will stay in the 70s so mainly just expect cool mornings, nice afternoons. it will be dry through the weekend and into all of next week as well.
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dealing with. >> you are not hearing complaints are you?>> the complaint boxes and. apple -- the complaint box is empty . apple is making some changes. these emoji include male and female version of this popstar. is the push by google to promote gender equality. -- this is
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do ever wonder if butter is okay to you or how much avocado is except able to still be considered healthy. these questions are all getting a lot of press so we start -- thought we would ask our registered dietitian . thank you so much for being with us. these are important questions because we hear about the stuff
4:52 pm
but it makes things taste better. >> it does. here's the deal with water: it depends on what else you are filling your diet with. if you want to have an occasional piece of toast with butter on it for cookies made with utter, no big deal, if you are feeling your plate with plant-based foods, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean protein or other sources of fat matters what else not necessarily the butter. if you are filling your diet with fast food and a lot of processed stuff, that would be the time where you would really want to say, butter is probably not the best idea. >> if you go to the supermarket you have your choices of butter. there are 1 million things. what is the difference and let's talk about margin for 2nd. >> that is a great ways to go. i would be more afraid of
4:53 pm
salt and milk. when you are looking at margarine it has a lot of processed stuff in it and trans fat in it. >> they sell that one as a healthy alternative. >> that is the whole thing, nixon altogether. if it were margarine -- nicks altogether. if you were to go for margarine or butter i would go with a butter. you will get much more benefits from the butter. >> how about all of co avocado. is healthy for you, healthy fats but how much can we have? >> that is a great question. a quarter to a half of an avocado is a good serving of an avocado. i know that is tough. think about it more as, i'm going to have a quarter of an avocado on my piece of toast with maybe an egg or some spinach on top. if you going to enjoy guacamole out at a restaurant, enjoy it but try to count 10 chips of guacamole.
4:54 pm
>> this next one got me big time because i will have trail mix trying to be healthy but when you look at the calories and the serving size it is not much. if you have moments how many -- all men's how many can you eat -- all men's -- almods -- almonds. >> how about 20 in cut it off. it is easy couple of handfuls but if you have one handful and maybe some dried fruit and nuts that is a great snacking it will give you the full benefits. >> and the wrong almonds not the salted -- rall -- raw almonds enough assaulted. we are in the final stretch but we need just a little more
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goal of the hundred thousand dollars. last year we drew more than 30 last year we drew more than 30,000 people to raymond james stadium. right now we're only $7000 shy of our goal. today we wanted to say thank you to the following viewers for their generous donations of $100 each. they are nancy, robin, and alan. you are going to see different names rolling in all of our news cast up until the heart walk the nice people at fucchilo kia are matching every dollar you donate counts us 2. the walk is november 12. it is easy to sign up and join my team and make a donation online it is tax-deductible. go to walk. stay close.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. them." vo: just one. carson and i have seen some terrible ads attacking our mom dana young. for things she never did. it hurts because mom is cool. she is caring, she works hard. whenever something is not right mom is on it. trust us we know from experience. mom put her career on hold for us. to raise our family. she is
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dana young for the florida senate. z25egz z16fz y25egy y16fy my dad was a family doctor in pinellas county for 55 years. he used to even take me on house calls. both my parents taught me to help others. that's why i believe in public service. as your governor we got things done, and if you send me to congress we can do it again. i'll protect social security and medicare. defend planned parenthood and women's health care.
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i'll put you, the people first. always have, and always will. this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care
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i am patrick murphy and i approve this message because i'll never stop working for you. a stolen kit kat bar is trending on -- is trending on twitter right now not because of the crime but the note left behind. in it, the thief apologizes for taking the candy, saying i saw a kit kat in from your car. i'm sorry and hungry. the kit cat owner didn't report the theft to police and the candy company is sending him a replacement. >> we have much more news coming up on news channel 8 with keith right now.>> right now on news channel 8 at 5:00: >> down to the wire, the latest polls showing a tightening race.
5:00 pm
watching. illegal garbage numbers caught on camera. >> and instead of stealing bases, he admits to stealing cash from little leaguers. how he did it coming up. i am keith cate. >> i am jennifer lee. thank you for joining us tonight. is coming down to the wire on the campaign trail with just six days until election day. polls in many battleground states including florida show a thin margin between hillary clinton and donald trump. vice president joe biden made sts voters that the sunshine state is the key to the white house. political reporter candace mccowan joins us live from the museum of science and industry where joe biden spoke earlier today. >> reporter: there was a stage behind me earlier today and joe biden was on it around noon. he told the floridians here, here we go again. in case hillary clinton's florida supporters forgot, they


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