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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  November 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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watching. illegal garbage numbers caught on camera. >> and instead of stealing bases, he admits to stealing cash from little leaguers. how he did it coming up. i am keith cate. >> i am jennifer lee. thank you for joining us tonight. is coming down to the wire on the campaign trail with just six days until election day. polls in many battleground states including florida show a thin margin between hillary clinton and donald trump. vice president joe biden made sts voters that the sunshine state is the key to the white house. political reporter candace mccowan joins us live from the museum of science and industry where joe biden spoke earlier today. >> reporter: there was a stage behind me earlier today and joe biden was on it around noon. he told the floridians here, here we go again. in case hillary clinton's florida supporters forgot, they
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the job. >> let's send donald trump back to his tower and hillary clinton to the white house. >> he wouldn't be here if this race wasn't close. and he wouldn't be here if the road to the white house didn't come through tampa.>> reporter: an one of the clinton campaign's closers, vice president joe biden. >> it really is amazing that here we go again, i mean it. you guys, if there is no other path. >> reporter: over 400 people showed up to hear the vice president making an effort to calm voter doubts. >> i know some of the people listening are mad at hillary. let me tell you something about hillary. she has devoted her whole life to making sure women and children have an even shot .
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stop this morning at an early voting location in fort lauderdale and the push will continue over the weekend with jon bon jovi performing at a get out the vote concert in tampa. jill biden turning up the pressure on florida voters. >> you don't want to wake up on wednesday morning and say if i had only made two more calls. >> reporter: and vice president biden also made a stop later today in west palm beach. president obama is making several stops in florida tomorrow. tim kaine will make stops on friday before appearing on satuay concert with jon bon jovi. also, president obama is expected back in florida again on sunday. >> candace mccowan live for us in tampa. hillary clinton is campaigning in arizona and nevada today trying to appeal to latinos, a key voting block. clinton has events scheduled in tempe and las vegas. the fbi is investigating a donation scheme involving a saudi family that supports
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according to a report by the political website the hill. murphy's campaign denies all that. a campaign believes a conservative super pac supporting marco rubio is behind the accusation. donald trump is crisscrossing the sunshine state with stops in miami and pensacola. polls show a tight race in florida. in miami, trump encouraged supporters not to get complacent. >> we are way up in florida. sh want you to go vote. okay, ready? we are going to pretend we are down. we will pretend we're down. >> trample make a stop in jacksonville tomorrow at the same time as president obama. tonight's new numbers show a tie in the presidential race. while it's no surprise florida is a battleground state, there are plenty of other tossups. mark nair joins us from the dc bureau.
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electoral map. i'm looking at ohio, florida and north carolina. that's 62 votes right there . >> reporter: we are looking at 10 battleground states overall. as you are talking about, this math is just too close to call because as we go back a month ago, the race didn't look like it would tighten as much as it has. we knew it would be close but we didn't expect it to be this close. i want to show see shaded in gray are the ones you're going to see a lot more of between now and next tuesday. florida, georgia not a state we are used to seeing is a tossup, north carolina where president obama was speaking today, ohio, wisconsin where trump was last night, iowa with events today. these are the states we are talking more about but i also want to show you this other poll. we showed when yesterday that had trump up by one. this is an abc news tracking
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halloween on monday. 46% to 46%. the third party cabinets, 5% -- candidates, 5% combined. they are not as much of a factor as many people thought they may be a few months ago. we talked a few minutes ago about how hillary clinton was heading out west. i want to show you where state where she is -- one state where she is be too little too late. in arizona, clinton right now at 44% to trump's 49%. gary johnson with 5%. arizona has not gone for a democrat since 1996. it's been 20 years now but hillary clinton was hoping before this fbi email investigation broke again on friday that maybe they would be able to turn arizona in their
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her running mates can also make a pitch to arizona on thursday. we talked about this trail. it just keeps heating up more and more. muwina city zoning out tomorrow. trump himself will be in jacksonville.>> it's surprising to think that republicans could take pennsylvania. we have 29 electoral votes here and donald trump who was in florida today says he is preparing for a new attack against clinton. what is that about? what is left to say? >> reporter: we are already starting to see the effects of this wiki lick -- wikileaks drip. s&s there is another batch released from john podesta or the campaign, journalists have a chance to go through that. we are seeing a story break late tonight that maybe john podesta was given a heads-up about a hearing on the hill from somebody in the doj and donald hunt today during a rally mentioned he is going to pounce on these wiki email releases as they come out tonight and tomorrow. he didn't specify the release
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but we will watch this. >> barack obama and north carolina saying not to be distracted by all that you just said. thank you for that. meanwhile, check out our 2016 election guide. you will find early voting locations, hours of operations and details about what's on the ballot. click on the news tab and hit politics. this sunday morning coming candace mccowan and i will get you ready for election day with a one-hour special to look at the major races in the bay area including the reef final days -- including the final days of the presidential race. we are learning more tonight about the man arrested in the murder of two iowa police officers. police arrested 46-year-old scott greene this afternoon after he ambushed and killed one officer and 20 minutes later shot a second officer in des moines. you can see his car riddled with bullet holes.
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history of racial provocation and confrontations with police. police in greenville, mississippi are calling the burning and vandals -- and of a church a hate crime. someone also spray-painted "vote trump." the congregation is vowing to rebuild the 111-year-old church on the same site. the u.s. army corps of engineers is looking at whether the dakota access pipeline can have argued the pipeline could pollute drinking water and destroy sacred sites. at least 140 people have been arrested after protests in north dakota. a lot of folks are talking trash, literally. people in pasco county looking for a sneaky way to get rid of their garbage had no idea they were being recorded until it was too late. here is a warning to smile because you are on trash cam.
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from the looks of this garbage graveyard, folks still aren't getting the message. bad guys busted on trash cam? yep, video doesn't lie and these guys think that got the green light on garbage. >> what is funny is watching them flip their eyes around. they know they are doing something wrong. they do it anyway . >> reporter: they sure do and they are caught red-handed doing one big dirty deed. they drive, dump, and leave a disaster. check out this dynamic duo. they don't hesitate. the couch goes flying along with a few f bombs. it's the kind of stuff you just can't make up. it turns out in these cases, one man's treasure is everyone's trash but these drivers who don't have no idea that pasco county is recording their recklessness, which just happens to be a third-degree
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garbage has to go. >> how disrespectful a bit -- how disrespectful is this? >> very. the people do it over and over again . >> reporter: we can tell you where the trash cam's are located so consider yourself warned. you can run but you can't hide. if you happen to recognize anyone in the videos you just saw, the county might be dumping some cash into your wallet in reward money. tonight, news channel 8. >> that trash cam idea came from france. pasco leaders tell us they read an article a brown the french seeing success with the cameras. they are less than $200 a piece and the county plans to add a few more.>> and hopefully nobody steals those. still to come, tens of thousands of dollars meant for little leaguers ends up in someone
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his position for stealing from children. we have seen a few extra clouds across the state with a few sprinkles as well. we will take a look at your radar and your forecast for the weekend shortly. a couple guys break into this farmers market. one wearing a not so traditional outfit. we will show you that coming up in just a moment. we have that and more coming up. you are wa on your side. thursday night at 8:00, the bucs take on the atlanta falcons on your official bucs station, news channel 8. and don't forget your nbc favorites over on great 38. chicago men at 9:00, the blacklist at 10:00 and superstar at 11:00. the good place at 11:30 pm.>> these guys really know what they are doing.
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falcons live from raymond james
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message because i'll never stop working for you. he's gus! he's gus! he's gus! he's gus! gus bilirakis. gus bilirakis! gus is for us.
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and he gets things done. gus stood up to his own party... to stop flood insurance hikes. he's protecting our veterans... and our seniors. and he's fighting to keep america safe. gus is for us. gus is always for us. gus is for us. for us! all of us! vote gus bilirakis for congress. i'm gus bilirakis, and i approve this message. news channel 8 at 8:00 only on great 38. eagle 8 hd coverage brought to you by your suncoast hyundai dealers. tonight, a former little league president is facing a felony charge, accused of stealing thousands from his
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all park. this guy turns himself in. how much money are we talking?>> reporter: over the course about -- of about six months, john faugno confessed to stealing about $8000. character, courage and loyalty is a mission statement of little league baseball. detectives say that's a motto the former league president wasn't living by.>> mr. faugno came in yesterday to turn himself in, said he had been stealing money from the little league account. >> reporter: john faugno has been the little league president for 10 years. he had been stealing money since may of this year. faugno admitted to taking almost $14,000. that's a second- degree felony but it could be worse. >> tending the outcome of the final investigation, the
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>> reporter: directors wouldn't talk on camera but gave me a statement in part saying "we can say with great certainty that our bylaws have effective and impactful checks and balances. while we all know that those who wish to do wrong will seek ways to work around those checks and balances, please understand that they will not win. in fact, those checks and balances are exactly what led to this discovery. he had his first appearance today and was released on his know.-- on his own recognizance. i did reach out to the new league presi president. they didn't want to go on camera but they did tell me they will move past this. >> that's a lot of money. what our parents saying? >> reporter: they feel very strongly. they say they feel like this is stealing from children but all of that aside they just want their kids to be able to enjoy the great game of baseball.>>
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today because of weak disturbances moving across. we have been in this easterly flow so that is not unusual but we do have a few dots of precipitation and the breeze is going to o'connor 10 and atlanta lakes. occasionally strong easterly winds. this is new port richey. east winds at 5 miles per hour. good timing on that. east winds at 5 miles per hour we may actually see some showers here in cleveland just to the north. you can see showers passing to the north. for this important world series game, we may see a few showers developing as the game goes on. temperatures 65 degrees. these are both northern teams. they are not that surprised at cooler temperatures and it is the last game of the world series. tony cologne got a good picture of the sunset or sunrise rather.
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pleasant and partly cloudy skies, 68 degrees at 7 am. 84 degrees at 4 pm. a mix of sunshine and clouds like today. rain chances 10% or less. 82 degrees currently, temple terrace. 85 degrees new port richey. temperatures generally in the 80s. upper 70s and even low 70s out in lake placid. as for the dew points, they are able higher from the easterly flow. that dew point across the bay bringing a little more moisture. it's starting to we still have dry air aloft, perhaps not as much as we have seen the last couple of days. that red color is higher drier air. a few clouds are breezing across the state and showers continue to move from east to west across the area. very light stuff across highlands county. possibly not even reaching the ground but they are out there. the tropics are still active.
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we will continue to watch that until the end of november, which is the end of hurricane season. the buckskin tonight, 70 degrees, mostly dry conditions. a 20 5 pm gametime should be nice weather to tailgate. the easterly flow stays in place with a few showers on the amount pushing offshore but weakening as even goes on. maybe a few clouds left overall. the forecast computer model, throughout thursday morning, mild and in the upper 60s. a few sprinkles moving across the state. not as many as we saw today. a son 10% chance or less of showers. here comes the cold front. friday morning, the cold front will continue to push southward in the front moves into the area. we look at the european computer model farther south. temperatures today probably indicated not as cool as we
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the north northeast and slightly cooler and drier air. we have that to look forward to. beautiful weather for the weekend. 79 degrees on saturday speaking of the weekend. sunday, near 80 degrees. overnight low temperatures could be cool to start. especially northern spots. and the time change happens this weekend. you will be on time, wherever it is you are headed. >> or back here for a political show. that just occurred an extra hour. >> there's politics going on?>> oh my goodness. the heart walk is just 10 days away and we are working to reach our goal to reach $100,000 but we do need your help. just go to walk to join the team. we want to take a quick moment
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each gave $100. thank you to all of them and the others for their generosity. if you have not had dinner yet, there is still time to get a free taco. >> we will tell you where after the break. the holidays are a big time for hiring. which five retailers are expecting to offer the most jobs. the bucs battle the falcons thursday at 8:00 on
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her career on hold for us. to raise our family. she is a role model for everyone in our community. i'm proud of you mom, we both are. dana young for the florida senate. why are out-of-state billionaires attacking amendment 1? because amendment 1 keeps them... out of your wallet. with amendment 1, you don't pay to keep billionaires in business. it's solar... without subsidies. vote yes on amendment 1. now to and news channel 8 consumer alert. interest rates are being unchanged but the fed will raise it next month. officials wanted to wait until after the election. a rate hike would be a sign of confidence in the strength of the economy. economic activity is picking
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after an explosion shut down a vital pipeline. the average price for regular gas is up three cents and two cents in south carolina. so far, aaa, fuel gauge reports no jump in florida yet. gas prices my -- might be up but the environmental protection agency says fuel economy is at an all-time high. 2015 model year cars went up to folks flying for thanksgiving can expect the airports to be more crowded. talents for america estimates 28 point million -- 20.9 million people will be flying from november 18-29. that's up 2.5% from last year. the busiest air travel day is expected to be the sunday after thanksgiving. the holiday season is here and retailers are looking for
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officemax, the gap, and kohl's. these job -- jobs are often temporary but sometimes can become full-time so good luck. you have about 30 minutes to get yourself a free taco from taco bell. that's why a take a break between 5:30 pm at 6:00. they are doing a still a talker promotion in honor of the world series. francisco lindor stole second base last t participating tacos -- taco location locations. >> you get the free one and you by the other six to go with it. >> we just got a big reveal. >> got to feed the hunger. coming up, a strangely dressed intruder tried to dance his way out of trouble. the story behind this bizarre video. an officer tasked with writing red light tickets noticed something very familiar
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to justice next. thursday night at 8:00, the bucs take on the falcons on your official bucs station, news channel 8. and don't forget your nbc favorites over on great 38. chicago minute 9:00, the blacklisted 10:00 and superstar at 11:00 followed by great place at 11:30 pm. >> these guys really know what they are doing.>> you are buccaneers battle the falcons live from raymond thursday at 8 pm on news channel 8 your official bucs
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right now on news channel 8 at 5:30 pm: >> learning from their mistakes after a tragic deadly shooting, the punta gorda police department is making changes. on the policies and procedures now in place. i am jennifer lee. >> and i'm joss -- josh benson. it's been nearly 3 months since i woman was tragically shot and killed in a citizens academy. as the investigation continues, the department has made policy changes. the officer did not realize there were real bullets in the chamber when the officer pulled the trigger and as john rodgers shows us, the city is doing all it can to learn from this and


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