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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  November 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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attorney's office. >> getting results. stephen bannon -- steve andrews is target 8. >> ballots stolen, voter fraud expected -- suspected. an indian shores man got a letter in the mail warning something was up with his mail- in ballot. >> someone apparently swept both his and his wife's mail-in ballots, voted, signed the ballots, and then sent them to the county elections office to be counted. get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: a week and a half ago, the supervisor of elections went on our air and says voter fraud did not exist. let me tell you, voter fraud is alive and well in pinellis county and here is the proof. counting early voting is well underway and pinellis county. there are questions about some of those.
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voted for us . >> reporter: chris got a letter from the supervisor of elections stating the office received his mail-in ballot but the signature on the return envelope does not batch records.>> i called the number and said i never voted . >> reporter: chris says his wife also got a phone call about the mail-in ballot she never received. >> we have her ballot as well and it's signed but it doesn't match the signature on file. she said it looks like >> reporter: staff is checking every envelope, the phony signature. they did not catch the one on michelle's. the you know what that means?>> whoever voted in her place, that vote counts. >> unfortunately, yes. that vote made it through our tabulation area. this is one of those areas that wasn't fortunate . >> reporter: jason vladimir explains each ballot has a name and barcode. once signatures are verified, the ballots and envelopes are
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now chris and his wife must sign affidavits and go to a polling place to vote. >> you have an imposter voting in her place. >> we're going to make every effort to make sure that she gets to cast his ballot. >> we hear about the election being rigged and then we are reassured nothing like is it happened to me. it happened to my wife . >> reporter: according to jason, the supervisor of elections sent out about 500 letters to voters, informing them that the signatures on the ballot return envelopes do not match the signatures on their voter registration files. >> of that group, how many of those claiming that they have not voted?>> reporter: he tells me this is the only case he knows of so far. for folks who are still waiting for mail-in ballots, you can go to the website for the pinellis county supervisor of elections
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has sent it back to them if they have received it. that's a way to find out.>> thank you. if you have a problem that you think needs to be investigated, you can call steve, our target 8 helpline at 1-800-338-0808. and now to the campaign trail. the clinton campaign is turning up the pressure on their supporters to finish the job. vice president joe biden made a stop today, speaking to a crowd of about 300 people urging them to vote and take others with them. biden reminded the crowd that come cannot win the white house if clinton wins florida. >> i don't know how the heck you guys worked this out but it gets down to florida, florida, florida. it's not a joke. you all do your job, we all get to go to bed early tuesday night.>> vice president biden
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resident obama has multiple stops in florida scheduled for tomorrow and sunday. campaign signs are part of every election cycle in this year, dozens of homeowners complain that their signs are disappearing. we are live in hillsborough county and apparently this is not an isolated incident but a big problem. >> reporter: we have had complained set of pasco, pinellis and hillsborough county's. from what all these telling us, is if it's not for surveillance video, none of these thieves would have been caught. lisa was only joking when she told her daughter that there hillary clinton sign would eventually disappear. >> it was funny because i said to her, we will see how long this lasts. she was like i have a camera and i'm watching . >> reporter: the woodlands was on this moment saturday morning. cameras rolled as she pulled up
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she didn't notice it was missing until this morning. >> signs have always been up in my neighborhood and 99% of the time, they are the republican candidate. i have never felt motivated to take their signs. she had no right whatsoever to take my sign . >> reporter: lisa is not the only one whose sign has disappeared. residents say thieves are swiping party signs across the bay area. this person was actually also captured stealing a trump sign in tarpon springs. the homeowner tells us this is the second time he has had a sign vandalized. lisa's neighbor says taking signs is petty.>> it may not be her choice but if she wants to put the sign there, she is just as welcome as i am. >> i feel violated. this is my house and my property that i bought and paid for and hillary has a right to come on my property and take anything of mine . >> reporter: lisa wants to
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even considering filing charges but she does say that if this woman returns for sign and apologizes, she will accept it. >> it may seem innocent at you can get in trouble for stealing these signs if you are caught . >> reporter: you actually can. i spoke with law enforcement and they tell me if you are caught, it's actually theft of property so you can be charged with petty theft, which is a misdemeanor. you can actually time if a judge decides this is worthy enough. it's definitely not worth it.>> thank you. don't forget this sunday morning, keith and candace mccowan will get you ready for a one-hour special looking at the major races affecting the bay area including the final days of the presidential race. a special edition of your vote counts 2016 this sunday at 9 am. and now some new information into the death of a
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homicide. this was breaking news yesterday. the body of evelyn woodham was discovered on the side of the road in the palm river area. according to deputies, woodham had upper body,. anyone with information on her death is asked to call deputies. breaking the law to get rid of trash? >> how the suspects got caught doing a dirty deed. also ahead, paying a pop megastar to draw tourists to we are going to show you what the state is trying to keep confidential tonight. temps more warm tonight with a good easterly flow across the state. a few extra clouds and sprinkles but we will see a change with a cold front headed our way. we will talk about those
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some of the weirdest caught on camera moments we have seen in a while. people in pasco county trashing -- dropping their trashy legally. county leaders are telling us they keep catching people dumping garbage so they set up the surveillance cameras and caught the dumpers on trash cam. >> how disrespectful is this? >> completely. it's just a nightmare and the people that do it do it over and over again. i have chased them out of here
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>> if you recognize anyone in the video, you could be eligible for a cash reward. pilots throughout the bay area have the chance to fly the icon revolutionary light sport aircraft. the light center is officially open. icon offers a program where the public can complete their flight training and rent planes. still to come, an 8 on your side story you need to see after the break. promote florida's sexy beaches. we will show you the contract pop star pitbull signed to be florida's tourism ambassador.
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. o work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message because i'll never stop working for you.
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y25ehy y16fy the price of promoting florida tourism can be a bit of a mystery, even though as taxpayers, you paid for it. that is no more truen money was used to hire megastar pitbull to be florida's tourism ambassador. mark is on it tonight because you paid for it. first of all, i am a fan of pitbull so let's get that on the record. but how much did we pay to have him do his job?>> reporter: believe it or not, that is a well guarded state secret. tourism promoters insist pitbull's sexy beaches and hotels music video was a great
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you are about to see, the bill for taxpayers is the only thing about that video that is not revealing.>> ? >> reporter: pitbull brings it up all right. visit florida tells me this video has racked up 20 million views. not exactly a family theme but florida families paid for it. >> ? >> that was a great strategic opportunity . >> reporter: will runs visit florida, the private agency florida taxpayers pay $76 million a year to promote tourism. pitbull's contract was part of that. >> for every dollar that visit florida invested in the program, we got over $10 . >> reporter: how much did taxpayers invest in pitbull to be our ambassador? it turns out his state- sponsored video is a lot more
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11 pages, are a state secret. >> why is the entire contract a state secret? >> i would have loved to share the entire contract but we were barred from doing that from pitbull. it was in the contract . >> reporter: that's not the only trade secret we uncovered two when it comes to how the tourism industry spends taxpayer dollars. the closest thing hillsboro has is been to davis but they also >> 80% of your revenue comes with -- comes from the taxes. >> we're here to talk about a year in celebration. you already know why we want. there are trade secrets in there . >> reporter: but that's get back to pitbull and his ?. as successful as his ambassadorship may have been, it is over.
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to be as revealing with contracts as pitbull was with his video. >> you acknowledge the need for more transparency and you are responding to that? >> absolutely . >> reporter: that might not be written in stone.>> ?>> reporter: but it's at least carved in the sand. bottom line, with sexy beaches, visit florida claims it really paid off. but end of the day, it's a state secret. >> that we have the video. >> no secret about that. >> i want to see how the rest of the video turns out. we have talked about pinellis tourism officials. we -- they were showing you the credit card receipts. tampa saying we're not going to tell you. what about visit florida? >> reporter: they use personal credit cards when they travel the world and seek reimbursement
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spending millions undoubtedly on international travel at some of the fine same hotels as everyone else. >> wikileaks. >> [ laughter ] >> there's always hope. despite this overcast you see on the camera image, we have seen our temperatures rise and the upper 80s today. 80 degrees the cu 76 like in lakewood ranch. we have seen scattered showers breezing about. perhaps portions of southern manatee county. freedom plaza looks mostly sunny. we will see most of this disappear into the overnight. quickly, who obey a little late but you get the idea. showers to the north. the final game of the world series being played tonight. cubs and indian 65 degrees with
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the possibility of showers for the last game wouldn't be much fun but hopefully wouldn't cause rain delays. idiots like our observed high temperature. 89 degrees the record from 1972. it's warm, close to record high temps. this great shot from eagle 8 hd today. no clouds in the sky at that moment but there were clouds as you can see on the camera images. 84 degrees for thursday. we had to adjust these a little bit. we are still going to see the cold front in but probably not as cool as previously thought but still pleasant. especially if we can drop that humidity. at 7 am come 68 degrees. 84 degrees at 4 pm in the afternoon. anyone degrees in temple terrace. odessa also in lagos 75 degrees. 80 degrees at crystal river, 75 degrees at lake lasted. sarasota 82 degrees. a few clouds, low-level and high-level clouds streaming our
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and the easterly flow is driving a few showers into the east coast and a few of those held together to move across the state but i think generally this evening it should be relatively dry. tropics still active in san juan, puerto rico. a 20% chance of development over the next five days for this area and wandering to the northeast. probably know affect at all. the bucs and the falcons playing tomorrow night at raymond james stadium. temps falling through the 70s as the game goes along. high pressure, the southern side helping along the easterly flow for us. as for the morning hours, mild temperatures in the upper 60s and extra clouds that will still be mixed in with clear skies. in the afternoon, a slim chance of showers but we turn our attention on friday as the front roles in. only a slight possibility of seeing a shower near this boundary and then pushing further south. our european computer model
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saturday and for sunday. that will just kind of reinforce the slightly cooler, dryer air. it will feel pretty good overall when we balance it out with florida sunshine. friday, 82 degrees for a high temp. the rain chances about 10% the next couple of days but that's relatively low. we are in the dry season. talking about dry, that's the forecast through next week. you can see the temperatures coming back a little bit not much. a very nice range of temperatures near 80 degrees, low 80s and comfortable overall. >> you will hear no complaints. >> not for me. the tampa bay heart walk is coming up and i think the weather looks pretty good for that. we want to recognize some of the people who have been generous helping us get closer to our goal. we appreciate your generosity and kia is matching the first
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of our goal. the walk is november 12. if you'd like to donate or join my team, just go to www. depth -- walk. a winner take all world series. of managers looking ahead to the finale. gerald mccoy is sharing the love. find out why he has a soft spot for the atlanta quarterback next in sports. falcons on your official bucs station, news channel 8. and don't miss your nbc favorites over on great 38. chicago men at 9:00, the blacklist at 10:00, superstar at 11:00 followed by good place at 11:30 pm. >> these guys really know what they are doing. >> i'm glad there on our team . >> reporter: you are falcons battled their -- your buccaneers battled their rivals
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bob buesing... on the record. he sues tax payers to cover the outrageous cost of a lavish courthouse. buesing files forclosures on homes critical to seniors. his law firm is accused of running up costs on a school district at the expense of our kids. trailing in the polls,
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anything? to beat this woman. i spent 22 years in the air force, and i was a republican for every one of them. i was rationalizing donald trump's behaviors until... i heard that tape, that was the last straw. i don't want my granddaughter thinking it's okay to be... treated that way, and my grandson growing up thinking... that's how you should treat women. that scares me, that scares me a lot. so hillary's got my vote. and she's someone that my grandkids can respect too. im hillary clinton and i approve this message. sports on news channel 8 is sponsored by your gold coast honda dealers. before we start, hey, from now on, fix it for them.
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i'm not going to say who it is but let's help each other as americans. if you see somebody's tires cooked, just fix it for him. i'm sure he won't mind, right? >> love your fellow man. >> thank you. let's love each other. >> just love. although most of us are still in a halloween candy,, gerald mccoy is -- halloween candy coma, the love. the tampa bay buccaneers host the falcons tomorrow night and he can't wait to see matt ryan. from a schematic or game planning perspective, no. he legitimately just likes matt ryan as a human being. granted, it's easier to like an opposing qb when you have been his team three times but his love knows no bounds. >> i love the guy. i know bucs fans are like here you go being the nice guy.
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he's a nice guy and a great player. so what? i love football and i respect him. he is a great player so it makes you play harder. i will shake his hand before and after the game, but during the game i will try to kill him. the tampa bay lightning are salvaging their record on the road blasting the islanders 60 to windage last night. two goals and two assists. and tied for the the bulls host the bruins tomorrow night but tonight, all eyes on progressive field in cleveland where the indians and cubs play game 7 of the world series. that's a look at downtown chicago last night after the cubbies beat the tribe 9 -3. four of them on that grand slam, the first any world series game since 2005. starters tonight, corey kluber. a winner take all.
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--'s game seven. you got to really good pictures and it's an honor to even be a part of it. we're going to give everything we have. >> it has been a very well contested series. both sides have played really good foot tall -- baseball. we want to break the snap but it's apt that we would go seven games. >> history will be made. cleveland hasn't won since 1948 and chicago 1908. >> some happy fans fans are indians fan, the ready to talk them off the ledge tonight. >> will also have the news if you want to flip over to that. don't go anywhere, nightly news is next followed by news channel 8 at 7:00. >> we also have news at eight on great 38.
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blacklist at 10:00 and superstar at 11:00 followed with a good place at 11:30 pm. >> these guys really know what they are doing. >> your buccaneers battled their division rival falcons live from raymond james stadium thursday night at 8 pm on news channel 8, your official bucs station. z25egz z16fz y25egy y16fy why are out-of-state billionaires attacking amendment 1?
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with amendment 1, you don't pay to keep billionaires in business. it's solar... without subsidies. vote yes on amendment 1. tonight, the war, six days left, trump and clinton, blitzing battlegrounds, our new battleground map, can trump break through the clinton firewa criticism of his own fbi director. deadly ambush, police officers executed, shot while defenseless, sitting in their squad cars, a massive man huntd to catch a cold-blooded killer. does a youtube video offer a clue to the motive. price shock. life-saving drugs, first it was epipens, now outrage over insulin. millions depend on it.


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