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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  November 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now on news channel 8 at 7:00:
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little league president admits to ripping off children. he says he pocketed more than $10,000 that was meant for the team. chip osowski joins us live. is unusual how this investigation started in the first place . >> reporter: very unusual. how often do you hear a case like this? the tarpon springs police department began its investigation after they little league president turned himself in. exactly the opposite of how it normally happens as you can see. as situation is upsetting to many here. upsetting to parents like micah porter. >> we love our concession stand. we like to eat there and spend money there. i was myself wondering a few days ago how do they keep track of a lot of this stuff?>> reporter: little league pledges posted for everyone to see. apparently, john ferrara missed the part about respecting the law.
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afternoon. you are charged with scheme and fraud of more than $5000 bond. you want a public defender?>> reporter: he appeared before a judge on sunday saying he wanted to hire an attorney. police tell us the treasurer thought something was fishy with finances and threatened to do some of her own investigation. >> he was being basically told him she was going to go to the bank on november 1 to get the information that she was seeking. at that point, he decided to come to the police and confessed to our investigators that he had been doing . >> reporter: investigators that hadn't even begun an investigation into the theft. unusual to say the least. this investigation is just beginning and with all investigations such as this, there is the possibility of additional charges. in a statement released by the
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that raises the question if his wife was part of the scheme as well. >> chip osowski reporting live for us tonight. someone swiped his mail-in ballot and his wife's from his mailbox, voted and sent the ballots to be counted. this indian shores man told steve andrews voter fraud is real. >> reporter: counting early voting in ma mail-in ballots is well underway in pinellas county. >> somebody apparently took both of our ballots and voted for us . >> reporter: chris got a letter from the supervisor of elections stating the office received his mail-in ballot at the signature on the ballot return envelope does not match our records. so he called them up. >> i called the number and i said i never voted . >> reporter: chris says his wife michelle also got an
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received. >> we have yours also and signed but it doesn't match the signature we have on file. she said it looks like the same person who signed her husband's signed this one . >> reporter: staffers checking every envelope caught this forged signature on chris's ballot but didn't catch the one on michelle's. >> whoever stole her ballot and voted in her place, that vote counts. >> unfortunately, yes . >> reporter: spokesman jason latimer envelope has a voter name and barcode but the ballots to not. once signatures are verified, the ballots and envelopes are separated so there is no way to see who catch which mode. >> we hear about the election being rigged and we are reassured that nothing is happening but it is . >> reporter: steve andrews news channel 8 on the campaign trail, the clinton camp is turning up the pressure on supporters to get the job done. vice president joe biden made a stop in tampa today and spoke to a crowd of about 300, urging them to vote and take others
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that trump most likely will not win the white house if clinton wins florida. >> i don't know how the heck you guys worked this out but it gets down to florida, florida, florida. not a joke. you all do your job, we all get to go to bed early on tuesday night. >> vice president joe biden also made a stop in west palm be visit florida on thursday and sunday. donald trump is focusing on the sunshine state as well although he was not in the bay area today. he did make stops in miami and orlando saying if hillary clinton is elected, the corruption investigation against her could lead us into a constitutional crisis. this sunday morning, keith cate and candace mccowan will help you prepare for election day with a one-hour special looking at the major races affecting voters in the bay area as well as the final days
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special episode of your vote counts 2016. some people are having a tough time keeping political signs in their yards. look at this video. lisa says a woman on a golf cart stole the hillary clinton sign off her yard over the weekend. she says she didn't realize the sign was gone until this morning. she doesn't know the woman in the video but says she wants her sign back. >> nobody has the right to take my clinton sign, whether it's that or >> dozens of people have complained about stolen signs. another homeowner cut this thief stealing his trump sign in tarpon springs. law-enforcement says if caught, these sign bandits could be charged with petty theft. it has been nearly 3 months since a printer gordon -- punta gorda woman was shot at a citizens academy with the
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>> reporter: it was the citizens academy that went entirely wrong. officer lee coel accidentally fired shots at 73-year-old mary knowlton during a training exercise, killing her. now the department has changed its policies. from now on, citizens academy's will no longer use guns capable of firing live ammunition. also, all guns and ammo will be stored in an armory that can only be accessed by specialized officers and a safety officer must be present with a first aid kit the department has also made changes to firing practices. >> we still have day to day operations out there so we took a look at what needed done a some what happened. those our interim measures but there may be more to come.>> reporter: the family did not wish to, -- comment today and it's unclear if and when the state attorney office will file charges. if you are going to commit a crime, maybe you should choose a less memorable outfit.
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those rules. he broke the law in a tutu . >> reporter: it's a short black- and-white clip of a burglary in progress but it's the quickest 'choice of clothing that dances off the screen. yep, the guy is wearing a tutu. >> they say don't mess with my tutu . >> reporter: john renzi tampa farmers market on fletcher with his son who has been here for a couple years but has been running markets like this for a very long time. >> they jd warped in the fence . >> reporter: in all that time, he has never seen anything like this.>> i think that it was halloween and i don't know if it was like a prank. the way the guy was dressed, he didn't seem like he was playing with a full deck . >> reporter: the two to the found his accomplice, who was actually wearing a hoodie, didn't too much -- didn't do too much damage.
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been . >> reporter: after covering the surveillance camera, they ate a watermelon, a pineapple, a few apples, and through the remnants on the ground but they weren't done there. they took this crockpot lead and used it to smash a glass door to the small-market. >> they went inside and just threw popcorn and all types of things around . >> reporter: and then they drink juice. and now the hunt is on. >> we are on the lookout for the two to thief. >> report channel 8 >> so there's that. >> no comment. willdan story though. >> don't mess with my tutu. chief meteorologist steve jury is appropriately dressed for the occasion as it turns out. >> that's of people on tv where. let's take a look at what's going on outside.
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>> go. quite a few clouds across the area. quite a few more than yesterday and even a few sprinkles but we're still seeing fairly dry air high above in the atmosphere. all eyes on cleveland tonight. the final game of the world series and yes there is a possibility of seeing showers develop. temperatures not too bad, 65 degrees it in time but that should be interesting. idiot degrees today. 89 degrees the record set in were close to >> the classic moved into the area. 76 degrees right now in zephyrhills. 75 degrees in weeki wachee. my mama 79 degrees. brinton in sarasota and 75 degrees. you can see the clouds moving our way. we will talk more about clouds in the forecast and that cold front that will bring cooler, drier air for the weekend coming up. still ahead, caught on camera running a red light.
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smile, you are on trash cam. eymann pasco county. seen on surveillance, folks busted dumping illegally and you won't believe what they throw away. that story is coming up. thursday night at 8:00, the bucs take on the falkins on your official bucs station news channel 8. and don't miss your nbc favorites over on great 38 blacklist at 10:00 and superstar at 11:00 followed by good place at 11:30 pm.>> these guys really know what they are doing. >> your buccaneers face their rivals live from raymond james stadium thursday night at 8 pm on news channel 8, your
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under state attorney mark ober's watch, rape and sexual assault are on the rise. ober is not just ineffective, who forced a girl into sexual slavery, even blamed the victim. ober: she was with him voluntarily. our community deserves new leadership. andrew warren, an experienced prosecutor, will reallocate resources to target violent crime, including gun violence, rape, and domestic abuse. andrew warren for state attorney.
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a police officer was pretty surprised who was caught -- he was breaking alive. the officer ran a red light and melissa marino shows us what he did about it. >> he can request that he only pay one amount for the court hearing . >> reporter: officer tim glover is used to writing red light tickets. no matter who it is. >> family members, neighbors, police officers . >> reporter: recently, when reviewing footage, he noticed a patrol car running a red light.
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another one of my coworkers a ticket. i'm not going to be mr. popularity . >> reporter: that is until he looked a little closer. >> i said that kind of looks like my tag number and my unit number. so then i walked out to the parking lot after seeing that. it was. >> reporter: you could have pretended like it didn't happen. >> yes, ma'am. i could have easily hit the reject button. live with myself if i had . >> reporter: officer glover paid the nearly $170 ticket and received a written reprimand but was later commended for honesty. and polk county, melissa marino news channel 8. if you want to teach our kids to read, you might as well teach them to chat. the new app that contains -- combines the two. and crime-fighting drones. a tiny little flying machine on the shoulder of every officer.
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on wall street today, the dow dropped 71 points. the nasdaq drops 48 points. the federal reserve will leave interest rates alone for another month but an increase in december seems likely. a statement from the fed suggested that the case for a rate hike continued to strengthen. some subtle language hints that the hurdle for a rate hike has moved lower. amazon wants to make reading lessons more like chatting online. it released an app called amazon rapids written in chat style bringing stories to life one message at a time. the app requires a monthly subscription but you can get a two week free trial. police have dash cams and body cameras but amazon has a new idea, a tiny drone for each officer. this patent was reviewed by amazon. the drone would sit on the
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to voice commands such as check the license plate, causing it to send an image to dispatchers. it could also be told to chase down a suspect on the run. of course, all of this is in a patent application. there is no telling if or when it will become a reality. a team of engineers working on elon musk's hyperloop transportation center just tested out there idea. the university of waterloo tweeted out this version of the test. tech crunch reports the successful test revealed a functioning pneumatic levitation system, real car rides on air. the university of waterloo is one of two dozen teams in the development to develop -- in the running to develop the technology. uber could make catching a ride faster. among them, the ability to set your friend is a destination without meeting their address. just type in their name and uber will ask for permission to share their location. the updated app can also look
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optimal destinations and routes. the apple roll out in the next couple of weeks. for some people in pasco county, getting rid of some unwanted junk was as easy as dumping it in a secluded spot where they thought no one would see them but they didn't realize they were on camera. melanie michael's shows us what was captured on video.>> reporter: bad guys busted on trash cam? yep. video doesn't lie. these guys think they've got >> what's money is watching them flip their eyes around. they know they are doing something wrong but they do it anyway . >> reporter: they sure do. and they are caught red-handed doing one big dirty deed. they drive, dump, and leave a disaster. check out this dynamic duo. they don't hesitate. the couch goes flying along with a few f bombs. it's the kind of stuff you just can't make up.
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these cases, one man's treasure is everyone's trash but these drivers who dump have no idea that pasco county is recording their recklessness, which just happens to be a third-degree felony. one woman told us the garbage has got to go. >> i've got to ask you, how disrespectful is this? >> completely. it's just a nightmare. the people that do it do it over and over again . >> reporter: we can't tell you where these trash cam's are located so consider yourself warn. if you happen to recognize anyone in the videos you just saw, the county might just be dumping some cash into your wallet in reward money. melanie michael in pasco county tonight, news channel 8. the clouds will clear up. this was in the sky last night. if you get a chance to check out the planets, we have the crescent moon waxing, and venus
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the right. venus tends to be pretty bright in the fall and winter sky. our temperature is hot. temperatures running 15 to 25 degrees above normal but way out west, you can see this dip in the jet stream pushing southeast. that will help bring cooler temperatures up the road. a nice shot from vick and melissa. this just in from tonight's sunset. you do see clouds in the sunset. we have been talking about that throughout the day. at 4 pm, 84 sunshine. we will stay in this easterly flow pattern. that is where we had been of late. 82 degrees our current temperature. dew point a little higher than it was yesterday so yes the humidity is higher than it was. the dew point 65 degrees in the downtown area. this is something in the tropics we will continue to watch. things are pretty far away. not a. tropical system but the next five days, about a 20% chance of development likely to
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has mentioned. hurricane season runs until the end of november. the falcons are in town tomorrow night. 78 degrees should be beautiful. i suppose a sprinkle or two is not impossible but certainly not a rain out. high pressure our big feature to the north. throughout the day, starting with the morning mild conditions in the upper 60s and then a slim 10% chance of rain with a light breeze continuing. way friday bringing a slight chance of rain for friday and the rain is cooler and drier behind it. we had to warm it up behind the front but i think you will notice the difference as the dew points come down. the front comes through in the wind picks up. you will notice the difference saturday and sunday. should be a beautiful weekend. upper 70s and 80 degrees in the clocks go back this weekend. >> is that with the clock is for? >> because clocks usually go this way but in this case the
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all you have to saves you get an hour of sleep. >> you get an extra hour of sleep. your husband will be happy. >> smart guide. plus here is what you will see tomorrow at 6 am. >> local school districts report dozens of missing or stolen items every single year. how much it costs taxpayers and what the districts are doing to prevent it. plus weather and traffic on the eights. bob buesing... on the record.
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buesing files forclosures on homes critical to seniors. his law firm is accused of running up costs on a school district at the expense of our kids. trailing in the polls, buesing attacks dana young. for things she never did. so we ask... mr. buesing, will you do anything to win? anything? to beat this woman. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady rump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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you got your christmas tree at? >> yes i do. it's already up and decorated. >> you're lucky because this 80 foot spruce is about to make the trip from idaho to white house already. crowds gathered to see the tree
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reaching the white house. >> it will keep a lot of water to keep that going. >> and a lot of lights. >> he new report about her $50 million prenup with james packer. now on "extra." ? mariah's ex, nirk breaking his silence about h >> how is she doing? have you spoken to her? >> what james packer reportedly demanded from mariah in a 100 page prenup. more breaking couple's news. taylor swift's song about breaking up with calvin. and prince harry ready to marry. donald trump, the in a "extra" interview. >> first thing you would do, first 100 days. >> tightening the gap on hillary
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>> two things people don't know about you. we're in nashville with a sneak peek of the cma awards. then, oprah, charlize theron, jen garner. >> who else made the list of 25 women changing the world. plus, only on "extra," oscar winner reese witherspoon opening her classet to andrew glassman and opening up to watching look alike daughter ava grow up. now, on universal studios, hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone, welcome to "extra," i'm mario lopez. coming up, jennifer lawrence with her new boyfriend. photos coming up. jimmy kimmel is up next with a halloween candy prank. what happens when it does it to his own daughter. first, nick cannon and what he thinks about mariah carey's
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>> how do you deal with they hadlines you. >> know how it goes. >> as new skretsds from his ex's $4 billion split are now being revealed. james packer wanted his bride to be to sign a 100 pagery reup in, which according to tmz required her to give back gifts if they broke you up unless they came with signed notes declaring them as gifts. he hoped to be married by march 1st. >> do you get all the interest in your wedding how people are >> reluctant to talk about the still pending i do, a full five months later. she is demanding $50 million from packer because that's the amount she was promised in the prenup. >> how is it going? have you spocken to her. >> it's all good. >> nick, who just celebrated halloween with mariah and their kids. >> we was partying. >> you got the coparenting thing going on. >> it's beautiful.


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