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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  November 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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this is important and if we don't vote then our decisions are made for >> and now 4 headlines at 4:00 this election day, number 1, voting lines even with a larger than normal early voter turnout we're finding packed polls. >> and number 2 presidential politics. >> number 3: we're choosing who will represent us in washington. >> and number 4 important amendments we'll find out if medical marijuana will become
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for being here. of course it is election day on first at h but we do have some breaking news first. a crossing guard struck in st. petersburg. eagle 8 flew over the scene a short time ago. we're told the crossing guard was taken away as trauma alert. meanwhile also breaking right now a deadly crash on i-75 northbound.ta this is the scene near fletcher avenue. you could see at this point some vehicles are sneaking by left of that crash but a big crash there. we're going to keep our eye on this one on i-75. and take a look at that here is a live look at the backup left on the traffic cameras, not much getting by at this point.
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we'll let you know when we have some updates into our news room. and we are all over florida for you today covering your vote. in the u.s. senate race we're live in miami with camp marco rubio and camp patrick murphy. >> and we're live in tampa to talk about solar amendment 1, a right? >> reporter: well, that's right. it's right in the heart of the i-4 corridor and virtually split in terms of republicans and democrats. here at this location we've seen it's been a very busy day here at precinct 231 where more than 3,000 voters are registered. dozens of people lined up as the polls opened this morning here in lakeland. it's been pretty busy as i said all day. polk county
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republicans and pet divinities. historically polk county as favored the republican candidate but in recent years candidates continue to close the gap. it will all come down to turnout which we've seen a lot of so far. >> regardless of who like and don't like it's your civic duty to do that. and this year being an exception, i think people are voting defensively this year probably more than ever, myself included. . >> reporter: more than 170,000 people voted early or by mail. those voters are nearly split 50-50 between democrats and republicans and that is what analysts say polk county is a must watch. >> thanks so much. and we have finally arrived at the end game of this unprecedented campaign. >> a little bit of everything.
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fractured political landscape. . >> 2 ageing baby boomers both wealthy new yorkers and public figures for most of their adult lives met on the great battleground of a presidential campaign and there they divided the country. trump appealing to the white working class, gun owners, hillary to women, traditional democrats, the political establishment and at the end the country isti for grid lock at a time where there are major issues to be resolved. we're at war in the middle east, and vulnerable to terror at home. how do we resolve the immigration problem? how to fix health care without leaving millions without coverage and the new economy how does it serve the old workforce? clinton and trump had their loyal followers but the majority of american voters went into this election not wild
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stirred by the vast universe of social media and after all the turmoil of more than a year in the end your vote will decide. appeared now we want to get more perspective on your vote 2016. joining us now is long time newsman and p >> a lot of people don't care for either candidate. now, that election day is here how do you think people are feeling? >> i repeatedly took a road trip just got back and one thing that jumped out was the fact that many small towns in rural areas that i passed through had shuttered movie theaters, restaurants, a local employer, a large employer shut down or relocated and these towns are dying.
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lake city they're booming with the high tech creative jobs that pay real money. so i mean, this is something that almost threatens the broad based middle class that defines or country, and it's got people very nervous. >> when you say a road trip this wasn't you went coast to coast. >> yes, i did. >> it took almost 2 months, yes. >> wow, so you're really talking about the great economic divide tell me more about that. >> i think people see theld everybody is qualified to jump into these high tech jobs. the low education requirements for manufacturing jobs those are much fewer. now, what that doesn't explain is in, you know, communities like the tampa bay area, you also have a divide here. trump and clinton supporters are about evenly divided what you don't see are a lot of yard signs did you notice that? >> right. >> i guess the only question is at the end of this election
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that he defriendsed on facebook, right? >> and it's happening. >> you take a look at the electoral votes the clinton campaign looking pretty good. trump has got to sweep the board on those toss up states if he wants to have a chance. >> that's true but once again florida is razor close, that's -- it's unlikely it's going to come down to this one state because trump has got to sort of run the table on a number of different states to stay in the game, but i think, you know, it's probably not going to be a very late night, but and needles right now to find out when that moment comes. >> right. >> that you know who the next president is going to be. >> and back to that prior point you made about unfriending and re-friending, julie was saying what happened to the days where you didn't tell people? >> those are gone. religion and politics are supposed to be off the table. >> thanks for being here. >> well, if you have any questions about your polling
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you can a sample ballot we have that for you on our website at now, many eyes are on florida's senate race as well where some polls show a tighter race in the past couple of days. marco rubio hoping to have a very good night in south florida. we're joined live from miami. are you getting a good describe down there? >> reporter: you know, we've been following marco rubio since last year this time, and spent some he does feel confident it appears. here at this party all is quiet right now. this party is expected to start around 6:30 this evening, and marco rubio spent much of the day today out of the limelight compared to what he's done over the past several days. he spent the day along the i-4 corridor yesterday. he wrapped up his day with a campaign stop in miami last night. for voters in florida this is the third time this year they've seen his name on the ballots.
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trump. and i asked him how he feels this time around. >> i feel a lot better obviously in terms of the work we've done and put in but it's been a long and interesting election cycle. i feel good. . >> reporter: and while there was a poll yesterday showing his opponent patrick murphy ahead by one point for the most part for this entire race rubio has been ahead in the polls, he tells me he's feeling cde hispanics of that shown up to the polls so this party might be a bit of a celebration. >> a lot of the recent polls showing that a very tight race. we'll check back with you. thank you. and also to the democratic challenger patrick murphy who is not shying away from the fight. he's hoping for an upset after the polls close tonight. >> and we're joined live in palm beach gardens tonight. tell us
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. >> well patrick murphy and his mood has been upbeat. his election night party here the doors will open at 6, he's hoping for a fight to the finish. now, murphy did think he had a lock for the senate seat until marco rubio reentered the race race in june. the latest poll shows rubio leading but murphy has some powerful friends on his side including president obama who's campaigning on his behalf. mud slinging. >> it's terrible, you know when i first got into public service it was -- turned out to be one of the most expensive race in congressional history $30 million, that's terrible. we have to do something to make sure that more people are participating and there's not so much neglect activity. . >> reporter: now, this florida
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number of other races around the country will be closely watched by many because tonight will determine which party has the power in the senate, and murphy is hoping that he can turn the tide in favor of the democrats. still ahead. >> will medical marijuana become legal in florida? we're going to take a look at your vote on amendment 2 coming up. >> and also the controversial amendment number 1, electronic companies pushing it, pass? we're going to take a look coming up. my dad was a family doctor in pinellas county for 55 years. he used to even take me on house calls.
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done, and if you send me to congress we can do it again. i'll protect social security and medicare. defend planned parenthood and women's health care. and i'll take care of our veterans. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message because i'll put you, the people first. always have, and always will. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. people in the upper echelons of the military are very concerned about the things that mr. trump has already said he's going to ask the military to do. chris matthews: talking of maybe using nuclear weapons, nobody wants to hear that about an american president. well, then, then why are we making them? a foreign policy expert went to advise donald trump, and three times he asked,
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and really couldn't have hoped for any better weather this election days. the polls closing just a few hours and a gorgeous evening if you're heading out late to vote temperatures in the low 70s,
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here is the view this morning. linda sent in this video on election day. gorgeous sunrise to start the day, and currently outside beautiful view there as well. beautiful blue skies just a few fair weather clouds around. not expecting any rain for tonight and temperatures are pretty comfortable sitting at 79 degrees right now. and as we head into the overnight hours at 11 p.m. in st. pete you'll be close to 70 degrees into the overnight notice some clouds tomorrow morning calling for partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the mid-60s, throughout the day we're going to keep some extra clouds around. so probably going to see a little bit more cloud cover than sun by the afternoon hours and temperatures will top out in the upper 70s as we head into the afternoon and we bring in just a very small rain chance. it doesn't look like we'll see much rain out of this one. currently 84 in bradenton, the warm spot on the map.
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as well. so high pressure still in place but there's that front off to our north and west. as we head into the overnight hours dry weather will continue some clouds around we will see clouds to start off your day tomorrow, more clouds into the afternoon hours and that small 10% rain chance as this front moves through, but we just don't have quite enough moisture for this to work with so see a number of good showers. thursday morning the front moving south of us, a nice breeze thr temperatures will top out near 80. it doesn't really cool us down a whole lot, and temperatures in a comfortable raping all the way through the end of this week and this coming weekend as well we're staying in the upper 70s and rain chances staying small less than 10% each day. well, amendment 1 has turned out to be one of the more controversial issues on today's
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a way for more solar energy and development. >> critics insist it does the opposite. we're live in south tampa with more on it. >> reporter: good evening to you. turnout pretty steady here at the jan platt labor rather in spite of the fact that as you know many voters have already cast their ballots through early voting. among the voters who are turning out today amendment 11 stirring some strong opinions, critics call it a trick by big backers who are voting today tell me they want to save the earth. . >> i don't want the solar to be -- duke energy and where else? we have some competition, so they don't have competition, then they can just control our rates. >> i voted yes on 1. i think that what we can do for the
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the health -- the earth as healthy has possible whether it be doing solar power or doing your part in re cycling. . >> reporter: a group called consumers for smart solar has financed something like a $26 million campaign in favor of amendment 1, most of that money coming from big power companies like duke energy, florida power and light, and as you know, backers will n in order to pass this amendment to florida's constitution. >> we will be watching it closely tonight that is for sure. well, did you know that your vote can affect the economy? today we have an expert in studio hotels us the stock market is like a voting machine really in the short run. joining me now with some 8 on your side answers today is our
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thanks for being here. >> first in the short run what this means for the economy, the election, and then in the long run. >> so in the short run this is a big question, like tomorrow when we wake up what is the stock market going to do? >> right. >> we have to remember first of all the stock market on a day-to-day basis acts like a voting machine just like we're all going to today. if some bad news comes out people vote the market down or they vote it up. it's going to impact market traders more than it's going to impact investors. >> okay. >> so let's are the candidate we like or we don't like wins, the economy is not going to change instantly. the economy is an ongoing journey. so to answer the longer term question -- >> the long run -- >> is that the market is going to go in line with the economy. so it's going to depend on the policies of whoever wins, what congress approves for them to spend and then what happens to earnings and interest rates and things like that. so we really
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candidate has controversial ideas what will congress allow him or her to do and then how does that actually play out? >> i know you talked a little bit hopeful outcomes if we're trying to be positive you'll have the president and congress working together. >> hopefully, they're going to compromise, they're going to get more done because as important as it is what are they doing, spending money on, it's also important that there's some kind of a that's how a lot of decisions are made that drive confidence in the economy. >> so consumer confidence is what we're getting at there. >> that's huge because we're 70% consumer driven economy. so if we can get an agreement between the new president and congress and they work together more, we should probably see consumer confidence rise, and like a self
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up. >> let's hope you're right. >> let's hope. >> over to you. back to the amendments now we're going to talk about amendment number 2 that is the one legalizing medical marijuana in the state of florida and you can imagine this is stirring up controversy as well. we're live in downtown orlando, what are you learning about that? >> reporter: yeah, good evening, we are here at a watch party with united for care tonight they have been pushing for amendment 2 for some time hoping to have medical variety of medical conditions. of course the last time this issue came before florida voters were narrowly rejected but tonight they are expecting a favorable outcome for a variety of reasons. . >> i think part of it is the passage of time, part of it is doing this in a presidential year where we're seeing a record turnout and part of it is we
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advice to heart and rewrote the amendment tightened it up, and i think that's showed and i think we're going to win tonight. . >> reporter: yeah, john morgan is an attorney here based in orlando that has put millions of dollars in his own money into this issue. he spent less this time than the last time it came before florida voters, frankly less money this time than the last election cycle from both sides. so we will be keeping a close eye on things tonight as they progress, and sticking care group, and of course we will be monitoring the people who have been opposed to this amendment as well to let you know you how they react as the evening goes on. >> all right. covering amendment 2. and coming up we're going to go live to the local presidential support either camps where people are anxiously waiting to see the returns start coming in. >> first we're going to talk away from politics a bit to talk about the lightning and a little
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on tampa bay's most convenient prime time newscast every night on great 38 at 8:00
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for us! all of us! vote gus bilirakis for congress. i'm gus bilirakis, and i approve this message. welcome back. sports taking a break from politics for a second. >> take us away. >> a minute, right, there is some voting i'm going to tell we've got to talk about this lightning game. the lightning the way they're playing after the 3 game losing skit on the road we can chalk up monday night's loss as a little blip on the radar, but the goal that turned out to be the game winner is one that defense man headman would rather forget. he mishandled the buck with less than 50 minutes to play and
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panthers mistake earlier in the period so it's a tough loss that needs to be forgotten quickly. >> you know, you look forward. it's a long season. so, you know, just got to refocus and get ready for next time. >> mistakes happen and it's just too bad because we played a pretty strong game. and got to regroup here. >> award night. not just the election baseball's highest honor for defensive excellence and ray's center fielder hopes to make it back to back gold gloves in the american league. his competition bradley junior of the red sox and pillar of the blue jays. i think he's a long shot but it would be back to back and would be very cool. >> some amazing grabs.
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important and if we don't vote then or decision are made for us. >> 8 is on your side this election day. this is first at 4. >> now, 4 headlines number 1, everyone votes, here's democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton appeared her husband going to the polls in new york early this morning. >> number 2, republican presidential hopefulon on manhattan's east side. they'll be in manhattan watching the results come in. >> number 3, trump's runs mate also voted today, here he is with his wife in his home state. >> and number 4 tim kaine also voting today in his home state. they started the trip to new york around mid-day. and we're working hard for you this election day and the
4:32 pm
live in st. petersburg with david jolly's camp, we're in st. pete beach with charlie crist. >> and on the presidential side we're in tampa at the official watch party for hillary clinton but we're going to begin with live in sarasota at the republican watch party for donald trump. . >> reporter: good afternoon to you both. we're coming to you live in sarasota where the republican party is scheduled to host a huge vent here and i mean massive more than 3,000 rsvps have come in already. the leaders here in sarasota, but the candidate himself the presidential candidate donald trump was here in sarasota just yesterday, this of course, an all important area in the political race for president, and there was a massive crowd yesterday, i don't know if you had a chance to watch some of the coverage here on news channel 8 but 5,500 people
4:33 pm
2,000 outside. so we're talking about a big big crowd there going on, again, the republican leaders here in sarasota talking about the importance of not only the i-4 corridor but the neighboring counties here in sarasota, so again, a big party on tap here tonight for donald trump, again, the congress recess man going to be talking to us in a couple of hours about the importance of sarasota, the importance again of florida in this ever important race where we have seen just about everything, and i've got to tell you here there's always that buzz right before the event begins, the mojo and the energy has been very positive. they have queued up cool and the gaining's celebration if that tells you anything about how people feel the race is going to be ending here. so we will be here throughout the night with all the returns coming in and we'll see then. >> lots of people anxious to see the results. now, to the
4:34 pm
party in tampa. >> that's where we're live. >> reporter: good evening. the florida clinton team pulling this rooming to for what they are hoping will be a victory celebration and of course that means the balloon -- blowing up of the balloons. take a look at the video and you'll see what i'm talking about. they started blowing up the balloons and getting this room ready for what they're hoping will be a packed crowd. to will be here tonight including tampa mayor bob buckhorn. and florida plays a key role in this election and hillsborough county has been a test for how elections seem to turnout. in fact, in the last 19 of 20 last elections voters have successfully picked the president of the united states. the room is primarily empty right now but the fitzgeralds are the first people to show up. they took a room at the hotel so
4:35 pm
>> so we can beat the crowd. >> you told me you're registered republicans but clearly given the shirt you're voting a democrat tonight. why is that? >> well, we've been republican all our lives, and we're disappointed in what happened this year, and so we're voting democratic this year. >> it's been an interesting year to say the very least. what are you hoping for? i guess i know the answer to that. >> we want to see a change the outlook on everything plus we want to see people coming together both parties, but what we needs we need more politics to be working together and not you know, when they get to the table they need to start doing something. i think that was kind of why we voted differently. . >> thank you also much for being here. i appreciate it. i know you're the first in lineo you get the pick of the tables, i guess. thank you so much. the official party actually get:
4:36 pm
going to see a lot of people in this room here tonight. back to you. >> all right we are ready. and more than 50% of the state's registered voters actually cast a ballot before the polls even opened today. >> most opened wit a hitch. we have a look at how things went at the ballot box today. >> there are 5,836 polling places in florida when they reported a problem where a machine was plugged into a dead outlet. the problem was quickly remedied. before precinct doors opened dues morning more than 6.51 million had already cast early or mail in ballots. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> that means just over 50% had voted before election day contrast that with 1992, when just 5.3 million voted overall
4:37 pm
. >> they're really motivating the election this time around. >> and the state won't be posting any results until the polls close in the panhandle at 8 p.m. eastern. and now let's get some perspective on your vote 2016. joining us is supervisor of elections kurt browning. >> let's start with voting running fairly smoothly. we haven't heard of very many problems today. >> from what i've heard everything is goinger any issues with ballots, voting equipment, protesters at the polls, so it seems to be going very well. >> you've seen a lot of elections in years past. how about this year in terms of record turnout? >> what i've seen, heard, absolutely. when i -- i drive pasco quite a bit and driving around early voting sites for that period of early voting, mine lines even when i was
4:38 pm
the door and into the parking lot. so i do believe that's an indicator of what kind of turnout we're going to see and not just here but statewide. >> and i know when i went to vote today they said it's been steady there's only been a minute or two where there hasn't been anybody but i do think we're seeing a very strong turnout. let's talk a little bit about the possibility of a rigged election. >> okay. . >> it's just -- >> why is it not possible? >> well, i'm never going to tell you having been a former elections official and secretary of state over elections in florida, our elections are decentralized. they're in every county. the only thing that supervisors of elections do is transmit vote totals ballots -- they're counted in the precinct even those totals when they're transmitted when they come in they physically double-check the -- what was -- the numbers transmitted against what was printed at the polls place so
4:39 pm
that. there's nothing connected to the internet. >> well, it's interesting because one of my assignments has been looking at cyber security and the hacking potential. stay cities counties all coming from different places it's not run by one central internet connection. >> an you're going to have your problems no matter what election. we had 2 poll workers fired. and south carolina voters had to bring out the books toot way you see that stuff. >> you do, you do. work your plan but you just don't know how many are going to show up for the party. i think good great election officials they plan and you really don't hear anything from them. >> and you -- to end it quickly, have faith in our system. >> absolutely i do. absolutely, every day. >> we appreciate you being here. >> sure, thank you. >> thanks so much. if you have any questions about your polling
4:40 pm
ballot you can check out our 8 on your side it's on our website at coming up another close race in pinellas county. we're live with both sides coming up next. >> and you're going to want to stick around for these 8 on your side stories. >> the fbi warns florida's election chiefs look out for hackers. target 8 investigates. >> the dreaded walk to the mailbox to find political ad te today i talked to voters if the
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welcome back. former florida governor charlie crist is looking to unseat david jolly. >> we want to go live to the
4:44 pm
we're live right now. bring us up so speed. . >> reporter: preparations going on right now here for the crist campaign the watch party tonight we expect crist supporters to roll in at around 6:00 tonight. i want you to take a look at the grand balance room. obviously not much going on but that of course will change. the supporters will be down here on the floor. vips will be up on the upper level w it's a big question we're waiting to find out. we caught up with crist he spent the day in downtown st. pete with st. pete mayor trying to get any last minute undecided voters. let's talk about the polls out there, most show crist and david jolly neck in neck the latest one show crist with a 5 point lead.
4:45 pm
redistricting but now a democratic shift with an additional 20,000 voters and of course there's name recognition, state attorney general, former florida governor, take a listen. . >> this is in the hands of the people, it really is, and we have a government that's supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people. i've always to do with them and i won't go with the special interest. so the choice is crysta go with crist. >> reporter: back here live, he is stilt out on the campaign trail since 7:00 this morning. we're told he'll be doing that until 7:00 tonight and of course we'll expect to see him later on here tonight. and now let's turn to the republicans in the u.s. congress race. >> we're live at the david jolly camp. >> reporter: hello. and welcome to the grand balance room.
4:46 pm
be held. congressman david jolly is fighting to keep his seat. here's some pictures of david jolly it's proving to be a tough fight with a 13th congressional district redrawn to include only pinellas county and the majority of voters there being democrat. jolly is hoping voters remember his work securing fund for. >> can a research and fighting to prevent members of congress from soliciting money will propel him back to washington. >> well, first he's gotten out d campaign. he's decided he's going right to the people, right to the voters and i think he's been very effective. we were in churches all over the city just last sunday and really for several sundays but we've been out in the community, and he's been very effective at it. >> reporter: and he's predicting a win rick baker. you're looking at the setup where we think the results are going to
4:47 pm
jolly's insistence that members of congress not solicit fund has alien natured some members of the gop. but as you saw rick baker says it's a grass-roots campaign and so no problem there. we expect this matter to get underway at 6:00. >> all right. thanks so much. and we've got blue skies on this election day, here's the view from tampa off of ford you can see the traffic building already heading northbound which is pretty standard for this time of the afternoon of the temperatures in the upper 70s right now winds coming in out of the east between 5 to 10 miles per hour. another great view, 75 degrees very comfortable this afternoon, low dew points and it's really been a warm appeared dry stretch. we've had above average temperatures for the last 14 days and it's been now 24 days without any rainfall at tampa international airport. so it's been quite a stretch and
4:48 pm
the only showers we're seeing are up towards the panhandle those are pretty isolated at this point and we're expecting it to stay dry for the rest of tonight. 5:99 p.m., a few clouds around, near 70 degrees, mild start tomorrow morning, and it's really going to feel nice, we're in the mid-60s to start off with. by the afternoon hours we'll top out in the upper 70s, we'll see more clouds around though expect that out ahead of an approaching cold front and bring in a small 10% rain chance tomorrow afternoon into a really nice afternoon. temperatures close to average for this time of the year, it's # 2 in tampa, 78 in zephyrhills, and in 77 in clearwater and in st. pete and our dew points 50s, low 60s, a very county table range when we start to get into our warmer afternoons this makes it feel better because we don't have really much of a humidity factor. the rest of this evening only a few clouds around. when you wake up
4:49 pm
going to build as we head throughout the day. there's the front. this will move through wednesday evening and bring a small rain chance in. we'll keep our chances at only 10%. looking dry for thursday with comfortable temperatures near 80 degrees. this suspect a major difference, this is mainly just going to keep us comfortable in the upper 70s to low 80s and we'll see our rain chances stay fairly small sunday, monday and tuesday near 10%, a weak front on saturday keeps us into the week. so look at that, 0% rain chance for the heart walk. >> love that. >> thank you much. >> and we'll be right back with
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get 24 meals for under four dollars. new at steak 'n shake! as we've shown you all those wanting to vote in this year's election who didn't mail in a ballot or vote early they are showing up in person today. >> you're out of time now
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not just here in florida but across the nation. we're joined live from the tampa news center with details, what are you hearing? >> well technology us a both know can be bright when it works unfortunately today a lot of booths are having major glitches but you can't always just blame a computer for polling place problems. 2 clerks were fired by the supervisor of elections following a dispute. this happened after police were called out to the community center. there about possible voter intimidation from both the poll watchers but that led to a dispute between clerks from precinct 23 and 24, again one a democrat and one a republican. one of the elections clerk says there was no manipulation whatsoever. >> well, they're complaining that the poll watchers were interfering in the election process and they weren't. . >> also in nevada we've learned a judge just denied a request
4:54 pm
that one county kept polls open 2 hours late but the county says it stated open for voters who lined up on time. meanwhile more than 5,500 reports of voting problems were reported to the national call center for election protection and keep in mind that number and severity reports outpaces both the 2008 and 2012 election years. >> and a lot of voters out there this year for sure. also right now while americans are decided who will fill the nation as top job the obama administration says there are millions more american jobs waiting to be filled. today the labor department announced america had 5 and a half million job openings in december. and coming up a lot of those i voted stickers are being place in a spot of honor today.
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z25ehz z16fz y25ehy y16fy trending online. >> beginning with concerns about chocolate. while we worry about the presidential election, british people are unhappy with the maker of one of their favorite chocolate bars. loyal fans of tub around -- tobleron are paying the same price for less of the product. the company blames rising costs. krispy kreme will give you a free doughnut with an i voted sticker.
4:59 pm
for more deals like these, head to also today, people are flocking to susan b. anthony's headstone in rochester, new york. look at the line. one by one stepping forward and footed -- and putting there i voted stickers on the headstone. this tradition gains new meaning today with a female candidate in the presidential race. to see what's trending right now and get updates in between nukes -- newscasts, had to we will post results they're all might. a big evening ahead. news channel 8 at 5:00 starts right now. >> after a knockout, drag out campaign, decision day is here. >> today, the american working class is going to strike back. >> our core values are being tested in this election. >> america makes its choice and
5:00 pm
night coverage. your vote counts 2016.>> i'm jennifer lee. >> thank you for joining us tonight. by the end of the night, america hopes to have a new president. will it be mr. president for madam president? most florida polls close in just two hours. we will kick it off tonight with our national correspondent mark meredith live at the hilton hotel in will be tonight. we understand trump is still vacillating on whether he will accept the rules.>> reporter: keith, he mentioned during the debate he would keep the country in suspense and the suspense will be happening at the hotel behind me. this is where his victory party is set to get underway within the next two hours or so. tests are already starting to arrive but the big question is we are waiting to find out who


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