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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  November 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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strike on this wednesday morning, we're waking up with the new president-elect of the united states of america, the donald j trump. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. it is time. >> of those words came after donald trump received a call from hillary clinton to concede the race. obviously, not the outcome her camp hoped for as many people at her watch party for somber in some even in tears
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the turn of events. >> good morning, thank you for joining us on this wednesday after a very long night for most of us. you are watching news channel 8 with all of your election results on this wednesday morning. we will get to the results of but let's check in on the weather. >> we do have some changes. you can see what is happening across the panhandle of florida . locally it is just some extra clouds. i think we ll of that rain. there is a 10 percent chance of sprinkles. 62 brooksville. 63 lakewood. notice the extra clouds that you will see a rise of. -- horizon . earlier in the day temperatures will be harder to climb up because we won't be as much sunshine. we end up with an afternoon high in the 70s. i will let you know what happens after this for.
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out in sarasota. cell phone i 75 university parkway, the new lanes have been opened up. it will look a little bit different through that area. i will keep you posted on these changes throughout the progression of that construction. let's head over with a little bit construction trying to wrap up on the skyway bridge. the race for the presidency, republican donald trump is declared the winner. driving on a wave e1 several battleground states including florida. just before 3:00 the president-elect took to the stage to address supporters at his headquarters in new york and even had a message for those who did not vote for him. >> for those who have chosen not to support me in the past
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people, i am reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together in unify our great country. >> donald trump went on to thank all of the people who helped him get elected. even had a message for hillary clinton. >> hillary has worked very long very hard over a long period of time, and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our >> of course, this is not the outcome the clinton camp at hoped for. her watch party in new york turned somber quickly with many supporters stunned some broke down in tears. clinton has yet to speak publicly but said her campaign chairman went out to address supporters. >> i want every person across the country that supported
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so much to her into tim and to all of us. >> this morning, no word on when hillary clinton plans on speaking but we will monitor that. we are your vote 2016 station would team coverage monitoring all of the developments in the race. we the community as people begin to react to these results that we learned early this morning at. -- early this morning. >> we start with meredith was here to break down the electoral college votes. as a right now donald trump has secured 278 electoral votes. >> that is right 270 are
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right now we're still waiting to hear officially for minnesota, michigan, arizona, however, here is what we can tell you about big surprises, swing states that ended up going red. us here in florida, 29 electoral votes for us. pennsylvania came in with 20. north carolina gave 15 to the donald trump campaign, also ohio. wisconsin also went for donald trump, in iowa electoral votes there. that added up right now to 278. everything is not said and done but that did give donald trump the presidency. of course, as you can imagine, let's get rid of that there are plenty reactions on social media although not from the campaign themselves. this is what donald trump tweeted earlier this afternoon and today we
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campaign spokesperson tweeted the several hours ago, things that were true, undercover donald trump go that may have to do with this. a lot of people were closeted donald trump people. mike pence for vice president , hillary pleasure -- hillary 's floor and ceiling are the same and we expanded the map. we will have more social media reaction throughout the morning. volatility after the election. futures have already plummeted. the dow jones futures were down more than 700 points at one point his realization spread the donald trump was likely to win. futures trading was halted after midnight. the futures recovered somewhat after word spread that hillary clinton conceded the election. the markets opened at 9:30 this
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the donald trump presidency. in south korea markets took a dive falling one half percent. japan plunged 6 percent but then rebounded. experts explain the drop is over concerns over donald trump prejudicing -- presidency could mean . reaction pouring in from all across america and not always a good. take a lo you can see a lot of people upset. protesters are upset with the outcome. they are changing anti-trump slogans. so far they have remained peaceful. with donald trump is president-elect, republicans control the white house and both congress and house of representatives -- both houses of congress. marco rubio defeated congress patrick murphy
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marco rubio claimed 52 percent of the vote compared to murphy 44 percent. >> reporter: good morning, it was an exciting night for marco rubio, much different from the night he got on stage back in february after losing to donald trump and having to drop out of the presidential race this night was an exciting night for him. in his family were all smiles. he had called his opponent, murphy, congratulating him on a great race saying this is a tough time to run for an election also saying he has a bright future. you one on to talk about the challenges that they face as he goes back to work. he said he knows this country will be okay despite the bradenton of the presidential race however he never said donald trump's name. you did talk about how conversation
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drop out and run for president again. we want to see how he feels after seeing the results of last night's collection we do have extra clouds around and we will keep those around throughout the day. i am only adding in a small rain chance despite the fact there will be rain around us. there are cloud spreading into the tampa bay area but look at i that 10 percent rain chance. the clouds will keep temperatures in check. we go from the 60s only into the mid-to upper 70s. this week front will have more clouds but only a slim rain chance. behind the front upper 70s which is average. next week a few more showers will be back into the forecast. 79 today, 81 tomorrow, upper 70s
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>> overall we have pretty good drive. a little bit of different situation in sarasota. we have no information on the diverging diamond change. they are opening up the southbound lanes. there is a bridge that all of the traffic is being diverted on . with this project. it should wrap up by the summer fall of 2070. structure -- construction is cleared up on the skyway bridge . >> florida has a new us representative in washington dc but it is not new politics. the race pitted david jolly against charlie crist. the
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percent compared to jolly 40 percent. crist called the race difficult expect these races are difficult, and they can be tough sometimes. it turned out well for us, but i want to thank david jolly and his wife laura. while he was my opponent, he was never my enemy . >> he won on to tell his supporters he would fight for seniors, the environment, and education when he takes office >> our coverage of your vote counts 2016 continues. coming up the big issues that brought florida voters to the polls. here at the tampa international airport folks are waking up to the news the donald trump will be our next
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florida voters cast ballots on several amendments. one of the most controversial is amendment one. 51 percent voted yes meanwhile, 45 percent voted no.
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percent to pass. the measure was packed like power companies including tico. the amendment would have made it hard to expand solar power in florida and they relied on social media in editorials to get that message out. >> a different result for amendment to. and legalized marijuana and received overwhelming support with 71 percent of the vote. one mother is te herself. >> we have been fighting for this out on the streets sometimes away from my kids.
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of medical marijuana. it was a historic night and early morning in america. >> after a bitter campaign siple -- cycle, donald trump is said to be america's next president. mary, our travelers feeling about the results of the elections early this morning to. >> a lot of travelers have been checking their phones alerting the news the donald trump will be our next president. i spoke with people that voted for him and those that did not. the main feeling i get is shock. they did not expect to wake up and hear this news the based on all the polls that we have been seeing. donald trump supporters were shocked in a good way and one man called
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who doesn't know foreign-policy but maybe it is time for someone who doesn't know something and control somebody else with the things he does know but he does know economics. he's a businessman. >> another comment thread is people are simply overjoyed that this election is they tell me to have had it with the constant political ads they have been seeing on tv, and they have had it with the findings between the parties. this has been one of the better election cycles. people are glad and relieved that it is all decided in over. of voters were on edge when they hit the polls being the
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side to report various issues. ryan hughes is live in opponent plays this morning. ryan, what were their main concerns. >> things seem to run smoothly but some voters were concerned that their votes were not tallied. we were at this precinct on election da technicians were roaming the county to replace or fix any ballot machines that malfunctioned. elections workers assured voters they could come back to watch the count after the polls closed at 7. >> i can trust people like this . again, they may be honest people, but how do you know?
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>> i want to see my vocal through the machine. >> all at all, minor issues report. we're told nearly 600,000 voters hit the polls here in this county alone yesterday. let's get you out the door this morning. >> we will have extra clouds around through the day today. more clouds, 69 am. 75 by noon. i'm even adding in a slim rain chance or couple of sprinkles as a cold front comes through with a high of 70 degrees. we are also drier this morning. we are 2 to 4 degrees warmer right now than this time yesterday. clouds especially north of i-4, rain across north florida. as the day progresses in the sink
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a quickly showers possible right on into the evening hours to. 79 degrees for high temperature today with more sunshine. 81 thursday and then cool and very pleasant air coming in for veterans day. traffic looks fantastic on i-4. through wesley chapel great drive. awesome driving downtown tampa. we do have a little bit of an issue in sarasota. i have more of that coming up in my next report. your vote counts 2016
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southern california voters ran into difficulties when they tried to cast their ballots. election officials did not explain what caused many of the delays. the problems led to long waits for voters even after the problems were resolved . despite problems, californians cast their votes to legalize recreational use of
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celebrating proposition 64. a means now adults 21 and older can legally possessed of to announce of marijuana and can also grow plants. in the stressful election some voters in battleground state of north carolina got puppy therapy at the polls. the spca brought these puppies to several rally polling sites. voters got to do stress and puppies got some got some hugs and some scratches behind the ear. it was a good time for all. it was an election night packed with packs -- it was an election night packed with surprises. >> coming up: from the president to ascendancy to the debate of solar power in florida.
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right now we do have cloud cover streaming across our skies, 60 degrees a temp international airport. it is a little bit warmer in the touch more humid. look what is happening across the panhandle. there is a lot of rain there. the clouds are certainly hanging around with highs at 79 degrees temp down because of the ou through. i will let you know how much cooler it is going to be as we get closer to the weekend coming up. in between manatee county and the notes county -- pinellas county it looks great here key continues to be a good drive as you move across the skyway bridge. i 75 in sarasota we have new traffic pattern. it is all a part of a new
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let's move over and talk about i 75. it is a wonderful drive. no delays as of yet. not a lot of people out on the roadways. overall traffic is looking good
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breaking news, overnight donald trump will become the next president of the united states. >> america will no longer settle f we must reclaim our country's destiny and dream big, bold and daring. >> donald trump's past path came from several -- path came from several key swing states. >> good morning and welcome to


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