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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  November 9, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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breaking news, overnight donald trump will become the next president of the united states. >> america will no longer settle f we must reclaim our country's destiny and dream big, bold and daring. >> donald trump's past path came from several -- path came from several key swing states. >> good morning and welcome to
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joining us on this very busy wednesday morning. >> we do have changes coming. we have cold front pushing through north georgia in central alabama. as you get a little closer mostly dry and maybe a drop or 2 and citrus county. the clouds are already keeping us warmer than yesterday, 61 zephryhills. 61 bartow. 67 breaking 10. the average today drop to 79 degrees. that is my forecast mainly because we will see a
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we have nice drive on 275. we are not seeing any delays. a lot of people stayed up late still sleeping in from the election. there is a new traffic pattern southbound i 75 right around university parkway. the new south all lanes have opened up. to have been doing construction and are not done. at in your vote counts 2016, donald trump is the winner in the race for the white house. he will become the 45th president of the united states. the results coming just a couple of hours ago after a long night of waiting. just before 3:00 this morning donald trump spoke to supporters and his opponents saying it is time to work together. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be
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and this is so important to me, working together we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the american dream. i have spent my entire life and business looking at the untapped potential in progress -- projects and people all over the world . that is not what i want to do for our country. >> meanwhile, no comment from hillary instead her campaign chairman spoke to supporters shortly before donald trump took to the stage with john podesta saying there would be no more common until morning until all the votes are counted. not long after that hillary clinton called donald trump to concede the election. we are your vote 2016 station with team coverage. we're tracking results and reactions
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we look at how donald trump secure the 270 electoral votes required to win the presidency. >> even though all of the numbers are not counted yet, it does not matter because donald trump has one more than 270 electoral votes. so, how did he do that? he had to take most of the swing states, and that he did including florida,, pennsylvania gave him 20 electoral votes. north carolina wisconsin 10, iowa giving him 6 of those electoral college votes . as you can imagine, there has been a lot of reaction on social media who want to take you over to that and kind of give you some of those comments first from donald trump himself if it will pull up. what he said as we are going to make
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coming hours before those final votes came in. i do want to point out that there are several celebrities who have said they will leave the country, they will move to canada and donald trump wins . cher what are they saying now? saying the world will never be the same. i feel sad for the young people. she said the world is going to go to the poop the emoji. we here in florida, big race for the u.s. senate and for the 2nd term for us senator marco rubio. senator rubio winning with 52 percent of the vote and murphy finishing 8 points behind. senator rubio spoke to supporters about the political divide in america. >> i hope that i am my
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example of how political discourse is in this country. congressman murphy conceded to rubio. >> senator rubio and i also have our differences, but at this point it is important that we come together and do what is best for florida. >> he went on to senator rubio to fight for them. another big race involved former governor charlie crist hoping to get back in political office and he did. he couldn't -- he defeated jolley winning by 4 percent, 52
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it is a massive political comeback. he has served the state of florida for years not only as governor but also state attorney general even on the short list for potential vice president picks for john mccain in the election of 2008. he was raised in st. petersburg, graduated and calls pinellas county home. he called it a tough and difficult race seeing jolley was an opponent and not an enemy, that he would fight for seniors for their social security, ot get a good education. >> he wants to write for everybody. >> i am just very humble. i'm so grateful to all the people who helped us do this. the hundred and 87,000 the nose county residents that were kind to us today, i am just -- god bless them. >> he also said he is ready to work with the new administration all for the residents of pinellas county
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office after one full term but he promised he is not done fighting for the people he represents.>> folks, will not stop until members of congress -- are you ready for this ? until members of congress stop raiding the system for their own political survival and instead work for the american people. i can tell you this, those problems don't exist on they exist on both. >> he faced an uphill battle in the race after his district was redrawn favoring a democrat. >> we do have extra clouds around and you will notice that throughout the day as we went on the cold front to arrive
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we have a lot of rain back to the west, but when you get into north florida those are sprinkles at best. we may see a few of those. i left a 10 percent chance and extra clouds all day long. 71 degrees at 9 am, the afternoon high of 79 is actually average for this time of year and we fall back down through the 70s this evening. watch out for fuel though showers. we go back to near average, upper 70s as we head through the rest of the week and into the weekend. next week i added in a few more showers back to the forecast. let's focus on the high temperature of 79. tomorrow is sunnier. let's check in with traffic on the 8s as people head out the door. they are headed out the door moving quite nicely on the bay area interstates. if you are waking up after this election day we have good dry through lakeland and also pasco county. wesley chapel is up to speed. we have new traffic pattern here at the diverging diamond interchange and that the south:
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are the new southbound lanes. if you travel through there are put onto a bridge southbound but now you will be in the main portion of the roadway. that is one of the first progressions of the diverting diamond interchange. it should be wrapped up in a year. we have great drive and manatee county. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. voters here in florida also had to make selections of multiple amendments with 2 of them receiving lots of publy. amendment one concerning solar proper. 51 percent trend power. 51 percent voted yes. the measure was backed by utility companies including tico, florida power & light and other major utility companies. the amendment was actually anti- solar says opponents. as for amendment to, that measure pass easily with 71
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therapeutic uses already allowed under florida law. canada's immigration website crashed overnight. how the us presidential race is
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the presidential race, we're hearing george w. bush and former first lady laura bush did not even vote for president. rush limbaugh has said bush was voting for hillary clinton. a spokesman he says the former president did vote for other republican candidates for chose not to vote for either clinton or donald trump. the canadian's government immigration website crash last and access still remains pretty spotty. experts believe the us election played a major role in this as americans opposed to donald trump have frequently joked about moving to canada should he become president.
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to canada in becoming a canadian citizen have also grown -- also grown in recent months . love or hate the results there is no denying this election was one of the most divisive in recent history. mary mcguire joins us live from tampa international airport. people are up there early. mary, you have been talking with many of the travelers of holiday feeling about the canada? >> reporter: they have not set here moving or flying to canada just yet but i thought this was interesting. i arrived around 3 am this morning. that was right after donald trump was declared the definitive winner of the presidential election. i expected that i would be telling a lot of them about the results of the election, telling them that donald trump was indeed the winner, but there are any new. they had their smart phones out . there were watching the electoral map and seeing that he was the definitive winner. take a look, the tampa
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another common thread, they are overjoyed that this election is over. they told me they have had the constant political fightings in the ads on tv and they are hoping -- the country can heal and we will wait to see how donald trump dozen office. >> i don't know how i feel. we have to see what happens. we have to join together and all focus on the same thing >> reporter: i thought this was interesting as well. i have been trying to scan the airport looking for a newspaper, one of our national newspapers like a surety the front page in the headlines that are coming out, but all the workers at the newsstands tell me the newspapers are late on arriving here. we know we found out the news that donald trump was declared the winner around 2:33 this morning so those newspapers are a little bit late. i hope to show you one of those headlines coming up in the next half hour. >> it might be because they
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because it may be a wrong prediction. voters face few issues at the polls, sulfuric their vote would not count. ryan joins us live. ryan, where some people worried about this. >> reporter: good morning to you . those we spoke to said they were mostly worried that their vote simply would not be counted during the presidential election yesterday. this is one place, precinct 635 that had issues including issues with the were yesterday not count after machine went down. they roamed the county to replace a fix any ballot machines that malfunction. we spoke to one couple that had a difficult time trusting those that run the show. >> it is going to be counted manually. >> relieved? >> yes i am and i know a lot
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a few of them. >> all in all, once again minor issues with the voting system here in hillsboro county. in congress, republicans contain -- retain control of the house and the senate . paul ryan won reelection. republicans now control 230 60s compared to democrats in 199 republicans were expected to maintain control. republicans also kept control of the senate, john mccain among the members winning reelection securing a 6 the term. republicans now hold 51 seats in the senate with democrats at 47 seats. both sides are expected to gain one more seat once all of those votes are counted. it is 5:18 on this wednesday morning and a little bit more cloudy. >> you will notice extra close this morning because we are waiting on a cold front. at
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degrees. let me take you through the rest of the day. at 8 am, clouds around with temperatures a little warmer due to the overnight clouds. the front will arrive in our northern areas by lunchtime. it will be 75 with a 10 percent rain chance in the chance for sprinkler to along with extra clouds throughout the day. brooksville you are at 62 right now. 64 winter haven. 60 north port. 61 apollo beach. my weather watcher in venice is up early this morning. it is 64 degrees where he is. we have a lot of rain across the northern gulf of mexico for a storm expected to come through. here's the front. yes, there are extra clouds but you don't see a lot of rain in the forecast. again it is just a 10 percent chance. we have slightly cooler air by tomorrow morning, but actually with sunshine around we are a little warmer at 81 pleasant
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on the roadways overall it is pretty good. traffic is light. i haven't seen any incidents out there until now. the veterans expressway is up to speed. on hillsboro avenue i just got word of a crash. eastbound hillsboro is apparently losing some lanes. the 2016 heart walk around the corner and news channel 8 is committed to raising $100,000. we need your help. fucchilo kia matching the first $50,000 we raise that is like doubling your donation. the walk is happening november 12 at raymond james stadium. head over to fl -- head over to walk.
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at a polling place. >> we survived campaign season , some better than others. if you need comic relief visit me on my facebook page. if you could describe the election using only the title of the movie, what would it be called? i can't wait to hear what you
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the presidential race, picture of donald trump lit up on the side of the empire state building in new york city. a dispute between donald trump and clinton supporters turned violent at a south florida polling place. here it is. i will tell you all about it. woman says she was going to cast her vote at a polling place . she was handing out pamphlets she exchanged words with a clinton supporter. the words turned physical after the man cast his ballot. >> he came charging at me. he put his hand on my shoulder and i said i'm going to spray you. i said i told you do not get in my face and he started screaming at me. you threw me down and started punching me. >> police to show up to intervene. no one was arrested. locally, nationally, and internationally, the world
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victory speech in the other question people are asking, where as hillary clinton? team coverage coming your way. let's take you live outside to the beautiful downtown tampa . we have a few more clouds out there this morning. weather and traffic on the 8s
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5:28 on this wednesday. there are extra clouds around because we are waiting on a cold front. it is mild at the bus stop and it could be a couple of sprinkles later on today when they come home from school. 79 degrees is our average for this time of year. behind the cold front with more sunshine, we are warmer at 81. we are looking at traffic right now. we do have an accident that is
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please keep that in mind. we're not seeing any delays in a new crash to talk about. this crashes off to the side of
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the this morning we have yet to hear from hillary clinton herself about the turn of


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