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. good evening tonight we
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convenience store. greg gregory walker a knew as mr. greg died last night. chip osowski joins from that scene sunoco off of nebraska avenue. >>reporter: you're exactly right. this is exactly where authorities found walker's body lying in the street here right in front of the sunoco at columbus and nebraska. paramedics rushed him to the hospital where doctors unfortunately first arrived on scene they were investigating an aggravated assault but 56-year- old gregory walker's injuries were serious. so serious that assault investigation quickly turned to homicide. but who killed walker and why. >> we're investigating it and we are optimistic as we do in all cases like this we try to interview as many people as we can ree we try to look to view whatever we can do to collect information. it was not random. >>reporter: where walker died
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say present a mcneill knew the victim well. >> this is not what you call a good area. but anything goals if it happened up in nebraska it happened during club hours or whatever. i have no idea can't really say all i know it shouldn't have happened to him. >>reporter: others who live in that complex are still in shock. >> he was a nice guy. neighbors would talk speak come up give them a popsicle he was a good neighbor. >>reporter: list are looking at video from surveillance cameras in the area. as you heard they are interviewing people from nearby businesses and possible witnesses. tpd did release a suspect description, a description of the person that they would like to speak to. he is 6-foot or 6'1", about 230 pounds and he was last seen wearing a yellow shirt and camo pants obviously if you know who
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reporting live in tampa chip osowski news channel 8. >> the widow of a lake wales store cluck gunned down killed on the job is asking are for answers. two weeks ago two robbers gunned down muhammad ali limb outside of the qp gas station. the two bad guys took his pants and belongings and then one of them shot him. >> what happened i cannot explain anybody you know. >> muhammad leaves behind two young daughters. investigators found his cell phone but still have not been able to track down his killer. a tip to crimestoppers could be worth $5,000. florida attorney general pam bondi just landed a high ranking spot on donald trump's transition team. today the president-elect announced that bondi will serve on the team that sets up the
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fraud case against trump university after receiving a $25,000 donation from trump. she has maintained the donation had nothing to do with her office deciding not to investigate. it's unclear if this transition team appointment will land bondi a permanent job in trump's administration. a pasco county student has accused his teacher of making a racist comment and even invoking donald trump's name in class. jamel lane district leaders and looking into the claim. >>reporter: weather wesly chapper high school teacher john sousa is on administrative leave he's accused of make a racist student toward several black students wednesday. donnie jones, jr. would not go on camera but wrote on facebook sousa approached his dare daughter and several other students and asked what they were up to. the student sousa said quote don't make me call donald trump to get you sent back to africa.
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employees did say what he is accused of saying. we can't stand for that. we expect civilty. >>reporter: jones says he spoke with sousa directly about the incident and was told quote it was just an off the wall comment wasn't meant to be racist of it was a bunch of male and female students in the hallway and he was talking to everyone. report national guard pasco county jamel lanee' news channel 8. >> a clinic in largo is one of the medical marijuana exams. jeff patterson reports the doctor who runs the clinic believes marijuana can help people with a variety of conditions. >>reporter: high above ulmerton road in largo a bill board offering medical marijuana exams at the largo clinic and med spa. patients can see the doctor for the exam. >> they have to come in and make contact. >>reporter: the first visit is $300. each visit after that is $150. you have to see the doctor once
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recommendation for marijuana. and your insurance won't pay for the visitor the pots. the doctor told me he's always been a skeptic about the benefits of marijuana. >> very suspect. very dubious. >>reporter: but then he had a patient with a chronic pain condition. >> on her own initiative she went to colorado, came back and basically said here i don't needs these anymore. >>reporter: after that the doctor decided to t yates. he believes medical marijuana can help a variety of people. jeff patterson news channel 8. okay so here's an entirely different reason to be scared a visit to the dentist. a car plowed into aiden tall office yesterday evening in naples. just 14 seconds after a member of the cleaning staff left the room. if it had happened during business hours someone would have likely been sitting in the
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building instead. he suffered minor injuries. you're guaranteed to get a smiley face when you take a look at emoji an or fans manatee car receiving care at lowrie park zoo in tampa. look at this little one. he was rescued from the caloosa hatch he river. he's only 2 weeks old and weighs 66 pounds. the zoo named him emoji because of their recent efforts to add a manatee to the available emojis on your years. what a cutie. this is veteran's day and today people around the bay area passed to honor the men and women who have sacrificed so much to preserve our freedom. it is the 9th year for a parade at the james a. haley veterans hospital in tampa. it's been 50 years since the end of the vietnam war so this year's parade paid special honor to vets from that era. events included a ceremony and cook out. a vietnam vet frank fanny he
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in lakeland. veterans friends and family were able to release a different. fanny owns the duffs which are trained to fly back home after they are released. in sarasota today veterans elected officials and even local bands made their way down plain street to five points park. as you can see crowds gathered along the side of the streets and there were plenty of flags waving. a ceremony followed at the park to honor all of our service men and women. one of the largest veteran's day ceremonies in the area takes pl the florida national cemetery in bushnell. hundreds gathered there today to share stories hear patriotic music and to stroll through that hallowed grounds. more than 10,044,000 men and women who fought for our country and their spouses are buried at the florida national cemetery. in fact our own steve jerve
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ceremonies. >> it's a very solemn place to visit. and contemplate the men and women that have served our country. today is veteran's day of course we have memorial day but we are there to honor the veterans very good turn out great group of vets as always. >> you always say the same thing every year. the 11th months the 11th day 11th hour. >> aramis takes day eventually became fought in europe. >> it looked like a beautiful day. >> it was a little cool this morning. when i got out there early i saw some due on the grass there. so we might see some of that. also the night sky is fantastic. guilty back to that graphic. guess i'll have to do that later. some great night sky watching. skies clear there's a conjunction. you are an us and moon. 80 degrees for saturday, 81
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cool morning chiller start. temperatures below normal. right now we're 55 in inverness 58 brooksville. 67 in tampa, clearwater 64. st. pete 69. same in bartow. 70 in bradenton and 68 degrees in winter haven. so we're quite lovely and the dew points too are nice down the 50s that means drier air when you see dew points in the 40s 50s that's a very comfortable level. we out we'll talk more about hundreds of artist from all over the world are in venice for an art festival unlike anything you've ever
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z25ehz z16fz y25ehy y16fy . >> artists from all over the world are in venice creating unique displace of three-
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what you can see at this weekend 's chalk festival. >>reporter: throughout the venice airport things are not as they seem. artists are using chalk in the form of paint drawing two dimensional images that pop out from the grounds. >> it's interesting how they can make it look 3d by just drawing you know by just drawing. >>reporter: this art form dates back to italy in the 1600s. these intricate drawings are carefully made from a certain va are meant to be enter active. >> they sit in there just kinds of like he's doing. >>reporter: this is an international spectacle. attracting more than 100 artists from around the world how long r showing off various examples of chalk art. you'll finds unforgettable pieces of art that will only exist for a brief while. the theme of the festival is love and peace located her at the venice airplane and lasts
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and check it out. in venice john rogers news channel 8. >> the festival will have plenty of food music even a 5k fun run and one thing that makes the festival unique is that anyone regardless of skill can sign up as an artist and work alongside the professionals. black friday can't hold a candle to what happened in china. that story's coming up. plus if you wish your smartphone was more flexible maybe you want a phone that fold. we'll tell you why this device
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the dow was touch 39 points to finish it at record high close. s & p 500 down 3. >> maker of splenda and dunkin donuts. lawsuit claims that the knock- off is made in china and sold in similar looking yellow packets. you night need to do more than change the battery in your smoke detector because it might be recalled. kidde is recalling its smoke and carbon monoxide alarms mate between 2004 and 2010. they have a life span of 7
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that annoying sounds when they reach the end but that chirp may not work even after the unit expires. kidde will provide a free replacement or discounts on a new alarm. if facebook killed you today don't feel bad you weren't the only one who ended up dead on social media. it looks like even mark zuckerberg wasn't immune to the playing. many users found a memorial post on their page urging friends to share memories and celebrate their lives. the glitch facebook told mash it was a terrible error that is now fixed. , it looks like apple is adding a new support app to help you deal with all. your phone problems. tech crunch found the app available in the netherlands but it's likely it will soon appear in other countries. the apple supports app lists every apple product you own, allows you to find product information and tips, chat with an expert or schedule an appointment at apple store.
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periscope so it only makes sense another popular platform instagram would be looking at live video. the financial times quotes the ceo of instagram is saying that live is really exciting. arguments he didn't giveaway any hints when a live feature could appear on the photo sharing social network. last month a russian web site leaked images of instagram beta software that included a live feature. so stay tuned. >> samsung might be working on a phone that you a wallet. check out these patent application sketches. the application is written in korean but it appears to feature a bendable screen and hinge similar to what you find on microsoft notebooks. it cites rumor that the phone might really exist already and could be available for sale early next year. if your child ran up a big bill with amazon through in app purchases you may be getting that money back. a federal judge says amazon has to set up a process to reimburse parents for purchases
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the refunds process should start early next year. back in 2014 the feds accused amazon of making in app purchases too easy for kids leading to $86 million in un authorized charges. you know black friday is a big deal in the u.s. but today is a much bigger shopping day in china. they call it singles day. china's biggest online retailer ali what what shattered records. u.s. dollars sure passed en midnight china time sales reach $17.8 billion in one day. with the holidays coming up you'll be traveling and the right technology can make the journey a whole lot better. the web site tech a luscious has a few suggestions. snag some noise canceling headphone block out airplane nose without cranking up the volume. bring an extra battery pack and look into buying your airplane wifi akinori says before you
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>> it's fine for things like checking facebook or 0 sending some e-mails, but you're not going to be able to download large pictures you're not going to be able to stream for sure videos. you can buy a bluetooth enabled suitcase or smart tracking tags he increase your odds of being reunited with your luggage. you'll have a tough time get your hands on throwback tech. the nintendo classic was just released today and sold out. well just about everywhere. although some stores may sill still have some units on the shelves. nintendo promises more will be available throughout the holiday season. the classic comes preloaded with 30 games for $60. space invaders that's always a tough one frogger 2 is another one. this is our view i actually took this picture earlier this morning at florida national cemetery for veteran's day a very nice place at 9:00 p.m.
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chilly to start. could be some upper 40s some of the northern areas at 7:00 a.m. 80 at 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon. like today we had 80 for high temperature. upper levels our water vapor imagery showing high clouds streaking across the area these are high above. low level moisture not that great that's fine. because it just makes it more comfortable with the humidity at the surface just a bit lower. back to west few little showers possibly way way back to our west. these games you can see fo football look fantastic. 65 degrees. mostly clear dropping temps maybe even needs a light jacket toward the end of that game. this game being played in tallahassee 7:30 coming up very shortly. boston college travels to play fsu 64 degrees little cooler there. 76 degrees for the bucs. they are playing the bears. where did the music go?
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into the area saturday and sunday. for saturday morning a few clouds around. crisp fall morning for us. here comes that front settling in. may adds a few clouds but mostly we'll see high clouds like we saw today kinds of streaking in from the west not doing much in the way of producing precipitation. you might see a few extra clouds. nice days 80, 81 degrees. saturday, sunday and for monday tuesday you can see high temperatures in the upper 70s we do add a few extra clouds higher rain chance there for monday and also for tuesday. right now low although the computer models hints at higher rain chances that would be nice but realistic look on this day the rain chance is about 20%. highs remain in the upper 70s all the way through next week wednesday, thursday friday. >> that's a pretty sweet stretch. >> really is upper 70s fantastic. this time of year this is the weather. >> i know look how happy i am. >> i know you're happy. >> i like that a lot. >> we'll be right back. >> have to gets a humidifier
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robots are ready tke worlds filled with unsolved rubiks cubes. company called infineon test aid robot that can solve the rubiks coupe in 630 mill seconds little more than half a seconds. that's about 4.5 seconds faster than the hafftest human can solve it. it's powered by one of the world's fastest mini computers used in awe ton mull must driving cars and steve j who is
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you before now. >> that's correct look how i move. that's how i danced in the '80s. >> i love everything about that. embarrassing tapes angie? embarrassing tapes now on "extra." >> extra, extra. ? >> extra, extra. >> the dramatic new brangelina divorce twist. new reports brad has dynamite tapes of a her chance at getting custody. do they or don't they really exist? > heartbreaking new video. val kilmer struggling to speak. the truth about his health after denying michael douglas' claim he is battlin cancer. was megyn kelly poisoned before the first gop debate? why she got violently ill. new claims donald trump was
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fat pigs. from oprah to eva. >> how can we heal the country? >> hillary's supporters speak out about the trump upset. >> why watching the meeting with president obama changed oprah's feelings. celebrity double date night. sjp and matthew. warren and annette. opening up about their secret sleepover. >> i rang the bell late one night. annette >> here celebrating our american hero. from university studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. >> extra. >> hey, everyone. welcome to "extra" on this veterans day. a big salute to all our troops all around the world. robert addy nero reacts to the election. what he is saying after he publicly blasted trump.
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first, brad versus angelina. the caught on tape edition. here's jerry. >> the giant headlines today. the new bomb shell that could slow up their $400 million divorce. there are claims brad has recordings of angelina that could undermine her bid to get custody of their six children. it is unclear what might be on the alleged tapes. only that they are dynamite and could embarrass his ex if revealed gossip cop today says the report is untrue. brad taking off his wedding ring at his hollywood "allied" premiere. >> everyone has been kind. it's been nice having the support. >> days after filing these papers for joint custody. he's been cleared by authorities who determined he did not abuse his children. jolie's dad, at new york's "fantastic beast"'s premiere,


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