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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  November 12, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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y25egy y16fy good morning and thank you for in weather. >> this saturday morning starting off with some clouds out there but no rain in the area. that's good news for all the events happening this weekend. starting off at 64 this morning out at tia. there are cooler spots in the region with 57 for temple terrace, 54 in apollo beach, and generally cooler to the north than inland.
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again, we have high clouds streaming through the area but no rain this morning. it is dry and looks to stay mainly dry. we'll have morning clouds and by the afternoon we'll have lots of sunshine for the area. should be a gorgeous afternoon. at the heart walk this morning, saturday at 8:00, 61 degrees with scattered morning clouds and overall the weekend is looking good, upper 70s and low 80s for your saturday and sunday. we'll have more detail minutes. back to you. right now st. petersburg police are investigating the shooting on the 4600 block of 13th avenue. investigators say a 20-year-old woman was shot just after 11:00 friday night. she was taken to the hospital but is expected to survive. we are working on getting updates on the investigation. as soon as we get more information we'll bring it to you. a deadly crash on u.s. 27
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semi as it was crossing the road and the 77-year-old passenger was killed. her husband was air lifted to a hospital in orlando. the semi truck driver was not injured. a clearwater doctor is behind bars after prescribing himself more than 6,000 oxycodone pills. alfred chapman is accused of time to forge presentations prescriptions and filling them. a build doe is begging for help, pleaing to help find her husband's killer. two weeks ago he was gunned down outside a gas station abdomen police believe two
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him. >> a $5,000 reward is being offered. if you have information, call crime stoppers. more protesters against president-elect donald trump. at least one person was shot during a protest in portland, oregon. this was the scene in one of city. police hurled tear gas and flaker bang grenades to disperse huge crowds. police are now investigating the shooting which happened as protesters were getting on morrison bridge. demonstrators marched in los angeles, marching to city hall then continued on through the streets. at least two people were
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took part in spontaneous demonstrations friday night. many carried signs against racism and opposed the deportation of undocumented immigrants. and in ybor city, we captured a couple dozen people in the streets there. the protests ended peacefully. this morning we are learning new details about the president-elect's inner circle as he prepares the white house. three of his adult children are in and chris christie gets a demotion. >> reporter: a flurry of activity inside trump tower. the president-elect starting to figure out who will run his government. >> what was on the agenda? >> transition. >> are you in the works for anything? >> just giving advice.
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taking over the transition from chris christie, as campaign sources say pence has proven to be one of trump's most steady fast defenders, raising eyebrows on the team trump's children. >> it suggests to me that there may not be the necessary separation between the business enterprise and the governmental president trump separate the two because of the entanglements and potential conflicts of interest. >> reporter: louder whispers surrounding the chief of staff, navigating between west wing and capitol hill. some cringed at rumors of steve bannen, who made a career of attacking the gop establishment. >> it should be someone who is there not to please the president even though they
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they've got to tell the president what he needs to know, not necessarily what he wants to hear. >> reporter: the trump team, many of whom are new to washington, have a lot of catching up to do. some seemed overwhelmed as they toured the white house and capitol hill, and many of them have never worked in government before. trump is now getting classified presidential daily briefings but his team hasn't reached out department. the campaign is asking for patience as it navigates the transition process. and florida's attorney general was appointed to trump's team. she was the first high ranking republican in florida to endorse trump back in february. thanks to your help, this year we have raised more than $114,000 for the heart walk.
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just a few hours. >> reporter: that is a lot of money but for such a great cause. there's been a lot of work going into this event. i want to show you behind me, these people have been here since 3:00 this morning, getting balloons ready, making this beautiful archway. we are close to the finish line right now and those pa save lives. according to to american heart association, heart disease and stroke are the nation's number one and number four killers. heart disease likely impacts someone in your family. this is 4-year-old sammy, born with a heart defect. his heart was backwards with crisscrossed ventricles and only one functional pump.
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>> no parent should lose a child. it is without a doubt the worst experience you can ever -- i mean, i thought he was dead for ten hours. . >> reporter: he had emergency surgery, and the chief of cardiac surgery and his team were able to save sammy's life. money raised today will help fight heart right now we're showing you where all the activities are going to take place. our team will be out here. come by and say hello. and thank you to all of you who donated to such a great cause. >> that's right. go out there, see our folks out there. thank you. in our consumer alert, k- mart and sears may go out of
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tyrone square sears is closing in january. 126 people will lose their jobs. one current employee told us of the closing not being a shock. >> it's sad but kind of inevitable at this point. we have been thinking about it for a long time. it's interesting to see how it coincides with christmas. >> and certainly face bankruptcy. but as closing time nears, expect to find big discounts. they are creepy and possibly if your bed. coming up, how one nasty pest has made a comeback and what to watch out for, coming up.
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tropical bedbugs are reemerging across florida. it's confirmed they were found on merritt island. they spread fast and they are attracted to humans. they leave behind swollen, red itchy spots on your skin. the more they munch, the more they reproduce. >> you get a female who gets a blood meal from someone, she can lay thousands of eggs and
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for weeks and weeks. >> unfortunately they are hard to kill unless they are sprayed directly and repeatedly. local pest control companies say there have been no sightings so far in the bay area. new seats could help kids control hyperactivity and focus on their school work. >> reporter: in full of bouncy 6 and 7-year- olds, sit still are probably words you won't hear. >> it's the way they're programmed, the way they're wired. they just thrive that way. >> reporter: she switched out most of her traditional seating for bouncing balls and bean bags. moving helps the wiggle worms, steady their minds and their behavior. for students with attention disorder, small amounts of
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difference. >> they're fidgety, may have to get up and walk around. they just need more activity. then that helps the part of their brain that is focused on working memory to be able to be alert and hone in on the correct stimuli. >> reporter: and science shed light on ways children learn, and it's diversity that makes >> sounds like something we could use in office buildings. each chair costs about $70. some schools are provided with a grant or donated funds to buy them. live look at downtown tampa this morning. the full storm team 8 forecast is coming up. and why doctors across the country are embracing a certain practice and why it could help you treating your loved ones.
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. in this morning's medical report, a new trend called deprescribing. we know most medications can be good for you but could you or someone you love be taking too many? almost 40% of patients in their 60s are taking more than five pills. doctors are now giving lower
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better than her husband john. a few years ago he couldn't even recognize me. >> he didn't know me. he asked where betty was. >> reporter: years earlier, he'd been in a car accident and was taking up to 19 pills a day to treat everything from sleeplessness to seizures. betty kept track of every dose, an around the >> if a person starts getting over five medications, we worry about the interaction between the medications. >> reporter: and john's medications were eliminated several times, a practice called deprescribing. >> all of a sudden john stopped falling. john stopped having tremors. john's blood pressure stopped
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that could cause problems, doctors warn sleep aids, antidepressants and blood pressure pills can have side effects and drug interactions, leading to confusion, dizziness or falls. >> as people get older, their physiology changes. their metabolism changes. the way we handle drugs in our body changes. >> reporter: so you may not need the same meds you needed a few years ago. ask at least once a the countermedications. and ask about side effects. it can be life-changing. just ask john. the sun is starting to rise now. we have scattered clouds overhead, otherwise a decent start to the weekend.
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morning, light breezes right now out of the east. overall winds will stay light for us today. overall the weekend doesn't get much better. we are talking about highs around 80, right about where they should be for this time of year, with very dry and comfortable air. rain chances start to come back by early in the week, monday and tuesday. but the tropics, hurricane season ends november 30th and at th there. 60 degrees as the heart walk gets underway this morning. may want a long sleeve shirt this morning. but the temperatures are going to warm up nicely through the day, 75 by noon and 79 this afternoon, a picture perfect afternoon. waking up with cool spots this morning, including inverness at 52, now down to 48 in crystal river, 63 in clearwater, milder along the coast. dew points are low in the 40s and 50s this morning.
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visibilities in and around crystal river, mainly north of i-4 could see a little patchy fog this morning. right now scattered clouds continue to work in through the area here. this mid- to upper level moisture, at the surface conditions are dry. dry air is not good for our friends in north georgia and parts of north carolina. in fact, in north carolina, crews are battling about 30 wildfires this morning. dry conditions and heavy they were not caused by weather but investigators believe an arsonist is to blame. firefighters fear the flames eventually will cover more than 2,000 acres. things are very bad in at this time. and of course drought conditions all over the southeast, really just plaguing them across the southeast u.s. overall conditions are dry for us as well right on through the weekend. early next week moisture starts
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chances by monday and tuesday. short-term, we stay quiet with high clouds through the day. 79 for the high, 80 degrees tomorrow. no rain for the weekend but small rain chances back in the picture by early next week. at this point only 20% at best. >> it is amazing. we were out at the beach this week. this is just a perfect time of year. >> cool, crisp mornings and pleasant afternoons. with all made last night, you would think these kids are in college. last night's high school playoffs, it was week one and teams were bringing their a- games.
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. good morning. friday night was week one of the playoffs, av of the year in high school football. all these games matter now. 42 teams in the bay area kicked off last night. not many remain after one night. our game of the week, labor gibson and hillsborough, the winner to play against armwood. the terriers had a loss and you can forgive it because it was armwood. which one would advance?
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>> reporter: the lake gibson braves come into the game of the week matchup with a stingy defense, only giving up six points a game. can the terriers hand them their first loss of the season? i don't know. from the coin toss to the last second of the game, it was rocking. in the beginning it was both squads defense that took control of the game. in the second quarter, from the gun and he slings it deep to a wide open link. no one is going to catch him. now it's the terriers turn, and tyler thomas rolls right. easy. now the terriers are back in the red zone and bell jr. gets them, leaving the braves secondary looking like they
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challenge. and back comes lake gibson. they would miss the extra point that would have tied the game. fourth quarter, jones is toting a rocket. terriers biting at his ankles but jones would carry them to the finish, and the braves go onto win it and stay undefeated at 10-0. >> let's go panthers hosting winter haven. blue devils defense tough early, pritchard with the head- on collision. settles for a field goal there. late on third and goal, fighting in, 10-0 panthers. then it is a pantherfest. plant scores and scores and keeps scoring.
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winter haven's quarterback, what a nightmare night he had, several drops by the receivers, and a pick six here. panthers reeled off 42 points in the second quarter. >> and wire grass ranch or lakewood. a.j. davis is mayhem, and the bulls don't have the 80-yard run sped up for your viewing pleasure. and how about that hat? where do you get that hat? the ensuing kickoff lands in the hands of jordan minor, set up for a major return, all the way to the crib, much to the chagrin of the guy with the mullet. lakeland has willie baker, and the oven is set at 98. >> miles an hour.
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and after a long run, lakewood in the red zone on their next touch. the fade to robinson and they win 43-20. lakeland versus plant next week in the regional semi-finals. i'm calling it now, that's our game of the week. >> and who will be the team of the week? last week's team, jesuit motoring through the playoffs. >> not many of and the usf basketball team won last night, most points scored since 2002. >> go bulls. see you later. have a great saturday. this morning thousands are lacing up for the american heart association heart walk. we are live at raymond james stadium with the last minute preparations for the walk. and bullying in schools after the election of donald trump. coming up, how one school district is handling postelection comments in the classroom.
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. it is the weekend and this is a live look outside the window this morning this saturday. good morning and thank you for joining us here on newschannel 8. our top stories this morning, portland police are investigating a shooting at an antitrump demonstration overnight. police hurled tear gas and
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massive crowds. protests happened in l.a., miami and here in ybor city. st. petersburg police are investigating a shooting in the 4600 block of 13th avenue. investigators say a 20-year-old woman was shot on friday and taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. this morning the widow of a gunned down store clerk is begging for your help, making a plea to the public to help find two weeks ago he was gunned down outside a gas station. a $5,000 reward is being offered for anyone with information. tampa police are still trying to track down the person who killed a tampa man at a convenience store. 56-year-old gregory walker died near the sunoco station off nebraska avenue. police do not know who did it or why. time now 6:33.
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>> starting off beautiful this morning, a cool, crisp start, exactly what you would hope for for mid-november. you may need the long sleeves in some areas this morning but we should have a nice warmup. lakewood ranch, sunrise underway and it is 59 degrees this morning, a little bit of a chill in the air this morning. 63 in clearwater, 66 in st. pete, cooler to the north where it is 51 in crystal river and 54 looking good. we're up to 75 by midday, beautiful this afternoon as temperatures hit 79. that's right where we should be this time of year. this morning some clouds, no rain in the area but we'll have the high clouds continuing to stream through our area for at least the morning hours. again, rain chances at zero for
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tuesday, our next cold front. we'll take a look at the extended forecast coming up in a few minutes. president-elect donald trump's transition team is quickly taking shape with newt gingrich, rudy giuliani and others joining trump's three children as advisors. and mike pence will take over the transition team, replacing governor chris christie. and pam bondi was also appointed to the republican in florida to endorse trump back in february. she came under fire during the campaign over allegations she didn't pursue an investigation into trump university in exchange for a campaign donation. she denied the allegations and continued to support trump. . from me election to post election, there's been a lot of drama. since donald trump became president-elect, there's been an increase in bullying at some schools.
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measures to handle it. >> i've heard of middle school and high schoolers saying this but down to kindergarten? that broke my heart. >> reporter: a verbal exchange between two children left one father in disbelief. >> i didn't realize kids at this age knew about this. >> reporter: at first, just chatter. >> two of his classmates started just randomly bringing up, i voted for trump. >> reporter: then the turn. >> they started saying, well, you're mexican, so you're going to go to a different school now. you're going back to mexico. >> reporter: the baffling banter, something district officials are aware of, receiving a handful of similar reports. it's something they say they are dealing with on a case by case basis, but say they can't do it alone. >> we have an obligation as a
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to teach our kids appropriate interactions. >> kids hear everything that parents and leaders say. >> reporter: and it's not about politics or the president, but it's about people doing their part to make sure hate speech in all forms is stopped. >> talk to them and say that this behavior of bullying or racism is not tolerated. >> officials are asking parents and kind of harassment and using this as a moment of teaching with kindness. . a new local billboard is getting a lot of attention. largo clinic and med spa is one of the first places in florida offering medical marijuana exams. the doctor who runs the clinic specializes in pain management. fewer than 100 doctors in the state are qualified to recommend medical marijuana. the patient must see the doctor
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that qualifies for marijuana under state law. >> i think most of the diseases are medical conditions that will respond well, not just those listed in the new state laws. >> for patients prescribed medical marijuana, there's still a 90-day waiting period to get your hands on the drug. happening today, the heart association heart walk, and thanks to your help we have raised over $114,000 this year. and that walk gets jones is out there for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, candace. it's good, exciting here. these people told me they have been out here since 3:00 this morning, getting ready for the big event. they just now got the start line set up. they have a beautiful finish line with thousands of balloons and people are very excited to be out here. i want to give you a look at the stage. on that screen over there,
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again, our very own stacie schaible will be here today, emceeing the event. she says her family is the reason why she walks. people here in the bay area, they have a lot of reasons too. according to the american heart association, heart disease and stroke are the nation's number one and number four killers. heart disease likely impacts someone in your immediate family and it certainly impacts many here in the bay area. this is 4-year-old sammy. he was born with a crisscrossed ventricles with only one functional pump. at 8 weeks old, he almost died. >> just prayed, and knew we were in the right place and prayed god would give us another chance. and the heart team was beyond amazing and he came back, surviving and thriving. >> reporter: the team at johns
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life. now the 4-year-old is full of energy and what his family calls a miracle. right now, a look at all the tents where many of the events will be. we'll have a team out here. come by and feel free to say hello to newschannel 8. again, thank you to all of you who donated to such a great cause. >> this is your chance to meet some of your favori this morning, thank you, jana. residents can reunite with $1.3 million in unclaimed money. the unclaimed cash phone bank is back on monday. many residents have unclaimed money or property and don't even know about it. there are still millions of dollars unclaimed. that starts monday 5:00 p.m. and runs through the 11:00 newscast. have you checked?
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this will be my opportunity. >> and dinner on you? >> you're assuming i've got a load of money. >> i'm assuming you have something. i don't know. >> we'll see. hope so. let's take a look at these beautiful photos. beautiful sunset over tampa bay last night, another nice shot there from lake mango. a nice shot of the moon. that moon and complete forecast straight
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. time now 6:43. nintendo has gone back to the 80s with the release of the nes classic edition system. some are reselling the console for up to $1,000 on e-bay. the classic edition comes with 30 games preinstalled on system. very cool. as long as it has mario, i'm good to go. we have been mentioning a couple of amazing celestial events happening over the next couple days. saturday night there will be a conjunction between the moon and uranus. just before 6:00 p.m. look to the eastern sky and that will end prior to sunrise on sunday morning. then monday night, it's the supermoon. we have been talking about
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larger, 30% brighter. but this will actually be the largest supermoon so far this century. the next time we'll see a moon like this, you have to wait until 2034, so quite some time. this morning scattered clouds, mainly mid- to high level clouds, 62 degrees. for today we're going to keep to scattered clouds around during the morning. 8:00 a.m. we're at by noon we're up to 75 and clouds scouring out. by the afternoon, 79 and mostly sunny skies, just a few high thin clouds. other than that looks like a picture perfect afternoon for us. 54 in zephyrhills, may need a light jacket to the north, 50 in inverness and 48 in crystal river. fog is not that big of a concern but we could get some north of i-4 this morning. high thin clouds streaming across the area this morning
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the surface. that's going to feel gorgeous this afternoon here. by the afternoon, high clouds to the north. we'll start sunday on a nice note, but there is the potential for a little bit of fog development, mainly north of i-4 with slightly better moisture. by the afternoon, again just some high clouds. it is saturday. college football, usf heading toward memphis, playing later on this evening. in south carolina, gamecocks heading toward gainesville to play their g kickoff. the u, heading to virginia, and it will be chilly, 50 degrees for that game. cincinnati coming to orlando, mostly sunny skies at noon as ucf takes the field. morgan state coming to tallahassee, 75 degrees for that game. 79 for your saturday here, 80 on sunday, and we'll start to bring back slim rain chances monday and tuesday with our
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expected and mid-70s through most of the next week, lows in the 50s. that's about where we should be for this time of year, feeling like mid-november in tampa bay. >> thanksgiving right around the corner. can you believe it? >> hopefully the nice weather will continue for turkey day. it's always exciting to arrive at a holiday destination. coming up, from screaming kids to lost luggage, tips to
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(timer beeping) she needs our help! ? (tea kettle whistling) (sighing) hey mom, can i help? yeah, i'd love your help. (grunting) awww... (announcer vo) the real magic of the holidays
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. traveling is a big part of the holiday season but getting through the airport can be a hassle. we have tips to make it a
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travelers, mobile entertainment is key for a long trip. that could mean your phone to drown out noisy environments. >> people tend to turn the volume up on whatever they're listening to, and that can cause hearing damage. >> reporter: noise canceling head phones block out the noise for adults. this model has 30 hours of listening time. >> it caps the level at 85- decibels. >> reporter: and battery back can keep your device from dying. >> it's about one charge for a lot of smartphones. >> reporter: and some come in fun shapes for kids. in-flight wi-fi can keep you connected but it is limited. >> it's fine for checking facebook or sending e-mails but you're not going to be able to download large pictures or stream videos. >> reporter: buying wi-fi
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save money. lugging luggage can be another painful part of travel. >> invest in a bluetooth suitcase so you can find out where your luggage is any time. >> reporter: there is tracking built in, so you and your bag make it to the right destination. the veterans day celebration continues at the box office this week. coming up, set on the battlegrounds of iraq, a new movie you won't want
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havertys furniture helps your home look perfect even when life isn't. pretty! hey. umm... sign here? sure, you got a pen? the veterans day preview is on now at havertys.
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. it's been all election talk for several weeks, so escape it for a few hours this weekend and head to the theaters. >> now that's a proper introduction. >> reporter: amy adams makes first and possibly final contact in arrival. assemble around the globe, the u.s. government taps the linguist to communicate with the aliens before other hasty nations begin to attack. arrival is rated pg-13. >> no longer belongs to you. it's america's story now. >> reporter: a soldier celebrated for the worst day of his life. this story follows a 19-year- old going into battle in iraq, surviving an attack.
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heroism don't sync up with the realities of war. and there is one thing in shut in. a widowed psychologist with a paralyzed son agrees to take care of another little boy who lost his mother. but after he disappears in the night, only his spirit is left to torment the household. and there's no place like home christmas. danny glover leads the ensemble as his only wish is to deck the halls with tidings of comfort and joy. that gift may truly take a miracle. it's rated pg-13. that's your box office preview. people are out walking this beautiful morning, and it's not just for exercise. coming up, raising money for heart disease. our newschannel 8 jana jones is live at the heart walk event
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action, next. and this is a live look over downtown tampa this saturday morning. we're happy you're here with us. we'll have a look at the weather, looking good as we get closer to thanksgiving. stay with us. we'll be right back. i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together.
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. good morning and thank you for joining us. time now is 7:00 and as you get up and get out the door, ed is here to take a look at the weather. >> heading out this morning, you may need a light jacket or the long sleeves. but all in all, we are talking picture perfect weather for the weekend. starting off now, it is 59 degrees. you'll notice that vail of the mid- and high level clouds out there this morning but no rain in the area. we are off to a dry start, 66 in tampa. if you're out the door in inverness and crystal river, you could need the extra layer this morning. a little cool, crisp to start, generally a mix in the 60s this morning. false echoes on the radar this morning, just mid- and high


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