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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  November 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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breaking news this morning, a car crashes right into an ybor city bar at closing time, striking someon the victim's condition and the charges the driver now faces. has the trump team settled on another key player? we will tell you about the position donald trump is offering to rudy giuliani. the college football playoff rankings coming out tonight, but no matter who plays, the bay area wins. how you can cash in. good morning and welcome to
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i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. >> reporter: good morning, i'm tracking the cold front, and we tracked if all day -- tracked it all day yesterday. most of the rain has come to an end. maybe some south of i-4, but it's dried up now, and the cooler air is replacing that. 52 in inverness right now, and we are seeing the cooler air spread south. 63 in sarasota, and obviously cooler than yesterday. inverness is cooler. plant city, brandon, 5 degrees cooler. and sunshine this afternoon, expecting below average temperatures. average is 78. i only expect us to get to 56, and then at 5:08, i will go specifically hour-by-hour through the day and tell you when the really cooler air will get here. first, let's get you through the morning commute. >> reporter: nothing will slow
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275 is looking good all the way into downtown tampa on 275. as we move over to the ybor city area, more on this coming up a car went into a bar right there on 7th avenue, just east of 17th street, and one lane is tacken -- taken away. that's weather and traffic, and now back to gene for more. >> more on the breaking news, car drives straight into an ybor city bar. mary, we hear it's an active scene behind you. tell us what is going on. >> reporter: good morning to you gayle and gene. we just arrived here in ybor city, and it's an active scene. the car that drove into the bar is still there, and police officers are interviewing the subjects here. we are told it was around 3:30 this morning when the bars in
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gathered outside of the bar, and a scuffle broke out. that's when tampa police got into his car and drove into the crowd of people, later hitting the building, and they are the city working to determine whether or not the man intentionally drove into the crowd of people or if he just lost control of the vehicle. one person was hit and transported to tgh with a broken leg, and two people that were somehow involve in the incident are now in custody. interviewed by police. police are searching for the driver of the vehicle, and when the subject is caught, they could face felony hit-and-run charges. we are cold that alcohol is thought to be a factor. police are searching for surveillance video. the bad monkey, we are told, has surveillance cameras. they hope to comb through the video to lead to clues of what exactly happened in ybor city,
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a pasco county mother finds herself on the wrong end of the law. her toddler found wandering in the streets by herself, and it's not the first time it happened. whitney shoemaker is facing charges for putting her toddler in danger. neighbors found the toddler dozens of times all alone outside of her house. it happened three days in a row last week. >> you can't let your kid go out the fr but a diaper, and you know, you're passed out on whatever in your house. >> for now the child is with shoemaker's relatives. neighbors can only hope for the best. shoemaker said her child got out because she's a very chat girl -- smart girl and she is a very hard sleeper.
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about a hit-and-run accident killing a student. brenda young's fate will be determined tonight. ryan hughes is live in lakeland. school records show young went into the data base and changed things? >> reporter: and gayle, good morning. documents indicate she altered the records on the student who was hit and killed right here as he simply tried to cross the street on the way stop. she told supervisors kirk was not required to cross the street. she went in and changed the records, and she said it was to create a new bus stop for students, not to hide anything. we stopped by her home yesterday. listen here. are you fighting your determination? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: do you -- did you
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did? >> i did not do it. . >> reporter: and the superintendent of the schools wants brenda young fired. she will go before the school board at 5:00 tonight and fight for her job. the latest throughout the day, gayle, back to you. >> thank you, ryan. a tampa man is now enjoying when he shot a tampa mother in the face. he was sentenced to life in 2010. when the supreme court threw out life sentences for juveniles, his sentence was reduced. the victim was one of his best friends now. >> the gentleman i was with
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>> he's now in a reentry program, and vagre will stay in touch. a brevard county woman is counting her blessing after her drive home turned into a heroing ordeal. look at this picture. you won't believe it. that is her windshield. angela smith was driving home when a crowbar slammed into the windshield. the crowbar hit her in the head. >> after i heard the bang, something hit my head down my arm, and i panicked, i hit the flashers, and i went off to the side of the road. >> reporter: thankfully she only suffered a minor injuries. police believe the crowbar may have been on the side of the road and flipped into the air when it was hit by another car. this morning 8 is on your side with what to look for before buying what could be a popular item for christmas this year. yesterday we told you hover boards are back on the store
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caught on fire and exploded, prompting recalls. we went to the stores that are selling them to find out what is different this time around. even though makers promise they are safe, shoppers don't trust them. >> i would say the prime reason is safety, and a close second is the fire hazard. >> the target spokesperson insists they have completed safety check protocols. the ul certified symbol you can box. now at 5:08, over to leigh for the weather. >> the cold front yesterday, keeping us with the cloudy skies and obscuring the supermoon. already, cooler, drier, clearer air north of i-4, and going through the day today, lingering clouds from now until
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sunshine for the rest of the day. 76 at 3:00 p.m., and you can bet as soon as the sunsets tonight, temperatures are falling quickly. clearing skies this morning, leading to a sunnier afternoon. we are near 80 for thursday before the next big cold front passes on saturday, and we are in for our first real taste of winter next week. we are not done with hurricane season yet. the area of low pressure is 20% chance of developing, and the hurricane season will get us through november 30s. we will check with traffic and weather on the 8s as people are waking up in thursday. a couple of little issues out there, but nothing that will keep you from getting to work on time if you're leaving the house soon. new port richey, looking good. and also u.s. 19 through palm harbor, typical drive times, and no slowdown at all. let's talk about the car that
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here, 7th avenue, just east of 17th street. that's because a car went into the monkey bar there on 7th avenue. it's easy to get around. this crash, eastbound i-4 near u.s. 27 off the shoulder, it won't slow you down at all. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. tampa bay is host to many great sporting events, and football national championship. >> coming up, the economic impact the game could have in our area and how businesses are preparing. first, easing fears, the president landing in greece earlier this morning, how he plans to use his time overseas to ease fears of president- elect donald trump. you're watching news channel 8 today. it's 5:10 on this tuesday
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we are back. it's 5:17. right now president obama is on his final trip to greece. just before 4:00 a.m. this morning, the president landed in greece, and he's expected to discuss a wide range of global issues as he prepears to leave the white
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trump and his commitment to nato. >> i think that's one of the most important functions i can serve at this stage during this trip, to let them know that there is no weakening of resolve when it comes to america's commitment to maintaining a strong and robust nato relationship. >> the president will also visit germany and peru during the last trip while in office. today we could learn more about the members being assembled by donald trump. >> right now rudy giuliani is rumored to be at the top of the list for secretary of state meredyth, rudy giuliani is making it clear he wants the job? >> reporter: last night he gave
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foreign policy during an event. it's clear loyalty to donald trump is a common thread among his picks. >> it's important to have those around him to this point. loyalty is very important to him. >> reporter: the president- elect's team asked if it's possible for his family members to receive temporary security clearances before the inauguration including his adult children who are his advisers as well as his son-in- law. now this is a sign of how important donald trump's children will be in the next administration. gayle? >> there's been a lot of
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thank you, meredyth. a day college football fans have been waiting for. rankings will be revealed tonight. the top 4 teams could be a surprise. michigan and wasatch suffering devastating losses on saturday, and that could change everything. this week's a.p. poll ranks alabama, ohio state, louisville, and michigan in the top 4. the college football playoff international championship is coming to tampa in less than 2 months, and while it's a great get for businesses and residents are looking to cash in on the celebration. >> almost 60,000 people will be here for the weekend. >> reporter: the college football championship is coming to rajay. it's a 5-k race and a family- friendly beach party, exposing tens of thousands of visitors to the bay area from downtown tampa to the pinellas county
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in hotels and a lot of people filling the restaurants. >> reporter: that's what terry ryan is banking on with his newest location in the shadow of raymond james stadium. >> we are practicing, and getting ready for the big game. >> reporter: the excitement trickling down to the employees, banking on a boost in tips. >> the whole idea, they like to work and make money. if you have a great sports venue like this it's a party >> reporter: when the party ends, lennie woods will just be getting started, making money driving for uber. >> we make people safe on their way home. >> reporter: home to local hotels or private rooms from airbnb. >> reporter: there's reservations from college football fans as far away as usa traily. it's expected fans to spend a
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accommodations. >> we know in general the last two games have brought in $200 million in economic impact into the communities. >> a lot of fun! the big game will be with the winners of the peach bowl and fiesta bowl. how great it's in our backyard! >> people come down to get a taste of the tampa area, and a the lot of them move her permanently. >> what is great about the tampa bay sports commission, they have spread it ou the communities get the love if you know what i'm talking about. >> i know what you're talking about, the love. >> let's check on the weather with lee. >> and all college football fans will be watching that i'm excited for that to be here in tampa. we are already feeling the cooler air, and 61 degrees at 8:00 a.m., and more sunshine, and even by lunchtime. the clouds clear out this morning. pleasant, 72 at noon.
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around 3:00 p.m., and right now, just dropping to 55 in lakeland. 61 in tampa, and the cooler air is spreading south, and also clearing skies, and if you live south of i-4, you're socked in with cloud cover, but north of i-4, it is clearer and cooler as well, and the clouds will be clearing out during the morning hours, and you will see a lot of sunshine during the afternoon, and a few passing high, thin clouds, below average, and when the sunsets to morning, with a clear sky, and nothing but sunshine for your wednesday, and very comfortable. 76 today. 78 tomorrow, and another cold front on saturday will really cool us next week. leslee, how is traffic on the 8s? >> we have this issue with the car going into the bar in ybor city. this was breaking news this morning. 7th avenue, a lane is taken away east of 17th street.
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i want to talk about river road. the onramp to i-75, still blocked due to overnight construction. it's in the venice area, and it should be wrapped up in the next 45 minutes. a great drive here on the howard frankland bridge. a broken water main they are repairing on hillsborough avenue. they have to get that fixed, and some of the roadway is fix fictioned. now back to gene and gayle. >> check it out. it was a whale of an encor jersey shore. that's a 50-foot humpback whale, close to the sight seers. the curious whales circled the boat, and researchers on board said he put on quite the show for them! >> all of a sudden it turned towards us. i have never seen that before. >> we were not moving at the time, and with the humpback whales, we have to make sure we are 100 feet away, unless the whale approaches you.
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sightings, and there's been a surge off the jersey shore as they feed off fish and migrate south. >> i would have to move to 200 yards away. >> just in case. they should call it snooki. a new twist in an eerie story. >> it's a story many of us have been following. coming up, one of the convicted men in making a murder is -- murderer is now free. why a judge overturned his
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the hit netflix series making a murderer has captivated viewers, and now brendan dassey has been ordered a free man. he confessed to killing a reporter with his uncle, but the judge believes he was coerced and was only 16 the black robe was exchanged for feathers. >> reporter: on saturday night the guest star of the daughter of the religion min, take a listen. >> we will resume when you, marie, and the birth certificate are all here. >> she had a speaking role, and you can hear the applause there. >> apparently she acted of the
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they were applauding her. >> it didn't matter what she said. >> they were just happy to see her. a car crashed into a popular ybor city bar. >> coming up, why the police believe the driver may have son it on purpose. a live report from the scene is next. let's go outside live to beautiful downtown tampa. cloudy out there, and there's interesting weather stuff hatching. we will tell you all about it with weather and traffic
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at 5:28, the cold front slip to the south, and when the kids go out to the bus stop there may still be clouds out. the clouds clear out, sunny and
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school. around 76, leslee. we have been continuing to bring you the breaking news, and breaking traffic news as well. a vehicle went into a bar in ybor city. and also this is east
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breaking news this morning, a driver crashes right into a ybor city bar, sending one hospital, and we will tell you why police say it was no accident as they search for the driver. a student struck ask killed on the way to a school bus stop, but did a county official cover up what really happened? >> a hearing today could find the truth. and president barack obama's final overseas trip, arriving in greece just an hour ago. the message he is bringing to world leaders regarding donald trump. the radar is quiet now, but


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