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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  November 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking news overnight a car crashes into an ybor city bar just after closing time, and one person is hurt this morning, the driver is on the run. >> as you jumped the curb and smashed into the front of the bar, and that's the bad monkey bar there in ybor city. >> reporter: mary mcguire is live from the scene. what happened mary? >> reporter: in the last 10 minutes, a tow truck arrived on the scene to take the car out of the bad monkey bar, and here's what happened. around 3:30 the bars here were
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and a scuffle broke out that when's a man got into his car and intentionally drive into the crowd of people. one person was hit and transferred with a broken leg. two people who were involved in the incident are now in custody. police are looking for the driver of the vehicle. the surveillance video has about an intentional act. i thought it was an interesting thing to note, gayle and gene. i'm looking here at the tree and power pole here, and none of those seem to have any damage to them it seems like the driver was final maneuver aroundaround those, and no danger to the power lines, but
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the bad monkey bar. the owner is distraught object what happened. we look at the pictures, and it was not someone we believe work at the bar or owned the bar. it was just a patron of the burglar, and this is someone's business we are talking about, their livelihood that was damaged by the act here, and again, two suspects in custody. we believe they were involved in the scuffle outside of the bar, and one person in the hospital with a broken leg, and the driver of the vehicle stil back to you. >> mary mcgwire report -- mary mcguire, thank you. you can download our free app to get news any time, anywhere. now to weather with leigh spann. >> reporter: changes, and with tracked the cold front all day yesterday with the clouds. the clouds are basically clearing out. they will linger around this morning, but we are already filing the cool air.
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water. milder in sarasota. and the farther south you go, the milder it is. places like brooksville and inverness, you're 6:00 degrees cooler, and tampa and brandon. about 2 degrees cooler in venice than this time yesterday. during the afternoon, 76 degrees, and slightly below the average of 78. hour-by-hour through tuesday, and through the cooler air, but first, we will take you through the commute. >> the holding them in downtown tampa. we will go ahead and talk about himself bureau avenue, 22nd to east 30th street. they are down to one lane it they are doing water main repair work. i want you to remember march tip luther king until at least friday. water repair work going on at
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>> thank you, leslee. happening today a polk county school district employee could lose her job. she tried to coffer up information about a hit-and-run accident involving student. brenda young's fate will be determined at a meeting tonight. and ryan hughes is live in lakeland this morning. school records show young went into data base to change documents incity kate -- documents here indicate that she changed the records of the student who was hit. brenda young told supervisors he was not required to cross the road to get to the bus stop. on the day of the accident, she went in and changed his records. she was suspended without
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by her home yesterday, listen here. >> reporter: are you fighting for determination? >> yes, aim. >> reporter: do you -- did you not do what they are saying you did? >> i did not do it. >> the superintendent of schools wants brenda young fired, and she will go before the school board at 5:00 don't to fight for her job, gayle. back to you. >> it will be interesting to see how it plays out. thank you, ryan. 6:05 is the time, and a wrong end of the law this morning. her toddler found wandering on the streets by herself, and this is not the first time it has happened. 24-year-old whitney shoemaker is facing charges for putting her 3-year-old toddler in danger. neighbors found the toddler dozens of times all alone outside of her house it happened three days in a row just last week. >> you can't let your kid get
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but a diaper and you are passed out on whatever in your house. >> shoemaker told neighbors the girl got out because she was a smart girl, and shoemaker was a for shooting a tampa mother in the face. but in 2010 when the supreme court dropped life sentences for juveniles, his time was reduced. >> the gentleman i was with
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>> manuel is now in a reentry program in alabama, searching for a job, and they plan to stay in touch. a brevard county woman is counting her blessing after her drive home last friday turned into a narrow orr dole. angela smith was driving home when a crow bar slammed into the windshield of her car. it hit her hit my head and fell down my arm. i panicked, hit my flashers, and i went to the side offed row. >> thankfully she only suffered a minor injury. police believe it was sitting on the side of the road and it was flipped up by another passing car. matt jake was driving along truman boulevard yesterday when this happened.
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it was caused by a broken water line, and crews pulled the car out, fixed the line, and filled the hole with dirt. can you imagine? thank goodness he was able to get out. it's 6:08. over to leigh spann. >> a cold front has pushed to the south, and that's why it was cloudy yesterday, and there may be clouds around this, mornings but but it's also cooler. the live look from polk county, and 's next 20 minutes or so. by lunchtime, expect the clouds to be clearing, humidity to be low. 72 at noon. 76 at 3:00 p.m., and then a cooldown, quickly after sunsets tonight. morning clouds rake braking up, leading to a sunnier afternoon. this week, we are cooler than average today, but near 80 on thursday.
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next week, much, much cooler air. despite that we are in hurricane season. hurricane season through november 30th, so we are checking the tropics. >> it feels like i have hurricane season senioritis. we have water mains causing problems here. i need you to take me. that will ease your commute, believe me. 10th avenue and art 43rd street and as we move in, we have been following this breaking news, and one of the southbound lanes, that's due to the war that we believe the into the road ever bar there on 7th and
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thank you. and 8 is on your side with what you need to know to keep your family safe for a hover board. the games coming tampa in january. the big game could bling you big bucks. you're watching news channel 8 this morning.
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right now, president obama is on his final trip in offs, just before 4:00 a.m. he will discuss a wide range of global issues, essentially to stability as he leaves the white house. he will promise world leaders about donald trump and his commitment to nato. >> i think that's one of the most import this trip, and it's to let them know that there is no resolve when it comes to america's commitment to maintaining a strong and robust, nato relationship. >> the president will also visit germany and peru. today we could learn more about the staff and cabinet members being assembled by president-elect donald trump.
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ahead of schedule right now, meredyth is live now. >> reporter: now last night, rudy giuliani gave a speech on foreign policy at a private dinner, hosted by the wall street journal, and during the speech, he sought to display a command of the facts about the nation's military and financial entangle the. s around the indicated he wants to be secretary of state, and not attorney general, even though his credentials are largely in law enforcement and criminal justice. meanwhile, it's clear that loyalty to donald trump is a common thread among his potential cabinet picks. >> it's very important for protection donald trump to have those around him with him, to this point. youty is very important to him.
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asked if it's possible for his family members to receive temporary security clearances for the inauguration including his adult children who are his advisers and his son-in-law. it's not something that has been done before. we will keep an eye on that. it's a sign of how important donald trump's children will be in the next administration. gene? >> a unique candidate and ue seeing here. thank you. this morning 8 is on your side with what to look before before buying what could be a popular item on christmas wish lists this year. yesterday we said hover boards are back on store shelves. last year many exploded and caught on fire, prompting recalls. we went to the stores to find out what is different this year. mikers promise they are safe, but shoppers don't trust them.
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catch on fire. >> i would say prime reason is safe if i, and the close second is the fire hazard. >> experts are urging shoppers to look for the u.l. certified symbol, and you should be able to find the u.l. label on the box. happening today a day college football fans have been waiting for, playoff rankings will be revealed tonight and the top 4 teams could be a bi clemson, washington, and michigan each suffering devastating losses on saturday and that could change everything. the college football national championship is coming to tampa. local residents and businesses are hoping to cash nonthe celebration.
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here. >> reporter: the influx of football fans opening their wallets. it's a 5k race and even a family-friendly beach party, exposing tens of thousands of visitor the from downtown tampa to the pinellas county beaches. >> we will have loot of people in our hotels and using our transportation locations. >> reporter: this is the new etc. location in the raymond james stadium. >> we are practicing, to get ready for the big game. >> reporter: employees are banking on a boost in tips. >> they like to work, like to make money, and at the same time f you have is a great sports venue like this it's a party all night long. >> reporter: when the online party ends this marine veteran
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home private hotels or airbnb. reservations from college football fans are from as far bee as usa traily. it's estimated fans will spend the daily average of $410, not enclouding overnight accommodations. all the -- overnight accommodations. very exciting it's coming to tampa. >> it exposed the bay area to people who keep coming back. >> the game is going on? tampa. but all the events are spread out so everyone can feel the love f you know what i mean. >> is 6:18. let's check the weather with leigh. >> all college football fans, even if your team is not playing they will be watching
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the world. veterans for tampa. we are just beginning to see the clouds around. that's what i have been telling you. the clouds are getting cooler. 59 a that location in tampa. the clouds will break up, and we will warm up to a pleasant 72 at noon, and slightly below average. we are chilly right now at inverness and brooksville. 59 in plan. city, and you can sigh the clouds pushing farther and the clouds are lingering, and a bit more below average this afternoon. the high, thin passing clouds, and another cool morning, but with the clear sky tomorrow, and then nothing but sunshine, and a great day, and temperatures up to 78 tomorrow. the vets expressway. you saw on cat remarks looking great right now no delays, but
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hour. enjoy it while you can down to 275. no problems on the veterans expressway. hot u ward franklin bridge is a good drive as well. only taking 6 minutes to cross it. 7 across the courtney campbell causeway. now back to gene and gayle. a new twist this morning to an eerie story. >> a story that ny been following. coming up, one of the convicted men in makerring a murderer is now free. why the judge overturned his sentence? that's next on news channel 8 today.
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happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure. it's 6:23. making a murderer has captivated viewers, and now one
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has been set free. brandon dassey confessed to help his uncle kill a photographer in 2005. the judge believes the confession was connersed, saying he was only 16 -- was forced at the time, saying he was only a 16. >> ruth ginsbu rg traded in her role for saturday night and toole. >> she guest starred in take a >> we will resume when you, marie, and your birth certificate are all here. >> innage that's what she looses like hanging out in at home. >> an '80s stress. >> we did the applaud there, and that was ringing out before they saw her.
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new, just this morning a car crashes into a popular cc. my believe believer ever deliver that the doctor may have done that on thursday. cames are on the way. weather and traffic on the
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at 6:28, the sun is coming up, and you can see from the lake club in lakewood ranch, clouds are around, and it's getting clear. we will clear the skies north to south today. when the kids go to the bus stop, feeling cooler, but clouds. when they come home, comfortable, and mostly sunny and 76. leslee? traffic on the 8s.
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area. mary is on the scene, and she sent out a tweet. they have towed the car away. a lot of damage to the bar but
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breaking news this morning a driver crashes into a crowd of people and into an ybor city bar this is the live picture as they continue to search for the driver this morning. >> a student struck and killed and running to his school bus stop. did a county official cover up what really happened? >> a hearing today could find the truth. >> and president obama's final overseas trip, a arriving in greece this morning. the message he is bringing to
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more rain head outsider way? ever what we got, is it enough to help? i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. >> reporter: yesterday, it led too sprinkles, and i'm tracking this rain. it may give you a sprinkle or two yesterday, a trace of rain that means for rain. that's typically our driest month of the year. 3/4 of an inch below average. here's the good news, since january 1st we are 9 inches above the amount of rain fall we are supposed to get. this is the driest month of the year. the cold front has come
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clear water, and 59 in plant city, and thin we will start with clouds, and temperatures feeling cooler at 8:00 a.m. notice the blue sky is coming back out, and it's 72, and that's right around 75 and sunny at 4:00 p.m., and i do have an 8-day temperature trend for you to let you know when the real cool air will get year. first, let's check on the traffic situation. >> good drive on the bay area bridges, but we have got issues out there, folks, and i'm going hillsborough avenue from 2nd to 30th streets, and that is through thursday evening. take martin luther king eastbound through the tampa area this morning. and the water main work continues at 10th avenue and 43rd treed. new crash at i-75 transitioning to i-4. >> we will continue to follow breaking news, cay yacht at an ybor city bar as it closes this
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jumping the curb and aiming at a group of people. mary mcguire has been there all morning long. what exactly happened? >> reporter: good morning to you. in the last 15 minutes, police have cleared the scene and a tow truck came to remove the car. when bars here in ybor city were closing up a crowd of seven or more gathered outside that's when a scuffle broke out. a man got into his car and intentionally drove into the crowd of people. one person was hit and was transported to tga with a vehiclen leg. now two people who were involved are in custody, and they are searching for the drive driver. surveillance video has been reviewed, and they are believe
6:34 am
in custody stopped the videocassette in the middle of 7th avenue, and then it appears he gunned the engine, and one of the individuals he was fighting with was in front of the vehicle, and that gentleman shot into the glass, and then the vehicle went through the front of the bad monkey. >> reporter: any doubt in your find this was intentional. >> right now it appears to be intentional. we will continue as the day goes on. >> reporter: when the suspect is caught, they could face felony hit-and-run charges, and alcohol is thought to be a factor in the casement. now that the car has been taken from the front of the building, the question is how does the owner of the billion
6:35 am
or motions, blue it could be a big clean up process for the owners of the bad monkey in ybor city. a stolen car chase ends with the car stuck on the railroad tracks. cart event yulely came -- the car eventually came to a stop. no one was hurt. police arrested a man and woman. a polk county employee could lose her job, accused of changing information following the death of a student who was hit on hid way to the bus stop. ryan hughes is live from lakeland, and ryan, the employee plans to fight for her job? >> reporter: gene, good morning once again. we briefly spoke to brenda young, and she said she did nothing wrong. the superintendent of schools wants her fired after she explains she went into a data base and changed information on
6:36 am
student was hit and killed here. >> reporter: kaelyn kirk was ship and killed. on the day of the accident, young went into the system and changed it, claiming she did it to create a new and safer bus stop for students, not to hide anything. she was suspended without parkway in june. we stopped by her home yesterday. doing? >> no comment. >> i will comment after the hearing. >> brenda young goes before the school board at 5:00 tonight, where we are fold she will fight to keep her job. gene 1234. >> we will see how -- gene? >> we will see how it p gones. thank you. a pasco county mother is on the wrong side of the law. her toddler was found wandering
6:37 am
it's not the first time thanked. whitney shoemaker is behind bars, facing charges for putting her 3-year-old child in danger. it even has been three days in a row last week. >> you just can't let your kids out the door in nothing but a diaper, and you're passed pass out on whatever. hope for the best, and shoemaker told neighbors the child got out because he's a very smart girl, and shoemaker is a very deep sleeper. happening today, the pasco county school board came to discuss a raise with will discuss the contract breakdown with the union that represents
6:38 am
is worried about when they will get the races. >> there's no guarantee the contract will be resolved so the district is in a position to implement any raises prior to the holidays. >> browning says the district is proposing 2.5% raise for teachers and employees, and blames the union by delaying the raises for months. browning is working to move forward with the 2.65 percent rain for nonunion empls. traffic on the 8s. >> you can still see the clouds lingering around, and notice, this is the way it looks right now looking a the hula bay rest flaunt tampa. birds flying in the distance. it's 60 right now, and the cooler air will continue to filter in mind the cold front, and there's a few clouds that linger with the sprinkles off the east coast or west coast of florida, and 60 degrees at 7:00 a.m.
6:39 am
more sunshine, and 76 at 3:00 p.m. today's highs are gene ramirez low average. the high of 76. going up to 78 tomorrow, and that's average. up to 81 on friday before saturday's cold front will drastically drop our temperatures. sort of a florida winter. i know more and more people are hitting the doors. >> we are seeing more vehicles on the roadway this is beer av 20 minutes already. this is out of past cocounty, hitting up with 2175, moving into downtown. outdoors, the howard frankland bridge is lacking great. and also northbound on i-75 and southbound, approaching i-4, why is that? we have a crash on the northbound side, tieing up to lanes before the ramp to eastbound i-4, and also new tampa getting slow, too.
6:40 am
the 8s. back to gene and gayle. a little boy left for hours in a hot suv to die. >> the your verdict the jury reach in the trial of the little boy's dad. is he filleted by of murder? -- is he convicted of murderer? what one accused of doing to a demonstrators. it's 6:40, and you're watching
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right now barack obama's final trip as leader of the united states is underway. >> and he will answer questions world leaders have about president-elect donald trump.
6:44 am
morning. it was planned before the election, but now it's it has new meaning. >> reporter: people arer in vow about trade and immigration. president obama will address the worries during stops in greece, germany, and peru. he landed in athens, greece. world leaders were described as rattled by trump's pop lair if i. now he his answer, allies that america will not change even? the leadership will. the fort urged donald trump to change his approach. >> when you're aidant tat and say something that is inap rat or controversial it has less impact that when you're president of the united states.
6:45 am
post election protests. president obama encouraged donald trump to reach out to minority groups. president obama will meet with leaders of the u.k., germany, france, and spain, and in south america, he will attend an economic summit, joined by his sometimes rival, vladimir putin. to be a fly on the wall! >> that would be to making a decision about his team. speculation that rudy giuliani could be the next secretary of the state. a senior official for the president-elect says there's no competition for the job, and it's rudy giuliani's if he wants it. since the voters elected trump president, there's been an increase in crimes. the southern poverty center
6:46 am
the high. lock at what happen at an antitrump rally at ohio state university last night. a student angry about the rally ran down the stairs and shoved a man speaking about the crowd to the ground. the demonstrator landed face down and injured his hand. across america, the water crisis in flint, michigan s not over. mate your will expand claiming the extension is needed since the water is is not safe to use without a filter. the crisis started after the city tap into the flint river for drinking water to save money. lead from corroded pipes happied into the system, sickening residents. a georgia father is found guilty in the death of his son who died being left in a hot
6:47 am
verdict against justin ross harris. defect attorneys argued the little boy's death was an tragic accident. harris is facing a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole. veteran tv journalist gwen ifill has died. at just 61 years roll, she passed away after a month's long battle with prior to joining pbs, ifill was nbc's chief correspondent and moderated two vice presidential debates. chili's is under fire after a video surfaces of a manager snatching away a free meal from a veteran on veterans day. ernest walker was questioned if he was really a veteran.
6:48 am
forced to pay for the meal. the parent company apologized for this incident. he even charged his discharge papers and everything. we will let you know what happens, but as you can imagine a talked about story on social media to join the conversation and share your thoughts go to our facebook page right now. changes are on the way, leigh. >> you are feeling it when the hyundai of new port richey, showing you the clouds and also showing you the temperatures, dropping down to 589 degrees, and it will be cloudy still, -- down to 59 degrees, and it will be cloudy still, but will be cooler. a few passing clouds, and 72 at noon, 76 at 3:00 p.m. cooler air to the north. the cold front to the south, and the cooler air lags behind
6:49 am
plant city. you godown to venice, and you are getting the cooler air this is the 24-hour temperature change where brooksville, and inverness, you are 9 degrees cooler, you will notice it. 2degrees cooler than this time yesterday in venice. there's a few sprinkles out to the gulf of mexico it would not be impossible to get a that may be possible through the morning. begun, as the drier air starts to arrive. we will see the winds from the north through the early evening showers, and passing, thin, high clouds through the afternoon. nice today. cool tonight. a slow warmup to 81 on friday before another big cold front on saturday, bringing us colder air next week. leslee, how is traffic? >> a nice drive right now on the howard frankland bridge,
6:50 am
we are leavings out out right now, it's a good drive. i-4 is getting thick in ybor city. veterannics pressway looking good. most of the traffic headed southbound, and no delays. northbound i-75, backed up to brandon here at 5560. why is that? we have an accident smack dab right there. it's tieing up two lanes northbound at i-750 north of slowing down and approaching. southbound i-75 camming away from north tampa. you can take 301 instead. now to i-4, about 20 minute here's to 75. that's into downtown tampa, and we are seeing the slowdowns. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. just in time for breakfast, we will have a new cereal
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>> that's right! you know what i'm talking about. tony the tiger with cinnamon flavored frost the flakes. thier cereal maker says that's the most requested flavoring. that will be available to most in january. attention consumers and oreo lovers, you can find the cream-filled cookies in the chocolate company to create two new products, the milka oreo big crunch bar and the big chocolate bar. you will see the candy bar out in january. you need to decide, do you want the crunch or smooth? >> i think you layer them and have them together. >> i see what you are saying. >> another in milk. >> what you need to know before
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breaking news this morning, a car smashes into a bar in ybor city. >> one person is hurt, and the driver is on the run. >> news channel 8's mary mcguire is >> reporter: good morning to you. the car has been removed from outside of the bad monkey bar, but the cleanup efforts have just begun. the car slammed in just as the car was closing up. a group of 7 or more gathered, and a fight broke out. that's when a man got into his car, intentionally driving into the crowd and hit the building.
6:56 am
tgh for a broken leg two people involved in the fight are now in custody, but police are searching for the driver of the vehicle this morning. when the suspect is caught, they could face felony hit-and- run charges. alcohol is thought to be a factor. i'm mary mcguire, news channel 8. a stolen car chase ended with the car stuck on the railroad tracks. the driver took off when the police tried to pull the driver over, but the driv police arrested a man and a woman. a polk county school employee is accused of changing information in a computer data base, and she made the changes following the death of a student who was hit oned his way -- who was hit on his way to the bus stop. neighbors found whitney shoemaker's child dozens of
6:57 am
alone, and for now the child is with shoemaker's relatives. this morning president obama arrived in greece. he's expected to address issues involving the transition of power from him to president- elect, donald trump. >> other countries he will visit include germany. new information this morning about protect donald trump's new team. anonymous sources indicate that rudy giuliani is now in line to be secretary of state. the source said it's giuliani's job if he wants it. with the sun up this morning, we can see clouds lingering, 57, and it's a little chilly. we are at 62 with tampa. 61 in bradenton, and cooler spots like brooksville at 53. the cooler air arrived, but we are dealing with the patchy clouds. the clouds will clear out, and it will be pleasant. 76 at 3:00 p.m., and that's below average. nice warmup before the big
6:58 am
now, and i-4, slow and go through ybor city. still holding on to the decent drive on the veterans expressway. you can see right near, a lot of color changes, this is northbound on i-75. connecting eastbound i-4, and we do have an a crash there. it's really backing you up folks, keep that in mind. meanwhile a decent drive on the howard frankland bridge. this is instead of 75 across the brandon area. >> and thank you for joining us on this tuesday. >> we will have the latest on tuesday, weather, and traffic. catch the updates during the
6:59 am
7:00 am
new world order? inside the fierce battle to be in the trump inner circle. is rudy giuliani the next secretary of state? laura ingraham, the next white and what about the backlash against top advisor steve bannon who one conservative is now calling terrifying. president obama side-stepping the issue. >> it will be up to him to set up a team that he thinks will serve him well and reflect his policies. >> who is in and who is out? we'll ask top trump advisor kellyanne conway. excellent target. isis puts out the call for followers to attack next week's


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