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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  November 15, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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[laughter] >> no. don't tell them we said that. >> the news is next. have a great day. bye. >> bye. ? ? . right now on news channel 8 today at 11. >> a child hit on her way to school is now in the hospital, why police say the driver will likely not f car into a crowd of people and an ybor city bar, why police say this was no accident. >> and a stunt struck and killed while running to his school bus stop, but did a county worker cover up what really happened, a hearing aims to discover the truth. . >> good morning. >> thank you for joining us. we want to head over to leigh spann for the latest on the weather. >> you know it's been a little bit cooler this morning thanks
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we're starteding to get peaks of blue sky. it's only 64 degrees. brandon all socked in with clou. maybe some sunshine coming through, 66 degrees. so there's the cold front, but notice just north of crystal river up around i-10 it is perfectly clear. we will eventually clear things out. we'll start to erode these clouds as the day continues. with temperatures have remained on the cooler side. 63 in zephyrhills, 67 tampa, 49 in bradenton. here's our headlines morning clouds did begin to break up so we get a sunny afternoon, slow warming trend cooler than average today but by thursday we're near 80, a heads up another cold front is going to come through on saturday with much cooler air, you're going to want to stay tuned for that, guys. we are following breaking news in tampa where a little girl is in the hospital after
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to school. >> news channel 8's ryan hughes spoke to police and the girl's godmother to find out how this happened. >> the little girl was walking to school with some of her siblings when she walked off the sidewalk right up there and was struck by that bmw. we spoke to the godmother who explained it could have a whole lot worse. >> the car didn't hit here head on thank god just the mirror hit her. >> the right side mirror is bent as seen in this video crews rushed to north florida avenue. they took her to the hospital. amanda white her godmother gave us this picture of her dressed up happy and smiling at halloween. >> she's just vibrant full of life, she's a good little girl, a great little girl. >> police blocked north florida avenue for more than 2 hours as they investigated. tampa police spokeswoman tells us the little
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hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. family members said she should be okay. >> and north florida avenue is back open. police tell us the driver stopped and therefore likely will not be cited. and developing right now a frantic scene in ybor city earlier this morning. a scuffle outside of a bar ended when a driver went on an apparent rampage jumping the curb and aiming their car toward a small crowd of people. we have more on why tampa police believe this was intentional. >> bar here in ybor city is now a big gaping hole after police tell us a driver intentionally slammed into this building. just as the bars were closing up for the night things took a sudden dangerous turn. >> if you look at it nothing else was hit. somebody did that on purpose. >> police tell us a group of people got into a fight outside the bad monkey bar just after 3, that's when one person involved in the fight got into this black
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multiple people began attacking the driver who put their foot on the gas, hitting one person, then ramming into the bar. leaving behind lots of broken glass and a big hole. >> one of the individuals he was fighting with was in front of the vehicle, that gentleman shot into the glass and then the vehicle went through the front of the bad monkey. >> so is there any doubt in your mind that this was intentional? >> there can always be doubts but for right now it appears that it was intentional. >> after the crash the man who was local hospital with a leg injury. as the driver ran away on foot. >> but we have 2 of his buddies in custody so we're confident we're going to get to the bottom of this. >> i spoke with one of the managers at the bar and they say crews are on their way to assess the damage and if they can patch up this hole they should be open tonight >> when the driver is caught
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alcohol is believed to be a factor. happening today a polk county school employees could lose her job. transportation manager young is accused of changing information in a computer database following the death of a student hit on his way to a bus stop. he was stuck by a car as he walked to his bus stop. school records show young told a supervisor kirk was not required to cross the road to get to the bus stop while on the day of the accident young allegedly young claims she did it to create a new and safer bus stop for students not to hide anything. well, we stopped by her home yesterday to see what she had to say for herself. >> this was all your doing? >> no comment. i will comment after the hearing tomorrow. >> the superintendent wants young fired, she was suspended without pay back in june, now, she'll go before the school board at 5 p.m. to try and fight for her job.
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school board will meet to discuss a stand off over raises for teachers an other school employees. in a closed-door session the board will discuss the break down of contract talks with the union. browning criticizes that break down and expresses concern about when teachers may get raises. >> there is no guarantee that a contract will be resolved so that the district will be in a position to implement any raises or benefit increases prior to the winter holidays. proposing a 3.5% raise for teachers and school employees but blames the union for delaying the raise for months. in the meantime browning is working to move forward with a 2.65% raise for non-union employees. right now a pasco county mother finds herself on the wrong end of the law. her toddler found out wandering on the streets by herself and it wasn't the first time. the 24-year old is now behind bars facing charges of putting her
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dozens of times all alone outside of her house. it happened 3 days in a row just last week. . >> you just can't let your kid get out the front door and -- in nothing but a diaper, and you know, you're, passed out whatever in your bed in your house. >> for now the child is with relatives, she told neighbors the child got out because she a very smart little girl and she is a very deep sle. the last hour or so we received a statement from buccaneers wide receiver mike evans in that statement he further explains his decision to sit during the national anthem in sunday's game. he stresses his utmost respect for the nation's military and how his decision to sit was a very personal one and goes onto say quote i will not sit again because i want to focus my efforts on finding more effective ways to communicate my
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standing with my teammates. and right now we want to take a moment to update or more recent phone bank, one aimed at putting unclaimed money back in your pocket. so far more than $456,000 has been claimed and that number is still going up. our phone bank that we held last night is over, but we encourage you to visit fl treasure hunt. it comes from things like unclaimed insurance policies or savings accounts you may have forgotten about, . the money is out there. you just need to go look for it and claim it. >> lots of people cashing in. happening today a blood drive in sarasota, it's happening at the sun coast blood bank. it started at 7 this morning but goes until 2 p.m. you still have plenty of time.
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you can't donate blood you can still help in other ways. the bank is also collecting dry cat food for the cat depot, the sun coast blood bank is at 1760 mound street. a construction project you paid for is being dragged out for years. >> coming up mark explains how a stalled sewer project is costing taxps what's being done to speed things up. >> plus a face lift for lyft. the signature pink mustache is going away. . >> and i know it was cloudy but i still got a few pictures for people of the super moon. this is james he actually got this picture this morning at 7:10. again the moon was as close to earth as it's been since 1948. i'll have more on what happens
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. the strawberry festival is still 4 months away but already getting a glimpse of the big names in town. >> doors down, scott mcreary, and rascal flats. you can find the concert dates, ticket information on the festival runs march 2nd through the 12th. >> and l king sings the song xs and os. >> they have a great variety which is good because it appeals to many different people from the bay area.
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goodies. >> people ask which, i'll take both. >> and whipped cream and ice cream. put it all on there. my favorite. it's a little e today. we had that cold front come through yesterday and the clouds have really hung tough although i do think that as we head through the rest of the afternoon then we'll get more and more sunshine. here's a look at the veterans forward camera in tampa where it's 64 degrees. look at the another look at that blue sky there and at 8 miles per hour. it's currently 68 degrees. and the lake club also one of those places socked in with cloud cover as we speak. as we head through the rest of the day at 1:00 still these clouds around temperatures will be coming into the low 70s by that point. still below afternoon as more sunshine breaks through at 3 p.m. 76 degrees and clear and cooling pretty quickly after the sun sets. right now we've already warmed up to 67 in fish
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we've hit about 68 in brooksville and 64 in lakeland, but yeah already 72 in sarasota. winds are basically coming out of the north. not a strong wind but a breeze you can feel 9-mile per hour in lakeland and brooksville, 15-mile per hour wind right now in st. petersburg, and 12 miles per hour in sarasota. the front is not moving too quickly pushing through south florida that's why the clouds have been low to break through and we'll see a little bit more sunshine in once the clouds clear out more overnight you're going to wake up tomorrow another crisp cool start to your wednesday, in fact, went is going to be great all day, lots of sunshine, low humidity and pleasant afternoon, almost room temperature in the afternoon. by the way, even though it's cool and you know, feeling not like summer at all, hurricane season does officially continue through the end of november. and there's an area in the western caribbean it has about an 80% chance of
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forecast, today 76, that's below average, 78 tomorrow, get this nice warm up to about 81 degrees by friday, but heads up because we have another cold front saturday, it's not expected to bring us much rain, but look at that highs in the 60s on monday, what a florida winder type feel coming in. even we might even have to dip some of those overnight lows next week into the 40s. i kept it at 50 but that's in tampa. so you know there will be some places in the 40s. something for your lovers to look forward to next week. >> and i know you ladies will be bringing out the boots. >> we've got to. >> something about 40s really triggers something mentally about that part of your closet. >> winter is coming. >> winter is coming. >> thank you. after more than 4 years the
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sewer project that you fade pour time and again. it dates back to 2012. since then the city blames a series of contractors for failing to finish a lift station near the intersection of almetton and starky. the cost has risen dramatically and you paid for it. >> next time you're on starky road take a look at this hole in the ground you paid for. why can't the city get this project done? >> it's not that the city can't get it done. we need contractor that will complete it. >> 4 years ago a city contractor agreed to build a lift station and quit after 4 months. so the city hired a second contractor, who agreed to finish the project for $475,000. a 60% increase you paid for. but that contractor went bank rut in july, and work stopped again. . >> i can't even begin to speculate why this last
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show after spending more than $215,000 on this project are concrete forms and a mud puddle. >> here we are a project that was supposed to take 3 or 4 months we're 4 years down the road, it's only half done and there's no contractor doing any work at the moment. . >> that is the -- a factual manner at hand, yes, that is correct. >> largo hopes a third contractor will finish >> we have been working with due diligence with the current company since september. >> that's nice, but no one so much has lifted a shovel since july and there's no contractor in sight. >> who should be fired here? >> no one. . >> why not? >> because everyone from -- everyone inside the city of largo has been working diligently with every situation that has come up with this project.
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contractors because both companies quit. the city insists it shouldn't cost taxpayers more than about a half a million dollars because the bonding company has to take responsibility. the city does hope the next contractor will finish the job some time next year. and now it's time for a consumer watch this morning ups deliveries may soon be in jeopardy. 1,200 mechanics voted to go on strike. it's not a done deal just yet though. the workers have to get the approval before striking after that they must way 30 days before initiating that strike. ups says it is confident they will reach a deal with workers before then. as we head into the winter holiday season we enter what's known the most wasteful season as americans throw away a lot of what could be re cycled. today is america re cycles day. consumers are asked to take the
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recycle, act by recycling more and share by encouraging one family member or friend to take this pledge. you can take the pledge online. and the department of transportation is very close to finalizing long awaited new rules on electric cars and hybrids. soon the environmentally friendly cars will be required to emit sounds to warn people on sidewalks or bikes when they're nearby. the dot hopes to put a dent in the that involve electric cars hitting and at times running over pedestrians. makers have 3 years to equip those quiet cars with the alert sounds. ride sharing company lyft is doing the opposite of movember, the company is shaving its off. it's replacing its signature pink mustache with a new dash board device called the amp.
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or crowded streets. they'll be told to look for a specific color on the dash board. and the tampa bay area is no stranger to hosting big sporting events. >> we've had a few super bowls the frozen 4 of college hockey and in a few weeks we're hosting the college football national playoff championship coming up the economic impact the big game
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ou're suffering from fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery.
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. tonight we'll find out the latest college football playoff rankings and the decision will be announced at 7. this could be interesting. the top 4 teams could be a big surprise all except for that top spot. clemson michigan and washington
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this week's a.p. poll ranks alabama number one, ohio state and michigan round out the top 4. >> the college football playoff national championship is coming here to tampa and it's happening in less than a 2 months. local businesses and residents alike are looking to cash in on the celebration. . >> almost 60,000 people will be here for the 3 to 4-day weekend. >> an influx of football fans fattening local wall let's. the championship is coming. it's and food festivals a 5k race even a family friendly beach party will expose tens of thousands of visitors to the bay area . >> we'll have lots of people in our hotels, lots of people using our transportation options, i
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judge >> thee water crisis in flint, michigan is not over. today the mayor plans to extend the emergency declaration. mayor karen weaver signed the dollars last year, and claims the extension is this necessary because worts in flint is still not safe to use without a filter. lead from corroded pipes seeped into the water system sickening woof >> the trial for sergeant bow bergdahl is set for december 15th. he is charged with desertion and miss behavior before the enemy, and faces up to life in
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-- new zealand has begun rescue operations for many trapped in one town after the earthquake there. only helicopters can reach those who are stranded. >> we have scheduled flight tomorrow, so worry lucky. we should get down there this afternon. >> and the first warship to visit new zealand in 30 years is changing directions to go help those people. you may have seen this video following that
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the good news, they're off safe now, the two cows and a calf. the farmers said the cows were desperate for water. after graduating high school, most to summer before heading off to college. >> but this guy had his sights set an elected office. last week, guess what? he won. his job coming up for the next six years coming up. look how pretty this
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we should have a beautiful sunset tonight as we start to erode the clouds. i'll tell you what happened after the clouds clear out
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that hbo hit series game of thrones only has two seasons left, and the fans very sad, maybe even some a little mad ask disappointed. >> it is really one of the best on television. wracked tv show. >> and if if an article in entertainment weekly is to be believed, our journey is not over. a prequel series could be in the works. hbo's programming executive said talks are underway. >> my reaction to this is, because i've watched game of thrones, it's hard not to keep
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in are the current system. can you imagine if there's prequel going way back? i don't know who your great great grandfather is, and don't know that i care. >> there's definitely an audience for it. >> yes, there is. >> and winter is coming. that has a lot to do with that show. i'm like he the second person the world not to see that show. >> i was counting you. i was counting you. still. >> clouds a around. we're around 68 degrees at this point. so the clouds will be hanging tough for the next several hours. i do think by 3:00 this afternoon, we'll start to see
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clouds and more sunshine. below average, though, 76 degrees, and once that sun sets, it will be cooling quickly. already back down to the mid- 60s. we see a breeze out there. r, not you'll feel it. >> the clouds have been really hard-pressed to get any farther down to the south. if you go just north of citrus county, out of our viewing area, not a cloud in the sky, where we've stayed really
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we really started to see fewer and fewer clouds, and that means a cooler and cooler evening. as we start to get for sunshine around here, 57 fridays tonight, mostly clear, so temperatures fall quickly. 81 friday, but saturday, another cold front comes through. not much is there some cold air behind it. >> 18-year-old eric is not like most college freshmen. during his first year at michigan's grand valley state university, he'll have one eye on this studies and one eye on his former high school. last year the teenager was elected to the school board, maybing him the youngest elected official in western michigan. his opponent was roughly 20
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he won, and he credits his win to be able to talk to people and explain one-on-one why he wants to serve. he already has some big ideas he's ready to implement. >> they do this really cool thing where they have 7 community elected board members like normal, and then they have two student representatives that the high school student body elects. >> on the heels of the presidential election, he's hoping the strengthen our issue rather than divide pit. >> now a story about how few kind words really can make somebody's day. some drivers are finding a pleasant surprise on their windshields instead of tickets. >> it's all part of nbc's inspiring america series. it's a tradition you've seen on nbc nightly news. >> reporter: we see so much of this hectic world through the lens of a windshield.
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offer a glimmer of peace, too. >> do you ever feel weird doing this? >> yes. >> reporter: he may look a little suspicious hop scotching from parked car to parked car. he's not putting flyers, he's sharing poems. >> to give hurt hing humans hope -- to give hurting to craft the tiny notes, enlisting create intalent from schools. >> i love that, man. that he really good. >> reporter: like these fourth graders at odyssey elementary. >> you feel like you're inspiring people and make them feel good. >> reporter: if you don't feel like the star of the show, make it your own. haven't each kid a little poet who knows it. >> be yourself, because you'll
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world, and can see the beauty in it. >> brings a smile to the face. >> reporter: to those who receive them, the poems are a simple surprise. >> how sweet. >> reporter: it's a movement there is hope will grow. >> a little bit of positivity goes a long way. >> reporter: a space normally reserved for unwanted parking tickets now filled with welcome words of kindness free >> that's a nice thing to do, especially now around the holidays, as that gets closer and closer. i wouldn't mind finding a nice note, hint, hint, you know where i park. >> american airlines is saying a big thank you to the people of cold by a alaska. a flight from shanghai to chicago had to land in cold by a alaska last month, for low hing a mechanical alert issue. passengers were stranded in
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people of that town of 0 cold bay went out of their way to welcome the stranded passengers and crew, so reps from the airline brought turkey and all of the fixings for all of the residents as a show of gratitude for their help. >> here we are today by invitation. we are bringing dinner for a hundred, so we'll have leftovers. >> you don't have to do thanksgiving the 4th thursday and a lot to be thankful for, because obviously those passengers won't be happy with what happened. >> we heard about people swimming from miami to cuba and vice versa. >> now an englishman named ben hooper wants to outdo all of them. he wants to swim the atlantic ocean, and he's already in the water. we'll show you how he plans to
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break news out of utah to tell you about. five high school kids, all boys, have been stabbed at mountain view is high school. taking a live look at the school right now. this is happening in orum, utah. this is a live look at that scene. the condition of those five boys who are stabbed we're told range from fair to critical. we're told the suspect is reportedly in custody. police say th further notice. >> well, a 38-year-old british man is on a mission to be the first person to swim across the atlantic all in the name of charity. ben hooper started the 2,000 mile swim to brazil on sunday. >> it's been a roller coaster from the beginning to the end, food, bad, and really ugly, and not just my face. so i was determined we were
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hours a day, taking breaks on a ship sailing at his side. if he keeps up that pace, it will take him four to be five months to complete it. >> telling an interesting challenge. i'm used to crossing the in to three weeks. the boats are loaded with water, bottle of vinegar for jelly fish stings, and even a christmas tree. >> that's rough.
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>> absolutely. we do have cloudy skies now. it won't be a perfectly clear afternoon, but at least you'll see the sun. i think you'll see almost purr sunshine for wednesday, thursday. saturday, just a 10% rain chance as that second stronger cold front comes through, and we'll really get our first taste of what we call a florida winter, a high of 68 degrees is not very typical, so we'll be breaking out the sweaters and boots, things you >> i love a florida winter. they're the best. >> some are reporting that the grass is getting dry, but i love seeing that zero percent rain chance across the board. >> make okay my job easy, that's for sure. >> we'll see you back here on first at 4:00.
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing.
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papa john's. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody! yes. that's -- "paula abdul. >> good news for us. >>. ? hit and run ? >> yeah. all in the kitchen. get to them in a second. and as if you didn't know, it's booze day. spanky tuesday. november 15th. >> that is paula. in case you missed it earlier, a


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