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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  November 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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sales pressure. visit us today. right now on news channel 8 at 5:30 pm: >> good evening. i'm jennifer lee. >> i'm josh benson. >> we begin with a fort myers day care worker who is being called a hero after she saved the lives of infants and children who were almost hit by a car. that vehicle lost control, crashing through a fence and into the side of the childcare buil. worker about the selfless rescue. cook children turned to tears at this day care center today. >> as soon as i threw them back, it hit. all the babies started screaming. >> reporter: she was outside with one-year-olds when a car came rolling in. >> i didn't see a car but i seen the fence and and she grabbed one child. >> reporter: the car drove through the yard where the child was playing before
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>> the kids are all okay. thank god. >> reporter: no one was in the room that was hit. the kids were immediately rushed out of the building.>> it's scary but we have been trained to act on panic motion, especially when it comes to kids. we just did like the tornado drill. >> reporter: make daniel read lives next-door. >> they did a hell of a job. nobody was hurt. everybody went home safe.>> reporter: investigated the building and says it's structurally sound. the school will open normally tomorrow. >> that was devon turk in fort myers. officials have yet to release any information on the driver or the cause of the crash. part of a crane collapsed in jacksonville in a residential community on the second floor of a ymca mandarin. the arm of the crane fell on top of it. damage is minimal and the first-
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no one was injured. for more than a month, the fema mobile disaster recovery center has been traveling to areas affected by hurricane matthew. right now it's in saint augustine helping people who suffered home and vehicle damage during the storm. people are eligible for the up to through $2000 in small business loans. 15 to 20 people are being helped per day. a man who was shot in killed -- and killed in georgia is th brian moore was shot and killed sunday night. authorities believe the shooting was an isolated event and not a random act. they have not discussed a possible motive yet or the details of what happened and are still searching for the shooter. tonight, members and special guests are getting a sneak peek to renovations of the safety harbor resort spa but news channel 8 got an exclusive behind the scenes tour. this is the final phase of work on the steam room, sauna, and
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ft.2. most of the resort underwent extensive remodeling to the tune of $5 million. >> we will be thrilled to see the new plunge pool, steam room, sauna, and two treatment areas which are exclusive to us here at the safety harbor resort. >> reporter: those treatment areas include a turkish bath with healing waters. starting tomorrow, the resort will begin taking reservations. >> i could use that right now. the election is over and now it's time to go to work for the people. the new class of florida lawmakers have begun new orientation under strict house rules. many new faces flooded the capital for prep work on how to
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>> congratulations, it's tremendous to have you here. >> reporter: things got real for newly elected state representatives and senators tuesday. more than 60 new faces were at the capitol for orientation. >> the more knowledgeable our members are, the less power for the special interests, less distraction from the outside. >> reporter: part of the first day includes getting your picture taken and learning how to navigate the capitol.>> you of course have to conduct orderly but it's a bit fast- paced. >> reporter: representative will return to florida house after an eight- year absence but under newly proposed house rules that are stricter on lobbyists and the budget process. >> there are some pieces of it that concern me a little bit but i think for the most part, i applaud him for really stepping up to make sure this process is as transparent as possible. >> reporter: derek bruce on who had previously been in the house
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been in the house says there is now an opportunity to revise the process. >> the senate is a different chamber and is is -- and it is expected to pass new rules to benefit itself and its constituents. >> reporter: the house members of the second largest class ever. the senate's 24 new members compose its largest freshman class. i am mac to -- match calcutta -- tampa landed another big sporting event. >> how exciting to have another college playoff in your backyard. it's great for fans but other folks have great expectations as well. we will show you why coming up. and whose the man? we're talking about the sexiest man and obviously, our hands are exceptional today. we will give you the full story
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what a beautiful day because in most areas the sun made a return. we will see more of that the next couple of days. a great temperature range and a look ahead to long-term cooler changes coming up. >> that and more coming up on news channel 8, the station
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okay, who is people's magazine sexiest man alive? dwayne johnson, known as the rock. the former debbie we champ has -- wwe champ is the highest- paid actor according to forbes. when asked about the owner, the
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because he's cool like that. j.k. rowling had to clear up misconceptions about fantastic beasts. the first installation hit theaters this week but someone posted on the snitch seeker site that the sql picks up where it first leaves off but j.k. rowling treated "this isn't correct, i'm afraid. the sql doesn't begin days after the first movie ends." moved to t >> a big drama on an all-new episode of chicago fire tonight after the squad is unable to rescue a woman from her burning house, there is disagreement on whether the husband played a part in starting the fire. also, a plot to catch a mystery graffiti artist who keeps targeting the firehouse and the rescue of a teenager. it all starts at 10 pm tonight on news channel 8 some anxious moments for the contestants on the voice. someone will be eliminated
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runners in the competition including vocal powerhouse wayne mcdonald. >> i've gone on stage and i feel like a different person. i get off stage and i'm like what the heck did i just do? >> not far behind, billy gilman. others who did well, allie caldwell, and josh gallagher and only two artists didn't make the itunes chart. will one of them be going home? tune in tonight at 8:00 on news channel 8 . the college football playoff championship is coming to tampa in less than two months. while it's a great get for college football fans, how local businesses and residents are looking to cash in on the
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here for the weekend. >> reporter: an influx of football fans fattening local wallets. the college football championship is coming. it's not just the game. concerts and food festivals, a 5k race, and even a family friendly beach party will expose tens of thousands of visitors to the bay area from downtown tampa to our pinellis county beaches. >> we will have a lot of people using our hotels and our transportation options. >> reporter: that's what the windstar president is banking on with his newest location in the shadow of raymond james stadium. >> we have been open about a week and a half so we are practicing now to get ready for the big game. >> reporter: the excitement trickling down to employees boosting -- hoping to get a boost in tips. >> they like to make money and at the same time if you have a great sports when you like this, it's a party all my. >> reporter: when the party ends, marine veteran lynn woods will just get started driving for [ overlapping speakers ]. >> we make a little bit more
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home. >> reporter: home, to local hotels, or private homes rented by airbnb, the company telling news channel 8 they already have reservations from college football fans as far away as australia. the tampa bay sports commission estimates fans will spend a daily average of $410, not including overnight accommodations. all that money is up for grabs in our community. >> we know in general that the last two games have driven over $200 million of economic impact. >> reer played january 9, 2017 between the winners of the fiesta bowl and the peach bowl. it all goes down at raymond james stadium. in tampa, gene ramirez news channel 8 florida may soon double the number of protected bird nesting areas along our shores. the conservation well consider 10 new bird sanctuaries and one for bats as well. as mike russell linda tells us,
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a practice with proven results. >> reporter: florida has 20 critical wildlife areas, must created in the 70s or 80s but as the state population grew, nesting areas were mostly left behind until now. the fish and wildlife conservation commission will vote on creating 10 new sanctuaries and expanding five existing locations. both regulators and conservationists say this about the vote: >> it's a big deal. >> this is pretty huge. >> reporter: overdue but something few will notice. the biggest changes how the public is approaching one of these areas.>> what these will do is make it possible to post signs in water around the islands so that people are advised not to get closer than that so the birds can nest successfully. >> reporter: so both conservationists and regulators agree this is a big deal. why has it taken decades for an expansion? >> there has been a period of
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i think it has been rediscovered why this commission. they have been very successful and i think that caused them to think we need some more. >> reporter: and while out-of- favor for decades, it's a tried and true method of protecting birds. >> these are targeted, modest protections with big benefits. >> reporter: invading the bird's privacy in a critical wildlife area is a misdemeanor but once established, the regulations are almost universally obeyed. in tallahassee, for news channel 8 . one of the eagles rescued in orlando has died. one flew away and the other was taken to the audubon center for treatment over the weekend. that eagle's condition started to decline. we have cooler temperatures ahead and it is cooler as a
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the south. cool air is on the move as that cold front marches eastward and chillier air spills out of canada across the country. averages between the highs on saturday and sunday, a high of 79 degrees on saturday versus a high of 60 degrees on sunday for tampa. you can see these temperatures cooler in places like jacksonville. those changes are headed our way for the long-term. yes, it feels a little cooler here with the dryer ar air on the way. that's not that unusual to work cold fronts into the area. fairly light winds at the moment, 66 degrees with a north wind in the lakewood ranch area. beautiful looking sky now. civil twilight. 68 degrees at the plantation crystal river. kind of held onto the clouds for a long period of time.
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miles per hour. a nice mixed sky at sunset, 69 degrees with that north wind. there is a shot of smart looking fellows. we have eddie bloodsworth and ian oliver. they were talking to kids about getting involved in science and math. these kids were involved. we are very proud of storm team 8 being involved as well as the tampa bay buccaneers. a few clouds nt with plenty of clear skies as well. forecast lows 58 degrees which is below average meaning temperatures could be in the upper 40s and clear skies and later wind conditions. 78 degrees at 5 pm, mostly clear conditions, plenty of sunshine in the area tomorrow. 72 degrees, dew point 49 degrees, much drier air in place with dew points in the 40s and low 50s like downtown st. pete. 69 degrees current temp. you just know the air is dryer.
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a sweater. these are the dew points in the low 50s and upper 40s. as we can from that, the air is certainly dryer as a result of this front being further to the south. we did run into more moisture so we're seeing more showers near the florida straits and the florida keys today but it took a while to he wrote some of those clouds that are left over. you can see sections of pokes, hardy, and desoto county. and pinellis county, you just saw that life camera. overall. sunny skies to start the day, cool to start, fast warm-up, temperatures rising into the mid-70s, upper 70s in some areas. wednesday afternoon, more sunshine and average temperatures for us. more sunshine on thursday with a chill in the air. as the high pressure shifts to the east, we see a north
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humidity but we're not talking about summer time. just a bit milder in the atmosphere overall. that is our even temperature, 64 degrees. temperatures will fall quickly because the air is a bit dryer. cooler temperatures, 78 degrees in the afternoon. this trend will carry into thursday and friday. we will have more humidity in the atmosphere helping it feel more mild. there is a cold front at the to monday morning looks like a chillier morning. 49 degrees to start. could be upper 30s in some of the areas. cooler air moving behind that front. we are definitely in november headed toward december. that air is going to feel pretty cold to us work if her story is true, it was the shock of a lifetime for one new york woman.
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now to headlines across america. a 16-year-old boy is in custody after five other male students were stabbed at a high school in orem, utah. it happened at 8:00 mountain time -- local time. some boys were stabbed in the locker room while others were stabbed in other locations at the campus. conditions of the victims remain there to critical but no life- threatening injuries at this point. fresh faces on capitol hill. the ne members posted for a freshman photo. that includes charlie crist. that incoming freshman class is made up of 15 representatives. they are going through orientation now and will be assigned offices by lottery. the new congress members will be sworn into office on january 3. it's not even halloween but a factory in japan is struggling to cope with orders from the u.s. and other
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president-elect trump. the factory is trying to produce 350 masks a day. the rubber masks emphasized trump's characteristic hairstyle and costs around $22. a manhattan woman is suing a retailer because she claims a dead rodent was sewn into the dress she purchased the dress came with a nasty accessory. her lawsuit says she bought two dresses in connecticut last year put one on. that's when she caught a whiff of the dead rat. a philadelphia group is restoring the gravestone of benjamin franklin. that christ church trust says the logo is developing a crack after tens of thousands of pennies have been tossed on franklin's grave in tribute to the penny saved penny earned
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ever rest in peace with all the pennies hitting him all the time. news channel 8 at 6:00 is coming up. >> stacy has what we are working on. >> sent to the hospital and facing charges, the special ingredient that landed a bay area assistant principal and her daughter and handcuffs. and detecting danger. k-9 teams from all over florida are in the bay area for training. see what they are learning to do that co innocent lives. a man plows his car into the front of this ybor city bar. we uncover the frantic moments that led up to this terrifying scene. now that people have spoken, what's next for medical marijuana in florida? we talked to experts. >> reporter: those stories and your storm team 8 forecast and sports with dan lucas coming up on news channel 8, the station
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there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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right now on news channel 8 at 6:00: >> chaos in ybor city, people forced to dive out of the way as a driver plows through a crowd and crashes into a bar. here what happened just before the mayhem. and a changing landscape. in the sunshine state but what does that mean for you? an 8 on your side view of how it is expected to impact florida. school athletic insurance, are you getting what you paid for? >> i'm josh benson, and i'm stacie schaible. thank you for joining us. the search intensifies for the man who drove his car into a popular ybor city bar and then took off on foot. but not before -- not before hitting one man who ended up in
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do we have any idea what led up to this? >> reporter: right now, police are saying a fight is to blame. what triggered that, they are stilling to find out. at bad monkey, take a look. crews have been out here throughout the day. that's where the car plowed right into the building. >> it happened really fast. it was like a blink of an eye. >> reporter: carlos members the crowd, the noise, the fighting and then this. the car wedged into the building after hopping over a curb, after squeezing through a tree and a utility pole. >> it just became a ride. >> reporter: moments before that, the suspect and several others got into a fight. he tried to make a break for it. the suspect ran across the street, got into his car and tried to make a u-turn. people started banging on his car and then for some reason he hit the gas, hit a victim and rent plowed through the bar. >> the guy was just trying to frantically leave but he just


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