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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  November 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a biker crashes his motorcycle on itunes and 75 near the i-4 junction and then an off-duty pernod sheriff deputy with the latest on this accident . >> hillary clinton gives her first public speech after conceding the election last week. the confession she made after her first -- the confession she made about her first after finding out she lost to donald trump. >> good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thank you for joining us on this thursday morning.
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you have some crisp weather outside. >> this is a live look from famous tate appliance & bedding center and brandon. it is still dark now. and 20 minutes will see teams brightening up. 15 lutes, 54 largo. looking knoxville at 43. wesley chapel 41. during the afternoon it warms up so fast we hit 80 which is above the average of 79. we hour by hour looking your thursday. leslie we have look at your thursday comet. >> we're hitting the roads very nicely this morning. we do have a couple of issues but i'm going to start with the good news at first. more vehicles on the roadway but a nice drive 275 coming out of the junction is at the drive. let's head over to lakeland. we have good drive in downtown like when but in haines city all the northbound lanes
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take 17 just to the east. we also have an accident in sarasota. this is us 41 and martin luther king and then a new crash on state road 54 a little road. that is a look at weather and traffic. raking news for you, back to the news about that deadly crash near the i-4 junction. a motorcyclist is that and an off- duty deputy is involved in the crash. >> it there are still a lot of questions about what happened this morning. ryan is live in the scene. >> would be learn so far right . >> good morning to you guys. >> once again the crash happened late last night on i 225 in downtown tampa. the highway was closed for several hours. things are back open and traffic is flowing smoothly right now. this is a motorcycle involved in the crash
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hit a barrier wall and tossed the writer in the northbound lanes. an off-duty deputy was headed home on north i 275 when he was involved somehow in the accident. that biker was pronounced dead at the scene. right now investigators are trying to determine how the crash happened precisely and if the motorcyclist was speeding at the time. we have calls and emails into th once we get more information into the circumstances we will let you know. right now it was all a big lack. a 19-year-old usf student was arrested last night after authorities found out her story about being robbed on campus was a hoax. where is that student now? >> reporter: she spent most of
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ago she posted bond and was released. she allegedly lied to police. here's a look at her mug shot. the 19-year-old claimed 2 men in their 20s followed her near the mlk plaza and struck up a conversation. in the end she claimed her backpack was taken and her necklace fell. later police on everything except for the 2 guys she crime and now we know why. students were on edge all day wednesday thinking 2 robbers were on the loose. >> on easy and honestly it had my stomach in knots because i have been here at that time. >> we know the students had no reason to be worried. police are not releasing what they think motivated the funeral student to lie about this. >> police told us yesterday that they were pouring over surveillance cameras here on
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suspects. we're trying to find out if what was found on those videos was a crucial piece of evidence that led them to finding out that this was a big hoax. it is just a shame when you hear this. we spoke with students who were anxious about this. they were really scared. to find out that it was just a light have to shake your head. new york city to me president- elect donald trump. the governor announced he plans to gradually mister trump on his win and offer him to help, quote, reinvent the federal government. some say he could be a candidate for health and human services but he says he is not interested. >> happening today mike pence will be a capitol hill here key is meeting with mitch mcconnell . he will also get together
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representative nancy pelosi. hillary clinton made her first public appearance last night since conceding the race to donald trump. she said something a lot of us can probably relate to regardless of probably -- party . secretary clinton was honored by the children's defense fund. she told the crowd after her loss to donald trump her t >> i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book, our dogs and never leave the house. >> maybe some ice cream and someone. she also told the crowd that she knows many americans are just when it by the election results but she urged this is for the sustained
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>> there is still a lot of questions about what secretary clinton will do next. her speech may signal that her focus will be on children and families. more signs of the ugly mood surrounding the selection this morning 2 swastikas and other symbols of white supremacy were found scrawled in front of a st. petersburg church. there were letters standing for make america great again swastikas. a few steps away the number 1480 which has symbolic meeting for white supremacist. the king of peace church has a predominately lgbt congregation. the passive things whoever drew the graffiti doesn't like a people. >> i would love to be able to sit down and talk with them. i would tell them there is another way of seeing the world . >> police are still searching for the graffiti artists who
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for the artist to come to her church. mike evans talking more about refusing to stand for the national anthem in protest to donald trump being elected president. many fans were not happy with the protest sunday. now he says looking back he would've done things certainly, but what is done is done and he is hoping everyone will accept his apology. >> it won't is. i know i heard a lot of people do what i did so on apologize to the people that were really affected by what i did and to the people that are disappointed in my decision to not stand with my team a. for now on, don't worry i will continue to use my voice and my platform for minority rights. >> he is taking ownership and says he reached the decision on his own without pressure from coaches were the front office. was turned over to behnken leigh . >> once again you will step
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you will get the light chill in the air. if you grab a light jacket -- grab a light jacket, when you come home from work or school make sure you grab it off the chair because you won't needed this afternoon. verity hit 70 by 10:00 this morning. 80 at 3 pm although it starts to get will again pretty quickly after sunset. next couple of days, clear skies, lots of sun, highs are 80. late saturday as well as big old front is coming through. we are not expecting much rain but we are pe weather. monday you will break up the spiders you have not worn in most. we go from highs are 82 6. we go from highs are 80 268 on sunday and still a chilly 70 for monday. we have 80 percent chance of an attribute of this developing. i want you to look at the computer model forecast. it will just sit there for a while. we are keeping an eye on it.
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starting to move in toward rush- hour, but we're still looking good. this is coming out of ybor city and into the junction. more vehicles but still a pretty good speed. in pasco county we have an accident so heads up this is on state road 54 right at little road. injuries involved so we have a lot of back to the out on the shoulder for just little bit of a slowdown as people make their way around it. a woman diagnosed with cancer refused to traditional treatment. >> and said she opted for more holistic. coming up, how a woman treated for breast cancer with medical marijuana. first, why a south florida high school in students are running away. up next, the
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teenagers across the country are protesting the election of donald trump. >> these high school students ran out of class to protest the president-elect. they say they fear what may happen to there undocumented mothers, dads and siblings when donald trump takes office.
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i'm a student trying to be good student and have a better life in the future. >> college students in miami also staged a lockout chanting education not deportation. >> a horrifying surprise knife attack at an ihop all caught on camera. north miami police released the surveillance video. you can see the waiter walking. behind the man jumps up and the texan with a knife. >> witnesses claim the attacker was yelling, you poison my food while stabbing that waiter. other customers were horrified. >> it is horrible, very scary situation as you can imagine you are the friends and families, even children other than you are running out of the establishment. >> hicks was caught by the police. the waiter was taken to the hospital and is now recovering. police say he was very
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cheese are being recalled because of salmonella concerns. the food corp. is voluntarily recalling it's rated cheese, home celebrated cheese comments until grated cheese brands. if you have any of those products in your home take him back to the store for refund. >> some good news in driving safety, booster seat manufacturers have come up at the perfect safety belt fits. the highway safety insurance agency evaluated 53 new booster se highest ratings. this evaluation focused on seatbelts fit for the typical for to 8- year-old child. for complete list head over to our website. number florida man 2 has passed it is opening the floodgates for people seeking alternative treatments for an array of health conditions including cancer. this weekend medical professionals and
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and education forum. this morning i talked to one area woman who decided to turn to cannabis oils to treat her breast cancer. >> reporter: at her 6 month checkup, tammy shows no signs of cancer. a year and half ago she was diagnosed and refuse traditional treatment. >> they thought i was insane. they said it is not going to work you can do this. i said it is my body and this is what i wanted to. of course it was a little at amendment 2 has passed she can easily pick a prescribed -- prescribed medications consider traveling out of state . this clearwater doctor who now oversees for care says while her successful experience is like many others in total, amendment 2 passing will lead to more research of thc in cpt. >> will be able to come up with good studies that will support the fact that, yes, we're right track and looking
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cannabis is not a treatment facility show thc has a strong antitumor effect. >> is actually not only retards the growth it prevents new blood vessels from forming and also prevents new cells from providing. >> her tumor markers in zero. >> when i looked at her blood work the tumor markers were zero. i couldn't explain it. >> 3 months later i go in for my mammogram doctor come in, the doctors, all these doctors, there is something not right. will is a better good? we are not sure we have not seen anything site this in our lives. >> the tumor is gone? >> not only is it gone but it was creating healthy issued. >> it is important to remember, cannabis oil is not a treatment protocol for cancer patients so you not maybe you can use this as an enhancement treatment. i
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and it was a leap of faith for her, very spiritual decision to turn to cannabis oils. it works for her but it is worth looking at all of the different ways that people cannot look at what the amendment 2. >> people have concerns about using that type of treatment but if you are okay with it a need to treatments that you can do that. turn it over a check of the weather and traffic on the 8s. on the school thursday morning. >> look at that beautiful hayes as the sun begins to come over the horizon. 55 degrees but don't worry it once a quickly. by 8 am will be at 60 degrees. we have very comfortable day. right now the meteor shower is peaking this morning. now that the sun is coming up we will have a less chance of seeing it if you get away from city
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meteors per hour. it is peaking and i wanted to let you know. right now it is chilly in zephyrhills. 54 clearwater. 49 apollo beach. another cool start to the day in a nice warm up. lots of sunshine today. tomorrow morning will be a few degrees warmer out ahead of this cold front. you will not be tomorrow. tomorrow will be another one day. have the first the front that will bring in the chilly air. shark we have good drive on the bay area interstates although it is getting busy. from downtown seat petersburg to downtown tampa give a 20 minute commute. in pasco county we do have an accident right at state road 54 and little road. i'm no longer seeing any delays. fhp tells me it is off to the shoulders but injuries reported.
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27. we have crash tying up those north down lanes on county road 546. : all of those negative nancy's out there. it is time to make a change. >> still ahead, how your attitude may be harming your help. in the fancy atm that doesn't dispense money, something a lot of people might think is better in sweden. that stories coming up 6:20 you are watching news channel 8 today>> storm team 8 weather is sponsored by the law
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effect on the risk of heart disease. >> it is finally here for sweet tooth lovers and tampa bay , cupcake atm. today the machine at sprinkles come take in hyde park will start dishing out the sweet treats. the machine allows you to choose various cupcake flavors. it will then dispense your dessert in a matter of seconds. to celebrate though, sprinkles is adding a little surprised, the cupcake atm will not contain the cupcake. said it will contain $100 gift card. >> i will take the cupcake actually. >> innocent toddler shot by a stray bullet. >> will show you how it happened in the gunman was actually trying to hit. plus a lightning will be
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will have an update on his knee injury coming up . >> first alert look up 5 on this thursday morning.
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it is 6:28. sending the kids up to the bus stop, it will be cool but a nice clear degrees but it will drop them off one and sunshine. they can go out and play with 80 and sunny with low humidity. still expecting 80 and saturday. a few more clouds with a slim rain chance is a cold front comes through late. 16 and breezy on sunday. >> looking at traffic right now it is definitely getting slower out there. river pretty good drive through ybor city. once you start to come into the junction will slow down but we are at about 40 miles power. that is right here as you link
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collision. seeing a little bit of the delay westbound. the accident is at state road 54 at little road. it is off to the side of the roadway, but injuries are involved. we have a lot of activity after homicide.--
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breaking news this morning. a motorcyclist crashes and is thrown from his bike on i-275 near the i-4 junction. and in a terrible twist, runs over the piker after he was thrown off. we are live with the latest on this deadly accident. >> and a usf student accused of crying wolf when she claims she was mugged on campus. still ahead, why she's the one facing charges this morning. >> then florida governor headed to trump tower to meet with the president-elect. could the governor be up for a cabinet post on the trump team? good morning and welcome.
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pretty nice out. >> you know, this is a picture-perfect fall morning. because yes it's chilly but the skies are clear. the sun is coming up right now. 56 degrees will be as chilly as it gets in that particular spot. other places cooler, free in zephyrs hills. 50 in plant city. 54 clearwater. 56 in sarasota. look at this metro cast. now that the sun is up, 60 degrees around 8a. so -- 8a. the faster warm noon. we hit 56. you can't find a cloud. so at 6:38 i have an eight-day temperature trend. i'll let you know this it gets colder. >> starting to get a little bit slower. we're heading into rush hour. but still pretty good drive. over on the service road here on 54, that tiny bit of a slowdown here right as you approach little road. that's because we have a collision there. it's off to the shoulder. but ambulance and so forth out there because injuries aren't
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city area, this polk county, let's zoom in. all those northbound rapes have been blocked here at county road 546. we're still seeing a delay by the lake. go ahead and take 17 instead. and also just a quick reminder here in sarasota, a crash on the trail at martin luther king way. that's a look at weather and traffic. right now an on-campus crime that never was. we first brought you a robbery as breaking news yesterday morning. overnight, we have learned that it was all a hoax. mary mcguire joins us live. so mary, how did police figure out this was all a big lie? >> reporter: well, police have not released information on what they think motivated this girl to make up this big hoax. but the search for those two so-called suspect that's put this campus on edge all day yesterday is off.
6:33 am
arrested last night. she's facing one charge of false report of commissions of crime and plane english that means she allegedly lied to police. she claimed two men in their 20s followed her to near the mlk plaza here on campus and struck up a conversation. in the end she claimed her backpack was taken and her necklace fell. later police found everything except for the two guys she said committed the crime and now we know why. students here are shocked to hear that one of reportedly made up this huge lie. >> i'm kind of surprised she would lie about that. that's putting the students in danger. people worry about that. so i'm kind of shocked she lied about that. >> that's not okay to lie in general. so that's, like, really annoying and probably puts people like on edge. >> reporter: usf police poured over video from surveillance cameras on campus yesterday. we are working to find out whether or not that was at
6:34 am
and was released from jail. we have found out that she had no prior convictions here in hillsboro county. but really a shame to see all of these students were anxious over nothing and all those police resources were wasted. back to you. >> i don't know why she made this story up, but at the end of the day i bet she never figured out in a million years that all these people would be so worried. it would deploy all these officers looking for two men on the run. unbelievable. >> all right. thanks, . a motorcyclist dead after a deadly crash on i-275 near the i-4 junction and we are just learning that after that victim was thrown off the bike, an off-duty sheriff's department ran the victim over with his cruiser. the crash closed the interstate for hours. it is now back open. but still there are many questions this morning about exactly what happened. ryan hughes joins us live from near that scene. what have you learned out there, ryan? >> reporter: well, gene, good morning to you.
6:35 am
after it was closed for several hours as the florida highway patrol investigated. let's go to some video. we just got latest details. he tells us this happened around 1:11 last night on i-2 firefighter southbound. we're told by the spokesman that a motorcycle driven by joel schubert of tampa hit a concrete center barrier, schubert was then ejected off the bike. he landed in the northboundla sheriff's office deputy janes hannah was driving north on i-275. apparently on her way home. we're told her car then ran over schubert. he was wearing a helmet but he was pronounced dead at the scene along i-275 in tampa. that's the latest information from here. if we get any new updates we will certainly let you know. but certainly a tragic late evening on the interstate. back to you. >> what a terrible series of
6:36 am
toddler, a stray bullet hit 21-month-old alia avila. she will be okay. police believe the shooter was targeting her dad. he told police he was standing outside his apartment when someone approached him in a threatening wait a minute neighbors are concerned. >> it's world war iii? what is it coming to in a day like now that people are now beginning to come out and shoot >> police tell us the gunman opened fire discharging 15 rounds, maybe more. investigators are interviewing witnesses hoping to find a motive in this case. and now an 8 on your side alert. you will want to check your credit and debit statements this morning. investigators discovered yet another skimmer at a gas station in sarasota. an employee at this bp station found the device tuesday. investigators believe an organized crime ring is
6:37 am
skimmers scotched in that area. now the gas station owner claims he is taking steps to prevent this from happening again. state legislators received updates from the mayor and dep on sewer discharge during hurricane hermine. dep investigators say they continue to evaluate the overall system. mayor storm water improvement plan includes fixing the immediate issues by next summer. but some lawmakers are hesitant to believe the problems could be fixed so quickly undertake and to complete in what is that? seven months? eight months? i just don't want to expect -- i would rather have low expectations and be pleasantly surprised than have high expectations and be disappointed. >> lawmakers ask that the mayor look at other options like renting a waste water treatment barge. some tough news this morning for lightning fans.
6:38 am
stamkos. he is out of the line-up indefinitely after suffering a right knee injury. we're told that injury is a tear of his lateral meniscus. an injury like that requires surgery and recovery, i hate break it to you, can take one to three months. it's going to look very different from here on out. leigh's got the latest on the weather. what's going on? >> the sun is coming up this morning. it's crisp, it's cool. but now that the sun is up, going to start warming up fast. notice by 7:00 a.m. we'll be at 58. we're already at 70 by 10:00 in the morning. your lunch break, 76 degrees. 80 at 3:00 p.m. and then back down to 73 degrees at 6:00. now barely any rain over the next five days. i've left in a generous 10% on saturday. but november is typically our driest month of the year. this november has been extremely dry. only one day on the night when
6:39 am
just .10 of inch of rain. look how surprised emoji man is about highs around 68 on sunday. still chillily on monday, too. so we check in with traffic on the 8's. >> nothing too surprising. just typical slow and go traffic. a couple little pots. pasco county area, we do have a accident working at little road. so just keep that in mind. everything is off to the shoulder. i'm not really seeing a significant slow down att northbound lanes on u.s. 27 completely blocked. so take 17 instead. that's due to a collision in sarasota. new crash to look out for, but that's on the side of the roadway. so that's some good news. that's a look at weather and traffic. governor rick scott's high powered meter with the president-elect. >> still ahead, could the governor be up for a role in the trump administration? >> and a scary moment for
6:40 am
through a footrace. a moment caught on camera when a runner crashes down when a deer crashes into him. couch. >> then another mysterious monkey sighting. where the sneaky primate was
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(vo) at friskies, no one's surprised tender pieces and crunchy bites ended up together. that's just what happens when cats call the shots.
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. we're back at 6:43. happening today, florida governor rick prosecute donald trump. although he still denies he's interested in a cabinet position. good morning. governor scott tweeted about this meeting, what did he say is it. >> reporter: good morning, gene. rick scott tweeted he is looking forward to seeing mr. trump to congratulate him on his big win and to offer his help, quote, reinventing the federal government. he's reportedly or repeatedly said he doesn't want to leave his job as governor, but there have been constant rumors about
6:44 am
department of health and human services. with republicans now in control of the white house and congress, the party can act on its vow to do away with the affordable care act. scott historically has railed against president obama's health care reforms calling it a disaster and a lie. >> he said you've got to keep your doctor, you don't. owe can kay. they said costs would go down, they went up. any time goes up. >> reporter: governor scot is a former healthcare executive. meanwhile the same agency that governor scott is rumored to become the head off, that's the department of health and human services, reported this week that sign-ups for health insurance plans through the affordable care act continue to serge. in fact, more than 300,000 people enrolled last week, that's the week of the elections. gene. >> yeah, definitely a very controversial plan and we keep
6:45 am
positions. thank you. well this morning more rumblings about the president-elect's cabinet. south carolina governor is reportedly being considered for secretary of state. she's expected to meet with mr. trump today at trump tower. hailey is south carolina's first female and indian-american governor. across america, the minnesota police officer who fatally shot philando can a steel during a traffic stop is now facing charges. you'll remember the death was live streamed girlfriend. >> oh my god, please don't tell me he's dead. please don't tell me my boyfriend just went like that. >> those were the moments right after that shooting in july. in the video you also saw the officer -- that officer said he thought can a steel was reaching for a gun but prosecutors argue that can a steel was complying with the officer's commands. >> his dying words were in
6:46 am
there simply was no objective threat posted to the officer. >> well, the officer is charged with second degree manslaughter and two counts of dangerously discharging a firearm. if convicted he faces up to ten years in prison for the manslaughter charge and another five years each for the other counts. a food truck explodes into flame and now three people are hospitalized with burns. you have to take a look at this video. let's look up close. you can see the flames shooting through the roof of the washington university campus in washington, d.c. where several food trucks were parked. the fire started in the back of the truck near the generator. investigator are now trying to figure out what started the fire. you've got to see this, a running accident during a college cross-country championship in pennsylvania. a deer crashed into a runner. can't make this stuff up. take a look the cell phone video showing several deer.
6:47 am
got to hurt. incredibly he gets up and finishes the race with the help of two teammates. good team work there. the coach says he is doing okay as you can imagine, though, he is a little sore and a little bruised. i'm not sure if he's sore because of the -- where he got hit or his ego. >> probably both. >> a deer just -- deer just rear-ended. >> we're supposed the ones to run through field not a mysterious monkey, gayle's favorite. this time in saint peter. >> i love this story. it's the same one we've been keeping an eye on, it's making its way farther south. i love it. this is at least the third sighting in the last couple weeks. first hudson beach, then in the safety harbor area. even sew, the lance thing -- even so, the last thing an eyewitness expected to see was a monkey. >> he said, look there's a monkey on the roof.
6:48 am
monkey. >> in 2012, florida fish and wildlife service captured the same species. so if you see the monkey, call the wildlife office to report t as much fun as it is to see this old-world monkey with such a monkey. >> old world. >> it is. >> you've been intrigued by this story. >> i have. >> this one has very good tast unthis. except for this guy. >> if you find it, keep it away from gayle. sled may try to keep it. >> i don't think that's health. here's leigh with a look at the weather. >> who wouldn't love florida. i mean look at this. it's gorgeous this morning. the hula bay restaurant this tam park it's cool, it's crisp. we have an east wind. bright blue sky all day. 60 degrees at 8:00 a.m. but if you don't like it cool, i mean we do live in florida,
6:49 am
it to warm up. it's already short-sleeved weather. it's chilly now, though. 43 in zephyrs hills. 54 clearwater. 56 in sarasota. i checked in with my weather watcher in brayden ton, it's 62 at her house. we could be dealing with the first snowstorm in the upper midwest. but for us, clear skies. we will see a cooldown. not the snow, but the cooldowns. we stay mild between today, tomorrow. and most of saturday before this cold front comes through. this is the same front bringing west. cool and breezy for sunday and monday. we actually see another little warm-up into tuesday. guess what? another cold front on the map and the long-range forecast which does include now thanksgiving with a 10% rain chance. >> we're a little bit slow away from the hump on the howard franklin bridge as you come into tampa. not too bad, though. it's going to take you nine minutes to cross the howard franklin. it's going to get much heavier
6:50 am
that's somebody on 275. so keep that in mind. here's a look at it. you can see it's starting to get a little bit slow and go. heading out towards pinellas, we're fine. just got word of a collision, westbound i-4, hitting the brakes. southbound 75 coming away from the new tampa tear approaching i-4 a little slow. state road 54 at little road, a crash wrapping up. it's off to the shoulder and in hane city we still have all the northbound lanes blocked here, folks. and this is at county road 546. come up here and take 17 northbound despite some southbound slowing. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8's. a school custodian is creating something unique that has first graders in new hampshire excited to go to school in the morning. he is creating art at woodbury school in bedford by using his vacuum. how cool is this guy? ron muncie started simple there at night leaving patterns like
6:51 am
he's drawn all sorts of things, including animals and cartoon characters and when the cubs won the world series e. used a vacuum to commemorate that win. you have the characters from the peanuts, a little charlie brown action. this guy really discovered his talent by vacuuming. >> i love that idea. that's a real dirt devil for you. >> and how exciting are the kids are excited to come to class. what you need to know before you walk out the door is here. >> including a bay area church vandalize the what the pastor saw scrawled on the assault and battery. >> a usf student who claims she was robbed on campus is in trouble with the law. why investigators put her in cuffs. it's 6:51 and you're watching
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
. we now know that the usf
6:55 am
robbed on campus was lying. and police arrested her. >> mary mcguire is live this morning with more on what happens now. >> reporter: police have not released information yet on what could have motived this student to make up this big lie. 19-year-old fatou gueye a student was arrested by deputies last night just after 9:00. she's facing one charge of false report of commissions of crime. in other words, she allegedly lied to usf police. she claimed two men in their 20s followed her near thelk conversation. the in the end she claimed her backpack was taken and her necklace fell. overnight gueye posted bond and was released from jail. she has no prior convictions with the sheriff's office. reporting live in tampa. a motorcyclist crashed on i-275 near the i-4 junction and after that biker was thrown to the road, a vehicle driven by an off-duty pinellas deputy hit the
6:56 am
open. tampa police are searching for a gunman who shot a 21-month-old. a stray bullet hit her at her home. she will be okay. police believe the shooter was targeting her father when he fired as many as 15 rounds. and a church is upset over some graffiti. someone drew two somewhat city can as and other symbols on the sidewalk on the king of peace church. if the a will face charges. rick scott is headed to trump tower tox he's set to meet with the president-elect. while governor scott has indicated he's not interested in ray job with the trump team, some say he could be a candidate for secretary of health and human services. well the bay area's first cup cake atm will start dispensing some sweet treats today. it's loaned in hyde park.
6:57 am
with fresh cupcakes throughout the day. it was missing the part that everyone wanted, those delicious sweet treats. >> vanilla please. >> one of those poxes will have $100 in there today. 52. it's cool, it's clear, it's crisp. and we warm up to 76 at noon. 80 degrees by the afternoon. then 81 tomorrow. 80 on saturday before that big dip in temperatures next week. >> all right. take a look at the roadways right now. look at the bottom partre southbound. pretty typical. that's where you start to see shows slowdowns. almost 15 minutes, veteran's expressway still looking pretty good. let's go ahead and take a look now at some live traffic. this is the howard franklin bridge. not too shabby right now. it is going to get busier though as you move towards tampa. this is southbound 275 right around bird street. again this is typically where you see -- you start to see delays heading into downtown
6:58 am
they're in for a special treat. you are going to be saying hello to them. >> yeah, going to an elementary school. i know a lot of people out there going all over the tampa bay area. >> i already visited the math and science. >> i have sergeant smith school. >> this is a great american teach. it's a lot of fun. you get to interact with the kids. they ask a lot of questions about their job. they're always surprised by the time we wake up 2:00 a.m. >> 1:40. >> you're an overachiever. thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. >> we'll be here all morning long with updates during the today show. >> another hour of local news
6:59 am
7:00 am
choices. sources tell nbc news retired lieutenant general mike flynn is at the top of the list to be donald trump's national security advisor, while the president- south carolina governor nikki haley today. will she be the next secretary of state, or is it rudy giuliani, as hry clinton speaks out publicly for the first time since conceding the election. >> there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do was just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> this morning, what she's saying about where she goes from here. deadly blast.


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