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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  November 21, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is supporting family caregivers like you with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages. en you don't know "aarp." get to know us at . good evening. we begin tonight with breaking news out of tennessee.
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are multiple deaths in a school bus crash. authorities say there were 35 students from kindergarten through 5th grade aboard that school bus when it crash. the nbc station in chattanooga is reporting 6 children killed according to the local district attorney but those numbers are not official. police have said that the crash sent 23 people to local hospitals. we'll let you know as soon as we learn more. a teenaged girl town barefoot and bleeding in the woods ff nourishment has a chance at survival. melissa marino spoke to the man who happened to find her and help save her life. >>reporter: at first michael thought it was a joke until he got closer. >> she was laying in the bushes tangled up. >>reporter: in the woods across his house lay a small girl which ashore risk tale to tell. >> her she has no shoes on she's really dirty she says she
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from. >>reporter: chris and melissa peters are behind bars accused of some of the worst abuse and neglect inside this home in dundee. >> it has shaken our most experienced detectives to the soul. >>reporter: according to court documents the 17-year-old girl was badly beaten and only wade 86 pounds. >> you guys were here for a reason. >> we were. definitely were for a reason. definitely saved her life. >>reporter: in polk county melissa marino news channel 8. >> it will be months before a tampa boy can walk again. 12-year-old darryle ortega pushed a friend out of the way just before a driver hit him last thursday along east hannah avenue in past that driver then left the scene. ortega has several broken bones and his mother tell tells us her son is lucky he survived. >> my baby was laying on the
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>> witnesses told police that the driver who hit him was behind the wheel of a newer model ford fusion silver in color. in sanibel island a gunman opened fire driving by a sanibel officer conducting a traffic stop. he was treated and release. they later captured this guy the shooter. the grief hits close to home for thth tarpon springs police officer charlie condeck. as melanie michael tell us one month from now they will mark a somber anniversary. >>reporter: the grief is fresh and raw for this father. december 21st, 2014 feels like it was yesterday. when he is aching to hess see his sonny visits him in the
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>>reporter: this former nypd officer add mets a piece of his own heart dies when he learns a foal member of law enforcement has fallen. and he has a word to describe those who take lives. >> animals that do this that don't respect come up from behind and shoot anybody come up from behind and assassinate them. >>reporter: when asked what advice he would offer to families of fallen officers. >> find a support group and enjoy the memories that you had in the past. good times. >>reporter: as the healing continues tonight this case continues to wind its way through the justice system. the man accused of killing charlie kay goes on trial next may. melanie michael in tarpon springs newly news channel 8. >> dozens of local community leaders would like tampa to become a safe haven for people in this country illegally. they called for mayor bob buck
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that tampa police officers would not cooperate with federal immigration agencies. a bay area gay couple received what they describe as hate mail over the weekend. john gas could it has filed a complaint with police he says he received a letter saturday anonymous writer targeted the couple's political views and sexuality. he lives in st. petersburg he says he believes it would be a neighbor. >> you can question my political choices all it's america that's what we do. but to then put into the letter all this personal stuff, that's what makes it disturbing. >> police say at this point it's not a crime but they are asking anyone with information to come forward. as red tied continues to spread across the tampa bay area moat marine scientist may have unlocked a clue thousand the algae is created. dr. jordan beck beck letter has discovered local rivers could
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of mexico which helps red tied form. he's conducting groundbreaking research to hopefully find new ways to predict and combat red tied. the best thing that we can aim to do is really try to understand the system, provide better prediction. obviously through understanding the system better. and perhaps lessen the burden on folks that may be affected by it. >> dr. beck letter just received a two-year research project. black friday is just four days way, but some big sales are already underway. that made us wonder is black friday still the biggest shopping day of the year? jana jones talked with shoppers what did the shoppers have to say. >>reporter: it was surprising to see how many people were out and about shopping already, but they told me that's because they were getting the same deals today as they felt that they could get on friday, but
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best buy who are camping out in tents saying that these are deals that you just can't pass up. some people have already made their list and checked it twice before black friday ever happens. >> we already did buy a tv. but it was last friday. >> we went to target and several stores in the mall. had pretty preblack friday sales. >>reporter: some shoppers say black friday is for the birds. >> i think price markup and discount their markup. >>reporter: retailers say that's not true. >> tvs are definitely cleaner than normally would pay for them. >>reporter: hopefully so. rick hilton has been camping out cincinnati thursday at best buy. >> just the feeling of doing. >> it's more fun to be here and work for what you're doing versus buying something online. >>reporter: some say why wait in line when a gift could be a click away. >> there's no reason to we'd rather go when we can and spend
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>>reporter: regardless of your preferences retailers say this will be a black friday that's just like all the other ones ones. >> we expect very strong with everything with online specials of course everything inside the store. >>reporter: many stores will open on thursday. you don't even have to wait until black friday. the store will open at 5:00 on thanksgiving. reporting live tonight in tampa jana jones news chan jerve joins us now. it kind of felt festive today. >> yeah. festive cool does cool equal festive? >> don't you think in time for turkey day. i know it's going to warm back up can't i live in the not. >> want to enjoy the cool temperatures and have a festive time. >> decide for everyone this is festive. >> 58 not festive. >> i don't think so. >> all right. i know get what you're feeling christmas cards the whole
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report here. well over a month at most locations that's our rainfall so far for the month .01. you can see on the 9th not much at all. but that's it for the precip so far for the month of november. looking ahead to thanksgiving 81 is that physiciantive? >> kind of. >> all right. maybe get out early in the day before. >> yes. >> there you go. it will be foggy morning to start the attempt start to add add some moisture back into the atmosphere. temping can be warm in the afternoon. evenings morningry charlie rush got a great shot from earlier today. you can see the blue bleu sky fast warm up. we were chilly last night 29 degrees in brooksville for a low. temperatures over 10 degrees below formal for the upcoming night expect very cool conditions. this one in from an did you dietz just a moment ago. and this is also scott keener got a great shot as well. this is at the palmetto fishing peer. we'll have more on the fast
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up. it's holiday shopping season and you're looking for the best sale price. would it surprise you to learn that some stores actually increase their price before they knock them down for sales? coming up we'll tell you how to
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s. >> if you are looking for a black friday shopping deal do your homework before you head owl. jeff patterson records not every deal is a big savings. > every department in the store will have something in the ad that actually will be cheaper than buying it regularly. >>reporter: but sometimes at some stores that big deal may be a mirage. nerd has stud he'd black friday pricing and found
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their discounts look bigger. >> i think these kind of pricing tricks still persist an so it's something that consumers need to be aware of. >>reporter: wal-mart maintains they don't do that. >> wal-mart we actually have a baseline on everything like that. so our prices are true savings on the items. >>reporter: here's how you can fight back as a consumer. the web sites cam 'em camel camel and slick track pricing on a wide variety of items. they will even give you a chart with a shop what's a true sale an what the ordinary price is. jeff patterson news channel 8. >> is your favorite business packed with appeal? google knows and now it will tell you before you arrive. that story is coming up. plus instagram giving you a new way to go live and a new way to
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more?
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where shopping is a pleasure. . wall street the dow gained 88 points the the s & p 500 was up 16 nasdaq child 47. if you have some sabra hummus in the fridge you better toss it. the company is recalling numerous varieties of its hummus products over concerns they might be contaminated with
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bye date of january 23rd, 2017 or earlier are all covered by this recall. other products like organic hum new and salsa are not affected. sabra says it detected listeria at the factory not in the final product. where are you and what are you doing? there's a good chance google knows and while that may creep you out a bit it can also help you avoid long lines at say the grocery stor past it is showing you what hours are busy every at businesses now it will show you data in realtime meaning you can check your favorite restaurant to see if it's crowded. it will even tell you how long people usually stay in any certain place. >> . >> instagram continues to blur the lines between its product and snapchat. the photo sharing app is adding two new features. now you'll be able to broadcast live videos through instagram
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disappears. you'll also be able to send photos and videos disappear using direct messaging through instagram. >> once your friend views the message it vanish uses. >> you don't have to travel to the west coast to pick you a pair of snapchat new specs suspect calories but you have to go to new york. after a week or so of pop up locations across the country. mostly out west. >> snapchat is selling its video cam ral spectacle sunglasses inside a storefronts at central park. got all that. the store will be there through new year's eve. your next pair of shoes can be a work of art and you could even make some money by designing them yourself. a company called bucket feet makes shoes with unique designs submitted by artists. anyone can smith a design and if it's selected the artist receives $250 up front and a dollar from every pair sold. the shoes are sold through buck feet's web site and its own
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washington d. c. consignment cut earlys were left on the hook even though their rv's sold. we know the hillsborough sheriff's office has received four complaints against largo consignment rv. the check the owner promised to accepted a moment ago hasn't arrived. so the customer called shannon >>reporter: consignment rv is still in business. an employee told me things are business as usual for lenora lundy a widow who is waiting for the $18,000 the company owes her, that is a big slap in the face. i called her to give her the news. >> i can't believe that they still have their doors open. >>reporter: lundy and her late husband sold their rv through the company in july but she hasn't seen a dime and she's
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>> it's sad holidays are coming up and you know without my husband it's the first time no holidays and you know have a finance that i should not have. >>reporter: i came here four weeks ago looking for answers for lundy. and owner jeremy rainy sent me a copy of this check explaining he fell on hard times but the check to lundy's bank was in the mail. that check never made it. >>reporter: mike is another disgruntled customer he ended up taking off with his rv with after the company wouldn't fork over $135,000 he was owed. that means the customer who paid for this rv has nothing. >> are you frustrated to know that this business is still in business and they are still taking in rvs? >> yes. yes. they should have their doors closed. i just don't know -- i don't understand it. >>reporter: by the time we finished asking questions the business gate was closed.
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>> the sheriff's office is investigating these complaints and with wants to hear from others who have similar issues. shannon behnken 8 on your side. isn't it a lovely day in syracuse, new york. don't you wish you were up there right now scraping your windshield shoveling the driveway. getting your car unstuck from a ow doing exactly that today. some of that lake effect snow one of the first snow falls of the year, so more of of that to come not even thanksgiving yet but a lot of folks like getting out the winter winter enjoying cross country skiing. that's what's going on locally. very dry atmosphere overall. not much in the way of precip. 7:00 a.m. 48 degrees. 75 degrees at 4:00 p.m. beautiful day for tomorrow but cool start to the dale. temps close to 10 degrees plus
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balance out nicely with the warm sun. right now 54, lakeland already 40s. inverness weeki wachee definitely a jacket this evening for you folks outside. 61 degrees. venice 61 sebring. you can see around the rest of the country a lot of folks hitting the road traveling. 54 portland 59 san francisco. 56 wichita, 32 in cincinnati and boston. 34 degrees. no airport delays. this has been sitting on 113 minutes in new york city. so obviously some consistent flight delays probably not as much from the weather, but perhaps just as volume of people trying to travel. got some snow showers way out west. you can see it's pretty quiet on the west coast. otherwise we have some snow as well across the western sections of new york. northern parts of pennsylvania. that's what you were seeing in syracuse and northern parts of new york area. that is no fun either. trying to get around. tropics are still active believe it or not this is the atlantic and named storm tropical storm otto. we talk about this all last week will the potential for forge in fact did according to
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central america. if it should maintain a tropical storm strength or named storm it would pick up a pacific name if that scenario would actually play out. high pressure is to the north. cold, dense air will shift to the east. surface winds come more northeast. the next couple couple of days will start the warming trend our temps shoot back near 80 degrees before long. next couple of days temps 79, 80 degrees. 81 on thursday. rain chances fairly low throug saturday thanksgiving is looking pretty good over a up nice start to the day cool warm afternoon earnings will be very comfortable. any kind of outdoor activity if you're going to fry a turker something like that in the backyard. >> why don't we get the going noise on the 7:00 show? >> that's out of my hands. >> you're powerful man here you should make some calls. >> not that powerful obviously. getting legs so i think. >> the warm or the gobble. >> i like the gobble. it makes it feel more festive. that and cooler weather.
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holiday. >> we'll be right back. residents are rebuilding including proping some homes on settle. i'm show show you what else they are doing to try to get back to normal.
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen
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well so we did have some monkey news to tell you. >> oh, man. running out of time. >> running out of time. >> monkey. >> we're going to revive that tomorrow night. so gather the family around the tv tomorrow night at 7:00. >> the story we had last week. >> there might b . the other monkey riding a goat story. >> i've said too much though. >> i'll stay tuned i'll be
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be back at 11:00. we hope you have a great night. >> dress warmly. spotlight. >> i was absolutely broken inside. >> her show-stopping speech at the amas as we reveal her untold story of her breakdown now on "extra." fighting back tears, speaking from the validation nor do i need it any more. >> panic attacks, body shaming, why the pop star checked into rehab, and taylor swift's reaction watching from home. then -- >> i love my husband. >> gigi hadid under fire for mocking melania trump.
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politically charged ama. >> boobs and buildings. >> firing back. >> plus the "hamilton" star who took on pence. speaks out today. >> jennifer lawrence glammed up in "vanity fair," revealing her plan b if acting didn't work out. plus kate gosselin talks gating, her personal add on our new york jumbotron. >> reality >> three dogs. >> now from "extra," from hollywood, entertainment capital of l.a. >> welcome to "extra," i'm mario lopez. kim kardashian finally ready to come out of hiding where she is set to make her first public appearance coming up. >> also, are the obamas trading d.c. for the california desert? where they might be moving after the white house.
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heartfelt speech at american music awards. they are rallying around selena. >> this is how she bravely steps front and center from a self-imposed exile from the spotlight. stunning in prada, blowing a kiss to fans on the red carpet, pouring out her heart on stage, emotional. >> i had everything and i was absolutely broken inside. >> candid. >> i kept it too much together >> selena gomez' pufl night. >> i'm not trying to get validation, nor do i need it any more. >> accepting the best pop rock female artist award at the ama. >> i'm so grateful i have the opportunity to share way love every single day with people that i love. >> the 24-year-old making her triumphant return after that long hiatus, multiple reports saying she sought treatment in a facility near nashville for panic atakes and depression,


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