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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  November 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. new information this morning about the horrific tennessee bus crash that killedle in this active investigation parents are on edge and the driver now facing serious charges. >> and 2 tampa parents desperate for answers their son a victim of a hit and run still in the hospital days later, the driver nowhere to be found. details on the search ahead. plus it's still what we would call freezing outside. leigh spann will tell us how -- what temperatures to expect
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around. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. let's get a check on the freezing temperatures. yeah morning we had some places that dropped to 29. right now we're all technically above freezing but it's chilly 34 at inverness, 35 in zephyrhills about 50 in tampa, 48 in sarasota. so we're close to the same as yesterday maybe 2 to 5 degrees warmer t so a feeling about the same and max defender 8 proving there's not a cloud out there. watch your metro cast. sun is going to come up, yes, it's going to be chilly this morning most of us in the 40s, right around 49 at 8 a.m. but you don't have to wait long to hit 70 by lunchtime barely a cloud in the sky and by the afternoon you can leave the jacket at home, 75 you'll be wearing short sleeves. at 4:38
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storm otto. >> i can't even imagine a tropical storm now. it happens. we've got a great drive one little problem spot southbound i-75 it's not going to slow you down it's in pasco county around the wesley chapel area. it's not causing any delays. i just want you date of birth aware of that. looking at travel times good drive on 275 heading out towards the howard frankland bridge and into downtown we are up tope live look at i-75 right in the brandon area. traffic up to speed. that's a look at weather and traffic. new information this morning about a tragic school bus accident that killed 5 elementary school students and left many more badly injured. >> it's a fear every warrant has when they put their child on the bus each and every morning that the driver won't keep their kids safe. good morning.
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>> yes, that's right. the driver is charged with 5 counts of vehicular homicide as well as reckless driving and endangerment. >> they believe there's ejections. >> that call went out around 3:30 monday afternoon. the bus was carrying 35 children ranging from kindergarten through 5th grade. 5 children died at the scene, more than 20 children we of them in grave condition. . >> taking care of the children that are injured is our number one priority. taking care of families who are looking for, caring for and grieving for children is our second priority. investigating this incident is our third. >> 24-year old walker is the school bus driver charged this morning. investigators have
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try to determine exactly what caused this tragedy. they say at the very at least speed is a factor. the ntsb will be on the scene this morning and walker is in jail right now. and additional charges could be added. . >> so terrifying for all those kids on that bus and now for all the families dealing with those who didn't make it. thank you. right now 2 tampa parents are pleading for help after their son was hit by a the driver left the scene. 12-year old ortego has been in the hospital for almost a week and the driver still hasn't turned up. we're live at tampa general hospital this morning with where the 6th grader is recovering. >> he's healing here at tampa general hospital this morning but still could be months before he's able to walk again. he will spend thanksgiving week after he was hit thursday.
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he doesn't remember hearing or seeing the car but witnesses say he pushed his friend out of the way. while his parents are by his side they haven't forgotten the person who put him here. >> i'm very god fearing but obviously they're not god fearing. . >> reporter: now, he's going to be okay. he suffered a broken collar bone road rash and every bone in his left leg is shattered. as for the driver the only description that police have relea they believe hit him is a silver ford fusion, a newer model. they don't know how much damage that car did sustain, but if you have any information about the driver of that vehicle you're asked to give authorities a call. back to you. >> well, i'm certainly glad that he's going to be okay but the fact that he's already gone through so much terrible. thanks. well, breaking news this morning, a 4th robbery in an area of clearwater in just the past 24 hours. this is a live
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this happened just after 2 this morning. the robber told the clerk he had a weapon and demanded cash. he grabbed money from the register then got away in a car that he had parked nearby. police are investigating if this and the other robberies could be connected. an arrest this morning for the murder of a texas police detective. police say a 31-year old shot and killed detective marcone as he sat in his patrol car. telling reporters he did it because he was upset over a custody battle. take a listen. >> i've been through several custody battles the situation i was in. >> do you have anything to say to his family? >> i'm sorry. >> witnesses say the killer shot the detective twice in the head while he was writing a traffic ticket outside police head quarter. you see him there, a 20 years veteran of the force
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he leaves behind 2 children. here in florida police say they've captured a man who shot a police officer. police arrested a 41-year old, hay is charged with tempted murder for the shooting of the officer. he was writing a traffic ticket when she just opened fire. he is recovering appeared is expected to be okay. hay is a realtor with a history of calling police for various issues. still no word on a motive. he'll be in court thi well, she was abused and clinging to life. a polk county teenager found wandering in the woods with a broken shoulder, infected feet, and a stab wound. >> chris and melissa peters are behind bars. . >> she's got stabbed by something and her feet are
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and dirty. she said she can't go back to where she came from. >> according to court documents the 17-year old girl only weighed 86 pounds. . >> terrible. well, president elect donald trump has released a new message to the men people. >> he outlines his agenda for his first 100 days in office in a video. >> my agenda will be based on a simple core principle putting including trade, cyber attacks and immigration. >> i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the american worker. >> in this video, trump does not address a wall along the mexican border. you can watch the entire video on our website leigh, nice and chilly out. >> yeah, another chilly morning
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from now. let me take you hour by hour through the day. we're starting in the 40s. in fact we'll still be in the 40s at 8 a.m. because then the sun comes up and look at these jumps in temperatures, 59 by 10, 70 at noon, 75 by 3 p.m., back to 70 degrees at 6 p.m. as we head through the next couple of days we'll be warming up to around 80, 81 by thanksgiving and christmas -- excuse me, thanksgiving and black friday appeared slightly so a break down of your thanksgiving forecast turkey trots right around 63 in the morning, 76 at lunchtime then that big dinner 73 degrees and mostly clear. we have tropical storm otto there may strengthen to a hurricane before coming onshore somewhere honduras. we'll be watching it very closely over the next few
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they're rolling right along. we did have a problem up near wesley chapel. kicking off here we have a little bit of road work northbound mcdill avenue keep that in mind and portions of that close and can tend to get a bit busy. let's move over now. you this didn't here south 75 and wesley chapel that has cleared from the roadway. that's a traffic on the 8s. hurricane hermine hit months ago. >> plus the clerk who refused to back down even when faced with a metal pipe. it was caught on camera. now, police are on the hunt for this suspect. you're watching news channel 8 today.
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it's been nearly 3 months since hurricane hermine pounded the coast of florida, one of the hardest hit areas cedar key, ryan hughes is live there this morning. good morning, it's just before thanksgiving an even though that small town was
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lot to be thankful for. >> reporter: good morning. they do. many homes and businee damaged or destroyed by the hurricane. some are now preparing to put their home on stilts. you see this home lifted off the ground after water got inside after the hurricane. everyone has pulled together and tried to recover and build quickly. there are plenty of signs that show how a small town can rebound after got 4 feet of water in the store. >> reporter: the market was one of the hardest hit businesses when the hurricane battered the island in early september. >> the fruit was all over the floor and floating in the water. >> the market is back in business just in time for the busy holiday season. >> everything from this point right here out was all blown out in the street. >> hermine caused roughly half a
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surge battered the buildings. we rode out part of the storm on the second floor. every piece of furniture was ruined. >> it was a slow start but we got the contractors in here, got all the permits and it's going quick now. >> the motel was shut down for 2 months, 3 rooms damaged during the hurricane have been renovated and all a expected to be finished soon. . >> and coming up in our next half hour one woman here in town hear what helped her get back on her feet just a week later. . >> wow, can't wait to see that. ryan, thank you. but it's great to see how they're turning things around there. we'll check back with you in a bit. one of the florida's number one industries is thriving this morning. tourism set a record despite 2 hurricanes and a zika virus outbreak. it's the
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pinellas county and its beaches the tax collections are expected to top $50 million this year. officials explain how that money helps the community. >> it puts sand back on the beaches, it pays for the field, the sprang training facilities, for a lot of thing that we take for granted. >> st. pete clearwater estimates taxes paid by tourists save each taxpayer about $700 a year. check this out a dangerous crook on the run in south florida. watch ashe into a gas station then starts viciously beating the clerk alternating using his fists then a metal pipe. the worker was able to fight the guy off and prevented the robbery. deputies are still searching for that attacker. and the lightning come back home after a mostly successful 5 game road trip but took a loss
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the predators beat the bolts. ellis laid out brown with a huge check. brown threw a punch then nearly everyone on the ice gets in on this fight. they're home for a game tomorrow against the philadelphia fliers. a former nfl player who lives in south florida pleads guilty to running a scheme involving fraudulent loans for professional athletes. former miami dolphins quarter back allen and his partner are accused of lying to professional athletes. prosecutors claim the partners took more than 35 million and repaid less than 22 million and pocketed the difference. well, right now the first major snowstorm of the season is still hammering the northeast. look at this video more than 2 feet of snow has fallen in parts of upstate new york. it could mark the beginning of a lingering travel nightmare as we
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reports one million more americans will be traveling for thanksgiving compared to last year. all right. so now all of a sudden i feel like a wimp if i say it's chilly out there. we don't have any know obviously, no rain either. certainly some good news especially if you have guests coming from other parts of the country because yes, it's going to feel a little chilly this morning. you might even need a jacket. 49 at 8 a.m. but it will feel warm by lunchtime. this is going t up through the day. 70 at noon, 75 and pleasant at 3 p.m. although it's chilly now and i checked just in with my weather watcher bob in venice he says it's 46 in his house. 43 plant city, lakeland 41, yeah, chilly out there. now, we'll get you some perspective now, right, 24 in cincinnati. notice warm up coming up the middle of country
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being a little bit of a travel headache through the day tomorrow and tomorrow. see this area of low pressure. we stay mild and sunny but there's the storm system throughout wednesday the biggest travel day of the year from chicago down to new orleans. this doesn't come down here. we're going to stay in the upper 70s to near 80 with lots of sunshine. how about traffic? >> a little bit of construction in sarasota due to we've got the northbound exit from i-75 to university blocked it should reopen in about an hour here. other than that the main position of i-75 looks pretty good in the area. this is i-75 by the leroy expressway. traffic looks great and also on the leroy. a great drive on the sun coast parkway and the
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>> yeah, still ahead a sneak peak at the agenda at that features some cute critters. . >> and changes at starbucks that could be hard to swallow coming up a look at what the coffee giant is doing to some cold drinks and items. you're watching news am 8 today.
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. do you want something sweet with your latte. starbucks bumped up prices on cold drinks and some bakery items. starbucks claims prices on 90% of its drinks including coffee and tea did not change. this isn't the first price hike of the year though. starbucks raised the cost of some drinks back in july. so they're easing it to us. well, there's some help this thanksgiving for families hosting the big turkey dinner. bob offer a holiday help line. representatives are fielding all sort of questions ranging from setting the table to a very important one, diffusing tense conversation. that could make or break thanksgiving. the help line opens tomorrow. it will be open through thanksgiving. like a therapist on call. >> i was going to say a turkey therapy hot line. >> here's the number for you on your screen. we've post that number on they're
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. >> it's a 2-for. my turkey is not geeking fast enough and my aunt is talking politics. well, lakeland firefighters are heating things up with a calendar. >> the fire department just released their regs you'd pets 2017 calendar. here's a sneak peek. >> i don't see any pets. >> i do. look at those abs. along with some buff like firefr turned it really wasn't as easy as it looks. . >> we had toys, we had hot dogs, we had pet treats, and with the occasional loud noise we were able to get them to look in the lens. >> it's a little different taking your shirt off in public areas when everybody is surrounding watching you feels good knowing it's for a good cause. >> i had no idea -- >> that is that the toy right there. >> i had no idea the toy got the
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benefits the spca florida. last year money raised paid for animal medical care, new animal oxygen masks for the department. and you can find them online. >> she'll be driving around the fire department. >> i already got mine. >> well, changing gears here the tragic story out of tennessee this morning. >> yeah, 5 children are dead after a horrific elementary school bus crash and dozens more are injured coming up the latest on the investigation and why the bus driver is now facing charges m this tuesday morning. the count down to thanksgiving continues. 2 days away. it's cool this morning but things are going to be heating up. leigh has your wake up weather with weather and
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. it is 50 degrees at tampa
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morning, a fast warm up to 75 this afternoon. how's traffic? >> a little bit of construction lingering in sarasota, the exit
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. a parents's plea for their son, can you help police put the cuffs on the hit and run driver who left this middle schooler badly hurt on road? >> president elect donald trump releases a video touting plans for his first 100 days in office. we'll tell you how mr. trump plans to create jobs here in the u.s. >> and sweater weather again this morning as you wake up. we show you the temperatures near you and how much you can expect it to warm up by lunchtime. it is warming up a bit. >> good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thanks for waking up with us on this tuesday. let's check in with leigh for the latest on


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