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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  November 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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right now on news channel 8 at 7:00: >> authorities are on the hunt
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detectives say the same man has had four stores around clearwater. jamel lanee' spoke with investigators who are trying to catch him before he strikes again. >> reporter: this man is terrorizing cashiers around clearwater. >> we are concerned by the amount of times this individual is hitting convenience stores. >> reporter: the suspect robbed four locations in 24 hours. this clerk was terrified when he came across the rs money market holding what looked like a weapon. >> and that's when he pretty much pointed a gun at me but the gun was inside the sleeves. >> reporter: in the video, she tries to hide as the brazen bandit demands cash. his spree began monday morning at 3:19 am. investigators say he hit this speedway on through street. shortly before 11 am, seen here at the jk food store on bellaire road. 15 minutes later, he is inside
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street at the 7-eleven. >> he needs to be behind bars. >> reporter: reporting and clearwater, jamel lanee' news generally. -- jamel lanee' news channel 8. miles across our area will have more police on hand this shopping season looking for bag is during the holidays. jana jones joins us live. what is it like at the mall today? i am sure it has been busy. if you are out here just shopping you will likely feel safe because everywhere you looked earlier today, you would see an officer but if you are out here and two good, you will probably feel intimidated and that is certainly the goal to help keep crime down this holiday season. 'tis the season to give and 'tis the season to steal. while you are in the mall looking for the perfect gift, criminals are looking in your car windows. >> people come through these parking lots and they will see
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opportunity at this point. >> reporter: while criminals are looking for easy opportunities, more eyes are watching them. >> one of the big things we look for on horseback because we are so high above everything else, we look at a distant -- distance trying to see people casing out cars. >> reporter: officers have been parking lot watching for more than 10 years. their message is simple. >> we just don't want that to happen. we >> reporter: even the horses working to keep you safe. >> you can't outrun a horse so normally it's a short foot pursuit that will go for 50 or so yards and then they will realize there is no outrunning the horse. >> reporter: a sense of security shoppers appreciate. >> i definitely feel like there is a presence when you see a live horse. >> reporter: officers want to
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purchased. even a cell phone charger could tempt a criminal who thinks there is a cell phone in your car. jana jones, news channel 8. the driver of a bush -- bus that crashed in chattanooga is facing charges. police believe speed played a role in causing the horrific scene yesterday. in addition to the five kids killed, six children are now in critical condition. federal investigators are trying to figure out what happened. that crash is certainly bringing back traumatic memories for hillsboro county parents. months ago, their children's bus careened into a lake. candace mccowan spoke with some of the parents today. >> reporter: the site of this bus on its side with children inside brings back an all too real memory for krishna. >> that could have been our daughter. that could have been our bus. the fact that somehow we made it through, i feel very fortunate.
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the bus when it crashed on nine eagles drive in september of last year. she and better the other children on the bus walked away without serious injury. the driver was cited. investigators say he was speeding and then applied the brakes and the gas at the same time. >> she still goes on the bus now. she has been able to process it and move on. she doesn't really know about the bus accident. we try to keep that stuff shielded. >> reporter: all parents should ask questions. >> we want to know who is driving our kids, what corrective actions are taking place. >> reporter: candace mccowan, news channel 8. and a couple got keys to their new home only to find out it was a scam. a saved every dollar they had for the first months rent when the quick put a rent to own add on the property. the victim met the woman for a tour and after looking at the home, kassidy hernandes paid cash, signed the lease and got the keys to her new home or so
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i was scammed.>> reporter: the so-called seller was only renting the place and was going to be evicted. fernandez is out $600 tampa so- called seller is nowhere to be found. winter haven police are now investigating. and tonight, a big bust in a horsemeat ring that could have ties to a savage case in manatee county. you may remember the story about a horse dismembered for manatee detectives think a rain now's butchers from south florida was behind the attack and now a break in the case. the 70-year-old man was just arrested, accused of selling horsemeat to an undercover officer. >> it's hard to happen -- to have that happen to you and once it happens to you, you don't get over it. you could say how are you doing now? are you the scene where that it -- the day that it happened? it doesn't go away.
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is currently a $30,000 reward in the case. a tampa bay buccaneer will not be in the game for the next few weeks. he is -- jade adjei-barimah will be suspended until december 18. did you see something unusual in the sky last night at around 11:17 pm? if you did, you are not the only one. check out this fireball. you could also call it a very bright meteor captu venice police officer's dash cam. this video was on their facebook page. i was leaving the station last night and caught a glimpse of it and thought i was seeing things. i thought maybe it was a police helicopter searchlight. >> i was actually in the studio. >> i started to come back and ask you and i thought you would just think i was crazy. >> it happens every once in a
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forecast coming up. 81 degrees is a kind of whether we are expecting. 77 degrees today. over the next couple of days, we will add more humidity in the atmosphere. probably not that noticeable but you will probably notice that in the morning because we will see that come out as fog when the temperatures cooldown overnight but it should be a nice thanksgiving. this was at sunset or right before. it was just a stunning day. very comfortable and try to start the day, very cool. as of florida sunshine warmed things up, we ended up pleasant. 79 degrees wednesday, same for friday, a little fall off with a front on saturday. inconsequential really. that is just kind of a recruiting of the year. 65 degrees in new port richey, clearwater beach 64 degrees, pinellas park 61 degrees, 62 degrees riverview and sun city. temperatures already in the 50s in some locations so it's going to be a cool evening but not as
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forecast coming up. still ahead, it's the dawn of a new era in tampa bay and i get to be one of the first to try. that story coming up. you may be surprised to learn that one of the most dangerous player -- places for drivers is holiday season isn't the road but the parking lots.
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if you would like the thrill of jumping out of a plane while staying closer to the groom -- ground, there is a new place in the bay area that can supply the adrenaline rush. we sent anthony allred to check it out. >> reporter: if you have ever dreamed of doing acrobatic stunts while flying 70 meet me through the sky, you have to try i fly. >> we fly anyone from age 3 to
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that, you know i just had to try. you can see at first i was more than a handful for the instructor, the idea of getting this big body off the ground went over like a lead balloon but a few minutes later, and just like our kelly said, i believe i can fly. we believe i can touch the sky. i think about it every night and day. spread my wings and fly away. >> you are a little bit nervous. that's why i try to give you a pep talk. i could tell you were still aware, looking at me, understood me and responded well. >> reporter: after a couple of tries, the goal is to fly like this but it's okay. if at first you take flight my like a penguin. soaring with the eagles,
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last year but this year is going to be a whole lot different. we have that frederick story coming up. plans for a michigan track that will really put driverless cars to the extreme test.
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this black friday at the volkswagen
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broke the 19,000 mark finishing up 67 points. the nasdaq was up 17. it looks like apple will offer some black friday deals this year. we don't know exactly what deals to expect or which items will be on sale but we do know apple has posted a special one- day shopping event page on its website stating "save the date" november 25. apple stores will also have extended hours on friday. your next trip to starbucks could cost you a few more beans. the coffee giant raised prices on cold beverages and bakery items between $.10 and $.30. the price hike was put in place this month but people are taking note and they are tweeting about it. starbucks also increased prices on drinks in july. if you drive an older model
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warning applies to 2008 and 2009's portage suvs. apparently, road salt can cause corrosion in the braking control computer and that can cause a short circuit and possibly a fire. be sure to come -- park your car away from anything else that can burn until you get the problem fixed. toyota has a warning for minivan drivers. your sliding side doors could come open while you're on the road. it is now recalling sienna minivans f toyota is currently developing a fix for the problem. it doesn't look like a whole lot right now but an old abandoned plot of land in michigan is about to become a world-class testing ground for driverless cars. officials broke ground on the american center for mobility in michigan. that facility will have all sorts of roads and intersections along with complex lighting and weather
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it is all meant to put driverless cars through testing and development. it should be open by december 2017. volkswagen hopes to fundamentally change it health as it rebounds from the diesel emissions cheating scandal. it is planning to make the electric car the "strategic core" of the vw brand. automotive news reports that vw plans to start making electric cars and other vehicles here in the united states and also plans to invest in software to help people share cars. chance you're not driving around town in a fancy new car. some new research from consulting firm ihs market found the average vehicle in the u.s. is 11.6 years old. it also predicts that in five years, 20 million cars on the road will be at least 25 years old. the people who blew up mannequins with fireworks have a not-so-subtle reminder of a fiery thanksgiving danger. the consumer product safety
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overfill your turkey fire with oil or if you use a frozen bird. the oil overflows, everything catches fire and it can burn down your porch. if you're standing right next to it, you could end up in bad shape. if you decide to fry your turkey, basically follow all the directions and warnings and stay clear of anything that could catch fire. and if you are worried about keeping the peace at this year'sol institute may be able to help you out with a hospitality helpline. they are going to help with tips like defusing political conversations while at the narrow table. the number to call is at the bottom of your screen. this holiday season is one of the most dangerous places for drivers in the store
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that says every year, hundreds died in parking lot accidents. john rodgers has a warning for shoppers as we all approach the holiday shopping season. >> reporter: in wisconsin, this 92-year-old man had a hard time getting out of this parking lot. surveillance video shows as he slammed nine -- that he slammed into mine cars on his way out. all across america in parking lots and parking garages, careless drivers are putting lives at risk. >> that's really scary. >> reporter: the there are 50,000 cars in lots and garages worldwide resulting in more than 500 deaths and 60,000 injuries. with the holiday season approaching, people need to be especially vigilant. the survey found 49% of drivers admit to watching videos while driving in the parking lot. 52% have used social media and 42% have video chatted all while driving and crowds of
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>> have a little bit of sense of what is around you. you want to make sure you are not going to cause a crash or hit somebody. >> reporter: because holiday shopping season is supposed to be memorable, not tragic. john rodgers, news channel 8. now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 forecast with chief meteorologist steve jerve. >> it's the first big storm of the season and it's going to be a long winter for people in people in auburn, new york dugout from a storm that dumped 30 inches of snow in some areas. it looked like a fire hose of snow of the lake effect snow but that is what they are dealing with through thanksgiving. that could make for a long winter. max defender 8 age, pretty quiet. not much of precipitation around florida. we will continue to watch for it. at 9 pm, 64 degrees, clearing up with a clear cold as last night.
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69 degrees, tampa international airport with a dew point at 42 degrees. a pleasantly cool evening for us. a little cooler in downtown st. pete. 64 degrees with a higher dew point of 53 degrees. weather around the country, folks are traveling. out west we have rain along the west coast, northern california, oregon and washington.'s an area of low pressure means rain for the central u.s. there was flight delays in minneapolis laguardia delays because of the onrush of people. is a clear skies, high pressure continues. that will be the case. interesting news, hurricane otto is the latest farming hurricane in the southern part of the caribbean ever. we had a tropical storm yesterday but this will continue to move west. hurricane watches are in place for central america, anticipating heavy rain.
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get more of an easterly flow. that will build up more moisture. with cooler temperatures in the early part of the day, that could mean fog in the early part of the day. there's a if you're headed out the door to drive around in the state, if you're leaving early you could be dealing with fog. temps near 80 degrees [ gobble ] . you better run, but he. you get very few hours left. [ gobble ]. another cold front headed in and temperatures cooler on sunday. monday and tuesday temps 70 degrees. >> all of our visitors are loving it. >> if you're coming from with the snow is falling, you will love this. >> they are going to stay longer than they should. >> we will be right back. plus, here is what you will see tomorrow morning at 6 am? >> reporter: not everyone is jumping on board the early holiday hours trend. why some businesses are choosing to keep their doors closed this turkey day. and news and weather on the
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20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other.
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last week, we showed you a monkey that befriended goats in china. apparently, the idea is catching on because now there is a similar pairing on a rubber plantation in thailand. we are not talking about the guy with a bird on his head. we are talking about a goat with a monkey on its back. together. they sleep together and the monkey rides around on the goat everywhere he goes. unlike that story from last week, there's no plan to split them apart. at least it's not a goat on a monkey's back. >> that probably wouldn't work out too well. >> we will continue to follow that here on news channel 8,
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send videos. >> or meteors. >> goodnight. races home to kanye's side. what really triggered his psychiatric emergency? ?"extra" "extra" ? ?"extra" "extra" ? kae' >> he's exhausted. he's just really tired. >> kris jenner breaking new details to extra as kim hoops jet home. reports kanye assaulted someone at his personal trainer's before being handcuffed and hospitalized. >> harm to himself. >> plus -- >> i just want him to get some rest. >> the stars stepping up to support kanye today.
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with george stephanopoulos, wolf blitzer. >> one describing it as a firing squad. >> live with mario, the king of pop. >> what's your favorite song of your dad? >> from the music to the memory, prince jackson opens up about life without his father. >> what's the most common thing people ask you. >> plus kirstie alley watching john stamos shoot h now on "extra" from universal studio hollywood the entertainment capital of l.a. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. all the details on the marc anthony split. what's the real reason behind the end of his marriage. coming up, john legend tells how chrissy teigen planned to prevent the wardrobe malfunction.
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appearance as her husband kanye is hospitalized. as the drama was going down we were with kris jenner getting inside information. the very latest. >> this is the final picture of the 39-year-old rapper before his new meltdown, before being placed on a psychiatric evaluation. paramedics rushing to celebrity trainer holy pastor nack's home after kanye was said to become violent. tmz said he tried to assault someone inside the gym. dispatchers making this call. >> psychiatric emergency. >> something happened with kanye yesterday. >> new video pastor nack refused to answer questions today. >> we were worried he was cause harm to himself. >> kanye transported to ucla medical center. tmz reporting he was handcuffed to the stretcher but calls it standard procedure. kim flying to los angeles to be by her husband's side. she had been in new york to make


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