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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  November 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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is president-elect donald trump backing off some of his biggest campaign promises? what he told the new rk change. lock your car doors, curfews are on the prowl in hillsborough counting -- county. dozen stolen by teenagers. see the areas most at risk. there will not be a lot of shopping done on thanksgiving day. why more stores are staying close and waiting to open a flat friday -- black friday. good morning, happy wednesday morning, pre- thanksgiving day over here.
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see how is the weather . max defender 8 is confirming we're not seeing rainfall anywhere across the tampa bay area. if you are just waking up, things are looking good here. it is actually a little more comfortable than yesterday morning. fortier zephyrhills. 50 degrees bartow. 52 lakeland. 55 clearwater. it is significantly warmer than yesterday. lately you are 11 degrees warmer but brooksville you are 21 degrees warmer. we're starting warmer and we afternoon with a high of 79 above the average of 77. tonight we are dropping down a 63 degrees. at 5:08 i will have your travel weather and possible delays. right now we have no delays. we are looking great right now. it is actually a wonderful time if you are up. you might want to head on the road if you are going out of town. traffic is extremely light. i 75 and hillsborough county
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commute. a lot of weight -- people are working today but overall they have a pretty good drive. let's take a live look. this is a wonderful shot. this is a wonderful drive in all the bay area bridges are up to speed is donald trump backing down from several of his campaign promises? there are a lot of questions after he dropped some bombshells during an hour-long interview with the new york times. meredis good morning, the big news, donald trump does not want to investigate hillary clinton. >> that is right. overnight the new york times published a complete transcript of donald trump's meeting with it's management and reporters. in that he says he is not favoring that hillary clinton should be prosecuted. he said that clinton has suffered enough and he does not want an investigation into her
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american politics that after you win an election you start putting things behind you.>> also, trump attacked a major climate deal, the paris accords . he said he canceled the deal so american companies can compete. he told the new york times he now has an open mind about the deal. also, mister trump said his trump brand is hot right now, but downplayed concerns over conflict of interest rightly pointed out that the law is on his side. the president is exempt from conflict of interest laws. donald trump also distanced himself from extremist on the alternative right, but he also defended the conservative breitbart new site and dismissed criticism about steve bannon who will be his chief strategist . a lot of back-and-forth there . >> lots of changes.
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south carolina governor, nikki haley, will be a new us ambassador to the united nations peered donald trump nominated her to the position and she accepted overnight. a formal announcement is expected this morning. some computer scientists are doing -- urging hillary clinton's campaign to ask for a recount . it should include pennsylvania, wisconsin, and strange that she received 7 percent fewer votes counties that use electronic voting machines. they believe the machines could've been manipulated or hacked even though they have not seen any evidence of that. now, and alert it is all about irrational car thefts. nearly 4 dozen cars have been stolen in hillsborough county recently . the culprits are teenagers. ryan hughes joins us live from the hillsborough county shares
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. they call it car hopping apparently a pastime investigators here at the hillsborough county sheriffs office call a crime. check out these mugshots the show 14 people arrested for stealing dozens of vehicles in riverview. investigators tell us they are mostly 15 to 20 years old. they would hit neighborhoods at night going from car to car hoping the vehicles were unlocked. they stole everything inside and take the car as well. we spoke to alex cost of woke up and found his car gone. >> they don't think that far ahead of what the consequences are. a lot of times they see some exciting because you're not supposed to do it. >> reporter: lesson learned here . make sure you lock your vehicles now that the holidays are upon us. visitors will be in town so you will want to watch their vehicles as well. >> you have to lock your car
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your teens. this is not a game. in the fight against the zika virus, the florida department of health has lifted part of the zika virus own in miami beach. over the summer 3 different sections of south florida were called the zika virus zones. lifting part of this zones -- this zone means no one has for 45 days . >> we can't take this for granted. we have to understand that we will have to continue to fight this until we get a vaccine at the federal level. >> a zika virus zone that covers about 1 1/2 square miles remains in place to the south of that area that was just cleared. travel headaches can be ahead for a lot of families as millions can set to hit the road and head to the airport for thanksgiving. winter storms are threatening to delay or even cancel flights across
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tampa international airport. i see people behind you already getting ready to head to their gates. what is it like so far? >> it has been pretty quiet here at tampa international. we have seen some long lines but once the security checkpoints did open up those lines state clear pretty fast. it is not just long lines that people need to be worried about. the us state department did issue a warning for people traveling to europe the holiday season. they say there is a heightened risk of terrorist attacks during the holiday season. this week the department noted that extremists carried out attacks in belgium, france, germany entered in says it remains concerned about the potential for attacks throughout europe. in everett -- added that the travel alert expires on january 20, 2017. some men were arrested in an
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christmas market is set to open friday. back your closer to home it is potential for long lines and backups at security checkpoints. 27.3 million people will fly worldwide a domestic airlines between december 18 and the 29. the sunday after thanksgiving is expected to be the busiest day for air travel. if you are looking for a little bit the plane, thanksgiving thursday is expected to be the lightest travel day. there is good news out of tampa international, there has been a lot of construction going on, a lot of fun new restaurants coming into the airport. in light of the holiday season construction on the blue side arrival and departures has been halted. you are able to get in there pretty easily this holidays is a
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spann. >> we do have a big storm system extending from the great lakes to the gulf of mexico. if you are headed west that is where you are most likely to encounter some sort of whether. at this point airport delays across the country are reporting zero minute delays. that is good news but we're just beginning this big travel day. if you are staying here we have good news for you, still a pleasant 72 at 7. we do have a week cold front coming through saturday but not much cooler air behind it. we stay dry until the middle of next week. what -- by the way, her came otto -- hurricane otto now
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you know what is interesting, they are suspending that construction at the tampa international airport. the florida department of transportation is also suspending construction for the holiday weekend. you will not see any construction all there while he gets big year -- busier and busier . great news. if you're going to have to leave today it is best to leave in the morning. after 2 pm for tampa right now 275 to fowler avenue looks wonderful. look at 275 to bush, we have great drive on the best -- that -- vet. we have seen a lot of this over the last few years, businesses pushing up black friday deals, but coming up why more close -- stores are staying closed and waiting for black friday . plus the hidden dangers
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before going holiday shopping .
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if you are shopping online
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dangerous toys, some that have been recalled still for sale online and in stores. this is the 34th year for the report. a doctor at all children's tells us saturday's embankments on some toys can really be a danger. >> typically in a better you will no sooner than later but typically this can last for weeks. you can put a toy up and get a foul to find out if a toy you bought is part of it go to after stores were criticized for opening on thanksgiving day, some will stay closed and go back to doing things the old way leaving thanksgiving for your family feast and waiting until black friday for your shopping bonanza. thanksgiving is traditionally the holiday that
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the years retailers have been cutting into that time by opening up early on turkey day to entice shoppers. this year could be different. dozens of national retailers are deciding to a closed on turkey day including popular stops like costco, dillards, home depot and ikea. >> there's nothing more important in this world than family. >> the grocery giant, has stayed close despite the impact on profits. >> it does cut is this but our associates are more important to us at that point in it is important for them to have that opportunity to spend time with families. petticoat will also be closed on thanksgiving this year . spent we believe in putting our partners and families first
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deals will still be there a day later and encourages people to spend time with their families and not in a store aisle. it is not just stores making the decision, the mall of america in minnesota will also be closed on thanksgiving this year although individuals doors can decide if they want to stay open. to name a few of the big stores open on thanksgiving, here's a list. walmart, doors open at for the full list had to . skimming is looking a little taster this year thanks to some of the buccaneers. this was the 10th annual turkey time. the offense of lineman candid out -- handed out full thanksgiving meals to an estimated 1000 tampa bay families. what a nice gesture.
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nfl drug performance enhancement policy. he sits out immediately and can return after the bucs play the dallas cowboys . a texas judge blocked the obama administration new overtime rule from taking effect. this would have raised the amount ry earn before they are exempt from overtime pay rules. more than 1 billion workers stood to benefit from the change that is supposed to take affect december 1. north carolina protesters staged a sit in near bismarck. called for the share -- sheriff's resignation after they were sprayed with water and soap reading temperatures. to use the hoses to control the
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-- they used the holes to control -- hose to control the crowds and are not making apologies for it. >> we can use whatever force necessary to maintain peace. one person said any protesters had symptoms of hypothermia. 16 people were arrested after asked him to the sidewalk and did not. time right now is 5:18, pleasant as we head into the holiday weekend. >> you will certainly notice a difference when you walk ouid you will not feel rainfall but the temperatures are milder. we're not as cold right around 59 degrees at 8 am. it is cool just not chilly. warm up to 70. we are warm by 3 pm at 79. like i said it is still cool. zephyrhills 47, 46 in venice, it is significantly warmer than this time yesterday.
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not as chilly, clear sky, it will be mild throughout the day. we will returns little bit humidity. will get a couple of clouds to develop. all of the rain and snow stays off to the west. if your travel plans out there, watch for a little bit of fog. should be warm for the turkey trots tomorrow morning. the storm system that is causing a cold front will stay to the north. we stay warm, low 80s for thanksgiving. friday a cold front comes through but it is a week one. >> right now on the bay area interstates, absolutely no delays. st. pete, 175 2 franklin, you look great. downtown st. pete to downtown tampa you have a 21 minute commute. expect traffic to get busier a little closer to newness specialist people head out of town. state road 54, beautiful drive in port richie. that is a look at whether
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who has rubbed elbows with some of the biggest names in country music. coming up our keith cate hangs out with the man who sent a song you know by heart, but you know his name and his connection to dolly parton? don't miss it. also, social media find gene ramirez on facebook. you heard famously ellen degeneres was locked out of the white house. she could not given to receive her medal of freedom because she didn't have you know there was authority and also honored by the
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long before tv talent shows, marvin recorded a song that no one forgot. >> here comes. cottontail. you begin making rec now classic song. >> i call from a manager saying we got you on the grand old opry and i said this is incredible. >> that is awesome. you recorded 124 songs that even performed with the 20-year- old nashville newcomer named dolly parton. >> in fact he just bought
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concert which he is going to enjoy. she is amazing. they plan to reunite backstage. will show you how that goes. we're all familiar with road rage at how about bull rage? in a brazen bid for freedom, this bull made it's way across i 95. is bolted from a truck outside of the slaughterhouse the. it led police on there? he is hiding in the bushes. they cornered him in some brush ending his last hurrah. there is a reason for the same, cats have 9 lives. check out a black and white feline who was stranded at the top of a 5 foot california power pole for 9 days. you see electric crew lineman
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he appeared to be in pretty good shape even after those 9 days. it goes without saying, the first thing he did was eat. if there is ever a time to maximize on shopping deals it is friday. >> feeling a bit overwhelmed or pressed for time, coming up we will show you how to make your black friday shopping processor breeze, the 3 so first a live look outside downtown tampa on this thanksgiving easy. you are running out of time to get your food done. weather and traffic on the 8s
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your emoji man says it is
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anyone tomorrow and the next day. us 19 looks fantastic. not seeing delays. great drive on us 41 through the land o lakes area. the bay area bridges up to speed as well. zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, on select volkswagen models. this black friday
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i and 8 on your side alert, it is a new crime trend that could cost you your car and a whole lot more, what you need to know about car becoming a victim. also, new details this morning about the deadly school bus crash in tennessee. wire. complained about the driver and is this is not the first of us crash for the driver. stress --, getting out of town for the holiday. you and your family could be in -- plus, getting out of town for the holidays, you and your family could be in for some big traffic delays. thank you for joining us on


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