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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  November 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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tonight we begin with breaking news. a murder scene and one count and a dramatic arrest on the other side of the bay. about 90 minutes ago, eagle 8 hd flew over mlk in hillsboro county where authorities arrested a murder suspect wanted in a shooting happening earlier this afternoon in st. petersburg. as you can see, the arrest appears to have gone down in the middle of traffic on this very busy travel holiday. earlier, eagle 8 hd flew over the scene of the reported shooting. the victim, described as an elderly man who was shot in a home on 40th avenue north. that man reportedly died from his injuries . we are still waiting to find out the victim's identity and more details on how they made the arrest so quickly. another breaking news story. university police officer shot in the head last night in michigan has died. officer coel and rose was investigating a suspicious man on a bicycle near wayne state university in detroit.
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suspect has not been charged. we're heading into the biggest drinking that of the year. bars will be packed tonight and partyers will be plentiful. cops are busting drunk drivers. melanie michael's shows us the drink in south tampa is now the new number one for the -- for duis. >> reporter: if you ever had any doubt that thanksgiving eve was the night to hit the town, just ask these folks.>> happy thanksgiving! >> reporter: but this isn't just a the bar for a couple brewskis, the wednesday before the big day has recently taken on a new nickname that showcases a misbehaving and mischievous moniker. and set of thanksgiving, some call it drunksgiving. >> it's a really busy night for us, one of the busiest if not the busiest in the industry. >> reporter: a big battle for cops trying to keep duis down.
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the award. since then, they have cracked down. >> don't do anything shouldn't do while you're drinking. >> park your car, leave it here and get a ride home. >> you can leave it here at mckdinton's and pick it up tomorrow. >> reporter: melanie michael, news channel 8. this busy travel day has already proven deadly on bay area roads. eagle 8 hd flew over the seen oner afternoon. troopers tell us the suv crossed the centerline, hitting the pickup truck head-on. the driver of the suv died and the driver of the truck is suffering injuries. a 60-year-old woman behind bars for charging a bank in st. petersburg. as rod carter shows us, it's one of several brink robberies happening in the last couple of weeks. >> reporter: two and half weeks ago, the tellers at this st.
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older woman walked into their bank around noon. >> she was wearing a wig and walked up to one of the tellers and said i have a bomb, give me some money. >> reporter: she walked out with $1900. that very same woman, now identified as janice ellen lead, turned herself in.>> we got information that a gun was possibly involved. >> reporter: there has been a string of bank robberies including one in pasco county out wells fargo on fast-moving deputies. investigators say the suspect ran into the bank yelling and acting as if he had a gun. he took off with cash but didn't get very far. the sergeant chased him down. rod carter, news channel 8. a st. petersburg dad probably thought his newborn would be getting him up in the middle of the night but instead it was his neighbor with an
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the hospital a couple of days ago but last night a fire started on his front porch. a neighbor noticed the flames and knocked on the back door. he now knows it was a close call for he and his family.>> i believe would have been smoked out. my newborn kid probably would have been killed by all that smoke. >> he tried to knock down the flames with buckets of water but finally the fire department arrived and brought it all under control. investigators now suspect an electrical problem >> the fire. a meteor lighting of the nisk has people talking. we showed you some of the video capturing the spectacle last night here on 8 at 7:00. jamel lanee' spoke with a scientist who says meteors are common in our area but we were lucky to see one up close. truck monday night, a meteor lit up the sky. this police officer saw it around 11:15 pm. >> i was driving actually west over to the island of venice. the interior of my car lit up
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and it looked like there was just a little firework over to my left. >> reporter: one of the officers captured the fireball on his dash cam. turns out they weren't the only ones seeing things. dozens let their cameras roll not knowing they would capture the meteor later. jeff rogers with the bishop planetarium said this one entered the atmosphere the size of a soccer ball near the keys. >> it was probably stone. it starts to burn up it got just of anna maria island and then it was done. >> reporter: reporting in bradenton, jamel lanee' news channel 8. a man who wrote his house from south carolina to florida after an argument with his wife made it to miami where he wound up behind bars. chris emerson seen here didn't hold up well in the two-month journey. they think emerson used the horse to panhandle along the
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the horse is now in custody of the sba and is doing well. a seminole county man learned a important lesson about what bears prefer as snacks. when mike heard a noise in his garage earlier this week, guess what? he discovered a black bear had found his freezer. the bear apparently knew how to open the door but the real surprise was it ignored all the frozen fish and went straight for the sweet stuff. the ice cr mike plans to make sure his garage stays closed from now on. for his birthday, a polk county boy only asked for two things, a skating party and to donate all of his birthday presents to others. ethan chapman dropped off all the toys at the lakeland police department earlier today. they are going to the cops for kids toy drive. ethan told us he has plenty of toys at home and just wanted to help other kids in need.
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gave him special gifts of his own and his very own badge. >> this makes you an official police officer with the lakeland police officer. >> we do mission trips as well and he sees a lot of kids in poverty. he just really feels for that and wants to make their lives better. >> ethan admits it was difficult to give up some of those toys but if you would like to follow his example, and he is leading a good example, lakeland pd through december 15 as well as a lot of other police departments around the bay area. what a good kid. we are at the holiday. can you believe it? >> we're both working. >> i'm actually off. i am much, much older than you. >> you've got more seniority. that's all right. >> take a look at the night sky. we are looking at fairly decent conditions. we might see a few clouds but
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that. sorry about that. this is our moon jupiter look. this is happening early thursday morning. we will see a few clouds around the area. just want you to know about this in case you're up early. 3:21 am in the southeast sky, ending at we will see a few clouds around the area. just want you to know about this in case you're up early. 3:21 am in the southeast sky, ending at 6:44 am and fading as the sun rises. probably see a few less clouds but there me because around. travel wer minds. delays are likely in areas like minneapolis and chicago, shifting eastward as the area of low pressure causes snow and rain. further south, a few showers in the south and the pacific northwest. wright, things are looking pretty good in the northeast. as for thanksgiving itself, some small delays in new england. it also as i mentioned on the northwest portion of the country, in the pacific northwest, there is a new storm bringing rain, wind, and mountain snow.
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patchy morning fog. with the addition of atmospheric moisture, i think morning fog will be a -- be with us the next couple of days. we will talk about that weekend forecast coming up. still ahead: >> reporter: a sarasota county corrections officer is now a world champion weightlifter but that's only a small part of his incredible story. it might be thanksgiving but shoppers have been shopping -- camping outside stores since last week. i will show you which deal has
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welcome back. a sarasota county deputy, the gentleman you see right here behind me, just became a world champion weightlifter but that is not the only accolade he has earned. he is the oldest corrections deputy in florida. as john rodgers shows us, he has led quite a life.>>
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chicken at 81 years old but you won't want to mess with him. he was just crowned world champion in his age group at the world edge press and that lift championships. he holds multiple world records while juggling his job at the jail. johnny yong is a former circus acrobat. >> the only ones in the world that performed this.>> reporter: [null] germany. after world war ii, he came to the u.s. and joined the circus. he and his brother formed the duo the yong brothers. they performed daring acts all over the world, wanting a stable future he retired from show business and became a deputy. now in his 80s, he is the oldest corrections deputy in the state of florida. >> as long as i can pass a physical test in the sarasota county sheriff's office, i am going to stay working. >> reporter: john rodgers, news channel 8. this year, your favorite
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how experiences are now the new
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. on wall street today, the dow broke yet another record with a 59 point game.
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points and the nasdaq dropped five points. facebook is now working on a tool that could somehow sensor viewpoints. it will be used to help facebook gain a foothold in china were certain posts are deemed unacceptable by the communist government. currently, china blocks all access to facebook. meanwhile, facebook did not deny this report in the new york times and instead said work in progress." a pilot strike could cause a delay in your shipments from amazon and any other businesses that uses phl. the business operates 35 flights a day for amazon and 45 daily for dhl. amazon says not to worry because it uses other air carriers and should be able to make all of its deliveries. federal safety officials have proposed new guidelines for smartphones that could cut down on distracted driving crashes. voluntary guidelines call for a
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are already available for google auto, compatible with a lot of new cars. feds would also see features -- like to see features locked out when the phone is paired with the car. during the holidays, plenty of people have plenty of gifts but a new trend is emerging and it's giving experiences and set of things. travel is the new hot gift. there are companies that will provide ia an entire vacation or maybe just one adventurous part of a vacation. travel experts say people are also going on different kinds of trips to either volunteer or be immersed in culture. >> that's where people feel like they are less tourists and more like real visitors who sample the local culture of where they are visiting. >> airbnb is also getting in on the action. it just launched some special
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experiences, concerts, and even surfing lessons all hosted by local experts. if you are really really adventurous, some of the airports are now offering tickets at a set price but did not reveal where you are going until you get to the airport.>> that sounds fun. the black friday shopping from the all begins tomorrow afternoon. of course it is no surprise that a lot of folks are already camped out waiting for the doors to open. candace mccowan >> with one of the deal speakers -- seekers. >> i am starting to think i have sabotaged. >> reporter: this is chris's first time camping out for a black friday deal and he is suspicious. >> i mean i don't know if anybody snapped my tent or not but it definitely wasn't broken my came out here. >> reporter: you can see -- say things getting snapped is why chris is here. >> it's not just a deal. my ex-girlfriend broke my tv.
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and it will last me about six years or more. >> but you got to watch out for the girlfriends. >> i'm going to stay away from them for a while. >> reporter: but he better guard this deal with his life. $149 for a 49 inch tv. managers at best buy say the deals are why this line started last week. >> this is probably the best i've seen in years for us. tvs is definitely where that. >> reporter: while tvs have been here for a week, at times we had trouble finding the campus. >> anybody here?>> reporter: a couple of chairs were set up outside the brandon we waited for the shoppers but they were mia. managers at best buy tell me there are some black friday camping rules.>> there is expectations for them to stay in their tent. >> reporter: chris assures me he stays close, guarding his tent and soon guarding his new tv. >> ricky bobby, if you ain't first, your last. >> reporter: best buy opens at 5 am so campers hope to get inside, avoid the cooking and make it home just in time for
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8. now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar and your eagle 8 hd forecast with chief meteorologist steve jerve. >> our next five days, temperatures looking pretty good. 81 degrees for thanksgiving. 80 degrees on friday, 78 degrees saturday, 76 degrees on sunday. there is a cold front on saturday and a slight seeing a shower on this dave kind of a readjustment of temperatures. it is not super cool behind this cold front. 63 degrees at crystal river, 61 degrees weeki wachee, 73 degrees bartoe, sebring 72 degrees, bring 1069 degrees, clearwater 64 degrees. as for the delays, 23 minutes in minneapolis and chicago. that should start to fall away as this winter weather starts to pull farther away from them. things look good in the west and northeast. a few high clouds continue to stream our way from the northwest. we have seen mid-level clouds
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easterly influence so we're building up more moisture in the atmosphere that will lead to possible fog. hurricane otto, this is the latest advisory as of 7:00. it is back to a hurricane. it was a tropical storm but updated once again. lower windshear environment. it will likely make landfall as a hurricane in probably costa rica. first time something like that has happened since 1851 as long as the records go back. you can see back in the pacific -- in the pacific, otto will go a long way. central america bracing for high winds, particularly nicaragua and costa rica. on the rpm computer forecast model, increasing moisture, morning fog for thursday morning, dense in some spots, same story friday morning, nice on saturday. take it easy with low beams on the roadways. a 10% chance of seeing a shower on saturday and that's the from those talking about [ gobble ]
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with a few clouds. 76 degrees for sunday, monday and tuesday temperatures near upper 70s to low 80s [ gobble ]. all next week, seasonal rain chances about 30% as we get into wednesday. we are going to miss the turkey when he is gone. >> he is cute. >> [ laughter ] not as cute as you though, steve. >> pokemon. >> we will be right back. stay with us.>> plus, here is what you will see tomorrow at year again. and that of heading to a big box store, you can help out local businesses in seminole heights this small business saturday. plus, weather and traffic on the eights on news channel 8
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls
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it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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there are a lot of big-name celebrities in wyoming but one of the most famous may want to lay low. thomas gobbles is known by just about everyone in casper, wyoming. as his name suggests, we are talking one particular turkey with a big attitude. thomas gobbles is famous for chasing people and chasing cars. that is a bold move for a bird that could easily become a butterball. thomas gobbles even has his own facebook page with 1500 followers. just a couple days ago the number reached about 2000. just about ever to go for a car ride but one in particular has a better deal. willie spends his spare time repairing motorcycles but when he needs a break, elvis, his great dane joins him for a ride. the 150 pound passenger hops in the sidecar and they cruise around town. see those goggles? they are required even though elvis doesn't like wearing them. but he knows it's part of the
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a week and got a whole lot of attention. >> what would a turkey where? ? bieber snaps in spain. the new shock individual joe as he smash as fan's face. kanye. was he a ticking time bomb set off by kim's paris rob ji new dames from the timeline to his psychotic break. >> laurie and val. >> the new dance champ, laurie hernandez moments after victory. >> how will you celebrate your win? >> plus, who julianne hough is begging to compete next season. >> you are so hot, so fun. donald trump stealing a page
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is elton john really set to perform? then -- >> mariah's world. trying to live in it. >> mario has mariah's first interview since her breakup. >> don't look distraught. >> i'm not distraught. >> was she blindsided by nick cannon's baby news? what's the prize? >> oh, dear. >> plus -- the jingle bell from hell. "bad santa's" >> you still hit like your daddy. >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. now photos of the trump family sneaking off for a get away. how they're planning to spend their thanksgiving weekend. also coming up, mario, it's miley the birthday. how her fellow "the voice" coaches surprised her. first, bieber comes to blows
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railroads the stunning confrontation going viral today. a young man reaching into the pop star's car, then getting popped in the mouth. tmz with a-of-the shock individual joe, the violent outburst as justin arrived in barcelona, right before he took the stage performing hits like "then you" and the cheering crowd. the fan putting his hand through an open car window and getting hit in the face by bieber as he's driven the former belieber with a bloody lip re-enactsing the punch. the fan a minor considering filing a lawsuit against the $220 million super star. video justin leaving barcelona under heavy security with a warm extendoff from fans. none of whom he punched. did the stress of kim kardashian's paris robbery lead


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