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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  November 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the giddy giddy turkey gobble: thousands are lacing up -- the goody-goody ey up there shoes. we will let you know about road closures. right now this kitchen is bustling with activity as they prepare to serve hundreds of meals this holiday morning. plus, shopping local. this is a reminder to support small businesses. how your dollars could help grow our local economy. good morning. we want to wish
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here with a look at our weather . >> it is still dark out there early on this thanksgiving. it is comfortable at the lake club in lakewood ridge. good news, something to be thankful for as max defender 8 scans the skies. which is showing you there is no rainfall and that we are not expecting any. 63 tampa a little clear in clearwater. 64 degrees sarasota. it is slightly warmer than th tampa, plant city, branding you are 5 degrees warmer but brandon you are 7 degrees warmer. we increase the humidity level so are starting see some fog develop up into brooksville. it is not going to be widespread but it is out there. during the afternoon partly cloudy at 81 degrees. that is above the average at 76. we will have in our power look at your thanksgiving at 6:08. hundreds of people will
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gobble 5k. it is the perfect morning for it. ryan hughes is live at emily arena. this race kicks off soon you have our permission to participate. >> reporter: i can't wait. participants will hit the road. they begin here in downtown tampa and snakes through the streets of the city. this is the 2nd annual race. you are looking at video from last year's goody-goody turkey gobble 5k. most popular running holiday of the year. the number of runners participate in a 5k has gone up by a percent on thanksgiving over other holidays. it is a good way to burn off those calories likely to be packed on during dinner later in the day. a few moments ago we talked to the race spokeswoman in this is what she had to say. >> everyone who registered gets a finisher medal and then we award first place overall
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male/female for youth as well as individual age categories. this is a look at one of those metals that every single participant of this race will receive. a lot of people are looking forward to it. sign-up is happening right now. race gets underway at 7:00 so there is still time. have been up for hours already not planning on shopping lists but. hearing -- preparing to serve others in the . we're at the location where an annual thanksgiving meal preparation is underway. >> reporter: i talked to one volunteer who says he wakes up at 2 am just to come and be a part of the meal prep. more than 6000 homeless families
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to the donations of resources and time by others in the community. volunteers have been working for days to prepare thanksgiving dinner for those families. this morning is when it all comes together. a thanksgiving meal will be held here in tampa later this morning but a vast majority of the meals prepared will be delivered to partner sites. volunteers have prepared nearly a ton of turkey, 2 tons vegetables, 80 gallons of green beans and more than 1000 pies. >> this is the way to give back, volunteer time, help people. they keep coming every year. >> reporter: the meals will
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right around 9 am. they will be a big feast here at 11 am. it doesn't end today. after today they will start getting ready for christmas season where they will serve many more families. >> again, we have to say thank you to all of volunteers. this morning we're learning more about the murder of an elderly st. petersburg man. johnny moore shot the victim during an argument before taking off in his motor home. eagle 8 hd flew over mlk where authorities spotted the getaway vehicle. the arrest went down in the middle of the street. eagle 8 hd also flew over the murder scene on 40 avenue north in state the -- saint pete. the 2 our friends and living together temporarily. pasco county deputies arrested a woman for a series of bomb threats at local
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and 8 days with the most recent happening tuesday night. we're told she called in the threat from the parking lot. a detective was able to identify and arrest. >> she was sister crying, wouldn't stop crying from an even know. for the duration of my time with her she was saying she didn't know she in trouble for this because she didn't realize how bad it was. >> deputies were ady when the call came in. deputies are looking for the thief who stole a teenagers bike. the victim rode his bicycle to a food mart and left it outside. this guy came along and rode away on it. a frantic search for a missing person after a platform collapses in china. at least 67 people have died.
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could be more buried under all of the rubble. this is the construction site of a power plant cooling tower. first responders believe there is an unknown number of people still trapped under the rubble. still no word on what caused the structure to collapse. for the first time in 54 years, snow fell in the month of november in tokyo. the snow is about 40 days earlier than normal for tokyo. meanwhile, on e up to 20 inches fell on the northern japanese island. an australian man set a world record for the highest basketball shot. >> he launched the ball from the top of the dam. there he goes. he made the shot on his 3rd
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next thanksgiving trying to.>> his friends took the video and posted it on social media. it is a battle on the ice. 4 nfl players took on a hall of famer. it didn't take long before they took out former buffalo bill's player, thomas. he went doesn't matter who won or lost, everyone had a great time. 6:08 this morning on thanksgiving. the sun is still yet to come up but our skies are generally clear.
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into the 70s. 72 at 10, lunchtime 77. will hit 81 degrees at 3 pm. our humidity level is higher, but it is still in the not too bad category. we just put the past 2 days -- . we just pushed -- put that there for the past 2 days. in the last minute or 2 this was just upgraded to a category 2 hurricane with 100 miles-per- hour try 100 miles-per-hour winds . our prayers go out to those that are in the path.
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milestone. >> the macy's thanksgiving day parade is turning 90 this year. some of this floats you will see right here in news channel
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right now last-minute preparations for the start of the 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade are now underway. within 3 million people are expected to line up on the streets of new york. it features 16 giant balloons including the return of charlie brown and including one from the new movie trolls. will also see the decades represented starting with the 2010 ending with the s. news channel 8 turning at 9. another thanksgiving tradition, the national dog show. it airs at noon break your news channel 8. it happens today right after the parade. 2000 of the nation's leaving dogs from over 170 breeze will be competing for top honors at the kennel club of philadelphia . will be best in show this
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tune into news channel 8 and noon to find out. something to keep in line with you are sitting at the table. turkeys are affectionate and curious animals at least that is what this breeder says. she is better known as the tricky was for -- whisperer -- she is known as the turkey whisperer. she now houses over 200 turkeys in a variety of colors companions. >> they sit in your lap. they want to be petted. turkeys make really good nice pet. >> have been looking up to food turkey recipes since we looked at the story. she adds that they are not trusting of you is because they sense they are going to be eaten. lack friday is almost here,
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business owners right here in the tampa bay area this weekend . we introduce you to a local business that is fighting for summer your christmas cash. >> fighting to -- through the clouds may sound funny for some shoppers but many times it is hard to find something unique at those big stores. >> it is not always about the almighty dollar but about keeping culture alive. >> after you have had your black friday fix, the sm head out to forever beautiful. that is online -- wine spa. >> you don't use a lot of products that you would find that a big department store because it may be more reasonable. those issues are still so important to me as an individual that i wanted to make a stand for it and that is what we do in our salon. >> forever beautiful is a part of the holiday shop hop.
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invited to visit local stores. the holiday shop hop includes 14 locally owned businesses where you can pick up everything from vintage close to vincent wine. >> the little -- the differences we are going to allow you to support your local community. >> holiday shoppers are expected to shell out more than $655 billion in year and as much is 117 and as much is 117 billion online. stores hope to get a slice of that cash by giving shoppers something different and experience along with holiday gifts. gill announced the top 20 cities to shop local in in
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going to be eligible to win a local shopping spree. so many unique items have been found. get something different for your loved ones. another comeback victory for the lightning. top of the 3rd peri scored seconds apart. the lightning are now 13?7 and hold 2nd place in the atlanta division. where seconds away from 6:18 . a lot of people are up early getting ready for the big meal. this they look from the famous tate appliance & bedding center . not a lot of people are out early but if you.
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air. it is not leading to rain but although when you look at max defender 8 it is certainly not leading to rainbow causing a little bit of fog. it is not widespread and is not last in any one spot. this morning 64 degrees and quite mile. -- mild. we have warm thanksgiving with a high of 81 been dry. our lawns are quite crunchy. lakeland you are waking up to 63 in tampa. 65 st. pete. 58 northpoint. there is a cold
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it may lead to more widespread fog. it is certainly a warmer morning. here's the 2nd cold front that is going to come through on saturday. there is a 10 percent rain chance there. on sunday the right back up to 81 and tuesday . we do have some turkey trots going on. happy thanksgiving. overall traffic is light but we have couple of things going on that could affect your drive and one of the turkey trot out boulevard will be closed here which kicks off at 6 which kicks off at 630 and last until about -- 6:30 and last until about 9:30 a.m. a.m. how do you get around a? what you can do is take howard avenue and then plat and cleveland will take east and west. we also have another turkey
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actually a lot of other turkey trots in this area. this is the biggest one so i definitely expect them to be opened. there is turkey, sweet potatoes, green turkey and so much more. >> we take a look at how much the average american eats on
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we have live look on this thanksgiving morning over the river. we're so thankf we have weather and traffic coming up in just a few minutes. closed captioning is brought to you by: famous tate
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. you can see volunteers living up that cecil duncan park. the food prepared here is going to serve the homeless community not just here in tampa but throughout the bay area. more than 4000 meals will be delivered to partner sites and nose and pasco county. the metropolitan ministries kitchen staff will begin preparing much earlier this week. here is why. they need to prepare here
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tons of turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, 80 gallons of gravy and 1000 of those delicious pies. many woman will enjoy their dinner here on the main campus. the rest of the meals will be boxed up and delivered to the partner sites. we talked to one volunteer who has been here for the past 8 years. >> i don't even have to set my alarm for thursday morning for thanksgiving. i get up and go >> volunteers waking up at 2:00 this morning so that he can be here. we're expecting about 60 volunteers to be a part of this today and they will be serving a lot of very thankful people. >> i saw a lot of youth volunteers and that is wonderful. the streets of tampa will be packs -- packed as the
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winds uses live -- ryan hughes is live . they are the more ambitious among us. >> most of us will sit around the dentist -- dinner table on this holiday and splurge on some really good food . these folks are determined to get out and get in some activity. around 3000 people are expected. you can see a flurry of activity . this thing kicks off at 7:00 this morning. this is the 2nd annual race. you are looking at last year's turkey gobble. 2000 runners took to the streets of downtown tampa. the race starts at the arena and takes runners over the bridge and then down bayshore boulevard them back here to the arena. it is a good time to burn off those calories that will be passed on later today. we spoke to a spokeswoman and here's what she had to say. >> very impressed with the
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turkey gobble. we had about 2000 runners and we are well above that right around 3000. we are excited about those numbers. the good news in all of this, proceeds in the race will go to local ymca to help people diagnosed with cancer. this is the finisher. everyone that races will walk away with one of these. it is this thanksgiving day. in a developing story: 2 deputy shot and killed a man they claimed had a death wish. this happened last night. the deputies were responding to a call for help from the man's girlfriend. she said her boyfriend was drunk and violent. deputies ordered the man to drop the knife but he didn't comply and they shot him. neighbors are not surprised. >> you don't come after police officer armed, i don't care how
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a 6 child has died after the deadly bus crash. this comes after result of the toxicology have been released. there were no drugs or alcohol in his system. investigators have determined he was speeding and driving the bus on a route that was not approved for transporting children. in detroit university officer shot in the head has passed away. 29-year-old college was on patrol investigating when he was shot. police say they had taken a suspect into custody but have not filed charges. he was a 5 year veteran of the force. he leaves behind a fiancie. this morning 3 fisherman are extra thankful after they were rescued from a sinking boat . the boat started taking on
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they jumped into a life raft. a crew from the coast guard air station in clearwater was able to find them and bring them to safety. the men were a little bit cold but otherwise okay. that is great news for them. donald trump is calling for national unity in his thanksgiving message. the two-minute video he talks about the hurt feelings caused by the election. >> it is my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as and very common result. spent donald trump is spending the thanksgiving holiday with his family in palm beach. you will take a break for family time but his team is working to pick new cabinet post. one position he doesn't have to fill his education secretary. heap picked betsy devos to head
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hillary clinton's lead in the popular vote is growing now nearing 2 million votes. the growing count will do nothing to change the outcome of the election since donald trump won the electoral college, however some supporters believe it shows that she needs to challenge the results and call for a recount. this is president barack obama's last thanksgiving in the white house. while he will enjoy a things giving dinner he took some time out to get back. last night they served di they served up the food at the armed forces retirement home in washington dc. thousands of troops are celebrating away from home. we are so thankful for them. in south korea soldiers at the us brigade had a traditional holiday meal. for all of us troops we want to thank you today and every day for your service. time now 6:38 and leigh is here with the forecast to be
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>> it is a beautiful start to this thanksgiving. we have a few high clouds which is making for colorful sunrise here at 6:38. lakeland automall, 62 degrees. the sun will come up we go to 64 degrees at around 8 am. i do think we will see passing clouds. i do not expect passing rain. 77 and a warm lunchtime. in the afternoon we will be around 80 degrees. just a few clouds because the humidity is slightly higher think goodness -- thank goss humid category. 81 today and 80 tomorrow. do get a little bit of a dip in temperatures sunday at 76 before going right back up into the low 80s as we head and tuesday. hurricane otto nor hurricane 2 hurricane is about to make landfall. will pass over central america head into the
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check the clintons are getting ready for family feast and here is proof. hillary clinton was caught on camera shopping for thanksgiving dinner with bill, chelsea and her grandson. they chatted with fans and even snapped a few pictures. it looks like they are ready for a great day today p expect it looks like you had company shopping. thanksgiving isn't just about food and family it is about cashing in on the holiday deals. planning to head to the stores. plus a thanksgiving meal for a good cause. how one catering company is
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on black friday, get the best deal anywhere at the golden diamond store. this morning it's pretty quiet on the streets. stores and businesses are
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workers spend time with families. this evening, several stores will open to get a jump start on black friday shopping. toys are russ and macy's will open doors tonight. the west field malls in citrus park and country side are opening their doors at 6:00 p.m. the outlet malls open at 6:00. for a full list of stores open this thanksgiving, head to and you would find deals and steals. black friday shopping can have huge crowds cashing in on special prizing and door busters. and this morning, we see when shoppers plan to hit the stores. >> reporter: great information if you want to be strategic. 23% expect to hit the stores earlier than 5:00 today. that's a lot of people. around 6:00 you will see a huge chunk of people hitting the
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big day. when do people expect to go to the stores tomorrow? 33% of them expecting to hit the stores between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m., pretty early, 12% at midnight and the next largest%, 22%, 10:00 a.m. or later, that's my crowd sleeping in. this is not about a couple of shopping days, but a set of shopping options you have over the weekend, 47% of people are expected to shop on thanksgiving, today, and 65% expected to tomorrow. this was surprising to me. only 57% of people expected to take advantage of cyber monday. it's convenient. it's getting out there with the big crowds. >> absolutely. but i do it online. this morning some are camped out for a chance to be first in line for the black friday deals.
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the best buy in tampa bay, chris leigh is one of those, been there for almost 36 hours, probably more than that, hoping to cash in on a 49 inch tv for $149. >> it's not just a deal. my ex-girlfriend broke my tv so i need a new one and it was last me for six about years or more. >> i want to hear the story about why the girlfriend broke the tv. they after the parade families gather to share a thanksgiving meal and for some it's a meal made by special cooks. this morning we go behind the scenes of good to go catering. >> reporter: this you are serving up a big family. they are serving up 600 pounds of turkey this thanksgiving. >> i pull it out at 120 so it will continue to cook in the
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good to go helps women in work release programs get experience to finds job and builds life skills with adults with disabilities. the community is embracing it. these are pictures from the spine institute where just lack week they served up hundreds of meals. lsi is one of the many corporate partners that want to help. >> you are seeing a lot of support. >> yes. we have a lot meals for a lot of different corporations, up to 450, 700, so the numbers grow every day. >> reporter: the catering service runs year around and overseen by professional chefs. the quality is high and the cost is low, $10 a person for thanksgiving meals with all the
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cranberry sauce, homemade by lisa, rolls and mash potatoes. >> reporter: they are grateful for good to go and the people who work here are thankful just for the opportunity to feed tampa bay. >> other major corporate partners that order meals from good to go or pinellas county schools and wells fargo but individuals can order at the good will, open to the public, and the i have sampled this meal before and it's just down-home, good old-fashioned cooking. for $10 a person, you can't go by all that stuff and do it for that kind of deal. >> like you said, get your time back. 6:48, and a time for a look at our weather. >> let me show you something to be thankful for, a pretty sky, the camera in tampa bay, 60 degrees, comfortable, and the
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a lot of color in the sky. we're auto 61 here, taking you on a tour here, the plantation on crystal river, always beautiful, 52 degrees, the hula bay restaurant in the tampa bay, 64 degrees. anywhere you go this morning, it's beautiful. like fog in the winter haven area but not widespread but i wanted to let you know it was out there. mild and 64 degrees at 8:00 a.m., a fast rm at 3:00 for a toasty thanksgiving. it's 55 in brandon, a cooler spot. most of us are closer to 60. 63 in tampa bay. 64 in sarasota. the cold air is out west. there's a storm system we've been tracking, bringing some snowfall up across the upper midwest and may even bring cold rain to the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we'll watch that. things are quiet. the cold front will stay to our north and that's why it's so
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mild again tomorrow. a weak cold front comes through saturday and not much rain, not that much cooler on sunday, warming trend heading into next week and then look a stronger cold front finally brings us a rain chance on wednesday, a 30% chance. a sarasota county deputy became a world champion weight lifter. >> that's not the correction deputy in florida and he's lived quite a life. >> reporter: this lieutenant will admit he's no spring chicken, 81 years old but don't mess with him. he was just crowned world champion in his age group at the world bench press and dead lift championships, holding multiple world records and juggling his job at the jail. >> fitness is part of my life.
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that do this. >> reporter: he was born and raised in germany. after world war ii he came to the u.s. and joined the circus. they formed a team, the young brothers, and they performed daring balancing act all over the world. wanting a stable future, he retired from the show circuit and became a deputy. he's the oldest deputy in the state of florida. >> as long physical test, i'll stay working. >> reporter: newschannel 8. >> he's young at heart, for sure. >> wow, an inspiration. >> yes. a boy is spreading the spirit of giving. >> donating all of his birthday presence to children in need. meet ethan, dropping off his presence for the cops for kids toy drive. he says, he has plenty of toys
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they gave ethan something special, his own badge. >> this makes you an official police officer. >> we do mission trips as well. he sees a lot of kids in poverty and he feels for that and wants to make they were lives better. >> the mother is doing a great job raising him. ethan admits it was hard to give up some of those toys but if you want to follow his example, the department is accepting toys through december 15th. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> including a look at how many people are up and out this morning, not shopping but running. we'll take you to a kitchen where the cooks are getting ready to feeds thousands today. it's 6:52 and you are watching
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go...
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i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. ? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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runs across the area. >> the goody goody turkey run is taking place. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. happy thanksgiving. certainly a flurry of activity as this race is about to kick off 7:00 sharp. we're told last year this 5 k brought 2,000 people or so to downtown tampa who participated. 2800 signed up before toda signed up today, so we're looking at 3,000 participants. the race starts here at the emily arena and goes over the plat street bridge, and it's a good cause. live downtown, i'm ryan hughes, newschannel 8. at metropolitan in tampa
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prepare hot meals for thousands of homeless families here in tampa bay. 6,000 men and women and children will have a hot meal today thanks to the folks and actually most of those meals will be delivered to different counties and the meals roll out at 9:00 a.m. the feast here grips at 11:00 happy holidays! >> looks delicious. final preparations underway for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the balloons are inflated and crowds are arriving to watch more than 3 million people who are expected to line the parade route and 50 million will watch it on tv. a beautiful sunrise here, 59 degrees, brandon, 59, mostly
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it's a warmer morning, 64 degrees at 8:00 a.m., getting up to 77 degrees at noon and 81 at 3:00 p.m., a toasty thanksgiving and warm on black friday, just slightly cooler for sunday but we're back up into the 80s early next week. really, it's hard to complaint about this weather. i know it's warmer than average but it's perfect if you're doing anything outside. >> no complaints here. a lot of my family up in new york and i'm take tampa. >> joining us. >> yes. have a great thanksgiving feast.
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good morning. unprecedented. security stepped up across new york city with the 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade about to get under way. a record 3,000 polof at the ready as 3 million people gather for the festivities. we'll talk to the nypd's new police commissioner -- live. > up to speed? donald trump's holiday message. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country. >> as officials reveal he's turned down several intelligence briefings since winning the white house. this as trump picks a second


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