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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  November 25, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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. right now on news channel 8 today. >> sad news this morning remembering florence henderson the mom passed away overnight. a lookk up. >> black friday shopping thousands of people will pack up bay area malls looking for deals, how this could impact traffic in some areas, and some of today's hot deals next in a live report. plus 8 is on your side with a toy suggestion that could prepare your little ones for a science career. >> i like that. good morning and welcome to new8 today. . >> happy black friday. time now is 5:00 and leigh is here with a
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christmas scarf or anything holiday in fact, short sleeves are in order. nearly 70 degrees in tampa right now. even warmer than yesterday. brooksville at 55. lakeland and 68 in sarasota. even warmer than yesterday morning by 7 degrees in tampa and in brandon. so you'll notice that. and with that there's also a touch more humidity. so i've been paying attention to the fog map seeing a little bit of haze up in the brooksville area right now. we'lrm is above the average of 76. and at 5:08 i'll take you specifically hour by hour through your black friday no matter what time you're going outside and we'll get you out the door. still in the holiday spirit because we didn't plan this but you're in red and green i'm in red, . >> we're thinking about the holidays. >> we are. >> just short sleeves. >> all right. let's take you outside and also our maps feeling spirited because they are in the green.
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so let's hit the outlet malls, shall we tampa premium outlet's there just to the west of 75 no problems there this morning and as you make your way down to ellington very quiet. we'll let you know if that changes. we'll send it back over to you. breaking news overnight tv actress florence henderson has passed away at the age of 82. her age passed away thursday night from heart failure at a southern california hospital. she was surrounded by her loved ones. she's best known for her role as carol brady the mother on the hit show the brady bunch. in her later years she made guest experiences on king of queens, and 30 rock. she had a huge career on broadway. a dynamic talent and certainly will be missed. well, by now you've all had your fill of turkey.
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celebration from the millions visiting new york to our troops visiting overseas. we have you covered on all of thursday's activities. >> reporter: 3.5 million packed the streets to take part in a new york city parade that's really become an american tradition. security was at an all-time high this holiday. from eyes in the sky to k-9s on the ground but it was all just good fun for these little ones. >> did you come here just for >> it's incredible. >> reporter: performers from all over. >> thank you. >> reporter: spectators straining to catch a glimpse of their favorite balloon and some new faces from trolls along with a come back for felix the cat. >> wanted to see something new and experience new york on thanksgiving. >> reporter: for this little
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lorrie hernandez. in southern california some celebrated their first thanksgiving volunteers delivering meals to refugees. >> it means a lot that we're delivering to them here. it's kind of like the true meaning of thanksgiving. . >> reporter: charity turkey trots from maryland to california for those hoping to burn calories. our troops overseas sending a message of their own. >> my family members a happy thanksgiving and happy holidays. >> reporter: a surprise call from their commander-in-chief who had this message. >> thanksgiving reminds us that no matter our differences we're still one people, part of something bigger than ourselves. . >> reporter: no better reminder than millions coming together to catch a glimpse of saint nick.
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local stores, malls outlet's will soon be open and offering many discounts to shoppers. >> ryan hughes is live at west shore plaza in tampa. what's going on out there right now? . >> well this plaza actually closed at 1 a.m., it's set to reopen this morning at 6:00. so roughly one hour from now. you can see right now the parking lot isn't busy but there have been a few people that are showing up at this point ready to get their hands on some bargains here at west shore plaza in tampa friday last year shoppers packed bay area stores everything from target to walmart, local malls and outlet's and hundreds if not thousands waited for good deals like $299 tvs or cheap bicycles for the kids and that's certainly expected to be the case all over the bay area today as people make their way from their homes to these local malls and outlet's to get all of these bargains. here at west shore
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only set to reopen at 6:00 this morning. many people expected here throughout the day and certainly throughout the weekend as there are roughly what 30 days until christmas? back to you. >> who's counting. a lot starting last night and continuing today. well, many cross items off their lists activists are calling for a shopping boycott in chicago. it is being organized by a group called the chicago alliance against racist and political refusal to establish an elected civilian police accountability council in wake of the city's growing violence. thousands of volunteers served thanksgiving meals to less fortunate family among them mike alstat. you can see him with his wife cooking thanksgiving dinner for parents and children. and as you can imagine cooking was the last
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. >> that's what thanksgiving is all about, but again, you know, praying for each other and being together. >> such a great family. by the way ten month old marissa is doing fantastic the little baby that you see here. she'll continue to stay with her parents, she's one of the many children that we had a chance to meet yesterday and hopefully she'll be at great stay at the ronald mcdonald house. congressman elect charlie krist was among many helping to feed those less fortunate. this is him serving up food. volunteers fed close to 50 families. well, this morning another holiday a division the arrival of the official white house christmas tree. the first lady
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it's a 19-foot douglas fur. members of the national christmas tree association had presented the tree for display since 1966. look at here. it's 5:08 on the dot and here'sh with our weather. doesn't quite feel like the holidays a warm day for thanksgiving and now you're out shopping for all the holidays and still going to be on the warm side. let me take you each hour through the. 8 a.m. we're going to warm up quickly to 73 at 10, 78 at noon and 81 at 3 p.m. it will feel a lot like it did yesterday and thankfully i'm keeping it dry again. there is a cold front on the map. you see it back to our west. it's not going to have a huge impact on us. it's going to come through tomorrow with not much rain and really not much cooler air. so we're going to be back in the low 80s already again by monday, tuesday and wednesday. but wednesday we start tracking
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chance finally some rain late wednesday and through the day on thursday. by the way, we talked a little bit about hurricane otto making land fall yesterday. it has now crossed over central america, it's a tropical storm still and will continue to move into and west away from the central america in the pacific ocean but look it's going to remain a tropical storm for many days. we check in now with traffic on t that right now it's very quiet. if you're getting an early start not a whole lot to slow you down whether you're traveling between the tampa area through polk county through orlando i-4 is in the green indicating no delays in a lot of cases at our above the speed limit. looks great along 75, 275 out of pasco all the way in through downtown no problems with the veterans expressway and we'll wrap up
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campbell and howard frankland all under a 10-minute trip right now. jfrnlts rowling is granting a special wish this holiday season. see how she's changing the lifea little girl. >> plus 8 is on your side with a hot tie inspiring little
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across america families in tennessee continue to mourn 6 children killed in a school bus crash on monday. nash the mother of one of those children visited the crash site on thursday. her brother says despit . >> she lost a child. thank god that my nephew he's going to be all right. made it out of icu okay. >> he is referring to an 8-year old who was one of dozens hurt. the bus driver walker was arrested an charged with vehicular homicide reckless endangerment and reckless
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hospital this morning with possible life-threatening injury after battling this huge fire in iowa. it started thursday morning in central city. it crushes oil filters and recovers waste oil in order to recycle it. it's burning off sending smoke into the air. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. such a great story after an accidental text 2 virtual strangers in arizona, a grandma an a thanksgiving dinner together earlier this month the grandma somehow added him to a text message thread inviting their family to dinner. they figured out it was a mix-up and her invitation remained the story went viral and spread far enough to get stove top's attention. the company tweet it was giving the pair a year's supply of stuffing for their party >> very cool. >> are.
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laboratories of our little scientists. >> there are a bunch of toys on the market to encourage children. what's popular this year? >> well, as you probably know stem toys are all about interactive play and i found out what the best buys are and here's the good news: none of them will break your budget. this christmas robots rule they give children of with robotics technology, the 4 m. tin can robot on amazon's top stem toys list for kids 8 and up is 13 bucks. you can get kids started programming early the $60 fisher price codeapillar is a programmable toy for kids as young as 3, and the $50 make
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connects your computer to anything conductive. >> you can create a banana piano, a game controller. >> building sets combine engineering technology math and art. also on amazon's top toys list connects swing ride set for kids 8 and up is $30. sets for younger kids boost fine motor skills and problem solving. construct engineer, explore, experiment, also on amazon as list scientific explorer, it's for children ages 6 and up and $10. microscopes are a great idea. this one connects to a tv for big screen exploration. it's a bigger investment at $130. . >> it's a great toy and it will
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>> all right. a few additional tips read product reviews, learn how to use the toys yourself and if you're overwhelmed visit a sign center for a quick refresher. >> what was that last one? >> a microscope but you can connect it to your tv like you would your laptop or whatever so you can actually see on a big screen what you're looking at. >> very cool. >> very neat. >> i like that. >> stem careers are the future fo >> why not get them started early? well happening today it is the first day of the buy a tree change a life campaign. the plant city church of god is once again selling trees to help children in need. last year tree sales help raised more than $26,000 the sale gets underway at 10 a.m. well for those in the plumbing industry today isn't black friday it's brown friday and here's why, it's not what you think. it's the busiest day
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every year the day after thanksgiving they see a huge uptick in calls to unclogs sinks, and sewers. here's some advice to make sure your pipes stay clear. don't power fats or cooking oils down the drain make sure disposal is running when you feed food scraps down it, and don't flush cotton balls or wet wipes down toilets. did you really say >> do you have a brown friday forecast? some of those do sound like of course you don't put fats down the drain but you've got it on the plate i can see where it might happen i could see where you would clog your drain, clogging your toilets that's your own problem. max defender 8 is scanning skies this morning. it's been one of dry east novembers ever and even though we have an uptick in the amount moisture in the air not a lot of fog.
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i expected to see more. 65 degrees at 8 a.m., feels warm by noon around 77, and above average we're all above average today. 81 degrees around 3 p.m. it's 63 in planted city, 64 in clearwater, 54 in inverness, and i checked in with my weather watcher bob in venice he's up early this morning at 64 degrees. so yeah i'm watching for fog i'm just not seeing it maybe a little closer to sunrise. that's really good news not as widespread as were originally thinking. partly cloudy warm again. here's this cold front. it's going to get closer to us overnight so increasing the humidity which may mean we're able to squeak out one or 2 light sprinkles. 81 today and 79 tomorrow less humid on sunday though at 77. all right. let's check in on traffic. >> very quiet on this black friday a lot of folks do have the day off and if there is any
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the malls, you can see in the green along 75 through the brandon riverview area, 275 looks great. the veterans expressway no construction for this holiday period so -- rather the veterans expressway looks great. we're not going to see the snarrels. of course that's why i'm here to reassure you have that. makesu you head out. the bridges less than 10 minutes travel time and we will wrap up here with u.s. 19 all the way through safety harbor as you make your way down into the st. petersburg area it's also in the green. we are accident free. back to you. . >> all right. thank you so much. well, a young girl in syria is getting a lot of attention this morning. she uploaded this video of her walking around the
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caught the attention of harry potter author j.k. rowling. the 7-year old was featured in a video uploaded on tuesday showing her again walking around the bombed out ruins in her home city. . >> i am sad it's so bad. >> that is the little girl. she put the video on her twitter page along with stills of her life in the devastated city. >> the child also tweeted harry potter author j.k. rowling telling her that she enjoyed one of the films and asked if she could get a book. on wednesday she uploaded a thank you picture saying she had received the e books from rowling. her mother who runs her daughter's twitter page confirmed that she had received all the harry potter books and would start reading them immediately. it's amazing how this one
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around you can hear bombs exploding in the background it really drives home the message one child saying make this stop. >> right. >> like you said we take so much nor granted. well, today you'll be crossing off presents on your christmas list. >> still ahead 8 is on your side with safety advice when
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tips how to pick out safe gifts for the little ones in your life. health experts recommended avoiding toys with small pieces or long cords. also check that there are no broken or loose parts, chipped paint or sharp edges on any items, appeared choose crayons. and be sure all t appropriate. if electronics are on your list keep an eye on the batteries. remotes, watches jewelry or deck core races should be kept away from other children. weather and traffic on the
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today, 79 tomorrow, our coolest day is sunday at 77. how's traffic? >> a beautiful forecast and drive, bay area bridges very quiet and if you're traveling across i-4 or i-75, they look good as well.
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. right now on news channel 8 today. >> well the turkey is eaten, the football games are over, and now yep, it is time to many already in stores this morning. we're finding out the best deals people found overnight. >> and you may have seen this video, that's thanksgiving holiday traffic in los angeles. but for us here in the bay area when is the best time for you hit the road? today, tomorrow. we'll tell you what the expertsd breaking overnight brady bunch mom florence henderson has passed away. we'll have a look


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