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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  November 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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what's the best way to get two servings of veggies? v8 or a fancy juice store? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. tonight, celebration and sadness. fidel castro's death is triggering revelry and reflection as many wonder what's the future of america's relationship with cuba. fidel castro died last night. he was 90 years old. for years, hi had been out of -- he had been out of the public eye. his brother made that announcement
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television. for -- on television. for some, there is sadness. cuba declared nine days of mourning >> castro's rise to power in 1959 tore families apart. millions fled the island nation as the communist dictator seized property, silence the press and jailed dissidents. cuban exiles are celebrating in the streets of we are live in miami. what's the over all tone where you are? reporter: well >>its electric is what i can tell you. people celebrating what they're calling a joyous occasion. the street where i'm at, southwest eight th street is the buzz and hub of activity as we show you a good look. right under that cuban flag you see is the famed coffee window where day
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today, the talk has been about nothing other than the death of fidel castro. people from all walks of life coming out here to be in community. >> they died there and couldn't see the happiness that i'm experiencing says enrique. he left cuba in 1999 and never saw his parents again. its who start their story here in the u.s. like this grandfather bringing his granddaughter to witness a historic event. they're just some of the many celebrating fidel castro's death in the town square of cuban miami where old and young gather including this fidel castro look alike with one purpose. >> celebrating a new cuba.
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that is going to be democracy. reporter: local leaders warn castro's death may not be the key event many thought it would be. >> unfortunately, you still have raul, the regime still lives on. we're hoping we can see the end of the regime sooner rather than later. reporter: and back here live in miami. you're looking at a teaser from the miami herald. the t edition, pretty descriptive, the headline, castro dead. what happened it was saturday edition had already gone to print when news of the death made it to miami. now, of course, everybody waiting for the sunday edition. sure to be a collectors item here. >> do you get the sense that this celebration is going to be going on for several days? reporter: absolutely. you can see this crowd continues to grow. we have been here since about midnight when the
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sure, it flows, it thins out but you can see these people have plenty of energy. they've been waiting a long time for this moment. >> thank you very much. now, with one of the largest cuban american populations in the united states, you can imagine there is a lot of reaction across the bay area. at the airport there, direct flights to and from cuba. reporter: it seems like a number of passengers we spoke with returning from cuba this morning had mixed emotions. since tampa international began charter to cuba, more than 300 people have traveled to the island nation. on saturday morning, two flights arrived from cuba.
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kisses, and conversation. what will the future hold for cuba now that fidel castro has passed. patty rodrigez was there when news broke. >> it was very emotional. we didn't -- i mean, its like, i don't know how to say it. like we were is there when this happened, its really nice. reporter: reaction to castro's death seem >> they're like happy. [inaudible] he was a bad man. reporter: younger cubans like michael don't recall what life was like back then. >> my family, i saw it on the news, i was like surprised. i was like woe, he died and people were like, some people were like shocked.
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majority of cuban americans now have hope that life will improve in their homeland. >> all right, thank you. president barack obama says the united states is extending quote a hasn't of friend ship to the cue -- hand of friend ship to the cuban people. he said quote, we know this moment fills cubans in cuba and in the united states with powerful emotions. he also acknowledged administration's efforts to renew diplomatic ties with the nation. president-elect donald trump initially reacted with just four words in a tweet. he then had a longer statement. we're monitoring the developing situation in miami and cuba tonight. we'll bring you updates as they happen on air and
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their final respects today to the last of the original tuskegee airmen. mr. willie rogers died at the age of 101. he was a master sergeant in the tuskegee airmen, the first african-american air squadron. his family walked from his home to >> he served his country as a tuskegee airman and continued to be a vibrant part, a father, and a husband in this community. reporter: rogers received the congressional gold medal in 2014. one person is dead, another critically injured after a shooting in a mall in broward county. this happened in coral square
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police confirm a jewelry store owner shot an employee and then turned the gun on himself. the owner died at the scene, the employee is in the hospital. >> grief and relief, cubans in the bay area weigh in on the passing of fidel castro. >> plus, what does the future hold for cuban/american relations? >> drier air filtering into the tampa this evening sets us imfor acologier night tonight. -- a cooler night
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. the death of fidel castro amplifies questions about the future of president barack obama's efforts to restore relations with cuba as both countries under go
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i talked to him via skype about castro's death and what that means for relations. >> what were your initial thoughts when you heard fidel castro passed away? >> well, its 56 years too late with all the damage and destruction that he generated and created but it's well received news. >> what does the future hold now for cuba in your opinion? >> there's an opportunity for change, but i'm not that optimist we kind of bailed them out a year and a half ago. i don't think it was a prudent course of action to follow, surely before an election. i think the recent continued opening also did not promote change and i don't necessarily believe or accept that donald trump is going to keep his promise related to cuba. >> do you see, you know, speaking of donald trump, what do you expect is going to
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next, you know, 90 days as he begins his transition into office with respect to cuba? >> first, you have to look at the cuban side. raul now can try to consolidate his power. i don't think he's strong enough to hold it. until the last breath of fidel castro, everyone was in fear and he could have made dramatic changes up to that moment. i think that now, what happens is, we're going to have to judge pandering to the cubans or trying to send a message that there had to be change in exchange for concessions. reporter: looking ahead to the coming weeks, we have the first commercial flight to cuba, your thoughts on that? >> its not going to change what i said to the person i strongly supported throughout his presidency and that was president barack obama.
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it awakened the dead of the [inaudible] i think likewise, any additional funding to cuba at this point in time, any discussions of opening up and continuing that path is going to create more problems. in other words, again, the money going in is not filtering to the cuban people and it is filtering to the agencies that will control the disdense and the members of do that, the more we are hurting our cause. >> coming up, we have a look at the weekend forecast. also, what you need to know about a new bug that's being passed around that
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in tampa bay to castro's death. several people said they are hopeful the former dictators demise will lead to warmer relations between the united states and cuba. reporter: they celebrated castro's death in miami. some in tampa wondered about havana. >> they may be celebrating there too. >> it should be better for the country and for us, and a better relationship going and people won't be so scared down there. reporter: some are not sure into which category castro fits, visionary revolutionary or brutal dictator. >> it has been too long for the cuban community and the united states to try to approach, so that's more better
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approach and not be fighting. >> the relations started to improve but i hope it improves more so. reporter: there is a rich and long history between cuba and tampa bay. many of the people who worked in cigar factories are buried here. to alberto, the death may delay a trip he's planning. >> my mother was looking for i can go see where my dad was raised and my grandfather had his barbershop. reporter: alberto doesn't plan on going anywhere before he determines if such a trip is safe or not. a consumer alert for you. did you get a video on your iphone you're not sure where it came from. you want to be careful opening it. there's a five second video that's being
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together and require you to reset the phone. doesn't seem to be grabbing any data and the only result seems to be the inconvenience of having to reset that phone. . you may not have noticed but we had a weak cold front pass through the little activity with it. this is a time lapse from lakewood ranch. we had a beautiful sunset. hope sent this in. she said tonight's sunset in my backyard and some of the clouds this evening beautifully lit up there's a cold front dropping south of us. a good deal of
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southern spots, have cleared just a little bit but you notice this red shading to our north. that's drier air that will filter in tonight behind that front and we'll notice it in the start of the day tomorrow. that drier air allows temperatures to cool off a bit. cooler than the last few nights at least. this is say live look at max defender 8 where we tracked no rain fall with today's front. we really could use some. there's your dry air skies clear on out as that dry air arrives. tomorrow morning, a bright start with cooler temperatures and then heading into the afternoon, a few extra clouds around. our rpm forecast model hinting at the potential for a few showers towards the east coast but we expect to stay dry across the tampa bay area. fantastic tailgate weather for the bucs game tomorrow. a little breezy but you'll have
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very comfortable temperatures if you're heading towards raymond james. we've got the winter festival on going. a beautiful evening in tampa. 71 degrees. that dew point down to 51 degrees. falling as that dry air arrives. 64 in clearwater and it's 71 in st. pete. through the overnight hours, temperatures drop through the 60s to the upper 50s. across northern spots. high temperatures close to 80- degrees and back up into the low 80s for both monday and tuesday. there's your dry air rolling in over the next 24 hours. then we'll start to see an increase in atmospheric moisture in front of our next cold front. that gets here by thursday bringing with it rain chances. best rain chance will be on thursday as that front arrives and then you notice we could really use that rain fall.
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better than an inch and a quarter. we actually haven't recorded rain fall just one time in the last six weeks at tampa international. there's not a lot of rain chances. if we can squeeze some in on wednesday, that would help otherwise we're looking at the second driest november on record for tampa. >> i believe it. thank you. >> coming up in sports, the michigan/ohio state rivalry gives us a finish to remember. also today, the on quite the show
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ucf for the first ten win season in history and then root for east carolina against temple because if the pirates beat the owls, the bulls will play in the american conference title game. marlin mack's bull's trailing early but just hand it to mack. he waits for the whole and look at him, he's gone. how many s this? next possession for ucf, a disaster. brown is there for the scoop. how about a touchdown. 14-7, bulls on top. second quarter, 17-7 usf, mack waits for the whole again. horrible tackling by the knights. fifty-six yards on this touchdown. almost fumbles it a couple of times. 24-7 but here come the knights.
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and he unloaded to smith. what a catch. 72 yards as smith splits the defenders. now its a ten-point game. third quarter, defense has to respect mack here waiting for the pass only it's not a pass. flowers on the keeper. mack's going to block for him down the field. 62 yards on this touchdown, 31- 14, usf pulling away but the knights back to within a touchdown. 48-31, usf wins. let's check scores, miami has gone to the fourth quarter. big time over duke, 33-14. fiu trailing old dominion. we have a bunch of games today. middle tennessee is leading florida atlantic in the first quarter and bethune falls to
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state and michigan. no. 2 versus no. 3. buckeye's kicker had two misses during the game. michigan needs a touchdown to extend it, it's 24-all. the wolverines kick can a field goal in the second ot but the buckeyes, no tieing in. ohio state 30-27. now fallout coming tuesday. the college football playoff rankings. ohio state rooting, penn state is playing now. if penn state wins, they go to the big ten championship game, ohio state does not. ohio state says we'll take a playoff spot. >> thank you. >> we'll take a break and be
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. drier air filtering in siltsets us up for a cooler night tonight.
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sunday looks great for football. >> hopefully a win will look good. >> it would be a big one. >> thanks for joining us. we'll you back here at 8:00 and then again at 11:00. on this saturday night. death of fidel castro. the passing of a dictator whose half century rule over cuba brought the world to the brink of nuclear war and forced generations of shores. the eruption of joy by cuban-americans and the starkly different reaction to the president and the president-elect. severe weather could mean a treacherous trip for those heading home after the long holiday weekend. and the digital front line. how google joined the fight against isis using their latest technology as a weapon.


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