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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  November 27, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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>> tracking breaking news happening right now. one man dead and 9 others injured after shooting in new orleans french quarter. plus, the death of fidel castro. ongoing celebration in miami, a big contrast to this candlelight vigils in havana --
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check of your sunday morning forecast. >> we're just about a few minutes away from sunrise. within the next 2 minutes or so we should see the sun make an appearance on the horizon. it is a little bit cool, certainly cooler than yesterday. 53 degrees is where we stand right now. we have little bit of a breeze coming in out of the northeast this morning. those winds will generally stay out of the northeast . lots of dry air, max defender 8 showing palm harbor and 60 clearwater beach. 49 crystal river. temperatures very chilly as you go to the north. the numbers will climb to 79 this afternoon. it will be similar in terms of the temperature but humidity will be lower. those temperatures are likely going to warm up as we go into earlier this week. we will also
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will take you through the 2 forecast in just a few minutes from now. >> we're tracking breaking news this morning. one man dead and 9 others injured after shooting in the french quarters . the shooting happened around 130 this morning. at this hour still not clear what motivated the shooting. we can tell you 2 men were arrested on firearms charges. right now flags at half staff in havana and no shift the us posture toward cuba. more than 2 years ago we were stored diplomatic relations. the president has taken numerous steps to lift the trade embargo but only congress has the authority to do that. a little more than 24 hours since the announcement of his death in this morning exiles continue to celebrate in the streets of miami. gene ramirez has been in little havana since the news first broke in joins
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>> good morning from miami little havana neighborhood for more than 24 hours since miami cuban community learned of his death. crowds continue together outside of this famed cuban restaurant in the heart of miami's cuban community. at first glance you see these are people who are smiling, having a good time celebrating but when you scratch the surface you see emotions run way deep. >> she has been this moment in history with her sisters and niece but there is someone missing. >> my mom died 2 years ago and she was not able to see this. the first thing was did -- we did was go to the cemetery and put her a cuban and american flag . >> how special with this have been for her? >> oh my god, i am sure she is celebrating.>> reporter: hundreds if not thousands
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david the focus is not on celebrity appearances for rather his grandfather. >> he actually passed away couple months ago. healy said he would of loved to have seen this day. i feel like i'm representing my family and him by being here. >> the multitude of miami cubans hopeful that the death of castro will lead to a change in cuba but they are living this so many from their past. >> he has so much damage to the families, to the whole world that this is a way -- we have to celebrate his death . >> now that some more time has passed the community starting to think a little bit more about what this means for the cuban community both here and in cuba. we will explore that a little bit more this morning. >> reaction to fidel castro's
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remember the dictator in his heyday. they are rejoicing feeling a new era is about to begin. >> it was really emotional. i don't even know how to say it, we were there when this happen -- it is really nice. >> tampa has one of the largest cuban populations in the us. they hope his death will mean better relations. >> it cuban community to try to approach it to. it is more better to have an approach than to fight for nothing. >> the tampa mayor issued a statement of hope on their the half. >> they have never strayed
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enjoy the benefits of a free and democratic society. very different responses to his death from the president and the president-elect. in a statement president obama extended a hand of friendship to cuba avoiding any mention of castro's human rights abuses. >> initially president-elect trump tweeted fidel castro is dead followed by a statement later in the day recalling a brutal dictator with a legacy of firing squads, theft, and rubio weighed in on twitter saying, the president issued a pathetic statement on the death of dictator fidel castro with no mention of thousands he killed and in prison. >> of course we continue to track the death of fidel castro as it continues to unfold in miami and cuba. we will bring you updates as they happen right here on air and online. >> this morning tampa police need your help finding a
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before 9 friday night in the 8800 block of 14th street north . according to a tpd report, he may be armed and may be a danger to himself. if you see him you are urged to not to go near him but instead call tampa police. right now all southbound lanes of i 275 are back open at fowler avenue. these are live pictures of the interstate. we know in tow truck driver was hit there early this morning. he is in critical condition. we will continue to track the story. >> earlier this morning tampa police were investigating a crash involving a total truck driver. we're told he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. we will get all of the stories straightened out in just a few moments. friends and families paid their final respects to the
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age of 101. he was a master sergeant in the tuskegee airmen that of course the first african-american military aviation squadron in us armed forces history. as a tribute his family walked from his home to bethel ame church. that is the same walk he had taken on sundays for more than 50 years. >> he served his country with distinction as a tuskegee airmen and continued to be a part community. >> rogers received the congressional gold medal back in 20 - 13. his portrait hangs in st. petersburg museum of history. >> one person is dead and another critically injured after a shooting in broward county. a jewelry store owner shot one of his employees then turned the gun on himself. the owner died on the scene but the employee is in critical condition. no word on a motive.
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effort to push for recounts in several key states joining jill stein. the green party said they are filing presidential recounts in wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan. experts urge the campaign to investigate the elections in these 3 states because of noticeable differences between voting machine tallies and exit polls. >> we are not doing this over the other. we're doing this for the benefit of the american public so that we can trust that our votes are counted . >> wisconsin is the first state to file for that recount. >> this morning president- elect trump is calling the recall a scam, a change from weeks ago when he called the presidential election rigged. the donald trump campaign had been paying a little bit of
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efforts. donald trump said the people have spoken and the election is now over. >> there is a new millionaire in american with a 421 with a $421 million ticket. where that ticket was sold is just ahead. 7:tenure time the sunday morning -- 7:tenure time this sunday morning . you are watching news channel 8 today -- 7:10 your time the
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waking up as a millionaire that is where the winning ticket for the $421 million jackpot ticket was sold here to no one has stepped forward to claim the prize the winning numbers 17, 19, 21, 37, 44, the powerball number 16. they are calling for more police protection of mosques. at least 3 mosques received letters praising trump and threatening mu the handwritten photocopied letter was addressed to the children of satan and said trump will cleanse america and make it shine again. >> from san bernardino to orlando recent terror attacks have raised concerns about americans being radicalized. one tech giant give us an exclusive look on how they are responding. this morning we have details. >> this may not look like the
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google researchers believe they could be on to a new way to confront isis. >> the islamic state has inherited a new era on extremism. >> asman green is the head of development for jigsaw. the latest challenge, reaching a new generation of bedroom radicals, people drawn to violent extremism online. like many of the estimated 30,000 foreigners who have joined isis from around the d >> we believe there was an opportunity to use the internet to get to those potential recruits before isis. >> they call it redirect. >> we will have experience such as searching for a pair of sneakers and then finding and add for those sneakers pop-up. we had used that same principle to find potential consumers of the isis message on my. >> if i'm a young person out there someone that may be sympathetic to joining isis, what is the process i go
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term and we would show you an ad that would be directly relevant to your search. you click on the add-in you will be taken to a video like this. this is potentially credible to isis sympathizes but preaching against isis not supporting it. >> anything is worth trying but at least make it harder, make it harder for sally's son grew up in the suburb. >> he was a normal little boy on his computer. >> like many online recruits he drifted away from family and friends eventually joining the terrorist group also bob. he was cured -- al shabob. he was eventually killed in this terrorist act.
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that was awful. as a mother i could do nothing. >> he also fell into radicalism online. >> people need to know anyone can become radicalized. >> he was considering a bomb attack but pulled back. >> what led me away was listening to more moderate scholars and imams. >> he was not a part of redirect but things that could discourage others. it appears thatom jigsaw says redirect reached 300,000 people who watched a minute a video all aimed at speaking against isis. the elegant new york tower of president elect trump getting a deflated new name. someone rename the char --
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tower. this morning we're getting no comment from president-elect trump or google. here's a question for you you were or lyft? you have the similar features but different when it comes to safety. we have more information for you before you take your next
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>> 8 is on your side this
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question, which one is safer uber or lyft? it turns out there is a difference. it is not just about the driver but their cars as well. >> it has become the norm popping in and -- an uber , grabbing a lyft. it is not just to bars a restaurant. people are taking it to the airport, to and from work despite some high-profile incidents, this woman in atlanta had a black eye after she says one driver punched her in the charlotte man says his right got violence after talk turned to politics. we found a website called who is driving you there is aimed to track every incident with uber and lyft. there are pages of injuries. passengers say they feel perfectly safe.
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discovered between the 2 companies. both uber and lyft do background checks the lyft often goes one step further. >> you have to do an in person interview. michael applied to work as a driver for both companies. >> what you think that they go that extra mile? >> it is pretty important because i know someone has put eyeballs on the driver. >> they also inspect cars in person but it appears neither company requires drivers to on average 20 percent of drivers don't bother to fix problematic part. lyft told us drivers have a strong personal incentive to make sure cars and safe and operating condition. in addition to safety inspections drivers make -- drivers are given the recommendation to have there vehicles subject to all motor
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frequent writers we talked to told us this is not something they think about. >> i have never had a bad experience. >> when you call for a ride check the driver's picture, license plate, and the make of the car and compare that before you get in. the sun is up so your sunday is officially underway. just a beautiful view degrees. starting off a little bit cool and chilly and some spots. in polk county crystal clear skies and 56 with the southwesterly breeze. we will head out. look at all of that sunshine. a beautiful start to the day. temperatures are in the mid 50s.
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morning. this morning we are looking at temperatures in the 5th these. we are looking at middle 50s and even upper 40s to the north. temperatures will get fairly warm today getting into the 70s. we will top off at 79. the humidity will be a little bit lower. that will really be the big change you are going to notice temperature wise. couple of days, enjoy it for today. numbers will generally stay above average. the big difference for today is the lower humidity. 79 will be comfortable but then the numbers start to creep back up into the low 80s. not only are we talking about the ladies but we're also talking about access humidity. that will be ahead of our next cold front. temperatures are way above average. your average high as 76 degrees and then there is a
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it does look to drop our temperatures slightly below average as we go into the short- term. long-term we are going to look at a pretty decent weekend. that will be by the time we start getting toward the next weekend with lower humidity. we're certainly going to reap the benefits of that. it will be quite nice as we start going toward that timeframe. you can expect with the next cold front just a very slim rain chance, only ar 2 most of us will miss out on that very dry pattern. it is november, our driest month of the year, but so far in the last 5 weeks it has only rained once. >> and how many times what rain in the next 5? >> we will see because as we start going toward december rain chances start to get a little bit higher.>> us bowls
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business against their rival ucf . we have more. your time
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good morning, the usf bulls have very much the best when title in history but how sweet would a 10th victory feel
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this time they could possibly sneak into the american conference title game with the win . let's take a look at what happened at raymond james first. they trailed 7 - there early. right up the middle he goes and he is gone. they missed one tackle. next possession, fumble on the toss. loose brown -- ball, brown from jefferson high school sit and gets into the end zone. they t second-quarter 17 - 7. here's some horrible taxing -- tackling by the knights. patent on the reverse and look at him throw downfield to smith. a great catch and then splits the defense of a 72 yard touchdown completion.
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trying to keep an eye on max for the past but it is not a fast -- past . 62 yards on that score. fourth-quarter back within a touchdown and then flowers would seal it. the bulls pull away 40 - 31. temple defeats east carolina. usf does not advance to the american conference the big one in tallahassee. gators offense struggled all night. appleby fumbles. they would recover for the knowles. dalvin cook, this is what he has done all year, 17 yards easy. 17 - zero deandre to rudolph. look at him go.
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another third-down play. stephenson, up the middle, 26 yards for the touchdown. knowles pull away 24 - 6. a little blunder by the fsu special-teams. murray stripped harris. returns it for the gator -- gators. those were the only touchdowns of the night by the gators. 31?13 the knowles. miami hosting brink of game history. miami was trailing duke early on. they take the lead for good. this is kaiaall about. this one's of being a 76 sure touchdown as kaia becomes miami's all-time leader in quarterbacks.
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seattle seahawks. we will have complete wretch up -- matchup -- we will have a
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us. we're tracking breaking news happening right now. one dead and 9 others injured. police say the shooting happened around 130 this morning . the mayor has called the shooting senseless and tragic. >> we will continue to work really hard to make sure we find the people that have done this. it is unacceptable and the violence just continues to spin ou brandishing weapons whenever they think they can and it is really unfortunate. >> 2 men connected -- arrested in connection with the shooting . tampa police looking for this elderly missing man. he was last seen friday night on 14th street north. he may be armed and danger to himself. if you see him, you are urged not to go near him but instead
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right now all softball lanes of 275 are back open. a tow truck driver was hit by a vehicle. right now we have no word on his condition. let's check in with the weather . >> it is a gorgeous start to the day. we're calling for upper 70s it will be breezy next few days, the one thing humidity all comes back ahead of our next rain chance. that looks to arrive later in next work week. 53 land o lakes with clear skies overhead this morning. that is what we're seeing all over the region. max defender 8 showing not a drop of rain inside. 47 crystal river. 59 tampa. your sky cam looks like this. we walked some of those high thin clouds
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we will fill comfortable by the afternoon. overnight we are mostly clear. we're back up to 80 for your monday afternoon. those numbers are going to search a end up over the next few days. we will take a look exactly when you next cold front slides through the area coming up. right now morning fidel castro in havana. hundreds of students held a candlelight vigil saturday night. many students yelled the dell and i am the dell. this was the university where he said before starting a revolution. 9 days of warning has been declared that flag this morning are have. exiles teams to celebrate industries. gene ramirez has been little avail and joins us this morning for reaction. spamware more
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have gathered -- it has been more than 24 hours since cuban residents have gathered to celebrate the death of castro. when you scratch the surface you see emotions run way deep. >> she has been waiting for this news for decades sharing this moment in history with her sister and niece, but there's someone missing >> my mom died 2 years ago and was not able to see this. the first thing that we did today was go to the cemetery and put her little cuban and american flag. >> i am sure she is celebrating. >> saturday night hundreds if not thousands celebrated seeing the unofficial anthem of cuban exiles, a song of freedom. the artist joined the celebration.
7:38 am
focuses not on celebrity appearances but rather his grandfather. >> he actually just passed away a couple of months ago. he always said he would have loved to have seen the state. i feel like i'm representing him in my family by being here. >> the multitude of cubans hopeful that the death of the face of the cuban revolution will lead to changing cuba but for now they are living this moment all remembering those from their past. >> he has done so much damage to the families, to the whole wo have to celebrate his . >> now the more time has passed the community starting to think a little bit more about what this means for the keeping communities both in cuba and the united states. will explore that a little bit more this morning >> a duck hunters recording --
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attacked by an alligator. he and a few others were waiting in the water. he thought he kicked a log but it was not a log and get a bit him. he is expected to be okay. a crew ship crashed into a bridge. it went under the lifted bridge without problems but currents caused it . no damage to the bridge. holiday shoppers setting a new record. customers spent more than $3 billion shopping online. that is an increase of 22 percent from last year. mole purchases were up 3 percent to $1.2 billion. the company
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desire to avoid waiting impact malls. spent did you get a video on your iphone and not know where it came from -- did you get a video on your iphone and not know where it came from? be careful on that. there is a video going around that causes the phone to freeze up and you have to reset the phone. inconvenience but be careful and don't click on anything suspicious. >> isn't that the warning we give every time? >> yes but people are curious enough. >> but you have to be really careful because you don't know who you are sharing information with. >> look at these beautiful colors and brandon. the clouds are reflecting off
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a very good sunday morning. before we get to the weather we do want to remind you hour teddy bear roundup is underway. we are proud to partner with
7:44 am today or the next couple of days to find a list of those drop-off location. right now max defender 8 scanning the skies. degrees in crystal river. we have cool start for by the afternoon we're comfortable with temperatures at 79. 52 out the door and zephyrhills. 47 right now, the official
7:45 am
this morning was feels so nice is your dewpoints. they have been coming down, now down into the 40s. look what happens to these numbers as we go through the next 24 hours. by tomorrow afternoon 60s. when this number goes up your dewpoints feel a little more comfortable. light northeasterly flow. we're tracking areas where we could see travel delays. a lot of people will be headed home from the thanksgiving holiday. shower activity. these will be the 2 hotspots. if you're headed into atlanta or the northeast hubs for today you should be good to go weatherwise. here is our forecast, high- pressure now in charge. we are going to have a high to the north giving us that northeasterly flow. a little bit of moisture left over for the east coast of florida but backyard home we're expecting a few passing clouds. i don't think we will get rainfall out
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-- turn suddenly the warm-up begins it will get the increase in humidity ahead of the next cold front. 78 out at ray j today as we play host to the seahawks. that you be a very interesting game. hopefully we can get another win from our pirate. we're warm, low 80s coming through wednesday. small rain chance is, 10 to back out. friday, saturday and sunday look like beautiful weather days for our area. >> in a beautiful weather day for the bucs to win . holiday shopping in full swing. cyber monday maybe tomorrow but you can find many deals today. the top 6
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in this morning's consumer watch, this year cyber monday is said to be larger than ever before but why wait until monday when you can score plenty of online deals right now. meredith has 6 of the best cyber monday sales. >> i am here in and edit at work and if you are like me you wanted to all your christmas shopping online and sometimes you do it when you are at work. u.s. news & world report has put together a list for people like us of the top website deals to check out for those cyber monday sales. >> walmart cyber monday sale begin on friday but walmart will roll out new items on monday with the deals on tvs, drones, gaming laptops. walmart is offering free shipping on orders of $50 or
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dell cyber monday sale begins at 8 am with hourly deals on laptops, tvs, gaming gear and other hot items. you can expect savings of up to $1300. >> macy's cyber deal start sunday and includes 20 percent off on any order. the department store plans to offer great deals on men's and women's essentials, electronics, toys as well as other stuff during the sale orders over $25 sh target's cyber monday sale starts sunday hinting at a surprise deal to be revealed on sunday or monday. right now target has free shipping. amazon sale begin november 14 but limited time offers are revealed each day with new deals dispatching as often as every 5 minutes. the best deals are available on monday
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>> this morning sand sculptures from around the world are wowing crowds from our competition. this happening in the florida keys. take a look at the contest being held. artists from the us and as far away as singapore challenge to create their sculptures with water, a few hand tools and 15,000 pounds of sand sculptures range from a shattered female figure. and an extra heart representing heartbreak to people's modern- day preoccupation with their cell phones. the cell phone one i would say would be a big hit. >> for a lot of people maybe it's just soldiers walking around with bluetooth. >> were people walking down
7:57 am
not knowing what to do next. to be careful. northeast winds 10 to 15 knots. we have little bit of a moderate chop up there . low 80s coming your way monday, tuesday and wednesday. very slim rain chances, 10 to 20 percent wednesday and thursday. >> it is a public service warning. we have to do that. >> thank you for joining us as we leave you, look at this beautiful last night's sunset from apollo beach. 7:57. we are hour away from seeing you again.
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we begin to heal our divisions. >> i won't pretend to be president-elect's biggest cheerleader. >> off the ? lovely lady ? ? good morning, and welcome to "sunday today." cuba and the world still reacting this morning to the death of fidel castro. and preparing for a life after the brutal and i conic dictator. andrea mitch sell live in halve in for news a moment. later on a much different note we are also in the clubhouse with andy cohen, the guy who


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