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tv   News Ch8 Sunday Morning at 9AM  NBC  November 27, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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downtown tampa let's get you started with the first check of your weather. >> start off a little bit cool this morning. had a morning low 50 degrees. the warming has begun, lots of sunshine and it is a beautiful set but -- start out at the beaches. temperatures in the mid 60s right now . max defender 8 and good news coming from our million watt radar cool conditions. 64 tampa, 64 apollo beach. dewpoint still relatively low. it feels rather refreshing this morning. is going to the afternoon we will hit 79 degrees with a few high level clouds out there. we will see less cloudiness than the model paints out tonight but it will be milder and 62 3 -- 60 degrees. as we head through the work
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to rain chances. we will take you through the whole a day rain chances just a bit. we have just learned the tow truck driver hit alongside 275 overnight has died. want to show you a live look right now at the stretch of interstate where this crash happened. all lanes are back open now. this is at fowler avenue. early this morning highway patrol tells us 30-year-old perez was driving drunk when he lost control of his ca side of the road helping the driver. the tow truck driver had all of his emergency lights on when trooper say he hit him. he died at the scene. prices behind bars this morning facing dui manslaughter charges. flags at half staff in havana and no shifts in the government us posture toward cuba following the death of fidel castro. nearly 2 years ago uber -- cuba
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relations. we're joined live right now from outside the famous restaurant in little havana. >> reporter: i have been here along with hundreds if not morning there still a crowd. it is still pretty early. people were out here late light kind last night. people are showing up with signs. i was speaking with the owners yesterday and they are considering at some point today having a dj or maybe a live band out here as a celebration. i am actually seeing some police officers. if we pan over that way the police officers just starting
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don't know if they will shut down the street but the street was shut down all day yesterday. this morning it is open for traffic. that may change as people start arriving. today we have a little bit of a different scenario. first it was that mediate reaction and jubilation but today is a little bit more about thinking about what this means for the future. we had the opportunity to speak with lieutenant can tara. >> what does this mean for the >> obviously there are in placed plans for mass migrations . we have seen large numbers of rafters continuing to try to flee the island. in recent days there was news of more of them trying to get to the shores of florida. obviously the news of his death has been welcomed in this community. it is something that many, including myself and
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>> take a look at this video. this is from throughout the day yesterday and late friday night when you started spreading south florida. one of the things i noticed, lots of people out here with donald trump signs. many in the community thrilled with the response of trump calling fidel castro a dictator and one whose legacy is all firing squads, that's in of tragedy. ths said very little in the fact the fidel castro altered the lives of many. we're back here live in little havana. i moved a few steps away from here now we are on the sidewalk. people are starting to show up with their cuban flags. you can see a large media presence. no doubt a world events that people -- event that people are witnessing firsthand. we will be here throughout the day
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is the street where you saw tons of people here yesterday. right now traffic is open at that perhaps will change as people wake up and get out here again to continue to talk about what has happened in the lives of cubans. >> reaction to fidel castro's death here in tampa is mixed. many older cuban americans remember the dictator in his heyday and they are rejoicing >> it was really emotional. i don't even know how to explain it, but we were there when this happened. is really nice. >> now tampa has one the largest cuban-american populations in the us. won -- guzman hopes his death will mean better relations. >> it has been too long for the cuban community and the
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better to reach an approach then to be fighting for nothing . >> the tampa mayor issued this statement of hope saying, they have never strayed from the belief that one day cuba would again be free. the passing of fidel castro offers up that one day the cuban people will enjoy the benefits of a free and democratic society. >> very different responses to castro's death from the president and the president- elect president barack obama extended a hand to friendship to cuba avoiding any mention of castro's human rights abuses instead reflecting his movements to normalize relations between the island nation peered donald trump tweeted fidel castro is dead followed by a statement later in the day recalling a butyl -- brutal dictator with the legacy of firemen squads, death and unimaginable suffering. marco rubio weighed in on twitter saying, president obama issued a pathetic statement on
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no mention of thousands he killed and in prison. >> we continue to track the death of fidel castro as it continues to unfold in miami and cuba. we will bring you the latest updates as they happen right here on air and of course online at . tampa police need your help finding a missing elderly man. take a look at who we are talking about. this is the end david shore last seen before 9:00 tonight in the 8800 block may be armed and may be a danger to himself so with that said, if you see him you are urged not to go near him and said call tampa police. friends and family -- i should say one man is dead and another was injured after a shooting in french quarters in new orleans. the shooting happened at around 130. at this hour we're still not clear what motivated the shooting -- 1:30.
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shooting. there is a winner in america were $425 million ticket was sold. that is just ahead. warning for iphone users. the danger that is being passed around that could slow down or
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holiday shoppers set a new record this week. customer spend more than $3 billion shopping online on black friday. that is an increase of 22 percent from last year. they so company suggested the hike shows the desire to avoid waiting to impact malls and retail stores. did you get a video on dry bone and you're not sure where -- on your iphone and you're not sure where it came ? be careful opening that there is a video going around that is
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here's the question: uber or lyft? the company -- companies have similarities but different when it comes to safety. have updates on information
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8 is on your side this morning with some important information. the question, which one is safer? uber or lyft. there is a difference between the white -- rideshare services. it is not just about the driver but their cars . >> it has become the norm, popping in a uber, grabbing a lyft. >> i take it 4 times a week. it is not just between bars and rest from work. despite high-profile incidents, this woman in atlanta who got a black eye after she says a uber driver punched her in the charlotte man says he's uber driver got violent after talks turn to politics last month. >> we even found a website called who is driving you. it claims to document every incidents with uber and lyft. drivers we spoke to said they
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some frequent writers were surprised when we pointed out the difference between the 2 companies. both uber and lyft to background checks but lyft often goes further. >> you have to do it in person interview. >> marcus drives for both companies. what he that lyft goes that extra mile? >> it is pretty important because someone has put eyeballs on who the driver is. >> he said they also inspected his car at first, but here's something else we requires drivers to take care of recalls. on average 20 percent of drivers don't bother to fix the problematic part. lyft told us drivers have a strong personal incentive to make sure their cars in a safe operating condition. in addition to that they make a continues representation that their vehicle meets the industry safety standards and all motor vehicle requirements of it's kind. uber gave us this statement,
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vehicle must be inspected annually. the same holds true for rideshare drivers. frequent writers read talk to told us that is not something they think about. new call for a ride check the driver's picture, the license plate in the make of the car and compare before you getting. >> starting off quiet this morning. there is the a look at max defender 8. not a drop of rain insight. the radar has been extremely quiet fo we have formally transitioned into our dry period. 62 degrees in new port richey. winds averaging around 10 miles- per-hour. another reminder of our teddy bear roundup, it started earlier this week and continues through december 19 as we're
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. for a list of drop-off locations, head over to . make sure you add that to the list and a lot of people are so going to be shopping this weekend. at 1:00 this afternoon your temperatures hit 75 degrees. 79 for your high right around 1 pm. we will have a steady breeze which will start to lax a bit. this evening the winds starts to change directions . it is 52 degrees in weeki wachee. those are your cool spots and everyone else's in the low 60s . we're going to be looking at these temperatures stay rather cool. overall the number is about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than we were this time yesterday. that is true across most of the eastern half of the country. the cold front packing a punch. today we're seeing a lot more sunshine, less cloudiness, on the moisture that we had is now
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high pressure is now in firm control.with that drier northeasterly wind the humidity will stay lower and maybe a few showers right around the east coast. as we go into monday morning you will likely have a dry commute into work. the wind direction changes east and southeast to allow for an uptick in the humidity, and uptick in the moisture as we go through monday. the rain chances are still several days off. drive for the bucs games . it'll be a little breezy as the game gets underway. as we go into the evening the temperatures should call nicely back down into the low 70s. low 80s on tap for monday, tuesday and wednesday. a gets warm and a bit muggy with lows in the 60s. there's the rain chance at only 20 percent for
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right now we're an inch and a half below normal for the month of november. >> and zero percent chance of rain and many days in the forecast so it does not look like we're going anywhere soon.>> the bulls taking care of business against rivals ucf but is it enough to reach the conference title game? dan lucas with all of the answers next in sports. ready, go! one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8.
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good morning, the usf bulls havarti matched to the best win total in school history, but how sweet would attempt to victory feel against rival ucf, the inaugural war on i-4 which has always been a war, but this time the bulls could possibly speaking to the american conference title game with a win . let's take a look at what happened at raymond james first. the bulls trailing 7? backup the middle he goes in gone. 4 - 3 yards on the touchdown -- 43 yards on the touchdown. to one brown of jefferson high school sit and gets into the end zone. the bulls take the lead 14?7. 2nd quarter, 17 - 7. max on the whole to develop. some horrible tackling on the night.
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ucf on offense. tristan on the reverse. look at him throw downfield to track one smith. great catch and then splits the defense in the 72 yard touchdown completion. 3rd quarter, defense for ucf try to keep an eye on mac. 62 yards on that score. 31 flowers will feel it with a 24 yard touchdown run. the bulls pull away a little ice bath. temple disputes east carolina. usf does not advance to the american conference title game.>> the big one in tallahassee. florida state often struggle. demarcus walker will recover
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cook, this is what he has done. 17 yards easy. score 17 - zero. the offense later facing a 3rd - 10 -- the 3010 -- a 3rd and 10 . 46 yards it is 17 - 6. freddie stevenson, up the middle with 26 yards for the touchdown. knowles pull away 24 - 6. a little un special-teams. harris returns are for the gator's touchdown. those of the only touchdowns for the gators. 4 straight wins over the gators. miami hosting duke. brad on the brink of game history. miami was trailing duke early on. they take the lead for good.
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he becomes the miami all-time leader in passing yards. think about all of the miami quarterbacks in history. don't forget to day bucs hosting the seattle seahawks . we will have a complete wrap up tonight on the bucs beau bishop . coming up next: what does fidel's castro death mean for we had very different reactions coming in from world leaders
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this morning we look at castro's relations in the us. plus when you thought it was over a new twist in the election race. why the race might not be decided at least just yet. i am paul mueller in for candace. thank you for being here with
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this morning fidel castro is being remembered as a repressive tyrant in the savior of his people. it is a very contradiction. the revolutionary turned the small caribbean island into an american foreign-policy session . in havana where nine-day period of mourning is in effect people openly wept in the streets when news broke of his death. cuban exiles celebrated the news in the streets of miami's li grave as the dynamic figure of the cold war who wants nudge the us and russia into a nuclear war. this morning we show you castro's life. >> to his followers he was fidel. to his enemies he was a fear did peter. the legendary firebrand begin like this, and
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owner. he graduated with both the law degree and doctorate. he ran for the national assembly in 1952 until batista seized power in cancel the elections. in 1953 he'd letter regular -- rebel group against batista barracks and failed. he ended up in jail for 2 years until an amnesty when he went into exile. in mexico castro regrouped with his brother raul and fellow revolutionary ernesto. and marched into havana. >> [ video playback ] >> at first the young leader promised democracy telling the us he was not a communist. meet the press in april 1959. >> i am not a communist. i do not agree with communist expect from the start he confiscated the property from the wealthy, silenced newspapers, and signed a pact with the soviet union.
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kennedy ordered the cia to invade cuba at the bay of pigs using a force of anti-castro exiles. >> at 3:45 pm -- 3:40 5 pm wednesday resistance came -- 3:45 pm wednesday resistance came. >> as a social is he dramatically improved health care, literacy but also accepted soviet missiles bringing soup your powers -- superpowers to the brink of an nuclear war. until jfk's hard-line and back channel diplomacy that the russians to pull back, for 25 years moscow helps castro arm communist soviets throughout latin america. >> [ video playback ] >> with the end of the soviet union, cuba's economy imploded. on makeshift boats thousands of cubans fled the increasingly oppressive regime. in 1999 a custody battle over 6-year-old
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of american struggle with cuba. in the summer of 2006 after undergoing intestinal surgery he temporarily turned over power to his brother raul. 2 years later he officially set down and was succeeded by his brother -- step down in -- and was succeeded by his brother . he urged for polk benedict visit to the island in 2012 and for vladimir putin in 2014. this past march he was note where to be seen during president obama meeting with perl castro. days later he criticized the us and obama saying we do not need the empire to give us anything. fidel castro never tolerated free elections or dissent but gave his people better health care and education. still his real legacy may be holding power for nearly half a century longer than any other modern leader.
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havana since right after the news of his death broke this weekend. this morning he shows us how people celebrated through 2 night.>> reporter: she has been waiting for this news for decades sharing this moment in history with her sister and niece, but there is someone missing. >> my mom died 2 years ago and she was unable to see this. the first thing that we did, my sistan little cuban and american flag. >> how special with this have been for her? >> oh my god. i'm sure she is celebrating. >> reporter: saturday night hundreds if not thousands celebrated singing the unofficial anthem of cubans, the sound of freedom. the artist joined in on the celebration. for cuban- american david, the focus isn't on celebrity appearances but rather his grandfather. >> he actually just passed
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to have seen this day. i feel like i'm representing my family representing him by being here. >> the multitude of miami cubans hopeful that the death of the face of the cuban revolution will lead to changing cuba, but for now they are living this moment while remembering those from their past. spike he has done so much damage to the families, to the whole world, that this is the way -- we have to celebrate his death . passing is mixed., not sure which category he fits into, visionary revolutionary or brutal communist dictator. they hope his death will mean better relations. >> it has been too long for the cuban community and the united states to try to approach . it is more better to reach an approach than to be fighting
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statement on his death saying, the passing of adele castro offers hope that one day -- fidel castro offers hope that one day the cuban people will experience a free society. his death brought to the forefront once again, the consultative relationship us has with cuba. president obama made the dramatic first step to normalize relations been -- between the communist nation for donald trump has a different view. vastly different responses from the president and president obama extended a hand to friendship to cuba avoiding any member -- mention of castro devastation and moved forward to normalize relations between cuba. >> this is a new day between our 2 countries. >> the president offered condolences to his family. >> marco rubio who's family is from cuba lashed out at the president's response saying,
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pathetic statement on the death of fidel castro with no mention of the thousands killed and in prison. >> the response from president- elect trump different from obama first reading fidel castro is dead! then in a statement recalling or brutal dictator with the legacy of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering -- on the campaign trail -- we will cancel obama once had a cuban deal. >> the deal now allows more travel and trade between cuba and america. steps taken as congress refuses to lift a 50 year long epidemic -- economic embargo on cuba because of concerns of freedom. they are calling on trump who did not review his bow -- vowed to take a hard line on the castro family. they are not convinced trumbull
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judge whether the president elect was pandering to the cubans for effectively trying -- or effectively trying to send a message that there had to be change interchange for any concession. >> around the world the allies also weighing in on his death. vladimir putin calling him a true and reliable friend of russia. syria sought said accused of slaughtering his own people praising castro for standing up to the most ferocious of sanctions witnessed in our modern world. >> canada's being criticized for praising castro as a remarkable leader and prime minister said, the controversial figure both mister castro supporters and detractors recognize his tremendous dedication and love for the cuban people who had a deep and lasting affection for -- the cuban boy involved in an international custody battle 16 years ago is morning fidel
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figure. not 23 years old he was a photogenic father -- 5-year-old in 1999 when he was found floating on an inner tube off the florida coast. he said he wanted castro to be proud of him. his mother and other cubans accompanying the boy died trying to get to the us. the boy was returned to his father and grandparents in cuba. some in the us now believe with fidel castro dead there could be an influx of cubans immigrating to th miami-dade county public school superintendent says the district is getting ready for it, quote, potential influx of child and adult learners even going as far to work with state and federal departments to prepare. more cubans have already been making their way to the us since president obama began working to normalize relations with eva. their fear with us policies will put cubans on a fast track to legal residency could be repealed as relations between the 2 countries improve. for
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website, . you can also watch for more live reports from miami tonight and tomorrow morning right here on news channel 8. much more still ahead the sunday morning. coming up: donald trump appears to become president. could the election being question this morning we was behind a recount expected to begin this week. later, donald trump will spend a significant amount of time in his residency right here in our state of florida. we will look at the home built decades ago that is finally
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welcome back up your -- welcome back. nearly 3 weeks out from the presidential election it might not be over at all. hillary clinton said they will rejoin -- they will join a recount in wisconsin . recounts will start this year -- week and more recounts may follow. president trump is rin >> i think it is only national and it is good for americans to be reassured that our votes are counted. >> that is what the green party and it's candidate jill stein want to do recount votes in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. this comes after a group of voting security experts reportedly told the hillary clinton camp about the possibility of hacks in those states. >> there were lots of hacks taking place around the
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databases, party databases, into individual email accounts and what we also know unfortunately is that the equipment that we use, much of it is not just opened to hacks it basically invites hacks and human error. >> the director says there has been no evidence of a problem. >> we have not received any complaints or resurgence -- concerns from election day were people thought the equipment was not working. >> there is no smoking gun. there are pointing to say that this is wrong in wisconsin, michigan or pennsylvania. what we are saying is that there is enough peripheral evidence to warrant that our system should be investigated. >> the party says it quickly raised the millions required to formally request a recount in those select states. >> we are not doing this to the benefit of one candidate
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this for the benefit of the american public so that we can trust that our votes are counted. president-elect trump rips the notion of a recount on saturday calling it a scam and ridiculous also noting that clinton already conceded. the meantime the president- elect has a working from his home in florida announcing more workers. nether of these require senate confirmation but he is still twirling around the will be secretary of state possibly rudy giuliani or mitt romney. florida will soon be home to the winter white house. we will take you inside the lord -- resort on the east coast and show you the history behind it.
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trump is spending his thanksgiving holiday we can and his resort -- weekend at his resort.. we will take a look at the property that he has turned into a place to pay resort -- play to pay resort . >> walking and there is wealth and extravagance, the old world sitting on the coast of florida. >> it is like walking into a place that is a fa cinderella castle. it was built in the 1920s by the socialite mari -- marjorie way -- marjorie merriweather post . at the time she was the wealthiest woman in the united states. the palm beach daily news society says for decades the town's high society luminaries would entertain the grounds. >> she would have square dance parties every friday night. it was a very coveted
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the estate to the us government to use as a diplomatic and presidential retreat but presidents never used it and he became so costly to maintain that the federal government decided to sell it and that is when donald trump moved in. >> donald trump bought the estate and all of the antique furnishings inside back in 1985 for nearly $10 million. last year he bragged to the washington post about how that deal went down. according to um property was rejected so he bought an adjacent property and then threatened to build a large hideous house on it that would block the view of the ocean from the resort here key claims that drove the property value down and he was able to come in and snatch up the resort. >> it is a deal of the century. >> early on they described the resort as a financial albatross for trump. the property maintenance alone
9:52 am
those investments that created problems. when he became crunched with money he needed to do something in this house was a weight on his shoulders and he had to do something and that is how the club came about. >> first he wanted to carve up the property and sell individual lots but palm beach officials would not allow that to happen. eventually he came up with the idea of turning it into an exclusive club where members would pay $100,000 membership and $14,000 in annual dues keeps a secluded private residence on the property. this is where he married his wife melania trump in 2005. >> it is a tremendously successful club and i am so glad i did it and i'm very proud of it. >> more than 40 years after marjorie mayweather post at -- it is now -- death . >> it is now exactly what she dreamed it to be.
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be different from any before. coming up next, why the secret service might be attended at
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the cost of securing a president and his family may skyrocket with the next white house administration, that is because the white house might not be the only place the secret service will have to
9:56 am
trump tower might be getting a new tenant, the secret service. the secret service is considering renting a whole floor of the famed tower in order to establish 20 for 7 command post ensuring the safety of the future first family who won't all be moving to the white house in january. melania trump will continue to live in their move donald trump said this -- >> very soon, right after he finished his -- finishes school . >> regardless of when they relocate the command tower will not be changed. the going price of the space about $1.5 million a year. >> the price tag is striking but it is not just the cost raising eyebrows. the trump organization owns trump tower so taxpayers would be paying the president-elect
9:57 am
security plans are still evolving since many plans are still up in the air like when will they moved to the white house and how often the president-elect plans to visit them in the meantime >> the number of nypd officers protecting trump tower could grow to 300 which would cost about $1 million a day. thank you for joining us meet the press is next. our next newscast is at noon.
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this sunday, the death of fidel castro, what it means for the u.s., cuba and american politics. >> he destroyed a country. he destroyed practically a culture. >> i will talk with senator rubio. is trump backing away from some campaign rhetoric. remember this? now trump says hillary clinton has suffered enough. from the border wall to global warming, is there a change in the air? i will talk to trump area former campaign manager kellyanne conway. shades of 2000. the clinton campaign joins the


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