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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  November 28, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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right now on news channel 8 today. >> a tow truck driver tragedy. the driver killed while trying to help others on a bay area highway, we have the latest on the suspected drunk driver accused of taking his . and floridians take to the streets for a third night after the death of cuban leader fidel castro. we're live in miami with the latest. >> plus cyber monday shopping madness. we'll take you live inside the amazon warehouse right here in hillsborough county as hundreds are already busy filling holiday orders from around the world. good morning, and welcome to
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. >> time now is 5:30 and ed is here with a look at our weather as we got to get back to reality today. >> yeah, that's right, rise and shine. we're still an hour and a half away from our official sunrise this morning but we're expect ago gorgeous start to the day, a milder start in tampa at 64, about 5 degrees warmer than we were this time yesterday. max defender 8 looking good confirming that we've got dry conditions all over our region. 59 clearwa south as well, again the numbers warmer than yesterday, 80 degrees is where we're going to hit later today that's above average but we will include a 10% rain chance, so just a little bit of a shower looks to come our way later this afternoon, and especially if you're south of i-4. so the rain chances small but at least they're in the forecast. how are the roads? >> a new trouble spot. let's take you there. all lanes we're
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line road. fhp in charge of this accident. so your alternate to 41 is dale or you can use livingston to the east. i'm going to keep an eye on this. i will have updates in the next couple of minutes. we do still have southbound 41 blocked south of the little manatee river in the ruskin area. u.s. 41, the old 41, that's your alternate route, you could use 75 butha now, back to you. happening today after spending the weekend scouring the stores millions of people are could see seeing up with their computers this cyber monday to score some big holiday deals, and for the first time ever news channel 8 is live inside the amazon fulfillment center where workers ship all kinds of packages. >> hi, good morning.
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kind of feel like i'm at santa's workshop right now. we have the sound of packages being delivered here. here's the conveyor bolt with thousands of orders are being filled. today is set to be the largest shopping day of the year. it's expected to be the large electronics or expensive items online shopping day in history. last year on cyber monday amazon customers ordered more than 54 million items worldwide and expected this year will be even bigger. on cyber year customers purchased more than 33 electronics items per second on mobile devices alone. they're expected to be popular again this year, both robots and people work together at this facility to get the job done. >> they'll help maximize the storage space. so we have robots carrying stacks of products to the associates and then they pick from that and put it in the tote which he sue going behind us and then they
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. >> reporter: now, another new feature that amazon has launched is package x-ray using the app customers will be able to scan labels to see what is inside those boxes before they open up. but don't worry you won't be able to peek inside any boxes that aren't addressed to you. now, one that really surprised me was the sheer size of this facility here in ruskin. it is actually the size fields combined appeared employees thousands of full-time employees here about 3,500 people work her full-time around the year, but they have hired thousands of seasonal employees to fill all of those christmas orders. . >> yeah, it's incredible that we have this huge facility right in our backyard. all right. thanks. a suspected drunk driver is expected in court today accused of hitting and killing a tow
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30-year old perez is facing dui manslaughter charges. investigators say he hit and killed tow truck driver danny rayhan. his friend and colleagues are now angry. . >> people aren't being responsible, people aren't being considerate of other people. . i was brought up you move over when you see somebody on the side of the road no matter who they are. >> to think another one, another one of us , you know, we've been doing this so -- i long and just another brother, another brother gone. . >> well, friends of the fallen driver want everyone to remember the move over law. it requires drivers to move over a lane or slow down when police first responders or tow truck drivers with flashing lights are on the side of the road. we just checked and perez remains behind bars this morning. he is
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just a few hours. well, rayhan is the third tow truck driver killed in the laugh year. >> last month troy mcguire was killed on i-75 in october. he worked for sun point towing in ruskin. troopers arrested miller in that case. they claim he was driving drunk at the time. in february perez was also killed while helping a stranded driver. he was on the howard frankland bridge at the the driver in that case took off. later though investigators arrested a 36-year old and charged her with the crime. right now celebrations continue in miami after the death of cuban leader fidel castro. cuban americans took to the street a third night last night and today they're planning a more formal event to mark the historic occasion. we were in miami when the news broke and we're joined from the little havana neighborhood
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. >> reporter: good morning. a march and rally now planned wt where i'm at at the bay of pigs memorial. i'm going to step out of the way so you can get a closer look. this honors those killed in a failed u.s. invasion. it's meant to honor all who have died or somehow suffered fidel castro's regime. i want to show you video of different groups that gathered exile leaders calling for all miami cubans to come forward wednesday. >> the community comprised of the old like us and of the young of the men and of the women of the black and of the white all united behind an ideal, a dream and a commitment for the freedom of
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. >> reporter: now, that call follows more than 48 hours of gatherings on street corners here in miami, the largest in front of the town square of the exile community. miami police shutting down the street in front of that restaurant as crowds grew throughout the weekend. people celebrating what they hope is the beginning of a change of cuba's political an economic systems following the death of fidel castro. chanting and waving cuban flags, a moment this community has wait for a very long time. some bringing even their kids and pets out here. and in a more touching manner also pictures of dead relatives they say they always wanted to be here to witness and just didn't make it but now looking forward. this community believes that with the death of fidel castro and the current changes here in the u.s.
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toppled. local officials here are starting to prepare and concerned about the immediate effects of castro's deaths which could mean mass migrations of cubans. >> but an interesting time in history with the new administration and the death of fidel castro. so time will tell. all right let's turn things over to ed for a look at your forecast. >> we know it's been an incredibly dry month. i pulled some see how this month is comparing to recent dry novembers. take a look the driest november on record was back in 1960. i make mention of this because so far if we don't get any more rain over the next 3 days this would be the driest november in 38 years. thankfully we have slim rain chances on the way, 10% for today and wednesday and then we start december with a 20% rain chance on thursday.
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have a little bit more of a wind flow looking to start taking shape later today. 46 in inverness, 64 in tampa, the outlook stays very warm. low 80s coming your way right on through thursday and then a little bit of of a cool wave. so not really a true cold front on the way there. >> oh, well. florida. >> absolutely. what do you expect? i have some new information. we had a crash reported at u.s. 41 at county line road b at county line road in spring hill. that intersection is blocked. you'll want to use the sun coast parkway as your alternate route for now. if i get more information i'll pass that along to you. in ruskin southbound 411 blocked south of the little manatee river use old 41 as your alternate. and a new crash in st. pete northbound 54th avenue north is blocked at 34th street.
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we'll keep you updated on that too. back to work, back to traffic. now, back to the desk. bucs fans are celebrating this morning not just team's big win against seattle but the third straight victory. winston threw 2 opportunitydown passes to evans the defense shut down seattle's offense. final score 14-5. the bucs are one game behind first place atlanta in the nfc south they're now in contention for the playoffs. it's so exciting. >> incredible, such an exciting time for our bucs. well, cyber monday is filled with all sort of deals but finding them is not as easy as it sounds. >> still ahead we'll give you the best web sites for the shopping discounts. >> and stuck on a water tower in citrus tower. coming up why a man climbed to the top in the
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what investigators think sparked gunfire a that left one person
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. growing controversy this morning over callsor today officials are meet. green party candidate jill stein is leading the call and demanding recounts in michigan and pens. hillary clinton's campaign is now joining that effort. >> this was a hack relationship delled election and on top of that our voting machines are very open to hacking. >> this is a fundraising driven
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elect trump who won 1.4 million >> president elect donald trump isn't holding back. he is outraged by the calls. he lashed out on twitter with self tweets including one in which he quoted clinton as previously saying we have to accept the results and look to the future. well in another tweet trump claims millions street illegally however, he did not say where he got that information. across america a shoot out in nears french quarter. one person injured. it started with an argument between 2 men saturday night. someone pulled out a gun and start shooting. a 25-year old was killed in the cross fire. 9 other people were injured. investigators believe the 2 suspects are not from the new orleans area. the shooting happened during the classic which is 4 days of festivities a 16-year old junior
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at a pennsylvania fire station. now, this happened in red stone township near pittsburgh. the shooting happened inside the fire station. investigators arrested and charged a 21-year old, however they are not revealing information about the circumstances surrounding the shooting. a deadly crash kills a member of a local band out of the another area. it happened on hudson near beach boulevard when an suv and motorcycle slammed into each details but the band announced on facebook that rob cartright was the motorcyclist killed in that crash. what goes up must come down, well not always, a man climbs up a water tower in citrus county appeared gets stuck. these are pictures that the sheriffs office shared with us. they tell us that the man wanted a better view of the town so climbed up that tower. the problem is he didn't have a plan
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to get down. firefighters ended up helping the man down. no one was hurt. >> he won't try that again, i don't think. >> hopefully he took his camera up there. 8 is on your side to help you navigate the cyber monday deals. >> we're taking you behind the scene at amazon's warehouse but amazon is not the only retailer promising big bargains. we are other cyber sellers offering steals and deals. >> i because you have to do that, right? we are seeing a lot of deals today on technology and most sites are offering you free shipping. now, walmart cyber monday sale has been going on all weekend but today they are rolling out new items including tvs, drones and gaming lap tops. dell's sale begins at 8 a.m. with hourly deals on
5:48 am offering deep discounts on laptops. android tablets appeared other electronics. target is also offering deals on tvs and electronics as well as toy as games, additional naturally you'll get an extra 15% off of online purchases plus free shipping. and macy's sale includes huge deals on clothing, bedding and kitchen items and free shipping on orders over $25. and of course most of your major sites are going to be having these big deals, but just because stuff is on sale does not mean little bit of research, especially when it comes to tvs, you'll want to check specific models before making a purchase even the best manufacturers have some weak models in their line up. . >> can we ask you to do a search and tell you where to get the best booties. >> macy's. >> for whatever reason i know that cyber is the code word. all right.
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productivity around the country come down a little bit for today. max defender 8 certainly being very productive this morning scanning the skies with a million watts of power showing we're in good shape. the only shower activity we're tracking is down near miami. that will translate here at home with more of a south wind developing the humidity will rise through the day. at noon at 76 getting to 80 at 3 p.m. and to give us a slim shower chance only at 10%. here's a look at the forecast model it becomes humid and note the spotty showers developing especially south of i-4 being driven to the north by that flow which will be coming out of the southeast. the humid flow will continue the next couple days in advance of our next weather system and that one looks to bring us a slightly better rain chance by the time we hit wednesday and thursday up to 20% by then, highs will stay
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60s. another check with what's happening on the roads. >> 41 which is broad street is blocked at county line road, you're going to need an alternate route. you may want to use cold breath road or the sun coast parkway. in st. pete an update -- let's go to ruskin, okay. southbound 41 still blocked. and moving you to st. pete i do have crash northbound -- 54th avenue north still blocked however we do have one lane reopened. anticipate some minor delays. now, back to the desk. all right. well a russian family has unique pet it's no the at dog, cat or bird, it's a deer. the family rescued the creature when it was abandoned in the forest as a baby. well, now, it just lives like any
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it like to get some scratches under the chin and it will let you bottle feed it. >> i wonder if it trained >> i hope so. >> yeah, there's the time for feeding. sweet. a gingerbread house that weighs 400 pounds. >> we'll show you this creation that pays tribute to the world series champs. >> appeared just how much did you spend this holiday shopping
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shoppers spent less money this thanksgiving weekend but that's not necessarily a bad thing. they were able to cash in on pretty good deals. on average customers spend an average of $289 over the 4-day weekend that's 1/2% from a year ago. a holiday themed tribute to the world series chaps, the chicago cubs. >> it comes in the form of a gingerbread house of wrigley field. they spent more than 70 hours building it. it weighs more than 400 pounds and all edible except for the players who are made out of legos. but look at the train going around it.
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>> me too. >> weather and traffic on the
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. monday morning back to work and school there's the view at veterans expressway that's view this morning. we're looking quiet. emoji man did you say a rain chance, around 10% later today. a better chanc up to 20%. most of us will miss out on the rain but at least that slim chance. staying warm and breezy and more humid this afternoon at 80 degrees. another check with what's happening with the roads. >> good news out of pinellas county where a crash 54th that one in the clearing stages, still southbound lanes blocked of 41 south of the little
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alternate route and still have lanes blocked at 41 and county line road sun coast parkway a good alternate route right now.
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. a tale of 2 cubas while some celebrate his brother declares # days of mourning for nation. we're live with the very latest. >> and it's cyber monday we'll show you how bay area workers are playing a big part in today's online shopping rush and take you behind the scenes during the cyber monday madness. >> plus worried you overdid it at the table this past weekend, well, we'll introduce you to unique work out that can help you burn extra calories this morning.


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