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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  November 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. a tale of 2 cubas while some celebrate his brother declares # days of mourning for nation. we're live with the very latest. >> and it's cyber monday we'll show you how bay area workers are playing a big part in today's online shopping rush and take you behind the scenes during the cyber monday madness. >> plus worried you overdid it at the table this past weekend, well, we'll introduce you to unique work out that can help you burn extra calories this morning.
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. >> time now is 6:00 as we head back to work ed is here with what you need to know as you hit the roads. >> good news if you were hitting the road this morning perhaps traveling to the north maybe visiting the area but heading back home today dry commute this morning if you're getting out on the roads. the only trouble spot got showers north of miami this morning. temperature wise a bit of a milder start with 62 in largo, waking up to 57 in ier rising throughout the morning, a warmer air mass already beginning to move into our area. so 64 at 8:00 this morning. we will see scattered clouds 76 by noon and by this afternoon 80 degrees, temperatures still staying above average. coming up we'll take a more detailed look at the day hour by hour. good news the greater tampa metro area is free of any
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crash on southbound 41 near fox place that's south of the little manatee river. blockage old 41. an accident clearing up in st. t 54th, not seeing any delays there. should be completely gone soon and in spring hill -- rather u.s. 41 blocked at county line the sun coast parkway is an alternate. now, back to the desk. well, killing a tow truck driver sunday morning is expected in court today to face dui and dui manslaughter charges. troopers say perez hit and killed tow truck driver rayhan. he was parked with all of his emergency lights act visited on the side of the road helping a stranded motorist. tow truck prayers are angry that drivers did not
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. >> people aren't being responsible, people aren't being considerate of other people. i was brought up you move over when you see somebody on the side of the road no matter who they are, but we tow truck prayers are first responders. >> 42-year old rayhan. >> he's the third tow truck driver killed while on the job this year. mcguire was hit and kid on i-75 last month. roger perez was frankland bridge back in february. today may be one of the biggest shopping days of the year and as people take to their computers for cyber monday workers right here in the tampa bay area are helping to make it all possible. this morning we're taking you inside cyber monday live inside the amazon distribution center. this has got to be one of busiest places in town this morning. . >> reporter: you are certainly right about that. good morning to you. today is expected to be
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day of the thanksgiving holiday weekend but of the entire year, and i think that's because there is nothing better than doing all of your shopping in your pajamas. take a look behind me. you can see thousands of ordersg filled here being prepared to be sent out to customers. now, it is expected to be the large electronics or expensive items online shopping day in history. last year on cyber monday ordered more than 54 million items worldwide and expected this year will be even bigger. ahead of christmas one of most clicked items of course will be toys for kids. amazon can be a one stop shop for customers. . >> i think it's really because of the convenience and the value, they know that amazon they're going to get the best price. we scour for deals every day to meet or beat all of the prices for our customers. last year customers ordered 54 million items with us.
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. >> reporter: now, tampa is one of the select markets in the united states that does have prime now which delivers items in 2 hours or less that means if you start shopping now you could potentially have your christmas shopping list done by lunchtime. now, when you think of amazon you might think of things that you can get in big box stores things that might be commercially made but they have a handmade section on their website, these are all items that were done by an at get your christmas shopping down in the comfort of your own home on your computer or on your smart phone and you can support local artists right here in the tampa bay area. >> so many ideas and great options for everyone. thank you. right now cuba begins the official mourning period after the death of former leader fidel castro. flags in havana and across the island are flying at half staff.
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large public memorials are scheduled throughout the week. castro died friday night at the age of 90. his brother made the announcement on cuban tv. minutes later cuban americans reacted with celebrations in the streets of little havana in miami. they have big plans to mark the death of fidel castro. we have been in little havana since the news broke. good morning. it has been a busy weekend in miami. . >> reporter: yeah, busy and emotional weekend for miami's cuban community, now, the next step is a big rally and march planned at this spot where i'm at right now. it's the bay of pigs memorial that's set to happen wednesday. let me give you a closer look. it's meant to honor those who died during a u.s. backed invasion of cuba back in 1961. well, wednesday's
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calling for this event among them supporters of the ladies in white who are a group of women who marched silently. many of those who have spent all weekend celebrating here in the streets of miami particularly in little havana plan to answer that call. >> very important for me because i feel even though i've been here ever since i was very little, i feel like a cuban and i have to to get together and be strong. >> t sign of hope, is the beginning of a new -- of new beginning, new -- a change in cuba that is so necessary for people in cuba. . >> reporter: well, i spoke to those women outside of the famed restaurant, a town square of the community which has been the center of celebration over the past few days as you see here and i happened to be with the
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broke then we headed straight to the restaurant and already late friday night there was a large mass of people chanting, waving, cuban and americans flags. right now miami's cuban community is looking toward the future thinking that with fidel castro's death and changes here in the united states when it comes to our future president donald trump, that communism in cuba may soon local officials thinking about the immediate effects of castro's death perhaps a mass migration of cubans coming to florida. well, the time right now is 6:08 on this cyber monday. how's it looking out there? >> i'll tell you what a lot of folks are starting to get out the door here and heading back to work and school weather wise
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for you this morning and throughout most of the day as well. temperature wise it's a milder start we're starting off with 60s out there. by the time we get into this afternoon it will be warmer than average. those numbers will top off around 80 for today. still hanging onto 40s and 50s to the north but also seeing a lot more 60s on the map and these numbers are about 5 to 10 degrees warmer locally than we were this time yesterday and look at the warm up that's underway across other parts of the deep south. nashville 26 degrees morning, and that's a sign of what's coming. we have a cold front on the way and our winds locally will start to become more southeasterly. even as we go into the afternoon you see the specs of blue that indicates where we could have quick moving showers. rain chances only 10% for today most of us will miss out on that but a slightly better rain chance on thursday. certainly do need the rain.
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>> yeah, sounds like it. we're definitely seeing back to a more traditional rush hour. nobody is jammed up on 275 but seeing more folks hitting the highways. your bay area bridges are quiet, ruskin still dealing with that crash southbound 41 at fox place that's south of the little manatee river. continue to use old 41 as your alternate route. otherwise pretty quiet. now, back to the desk. fans are celebrate another home win shutting down wilson and the seahawks. winston threw a pair of touchdown passes. the bucs have won 3 consecutive games and are now 6 and 5, and back into contention for a playoff spot. next the chargers -- i'm sorry. just skipped that they're on
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>> the lightning are hoping to turn things around after a bad night in boston. the bruins scored 3 goals in the second period. they couldn't come back. the lightning are 13 and 9 and third in the division. next the blue jackets on tuesday. well family gatherings and holiday parties sometimes is hard not to gain weight during the holiday season. >> yeah, up next i'll introduce you to unique work out that could help you calories. >> and a controversial name for trump tower thanks to google maps why the search engine is now apologizing. you're watching news channel 8 today on
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the man who hit an elderly woman w a target store has turned himself in. he turned himself in after investigators put his picture on social media. according to investigators he walked out of the target in another on saturday with hundreds in stolen goods. he got in his truck and drove off on his way hitting an 82-year old woman. the woman suffered a broken hip but is expected to recover. across america this morning an ohio congressman is challenging house democratic
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have battled it out since the election on who should chart a future course for the party 689 tim ryan says that to regain a majority democrats need a quote new message and leaders. house democrats are expected to vote on wednesday as to who will serve as minority leader. a march was held in washington d.c. this weekend to support held a slow moving water is life march. protesters have gathered in standing rock reservation in north dakota to protest against an underground oil pipeline. protesters say the nearly $4 billion pipeline with threaten drinking water and cultural sites. gunfire range out at a movie theater in northern california. last night a security guard shot a man at a theater. security guard claims the man threatened him and claimed he had a gun.
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on the victim. as for the man he is expected to survive. well, the new york tower of president elect donald trump got a deflated new name over the weekend. someone renamed donald trump tower as dump tower. they apologized and fixed name. stuffing ourselves with stuffing, turkey and all the trimmings thanksgiving is behind us and the left ove some calories. this morning i check in about secrets to dropping pounds during the holidays and their coach that sees them through a work out designed to shred fat away. >> it's a combination of a number of different workouts wrapped up into one. kelly's crazy cardio classes earned her all 3 best of the bay fitness categories, group trainer and gym.
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>> in the warehouse district of downtown st. petersburg work outs combine cardio with weight training and popular sports like boxing. >> if you peek that heart rate >> and believe it or not ladies weight lifting is key to burning fat. >> everybody needs weights. women and men. >> an now advice from the people seeing results. >> i was 30 pounds heavier. >> you lost 30 pound >> um-hum, yes. i cannot say it's easy. it's never easy but get better. first you can not do it and then you can and everybody is like yeah yeah, you did it. >> create a buddy system z. it's encouraging. >> you had to do it. >> find a work out that is ever changing. >> every class is different. >> and like i learned the hard way just when you think you can't go on another minute. >> what's a matter your shoulder sore. >> the minds gives up way before
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out to you. you made it lieu the whole class. >> it was not easy. . >> and fitness experts will tell you don't wait until the new year to start your regimen. it's easier to do now so you can ease into it and far less likely to throw in the towel after a few weeks versus starting it at the very start of the week. everybody waits until january. out street cred going there. all right. ed is here to look at our weather >> perhaps you're inspired by that want to get out and jog. perfect conditions. our teddy bear round up underway right now. we want to get as many as we can as we're partnering again with the rough riders delivering the bears to the folks that need them the most this holiday season.
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from freedom plaza. sunrise after 7:00 this morning. we've been on a dry spell. on a typical november we have over an inch of rain. if we don't get any more rain before thursday this will be tied for the second driest november on record for tampa bay. for today though we're going to have more of a south wind hoping to increase our moisture and a very slim rain chance. only 10% but with higher moisture ahead of our next frontal boundary we anticipate that rain chance upcoming thursday. highs will stay warm in the 80s, time for a check of how the roads are doing. we're seeing more folks hitting the roads but we are delay free right now on the courtney campbell, howard frankland and gandy bridges also still looking okay southbound 275 from the apex in through downtown. not seeing any delays just yet. westbound i-4 same thing goes there so far a nice looking trip in through
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ruskin where an accident on 41 near fox place, that one is clearing now. so you'll see some activity but you can get by. we do still have road block in spring hill 41 blocked at county line road, cold breath road or sun coast parkway those are your alternate routes. playing for gold >> not olympic gold, beer gold up next how a gold beer win you a super bowl tickets for life. you're watching news
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breaking news you're watching live as firefighters from 2 counties battle fire on gold vista court where a manufactured home has caught on fire. you can see a lot of
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the scene right now. it looks like a very active scene. we understand that it was really burning heavy so it looks like possibly firefighters have made a lot of progress on this. there are concerns that someone who lives in the home may still be inside. we're going to keep you updated on the story and bring you more information just as soon as we get it. in this morning's consumer watch going for gold. starting today a gold can in ak bowl tickets for life. they'll randomly put 37,000 gold cans in select packs of bud light. if you find one of the cans you can enter for a chance to win super bowl tickets every year for up to 51 years. donald trump's twitter outrage over calls for a recount of the election. >> new what he's tweeting and
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let's head outside live to look at beautiful downtown tampa. a lot of cars moving across the bridge. a little bit of rain could be on the way. weather and traffic on the 8s,
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it is back to work and back to sch stop conditions fairly nice this morning a little bit cool but most areas warmer than this time yesterday. by this afternoon 80, breezy and on the muggy side. temperatures will likely stay warm through most of the week ahead with temperatures in the low 80s cooling off a bit by friday. new accident reported in st. petersburg northbound 275 at exit 25, that's the 38th avenue north. right now i'm not seeing
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check of the traffic cameras for you though. southbound 275 in tampa report of an accident near west shore also not seeing any delays here.
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a tow truck driver tragedy, the driver killed while trying to help others on a bay area highway, we have the latest on the suspected drunk driver accused of taking his life. and floridians take to the streets for a third night after the death of fidel castro. we're live in miami with the latest with the hopes for the island nation. plus cyber monday shopping madness. we'll take you live inside an amazon warehouse right here in hillsborough county as hundreds of bay area workers are already busy filling holiday orders from around the world. good morning and welcome to news
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. >> time now is 6:30 and ed is in for leigh spann. >> good morning. and it is starting to get brighter out there. we're about a half an hour away from our sunrise. crystal clear skies this morning. temperatures generally in the 50s and 60s and it's a clean sweep this morning on max defender 8. it should stay quiet for most of us. 59 for plant city, chilly 46 in inverness. warm up to 80 today but a very slim chance of a shower especially south of i-4 today, that's where we could see just a quick moving shower. most of us will get breezy and humid as well. coming up we'll take a look at the 8-day temperature trend. but right now rush hour getting closer and closer. >> we have a problem in st. petersburg northbound 275 near exit 35.
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taking up the inside lanes so you'll want to be on the lookout for that. eye be backing up to 22nd avenue north here in the next couple of minutes unless they get the lanes reopened. accident southbound 275 at west shore no delays there. now, back to the desk. happening today after spending the weekend scouring the stores millions people are could see seeing up with their computers this cyber monday to score some big holiday deals online and ever news channel 8 is live inside the amazon fulfillment center in ruskin where workers pick, package, and ship your orders. i know it's early but it seems like it's already busy. . >> reporter: oh, yes, it certainly is. it's also very loud here inside of the fulfillment center and that's because these belts are working overtime this cyber monday to fulfill those orders. the
6:33 am
demands. today is set to be the largest shopping day of the year and it's expected to be the largest online shopping day in history. last cyber monday amazon customers ordered more than 54 million items worldwide and expected that this year will be bigger. last year amazon customers purchased more than 33 electronics items per second on mobile devices alone. those items again this year. robots and people work together at this facility. >> the robots will help maximize storage space. we actually have robots carrying stacks of products to the associates and then they pick from that and put it in the tote which you see behind us and then they pack it. . >> reporter: this facility here in ruskin is the size of about 28 football fields and holds
6:34 am
employees that work here, and i did ask one of the employees what some of the most popular christmas items would be today on cyber monday that they think people would be ordering and they said that they think that stem toys things that deal with engineering for children will be very popular and also items that are about this new star wars movie that's coming out. check out what i found. this is a darth vader mask put on. it changes your voice to sound like him. we have a lot of star wars fans back at the station. i think i might need to pick up one of these to bring back to the station. >> all right. thanks. we're following breaking news for you right now. you're taking a live look at firefighters from 2 counties battle a fire in odessa. a manufactured home has caught on fire. you can see a lot of smoke pouring into the sky and
6:35 am
home. there are concerns that someone who lives in the home may still be inside. of course we are continuing to follow this story and bring you the latest updates moons we get them. a suspected drunk driver is expected in court today accused of hitting and killing a tow truck driver on i-275. 30-year old perez is facing dui manslaughter charges in connection with the crash on i-275. investigators say perez hit danny rayhan. he was helping 2 motorists when it happened. his friends and colleagues are angry. >> people aren't being responsible, people aren't being considerate of other people. i was brought up you move over when you see somebody on the side of the road no matter who they are. >> to think another one, another one of us , you know i've been doing this so long, another brother, another
6:36 am
want everyone to remember the move over law that requires drivers to move over a lane or slow down when police, first responders or tow truck drivers with flashing lights are on the side of the road. as for the man accused of killing the tow truck driver we just checked and perez remains behind bars this morning. he is scheduled to appear in court in just a few hours. well this just keeps happening rayhan is the third driver killed while on the job this year. was hit and killed on i-75 in october helping other drivers after a crash when a pickup plowed into him. he worked for sun point towing in ruskin. troopers arrested mill egg in that case and claim he was driving drunk at the time. in february roger perez was also killed while helping a stranded driver. he was on the howard frankland bridge at the time.
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death of fidel castro. cuban americans took to the street a third night last night and today they're planning a more formal event to mark the occasion. . we're joined now from the little havana neighborhood. good morning. . >> reporter: ladies, good morning, that event set to happen wednesday at the bay of pigs memorial. you see it here behind me. this memorial meant to honor those killed in a cuba back in 1961, but the march and rally wednesday is in part meant to honor all who have died or suffered as a result of fidel castro's regime. you can see different groups gathering send to call for this event among them the ladies in white. they're a group of women. exile leaders now, call for all miami cubans to come forward wednesday.
6:38 am
the old like us and of the young. of the men and of the women of the black and of the white . all united behind an ideal, a dream, and a commitment for the freedom of cuba. . >> reporter: well this all follows more than 48 hours of gatherings on street corners throughout miami. the largest group in fronted of the police shutting down the street in front of that place all weekend as the crowds grew cubans and cuban americans alike celebrating the renewed hope for the beginning of a change of cuba's economic systems with the death of fidel castro. many dancing, chanting and waving flags. it's a moment this community has been waiting for a very long time many, of course dying before this historic
6:39 am
pictures of their dead relatives. right now the cuban community is looking towards the future wondering what this could mean and believe that with the death of fidel castro and the new political climate here in the u.s. with trump being elected president that communism could be toppled in cuba. meanwhile local officials concerned about the immediate effects which could be mass migrations from cuba to our florida shores because uncertainty may be growing there >> this could be a huge pivot point in history. let's turn things over to ed. looks like it's going to be not too bad of a day. >> fairly comfortable conditions out the door this morning. by the afternoon more warmth coming your way thanks to the winds. that's going to also keep us warm but also going to make us more humid as well. temperatures likely to stay
6:40 am
64 now in tampa, 57 for venice and 58 for winter haven this morning. there's a look at our rapid refresh model. it's painting a bit of a breezy scene. i want you to know what happens during the afternoon you see the dots of blue those are quick moving showers that may be able to form and slide through our area. anything we get we certainly will take. it stays warm right on through thursday just a little bit of likely staying at or above average. let's take you outside. heating up northbound 275 in st. pete a crash near 38th avenue north. it's off to the shoulder now. traffic getting by but a little bit slow back to 22nd avenue north in tampa delays now southbound 275 in through sly westbound i-4 into downtown also westbound i-4 at macintosh.
6:41 am
goes on a twitter rant. >> what he's tweeting about hillary clinton and calls for a recount. >> and stuck on a water tower in citrus county, coming up why a man climbed to the top in the first place. >> and violence rocks the big easy during holiday celebrations up next what investigators think sparked gunfire that left one dead and 9 other injured. you're watching news channel 8
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growing controversy over the presidential election. today officials will meet to sea timetable for a recount. jill stein is leading the call and demanding recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. hillary clinton's campaign is joining
6:45 am
and on top of that our voting machines are very open to hacking. >> this is a fundraising driven fraud by a person who won 33,000 votes in wisconsin to trump who won 1.4 million. >> president elect donald trump is outraged by the recount calls and lashed out on twitter with several tweets including one in which he quoted clinton saying across america this morning a shoot out in new orleans french quarter. one person is dead and 9 others are injured. it all started with an argument between 2 men saturday night. someone pulled out a gun and started shooting. a 25-year old was killed in the cross fire. 9 other people were injured. investigators believe the 2 suspects are not from the new orleans area.
6:46 am
which is 4 days of festivities that included a thanksgiving day parade, a saturday football game, and the saints game on sunday. a 16-year old junior firefighter is shot and killed at a pennsylvania fire station. this happened in red stone township near pittsburgh. it happened inside the fire station. investigators arresting and charging a 21-year old. they are not revealing information about the circumstances surrounding the shooting. morning about a missing mother found alive 3 weeks after she disappeared in northern california. a mother of 2 disappeared while on a run november 2nd. the only items found were ear buds and hair. well, this weekend she was found on the side of a rural road 150 miles south of where she disappeared. investigators say she was bound by restraints but was able to flag down a driver.
6:47 am
for 2 women they believe kidnaped her. a deadly crash kills a member of a local band out of the another area. the crash happened in hudson on u.s. 19 near beach boulevard when an suv and motorcycle slammed into each other. investigators aren't releasing details but the bearded brothers band announced on facebook that rob cartright was the motorcyclist killed in that crash. this morning police are searching for a they want to find dan david shore. he was last seen saturday night on 14th street north. police believe he is armed and a danger to himself. police say do not approach them and instead give them a call. what goes up must come down, well, not always. a man climbed up a water tower in citrus county and gets stuck. the sheriffs office shared these pictures with us. they tell us
6:48 am
town so he decided to climb up the towers. when he got to the top there was no plan b and could not figure out how to get down. so firefighters ended up helping the man down. no one was hurt. well, this morning a group of puppies dubbed a box of chocolates are waking up in new homes. earlier this month someone dropped off all these sweat heart pickups in tampa bay. as part of a massive black them were adoted. -- adopted. ed is here with a look at our weather. >> daily dose of cute this morning. our teddy bear round up underway. make sure you bring in your brand new teddy bear over to the news center or our various drop off locations.
6:49 am there's the view in tampa. i've been watching these birds hanging out. lots of clear sky out there, a few clouds this morning. but no rain in the area as of yet. max defender 8 running free and clear. 64 degrees this morning, 76 by noon getting to 3 p.m. near 80 degrees and there will be just a small chance of rain later today. our rpm forecast model is painting that out. note the that's rain very quick moving showers. really nothing substantial is coming our way but a slightly better rain chance that comes our way that will happen on thursday. highs will stay in the 80s with lows in the upper 60s. time for traffic on the 8ings. >> we have an accident in st. pete northbound 275 off to the inside shoulder now near 38th avenue north. traffic is slow back into downtown.
6:50 am
strictly an onlooker delay. southbound along memorial highway seeing that typical morning heavy traffic there. 275 southbound now very slow in through hillsborough avenue westbound i-4 from 50th street in through downtown you're heavy there. also along i-4 westbound southbound 75 from south of fletcher in through i-4 disagreed. and also a southbound 75 past 52. looks like it's in the clearing stages but some slow traffic on 52. >> all right. thanks so much. an odd sight at a skating park in japan. frozen fish in the ice. nearly 5,000 fish were froze on purpose. organizers explained the i can't do was to give visitors the sense of skating atop the sea.
6:51 am
online. the rink is closed and the organizers are apologizing. >> double think that one, right. >> well, what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> including cyber monday. we take you inside the amazon warehouse to see how workers are filling your cyber monday orders. >> and breaking news where crews are fighting a house fire this morning. we're live with the latest on the situation. it's 6:51 and you're watching news
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6:54 am
we're following breaking news, fire crews are on the scene of a fire on golf vista court. this is a live picture. officials tell us one person isd there's concern that there might be another person inside. well, this morning millions of americans are shopping in the
6:55 am
we're taking you inside an amazon warehouse where local workers are already filling those online orders. . >> reporter: they certainly are. good morning to you. last year amazon customers orde5 4 million items just like this online on cyber monday and this year those numbers are expected to be even bigger. now, this facility employees thousands of people and is the size of about 28 football fields. it housess to be shipped. on cyber monday last year amazon customers purchased more than 33 electronics items per second on mobile devices alone. those items are expected to be popular again this year. cuba begins 9 days of mourning after the death of fidel castro. he died friday at the age of 90. today in cuba thousands are expected to visit
6:56 am
in miami cuban americans filled the streets to celebrate his death. they are hopefully his passing will usher in changes for family and friends still living in the island nation. today a suspected drunk driver is headed to court. perez is accused of hitting and killing a tow truck driver on i-275. rayhan was helping 2 motorists at the time. he's the third tow truck driver to die on today wisconsin election officials will meet to discuss the recount of the presidential votes. president elect donald trump is questioning their motivation. bucs fans are celebrating team's third straight win. they won 14 to 5 and are now 6 and 5 and second in the nfc south next up they take on the chargers on sunday. nice start to the day
6:57 am
it is 65 degrees, clear skies to get us started this morning, 50 for zephyrhills, chilly in inverness as 48 and the numbers will climb quickly. partly cloudy and more humid by noon. those chances of rain increasing just a bit to 10% by the afternoon with high of 80. better rain chances by thursday at 20%, just a touch cooler as we end the work week. in st. pete northbound75 crash near 38th avenue on inside shoulder but traffic is slow back to downtown st. petersburg. delays on the howard frankland tampa side southbound along the veterans expressway as you approach 275, also southbound along the veterans expressway you're going to find some delays there. definitely back to that morning rush hour and then our typical trouble spots southbound along 275 from south of bierce in through hillsborough avenue, wednesday's event bound i-4
6:58 am
mlk and downtown, southbound 75 near fowler and northbound 75 in the brandon area and finally westbound i-4 near macintosh road. slow there. so i guess one can say the holiy weekend is over. back to work time to waste time at your desk shopping. >> you're pulling double duty today doing traffic and found great ways to find steals and deals on >> absolutely. save you some thanks for joining us this morning. >> of course we're going to stay on top of all the breaking news, weather and traffic do you remember the day. catch our updates during the today show.
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good morning. sore winner? donald trump now claiming voter fraud cost him the popular vote. this just hours after hammering hillary clinton for backing recount efforts in key swing states. but is there any p illegal voting? and at this point, does any of it really matter? bidding farewell. cuba begins nine days of official tributes for fidel castro. but not everyone there is mourning the former dictator's death. we're live in havana. chaos on bourbon street. visitors of the popular new orleans tourist spot run for cover as gunfire between two men erupts in the french quarter. one person killed, nine others wounded.


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