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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  November 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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dangerous thieves caught on camera, the group of moving steps that into a tampa gu that leads to their arrest. a battle over medical marijuana. why some bay area towns are trying to ban marijuana next -- dispensaries. raging wildfires in tennessee. it is forcing the evacuation of thousands of threatening many tourist attraction nation -- attractions . good morning.
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been so far. that is how we roll wrap up the month today. these temperatures already way above average by about 10 degrees. low 70s tampa, 71 moving down toward venice. the dewpoints very sticky, middle and upper 60s. 70 degrees plant city. it is muggy and that is why it is so warm this morning. the southeast winds -- wind air. will see gusts up above 20 miles-per-hour. max defender 8 quiet this morning. we could track a few stray showers this afternoon with high temperatures up around 83 degrees. we will wafer slightly better chances tomorrow before the week cold front arrives. half the end of the hurricane season. >> that is right. officially at least on the canner -- calendar. we had a hurricane in january
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traffic is generally light up until around 6:30. that seems to be the case today. this includes 75 down toward brandon. 301 also looks good. downtown tampa starting at 1:00 this morning, frank the will be closed between tyler and cast -- ban. will need to use florida . a tornado that tore through alabama early this morning has killed 3 people and injured many more. fallen trees blocked roads with crews working as fast as they could to clear it. homes were damaged by falling trees that knocked in roofs and walls. a trust in a bus can be seen tipped over on the side of the highway. the storms are expected to continue into the day. right now do you recognize anyone in the surveillance
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into the tampa gun store in just 2 minutes . now detectives need your help to catch them. the atf and the firearms industry is offering up a $10,000 reward for any information that could put these guys behind bars. mary mcguire has been covering the story since we brought it to us breaking news yesterday morning. the big question is, do detectives think that they are dealing with an organized gun rang here? >> reporter: if you look at the damage that these crooks left behind you can tell that this was no mistake. these guys were determined and deliberate cleaning up the store in less than 2 minutes. just check out this wild surveillance video from inside the store. the bad guy smashing crash their truck into the store shattering the front windows. they run into the gun store grabbing everything they see. after seeing the surveillance video, friends of the gun store's owners are in shock. >> they drove it through the front window, backed the truck
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and took all the guns. now the atf and the firearms industry are offering 10,000 reasons to do the right thing, a big reward for anyone that turn to these guys in. detectives are following strong leads. the big question: where are the guns that were stolen? we spoke with detectives and also atf agents and they say the stolen firearms can be very also i flee markets and sometimes they are shipped across the state even to another country. it is amazing to think that this was all done in less than 2 minutes. >> you watch that surveillance video and you see these guys had a plan of action. they got in and out so quickly. the use of medical marijuana was just given the green light by florida voters
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zephryhills city leaders just past a hillsborough from preventing dispensaries from opening within city limits. ryan hughes is live in this morning. ryan, is this even legally possible? good morning, once again city leaders say it is an they put a temporary hillsborough into place so they can look at the issue further and determine where dispensaries should be built. the ordinance was just past but the hillsborough to stay in place for more than a year . marijuana supporters about this calling it a health issue seeing some people are just -- are in dire need of marijuana. city leaders say they are just being careful because they don't want dispensaries opening your schools and churches. some experts don't like it. >> the citizens of the state of florida, 70 percent of those voted for amendment 2. they have also spoken so it is very difficult to say a local over we're not going to do this and
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>> reporter: this isn't the only place where the hillsborough has happened. trent -- . the manatee county's sheriffs office needs your help to find a missing teenager. this is the picture of the 15- year-old. she is believed to have run away from her home without medication on monday. if you have manatee county sheriffs office. new information on the stabbing death of a plant city woman. plain city police tell us 31- year-old rocio -- plant city police tell us 31-year-old rocio was stabbed to death. they believe her attacker left the scene in her van. the van was later recovered but her killer has not been caught. happening right now, wildfires burning tourist destinations. take a look at the pictures of these wildfires
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and businesses were either destroyed or badly damaged as winds fueled the flames. at least 3 people have been killed and 14,000 people have been forced to back weight. the flames came close to dollywood but the theme park was spared significant damage. >> you go get dinner and some groceries for the week, and you head back and find out you can't get back to your family our see the children those are our babies. we still aren't sure. there is so much continued fires and they are having such a hard time battling them. more video coming into our newsroom this morning of those fires. take a look at the destruction in some places. entire neighborhoods charred. authorities are beginning to assess the damage. officials are investigating what started the fires and have not ruled out arson. such a
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my parents went on their honeymoon there 30 years ago. people plan all these trips during the holiday. it is a magical place and it is hard to look at the video. everything seems to be destroyed. it is a wonderful place and so sad to see this happen. i see -- i think a lot of people see this video and ask how could this happen ? this is exactly how it could happen. the united states drought monitor, you see the balls i've read across the southeast. that is extreme and portion of that part of the country. they got no rain. he got so dry and unfortunately this is the risk reward -- we run with dry conditions. a severe thunderstorm warning was issued with wind gust up around 60 miles-per-hour possible. the red shading is a tornado watch. this front is headed our way tomorrow but in an almost completely diminished state
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working on through thursday in a great shower chance this afternoon. we have high temperatures back up into the low and mid 80s. temperatures right now running about 10 degrees above average. this morning middle and upper 60s. muggy, extra cloud coverage may be a stray shower but slightly a better chance tomorrow. we do have one accident now to tell everyone about. it is in pinellas park along park boulevard at 60th way. right now we have truck ambulance, and a patrol car on scene. we have already had another ambulance come and go so we are thinking that this one will clear pretty quickly. i will keep you posted otherwise we are accident free across sure bay area bridges, all of them within the green for now. your interstates are also up to speed as well as the veterans expressway. another update in a few minutes. 8 on your side's special coverage, cuba mourns castro.
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toward today -- tour today. hundreds of thousands of people came together for castro's final farewell. a national security advisor and the chief diplomat were among world leaders attending the event. many residents praised their leader. >> that legacy, we not forget that -- we will not forget that , never fight to defend that idea. >> many in the crowds were seen chanting, waving flags, and even crying as they remember the life of castro. his ashes will start across country procession from havana to santiago de cuba later today . dashes will be interred sunday at a special ceremony in santiago, the city were castro started his revolution. keep it right here in news
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cuba all week in the wake of castro's death. mark your calendars, news channel 8 is hosting kindness day on december 9. is an annual tradition right here at our studios on south parker street in tampa. you are welcome to drive by and drop off a toy. we are also excepting teddy bears and blood donations for one blood. winter is coming to north dakota. that means the clock is ticking fighting against the dekoda access pipeline. us army corps of engineers has issued a december 5 deadline for them to leave the protest site. how the protesters are reacting. plus it is usually a drawn out process but now in a few seconds it is done. yes, there is an app for that. coming up, how technology is changing the plans we arrange
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in this digital age it seems like you can almost do anything on your smart phone or computer. a new funeral business here in the bay area is giving customers the option of making
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convenient new option. from grabbing food to ordering a ride, consumers have the power to do almost anything with the swipe on their smart phone. the services are aimed for folks above ground but now things are taking a turn 6 feet under. >> you are able to do all of the arrangements online from selecting the earn or the keepsake items that your family may want to paying and filing all of the necessary documents >> bay area families make and pay for cremation arrangements for themselves or loved one online. >> you go right choice and then you can start planning -- taking old- school funeral business and bring it into the digital age. >> two thirds of all adults shop on live every month -- online every month and one so does every week so it appears that the time has come for this concept. >> the idea of preplanning
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believe it could be a gift to yourself that keeps on giving. >> prearrange in your funeral is a gift your family in the future so they don't have to worry about it when you pass away. it is already taken care of >> families can also visit the right trace cremation facility in brandon if they prefer to make arrangements in person right choice cremations also offers customers a full refund if they are not satisfied with >> not fun to talk about but something we all have to face eventually. across america this morning after nearly 5 months, officials are dialing up the pressure on the pipeline protesters in north dakota. members of the standing right -- standing rock tribe and supporters are trying to stop the completion of the dekoda access pipeline . they say the pipeline will threaten the
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are warning protesters that they will start blocking people and supplies from entering the protest campsite. members of the tribes say they are not budging. >> we fully understand the risk of every direct action we take, and we are willing to take those risks and put our lives on the line because we deeply believe that water is life therefore we must you everything in our human capacity to protect it. north dakota governor also warned protesters about the winter weather which will only get worse. he said first responders will no longer be responsible for rendering aid for th are underwater on their trade- ins. according to a recent report an estimated 32 percent of all trade-ins toward the purchase of a new car from january through september had negative equity. that is the highest rate on record. so-called upside down car shoppers had an average of 4000, $832 of negative equity -- $4832 of negative equity at
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is also a record high. coming up now on 6:18 and we are here with the look at the weather. max defender a very quiet on the spinal morning of november, a mild and muggy one. we could see the potential for stray shower or 2 headed into the 2nd part of the day. for now just a few clouds passing through the tampa bay area. on the activity is with the cold front back to the north anst through the southeast. the red shading is a tornado watch on the leading edge of that watch. this line of storms have developed. we have seen a number of severe thunderstorm warnings and even tornado warnings. that front arrives here in a diminished state. a bring some small shower chances and we need them. hour rainfall this month one -- month 1/100 of an inch . november our driest month but this one has been running a deficit of better than an inch and a half.
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november. the driest one was 1960 when we receive no rainfall. there's the front approaching from the north and west. we have the potential for stray shower as humidity levels stay very high. that stray shower chance about 10 percent, breezy with a high temperature of 83. tonight some areas of fog, a few showers late. temperature stay mild in the upper 60s. shower chance thursday than we dry out toward the weekend. starting starts to our morning rush hour traffic. this is the downtown tampa junction westbound i 4 portion of that. no delays by any stretch of the imagination. what is important to note is the increase in volume. another 30 minutes from now we will see heavier traffic also we will see the building volume on southbound 275.
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the howard franklin bridge. in just over a month the college football national championship will come to raymond james stadium. >> we are only 5 days away from finding out which 4 teams will compete to play in the championship game plus they are not in the running for the national championship but the bulls have scored 10 wins this headed to there -- their own
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love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. in sports, the college football playoff picture is starting to shape up and sharpen. we are getting closer to narrowing down which teams will be on the road to tampa for the national championship. now i have to get candace some bragging rights. the committee released it's
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-- tied . they face florida in the secretary championship. this is the 2nd after beating michigan but neither of those teams will play for the big 10 chanpionship. clemson in washington slide up to fill out the top 4. both will play for their conference title this weekend. >> i'm still licking my wounds about alabama beating auburn. usf thought still couldn't crack the college football playoffs top 25. willie had his record-setting 10 win could still in a bowl game . brad mcmurphy believe the green and gold will be headed to alabama next month to play in the birmingham bowl on december 29 of holes would play
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would play a young team. it is so inspirational and me to see how they are just getting so much better. if you thought the battle of medical marijuana ended on election night, think again. coming up, the way some bay area cities and counties are already trying to put it in --
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our warm and dry november wraps up mostly dry and very warm today. temperatures already running in the lower 70s close to 80 at lunchtime. breezy and very muggy. just a stray shower possible with extra close this afternoon. high temperatures in the lower 80s. an accident now in riverview
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301 at big bend road. we are seeing some delays along the real one in that northbound direction. i will keep you posted on this one and give you an update on a crash in pinellas park after
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right now on news channel 8 today. popular tourist towns left to pick up the pieces. ragingdf of death and destruction in gatlinburg and pigeon forge, tennessee. will show you the damage done. a wild scene inside a template gun store. a crew of crooks caught on camera grabbing dozens of crohn's. others have to reward. and fidel castro still sparking controversy even in death. news channel 8 is the only local station in cuba so you can hear for yourself what the cuban people have to say about the fallen dictator.
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6:30. ian oliver is here to help you get up and out the door. we've made it to the final day of november. feels more like the first day of october. temperatures above average. low 70s in tampa. this is more than 10 degrees above average for this time of year. most spots in the upper 60s. the report also it's a muggy hermas. that's why it's so warm. 2 points at 70 in lakeland. very sticky and that will lead to some extra cloud cover as we head into the afternoon hours. the southeast wind pumping of that warm and muggy hermas pretty quickly. wind gusts again this afternoon up over at 20 miles per hour or so. this afternoon a stray shower
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>> fingers crossed for a good morning commute, however, we are seeing issues. two of them in southern hillsboro county. an accident at sun city center. also across north on 301 at big bend road. 301 is a very busy area in the morning. 275, traffic now getting heavy. in temple terrace hillsboro at 56 street. back to the desk. florida voters made medical marijuana the law of the land earlier this month but some bay area cities and counties are not happy with the new law and are pushing back by banning the dispensaries that provide patients with marijuana. ryan hughes is live this morning
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even though it was voted into law? >> reporter: good morning. they can for now. city leaders don't want the dispensaries in certain areas and they just put an ordinance in place to keep them away. that ordinance was passed. it temporarily banned dispensaries from opening in the city. the bank and stay in place as long as a year. supporters are upset about this because they call it a health issue and say some people are in desperate need of marijuana to deal with illnesse being proactive. >> we are not against the idea. it's the law. we just want to be sure before somebody comes in and says i want to open a dispensary here, we are ready for we are here will be. >> and this isn't the only place with a van. hillsboro county officials
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opening in the county and pascoe and manatee counties could soon follow suit. >> interesting to see how this plays out. 6:33. they rent a truck through the front of a tampa gun store. within minutes they made off with dozens of high-powered guns. atf officials are offering a reward to get these off the street because this adds to the number of illegal guns on the streets. how many do they manage to make off with? >> reporter: investigators believe they made off with close to 35 guns after busting right through the front window of the tampa arms company. they took a picture of long guns and handguns and it was all common camera. check out this wild surveillance video from inside
6:35 am
they pushed, they shoved, they run rate into the store grabbing everything they see. detectives say the whole heist took less than two minutes. dangerous firearms are in the hands of some dangerous criminals. >> the type of world that we are in right now with everything happening, that's just crazy. there's people running around with a bunch of guns right now. >> the big question is where these guns are this morning. we talked with atf agents and investigators who tellth as they are typically sold illegally online, at flea markets, even chapter on the state or to south america. the atf and the firearms industry is offering a $10,000 reward for anyone with information that could lead to an arrest in this case. we checked in with detectives who are working the case and they tell us that they are following up on some pretty strong leads this morning. i did have a chance to speak with the owner's early yesterday
6:36 am
but it will take a while too clean everything up. those criminals wiped out so much of their inventory here. >> like you said earlier, this is people that don't have work right now for several weeks leading up to the holidays. thank you. special coverage. cuba mourns castro. cubans flocked by the hundreds of thousands to bid a final farewell to fidel castro. news channel 8 jeff patterson reports more than a million people have come to revolution plaza for an official service for fidel castro. this blogger from cuba lives in havana who told me for him and many others this is a very special night. >> fidel castro is perhaps the last big leader of the 20th century. for us the 20th century and this week.
6:37 am
you're not because they were forced to by the government but because they want to be here. >> i think he did very good things for cuba. we have things that we didn't have before. >> the service as part of the official nine days of mourning for fidel castro. steve ruppert is from canada and was leading the tour group when the news of his death was first announced. >> it was a little surreal for me. coming here always wondered what this moment was like. it was strangely subdued. >> is there uncertainty for the future now? >> yes, i believe there is. even though fidel was not absolutely in charge during this time, he has left a mark on the government. >> some in cuba are worried that the new relationship will be reversed by incoming
6:38 am
will have to face that shift in foreign policy without fidel castro. in havana cuba, news channel 8. now we turn our attention to the ashes of gatlinburg. as the sun wrote tuesday -- sun rose today, this is what we saw. so heartbreaking. this morning the fires are blamed for at least three deaths and the destruction of more than 250 homes and businesses forcing more than 14,000 people to evacuate. some entire neighborhoods completely obliterated. >> those movies you see about apocalypse, that's what it looks like when we looked out our place. fire and smoke everywhere. >> firefighters admit they haven't been able to reach some areas. 15,000 acres have been burned so far. tennessee officials believe
6:39 am
you hear them talking about going to the grocery store and not being able to get back to their homes. >> during such a critical time of the year when so many people love to visit that beautiful area. >> such a wonderful place for the holiday season. it's so sad to see. i think the folks watching at home, you say, how could this happen? and then you look at the extreme lack of rainfall across this part of c we have the u.s. drought monitor to show you. see this bull's-eye of red here? all that red shading is either extreme or exceptional drought and that's what the southeast has been experiencing with that extreme fire weather risk. the only remedy is rain and that's what they are getting in this morning. unfortunately, it's coming with severe weather. that is a tornado watch in effect that
6:40 am
we had a tornado this morning all along that line at a number of severe thunderstorm warnings so they badly need the rain but unfortunately not with severe weather with it. this afternoon very warm again, temperatures in the low 80s which are starting off with very warm morning. step out the door for the commute, upper 60s and low 70s. feels more like the beginning of october. >> feels like rush hour. very heavy traffic. fletcher into downtown, westbound i-4 from fowler in through i-4, slow there. we have a crash with blockage now. two accidents in southern hillsborough county. good news, pinellas county, and earlier crash into nellis park has cleared. now back to the desk.
6:41 am
taps the man who helped bankroll his campaign to be the top money manager. >> it's where he worked before that is raising eyebrows. a pair of dangerous prisoners on the run this morning. how they escaped is something right out of a movie. you're watching news channel 8 today on this wednesday morning.
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president elect donald trump is claiming the big win. air conditioning giant carrier has stuck a deal to keep nearly 1000 jobs in indiana. in a facebook post, trump called the great news with more details to come. trump spent much of his campaign pledging to help keep companies from moving jobs overseas. in this case, they were going to move to mexico. carrier original plan to shut down those plans and ship the jobs to mexico. no word on why it changed its mind but as you can imagine,
6:45 am
for doing what you said you were going to do. because when it comes to presidential candidates, you know, sometimes, if not all the time, a lot of times they don't do what they promised they're going to do. >> carrier says that mr. trump will be in indiana on thursday to announce the deal but people so it is still unclear if all of the jobs will be saved. nbc news has learned that president-elect trump expected to name his former campaign finance chair as secretary treasury. the pic is sparking some controversy. he had a long career with investment bank goldman sachs which some say helped cause the 2008 recession through risky home loans.
6:46 am
for commerce secretary. this will add to billionaire businessman to a cabinet largely filled with political insiders. former gop presidential nominee met romney still in the running for secretary of state. romney had dinner with president-elect donald trump and his chief of staff. romney was critical of trump during the campaign season says they had an enlightening discussion. >> and he continues with a message of inclusion to bring people together and his vision is something which connects with the the last few weeks he has been carrying out a transition effort and i have to tell you a bit impressed by what i have seen. >> romney called the people's selected to be solid, effective, and capable. to mold the election recount begins in wisconsin but it will not be by hand. jill stein requested a recount. she alleged wisconsin's voting equipment may have been hacked
6:47 am
balance to be checked by hand against electronic tabulations. the judge felt differently saying the team did not prove a hand recount is necessary so it will be done by machines. across america, breaking news out of california. one of two inmates who saw their way out of a jail and just vanished are back in police custody this morning. authorities recapture the wrong -- lebron campbell late last night though the search continues for the other inmate. the pair cut through the bars covering and then repelled to the ground on a bedsheet rope. ice is claiming responsibility for the attack at ohio state university earlier this week. the book group called abdul razak ali artan a soldier for their cause. he used his car to drive into a group of pedestrians before going on a rampage with a butcher knife. the fbi is now scouring the
6:48 am
isis. >> it scares me that i live right next door to that and didn't even know. >> 's families fled somalia in 20 -- in 2007. of the 11 people injured in the attack, three are still in the hospital. students and staff held a vigil for the victims of the attacks last night on ohio state university campus. the 11 victims ar injuries but the concern now is the emotional trauma caused by the attack. 6:48. a look at the weather. november was very warm and dry and that's exactly how we'll wrap it up today. nothing happening this morning. the potential that we could see if you stray showers the second part of the day today with this muggy air above us. just a few clouds passing through the tampa bay area this morning. tracking some strong storms with a cold front across the southeast. this red shading you see here from a south eastern tennessee
6:49 am
tornado watch in effect. we seen a number of severe storms along that line this morning. we need some rainfall here. that front is headed our way but it'll wash out as it arrives. .01 in the month of november. a deficit of more than an inch and a half. no rainfall measured at tampa international airport in 1964 this month. cold. moving slowly to the south and . feature a bit of extra cloud cover, a stray shower possible, but will have to wait for that front for the better rain chances tomorrow pretty breezy, warm, muggy with a stray shower chance. high temperatures in the lower 80s. today temperatures drop to the upper 60s. once that front moves through tomorrow, drying out and cooling down a little moving toward the weekend.
6:50 am
southbound getting heavy from fowler in through i-4. we have a crash in east tampa at hillsboro at 56 street. you'll see delays in both directions there. westbound i-4 starting to backup from west into mcintosh road. typical morning volume there. a couple accidents in the sun city area. you also have a crash at 301 and big bend road adding to the usual stop and go traffic along 301. veterans expressway. you are slow near van dyck. now back to the desk. she was just here over the weekend but if you haven't gotten enough of dolly parton, keep it on news channel 8. >> her christmas special airs tonight at 9:00. it's the next chapter in the life of young dolly parton, is
6:51 am
>> i could never afford to buy mom a wedding ring. >> it's a story about sacrifice and what parents are willing to do for their kids and what the cult -- but the kids are willing to do so their mom and dad can have a nice christmas. >> the message may strike some as old-fashioned, but dolly says she wouldn't have it any other way. >> i can't get enough of this little leah. she is so cute. adorable. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next.
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three people are dead this morning in alabama after a string of powerful storms spawned a tornado. >> falling trees and debris
6:55 am
clear it out. homes in the area were damaged by falling trees. you can see the devastating video there. a truck and a bus could be seen tipped over by the side of the highway. a strong band of storms is expected to continue into the day. at least three people are dead after wildfires tore across the great smoky mountains and tennessee destroying at least 250 homes and businesses. winds of up to 87 miles per hour fueled the flames near the resort town of gatlinburg pigeon forge. the claims also came extremely close to dolly parton's theme park but the park was spared. voters approved the use of medical marijuana this month but at least one bay area city is resisting. ryan hughes is live where city leaders just passed a van. >> reporter: good morning from zephyrhills where city leaders enacted the ordinance that would determine where dispensaries
6:56 am
as long as a year. supporters are upset about this . they call it a health issue and say some people are in desperate need of marijuana to deal with illnesses. city leaders claim they are just being proactive and don't want dispensaries opening in areas where safety could be an issue like near schools and churches. i'm ryan hughes, news channel 8. the sheriff's office need your help finding a missing team. she is believed to have run away from her home without seen her or know where she is, please contact the manatee county sheriff's office. new information on the stabbing death in plant city. police tell us the 31-year-old was stabbed to death monday afternoon along sammons road. investigators believe her attacker left the scene and the victims van. the 2007 nissan quest. the van was later recovered but her killer has not been caught.
6:57 am
will start a crisscross procession from havana to santiago, cuba. his ashes will be in santiago sunday. the city where castro launched his resolution or campaign. mark your calendars. news channel 8 is hosting a kindness day on november 9th. it's the end of tradition right here at our studios on south parker street in tampa. you are welcome to drive by to drop off the toy. always >> very mild for this final morning. temperatures in the upper 60s. just a few clouds around the tampa bay area pretty breezy, warm, muggy this afternoon. expect some extra clouds. highs in the lower 80s. a few showers late tonight, low temperatures, mild in the upper 60s. a week front moves through bringing the chance for a few
6:58 am
headed closer to the weekend. in traffic starting to see slow traffic on the tampa side of the howard franklin bridge. those usual delays stop on 275. also, westbound i-4. south on 275 getting busy. also have a crash blocking is off on 56 at hillsboro. new information about this accident. it does involve a motorcycle. traffic is being rerouted about a block away. and 300 wanted big bend road, south big then. thank you for joining us this morning. we will be here all morning long with breaking news, weather, and traffic. >> will be back at 11:00.
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good morning. breaking overnight, powerful storms sweep across the south. a string of tornados touching down in four states. at least five people killed, do while in tennessee, the fight against those raging wildfires enters a third day. >>t was apocalyptic almost. >> this morning a firsthand look at the damage and devastation from the worst fires there in more than a century. state dinner? despite their rocky past, mitt romney emerges from a late-night meeting with donald trump and heaps praise on the president-elect. >> enlightening and interesting


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