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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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my husband is saying, "there's a tornado coming! there's a tornado coming! get the kid, get i thought we were going to die. >> killing tornado across the state. the damage is just being realized. southern wildfire, seven lives lost, it's cleanup and recovery efforts are getting under way. overnight a protester robbed by charlotte official, not to charge the officials for the killing of keith scott. later today, president-elect
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palin may join his administration. plus, 12 days of christmas will cost a little more this year. "early today" starts right now. good morning, i'm frances rivera. parts of the country woke up with all hell broken loose as some put it in states of florida, north carolina, georgia and tennessee and tornadoes ripped through alabama and mississippi, absol we begin with tennessee wildfires, where the death toll has risen to 7 after three more bodies were recovered. >> all of us are praying for those families and are very distressed at the loss of life in this situation and we continue our efforts to move into these areas and recover. rescue efforts continue
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a call with president obama. officials in tennessee say the fires are likely to have been human caused. over 17,000 acres have now been charred, i should say, making it the state's largest wildfire in over 100 years. as of this morning, just one active fire remain, with 400 families in damage, families are in necessary need of support him domly parton is offering a helping happened through her to to all those families that have lost everything in the fires. to recover, we want to make sure the dollywood foundation provides a thousand dollars a month to all those families that lost their homes in the fire until they get back up on tear feet. good to see her helping there. now, a series of tornadoes that barrelled through the southeast. bodies were recovered in alabama
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look at this video in leesburg, mississippi. that's before it became a full floernlgd. many are just recovering, they are grateful to have made it out alive. >> it was like you were on a roller coaster going side-to-side on this sand right here. it was horrible. >> i feel really lucky and i feel so sorry for the people. some houses are destroyed. i still have, you know, a roof, but it's leaking, but you know i'm lucky, >> initial reports from the weather channel puts the total number of tornado in the last two days to 31. i want to bring you breaking news, a tacoma police officer has died in the line of duty. the officer was shot multiple times and later died at the hospital. police say the scene is still active, the neighborhood is on lockdown. the suspect is believed to be
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as the procession took place. >> everyone on our police department knows everyone and, y yes, rev will feel it. >> officials have not identified the officer. he is the fourth tacoma officer in three decades to have been killed while responding to a do mettic violence call. uproar on the street of charlotte as dozens protesters decided not to charge a police officer for the fatal shooting of keith scott and they were chanting this. despite four protesters being arrested, police called the event mostly peaceful and tweeted photos of their teams listening to protester's concerns and also answering questions. earlier the district attorney said that the officer who shot
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scott's family's claims that he wasn't holding a gun when he was shot. this morning, a jury is continuing deliberations of michael slacker, he is accused of stopping walter scott at a traffic stop last year t. shooting seen here was seen on national cell phone garnering attention. the jury includes 11 white men and one plaque they have to decide whether murder or voluntary manslaughter, unlawful killing in the heat of passion. slager has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge and faces a federal trial. that is scheduled for next year. we are now 50 days away from donald trump being sworn in as the 45th president. while preparations are under way, we are getting word of another high profile name
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sarah palin is being considered to head the department of veterans affairs. while pal isn't not a veteran, she is the mother of one, perhaps more significantly, she is a trump loyalist. later today trump and vp mike perns will head to cincinnati to cake off their thank you tour. they will stop in pence's home state of louisiana. they will celebrate the news that carrier air-conditioning jobs from being located to mexico. some celebrate the news, others remain skeptical. kevin tibbles has more. >> reporter: shift change in intdi. >> our jobs are being saved. >> reporter: a move since they announced 1,400 jobs were being moved to mexico. >> to move from our production
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mexico. >> reporter: back then, candidate donald trump pounced. >> if i were in office right now, carrier would not be leaving indiana. >> that i can tell you. >> that, i can tell you. >> reporter: following negotiation over thanksgiving, a tweet from the president-elect. we will keep our companies and jobs in the u.s. why did carrier reverse course? well, details have not been released. sources familiar with the negotiation say carrier will receive tax innt state, where vice president-elect mike spens fwof. sources add united technology, a major defense contractor now avoids angering the new administration. >> 10% of technology comes president the u.s. government and the pentagon is united technology's single big customer. >> michael james that made furnaces for 18 years has questions, too.
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anything to be asked of the union. >> reporter: for raidsing a young family, relief. >> some say this is a christmas miracle here. i'll be happy the kids will be having a good christmas. we won't have that worry of daddy won't have his job. >> our thanks, to kevin tibbles. it is one of the most iconic holiday traditions in the big apple and the nation, for that matter. >> oh, that was the scene right outside our building, just steps away, you had alec baldwin and indicate mackinnon who helped flip the switch top christmas tree. revelers didn't let the rain get in the way. after the holidays being 94 foot a. norway spruce will be mild into luck ber for habitat for humanity.
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decorated a tree on the construction site. we all know we look forward to it her and fighting the crowd. just ahead, investigators think they know what brought down that brazilian aircraft taking over 70 lives. first i want to check in with bill karins on a powerful storm now leaving the northeast. bill. >> this is the same storm that produces the weather and the flames that fanned the fire. we have heavy rain in northern new england and snow this is 9, 12, 15 inches of snow for the northern half of the state, that's great. this is snowmobile and ski country, too t. rest of the country looks very quiet today compared to what we dealt with in the days past. that's a look at the big weather story of the day. now, here's a closer look at your day ahead. temperatures will be a little cool. will you see some lake effect rain showers today. we shouldn't see too much snow
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sunshine state, south florida could have that front go through could have a shower or storm. frances, this being the 1st day of december, i'll have the december outlook coming up. >> it's nice to be calm after a bumpy couple weather days. just ahead, details of a man that walked away with a pot of gold. plus, she was kidnapped and branded by her captors. now she is talking to police. the incredible and really disturbing details next. tomo every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto?- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto? was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto?.
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unless you go. i did it. you can too. ? ? whenever i try to grow out my hair, strands always break off. but pantene is making my hair practically unbreakable. the pro-v formula makes every inch stronger. so i can love my hair longer. strong is beautiful. pantene. >> i want to show where people were protesting and celebrating cuba's exile of fidel castro. they are waving both american and cuban flags. the funeral will be held on sunday. now to that stunning update
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that killed 71 people on board. many members of a brazilian traffic team. audio reveals the pilot's frantic final words repeatedly saying he was running out of fuel. nbc's keir simmons has details. >> reporter: we're asking for priority in our approach. we have a fuel problem. the fueler tells the pilot. he can start in seven minutes two. minutes later the pilot again as is an aircraft below. she asks, how much time do you have to stay put? >> human emergency the pilot responds, i'm asking for immediate descent a. short time later the pilot says the plane is in total electrical failure. an ounce of fuel. the aircraft slams into a side of the hill short of the airport. >> just so chilling to hear. the recording supports what a surviving flight attendant told
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six people survived the crash t.ntsb is sending two jet engine experts to colombia to help with the investigation. new details in this bez ar abduction in california. authorities are hunting for two women that kidnapped sherry pap pan, a 34-year-old mother of two, she was held for three weeks. investigators say she showed signs of torture and starvatati when she wasound on the >> reporter: six days after sherry papini was found chained and beaten, investigators finally have a more detailed description of the two hispanic women suspected of kidnapping her at gunpoint when she went for a jog near her home. >> both of the subjects spoke in spanish the majority of the time in her captivity t. suspects concealed their faces. >> reporter: papini spent hours
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did brand her. >> what maybe did that mean? >> maybe a method of torture or a way of exerting control over a person. >> reporter: her husband pete papini says his wife's nose was broken, her hair cropped off, her body covered if bruises from beatings. writing, she was thrown from a vehicle with a chain attached to her wrists and a bag over her head the same plague she used to there are so many unanswered questions. so far, no motive or information on where she was held for three weeks and why her kidnappers released her on thanksgiving day. investigators working with a sketch artist as detectives prepare papini's kidnapping to others in several states. papini recovers with her family by her side, her husband crediting her survival with her will to stay alive.
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is estimated to be worth about $200 million. the associated press calculated that based on fees filed in court by the trust company overseeing the estate. police in new york can sure use a rainbow. they have launched a manhunt for a thief caught on camera stealing a bucket of gold from the back of an armored vehicle. we are talking about a real bucket of gold. it happened while the guard was dist million t. suspect is believed to be in florida. hundreds of copies of "newsweek" with this headline that may be salt to the wound for some of you. look what it reads, madam president. they are being sold online, such as much as $1,000 t. publisher says 17 copies were sold before they were recalled, meaning the rest out there are fake. well, the cost of those 12 days of christmas just got a little more xpensive t. price
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up from $230 last year. guess how much they are this year? $375. pnc's yearly tracking poll of inflation finds most things on the list cost the same as last year. 12 drummers drummers, those items that rose about $233 last year to a whopping $34,363. isn't that crazy? hey, 12 days cost you. it may be the most famous fast food sandwich in the world. this is what we're talking about. >> two all beef patties on a sesame name. >> the manned behind the big mac, he died, michael james or jim delleigatti decided commerce
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>> oh, lots of angels got their wings at the 2016 fashion show. >> of course are you staring. >> i am staring at you. >> that's a joke. 51 models took to the stage. this lucky model hit the jackpot. she got to wear this year's $3 million fantasy bra. it's made of some 9,000 diamonds, emer stones. another highly anticipated. supermodel bella haddid. they broke up a few weeks ago. but they come towing on the stage for the show. she says while they are not a cup 8, they are still friends. in addition to this weekend, lady gaga performed a first for her. this is bruno mars' second time on the show. >> remember it was such a big deal so riske? >> it's coming up, december 5th it will be on, what a totally spectacular show.
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well, for me, december starts our official winter season. here's our december outlook. it looks colder than normal throughout the rockies and much of the west. new england. it looks above normal for a lot of people t. question is, will it be cold or warm enough for snow or rain? it looks like an active december, frances? thank you. state official versus issued a deadline to have a indicavaca. some 200,000 are headed to the
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at standing rock will be there december 4th to the th. it comes after police clashed with protesters over the dakt dakota pipeline. you don't have to admit, if you ever found yourself sleeping on the clock. it is costing us $411 billion. researchers analyzed the economic impact of sleeplessness on they found out america suffers the most from a tired work force losing over 1.2 million work days a year to exhaustion. workers are take days off. they suggest they implement day time naps to help fix the problem. we need a nap when it comes to "early today" and the spoir team. yeah, we can use a little. >> why can't we have nap rooms? >> i know about that, too.
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it's not every day that tater tots are making the news, cheesy tots back at burger king. they pecked the perfect pitch man. he played the best in 2004 when this cult classic came out. so of course, you know who's with him? yeah, sy figure played by actor ramirez in a commercial "they're you know what he needs to be wearing, though? the shorts from the movie. all right. it is a childhood dream come true, one of the most famous homes is up for seam. look, this is santa claus' house located in the heart of the north pole. it's listed on zillow. >> that's a deal. >> $657,000. >> does it come with a reindeer?
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santa slaig. >> santa is livin' large.
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breaking news -- a massive fire at a hillsborough county rec center. what this means for the families that use this after school site. >> he shot and killed his neighbor over an argument about skateboarding kids but trevor dooley is about to walk free from jail. why he's being released. >> and in tennessee, seven people are dead from the wildfires. crews searching the ruins for those till missing.


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