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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  December 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> ellen: anyway. now 4 headlines a 4:00. number one, community and shock: a newbie -- newly refurbished open soon burn down number 2 we are in cuba right now. coming up will tell you about a visit by members of the tampa bay history center to havana during a unique moment in history. number 3, hostages taken. a florida bank robber holds 11 people at gunpoint. >> here's number 4.: florida fish and wildlife is on a mission to save the manatees from a soon to be frigid waters of lake tarp.
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. good afternoon everyone. i am josh benson. this is first at 4. we just heard from the president-elect to is taking a victory lap today touting his first accomplishment during the election. you striking a deal that will keep 1000 jobs from leaving the country. 800 of those jobs are with the carrier plant in indiana. those jobs were going to be moved to mexico. right now it convicted killer is out of jail. trevor dooley, the man who shot and killed another man after an argument over skateboarding left jail about 45 minutes ago. we were there as he walked out. he asked to leave jail on bond when he appealed his manslaughter conviction. a judge granted that request setting his bond at $100,000. he shot and killed david james 6 years ago. he was sentenced to 8 years in jail but was granted an appeal based on problem with juried trial
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robbery distracted the gunman while the swat team slipped inside. this is the community first credit union in jacksonville. the gunman is in custody and at least 11 hostages are free and unharmed. >> developing right now the community in hillsboro county is reeling after a beloved rec center is destroyed by fire. investigators are trying to determine what sparked the flames at the wilson park rec center. mary mcguire spoke to devastated neighbors who tell us the center wa >> when we first arrived on scene here this morning lanes were shooting 30 feet up in the air. now the fire is out but this building is a total loss and a pile of rubble. on my kids went through that park right there. my nephews, nieces, kids that i call mine, over 5000 children have gone in there and made themselves somebody. that is just wow.
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fire crews tried to save the wilson park rec center. >> the kids is what we are thinking of, the after schoolers, the teenagers to come and play, the adults that come and play basketball as well to keep the community together and out of trouble, that was our hope. that was our hope. to see it like this it is emotional. back in march the owner of the tampa bay lightning in his family foundation announced they were donating $2.5 million turning it over to the boys and girls club in tampa bay. that was the largest individual gifts in the club's 90 year history and maybe -- many members were eagerly awaiting the opening of the new rec center. >> i am feeling very sad right now because it is like losing a part of the community and watching this building go up with ray beautiful. the rec center is now gone.
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>> and all it took 35 firefighters and 2 area -- aerial ladder trucks to get the fire under control . we are told the rec center was expected to we open -- reopen within the next several months . we reached out to jeff who said he and his wife about the fire and are primarily disappointed for the kids in the community. he promises to do everything he can to help with the reconstruction. officials need your help to rescue manatees from the lake before the water turns to cold for them to survive. anthony joins us now like -- live from lake tarp it . what can viewers due to help -- tarpon . what the viewers due to help? >> i just spoke with fish and
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pulled 2 manatees out of the lake both checked out with the good -- clean bill of health and now they are searching for 3rd . >> catching a glimpse of an elusive see kyle is something -- seat how i sea cow is something they have wanted to do . >> i have lived here for a lot of years in this the first time i have come upon community rescue >> reporter: one florida fish and wildlife came ashore with their first man is he of the day you know these ladies were anything but tongue-tied -- manatee of the day you know that these ladies were anything but tongue-tied. >> i'm glad that they rescue him but i know this poor creature was wondering where mi, where's the rest of my family. he gives me goosebumps -- where
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where is the rest of my family? 8 gives me goosebumps. -- it gives me goosebumps. >> the first manatee that came in was a juvenile male. his weight looked good when comparing to his length. for a juvenile he was an exceptionally good health and condition. swc worries that if manatees stay in the lake too long -- they worry it could have an adverse effect on their lp species in their comfortable and 68 degrees fahrenheit of water. any colder than that they can start to experience cold stress which means they are not going to be as healthy. they will not function properly. >> lake tarpon spans about 5 miles long. finding one of these manatees out here is like finding a needle in a haystack. the only thing they see in their nose sticking out of the water.
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tomorrow? >> during our package fish and wildlife came over and said right now if we can wait long enough, 5 or 10 more minutes they had the 3rd manatee, they pulled it out of the water in the air bringing it back in right now. they said they will also be back out here tomorrow looking for other manatees. >> good news story. it looks like the weather was not a problem for the manatee rescuers today. it is warmer than usual rolling through. it was a warm afternoon for most of us besides some of our northern counties where we are slightly cooler. despite the front moving through, there is not a whole lot of rain out there. we are tracking a few very light showers that are widening down and polk county. you had a little bit of rain and far southern highlands county but besides that all is quiet and is expected to say that way as we head into the
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few days and that is because of the cold front situated back on top of us. it is moving south as we head into tomorrow. for the start of the weekend it will be slightly cooler. you can see the temperature spread south of the front still in the mid-80s this afternoon. behind it low 70s upper 60s in our northern counties. quite a difference from north to south across our viewing area. in innsbruck 71 we expected today. of course not much in the way of rainfall. scattered clouds will continue as we head into the overnight hours. temperatures will be cooler falling back to around 60 degrees. we will talk about the weekend coming up in a few minutes. now to cuba where we have news channel 8 crew on the ground covering the death of fidel castro. it is history in the making, and 8 on your side is the only bay area new station there to cover it for
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havana to get a feel for the city and this is what he found today. >> reporter: this is the birthplace of josi. it is now a museum. it has a number of exhibits from his entire life. this week a group of the tampa bay history center just happen to arrange an -- a tour to see the exhibit and share their wealth of information. they came here and found out they may be able museum and the tampa bay history center sharing some exhibits back and forth marking josi martm's time in tampa. they also rather -- happen to be here during a stunning part in history with the passing of fidel castro. to be here at this time was a stunning thing and perhaps to establish relationships beyond this week and many others is a meaningful
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here at this place, at this time. again, jeff is the only bay area reporter in cuba right now. his next report will air at 5:00 . still ahead: will chocolate with nearly half the sugar taste as good? see how one giant chocolate company is changing it's recipe. one college is getting creative with their is substance -- acceptance letters how students are getting their answers instantly. that is
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. hackers have infected more than 1.3 million android phones through illegitimate apps. those apps were now downloaded through google play -- were not downloaded through google play . google has blocked 150,000 versions of the cyber attack and is warning users to stay away from uncertified apps. wherein the age of social media future wars. social networks have been -- feature wars have been releasing information to take part in those wars. we have answers and joining me now is our social media expert jonathan sellers. thank you for being here. >> yes, always happy. >> this is interesting because we wait for the new features and hope it doesn't change everything that used to about the app but instagram for
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this. they have really taken some of snapchat's most popular features and some of the things that snapchat integrated with and implemented it right and. instagram is old -- in . instagram is owned by facebook so they are looking at it as their own natural talent. >>-- you can do disappearing ag stole stories. if you use instagram you notice the story feature . that came from instagram -- snapchat. there also using live video but facebook is the king of live video and it is coming to instagram. >> they are all taking cues with each other. what is different with facebook? >> facebook is all over the place now. they are at the place where
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walls to see what sticks but the biggest thing i saw as they are coming out with a new job search features -- feature. companies will be able to post jobs and job seekers will be able to find right on facebook taking cue from link then.-- linkedin . >> twitter, what are they doing? >> twitter is fighting. they have been losing share. donald trump is helping by keeping his presence they are. they are they are taking cues in changing the way you message. they have increased user controls on which content you are seeing and they are also doing something almost a little pinterest like with the moments thing which allows you together tweets together that are related so you can keep yourself organize a little better. >> i haven't tried that. that would be interesting. how about snapchat? >> snapchat is doing something
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augmented reality with our -- the filters that change your appearance, they have taken another step and now they have -- they call it world wins -- lens. you can use your other camera and it puts a filter over things out in the world. they are really moving toward that type of technology so expect more from the. >> great update. we appreciate it. while we are on the subject of social media young people are staring at their phones, older people too. many of them are using snapchat . colleges are not taking advantage of this trend. years with the admissions office of uw green bay is doing for high school seniors. >> we send them a snap when they had been admitted. they would receive a snapchat before they get their package. students spend a lot of time there. >> they will screenshot the snap and respond within excited selfie.
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and it is really cool . >> good idea the school still since acceptance package -- packages but the snapchat is instant and a little more gratifying for the admissions staff. we are a little bit behind. we still have yet to jump on the snapchat bandwagon. currently we are tracking a cold front rolling throug haven't seen a lot of rain with this. we did see a couple of showers. you're lucky if you saw some at your house. you can see max defender 8 is not tracking much, one small shower and far southern highland county but that is it at this point. we are expecting it to stay quiet for the rest of the night. temperatures will be cooler as we head into the overnight hours behind the front. at 11 pm where close to 70 degrees. we will have a few clouds around for the overnight
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degrees. some areas are in the upper 50s. it will feel a little bit more like the beginning of december. still fairly mild. by tomorrow afternoon we will top out in the mid-70s. expect to see more sunshine and mostly dry through the day. currently out a new port richey we have nice breeze coming in behind the front. winds out of the northwest at 10 miles-per- hour. these locations to not pick up any measurable rainfall here or in land o lakes. we're fairly mild you really turned out to be a nice day. you can see the winds still a little mixed. 7 areas coming in out of the south ahead of the front behind it. north winds kicking in. those will increase as we head into the overnight hours and as we head into tomorrow as well . the temperatures are split as well. 7 areas out ahead of the front are still in the mid-80s. behind it places like crystal river, inverness, we have seen
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northwest winds are keeping you in the upper 60s. this front will continue to move south as we head into the next few hours. the clouds will linger into the overnight hours. when you wake up tomorrow morning it will be a little bit on the breezy side. we will see plenty of sunshine and like i mentioned a pleasant friday afternoon. mid-70s you can't beat that. saturday is looking gorgeous. typical december weather in the 50s to start off your day on saturday. by the afternoon hours it will feel like fall mid-to upper role through. that will kick up our temperatures into the low 80s as we head into the start of next week. notice hour rain chance go up quite a bit especially tuesday and thursday. the brick front -- big front row through next thursday . notice the highs behind it, mid-60s. lebron james is sports illustrated 2016 sports person of the year. the magazine shows the cleveland -- chose
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for his performance all across sports. he held delivered the city of cleveland their first major championship since 1964. he will be honored on december 12. coming up at 4:30 we will take you to lakeland for parade preparations. also news channel 8 helps 2 longtime friends reunite. see how these 2 meet up. that is in about 15 minutes developments in all the big stories with jenn holloway, julie phillips, anthony on tampa bay pet check most convenient primetime newscast every night on great 38 at 8. >> storm team 8 weather brought to you
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knowledge check in with
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paul ryan has just entered the building. >> sometimes it's hard to evaluate talent but it looks like bucs got it right with one their pics. 22 players were picked ahead of spence but one could argue the 14 -- bucs defensive end has made the greatest noise for the season. had -- he has been named rookie of the month picky force 2 fumbles last month revitalizing pass rush and helping and one. his career got off to a low start -- slow start . robert davis stern talk about toughening up. since then spence has flourished. >> it is a blessing to be able to come out here with these guys . we came together and started
4:26 pm
and i think that was a change in fort . it has slowed down more. >> i'm always trying to prove people wrong. i always play with a chip on my shoulder. >> he isn't the only bay area athlete receiving accolades. the lightning forward earned the 2nd star of the month. the 23-year-old leads tampa bay take on the blues at 8:00 tonight. major league ace balls in the player association came to terms on a new five-year bargaining agreement yesterday successfully avoiding a lockout and ensuring labor peace for 26 years the longest current span in pro sports. among the highlights, the all-star game will no longer decide home- field advantage. it will go to the pennant winner with the best record. there are a lot
4:27 pm
baseball but the president of operations matt silverman isn't sold. he spoke out against the contract today at a pre-winter meeting pressure luncheon. he is concerned it doesn't do enough to help small revenue clubs like the rays stay competitive. >> revenue clubs face a lot of obstacles especially when it comes to talent acquisition. we can't go out and spend like other clubs so other avenues to be able to acquire that talent. >> we feel like we have chance but the decca stacked against us. we know our payroll is what it is, but at some point a little bit of help, a little bit of relief would be something that we would appreciate. >> silverman suggested trades are the best way to make his club immediately better expected to wheeling deal at the meeting. >> what changes does he expect to see? >> you try to explain it. i think what he wants since the
4:28 pm
step in to assist small clubs. nothing for these next 5 years but as a whole getting the new cba done is good for baseball. >> thanks.
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indiana is offering carrier $7 billion of incentives to keep jobs in indiana and set of the offer was made after negotiations with donald trump. mike pence made the announcement as part of their jobs initiative. a good portion of gatlinburg remains an evacuation zone is wildfires continue to burn. firefighters believe the winds have called . 7 people have been killed and another 53
4:32 pm
been damaged or destroyed. a student is in police custody in use of firing a shot inside the school. by time an officer responded that student had been disarmed and apprehended by an adult. there are no reports of injury. is new deal allows the pentagon to forgive debts owed by thousands of california national soldiers. they had asked them to return of reenlistment bonuses. now soldiers that knew they were in eligible will have to repay the bonus. immigration continues to be a hot topic. if i could be brewing and how much undocumented students need for college in the state. >> reporter: a historic loft signed in 2014 that granted in- state college tuition to some
4:33 pm
of being repealed thanks to a bill filed this week. the senator signed a bill that would take away the tuition for undocumented students that attended a florida high school for at least 3 years. that ella came to florida at 6 months old from ecuador. >> why punish those students that have done everything right? you have gone through education, have applied and further their education. the bill was voted against by state representatives in 2014. nellis get a quick look at your first at 4 weather. here's julie phillips. things are looking pretty decent a max defender 8 this afternoon despite the fact we are watching a cold front row
4:34 pm
few weeks. as we take a look at the radar you can see where tracking a few showers and far southern highlands county. max defender 8 is looking clear. we're not expecting to see much rainfall for the rest of the evening. november definitely wrapped up to be a dry one officially only had 1/100 of an inch of rain putting in about the to inch -- an inch and a half of deficit summertime months of your still ahead for the year. that is good. we can definitely use some rain. it will be a little bit for the forecast. at land o lakes is 78 degrees winds coming out of the west northwest at around i miles- per-hour. as we head into the overnight hours look for our temperatures to be in the upper 60s for the most part. as we head into tomorrow it will be slightly cooler. we will have a full look at your forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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36 annual liquid christmas parade gets underway. more than 100 floats will cruise the streets for tens of thousands of people. melissa joins us live in lakeland. melissa, people are awfully excited about this parade. >> absolutely. good afternoon. they are expecting record crowds we're talking 40 we're talking 40,000 ?50,000 people. that means a lot of chairs set up. this is a tradition as well. people set these of days in advance, tying them to post in together. we even have a bench. you have to be comfortable for the parade . this also means a lot of extra security. joining me now from the lakeland police department is sergeant gary gross. we are going to talk first about the chairs. are they an issue? >> they are a tradition. the praise have been going on for a long time trying parade has been going on for a long time and people bring their chairs
4:36 pm
bring their chairs out. we try to ask citizens to be patient. >> what you do when you get complaints? >> we just come to make sure the handicap ramp is clear, that there are no chairs there, that there are no major issues going on. we are ready for the parade. >> security is way beefed up this year. >> this is the largest event the lakeland police department will have. we have well over . we have taken a lot of extra measures this year. we have technology and equipment in place. we are making sure it goes off safe as we possibly can get it. >> i know you mentioned sniffing dogs and changing the way you block off the streets. >> right. we are going to have cars and locations. we have couple of other agencies assisting. we are confident this will be one of the best parade in the
4:37 pm
>> the parade gets underway at 7:00 . just a few hours left. >> we talked about people that put their chairs out 5 days ago or so. is there a way you can watch this from home or do have to be there? >> you can watch it live online at the lakeland government website. we actually have a link on our website, if you watched dolly parton's movie christmas of many colors last night you may have learned some things about her you never knew before . keith cate learned some things about her from an old friend that we never knew before and he's here to tell the story. >> i love your first story -- love your first story so i'm looking forward to this one. >> merv retired and moved to tampa a few years ago. you want to get in touch with dolly parton one last time. as it turned out, dolly wanted the same thing. >> [ video playback ] .
4:38 pm
you wrote found -- song for me. >> he would is 50 years for this reunion. >> -- ? ?. >> his recording of. on tail made him a star in 1950s -- his recording of peter cottontail made him a star in the 1950s. >> i worked in the studio this day and there was this girl that introduced me to dolly parton. >> 20 years old. she recorded one of his songs. >> ? ? >> he became a lifelong fan. merv is now 95. he heard dolly was appearing in concert. he bought tickets and began to dream. >> i certainly would love to see her. it would be nice to say hello to her. >> when i passed that humble request along the dolly is in him a signed picture and an
4:39 pm
recorded of yours. >> he was the first person she greeted at her tampa concert. >> and you are young man still. your song was one of my favorite songs. >> and i had a chance to sing with you. >> my uncle and i wrote that one. >> yes built. >>-- bill . >> yes i just saw my uncle bill. >> it was more than a dr >> everything we talked about we were familiar with. >> 2 stars with shared memories who still have all the good things going. >> it is so good to see you. i hope you enjoy my show. >> love you darling. i have great memories of you. >> love you too. you are wonderful songwriter. you have been a blessing to this world. >> thank you. >> my favorite part in that picture -- that picture at the
4:40 pm
thank you so much to dolly parton and her team for being so kind to mark and thank you for everyone that one out of their way to make this reunion possible for merv. >> i was at dolly's shows back in nashville -- i know so this was extra fun for you ; wasn't? >> it was extra fun for me but when you see the history of these 2 -- he knows anyone and everybody. he is sp person might dolly parton. >> she is so warm and welcoming . >> she is donating money to the smokey mountains. she gives the charities and again she was wonderful to merv. >> a nice of you to make that happen. >> i was thrilled to be a part of it. >> you can see the story and our previous story about mark. you can see that on my facebook page and we are all still posting it -- also posting it
4:41 pm
scientist believed by drinking white wine you may be putting your skin in danger. >> you will want to stick around for these 8 on your side stories: today on better call behnken i'm trying to help a family with the $1300 water bill but there is no melissa pahlavi to help them because they pay a private mobile home park. rac -- the new bishop for st. petersburg hopes to be a good do to protect children from priest? using technology to safeguard holiday deliveries. 8 is on your side with what you can do immediately to make sure you are not pillaged by porch
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks. papa john's. now to a medical report. as we age we have to take
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women a high-protein diet may not be the best thing for your heart. women older than 50 who eat high-protein diet could have a greater risk of heart failure especially if a lot of the protein comes from the. that is according to a study presented. the study examined the protein intake of nearly 104,000 women ages 50 to 79 over a five-year period. researchers also used biomarker data to determine actual protein intake. all participants were free of heart failure during the study but about 1700 of them develop heart failure by 2005. researchers found postmenopausal women who find -- follow a high-protein diet had a higher rate of heart earlier. the risk was almost -- heart failure . the risk was almost
4:46 pm
protein were at a lower risk. more research is needed to determine whether this result is linked to molecular mechanisms of animal protein, lifestyle choices were other factors. also a hallucinogenic drug may help ease anxiety and cancer patients. a study found that 51 adult had a large appeared to help. 6 months later 80 percent felt less anxiety and depression. here's a problem if you like white rind -- wine. there is evidence it may increase the chances for melanoma. each drink per day increase the risk by 13 percent.
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with melanoma is in parts of their bodies with less sun exposure. check max defender 8 has been tracking of you showers moving in this afternoon but we're not seeing very many. at this point the only have a couple left on the math. those minutes or so. south of the area we are tracking light to moderate rainfall coming down. most of you likely have not seen any rain so far today. no measurable rainfall out at veterans for the tampa. many of us see milder temperatures due to the front. at 9 pm it is moving south of us . our temperatures will be in the upper 60s. when you wake up we have some
4:48 pm
friday afternoon, mid-70s lots of sunshine a bit breezy to end the day. our map will show you where the front is right now. south of the front we are looking at temperatures in the mid-80s. north of the front we're seeing more clouds. we are looking at temperature still in the upper 60s crystal river and inverness . the dewpoint show drier air rolling in. dewpoints down the 50s crystal river as oppod the cold front -- southern spots . the cold front will move south. with the -- we should stay mostly dry tomorrow morning but a little bit breezy. that will continue through the day tomorrow. we should see plenty of sunshine. with highs in the mid-70s we can't beat that for friday. saturday's look just as nice. as we head into the afternoon hours we will top out in the mid-to upper 70s.
4:49 pm
of sunshine but we quickly heat up as we head into the end of the weekend. 80s as we head into next week, but a big cold front rolling through next thursday. that will drop our temperatures down just in time for kindness day. were member that is next friday here at the new center. you can stop by and donate a lot of great items for that. you can see dry conditions for the next few days. the best ra tuesday and thursday of next week. here's how much the 12 days of christmas will cost you in 2016. if you purchase the gifts listed the price tag would be $34,233. some of that is due to the price up to turtledoves jumping up to 85 bucks. you better start saving if that is
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back with much more first at 4. stay with us. next: their average water bill is around $50. one last month showed 1300, this tampa family knew the better call behnken . >> i thought this had to be a joke. >> she investigates the skyhigh rates next. make your holidays more delicious. right now, when you buy $20 in gift cards... get a $5.00 gift certificate for yourself.
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the fast food world is morning the man they created the big mac. jim dela got a -- delegotti died. the creator of the big mac did not die from a big mac attack. >> it is not really that unhealthy. the maker . it was nearly 50 years ago that he first served a big map at his mcdonald's franchise near pittsburgh. it was an instant success. it went national and was immortalized by the jingle >> ? ? >> where is the special sauce? there is the special sauce.
4:54 pm
sold worldwide. in paris when you call the big mac? >> they call it lil big mac. they say only one in 5 millennials have ever tasted the big mac. mcdonald's said jim what do you think and will forever remember you. fans posted big mac tribute photos. one suggested to honor his legacy why not returning to it it has become so small it is pathetic. not true says mcdonald's. it has been the same size since inception. another fan suggested if they cremate him they should put them in a big mac box. i love big macs. >> even the guy who invented it in 1967 jumbled the jingle
4:55 pm
operates 21 mcdonald's in pennsylvania. from jim's bigness -- business, the big mac itself was -- ? ? . >> he spent 2 years coming up with the right combo for that special sauce. >> today mcdonald's sells 900 million big mac the year all over the world right back with more first at 4. : their average water bill is around $50 so when last month showed 9 -- 1300 this family knew they had to call behnken. shin investigates the skyhigh rates next.
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z26htz z16fz
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let's take a look at what's trending online today. >> beginning with baby hazel and her first taste of broccoli. >> o. -- oh. oh. oh man. [ laughter ]. >> that's priceless. like what have you done to me? we brought the use brought this to at 11 am on news channel 8. the reaction perfectly sums up about how most kids feel about something green to begin with.>> news channel 8 with jennifer and keith starts right now. >> right now on news channel 8 at 5:00: >> a man who shot and killed his neighbor is out of prison. news channel 8 was there when he walked out in public for the first time in years. >> and then news channel 8 in cuba covering the death of
5:00 pm
tampa is there for this historic period of mourning. and its december 1. christmases in the air ahead of a holiday parade. i'm jennifer lee. >> i'm keith cate. thanks for joining us. the men convicted of gunning down his neighbor six years ago after an argument has been released from prison on bond. trevor dooley will be allowed to stay out of prison while he appeals his conviction. rod carter has an update on the story. >> reporter: trevor dooley walked out of the jail about an hour 45 minutes ago walking very briskly on his walker headed to his home in hernando county where he will stay during the appeals process. when he walked out, he didn't say a single word to anyone. >> do you have anything to say? >> reporter: much like he has since the beginning, trevor dooley did not say one thing as he left the orient road jail.>>


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