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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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center burned to the ground and a massive fire this morning. for the people who live in this community, this loss is heartbreaking. it's such a reopen in just a couple of months. jamel lanee' joins us live from the rex hunter where cleanup continues tonight. >> reporter: good evening, station tribal schaible. investigators are still going through this rubble. people who live in this community have been stopping by all day, many in disbelief, in tears. this community center was a staple in this area and it was a sign of hope and now it's gone. josi rivera can't keep his eyes off what use -- used to be his second home. >> i used to play basketball. >> reporter: tickets of memories, instantly wiped out. the winston park rex hunter burned to the ground thursday
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the influences that happened here you now, through the mentors here, it's just devastating to us. >> reporter: rivera saw the fire from his house. it took 35 firefighters over an hour to control the burn. at times, flames could be seen several feet in the air. >> when crews first arrived, they had heavy flames and smoke coming through the ceiling. >> reporter: the center was the help of this community, a safe haven for children to go, it was getting a much-needed makeover. in march, tampa bay lightning owner two and half million dollars was donated to renovate the center. it was the single largest gift ever made to the boys & girls club. in a statement, the boys & girls club ceo said "this incident affects us all deeply. not only as an organization, but as a community." rivera is helpful something new
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this is more than just a building to the people here. this is our heartbeat. >> reporter: and some good news. the county tells us that this building was covered under insurance. stacy? >> i understand help is already rolling in. >> reporter: yeah, you know. the vanek family has said they will help >> jamel lanee' live in hillsborough county. thank you. never breaking news in clearwater. a man driving a motorized wheelchair is dead after a truck hit him. it happened around 2:00 today on missouri avenue. he was flown to a nearby hospital for treatment but died shortly after he arrived. a man convicted of running down his neighbor after an argument was released from prison today. a judge granted trevor dooley's
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manslaughter conviction. trevor dooley shot and killed david james in valrico. his bond was set at $100,000. the appeal is based on problems with the jury instructions during his trial. president obama is going to be in tampa next week to talk about counterterrorism. the president will be at mcdill air force base tuesday to deliver a speech on counterterrorism strategy. president a with servicemembers. holding the powerful accountable and getting results, steve andrews is target 8. >> reporter: a hopeful new bishop, paying for all problems. how will he deal with them? the question remains unanswered. it's hurtful and harmful, sexual abuse of children by priests. it happened here. >> and it still haunts the catholic church and torments victims. senior investigative reporter
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steve, the lawyer who represented many of those victims heard what the incoming bishop had to say but didn't hear what he had hoped to. >> reporter: for the catholic church, this is the elephant in the room. the molestation of little boys humiliated the diocese of st. petersburg. the question is, where does it go from here? >> ? >> reporter: these are headlines from around america in just the last five days. sexual abuse by priests. >> it's something that is not going away. it's not something that is in the past. abuse is still occurring. >> reporter: scandal disgraced the st. petersburg diocese when allegations involving rubber schofield arose. john rodgers has represented 30 to 40 clients abused by local priests. he helped incoming bishop gregory parkes address the issue. >> i think you should have reassured people that that was
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kind of the elephant in the room with the catholic church. >> reporter: at a monday introduction, bishop parkes did not. >> i am blessed to be your new shepherd. please pray for me that i will be a good shepherd. >> reporter: under bishop robert lynch, the diocese instituted policies that made investigations more transparent. >> the time i do spend with victims is good time, pastoral time, but it review investigations. this is where bishop parkes will be installed at the cathedral of saint jude the apostle. whether he continues bishop lynch's approach to dealing with abuse cases is an important question that remains unanswered. chris mccafferty is one of the many victims. >> he told me that the body is beautiful. god says the body is beautiful so don't be afraid or ashamed
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it. and that's what he did.>> prior to admitting to administer intimacy with several boys in 1893 -- 1983 and 1985 from a priest at sacred heart church. >> reporter: schofield went to prison. judging from headlines around the prison, this problem has not gone away. >> this really significant issue is undermined with trust in the church. >> reporter: according to the priests for the molestation of children and sanctioned another 2500 with lesser penalties. according to joe saunders locally, 23 piece -- priests were removed for sexual abuse.>> it's good news but will we know how widespread this was? >> joe saunders through his years of experience says it takes 10 to 30 years for people to come forward.
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the u.s. conference of catholic bishops says this is a crisis. >> if you have a problem you want steve to investigate, call him on our target 8 helpline. we have an update to another target 8 story. mosaic stopped delivering bottled water to neighbors of that sinkhole, which opened at its mulberry plant. water into the aquifer. water delivery stopped for those with well water that tested within drinking standards, and delivery will continue for those whose wells show contaminants that exceed standards. federal education officials will investigate the pinellis county school district for unfairly disciplining and arresting certain children. the investigation was sparked by a civil rights complaint. the southern poverty law center claims black students in the
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students. they also claim students with disabilities are more likely to be referred to law enforcement. the district tells us they will cooperate fully with the investigation. st. petersburg police say they have caught a burglary suspect who also appears to be an animal lover. the victim claims she woke up to see this guy smiling jasper fiorenza at the bottom of her bed. she screamed at him to get out but before he ft police tracked him down through evidence from the scene. news channel 8 is bringing you new, exclusive coverage from cuba. >> up next, jeff patterson with a story about some folks who traveled to the eyelid and nation from tampa to witness history. temperatures are going to be cooler tomorrow morning as compared to this morning. the humidity was up there, temperatures near 70 degrees for a low. change with a cold front and we look ahead to long-term chilly
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one of the bay area's most popular holiday isn't is getting underway. it's the annual lake on christmas parade. more than 100 floats will be cruising the streets in less than an hour for tens of thousands of people to see.
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live in lakeland. with that many people, i am guessing we can see a lot of security as well.>> reporter: oh yeah. take a look. quite a crowd. people over here are everywhere. they are expecting record crowds. we are talking 40 to 50,000 people. one and 100 floats. as he mentioned, extra security. lakeland police just wrapped up a safety briefing of recent events. they are really beefing up this year. for example, using patrol cars as barriers incident barricades. they are overall changing how they patrol. their goal is to have a safe and fun event. >> we are treating this event as an incident command plan. this is just like the super bowl or the macy's day parade. we have over 150 officers working this. we won't give out all the details but we are prepared for anything that should come up. we will use bomb sniffing dogs,
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like last year in france. >> reporter: well, the parade starts in just under an hour. if you cannot be here, we have a link on our website so you can watch it live, stacie schaible? >> that's a nice event for the families. they look forward to every year. melissa marino live in lakeland. still to co fidel castro's death. >> jeff patterson catches up with people from tampa who made the trip to the country and
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the convoy carrying castro's ashes continues on its journey to his final resting place. crowds waving cuban flags chanting "i am fidel." a delegation from the tampa bay history center just arrived in cuba period of mourning. jeff patterson caught up with them today. jeff is the only bay area reporter in cuba and joins us now from havana. >> reporter: more than 2.1 million people live in havana so it's always a little surprising to me to be in this city and to monitor people that you know from tampa. especially surprising to be on this historic trip and run into people from the tampa bay history center.
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ago seemed impossible to me.>> reporter: he's a curator for the tampa bay history center. >> to be here during a historic time, politics aside is incredible. >> reporter: he is here with the board of directors visiting the birthplace of josi martm. >> to be able to walk in the rooms where he walked is incredible. >> reporter: when the museum planned the trip, he had no idea it would be during this historic moment in time. >> when we booked the trip months ago, h we are on the eve of change. just what the next chapter will look like. >> reporter: he is the ceo of the history center. this trip is about making new connections. >> this is all about connecting the dots. tampa, cuba, such a long and shared heritage and we're here to understand our city better. >> reporter: the tampa bay history center and cuba could
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>> the wheels are already spinning. as we went through, there was certainly information there but we could supplement that. we have items they don't have. they have of items we don't have.>> reporter: roberts understands the relationship speak -- relationship between the united states and cuba has been difficult. he is just helpful that both sides will be benefited. jeff patterson, news channel 8. >> jeff is in cuba all this week. he will bring us exclusive reports tonight and tomorrow. now -- now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 forecast with chief meteorologist steve jerve. >> the cold front is moving in. we had hoped for more precipitation but what is left
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otherwise not much. we had a nice line up along the nature coast but it weekend as the front pushed to the south. we are seeing the wind shift out of the north and that will help draw in more stable conditions. kindest days coming up on december 9. drop off toys for toys for tots. close to our heart, the john winter memorial teddy bear drive going on as well. the roughriders will be collecting brand-new bears. you can drop off food, give blood on december 9. a beautiful sunset tonight as these shots typically are around the that about sums up the day in most locations. in terms of our temperatures, very close to average. that line at 75 degrees. it jumps saturday and then especially on sunday as the front ms. back north as a warm front puts us in the warm sector. it's not really that unpleasant this time of year but if you are looking for cooler holiday weather, not for the short term. at 7 am, 60 degrees.
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time of year. 76 degrees at 4 pm, sunshine mixed with clouds. current temps, 73 degrees temple terrace, 68 degrees new port richey, tony two degrees at medill. temperatures are a little bit cooler in northern spots compared to seven spots. 81 degrees at the moment and the humidity is still fairly high. here is drying out has you would see from north that direction. high above, drier air moving in chasing out any kind of moisture we have. still some streaky looking clouds on the satellite imagery and precipitation mostly down to our south with drier air moving into the area. on our high resolution model, possibility of a shower. can't rule out a sprinkle or two. otherwise, beyond that into friday, looking for breezy conditions with more of a north easterly flow early in the day and keeping up with a pretty
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fairly mild day overall. saturday morning, kind of cool, charges in the 50s but you much where we expect them to be. mid-50s. as we crews into saturday afternoon, beautiful day. high temperatures in the upper 70s. coming back north will put us in the warm sector and it will feel warm. 82 degrees for sunday. a bit more humidity in the atmosphere. it will be mild and 83 degrees for monday. tuesday, looking for colder air. really, this cold air taking over much of the country as we get into eight days out. that should drop our temperatures to the mid-60s. we will zero in on that as we get closer to the day but closer to the holiday and perhaps even kindness day itself, if you want to get in the holiday spirit. coming up, a buccaneers rookie gets recognized by the nfl. you will find out why. plus, the rays general manager is disappointed in the new mlb labor agreement. the details about his concerns
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sports on news channel 8 is sponsored by your gold coast honda dealers. there were 22 players picked ahead of noah staff but the rookie defensive end has made the greatest impact and now he has an award to prove it. he has been named nfl rookie of the month for his efforts wrecking up 11 tackles, 2 1/2 sacks and forced two fumbles last month, revitalizing tampa bay's rush and helping the bucs go through the to 1. he is the first not named lavonte david
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he has been coming on strong lately. he credits his growth to his notoriously gruff defensive line mate robert ayers. he gave a start talk to his unit about toughening up. and then, the d-line has bonded and spencer has flourished. >> it's like a lesson to come out with these guys. we came together and started talking about how we had to be a family. i think that was the changing point. >> i think it is slow down stuff a lot more and watch a lot more film. i always have to play with a chip on my shoulder. >> he's not the only bay area athletes receiving accolades. the nhl second start of the month for creature of --
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the blues at 8:00 tonight. major-league baseball and its players association came to terms with a new five-year bargaining agreement yesterday. they successfully avoided a block out insured labor peace for 26 years, the longest span in pro sports. among the highlights of the new deal, the all-star game will no longer decide home-field advantage in the world series. instead it will go to the pennant winner with the best record. there is a lot of other odds and ends which is a good thing for baseball but the president of operations is not entirely soldsp meetings luncheon. he is concerned the agreement doesn't do enough to help small- market clubs like the rays stay competitive. >> lower revenue clubs face a lot of obstacles when it comes to talent acquisition. we can't co-back and spend like other clubs so we need to find other ones. the deck is stacked against us. we know our payroll is what it is.
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something that we would appreciate. >> he went on to say that the best way for his team to improve his through the trade market. expect the raise to be active during winter meetings. they have a depth that starting pitching and they are looking to move around.>> it's a tough world out there. >> competing against the yankees and the red sox in your own division. it's tough to meet their payroll. before we go, we want to remind you kindness day. steve mentioned it in the weather segment but it is coming up. want to remind you how you can help support a number of worthy causes. grab a teddy bear for the teddy bear roundup. they are also accepting donations for toys for tots, feeding tampa bay, and oneblood. kindness day is december 9 right here at the news channel 8 studios around south parker streets near the university of
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don't go anywhere. nightly news is coming our way
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tonight, trump's victory lap. as the president-elect celebrates saving jobs at carrier, we now know the cost paid to keep them. tonight the campaign's over, but the rallies are not. >> in the devastating wildfires scorching the smokey mountains. why searchers now fear th may never be found. hostage crisis. nearly a dozen held inside a florida bank. tonight the dramatic moment they distracted the gunman, allowing the s.w.a.t. team to storm inside. high-risk rescue mission to save legendary astronaut buzz aldrin, falling ill at the south pole.


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