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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:29pm EST

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around the world, good night. o o o o oyoytt. ouou c c c c c c c c asasas& hoho?? weweavavavavavnvnvsation very y y y y y
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pe"?"?>>chs rockprprprprprprtotototototototohehehehe chrisock k in n nonono rorochroro to o o o demyresident, , e susu wt t ng&xpt isng ow a a a as speak out.t.& cacacacacacay m m mgangdersrsrsrs th- i a on plplplto tevev fununalal cine dion's's's's's husbsbsbs, jamam f fx x x he reseseseseseseseses hoho the oscar w wner saved a vevenini car... >> veheheh o ofififififi - - >>. . . . . . . . . . . hi >> remembering glenn frey. our tiite eagles and the actor. >> the best new drama series in television. i'm one lucky dog, folks. >> wait so many hours and i'm a memory. >> now in our 35th season this ntertainmentht. ^ ofofololwowowowoiggege
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'rg eee o o orsrsou've e veve sesesesesese i h hr you.u. yesterery y y y e and d dadadadadapipipipipiith h h h lelelethth borsrsecse a a ak ofof>> morororororor learsrsre weweininin > i was onbs thirnrng dididididididi i iue.. ananal@thi l l ls teriris onon heheheme i i. mde e ththolololrnrnshy y tononrs ery yeararnd it t ssesf. youououououan't c c cain it ononononon me. >> thehenew o o oity totoy.y.y.lot pple woinmfmf riririckckl in body
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wno a upac w convtit yoyoyok k k betfo m to s s s s sououand do t hohohog?g?g? >re cusus thth h hlywood i ichris s s hohohohot stepepown. erererererchchchorororororormake a atatatatatatatata t'cacacacaca chriri i can't o o bebebe mo do t hahaiseaeaeaananan, , , , , , , frieie. >> >adadadnk suppopopopopoccbobobobot sterdayayayaylslslsteteananan carararararararararararar whahahahat t t t adadadadh h h bebebebeyoyoyoanan omomatatatat so jeernanananana >>en w wamnt ohehehess > to ththththththth ople inininlywoododere e fefelyininininin andndndndndrrect?p >>8meaeahihil l e acacemems black k esesent t a a a a a @ainininr r shafafr e e e ear of w wtetectctctctctctctct a aededed a aututtstsftft theheheheeeeeweweweweweweweweweannonononono
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n n c corornd say, , s s s g hahaoi >> i i itif di likofof trememememememood d d d d ouou know?w?w?w?w?w?w? c c c c,",","," "cocoususononcrcremy y y t uays she is trated heaeaeaeaeaea i reed t ts s s y day on cbs thth m m m m m m m m m cncncn >> the g galalalalnsnsnsnsnsat does believe there is a probobobobobobobobppen? well, two reasons. 0 rsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsname >> the makeup of the academy is overwhelmingly white. >> second, the hollywood system. george clooney talked about it today telling "variety," i don't think it's a problem of who you're picking as much as it is how many options are available totoinororininininininininin arararininualitytytyty. t trerererereo o afafcacaamamamamamtutuo hehehehe hollywoooooooooo >> i i i i i i i i i iy y y y o o o o b b b gananan
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veday inhehehe >>now w e e eimagn t foth me as ad.d. s s g g g go gegegealal inrerereg. ananto pointntut t t t t t t t tacacof d d d dty is the reasononon e e ea brou a w ictctctbebe statatututuuuu an f fruyhhh thinininu u u u good point abouve, , vin. t t t tow l larwas quititskskg g g oscars to o &
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ththth >> > was s scussion about eeerdthehe were enengh f f f f`had peoeoeoeoeoeout theeed deseseseseswe s smanynynynynyny wererwowohyhyhyhyhy a a d d dt gege > > > > > t.wewel,l,heheheheso newewtototott r r er jamam f f f f beieieieieieieiei reaea ifififtititititetetetete rnrng caca&&&&& reportrtofultiple peopopopopttpppp w w w wvehicle on fire.e. andu d t ouof d d mememememeamamamamam because thththr was s fire. .t." spoke t t t tyewiwiess s s isisisisisisisisisisis j jieie ched insnsnsnsraraededededed draggggggimimimfefefefey froroththcacacacaca reaeangngngngnge popopopoepepep jjjjas n n nloneneneneitititntifn.
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t$&$&$&$&$&$&$& , , cutthe s s s a arithth d d d d d d d d d d d a 32-y-y-yold mamamaolayri cece >rouuofcm camememeis herwiwi esonhe f c cineehusbsbd. >> h hpepengngngngngngng i i ll bererto cerert t t t "e"e........ b binsisi t t basasasasasasas ththfuneral ititlflf s s s e ththththththththth lace f f f fat 3:0:0:0 iiiit t t nvite e e e e o atatenenenenen the service w wbe seseon one cananiaiaiaia'vbefhwitlot be singkng although it's very likely her songs will be played. my heart will go on >> "e.t." confirms that renee plplnned h h h h h h h h h h h h nths b bore e s s ata.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a. q q nanaac re fororel grngnghes s ame dothththth ovovofofis y yrs
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trtrtstsl be clolololololololololo housdsdsdsdsns@w@wn n n n ndanananan what s e e e e e e e montreavfvfvfn n long prprprprprprprprprve wearingngamouououe e a aerererererd eraiaiwawewewe ut fmrhehehel theyeyeyeyey tforms s t t pr andndor c c ce. whwhwhe e e e ered royoytyty y're b. ll by y y lflflflflf ^erererll be e re heaeaeaea turdrd whehehe ays s s s o o r r r r r dannl l o o o o o o c c cr twafr r r r theheerery y y y y y ld in n ehuhuhuhulili a a adededede little g gl.l.l.l.l. >> we sufr other r r loss wwh h i i ssing of glennlfi eaglele verhe e.e.e.$-$-gle otage aonon.$pwe'rtotoha(o(o(o wh yoy y mimimi >> sma glen
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owowowowowowowowowowowababous!susususingngngt ththth bododododododododododododododod vastating momomomo el r reiveveveme lelelelelelelele >> t t t tplplararararartoto ily passed a a a a plalala h lastight >> emomoshragic ltedn ma$& ee wofofe, wast drdrdr aou mat t t t teeee ia shococococococ anototototot elilililili.. lace e cidededededeveveve ititn.n.>> i hbve e t f.f.ststststlili g gngngngng ight be e e e e e e e e e e that m m n n n n ne laststststst ofofofsee of her. re i i i i ienenenwn o o"thehe chchororivivivffff areree e ininto n n n n n n nparararar >> rkn myselflf >> he momoa jujujund h w t t t t ter wororngng > vhe shk antttttttttttttttt oneyloloportk fumakeup< ne in ish.h. b b b b b b to h h plane riri@to l.l.l. iik k o o o o o
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hahahahaurge t trereveveve tstsf kin.n.pupukikiwewewe jususususngngngngngngng. erle.. f f flyamam e iam'u sure dherergain. >> i find out last half the time. >> miley has been flaunting the ring liam gave letter in 2012 when they first got engaged. we went straight to the source for some details. >> they say she's never really rrd with t t r r r e's s pt i ivery precicicici hat i i ard.d.itack f ght d"all m mn n e's voqntom don ecngls't to.$&$&
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leitieinin0 0 nunus. whwh thehehehece, .. you u u u u de from us. e queen b dodog g earsrsrsrs pluuuuuuuu en i iee you aga
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'r'ratomomwiwi t tgegegegege who ng w wh nananaatatatat ext. ononony y >s "e"e"e
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lhhhe's's'sweween i'i'i'ellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllutututututututututututututututut it t u agaiai t tt t mbmb onenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenee grgrgrgron f f f f f f f, y y y y y y y ylililinonononononononoasasasaswatcheherererererererereretitis s elelel i i ve b b b b b b b i i i ilflflf it complplplplplananorororor l lstststststr r r r knew w heheheorkiki w wh h h h h h h h h h h trtrnor and sesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesed about ththththththth now y y yave meme l l le e e e a a oop p re t t ti have to go th. music video withpselena. what kind of ideas a y throwing around there? obviously with meghan, things got steamy. marvin gaye and get it on >> so what kind of rap are we going to godwith? >> i love wwat you're getting at. i mean, i -- it's so -- i mean
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to come out first. >> chchrlie and selena have been teasing us on snapchat. we'll findut more when charlie kicks off his north american tour in march. but for now, he's looking to bring home his first grammy. when%i seseyou again >> we're very excited. you know, we got tied to the world's most unlikely duo. but it's cool. >> so is whiz your date for the grammys? you are bringing a date? >> no. wiz is not my date. i think we're going to bring our moms. >> that's so sweet. i love a good mom date. >> with charlie, it's all about the music. >> and the formula works after building a youtube following from his do, charlie moved to l.a. just over a year ago. his new home in hollywood hills looks over the capital records
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>> h does your family ep you grounded? >> they let me know that 15 years ago we couldn't even afford tomato sauce. so we had to use catchup on spaghetti. and that money can go away really quickly. i'll tell you all about it when i see you again >> so talented. the new cd will drop on the 29th. of course, we'll be seeing him at the grammys. february 15th on cbs. also on cbs, super bowl 50. i want you to check this out. beyonce, stop trying to hide from us. we always know where you are. she was causing a commotion yesterday on the campus of the university of southern california. she is there rehearsing for her halftime show. the big game is february 7th. coming up next, selena gomez and taylor swift makeup free workout with instagram's most famous trainer. why thousands of women and famous faces turn to her to get fit. >> then -- you belong to the city
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>> when i quit the eagles, it was like starting all over again. can't hide >> our time with the eagles legend on stage and behind the scenes on "miami vice". that is ahead.
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that is taylor swift and that is taylor swift and selena gomez getting their workout faces on. they hit the gym togetr in yesterday. we're at the gym with the woman
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triner tfindetowhe inspiring people all over the world to get fit in just 28 minutes. >> i've got victoria secret models following me. allison w wliams said it was the toughest work out she's done. >> one of her favorite workouts. >> i got a copy after. it can't be done. i love she's amazing. >> this is how you start a fitness revolution. n 5yd australian trainer, kayla started posting before and afters of her clients on instagram. but then her boyfriend toby had an idea. post a video guide of exercis so followers can work out with her. >> it was probably 2 1/2 years ago maybe. >> then you checked your notifications, four million follower >> i was like, oh, my god. >> blew up overnight. >> she is now 24.
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called #kayla'sarmy. with fitness app a four followers tracy anderson. she and toby are going strong. >> we are boyfriend and girlfriend for 3/2 years. yes, we live together. he's my partner in all of. this he's my business partner. >> the fitness app called sweat with kayla and prescription workouts. she has more followers than tracy anderson. >> tell us about your workouts. >> high intensity, 28 minutes. it's so good. you have four exercises, you have seven minutes to do the four exercises as many times as you can and pushups. you should be feeling it. jump bacin. stand up. all right. >> and how many of these am i doing? >> 15. >> what number are we at? >> you're on five right now. >> just felt like 15. so reality fitness show in her future? we asked her she says she hasn't thought about it yet. but we bet there is producers watching right now who are thinking about it. take it easy take it easy >> that is the very first hit that sent the eagles on their way to super stardom back in 1972.
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glenn frey. the rock icon passed away yesterday after an amazing career that spanned decade both a musician and an actor. along the way, he shared many of his biggest moments with "e.t.." glenn frey in his own words. >> we were always pretty visual song writers. i mean, if you think about thth way our songs open up on a dark desert highway -- on a dark desert highway >> so people can have pictures in their mind. wcome to the hotel california glenn told us the eagles were the soundtrack to our lives, for breakups, makeups and everything in between. you can't hide e >> people did things to the eagles. they got in a car and drove across america. don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy >> the tributes have been pouring in from across the
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"the bond we forged 45 y was never broken." >> people are always saying hings to me like you're just like a normal person. and i always say, of course. it's another tequila sunrise >> from the moment they formed in l.a. in 1971, the eagles became one of the best-selling bands of all time. glenn frey gets much of the credit for that. >> don henley said that glenn frey was the captain of the eagles and made everything happen. >> when i quit the eagles in 1980, it wasasust like starting all over again. the heat is on >> but glenn's solo career was huge. it was smgler's blues that got glenn his first acting gig "miami vice." we were on the set. >> i have a chance to act in the
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tetevision. i have a hit record and biggest movie of the year. i'm one lucky dog, folks. >> i've accomplished a lot in the music business. you know, this is a new challenge. it was an opportunity to eliminate travel and stay home. >> all during those acting gigs in the '80s, glenn kept promising that the eagles would never reunite. >> ion't think i can sing "take it easy" at age 36. when i was 26, that meant something. lighten up while you still can >> but in 1994, hell froze over. >> never say never. you know, thingslways happ for a reason. >> and maybe with these words, don henley spoke for all of us. "i will be grateful for every day that he was in my life."
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wrote a song that was called "river of dreams." one of the lines is particularly poignant. he wrote, "people don't run out of dreams. people just run out of time."
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we'll be right back.wwonline beforeree go, the victor secrets swim special returns march 9th on cbs. i know you're excited about that. they go o s s sarts and have e e e @ the oceaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaea&& knknkni wanto o ththth ksike e n n n trere g g g g g g eywet suits s ok s s s >> i'm outhe e pepeornce. jojos s p pf]f]iviviviviviv the e e e b bhohohoho
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verybody. at wouldou do,f f f chchce yultimama a aen n wi a a ai thqt's a t ojuju ike a cheetah h 6 6 6leu peurur fly down n wawarsli wihoe yourururenture yocacawrfoarks r less$ eny tws fost, dd an adadtial park or visirhonly m me.
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