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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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reactions from the stadium. >> hit and run crash, surveillance video captured a mercedes slaming into another car injuring five people. what the alleged driver is expected to do today. >> the new hampshire primary is say little more than 24 horas way. why things are about to get really tough -- hours away. why things are about at that get tough because of something out of the their control. it is 6:00 a.m. on this monday, february 8th. >> traffic and weather together ton monday morning. look at the roads. lissette gonzales. >> it is cold outside. >> it is. we are waking up to mostly 40s, drastic change from yesterday. even though it was cool for our super bowl sunday and here we go monday-monday a live view from our video, make sure you have your sweaters and jackets and that your kids also are layered up for school. upper 40s in pompano beach and fort lauderdale, we are seeing
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homestead 40, and miami, 55 in marathon, 61 in key west, court see of a -- court see of a cold front that came through. it is below freezing in tallahassee and close to freezing around gaines april orlando. we are taking a look at the -- gainesville and orlando. it should remain nice and quiet throughout the day. dry with cool sunshine and shys in the mid to upper 60s. we will have a few cold fronts range of motioning through and more on that in the deplete -- rolling through and more on that in the complete forecast. we continue to talk about this hit and run crash, it is take 10:00 long to clear imbecause it is a hit and run. that takes a little longer than usual. it is off to the shoulder. not causing any delays. that's good new, that's the southbound drive. northbound no issue, and all of the construction is cleared up. we do have accidents though at the miami gardens drive, ninth court, eastbound lane affected
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another accident n just popping up on florida highway patrol, northbound at flagler street. right before you approach the -- blocking the expressway. drive times are looking good. just 15 minutes up to the don shula. we begin the 6:00 hour with super bowl 50, orange crush, the denver broncos defense dominate it is panthers to win the super bowl. >> fans in denver celebrateed into the night as they won the third super bowl in team history. they were ready before the final seconds of the game. police closed streets leading into downtown. officials were forced to use pepper spray to disperse crowds. at least a dozen people have been arrested, following the celebrations. it was all about the denver defense yesterday,. >> the broncos suffocated cam newton and the broncos all game long. we have a report on levi stadium in santa clara, california. >> here at super bowl 50,
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turned into mere mortals by a denver defense. the broncos set the tone from start to finish and win super bowl 50 easily 24-10. curry leading out of the tunnel, manning everybody wondering would this be his final rodeo, his defense goes right to work, they're already up 10-0 when miller comes in and rocks newton. he causes the touchdown and it is 10-0 denver. carolina's high powered offense stifled by denver all night long. newton just named mvp of the league, he struggled like the rest of his offense in this game. this one was picked off. that was one of in costly mistakes made by carolinas. he would steal the deal on the 7th, and that would tie a record set by the bears, and super bowl 2030 years ago.
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wanted as broncos win 24-10. i got good advice from tony: he said don't make an emotional decision. this has been a very emotional week, an emotional night. i got a couple of priorities. i want to go kiss my wife, kiss my kids. i want to celebrate with my family and teammates: i am going to drink a lot of beer tonight. bid wiser is buying, those are my priorities -- budweiser is buying. i will take some time to reflect on other but i will say a prayer and a thank you to the man upstairs for this opportunity as well. >> defense wince championships, manning would be the first to admit this was all about the d and not ability him. if he does ride off into the sun set, everybody would understand he would want to go out on top. carolina quarter back cam newton kept his comments short after losing to broncos. he gave short answers as
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>> can you put a finger on what carolina can did not play the way it normally plays. >> we got our play. >> is there a reason why? >> we got out played, brother. >> newton got tired of reporters asking the same questions. he said quote i am done, stood up and left. three minute. >> >> the broncos super bowl victory is front page new 50s cross -- we begin with the denver post, what a rush, the paper writes the dominant defense superb. if it was the last rodeo for manning it was wd. >> peyton is golden, that's the head line and new york post shows newton on the floor with the head line cam-pain. with the words denver destroys newton in superstanner. our coverage of super bowl 50 is far from over. coming up in around ten mince we are talk being joe about
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field and lisa has the highlights of the half time show featuring cold play, beyonce and bruno know mars. at 6:30 we will take you out for more reaction, that's coming up right here on cbs 4 this morning. >> >> now at 6:00, shocking surveillance video as a driver goes into a parked car and injures five people. everyone survivorred but police have a big break in the case this morning. we will go live to the police department with the very latest. >> reporter: marybel, fill us us in. >> reporter: it sent the car nearly a block away the morning we are told that driver has been identified and is expected to turn himself in to police today. it happened in an instant and sent five people to hospital.
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mercedes barreled into the back of the shawl chevy. it sent it down the street and four people flying.
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(april2412.ecl). >> david will stay in new hampshire for tomorrow's primary. look for more reports right here on cbs 4. >> super bowl 50 is trending that morning. >> before manning kissed his wife and kids and after the big win, he kissed someone else. you will have to see it. plus a surprise guest crash it is super bowl late show.
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camera, what led a man to hit a woman with his van. that's all new at 6:30. >> good monday morning, south mr. it is busy out there at 6:10 in the morning. here is the southbound drive of i-95 at northwest 103rd street. a lot of people out the door already. from you going to join them i will let you know what is slowing anyone down, traffic alert after the. the bus stop showing that yes the kids and all of you at home, parents, teachers we need those jackets and sweater, layer up, 40s for the most part out there across south florida. temperatures are falling and it
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throughout the day, upper (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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>> kill bomb -- welcome back, south florida. welcome to the new work and school week. yesterday was a huge party, super bowl sunday of course. it is never easy on a monday after super bowl to get someone get going. but cool temperature will wake you up as we look live from our camera. at least you strong to contend with any rain. but you may be -- i know that was the case for me, temperatures certainly much colder compared to yesterday, about 15 to 20 colder in some spots. we are seeing the low to mid
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locations with that breeze out of the west-northwest. 49 for grow fort lauderdale, 46 pompano beach, other in miami, 51 in marathon, 6 is in key west. look at the low 40s, 43-degree, and in homestead, 46 in west. so certainly need to bundle up the little ones. we are seeing even colder temperature, central north florida with near freezing, in fact below freezing for tallahassee. it is colder than it is in new york city. that's kind of cool and no pun intended. 35 in dc, 30s in atlanta, st. louis, kansas city, 13 in minneapolis. that's coldest spot, the big super bowl champions, denver, 19. by the way i am going to brag a little bit. i did forecast they would win: we are seeing the 50s on the west coast for california. walter was with me. did you predict broncos.
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cold front. the week. high pressure in control and we all right. so here we go. for today, 66-degree, cool breeze, plenty of sunshine, you sweaters. boaters, seas 3 to 8 and a light chop on the bay to night it will fall into the low to mid 50s, increasing clouds. throughout the entire week, it will certainly feel like february, more of the wintery feel, at least south florida, so upper 60s to recall, we are talking about lows in the 40s by wednesday morning and 64 the high even colder on thursday, since we have another cold front rolling through. and then as we get into friday, lows in the 50s, highs in low 70s and i know lauren had predicted that the panthers would win but that's okay because she was also rooting for manning. in the end, we are all winners. let's check your traffic. >> if you are heading out the
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it is starting to get busy on the southbound drive at 826. this is northwest 122nd street. rush hour the quickly approaching. get out the door before it starts to get packed. we had a hit and run crash on i- 95 at griffin road in broward county. it has cleared up. this accident has not though in miami dade. it is on miami gardens drive. affecting the eastbound of miami gardens. this is just east of i-95. we have another accident on the palmetto, northbound at flagler. right before you jump on 836 or continue ton palmetto. it is partially blocking more delayings than you usually see in that area. on the turnpike starting to see the yellow arrows instead of green indicating a slower drive than usual. 288th up to 874 it will take you 17 minutes. after is that just 9 from 874 to the dolphin.
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the dolphin did win the would. dan marino's ad. we will talk about commercials later but first cam newton's performance both on and field and off. first what he did at the game, 18-41, 265 yards, no touchdowns so no dabbing on the field. surprising for him, right. >> no dabbing, i didn't see a lot of superman ripping the shirt, and i didn't see a loft kids getting footballs. it was a combination of cam newton's offensive line was not very good because the front 7 of the denver broncos was just outstanding. cam newton missed a couple of throws and also had some dropped balls. they turned it ball over four times. you can't win in national football league when you turn it over four times. it was a combination all of those thing, wasn't all his fault but it is going be talked
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effort toward the end of game on that last fumble. could have made a better effort to get the wall. of course a lot of -- ball. of course a lot of people a little fired up dab way he acted after the game. >> let's talk about the fumble, surprised he seemed so defeated and didn't no after it? >> he should have made a better effort. the worst thing that happens is he get it is ball, they punt it away, and the defense gets a stop and he gets one last chance to still win the game but that effort a lot of people will talk about it. he has been so good. i hate to have one play or one game take away from his mvp season which of course he received on saturday night. but, late in that game, it didn't look good. you are right. >> and after the game, also, some petroleum saying it -- some people saying it didn't look good he only answered questions for about three
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concise answers, joe just pure frustration or some people calling him a sore losser. what do you think? >> i think everybody understands, it is an emotional -- i lost two of these super bowls and it really stinks to lose them. there's no question, especially when the game is all about what you have done and you have been able to do and your team only lost once all season, but he didn't handle that press conference. he's got to know it is a big stage, the super bowl has got everybody, not only in this country but medium i can't from around the world, they're -- media from around the world. he answered one pretty well and got short and then he just left. it didn't look good. i know he was upset and stuff but he has to put it together. he will do a better job down the road if he gets in that situation again. but it was a little disappointing the way cam handleed it whole thing, no question. >> i know. at least for me if i have a really bad show the last thing i want to do is answer conventions about it afterwards. >> right.
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>> you don't have bad shows though. >> you don't have bad shows, you and walter are good, lauren. >> except for the fact i was wrong and did pick the panthers yesterday. i will stick with your concise. >> you listened to me. >> i did listen to you. i will put the blame on you, joe. thank you so much. we will talk to you in the next hour. >> see. >> thank you so much. >> he's right. you are good. >> now it is time to look at what's trending this morning. the story is that people are talking about on social media overnight. vanessa is here with a new segment we are kicking off. >> we will keep talking about super bowl. super bowl 50 is trending all over social media this morning. the big game it was hot topic of sunday night and again this morning. pay on the manning -- peyton manning super bowl kiss is trending. he received a special delivery from the papa johns man himself, a big kiss on the cheek.
6:19 am
that's why he's helped double business in colorado. after he won he said he wanted to go and kiss his wife and kids and drunk budweiser. they sent 1200 bottles to the afterparty. a spokesperson says they didn't pay the qb to mention budweiser. during the late show, several surprise gessoes peered on show including there you -- goes appeared on the show. the president showed his sense of humor and predicted it bronco would win over a week ago. he was right. >> that's what is trending this morning. cbs 4 this morning. >> at least the president got hit right. me, not so much. time now is 622 imthe tim. elton -- 6:22. elton john has car pool karioke. >> and fans are not disappointed.
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there's just as in people who tune in for the half time show as they do for game itself. as we will see from a watch party at the founden blue, no one was disappointed. >> [ music ] . >> the pepsi super bowl 50 half time show was a musical show case of the present, a look ahead to future, and a nod to the past, headliners cold play filling levi stadium such as viva lavida. >> i used to rule the world. [ music ] . >> paradise. [ music ] and more. it was an explosion of colors and positivity. a look ahead to the bright future. bruno mars took over with his hit, uptown funk. then with cheers from the fans
6:24 am
with enjoy -- suppose today be enjoying a cabana pool side party but took it'd inside because of the cold air with beyonce. formation. >> just after the show she announced a new world tour formation kicking off where else but here in miami at marlins park on april 27th. . >> back to past, the musicians celebrateed it most historical half time performance. we saw springseen, messy elliott, paul mccartny. u2, whitney houston and in, in more with all three joining together in unison celebrating what this night really means. fans that the super bowl party were not disappointed. >> beyonce is amaizing. >> i love cold play. we're getting the best of everything tonight. >> one of the best shows i have seen in a while. to be honest we were out there especially in california it was incredible. >> this was the best of the
6:25 am
it will never happen again. trust me, if elvis came back it ain't good. >> that's a good review. >> that's a good review. [ music ] . get together. we gonna get, get together. somehow. we gonna get, get together. >> at the enof day we all know that the super bowl is a celebration of the champions, both sports and entertainment and on this particular half time show, we also know it took it to another lem. on miami beach, i'm lisa,. as she mentioned briefly, beyonce is kicking tough world tour right here in south florida. she will perform on wednesday, april 27th. tickets go on sale next tuesday at 10:00 a.m. prices range from 40 to $300 per ticket. presale packages go on sale tomorrow. in this morning top new f another edition of car pool karyote, sir el on the john
6:26 am
talked about past outfits and even joked about them. >> had so much fun, holding hands and skipping stones. [ music ] . >> the 68-year-old grammy winner opened up about the origins of some of his best songs and a reminder of course you can watch the late late show on weeknights right here starting at 12:37 right staff late show. cbs this morn as good coming up at 7:00 a.m. -- morning is coming up right here at 7:00 a.m. >> we will go live to studio in new york city. charlie, good morning. what are you working on for today's show. >> good morning, lauren and walter. we have all of your super bowl coverage and this, the interview with president obama. he responds to the north korea rocket launch and the zika
6:27 am
and rubio will both with us and only on cbs this morning we will go bethine scenes of the mission to mars and reveal never before seen images of red planet. that and more, the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> thank you for that. remember cbs this morning kicks offer at 7:00 right here on cbs 4. time right now is 6:30. let's check your weather with lissette gonzales. >> the half time show was amazing. >> i love cold play but beyonce and bruno mars. >> the super bowl hangover, whether it is you were staying update and trying to now take on a monday and your new work and school week the cool temperatures will wake you up as we look live, broward, wow, look at this supersun rise. that is glorious, and we are seeing mostly 40s out there.
6:28 am
kendall and homestead, 50 in miami. 51 in key west and the 30s around the rest of the state. in fact below freezing in tallahassee. that's how cold and how powerful the front that rolled through. the thankfully the radar is quiet and dry and wind flow from 3 to 10 miles per hour. and throughout the day today we are talking about cool sunshine with upper 60s as we hod throughout the day, we need jacket, sweater, coats, scarf, turn on the heater. how long this sticks around in the complete forecast straight ahead: let's check your traffic now with vanessa. >> reporter: i-9 at 103rd, busy, busy, everybody is getting out the door. if you are grabbing the key, that's i-95 at 103rd. there's a lot of computers out there with you. -- commuters out there with. >> so miami garden drive. one eastbound lane is affected by the injury accident. it happened around 5:00 a.m. it is taking some time for this one to clear up.
6:29 am
palmetto at 25th street. right in the city odor al you will see the roadway and then also ton palmetto northbound before you get too the dolphin expressway. this at flagler. it should be clearing. the slowest spot, the turnpike, 288th up to 874 seeing rush hour traffic already, really started to slow down, it will commute. guy. >> vanessa, thanks. we begin with more of our coverage, this morning the denver broncos are waking up super bowl champions for the third time in team history. the bronco were the underdogs going in but came to play from start the finish as cbs 4 reports from santa clara, bull other came down to defense. and the denver broncos, have taken super bowl other. >> peyton manning and the broncos defeated it carolina panthers to win the third super bowl. line backer vaughn miller was
6:30 am
>> it was for peyton and all of my tame meats of course. >> he's the first to win with two different teams but would not say if this really was his last rodeo. >> i want to go, you know, hug my family. i will drink a lot of budweiser tonight. >> the offense exploded early. >> the kick is good. >> he fumbles. >> the ticket a golden one, people spent thousands of dollars get in, but fans say the party was worth it. >> it is all about the broncos and manning. that guy is an awesome man. >> the crowd enjoyed some of the biggest names in pop music. >> lady gaga sang the national anthem. uptown. >> cold play scored at half time with an assist from beyonce. it was a golden night for more than 70,000 celebrating super bowl other. head to our facebook page to
6:31 am
her half time show which she calls a dream come true. log on to the web site to check out the blog, gallery and all things relate today big game. we have a complete section on cbs mi now, at 6 -- >> >> a massive fire, a big hit for several business owners, and now this morning, federal agents are investigating. >> reporter: early morning miami south west 8th street, fire fight verse a smoky stubborn fire on their hands, a passer binotices smoke spreading through building, powerful pictures as firefighter attack the blaze on all fronts. they look square ward as the fire coursed through the buildings attic, gaining access difficult, power saws put to work. >> at one time, they did have to back out so we could cut holes into the roof. we are fighting the fire. within that one hour time we were able to bring it under control.
6:32 am
started in a costume shop in center of the building the businesses. the shop not a retail operation, but produces costumes for disney world. >> late this afternoon, federal alcohol tobacco and fire arms agents showed up to investigate. costume shop. now, cell phone store owner erika andretti says her family, they were at home when the alarm company called and said there was a break in at the store. she looked at the security camera on her home computer there was no break in. >> i looked on camera and saw store. as of now there's no official cause of this fire. people in haiti are protesting against the provisional -- being
6:33 am
[ music ] . >> haitian leaders signed an agreement to install an interim government as they step down. the run off vote to elect his successor was postponed over fears of vie excellence allegationsover fraud. they demanded new fair election for the president and the parliament. they have pulled two people from the rubble in taiwan. they were pulled out two days after a quake shook taiwan. they say the one was heard shouting here i am as they raced to find her. have a banged up i phone, what app 18 doing for the very first time. also ahead caught on camera a man slams into a woman. what the man behind the wheel was trying to do. supercustom cars, vanessa will introduce you to custom made for celebritys and athletes.
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>> speakingover cars, this is i- 9 at northwest 135th street. there's a lot of them out there. you should expect that on a monday morning, especially at 6:36. we will talk about how any accident, construction, traffic alerts are slowing down your drive this morning. don't go anywhere. lissette. >> we are waking waive and give up a low to mid 40s across the inland areas, so yes, certainly chilly out there. look at that temperatures have been falling, as we are now seeing the sun starting to peak out. it will stay cool throughout the entire day, my friend. you will need that winter weather gear, at least for the next couple of days, i will tell you about a few more cold fronts on the way in the complete forecast.
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we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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why. >> bug spray is in high demand and chip otle is closing for a few hours today. >> good morning, jill. >> >> reporter: good morning. chipotle is close prosecuting 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 for a company--- closing from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 for a company-wide meeting. the company is lying out new safety measures including paid sick leave for workers so they will stay home when they don't feel well. bug spray makers are ramping up
6:38 am
they expect to see more demand in earlier in the season. they're already experiencing higher orders from retailers in southern states, compared this time last year. i do, i believe that, lauren. >> oh yeah i have always carried some in my car especially reporting down here in south florida. there's a way to trade in your damaged iphones and get paid for it. what's this all about. report error for the first time ever apple will let you trade in phones with cracked screens and broken button n i will credit up to $350 depending on the model. they want to get more people to upgrade as iphone sales slowed down for first time. >> makes a lot of sense. i am sure my friends who have been holding the phone out so they don't get cut on the glass will go and get them fixed, jill. >> yeah, including me. i'm with them. >> all right. time to upgrade. thank you so much, jill. have a great day. we are following breaking news, police investigating a
6:39 am
>> cbs 4 is live on the scene with the latest. gab re, fill us in this morning. >> reporter: , miami beach police are confirming that a man in his 20s was stabbed early this morning out here on washington avenue and 10th. this is about a block away from the police department head quarters. right now investigators are still trying to piece together exactly what happened out here. they tell us that a short time ago we actually saw somebody being taken into custody in relation to this stabbing, right now that person is being questioned, we are being told by police that man taken into custody, he was seen running about two blocks way from the scene and possibly had a knife in his bag, again right now police confirming one man was stabbed. he was taken to rider trauma center. we don't know what condition he's in. we also don't know at this time, the circumstances surrounding the stabbing and what may have led up to it. they're actually still trying to figure out exactly where the
6:40 am
location here on washington and tenth is where the victim was picked up fbi ambulance after either stumbling or run prosecuting the original scene. of course as soon as we get new details we will have this for you gabby, cbs 4 this morning. >> >> good monday morning, south mr. after a gorgeous super bowl sunday, we are waking up to a supersun rise from our miami camera. look at that winter sky, certainly feeling like winter with a cooler, we can even call it colder 40s across the area. make sure you have your sweater, jacket, boots, scarfs, why not. for us here in south florida, 40s that's cold. we should see average lows inly 60s. here is another fabulous sun rise, a work of art so beautiful this morning, this is going to motivate you on a monday, especially a monday after the super bowl. it is a little bit more challenging to get up and get going.
6:41 am
it is dry out there. the wind is flowing northwest, west, anywhere from 3 to 10 miles per hour. it is not too breezy, but certainly chilly with 46- degrees in pompano beach, 49 for you in fort lauderdale, 50 in miami. 55 in marathon, 61 in key west. we have even had the low 40s across some of the western suburbs. make sure the little ones are layered up. we see the colder temperatures with 30s across central north florida. check it out. tallahassee, colder than new york city. waking up to 39. we are seeing 30s from the mid atlantic down through south and even into the great lakes and midwest but 13 in minneapolis, of course, the big super bowl champions, celebrating today in denver, 19 degrees, this morning, we are seeing the 50s on the west coast in california, 40s in the pacific northwest. so we have a few more reenforcing cold fronts, that will keep that cool, dry air in place. so, you are going to continue to need the wintery weather gear with some high clouds, wednesday we are staying cool,
6:42 am
though as we head into the weekend. more of a northeast on shore breeze means we will start to see a warm up by the end of the week. in the meantime though, we are talking about highs in the upper 60s today. it should be just a glorious day with plenty of sunshine but certainly on the cool side, not a good day for boating. it will be bumpy, gulf stream advisory, and tonight it will fall to the low to mid 50s with increasing clouds. it may not be as cold as we are seeing that morning, so as we head throughout the week, 68- degree, we will see the colder 40s again by wednesday morning and 64. thursday morning, 43, with 64 for the high and of course by friday you can see lows back in the 50s. highs in low 70s and that warm up begins. let's check your -- right now with vanessa. >> reporter: we have a traffic alert on i-ed 5. this is just happening at northwest 95. it is affecting the northbound lanesover i-5. you can see the fire engine truck blocking off those right lanes, everybody
6:43 am
you will see a lot of onlooker delays. here is southbound, you may see delays on the southbound side as well. expect a slow drive both directions, 95 at 9 ath et stream let's talk about other accidents we have going, this is 826 northbound at 25th street. we still have the crash. it is being pushed to the shoulder. same goes for this one ton palmetto, pushed to the shoulder gut northbound drive, approaching 836 and it will be exceptionally slow. the slowest spot because of rush hour the turnpike from 288 top 874 it will take you 21 minutes. . now, caught on camera, check this out a woman is recovering aftershe was hit by a van while trying to get away from a fight the driver was trying to drive away from a group of guys pounding on his van. he went backwards to get them off of the car and he hit the lady, not once but twice. officials say she was taken too the hospital and is expect today survive. commercials -- expected to survive.
6:44 am
part of the super bowl. in career was no different. >> hey. >> you are the guy taking my little girl out. huh. >> yeah. >> why didn't you take my new car. >> thank, pop. >> go ahead, baby. >> [ music ] . >> the first votes are in for this year's best worst super bowl commercials seen by millions around the world. at the top the list, hyundai's first date voted most popular. he was following them around on the date. it was so funny. this commercial followed by a heinz commercial where a dog is galloping toward muss card and ketchup to a 1970s love song. that was a hit and ultrasound baby who can't wait to get his hanson doritos. a -- fetched up to $5 million. >> that was my favorite. coming up supercustom cares. >> up next meet the south
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superrides, custom made for celebritys and athletes. good morning.
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i car is just a car unless you put it in hands of alex.
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firm and this morning he shows us how they convert cars to works of art customizing for celebritys and athletes around world. >> this will get your engine running a look inside the auto firm. cars already worth hundreds of thousands of dollars undergoing expensive upgrades. limitation of motionbo. mercedes. alex approximate his team have worked on it. >> we're good. >> the native shuffled these marvels throughout his body shop. >> my goal was always my vision. i wanted to have a car done and people to look at exit say alex did that car. >> the celebrity world is well verseed in al, and his art form. the corral based company is where the rich and famous get taylor made machines, tvs, rims of every size and color, sound
6:48 am
however bizarre, like musician. >> he had me by buy a truck to do a studio. >> inside the truck. >> alex created the studio on wheels from scratch but it is the mercedes vans he converts into what he calls a house on wheels that is alex's pride and joy. >> there's my biggest passion here. >> it is a baby. >> the limousine van comes with two 52-inch flat screen tvs a sound system, a bar, and if you are hungry. s0q have your dinner. >> if you want dinner in the dark. >> it glows everything glows. >> the cost $175,000 but worth it for former miami hurricane and chicago bears safety. >> you can't go wrong with this one, with the kids, the homeies. luxury cars worth small fortunes drive in and out but his lover for cars began with
6:49 am
>> you make dream cars for everybody else. what's yours, 1987 monte car low. he's working on one for a customer. >> when this guy brought me this car i felt like telling him i would do it for free. this is it, my high school baby right here. >> it is that passion that drives him. >> so when athletes like chicago cubs right fielder needs to fix their cars. >> they know alex is the man for the job. >> to see their reaction when they first walk in, you are looking at them saying i hope to god they likes this and i hope to god he likes this. you see how they feel when they like an accomplishment. >> allot exsays you don't have to be a baller with a royce to get your car hooked up at the auto firm. he works with anyone with different price points the learn more go to our web site, cbs 4 new. >>
6:50 am
to see vanessa's -- >> maybe they got it hooked up.
6:51 am
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>> we continue to follow a developing story out of miami beach, where police are investigating a stabbing. a man in his 20s was stabbed this morning near washington avenue and 10th street. a person of interest was detained and being interviewed. stabbing.
6:53 am
>> a quick wrap up of your morning head lines. >> denver broncos fans are celebrating the third super bowl title the broncos defeated it carolina panthers 24-10 last night. the line backer miller was named game mvp. he forced two tim fumbles and got two sacks. the driver police say is responsible for a hit and run in miami is expected to turn himself in this morning. officials say 30-year-old jose was driving his car near northwest 17th avenue and northwest 44th street when he rear ened a blue heavy. a caribbean cruise ship is expect today dock later today after a rough time at sea. the anthem of the seas was rocked by high winds and rough waves, while traveling from new york to the bahamas over weekend. passengers on board captured this cell phone video. the ship was caught in the winter storm, traveling up the east coast. .
6:54 am
with jojo live from the qqam. we will talk about super bowl just a little longer, specifically denver's defense w. do you think they rank in all-time super bowl performance. >> well, job if they will ever be top five but you have to put them at the top 10 or 12 for sure especially after what cam newton's offense had done all year the high scoring offense in football in the regular season averaging 31 points a game, even more in the post&denver all over them with the four take aways and the 7 sacks yesterday, and everything else they did, they were just fantastic for a group of guys, it was a number one defense but we really never talked about just how good that defense was, and they did it on the biggest stage yesterday. wow. >> they did it when it counted all right. thank you so much. talk to you tomorrow. thank you. have a great day. all right. one last look at your monday morning forecast. >> it is a beautiful start to week.
6:55 am
fort lauderdale camera in broward county. wow. >> oh that's just gorgeous. it is cold out there for some of you waking up with the 40s right now fort lauderdale, 50 miami, 58 in key west and throughout the day, the mid to upper 40s now but we will see highs in the upper 60s. so you still need your sweat, and jacket, layer up the little once, tomorrow 50s, and at times another cold front reenforcing the cool air with lows in the 40s and colder by a high of 64. we will see a milder trend toward the end of the week, we will wake up to the low 50s and highs in the 70s. let's check your traffic with vanessa. >> all right a traffic all right on i-95 northbound at northwest 9 ath street has right lane blocked off causing heavy delays in area, be careful as you head in that direction, at flagler street, another accident at 25th street. a slow one, turnpike 19 minutes
6:56 am
87419 minutes,.
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