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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  February 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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right now at 5:30, emotional reunion. a mother is back with her baby after a man steals her car with her infant inside. plus florida voters head to the polls just five weeks from today. there are important changes for the presidential primary. we have what you need to know. i'm lauren past. and let's say hello to the ladies as well. vanessa is standing by with traffic. first let's check in with meteorologist lissette gonzalez. >> reporter: not as chilly instead of the 40s, the 60s lauren and walter. a live view from our biscayne bay camera. temperatures anywhere from 15
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of our morning lows so far. average les are 62, 64 in miami and french quarter, upper 60s through the keys. because we are seeing wind flow mainly out of the west. we have cloud coverage and usually that acts like a blanket. we have another cold to want on the way. as we head throughout the day, front on the way. as we head through the day, highs in the upper 60s. let's check our traffic vanessa. 5:31 south florida and quiet as well. 95 at 595 southbound and northbound, proving to you how great of a drive it is.
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all these drivers are about to pass 595. this is 95 at northwest 79th street. leading right into downtown miami. the palmetto nice and quiet as well, that eastbound and westbound commute of 826 after the golden grade interchange. all the headlights heading eastbound. and a live look at your drive on the palmetto northbound right before 836 at southwest 17th street looking good both directions. a carjacked baby is reunited with her mother this morning. the hunt is on to find the man who took off with the precious cargo. the mother was reunited with her baby hours after her car was stolen. cbs4's marybel rodriguez rodriguez has more. >> reporter: police are looking
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leaving a mother and father terrified wondering if they would ever see their baby girl again. >> reporter: reunited with her 10-month-old daughter, police found lopez's car a green chevy that was stolen from outside this laundromat. inside the car, she was unhurt but likely terrified. >> from what we have been told, the baby is in good health right now. >> reporter: the kidnapper was nowhere in sight. >> we have an active search for the suspect. >> reporter: this is the man police are looking for. this surveillance video from inside the laundromat, you can see a man, walk being around, possibly casing the area and checking out a car that was still running outside the and northwest second avenue. a short time later that man gets in the car and takes off. lopez left her car running because her daughter was wake her.
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had left in the drier and i left the car running because my daughter was sleeping. when we came outside, the car was gone. >> reporter: brian teller saw the man get in the car. >> just somebody that came out casually. crime, honestly. >> reporter: police rushed to the laundromat and an all out began. two hours later an amber alert was issued for the child. tense moments passed, with the worst. around 6:30 lopez left the laundromat, got into a police car and headed to the scene in pompano beach where her car was recovered and her baby unhurt. moments later she could cradle her daughter in her arms. >> fortunately that baby was found safe. again this all happened just outside this laundromat on sunrise boulevard. they are asking anyone with
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man to call crime stoppers at 954493-tips. marybel rodriguez, cbs4 this morning. here's a check of your tuesday morning headlines. breaking news out of southern germany, where two trains hit head o there are people still stuck inside the wreckage. this is the biggest accident they have seen in the region in years no a deadly discovery. miami beach police received a 911 call around 7:00 p.m. from security personnel at the flamingo towers. two children alerted personnel that their mother was assaulted and killed in their apartment. and police have arrested a man accused of two violent ram
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22-year-old joan walker stabbed at the swap shop and attacked an employee with a sword. voters in new hampshire have begun casting ballots in the first in the nation primary contest. republican front runner donald trump has his sights set on a win today while ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich and jeb bush are locked in a battle for second place. democrat bernie sanders may come away with a win in the granite state after losing iowa to hillary clinton by a small margin. look for live reports later tonight right here on cbs4 news. florida's presidential preference primary is five weeks away on march 15th. all across south florida, election offices are gearing up and you should be doing the same. there are important changes in store for this primary. joan murray has the information you need to know.
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crunch time as workers make sure everything is set for the presidential preference primary march 15th. up in broward they are doing the same, checking machines. and poll workers were in training. the biggest challenge everywhere is explaining who can vote. >> almost a third of our voters don't have a party a major party affiliation. so the message we want to get to them is, unless they change their party affiliation, which they can do, between now and february 16th, they must be a member of the party in order to vote. >> reporter: if you intend to vote in the march primary, listen up. the deadline to register to vote is february 16th. that is a week away. in miami dade no more paper look up of your name. voters will see this, new id scanner machines. you swipe your license. >> every one of these machines will be checked three times
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the battery power and if there is enough paper and if it is going to the correct locations. >> reporter: remember the lightning lines in 2012 for early voting? voting. it will go from february 29th to march 14th. >> for this upcoming election we have 20 early voting sites throughout the county. >> reporter: broward voters will go march 5-13, a total of nine days. on the upside, if you are sending in an absentee ballot, you don't have to worry about a stamp. >> if you vote absentee, a vote by mail, you will not have to put postage on your return envelope. that has been handled by the supervisor of elections office through the office budget. >> reporter: all these changes to make sure voting is as pain- free as possible.
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stay with cbs4 and cbs for continuous coverage of campaign 2016. a man accused of slamming into a parked car and hitting a group of people walked into a police station with his attorney. all five people were hurt in frank. police say they are still gathering physical evidence, including dna test results to prove he was behind the wheel during this crash. the family of a man shot dead by a miami gardens police officer is lashing out at the decision not to charge the officer. the mother of hall cried out at the decision made by prosecutors. >> feel my pain.
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and the way he got off, it is not right. >> reporter: katherine daniels said her biggest regret is she called police it's assist her disturbed son. his name is bust and animal activists want to get his story out in hopes of finding whoever hurt him so badly. veterinarians are calling this one of the worst cases of animal abuse they have ever seen. the dog was so severely emaciated and covered in sores. buster was put on the kill list to be euthanized, but now his condition has vastly improved and he is in need of a new home, thanks to the help of the 100 plus animal rescue. for more visit our website cbs president obama is asking congress for almost $2 billion to fight the zika virus.
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operation center to the highest level. in south florida two new cases have been reported and that brings the total number of cases to six in miami dade and two in broward county. a major automaker is recalling tens of thousands of cars bought of faulty engines. chipotle makes an announcement and covers freebies in the process. a leopard gets lose and malls three people. a gas station roof collapses with two workers on top of it. more of this dramatic video, straight ahead. showing you a live shot in broward county. southbound lanes and northbound lanes before and after you get to 595. miami dade also looking good at northwest 79th street. what about all the other roadways? i'm going to give you those answers, when we get back. lissette?
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40s, but it is cool out there with 60s this morning. south florida, you'll still need your light jackets and sweaters. and the heavy coat you will need tomorrow.
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welcome back south florida. ready to take on tuesday. we are going to help you out as we look live from our ft. lauderdale county. mother nature helping you out. still quiet and dry and on the cool side although not as cold as yesterday. here's the deal, we have more clouds streaming if in from the gulf of mexico. typically when we have that cloud coverage, it acts like a blanket to keep temperatures from cooling down even further. you still need a light jacket, light sweater and guess what? we have another cold front sweeping through later. that means tonight into tomorrow. temperatures even colder by tomorrow morning. we are also contending with a shift in the wind flow more out of the west-southwest, breezes picked up from 7 to 20 miles per hour and you can see that reflected from the temperatures right now. 64 for you in flowered and in miami 63 in kendall. the upper 60s down through the keys.
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the u.s., 8 in minneapolis. right now teens in chicago, boston, 28 in new york city. 20s through cincinnati, st. louis and 30s as far south as atlanta and memphis. 40s in texas and over on the west coast, 60s around phoenix and l.a. actually there could be some record warmth around these areas as we have a big dome of high pressure there. you can see the clear skies country. dip in the jet stream leading to that cold arctic air across much of the ohio river valley, mid-atlantic and northeast. up through the new england areas and the great lakes you are seeing the white stuff as well. here in south florida, temperatures will be comfortable this afternoon, climbing to the upper 60s. it will be cool and breezy. we will see a few more clouds around compared to yesterday
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anywhere from 15 to 20 up to 25 miles per hour. that is the reason we have a small craft advisory. choppy on the bays with a high- risk. tonight colder as well. high 66. thursday high 65. until we get to valentine's weekend lows in the 50s and highs around 70 degrees on sunday. i-95 and northwest 103rd street you are going to love this traffic report as much as i love giving it to you. obviously a lot of cars. you can see the southbound drive specifically, plenty of people heading toward downtown miami. your travel time on the turn
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that is our slowest spot. we see a bit of a slow down this time morning. it will take you 12 minutes. after that 9 minutes from 874 the don shula expressway. broward county no accidents, no construction here .10 minutes on 595 to cut across it eastbound. this week it is all about ramp closures. 874 the turnpike and i-75 drivers will see closures for construction. >> reporter: the northbound 874 exit ramp to southwest 88th street will be closed through friday from 9:30 p.m. to 5:30 each night. northbound and southbound turnpike entrance ramps are shutting down overnight through 4:30 a.m. finally the northbound and southbound exit ramps to sheridan street west are closing between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
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again go to our website it is cbs a rough night for the panthers in the motor city. >> reporter: last night panthers loss was twofold. not only did they fold to the early exit. alexander takes an ugly shot to the head. no penalty called. he left the game. panthers lose 3-0. and still upset about that hit. you have to battle through those things and tonight we didn't. >> reporter: hey maybe south
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good numbers, lean since the departure of lebron james. miami also ranked third in the lead in attendance. that's going to do it for sports. now it is time for talking with yo. joe rose is live from the w qa mstudios. the video from the panthers tough loss yesterday not just a loss because of the game but a loss of one of their star players. check out this nasty hit. what do you think? >> reporter: detroit wanted to get physical. the panthers one of the hottest teams in the nhl. they have these young talented players, none better. he is one of the key players for this team and they got physical with him and took him out. i think it is bad, bad for the game. no reason to go up around the head like that and he ends up missing the rest of the game. the panthers obviously very upset. hopefully he can get back
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but again, for football and for hockey, there is just no reason. no reason for these things to take place. i know some hockey people say you have got to keep your head up when you are skating and maybe you'll learn a lesson. he is just a young guy only 20 years old. should have never happened. hopefully he recovers very soon. high school football, the nfl season is over. all the young players getting ready for next season. jackson high has the first people male head football coach. >> reporter: first of all, you have to watch south beach, man. there is always great fights. you have people hunting out of restaurants and there she is. berniece is out fighting them and throwing punches with her side kicks and they are jumping on each other's backs on the
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that is great stuff. you've got to watch that. >> reporter: nobody is going to mess with her for sure as she takes over. she is, on a serious note, she is going to coach this jackson team. she is obviously going to have a lot of help. luther campbell is the defensive coordinator. i have a feeling he is also going to be very involved with this team in making decisions. the biggest and toughest position for her, she has been an athlete her whole life, it is going to be if she is going to be competitive in her district and question -- can she keep her players from transferc. right now it is a free for all, if you have a couple of god players they are off and running to somebody else's program. it is going on all over dade broward and palm beach county.
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hands full. i noticed a couple of them were there yesterday to show their unity for their head coach. but it is going to be tough. there is a lot of good schools around them that would love to have a couple of their players. >> this great entertainment coming on the way for sure. now caught on camera's dramatic surveillance video shows the roof of a southern california gas station collapsing on two workers on top of it. you can see right above the sign a maintenance worker and another worker. then on the left side of your screen you see the roof collapse with one of the workers going down with it. two cars were beneath the roof at the time. one of them was crushed. and now take a look at this video of a leopard on the loose inside a school in india.
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fighting to escape the animal as he tries to climb a fence. ten hours later the animal was tranquilize and sent back to the wild. >> incredible video. beyonce's new song formation is doing more than racking up viral views online. and riots in the streets of hong kong during the chinese new year. that story is all new for you at 6:00. the focus on the difference each of us can make in the lives of churn. in one case it helps a boy grow into a champion. good morning i'm rudabeh >> are you excited? >> i'm very excited. hampshire. we'll be live in new hampshire with the results.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. welcome back on the money watch this morning. are you a registered drone operator? plus honda is recalling thousands of cars.
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with more details on these stories. good morning. >> reporter: good morning walter. honda is recalling civics. the engines can stall while the car is in motion. the skies are getting a lot more crowded. the faa says there are now 325,000 registered drone owners in the united states. mass more than the number of licensed pilots. the faa says the number of actual drones is even higher than that, because most operators have more than one. chipotle is back open for business. the restaurant chain shut its doors yesterday to talk about food safety. the company says it is still committed to ethically grown food, and it's announced a $10 million investment in local
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and they also offered free burritos yesterday. walt officer. jill red lobster has been implementing a turn around to help boost their sales. now they are getting some unexpected help. >> reporter: yeah they are calling it the beyonce bounce. red lobster's sales jumped 33% this weekend after beyonce released her new song formation and she performed it at the super bowl . the song mentions the restaurant chain, the workers there have started to rename menu items after the queen bee. you can't make it up. walter? >> i think it is a smart move. i went into the restaurant here right around the corner on saturday because i had to work here, and the line was out the door. so i don't think they are having any problems here.
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