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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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tonight, trying to understand what prompted a murder suicide. that investigation centers around well-known high-rise structures in miami beach, the grand and the slim even - - the flamingo. peter has more on the investigation. >> reporter: this is where the story took a disturbing turn. this is where the man jumped to his death. and there are new details about the suspect and the victim who was his wife. it was a somber site outside of the grand condominiums. the search came to an end for demeanor. he took his life by jumping from a very high floor inside of this complex. the video of his body was
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>> i went outside of my door and i live on the 31st floor and i looked down and i saw a body on the tenth floor. it was gross, not something you want to see like in the 4:00 in the morning or whatever. it was sad. his wife was found inside of the apartment. >> it is horrible, horrible, really horrible. frightening. >> the children alerted security personnel that their mother was ins - - assaulted inside of the apartment. >> they found the mother dead. and police will not see divorce how she died but they believed
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>> i'm taking care of seven people. >> reporter: this is video from december. the victims children will remain in temporary foster care. another hearing is set for february 23rd. it is unknown what led to the deaths, but police report that the mother was very - - afraid of him. and he said if she called police, - - she was afraid to call because she had no papers. a rough morning at south king senior high school where a fight broke out. and students just grabbed their
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gary has more. >> reporter: it has been quite some time but never in my high school time did i ever witness anything remotely resembling what was captured here at south bay high school today. mom, d ad, i must warm - - warn you if you have young children in the room with you right now, the video you are about to see is quite violent. a major police presence at south bay high in homestead. it follows this brawl in the school cafeteria, on cell phone. two of the students on the floor being pummeled at one of the student - - students kicked her in the neck.
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was like oh my god that's crazy. >> reporter: a security guard came to break things up and was pushed away by a student. mary could not see the brawl through the throng that gathered . >> i couldn't see through them? - - i couldn't see them. there was like a whole bunch of people like jumping and stuff. >> i don't think it is right. i think something should be done. >> but this father? >> they are fit - - they are kids. i mean it's a good school. >> reporter: goodness did not prevail today as this video clearly shows. we are running it without sound because there is constant cursing throughout. the school system issued a
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saying that it strives to work with students and instill in them the values of restraint and respect. no one was arrested after all of this today, the school system says some of the students involved will be facing disciplinary actions. >> gary, thank you. now let's look outside at the cloudy and cool day across south florida. and as colder temperatures are heading our way, greg is here talking. >> 50s and 40s tonight, and not as cold as it has been, but another cold front has passed around atlanta right now. let's show you that cold air spilling our way.
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40s inland and to the north. windchill is in the upper 40s. the coldest reading is to the west and north. these computer models show the temperature cool off into the 40s and 50s. 20s up north and tomorrow we do not get very warm at all, and tomorrow night is colder yet. 40s inland and in the 30s after that, and then finally a slow warm-up. tonight detectives need help surveillance video caught him with orange gloves walking into dollar general on west oakland boulevard last month and he announced he wanted money and would shoot everyone in the store if the employees did not comply. they opened the register and walked away as he took the cash. he is described as a black male
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he was seen leaving in a four door chevrolet - - chevy impala. anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers. and now to a new consumer alert, jackson has launched an investigation saying the hospital employee may have stolen names, names, birthdates, social security numbers and home addresses over the last five years from this local hospital. the employee has been placed on administrative leave. patient personal information was asked - - access. patients will be notified and offered free credit monitoring. the mother of a patient missing since december has entered a plea to have her son come home. in her video she pleads for his safe - - return. he was last seen december 27th
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his father kicked him out of his car. [ indiscernible ] >> come and call the police. come speak with us. do not be afraid. >> his father remains in jail. he was arrested last month after he bought a one-way plane ticket to new zealand. if you know anything about the teams whereabouts, you are asked to contact police. now to campaign 2016, what with the first primary be without some excitement? well this man dressed as a robot is heckling marco rubio and he was confronted at scuffled with rubio can - - supporters. he repeated the same line several times. david caught up with marco rubio today in manchester, new hampshire.
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forward to getting out of hampshire and leading - - leaving goldstein behind. but i don't know if everyone will let him leave that behind. you can see the rush from after work, everyone work, everyone getting ready to cast their ballots. it is very exciting for new hampshire to be first in the nation. what they decide tonight will have a tremendous impact on the candidates going forward. how important is headed sure? they expect $100 million to add. and he may be far from home, but senator marco rubio should feel at home in new hampshire. he stopped to think his volunteers in - - here in miami. since some of them are more conservative but it is - -'s
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we want trump. >> according to many, trump will take first place here in new hampshire. >> we are trying to great - - get as many delegates as we can. >> reporter: they had a lot of support coming off the first place - - >> there it is, the memorized 252nd speech. >> reporter: they believe it could have happened to anyone. >> we want to change the direction of the country and from that standpoint if we have to say it over and over again, that is what we will do. >> reporter: jeb bush is keeping things low key, he campaigned for 50 days . tonight he plans to go pray at a church nearby. that said, there is no luck, i am just grateful to be a
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>> new voters are signing up to participate. >> reporter: jeb bush needs to do well in new hampshire. he spent a lot of time and money and if he doesn't would be the beginning of the end for his campaign but this still will not be the end of the road for him. now coming up at 6:00 you will hear from the voters and who they are voting for and why it is asked - - why it is especially interesting. >> i noticed that you are inside today, nicely done. now jim is joining us, let us try to put this into context. i want to get as many delegates as i can to explain what this is all about, collecting delegates, that is what you me to do in order to get the nomination. >> depending on the votes you
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of delegates. the same thing will happen in new hampshire and florida is the biggest winner take all state. florida is significant. 99 delegates are up for grabs. >> bernie sanders and donald trump are both projected to do well tonight. what does it say about voters from new hampshire? >> it seems you are going to have donald trump and bernie sanders leading. you are going to have a reality tv start - - tv star winning the primary against a 74-year- old socialist on the democratic side. it should give you an idea of how disgruntled, upset, angry and anxiety filled the electorate is since they are
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candidates period >> just s o m e j u s t because sanders and trump could win tonight does not mean they are automatically going for november. >> bernie sanders has a rough road ahead. he has to start going into south carolina where his support is going to be tested for the first time and that is the real test for burnings - - for bernie sanders period that is why a victory is important for him, he needs to get the victory in new hampshire and take his momentum and do as good as he can. other states may not look as favorably upon him period >> it could take major prayers in order for him to continue this process. if he does not do well and he did not do well in iowa, he did not get projected to do well tonight, how do you think it will go? snoo go? >> the polls are all over the place and some of those show him in second and some show a little bit lower and the real
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jeb bush, marco rubio, john kasich and ted cruz, they are all going to be in a jumble. donald trump is protected to win big but everyone else will be in a mess a mess. if that is the case, we are all going to south carolina and they confided out in the next round. compared to now, jeb bush is doing well. >> thank you so much. cbs is laying out criteria for the ninth presidential debate for greenville, south carolina. in order to qualify, candidates will have to meet one of the following criteria. they must place among the top five ranked in the new hampshire republican primary and they must place among the top three in the iowa publican contest and they must place among top five in the average of national
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polls conducted over four weeks starting january 15th and then receive a minimum a minimum of 3% in iowa and new hampshire results or in the south carolina or national polls. >> that is a long set of rules. >> i can't remember any of them. >> we will be in south carolina for the debate. look for the live report coming up on friday. >> she will be in palm beach county next monday. it is a grassroots event to explain why she is the only candidate for the job and stay with us for more coverage of the campaign now through election day and for more information on the primary results and also information on florida's upcoming primaries in march, go to our website for more information on campaign 2016.
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police officer is returning to court and his new rant in front of a judge, we will have all of
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. new details on the rough
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royal caribbean cruise ships. and a florida senator is demanding answers. andrea is here with more on the report. >> this is being compared to the decision of a captain who sunk his ship and lost 33 lives. they are being asked a lot of questions but we are not getting answers. >> when a storm is brewing, you do not go out of court. >> reporter: bill nelson is asking a question many have on their minds, why would the anvil of the sea set sail to the bahamas when a storm was forecast by the national weather service? >> it was forecast days in advance, why in the world would a cruise ship with thousands of passengers go sailing right into it?
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said that the wind speed was higher than what was forecast. that is not what the national weather service says. forecasters say alerts for a strong storm were sent days before the ship ran into trouble. >> oh my god. >> reporter: pictures - - pictures reveal the damage. >> deck five was taking in water from the rain. >> george said the more than 4500 passengers on board were ordered to write out the storm in their state rooms. you can hear the metal twisting and banging. it was scary. >> reporter: on the floor, nelson recalled the sinking of another ship during hurricane walking, killing 33 people. >> we asked the same questions
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the storm? >> today a spokesperson said that the cruise line is still working on a response to the senators questions. we are still waiting for answers. >> elliott, thank you. a hearing was held in jacksonville. officials from the marine casualty board focused on the events relating to the vessel and putting duties and qualifications into past qualifications and the compliance record. all of the crew members died when the ship sank last october. the five pope mobiles used by pope francis on his visit to mexican cities have been blessed in advance of the - - trip. and the modified vehicles include a parent of jeep wrangler's and three dodge vehicles as well and in
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vehicles for longer journeys. elliott rodriguez is going to cuba for when the pope arrives on his pitstop to mexico. look for his reports starting on thursday. >> craig, welcome back, i thought this was a nice day, not so bad, not so bad, the clouds were not too bad, and there was some sun. >> it felt like summer. and i think people are getting used to being in the 60s. i want to show you what is going on outside. it does not feel quite as cold but a refresher front is going to come from - - come through. right now our camera is looking by the sea here and the wind is offshore and there's a nice south florida wave right there. a cool afternoon. 66 in key west. the normal high is 78 degrees. we are about 12 degrees below that in most locations.
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temperatures right now through west and coconut creek, these are some of the coolest morning lows in the middle 50s period we will drop into the upper 40s in these locations tonight and then the lower 40s or right around 44 tomorrow night. colder air is coming to the peninsula. lower 60s, upper 50s in middleton. mid-sixties in the south. jetstream wind is very strong right above us. and we are going to see high clouds from time to time. temperatures are a little bit cooler with the clouds the coming up just a a little bit there, and it will feel even cooler. colder high pressure is sitting over the western gulf and helping to keep us on the cool side. and it is chilly on the eastern half of the united states period i . high clouds are rolling by. cool temperatures at times, the coldest night will be tomorrow
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finally the high pressure will move off to the east and then we start a warming trend and go back to the more - - 70s on friday and saturday and another cold front comes down and cools us back down into the 60s on sunday, probably upper 60s. teens, 20s, 30s, 32 in atlanta. and tonight it will be a cool one. lows in the upper 40s to middle 50s, a brisk breeze. and high temperatures struggle to go into the lower to middle 60s. choppy conditions on the bay and taking us through the weekend, a couple of cold days by south florida standards and then it goes back into the 60s on saturday. a man arrested for throwing an alligator into a fast food
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>> and people celebrate the championship in denver period and we are learning more about the infamous post again game. jim has all of that coming up next. >> and also a woman accused of drugging a man has a date with the judge coming up next. >> tomorrow while many - - parents are concerned about technology interfering with homework, some
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some superman juicy numbers going down into the history books. they will retire shakeel own meals number 32. he is becoming the third heat player to retire his number. the ceremony begins on the 2016 season. the broncos celebrated their super bowl campaign with a mile high celebration years in the making - - in the making. peyton manning and his teammates celebrated and cam newton talked about his behavior after the game. jim is back from the bay with all of the news. >> in denver it was like having a local holiday. von miller relaxed while peyton
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during an hour-long read that moved into a huge rally. 1 billion people were expected and that estimate may have been low. they earned all of this love by winning their third super bowl title. >> we are going to the stadium and it is packed and there is no place like ronco's country i amazing. >> you bay - - the bay area is orange. cam newton dabbled in orange. >> there is euphoria in denver but the mood in charlotte is much different. you can see cam newton got up and left and he was clearly not happy overhearing broncos players talking about shutting him down and so today he should have been more gracious on sunday. >> i am a sore loser.
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