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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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before leaving, walker hopped into his jacket and did not steal it and the crimes. - - spree was not yet over. he went on a rampage with a sword. here we see him ringing the they possibly down on a 49-year-old man who worked there. >> it was a scream that was horrible, it was really happening. >> walker was already running away. when walker put the sword down, another man tackled him and held him. >> it was like i had to get into action, i didn't care about my life, i just couldn't live without my conscience. >> the man is facing murder charges - - attempted murder
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and the city it they would rather see walker treated for the problems he had rather than being prosecuted . now at 6:00, the sun is setting on another cool day in south florida. it is going to get colder tonight period craig is here, how cold are we talking about? snoo 50s and 40s again tonight and even colder air in store for tomorrow night, things to the high-pressure following another cold front across the area and snow is falling in north georgia. cold air will continue to do that for another day or so. we've been in the mid 60s. low 60s by tomorrow morning. the coldest spot, northern and western
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miami is the same story. mid-fifties in the southeast sections period the wind chill is in the upper 40s period it will cool off tonight, 30 some essential part of florida, 40s and sell florida, and 50s and a slight one of tomorrow, not much conscious low 60s for the highest tonight. 30s may touch parts of broward tomorrow. the full details in your full forecast coming up next. and a woman was found dead in the south beach apartment period a thirty-six-year-old man jumped to his death from a high floor at the grand condominiums near north bayshore drive. the victims four and 6-year-old children told security that their mother had been assaulted. tonight they are in temporary foster care. a kindergarten teacher accused of biting a little girls finger will not go to jail. he will serve 10 years probation and will never teach again. he bit her last year when he got frustrated with her for in class at silver block elementary in miami.
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to fly to miami are busted for trying to smuggle razor blades on a plane period we have more details on how they were caught period. >> reporter: one of the relatively - - razor blades was tucked in a the small-cap and the other is that of a sneaker. this happened adding new york airport. take a look at this picture taken by police. one of them had the reeser hidden in his sneaker along with a straight edge razor and a blade and a bottle of cologne. and a woman had a razor blade hidden behind the band of her hat. they were both trying to get on a flight on monday morning but it is unclear if they knew each other. authorities say there is no connection to terrorism and they both face possession of
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now to campaign 2016, last call for votes in new hampshire, and polls will close soon and we could have resulted in just a few hours. and some poll numbers as well. david is covering the campaign in new hampshire. david? >> reporter: we took it inside tonight. and a lot of people are getting off work and filing in. the all want to cast their ballots in new hampshire. pan around here and i will show you what they will get when they sign up. this is a sample ballot for the republican nomination. you can see a few of the names, 30 names on here, and some of them are already out of the race. democrats have an equally long list of people that you may not have even heard of that this is what they are looking at when they come in here. all of these choices are
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it was hard to tell if it was a marco rubio rally world pulling sites. volunteers mostly from florida. >> i look like i don't belong here. >> they were all hoping to get out the vote but voters were not interested. >> i voted for burning stent was bernie sanders. >> i like trump, i like his attitude and his strong personality and that's what i'm used to a, i've been around it a lot and i like the fact he wants to address things that need to change. >> i voted for trump because he is a good was - - businessman. >> a lot of trump votes. >> i i was studying all morning. i was not sure. still undecided this morning. they have different reasons and i wanted to vote for different
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it's about who can get congress to work with us as well. who do you think will do that? >> i'm not sure, but i voted for t rump. >> second place is up for grabs. >> we are trying to get as many great about it. >> governor jeb bush spent twice as much time and money in new hampshire as marker video. >> this is a volatile year. >> in a few hours we will finally know the results of the american the first friday - - primary and so floridians can go home. >> the early exit poll shows half of the voters made their choice in the last few days and 20% made their choice just today
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marco rubio both plan to move on to south carolina. they will be there early tomorrow morning regardless of what happens in new hampshire. there was commotion today in new hampshire involving some people demonstrating against marco rubio. the rubio robots mixed things up in manhattan - - manchester. jim, what is this all about? >> it is an american bridges group that has decided to pick on marco rubio after his dad debate performance the other night. we just got these exit polls that just came in from cbs news. it is fascinating to see where the electorate is.
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for a second. republican voters said the number one issue was economy, jobs, government spending. 21% said terrorism. democrats say terrorism only 8% of the time as a major issue for them. and new hampshire democratic voters said the most important quality for them was honesty and trustworthiness and 32% said it was honest five honesty and trustworthiness. new hampshire voters said the most important issue was income inequality and one group of republicans are saying it is the economy and jobs and others say it is income inequality. >> that is a theme that bernie sanders has been hitting on a lot. >> new hampshire republican
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want their next president to be outside of politics like donald trump and 47% want someone with political e xperience, so you've got the electorate perfectly split. the majority of republicans dissatisfied with the republican party itself, much higher than democratic voters who said they are satisfied with the democratic party. >> new hampshire is a small state, what time do you think results? >> i think we will see the numbers by 10:00 to give us a clear indication. we should know by 11:00 who will actually be the winner. but it could take us a while to figure out who finishes second, third, fourth, fifth, they are really packed together and you've got jeb bush and
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christie as well, and i think we will know come south carolina period >> thank you and stay with us for continuing coverage of campaign 2016, we will have all of the results at 11:00. and we will find out more about florida's upcoming primary period next at six o'clock, , fighting the zika virus, a look at the efforts in south florida to keep it from coming here. and a perito backfire, a
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information about the zika virus, florida has 16 confirmed cases and no new cases reported today, but local authorities are getting more training on how to spot and how to prevent it. donna has more from fort lauderdale. >> reporter: emergency workers gathered here in fort lauderdale t oday. experts are breaking down the zika virus to get everyone on the same page. what is it, how did it spread, what are the symptoms and how do we keep it from spreading in south florida? >> it was originally a divide in africa in the southeast asia area. >> reporter: as the public continues to be a big concern,
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understand the virus. [ indiscernible ] >> mosquitoes tend to breed in confined areas and spread it. >> reporter: experts pointed out that we have it pretty good in south florida with mosquito control year-round. the key is clearing even the smallest rulings to keep mosquitoes from hatching in the first place. so we have to kill the library at the source. you cannot allow the larvae to hatch or breed and we also put in briquettes in storm drains and in other areas. >> understanding the symptoms is also key. it incubates between two days and two weeks. only one in five infected show symptoms which are usually mild
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>> most commonly, fever, rash, joint pain, conjunctivitis and red eyes, muscle aches, headaches, and vomiting. >> reporter: they have brought in antibody tests to check people for the virus and so far florida has 16 cases and all of them are travel related. >> experts continue to warn pregnant women not to travel. also avoid mosquitoes. a new case is challenging mende port - - mandatory abortion waiting periods. the claim the law is a violation of privacy. a temporary injunction has been in place since the governor
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a cruise ship was damaged last weekend. and some of the skis was tossed and turned on sunday. the captain turned around and bill nelson is calling for federal investigations as to why the captain sailed into such bad weather in the first place. chipotle has been generous today, excepting coupons for free meals for everyone who sign up for one yesterday. they had the promotion for employees yesterday as well. one man said his phone number is one digit away from the number they were told to text check. and he has been bombarded with dozens of messages. chipotle is sending him gift cards for his trouble.
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a good sense of humor. clouds across the area and it is getting cooler, another cold front came through early this morning. check out the picture looking to the southwest, and the sun is going behind the clouds got temperatures also started to go down to 64 degrees, 66 degrees in key west, it is dry, humidity levels are relatively low. the westwind is going to be coming - - be coming northwest as well. windy gusts are pretty high up to 41 miles per hour. 36 to the northwest as well. and there - - temperatures are already about to drop into the 50s. the highs today, normal of 78, and middle to upper 60s. if you degrees cooler than this as we start to struggle to warm up. this is coming through in succession. you can see a lot of clouds across the state and we will see some clouds against from
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no peers and train until thursday. cold call koffler is, light snow in atlanta. cool air spills down the clouds, cool temperatures, highs in the lower to middle 60s. even colder tomorrow night, with readings dropping into the 40s. chili sunshine on thursday. >> cooler air comes back in, not as cold as we were seeing, but temperatures all out on the 70s and back into the 60s on sunday. the eastern half of the country is cool. 70s in chicago, 25 in st. louis, you can almost make out the outline. 79 right now in los angeles. 85 degrees in phoenix. here is our forecast tonight,
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breeze can - - continues to blow. much of the day will be in the 50s. and northwest wind at 15 to 20, small craft advisors remain in effect and through the weekend, a couple of cool days. 70s return on friday and on saturday. another cold front comes in and knocks us back on sunday. elliott, back to you. >> the team is already busy working on the news. we've got a look at what is in the works. rick? >> reporter: we are starting to see the first exit polls out of new hampshire. these are conversations had with voters after they had voted. we have been there with everyone in the newsroom gathering the results all night long and will have constant updates on twitter. also, we will be reporting on facebook and you can look for
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and you can also watch the full wrapup tonight at 11:00. we will see you then. and tonight the heat will recognize shakeel o'neil. tim will give us more after the break. and you can still watch all of our newscasts streaming live on
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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>> this was a surprise, he was not here that long. >> he was able to win a championship. so i guess so, shakeel o'neil is joining. retired. he played 3.5 seasons and did not leave on good terms. the big man was a big part of the first championship team. things up. he has been praised as a great player. there you have it. and he will not play tonight as they take the heat for chris. it's the final game before all- star weekend. he will also shoot the rock in the free point shooting contest. is he ready? i don't know. >> i practiced a couple of times
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>> you've got to decide. of seen a lot happen. i've seen a lot of my teammates talk about it. >> a lot of pressure. he is still recovering from the vicious check last night in detroit. the thought that blue was a cheap shot. and in denver it was orange and blue for the party today, they celebrated the super bowl victory and there they are showing off. it easily could have been 1 million strong. >> we played our best football. and
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>> cam newton - - newton is not apologizing for his postgame comments. he is not sorry about his effort on this plate either. >> my leg was torqued in a way. we did not lose that game because of the fumble. >> i've never heard him say i'm sorry about anything. >> a little bit of grace sometimes, please and thank you. >> who was his jersey has been r etired? we've got shakeel and tim. and the trainer. >> i never would have guessed it. >> thinks a lot. and of forget you can tell us what you can think about the stories today on the community tab
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