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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  February 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. put the odds on your side. visit to learn how to save on your treatment. talk to a headache specialist today about botox . a deadly car fire on i-95. we are live with what happened and how it could affect your morning commute.
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the new hampshire primary. which candidates came out on top and who marco rubio is blaming for his disappointing finish. it is 5:30. i'm lauren pastrana. we begin with the deadly crash on i-95. more details. good morning. you just saw the pictures the billowing flames and smoke on i- 95. this is what it looks like now. that fire is out. the car involved in this car shoulder. i-95 northbound as you approach the dolphin expressway, that is the spot we are talking about. a number of right lanes are blocked off. unfortunately, we are getting confirmation from police on the scene two people did die as a result of this crash, one on the scene and one being transsupported to the hospital. they are letting some cars through on that left hand side -- transported to the hospital.
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if they happen to shut down i- 95 northbound you may want to take 441 that runs parallel in the area or even biscayne boulevard. we have marybel rodriguez with more information. >> reporter: good morning. we are on the shoulder of northbound 95 between 2nd street and 395. as you can see a very active scene out here. several troopers out as well as road rangers. we want to show you video of the car. up in flames. the vehicle completely engulfed, a huge ball of fire on the far right side of street and 395. you can see firefighters trying to put out the massive flames. the car unrecognizable. we are told it may be an suv. fhp confirming one person died on the scene, the other on the way to the hospital. the driver was heading
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median on the far left staking out a chunk. we are also told a road ranger pulled the driver from the car, the driver died on the way to the hospital. the passenger died at the scene. northbound 95 as vanessa mentioned the traffic is down to one lane. fhp still investigating this crash. they may have to shut it down once again, but of course we will keep you posted on that. marybel rodriguez cbs4 this morning. we are waking up to another cool morning. let's check your forecast with meteorologist john girard. >> reporter: right now the radar is clear. no rain for broward or dade. showers moving farther away offshore. here's one of the cruise ships looking from downtown miami where it is currently 58. 65 in key west. we have a bit of a cool breeze
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9 miles per hour makes us feel a bit cooler which is pretty much the buzz word of the day today, cool. increasing sunshine. 3:00 this afternoon. keep in mind we are supposed to be about 77 this time of the year. more sunshine into this we'll talk about your upcoming holiday weekend in just a few now to campaign 2016 and the results of the first in the hampshire. donald trump and bernie sanders were the big winners after second place finishes in iowa. >> what voters here in new hampshire confirmed tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political revlon pollution. >> -- revolution. >> we are going now to south carolina. >> sanders rode a wave of
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sanders's win marks the first time a jewish person wins a presidential preference primary. on the republican side, ohio governor john kasich garnered nearly 16% of the vote compared to trip's 35%. >> let me tell you. so much is going to happen. if you don't have a seat belt, go get one. i want you to understand something, our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. it's on me. i did not do well on saturday night, so listen to this. that will never happen again. >> marco rubio slipped behind ted cruz and jeb bush. you heard him there he blamed his debate performance saturday. cruz is banking on conservatives and evangelicals to give him the edge.
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is of course front page news across the country. here's the front page of this morning's new hampshire leader. sanders and trump take new hampshire. the headline new york daily news dawn of the brain dead with donald trump looking like a clown. the paper takes a shot at the people would came out to vote for trump. look for live reports starting friday on cbs4 news. here are more headlines. the search is over if a man, wanted in connection with the murder of his wife in a miami beach apartment. police were searching for 36- year-old.
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were turned over to the department of children and families. miami police meanwhile are looking for a young woman who disappeared. karen wright's parents tell us the 21-year-old left her job on monday afternoon. they tell us karen left her car, her purse and wallet behind. they say a security guard of an office building found karen's work badge tuesday morning after she slept outside the building in the cold. if you have any information you are urged to call police. david beckham's partner and lead negotiator is scheduled to discuss building and zoning issues for a new major league soccer stadium. sources tell our news partner the miami herald there has been vast interest from investors from around the world to become a partner in the team. now caught on camera, two brutal attacks. we are hearing from an elderly victim and his brave wife who
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>> it is like a nightmare. i think i'll wake up. >> reporter: douglas blowshay has black eyes. his wife stood by herman. she got between her husband and the attacker and pushed the attacker away. police say the attacker is jevon walker, he attacked him with a metal object and then took aim at a worker at a swap shop with a sword. >> i hear this scream, and it was worse than a horror film. >> reporter: lawrence hawkins
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ran to see what he could do. walker was running away but hawkins and another man pursued him and when he dropped the sword, hawkins and the other man tackled walker and held him until police arrived. >> i was not thinking about my life. life. >> reporter: general walker, the -- jevon walker is being a judge ordered a psychiatric exam. the elderly man and his wife see walker get treatment for his problems rather than be prosecuted. the mother of a south florida teenager missing since december is issuing a tearful plea for her son to come home. 16-year-old august guy jergenson mother pleas. his father kicked him out of
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>> if you are still there, come and call the police, the fbi. those people there are helping you, so don't be afraid. >> reporter: his father, bruce jergenson, remains in jail. when they arrested him they new zealand. teen's whereabouts, contact police. a man flashed several people at the mall. jose gerdau was taken into custody monday night. the 26-year-old is charged with three counts of indecent exposure. two people trying to fly to miami are busted in new york for trying to smuggle razor blades on a plane. 40-year-old miguel rosario munoz had a razor hidden in the heel of his sneaker. beth's hat had a razor blade
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authorities say there is no connection to terrorism. the florida-bound cruise ship damaged in rough seas over the weekend will dock tonight. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas was tossed and turned sunday when it sailed through hurricane force winds. florida senator bill nelson is calling for a federal investigation into why the captain sailed into such bad weather when national weather forecasters predicted the stormy weather days in advance. a woman accused of drugging and robbing a man she met at a south florida bar and restaurant is being held without bond. williams committed one of the crimes after she went home with her date. she began talking to a man at a steakhouse and bar and offered to buy him a drink. after a couple of drinks, the man invitedler back to his place where she stole his
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two additional victims in miami beach a month ago. a cbs4 safety alert. ikea announces a major recall. that and more in this morning's money watch. caught on camera, what got this woman so angry in this video that has now gone viral. good morning south florida, we continue to talk about this traffic alert on i-95 that has almost all your lanes blocked expressway. police letting drivers through on the extreme left hand side. this is a car fire that resulted in the fatality of two people. if you are heading in that direction, i'm going to let you know more about the traffic alert and any other issues out there after the break. grab your setter everyone, it is a cool start to the day. we are 58 in miami, 56 in flowered and we are going to stay cool. a -- in ft.
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good morning i'm rudabeh shahbazi. >> coupons and low prices. >> who really has the best
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>> join us tonight good morning south florida. we have been talking about a
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a deadly car fire, resulting in the death of two people out on the scene. car fire is northbound on 95 right as you approach 836. only one lane is getting through. they have shut down all the right lanes. you can kind of make out the car involved in this fire, you can see it right there, and there is water all over the scene. this is going to take a lot of time to investigate. if you are grabbing keys, getting on to i-95 northbound you are going to see gridlock leading up toward the dolphin expressway. you can see one car at a time getting through this morning. if you are heading through, take u.s. 441 just parallel to 95 on the west side or biscayne boulevard on the eastbound side of i-95 as your alternate. right now i don't think you need an alternate because that traffic is getting through, it is just going to tack on extra
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do you have worry about as well in broward county on 595 eastbound to 95 southbound. that crash is right on the ramp but you will be able to drive around it. the radar is clear. we have a few showers showing up and they are well offshore and moving off to the east. broward, dade or the keys. but it is cool out there. here's a live look from downtown miami. we have 58 in the magic city. 65 in key west ask a cool breeze out there from the northwest at 9, making it feel a little cooler. back in the 60s. 62 breezy and cool with lotsafter clouds. and by noon a lot more sunshine and 64. mostly sunny with a cool breeze and by 3:00 this afternoon, when you are picking the kids up from school or running lots of sunshine. still a bit of a cool breeze out there we should be 77 this
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going to be well below where we should be. not as cold as in the north from. look at this, wow, 30 in gainesville, 31 jacksonville, 28 tallahassee. 47 orlando. 50 in fort meyers and 61 in naples. we have clouds rolling through. we have a steady stream of clouds the past few days. this is evidence el nino has not completely gone away but fortunately, there are no storms. no stormy weather in sight for the next 5 or 6 days. we should get through the holiday weekend without seeing any rain. 66 for your lie out there today. breezy and cool out there. 2 to 3-foot seas for the boaters. today right into the upcoming holiday weekend, in the 60s god tomorrow. 48, then we warm up friday and saturday well into the 70s. sunday valentine's day looks lovely, get it? breezy and pleasant on sunday and for the holiday on monday
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rolling in but basically dry through the holiday. that is your forecast. i got it. check this out. a woman attacking her husband's car after he was found with another woman in colombia. cell phone video shows the woman jumping on his car and breaking his windshield. her husband eventually drove away from the scene while witnesses encouraged the woman to go after him. the video has gone viral on social media with more than 1 million views on youtube. the hurricanes win a thriller and the heat get crushed by the spurs. here's sports anchor jim berry. >> reporter: the heat schooled by the spurs. they have to deal with one big question. dwayne wade in the third quarter. nice move with 20 on the night. but the spurs have so many
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15. game. whiteside with the elbow, that gets whiteside ejected and that takes the heat completely out of the game as the spurs go to work after that. the heat lose by 18 and riley is wondering what am i going to side. the ice, the panthers on the road in buffalo, upset about what happened in detroit and they take it out on the sabres. the cats pour it on as they beat 9 sabres by the score of 7- 4. pet vantiv -- has the goal there. the alley oop here from angel rodriguez.
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the canes have to come up with a clutch play. final possession for the game, angel rodriguez crashing the boards. the final tip in as the canes managed to win a squeaker at home. i'm jim berry, cbs4 sports this morning. joe, jim berry was just talking about it, not a pretty game for the heat last night at all, losing to the spurs, second best team in the league and they really showed why. >> reporter: they did look like it last night. boy san antonio just dominated. they are big guys, they are great at passing, the easy shots they are able to get in the second half. i thought lemarcus aldridge was really good. even their back-ups came in. just getting a lot of easy basket and his just really did
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half, i thought really embarrassed the heat, who got a little reality check on just how far they have to go if they are going to be serious contenders and make a run at a championship. >> let's talk about hassan whiteside and his ejection for throwing an elbow in the fourth quarter. sent home by the team with more than 9 minutes left in the game. still sort of an ego hit for the team. >> reporter: well this has been the problem with this guy. the brain doesn't match the talent on the body. very immature. we saw it again last night. there is no reason. he has a guy behind him who is aggressive. he swings with the elbow and you just can't do that. there is no reason to do that. you are having a nice little game. you have 14 points and six
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they want to be able to count on you. stop putting, stop worrying about allow you are being used, stop worrying about your numbers, stop worrying about what people are saying on social media about you, and focus on being a good basketball player. learn from these veterans and go out and be the best you can. you are going to get your money. stop worrying about it. sometimes he acts like he is about 13 or 14 years old, worrying about things, even leaving the arena last night i saw him looking up at fans because they said something to him. stop it. stop it. it is time to grow up. 26. try to act close to it. >> good advice joe. >> i'm sure pat riley giving him a talking to as well. thanks so much, we'll talk to you in the next hour. >> reporter: oh yeah, no question. thank you. today is ash wednesday, marking the start of the holiest period on the christian calendar.
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of lent and is observed by fasting. typically an ash cross is placed on the foreheads of those observing as a reminder of simpleness and mortality. lent ends on easter weekend. and that means mardi gras is over. thousands of people lined the streets of new orleans last night to celebrate fat tuesday. revelers eat and drink and dance and catch traditional beads. the five popemobiles that will be used by pope francis on his visit to six mexican cities have been blessed. the modified vehicles include two jeep wrangler and his three dodge ram pickup trucks. they are not shielded. the pope will also use six fiats for long journeys. look for live reports to cbs4 starting tomorrow. here's something that play puzzle you. computers are getting driver's licenses.
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and want to spoil your sweetheart this valentine's day. what americans plan to spend. and later does your child use website and his apps to help with homework.
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ikea is recalling two types of ceiling lamps. the plastic clip that holds the slide can break. about a million of those have been sold in the united states and canada. there is a new survey out
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and one group is ready to shell out big bucks. >> millennial men. they want to spoil their sweetheart. nerd wallet surveyed thousands of americans on valentine's day. on average americans who are celebrating plan to spend about $180. millennial men are shelling out a lot more than that. $371 on everything from gifts to meals and walter, more than half of americans think men should pay the entire bill on valentine's day dates. >> i wonder which half thinks that. they are probably right though. yeah the half on the receiving end. we'll see you during the next hour. i'll give you one guess. >> just give me some chocolate and maybe flowers. >> diamonds. >> not $300 worth though. save that for my birthday. cbs4 at 6:00 starts right now. next at 6:00.
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cruise to win new hampshire.
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