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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 5AM  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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this is south florida's cbs 4 news this morning. good thursday morning, it is february 11th. >> thanks so much for joining us. vanessa standing by for a look at our roads. a cold one. it is. it is likely going to be one of the coldest months.
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lauderdale. it feels like 47 in homestead. anywhere from 8 miles an hour. we are seeing mostly clear skies. temperatures could be dropping even further this morning. most areas in the mid to upper 30s. certainly want to layer up your children. warming trend will begin before we see yet another cold front. let's get a check of your traffic. >> we're going to talk all
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this is that northbound commute of kendall drive. lining up and blocking off those right lanes. haven't seen any cars getting by in the last couple of seconds. the eastbound and ramps. no accidents out there, guys. carol city high school is hit with bullets. now, this man is being looked for in connection with the shooting. >> reporter: good morning. they want to find a 19-year-old who was spotted running away with a gun. there are actually students all
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school. someone started shooting at the school with a gun. amazingly, no one was hurt. police releasing a picture of reagan. 8 gunshots were fired right outside the campus. somebody driving east on miami gardens drive. four of the gunshots lodged into the school building and two through the windows. >> all of a sudden, we just heard gunshots fired. a bunch of kids that go to
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raining for safety. >> searching for shell casings. >> it's sad that the sanctity of a school has been violated again. >> reporter: outspoken and outraged against gun violence recently. >> there is concern over the rash of shootings that has taken place over the last several months. over 20 kids shot and killed in mie ymmy. take another look at the person police are trying to find. he is a known gang member.
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on his whereabouts. gabby, cbs 4 this morning. thank you, gabby. one of the last occupiers of a wildlife refuge says he and others will turn himself in this morning. they will leave their weapons in their cars and walk one by one to a police checkpoint while carrying an american flag. the four occupiers are the last of an armed group that seized the building. >> one of the employees this afternoon was leaving work just as a tractor was coming into the yard, and he struck the pedestrian.
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the scene after the accident. it occurred right near the facility's guard shack. the victim pronounced dead on the scene. sun terminal located in the middle of the sprawling port complex. the truck, police say is owned by five employees based in miami. no identification yet on the victim. that's pending notification of next of kin. now, caught on camera, a motorcyclist gets rear ended by a mini van in miami.
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sends jonathan barero flying more than 300' in the air. he is in a medically-induced coma in the hospital. >> i feel like breaking down right now, but i don't want to cry anymore. i just want to be hopeful. >> his friends made a go fund me page for him. the driver is charged with leaving the scene of the crash. an accident kill ed killed a man who crashed into the
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this morning, passengers of the anthem of the seas pulled into port. they are sharing their stories. >> reporter: florida senator bill nelson was question questioning whether to even set sail the other day. >> the wind was coming through the doors. we thought it was going to break the glass. we slept on the sofa because we didn't think we were going to make it. >> reporter: the vessel was battered by 30' waves and
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>> i was on deck, and the waves were huge. my sisters and my brother was pretty distraught. they opened up the mini bar, so that was good for her. >> reporter: they are in ensuring this never happens again. >> we can't expect those coming to us expecting a dream vacation to go through something like this. >> reporter: people are
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cruise. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are going head to head in milwaukee. the republican race now heads to north carolina where the next primary will be held. chris christy announced they are out of the race. >> if we win here after winning so big in new hampshire, all of these characters are going to give it up, and we will make america great again. that, i can tell you. >> the only candidate who can beat donald trump is me. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich spent every second in new hampshire. he now becomes a leading
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cruz. south carolina republicans go to the polls on the 20th. stay with cbs 4 news for continuing coverage of the campaign 2016. you have until next tuesday to register. the suspect's connection up next. what happened just before a man killed a man holding an unloaded pellet gun. now, we're going to find
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here in florida today. and a college gymnist landing difficult tumbling sequences, and that's not all. down right cold this morning. check it out. mostly 40s for brow ward and dade counties. mid to upper 50s. take advantage. rock the boots, jackets, and sweaters. with advil, you' ll ask what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? what bad shoulder? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil it' s the world' s #1 choice. what pain?
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welcome back south florida. we're waking up with the 40s.
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many of you have been begging and asking for that colder weather. you got it. take advantage of it. break out the sweaters and jackets. miami, dark and early. you don't need the rain gear. you're going to need the winter gear this morning. high pressure is building in. we can see that indicated by our numbers with mostly 40s out there this morning. 47 in pom pa know beach. wait. there's more when you factor in the wind chill right now. it feels like 43 in pompano beach.
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waking up with 44. same goes with the gardens and miami springs. you can really see what's happening in the atmosphere by looking at the temperatures as we have a big dip in the jet stream with single digits. 20s stretching from atlanta all the way through d.c. and boston. on the west coast, we're seeing 62 in los angeles. 50s for phoenix and vegas. 40s in the pacific northwest. a mild afternoon sunshine. it will be a glorious day. temperatures will start to warm up as we move more into west and the east. pleasant sunshine.
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another cold front. the breeze will be building as we head into president's day. plenty of winter sunshine in place. moderate chop on the waves. here's your extended forecast. we will wake up to 50s in the morning. high 70s too for valentine's day. highs in the 70s monday and tuesday. all right. still talking about construction. northbound at kendall drive at 88th street. all those right lanes are blocked off. those cones set up. only one lane of traffic getting through the palmetto.
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clearing up soon. watch out on the dolphin westbound the right lanes are going to be blocked off. two deputies shot and killed in maryland. david evans opened fire as a deputy responded to a call at a restaurant. the officer was shot in the head after asking the man how he was doing. >> the shooter took off to another restaurant where he shot and killed another deputy. that gunman was wanted in florida for assaulting an officer.
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that he was suing the city. ferguson claimed he treat ed treated minorities indifferently. time to find out what's trending on social media this morning. kanye west will debut his new album today. the rapper tweeted, new album title with the acronym tlop with the life of pablo. it's unclear who pablo is, but that's not stopping fans from speculating.
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a nearly hour-long spoof of donald trump. it's pretty incredible. this gymnist is busting some moves on the mat. the moments in between are the main reason a facebook video has gone viral. in between, you just saw her right here, she busted the whip, the nae nae, and even the kwan. that's what's trending this morning. back over to you. all right. here's what we're working to bring you at 11:00. >> i just started screaming my
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>> the 61-year-old south florida woman speaks publicly about being attacked by two german shepherds. and move over netflix and hulu. which online service is offering up its own material. and what was he thinking? a guy who threw an alligator into a wendy's. see that? jill's gobbling up our bird's eye teriyaki broccoli. (mind-blowing sound) and look ben is going
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welcome back. in this morning's top news, youtube is taking on netflix and hulu.
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it costs about 10 bucks a month to get rid of the ads. hey, potter fans. there's a book coming out. it's not an original. it's a script coming out as a book from the play. ryan reynolds is coming clean about how he fell in love with his girlfriend blake lively. they were actually on a date with other people when sparks began to fly.
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child is a dream come true. >> i hate when you're on a date with your buddy, and you have a connection more so with his date. >> wasn't he married to scarlet jo hansen too? >> i don't know. all such beautiful people. u.s. 27, southbound. good looking drive. we had a lot of construction on the palmetto this morning. that has cleared up. >> you think it's cold here in south florida, reality check, look at the 30s in gainesville. here in south florida, chilly, 40s.
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