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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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this is south florida's cbs 4 news this morning. right now at 5:30, for the first time, we're hearing what a deputy is saying right after he killed a man with an unloaded pellet gun.
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forever home. >> thanks for being here with us this morning. let's check in with laura. >> live in brow ward county, we're seeing mostly 40s. 50 in miami. we're seeing mid to upper 50s in the keys. in pomp ano beach, there you see that breeze anywhere from 7 to 8 miles an hour. we will see highs only in the
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winter. 63. not as cold tonight, but still chilly. we'll start to warm up before we cool things down again. i'll have more coming up. vanessa. it's the one at the palmetto that has the right lanes blocked off. only one lane of traffic getting through at kendall drive. the rest of south florida, all of the construction has cleared up. here's the eastbound and drive. i-95, seeing a bit more volume. northwest, 79th street. no accidents, no construction. this is i-95 right before you
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video of broward county right before a deputy shot and killed a man with an unloaded pellet gun. a black man was walking the streets carrying a rifle. turns out, it was an unloaded pellet gun. the deputy made a decision. peraza says they went in and made commands, and he didn't respond. he didn't ask him directly about the shooting, but they
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anything in his ears. >> this picture taken by a resident shows that he had ear buds. they say they did not see anyone point the rifle at anyone. he showed deputies how he pointed the gun. he took the gun over his head and turned with it. he said he felt endangered but didn't fire because -- >> i didn't think i had a clear shot at him. >> he managed to say a few words. >> he uttered to me, it was just a bb gun. >> reporter: he believes he heard his commands. >> the suspect stopped right
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he saw every one of us in full- dressed uniforms. >> reporter: he contends that when peraza denied seeing those ear buds, they started an investigation in this case. he said, not so fast, he was only doing what he was trained to do. he's not guilty of this manslaughter charge. cbs 4 this morning. police are looking for a teen in connection with a shooting outside of carol city senior high. reagan was seen running away with a gun just 30 minutes
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those left inside of a wildlife refuge say they will turn themselves in. they will leave their weapons in their cars and come to a police checkpoint with an american flag. passengers cheered as the anthem of the seas returned to port this morning. this video shows a woman going up to a home in miami off
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30 seconds before, the ups driver had just dropped off a package. inside the package was medicine for the owner's son. >> i hope you're happy. you took medicine from a kid. not long after that, another thief took a package that was recently delivered. it was air conditioning filters. they say you should have packages delivered to work or where someone is home. you may have seen elliott
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>> just being here today, i can see the difference as far as the number of visitors to cuba. like cbs miami for all of the updates beginning later tonight on cbs 4 news. a man is now apologizing for throwing an alligator inside a wendy's drive-through window. >> we just stumbled upon an alligator. we just thought we would play a
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at wendy's. obviously, i found out what the consequences were. >> he's been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. a picture of bobby went viral showing him sitting with his head down in a christmas sweater just waiting to be adopted. that led to a rush to adopt the little guy. >> reporter: it was the picture that sadly stared at hundreds of thousands of social media users. a one-year-old terrier mix was abandoned, turning him into miami-dade services. many came to meet him and
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before she could even take him for a walk, erica rushed in hoping for a chance to get him home with her. no sooner than she asked about the process to adopt when rob miller offered to take bobby. >> while these two discussed his future, the woman who would become bobby's owner was quietly filing the documents. >> he's going to have a snauzer sister and two english
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he's going to be the big brother. >> reporter: they hope others will be helped by bobby's story. they will continue to post pictures of those who need homes. now, bobby is headed to begin a new life. outside the confines of a crowded kennel. cbs 4 this morning. bobby's owner tells us he spent the rest of the day at the vet to treat the mange and checking his ears. coming up, the self- proclaimed king of burgers now has another option on his menu.
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social media site that has advertisers and investors nervous. and love and marriage, how that symbol is being extended to empowerment for women. and a man covers his entire house in photographs. it will be chilly at the bus stop, parents. make sure to layer your little ones. 40s and a few 50s today. highs only in the 60s. details ahead. tonight at 11:00, a full recap of tonight's debates between hillary clinton and bernie sanders.
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killed in good morning. i'm actually on facebook live right now. if you happen to be on facebook, i'm talking about
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also, giving you a look at the green screen. mainly dry, but you need to bundle up. a few clouds across south florida. anywhere from 7 to 9 miles an hour. temperatures at mostly 40s. down through the keys, mid to upper 50s. when you factor in the wind chill right now, kendall in the mid to upper 50s. if you think it's cold here, look at what's happening just to our north. gainesville and jacksonville and tallahassee. we have a big dip in the jet stream in the u.s. that is the reason we're dealing with these temperatures.
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only 5 in minneapolis. new york city and even d.c. even as far as atlanta. a big ridge of high pressure. that's why temperatures are relatively warm. it is a cold start for us, and it will be mild this afternoon. highs in the upper 60s. gorgeous, and lots of sunshine. we'll start to see a warming trend. nice and warm for your saturday with the coconut grove arts festival taking place. mainly dry and cool with plenty of sunshine to go around. boaters, moderate chop on the bays.
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inland, near 50 degrees. always colder inland, but it could be the coldest morning of winter so far this season. we'll wake up with your upper 50s on saturday morning. 76 by tuesday. right now, let's get a check of your traffic with vanessa. if you are about to head to work or school, i-95 northbound and southbound. a great commute. this is probably one of our busiest spots out there. southbound lanes and northbound lanes, you can pretty much count those cars out there. the construction cleared up just about 15 minutes ago
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i-95 northbound, 3rd street. this is a live look in miami- dade county. we did have construction northbound, that is cleared. now, cbs 4 sports. kobe bryant and lebron james faced off. >> get that rumor mill cranking. miami heat appear to be okay with whiteside. they actually sent him home before speaking to the media. >> we don't condone that type of play.
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him before. you know, but it's a disappointing play. that's not a basketball play. meanwhile, kobe bryant making his final stop in cleveland. kevin love injures the same shoulder he hurt in the playoffs. kobe leaves cleveland with one more highlight. kobe gets the ovation, but the cavaliers win the game. we're going to keep on talking about whiteside. eric looking mighty disappointed. tray talks.
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>> i think that's become almost priority number 1. the immaturity. all the issues with this guy, sending him home after the game. i think they're tired of it. it's a veteran group. their goal is to get to the finals, and a guy they're really counting on has not taken the next step, especially mentally. you know, the sad part is 26- year-old 7-footer. again, 12 points tonight. 11 rebounds. leads the nba with almost four blocks. enough is enough. so the trade deadline is about one week from today. i bet they're trying to put together a package.
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way out. >> i'm reading he's going to be a free agent later on this year. so would that be tempting for another team? >> how much is this guy guy and his agent think he's worth now. if he took the next step, he had a chance to get, i think, most people, but if he played the way he could and didn't have any other issues, he was going to be getting a max 20 plus million dollar a year contract. who's going to give him this kind of money now with a third string sitter on another team who's just happy to be getting
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the whole league is seeing it. the whole world is seeing it. i don't think they're going away. i can't trust him anymore, and i've been his biggest fan. >> and he's leaving money on the table. so we'll see how that sorts out. thanks, joe. >> you can never leave money on the table. you and walter remember that. >> good advice. thanks, joe. >> unless you want to leave a good tip. more than 50 women showed up to an art show to empower young women. >> we're taking the hardest,
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empower women. take all the adjectives that describes a diamond. what we're doing is not only celebrating the fact that we've come far, but we're paying it forward. >> lisa patrillo moderated the event. lisa asked women questions about their career and how they over came overcame troubles. a man decided to take pictures and cover an entire
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they have until the end of february to check it out. >> pretty cool. coming up, burger king will be adding a brand new item to the menu. and a push to make your flight more comfortable.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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welcome back. on the money watch, bad news for twitter investors. tesla is losing thousands of dollars. the electric car maker is still not turning a profit. there are plans to deliver 80,000 vehicles this year. twitter shares are falling.
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they want to make twitter easier to use. airlines wants the faa to put a limit on how far airlines can go on shrinking seats. the home of the whopper apparently has a new addition. >> burger king is adding something unexpected to the menu. a 100% beef hot dog.
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