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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. so go ahead, inhale life, excite your senses, seize the day and the night. flonase. six is greater than one.
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. >> this is south florida's cbs 4 news this morning. >> >> right now at 5:30, targeted outside a restaurant. a disabled man is talking about being followed and ambushed at knife point. plus, it is a whole new life for bobby, the dog whose photo went viral. new sweater, new home and new job. you do not want to misthis story. it is 5:30 on friday, february 12th. >> good friday morning to you. thank you for being here with us the ladys are also with us to say hello. we have a look at the roadway. >> first let's check no with lissette gonzales. it is warming up a bit; right. >> did you notice that this morning, instead of the 40s we are seeing the 50s and 60s. so, i did love that, bobby was wearing a cute little red sweater. you still need your sweater and coats. i left mine at home. that should give you an idea of how temperatures are starting
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the corral camera and we are seeing the 50s around miami dade county and broward. 56 in miami, in fact 51 in pompano beach. it is a little chilly in spots, 53 fort lauderdale and the keys. that's due to fact, the wind flow is 5 to 7 miles per hour, clear sky, mainly dry. you don't need the umbrellas today. highs will climb to tupper 70s. that's first time it has happened in quite some time. we had a stretch of highs in the 60s for about five days. so yeah, warmer sunshine and i will tell you about the all important weekend forecast straight ahead. let's check on your traffic with vanessa. >> reporter: we are starting to see delays as a result of construction on the palmetto northbound at kendall drive or south west 8al 8th you can see blocked by construction. one lane is getting through. you will hit those brake this is morning if you are approaching kendall drive, 88th on the palmetto, southbound side tall lanes are opened.
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let's talk about an accident on northeast 3rd quart. this is just north of -- that accident is blocking your eastbound lanes approaching third. be careful there. 836 westbound at 42nd avenue. we had more construction here. that has cleared up no other issues to report. >> thank you. now caught on camera a disabled man and followed and ambushed in parking lot of a south florida restaurant. the man says the robber had a very large knife. he wasn't hurt but wants that criminal caught. kerry spoke with the victim. heaths story this morn prosecuting hollywood. . surveillance cameras rolled inside his home on january 3 zillions. he was finishing up work. this guy in the funky sweater was waiting and watching the movement. he walked to his car and the thief confronted him. >> he said, give me your wallet because i'm going to kill you right now.
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why are you going kill me? >> no i have to buy food more my kids. >> i will give you the food. >> he wasn't interested in the food. he wanted his wallet. >> he threatened him with a knife that was ten to 12 inches longer. >> like a sword. >> like a board. >> yeah like a big sword. >> he said he thought his life was over. >> i said he's going to kill me. >> but he has been on disability since a may medical issue decide today do something instinct yule. >> the thief stole his bag with a new cell phone, computer and camera inside and got away. he hopes somebody turns this guy in. he also says he learned a big lesson in personal safety. >> you have to be care can feel see around you, when you park, with people coming to you, you have to protect yourself. >> police say the thief was wearing a distinctive sweater like this onement they say he
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if you know who he is, contact crime stoppers 954394 tips. you don't have to give your name and you could be eligible for a reward. it is time for more of your friday morning head lines. >> the hunt is on for several others. the latest incident happened thursday at bullets piercerd through a class room. police arrested -- in connection with another shooting at carrot city senior they say the 18-year-old is a known gang member and was targeting a rival when he opened fire near the school shooting the victim in the hand. detectives are still looking for several others involved including stanley reagan. if you have any information, you are urged to call police. this morn, hillary clinton and -- morning, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are turning their attention. they were polite but sparred
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economy last night in milwaukee. it delved into matters of race and immigration reform. >> pope francis is on his way to cuba as we speak. there he will hold a historic meet being head of the russian orthodox. this is first time since the two churches split almost 1,000 years ago. elliott rodriguez is covering the historic meeting. look for his live reports later today right here on cbs 4. >> now at 5:30 a flute mr. woman is facing a manslaughter charge weeks after her baby's body was town in a freezer. he was denied court appearance yesterday. last month she called 9-1-1 saying she want today kill herself. an investigation led police to her house in homestead where the five month old baby's body
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possibly vehicle vaccines are at least 18 months away from large scale trials. there are now 7 cases in miami dade. is a total of 18 in the state of florida. don't expect widespread transmission in the u.s. but they resealed that puerto rico is especially vulnerable because of the natural environment. you are running out of time to order the bouquet of flowers for valentine's day. nearly a billion flower will enter in three week before valentine's day with about half of them ending up at miami international airport the colorful bloom must be checked out before being distributed. customs and boarders protection look for hitchhiker, insectors diseases that don't belong here. >> we inspect it with -- we take the time and care to
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a vase they're actually in good shape. >> as soon as inspectors are done with this big rush of flowers they will be busy again as people plan for mother's >> all right. do you remember this guy here, bobby, if picture went viral. >> she has been adopt. he loves his new life and his new job. we have his story. >> reporter: he was the dog that nobody wanted, abandoned by his owners and left in a pet shelter for months, a loneliness he will likely never know again. >> hi, baby. >> bobby, the kiss mass sweater wearing shelter dog showing his dejected express head hanging low has a new mom. >> he's not going to be green anymore. he's going be ready. >> a new sweater and a new
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>> i am happy he's safe. he's going be well taken care of. >> what bobby cannot know is that he also has a new job for him. >> a job that put this is once sad solitary creature in hands of dozens of dog lovers. >> they began a pet they arety program at the nursing center and the newest addition to her family is fitting right in during this visit. >> i think he's enjoying every second of it. >> i like it very much. he's a very nice dog, very nice dog. >> it was an unlikely future for bobby who like so in others that confine to aiken el. >> this picture, and thousands of social media users sharing his story likely saved this pup's life. >> and has given him the chance to make so in other lives a little bit better. >> bobby is already taking
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new job, and soon he will be heat heading home to join his three dog sisters. if you would like to learn how adopt a pet, head to she has the touch there. bobby looks very relaxed. >> she does. the grammys reveal which superstar will kick off monday's big show. >> i can't wait. >> scientific break through, the black hole discovery traced back to einstein. >> uber how they just settled trouble. >> >> he's known for jacking up the life saving drug by 5,000%. why he has a has million dollars offer for kanye west. and entrance ramps throughout the morning. it looks like they're starting
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you will see some delays. we will talk about this be and any other problems when we get back. >> in schools have valentine's day parties manned today. make your your kids have their -- parties planned today. make sure your kids have their jackets since we are waking up with 50s as we head into the afternoon, it will be warmer
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so, layering is the s. >> it turns out albert einstein was right. a team of phiz tests have evidence of graff takeal waves, is apparently that confirmation. he predicted it nature of black holes a century ago. the announcement comes after 50 years of research. a physicist who worked on the project said it is a major break through in the field of physics. >> very cool. >> this morning, we are not as cool as yesterday. instead of the 40s we are seeing 50s and 60s but it is still nice and refresh. finally friday, and a huge weekend for south florida with the boat show and cocoa nut grove arts festival and don't forget about valentine's day.
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most of the clouds clear. we've had those clouds and we are not seeing that as the case this morning as the wind flow is still west-northwest. 5 to 7 miles per hour, that's still keeping our temperatures a little chilly. because pompano beach you are waking up to 51. you still need a sweater, a jacket. not the heavier coat. i left mine at home. 52 in kendall and low 60s down through the keys, and checking in on the rest after the state, in case you are hopping in your car maybe headed north toward central florida. right now in orlando, 45, jacksonville, 44 in tallahassee. from coast to coast we are seeing the frigid arctic air across the country. in fact we are talking about a potential for sub freezing temperatures for some areas including the northeast, already boston dipping down to 8 degrees that is the coldest
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only 18 degrees in new york city. folkfolk bundling up. chicago, minneapolis and 30s from kansas city through memphis. however the 40s around atlanta andtal class 50s for houston and new orleans on the west coast, 60 in la. 50s through the pacific northwest. veering to the north, we will continue to warm up, when we will slide through, not as warm on sunday and breezy for valentine's day. mostly sunny but breezy with low 70s. 70s. layering will be key. you won't need the jacket -- seas to four, a light chap on the bays and falling to the coast. low 50s inland. we are talking about mid 70s tomorrow, low 70s on showers on president's day and warmer tuesday with more
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traffic now. good news for your traffic report. 826 drivers we have the right lane entrance ramps blocked off. the right lane was blocked and so were the eastbound westbound onramps from south west 88th. all of that has cleared up. we industrial the accident on the side streets in miami dade county. it is at northeast 2nd avenue. you will see the eastbound lanes blocked off at 2nd avenue. take the other side streets. police will detour you around it. >> the turnpike pack another 13 minutes ons 8th and northbound up to the dan sheila or 874. guys. >> >> now, cbs 4 sports. >> whiteside learned his punishment for throwing an elbow. they're ready to take on the blues. >> here is steve goldstein with
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>> the first place panthers open a homestead -- the cats come in fourth overall in the nhl standings. on the ice yesterday at the panthers ice, yager, two goals behind bet hall for third all time. the team is rolling the win on buffalo, matching the season high in goals and they have won 12 of the last 15 at the bb&, the center the cats are happen toy be back home. >> it is at home because the kind of rest and recovery you get for the florida sun. you wake up everyday from the sun and feel happy. it is totally different than waking up in gray of ontario. >> we have made some good ground but we want to stay and keep doing some winning. >> he love it is sun. the nba has suspended whiteside for the elbow throne the other night. he was ejected for the foul. he will miss the fir time for the heat after the all star
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trade deadline is next week as well. five member of the miami hurricanes invited to the scouting combine this month. corner back artie left miami after his junior southbound. he's project today go after the first three rounds. indianapolis including scott and safety deon bush. that's your morning sports. have a great day, everybody. >> now it is time for talk being jojo. goldie was just talking about it. whiteside suspended for one game after throwing that elbow. do you think that's enough. no, no i think one game -- one game is -- i felt like a heat homer. one game is enough. if he's coming become for second half, what a disappointment for a guy that when this season started, everybody was excited about the
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find by patriae lee, whiteside and how he was going to help chris and dewayne wade and everybody else, and then, what you have gotten is this up and down performance, certain nights he looks like the best center in the nbnb other nights he's throwing an elbow at the ateam. it has been disappointing. i sense the heat have had enough. i think patterer lee doing some serious -- patriae lee is doing some serious shotting -- patray lee. he's always about the moment. if he can upgrade and put a package together, don't be surprised if whiteside is in it before the trade deadline next week. >> just around the corner there. another player the rockets are trying to trade, dwight howard. a lot of talent but do you think he's worth the trama he brings sometimes.
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>> he just hasn't gotten better. going back to orlando, i don't know how much he cares about game. for $22 million. he's a little more mature than whiteside. i feel like he doesn't really care about the game. you can see he hasn't gotten better through the years which tells me he hasn't work that had hard to be a great center. he is obviously a very good player, but it just doesn't excite me. i know a lot of heat fans would like to see howard here, the fresh start under patriae lee and all of that stuff. he's -- pat riley. he has a back back. i do believe pat riley is looking at that deal along with a lot of other deals deals a veteran player to upgrade this team right now, but it doesn't do it for me. howard can stay where he is.
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>> you say 30 like it is ancient. i am sure a lot of viewer are like, joe, come on, man. >> 30, if you have been playing since you come out of high school. time. >> 12 or 13 years in league. little better; right. >> thank you. >> if count down is on the to 58th annual grammy awards. taylor swift will be the opening act on monday. the show will also have a tribute to glenn frye. he died at the age of 67. his former band mas will be -- the eagles are rock n roll hall of famers who sold more than 100 records world wide. you can watch the rest on the grammy awards monday at 8:00 only here on cbs 4bs kellogg's
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>> accused security franchiser has a new and bizarre plan. wait until you hear it and it involves kanye west.
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>> welcome back. sir paul mccartney is helping spread some love the weekend and uber agrees to pay some big bucks. we will go live to the new york stock exchange with details. good morning. >> good morning, walter. million. one concern it is quote safe ride they charge customers. it wasn't legitimate because they never did thorough background checks. >> don't hold your breath for a big check. kellogg's is struggling outside the box.
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k nowish -- nowish line and adding fun new products like pot tarts in root beer. and martin has offered to buy canye west in album for $10 million. thely of packlo only to him. he paid 2 million for an album. al far no comment from west. i don't even understand that story. is it me? i don't even understand the motivation. it is very odd. >> he just wants somebody all to himself the problem for that with kanye he will pick more than 10 million. >> i am looking forward to the response tweet. >> we all are. >> paul mccartney has a new project. >> yes. sir paul has partners with sky
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for love moji. it lets skype users use it for his birthday. >> his first seemed like a strange proposition but then thought why not. it is pretty fun. >> >> it is time to catch some friday flicks. ben stiller and web return for zoo lander two and ryan reynolds is not your average superhero in deadpool. surprise, this is a different kind of superhero story. deadpool a former mercenary who undergoes a -- that leads him indestructible but disfigured. he worked for 1 years to get
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the characters twisted sense of humor. >> we are allow today do what we want, show what we want. >> >> wait. did i leave the stove on. >> someone is going going to people. >> derrick is back. so take on the world of fashion and save the -- it also has an all star cast including penelope cruzpeable kristin. >> she's like the evil queen. >> with the face and wig and snails and and snails and you
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>> i can't understand a word you are saying. >> [ laughter ] >> i am kevin frazier. back to you in studio. that's it for cbs 4 this morning at 5:00. starts now. >> two shootings in two days outside of south florida schools, you will hear one student describe the frightening scene. doe bait night, clinton -- debate night, clinton fights to recover from the double digit defeat. what she said that sanders called a low blow. pope francis heads to cuba. details today. good morning, south florida. it is 6:00 a.m. i'm walter. >> i'm lauren. >> thank you for being with us. traffic and weather together. vanessa has a look at the roads. >> but first let's say good morning to lissette gonzales. >> it is warming up outside. >> it is. instead of 40s we are seeing


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