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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> reporter: good evening. it happened right here along this road. now the suspect is acused of hitting that child going through a chain link fence and the child was thrown in the air and then landed in that gully animals. the family of this child tells me tonight that they are relieved there has been an arrest but they are shattered. it's a painful moment for this grieving family facing the man police say ran down and killed saturday. the childs mother and aunt lashed out at eugene in court. >> someone who obviously has no care or concern for his own life to take the life of a 5- year-old who was just walking down the street.
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he's my baby. my baby was there and he never looked back once. he doesn't deserve mercy. >> the 5-year-old was visiting relatives walking with his brother and grandmother when police say 20 year old lex eugene driving this buick slammed into the child fatally injuring him. >> i heard like wheels screeching and sirens and i heard a bump. >> according to investigators eugene was fleeing police when he lost control of the suv, hit the 5-year-old and ran from the scene. he's charged with vehicular homicide, felony murder and leaving the scene of a fatal crash. eugene was on probation and had just been released from prison in december after serving time for drug possession and a weapons charge. the judge ordered him held without bond. the childs grandfather spoke outside of court. >> it does something to you especially to know how this little kid was in the house,
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treated people, my neighbors and he just was a very unusual kid. but smart. >> condolences are pouring in on social media. one posted so sorry for you and your families loss. another wrote "my heart goes out to you pray for strength." >> more grieving family members rhiannon ally i'veing here to leave stuffed animals and pay their respects at the scene. now as we mentioned this mana cording to some witnesses here at the scene they believe the suspect was being pursued by police at a high rate of speed. that has not been confirmed. we did contact police and we did not receive any information tonight. this accident remains under investigation. reporting tonight, joan murray cbs 4 news. joan thank you. we have breaking news where a car went on a collision course with a house today. ladder hill fire rescue tweeted this first picture which shows
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the home at 2610 northwest 43rd terrace from chopper 4 you can see police on the scene and the car. fortunately no one was hurt. now at 5 in a gray and rainy end to the president's day holiday weekend. >> so what's in store for your work week? cbs 4 chief meteorologist is here with the answer. hi, craig. >> lots of changes in store for the work week with the storm system working its way across the deep south. we've got the breeze blowing into that storm system but lots of severe weather is beingreported with this across southern alabama and wintry weather creating travel havoc there. closer to home showers moving through the area. still upstream in south florida more showers forming so we'll see passing showers as we go through the night and eventually this rain showing up on the radar in the eastern gulf will come by in the form of a few thunderstorms during the morning hours tomorrow and after thattemperatures warm up in the low to mid 70s and we'll be in the 80s tomorrow
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too because they had been quite gusty from 24-36 miles an hour. more on that forecast coming up. craig thank you. reminder you can track weather wherever you are at any time download the cbsmiami weather app on to your iphone or android phone. find it in the itunes store or google play store. president obama ordered flags to be flown at half staff in the nations capitol today to pay tribute to supreme court justice scalia, who died over the weekend. now filling that vacancy on the court is shaping the presidential race. cbs 4 has the latest from the supreme court. rick the flags here at the supreme court the capitol and white house have all been lowered to half staff at president obama's orders. justice scalia's death marks the second time in more than 60 years a justice still serving on the bench passed away and the timing has turned an already contentious presidential race into an all
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the owner of the west texas ranch where justice scalia died says the 79 year old was found incomplete repose in his room saturday. he was on a hunting trip and was his usual personal self the night before. professionally he was known as a conservative while serving the nations highest court. >> if it's a question of individual rights and liberties that's what i'm there for. >> scalia's sudden death leaves the supreme court evenly divided with four conservative and four liberal justices. >> on the campaign trail candidates on both sides have reframed the presidential election, as a referendum on the high courts future. >> we are one justice away from the supreme court ruling that none of us have a first amendment right to follow. >> every gop candidate has said the next president should appoint scalia's replacement but president obama pledged he
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>> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a success said or in due time. >> demonstrators gathered on the snowy steps of the supreme court monday urging senators to consider the presidents decision. >> what we don't want to happen is for congress to hold the supreme court hostage. >> despite his controversial opinions he had deep friendships with liberal justices many of whom are praising his dedication as they grieve. >> after president obama names a possible replacement the senate judiciary committee will hold confirmation hearings and vote on whether to send that selection to the full senate, but even that will be difficult. some of the presidents fear its critics are on the panel including ted cruz. reporting in washington, cbs is 4 news. now the question is who will replace supreme court justice scalia. there are several possibilities if republicans don't block all
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according to cbs news chief judge meredith garland a moderate who serves as chief judge on the d.c. circuit court and could be a choice is one. u.s. circuit court judge jane kelly a u.s. court of appeals who was a extraer public defender is another and u.s. circuit court judge a federal appeals court judge for the d.c. circuit is another choice and also the courts first indian american justice and look for much more on the political fight brewing since scalia's death tonight on the cbs evening news at 6:30 after cbs 4 news at 6:00. now to the campaign trail and campaign 2016 and a day dominated by two big names in politics, bush and trump. cbs 4 elliott rodriguez is in the control room to explain ielliott? >> reporter: rick let's start with bush. jeb bush is getting a hand from his brother in south carolina state where the bush family has done well in the past but donald trump remains the front
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on his insults and personal attacks on his fellow republicans. former president george w. bush made his debut on the 2016 campaign trail along with his wife laura meeting with local veterans in columbia south carolina. both george w. and his father won their south carolina primaries but what about jeb? is it still bush country? >> maybe george but not jeb. >> laura and charlie northcut say they are still making up their minds. the bush family is joining forces after donald trump got personal at last saturdays gop debate. >> while donald trim was building a reality tv show my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. >> the word trade center came down. >> today trump continued his attack on the bush family and he took a new swipe at ted cruz. >> thinks he's an unstable person. i really do. >> some of the candidates are
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from the debate. >> if these continue much longer it's going to take months to bring everybody back together. >> ted cruz added his two cents. >> i would note when both marco rubio and donald trump scream liar liar. >> there was a campaign in michigan today that travels back to south carolina tomorrow. >> donald trump dropped another bomb shell today saying he plans to sue to get ted cruz off the ballot based on the fact that he was born in canada for his part cruz said trump is too unpredictable to serve as president. in the control room, elliott rodriguez, cbs 4 news. bill clinton was in south florida today campaigning for his wife hillary. the former president spoke to supporters at the port of palm beach this afternoon. clinton also had to deal with a heck eler who appeared at the rally with a trump for president sign. you can see that on the right. the former president was here pinch hitting for his wife who changed her plans to be here in
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nevada which holds its caucus saturday. the florida primary meantime is next month and time is running out for you to register to vote. the last day to register is tomorrow, february 16. florida is a closed primary state can had means only voters who are registered members of a tic already political party can vote for their respective party candidates in order to register you have to be 18 years old and a u.s. citizen. early voting begins february 29 and runs through sunday march 13 and prix marry day in florida is march 15. stay with cbs 4 news for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 now through election day and for more on registering to vote in florida head to our website 2016. the palm beach county sheriffs office is investigating a possible abduction. a woman told them she was an ducted from palm beach county and found on the side of the road and her car was found abandoned on u.s. 27 in palm beach county and she was taken
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police closed part of sunny aisles beach today after a suspicious item washed ashore. chopper 4 was over the scene at 183rd street this morning. you can see a blue object there surrounded by police tape, inside the container was a silver tube. police buried it in the sand and detonated the device. no word on what it was. >> wow okay. well still to come, mentoring matters. >> i'll introduce you to a girl and her mentor where bonding over a food from around the world without ever leaving home at 5:30. also dramatic video of a choice this is a crash that chase that ended with a crash and look you can see the guy flowing through the air. we'll have more of the video later on. social media is buzzing over a report that the heat is trading for a big name with his own baggage. jim berry has the details after the break. we are taking you to los angeles as we countdown to tonights grammies a live report from the red carpet next.
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we start with a little bit of sun breaking through but the breeze picked up and on that breeze came showers which were on the increase this afternoon storms in the forecast and
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whole mix right now at 5 counting down to music's biggest night. >> we're up there with joe perry, aerosmith, come on man doesn't get more rock and roll
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>> with its biggest stars slated to take the stage. now cbs 4 news takes you live to the red carpet before the grammies. >> and we are less than three hours away until show time at the staples center in la, already the red carpet is busy. >> a big night, cbs 4 is there live and who have you seen so far? >> reporter: hi, well the celebrities are filing through just a little while ago we had dj at our cbs area, reporters here snagging interviews and we expect big names that we see to come closer to show time but as you mentioned the red carpet is open and the action has started and llcool j will host for a fifth time and some of musics favorite will return to the stage tonight. the stars rhiannon ally i'veing on the red carpet as excitement builds for tonights grammy awards.
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with the song from her grammy nominated album 1989, one she's never performed live before. swift is up for seven awards. rapper kendrick lamar leads the field with 11. >> i respect him so much as an artist. first of all i love the incorporation of jazz into his music and not shying away because it's not mainstream. >> newcomer andre day will team up with pop star in a duet. >> and adele will give a much anticipated performance from her record smashing album 25. >> tonights grammy awards will be filled with tribute to some of the music legends who passed away in the last year. >> lady georgia showed off her new tatoo of david bow it ahead of her tribute to the late music icon. gary clark jr. and others will honor blues legend bb king. >> he meant so much to so many
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have this moment to honor him. >> the eagles will honor their co-founder glenn fryex who died last month. >> a little grammy trivia. kendrick lamar is one nomination shy of the record held of course by michael jackson with 12 nominations in one night at the grammies. live in los angeles, cbs 4 news. >> you look great and enjoy yourself out there. they are already handing out grammies before tonights big show and there are big winners to tell you about including taylor swift and ricky martin. want to see who else wins? catch the grammies at 8:00 only here on cbs is 4. and then join us after the grammies and meet the doctor who saved adele's voice. the grammy winner's success was almost cut short when she had vocal cord surgery a few years ago. >> things that are similar to what happened to adele, it happens every day to school teachers, coaches and maybe parents of those children
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an extremely common problem. >> tonight hear more about this operation that has saved the careers of some of your favorite artists the voice doctor tonight on cbs 4 news at offer grammies. well this is a story trending all over social media are the heat about to trade whiteside for a big name player? cbs 4 sports anchor jim berry has the deal. >> the new york daily news says the heat are talk together houston rockets about trading whiteside for dwight howard. think is trading the big headache for the big question mark. sure the height might be weary of his lack of maturity and they might want to unload million salary. whiteside is younger than howard a great shot blocker finishes nicely at the rim but heat seem uncertain about whether he is a real star, worthy of a max contract next year to get howard the heat would have to pedal whiteside
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that's where things get dicey. dwight howard has been pegged as an nba crybaby, fell out with cob it bryant and the la lakers but dwight howard schieferdecker still a big name. the nba trade deadline is thursday so folks stay tuned. >> a lot of people would say look, maybe he's got immaturity issues but look how talented he is and still so young. >> but this has pat riley's name written all over because that's cite howard schieferdecker. i think he would want to make this deal in a heart beat. i don't know if they have enough asset toss make it work because the players they want are guys the heat don't want to get rid of. >> does it happen? no? >> i think yes. >> wow. >> riley figures out a way to get it done. >> we've got that on tape. >> thank you, jim. >> all right and craig is joining us now. >> little rain yes or no?
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>> come on pat riley. let's show you outside right now. there is rain out there. i'm right. here is our resort camera also wind out there a live picture, lauderdale by the sea and waves crashing on the beaches there with that onshore flow and even the camera rocking and rolling there because of the steady wind. 72 in miami, 73 ft. lauderdale, 73 in key west stickiness scale came up to a four, 80% humidity, east southeast breeze at 15, gusting to 29 and look at some of these wind gusts at broward health ft. lauderdale 40-mile an hour wind gusts and as well as pompano beach and temperatures hovering in the low 70s not dropping a lot as we go through the night. radar and motion joins the heaviest rain moving to the north up out of palm beach county we are looking pretty good here the heavy showers moved into inland sections of palm beach county but more showers upstream so quick hit
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thunderstorms on the eastern gulf could impact us during the morning hours tomorrow and then a break from the action the sun comes out and we'll have an opportunity to warm up you can see the satellite lots of clouds coming in at different directions as the surface winds are easterly to southeast early upper level winds from the west. here is the big storm system in the deep south producing severe weather in fact numerous reports of tornado warnings for possibly large and destructive tornadoes in south central alabama. that system moves to the east. the front doesn't come through yet early storms and warm temperatures tomorrow and by afternoon temperatures in the low 80s and then the first week of cold front comes through plenty of sun wednesday not a warm. another weak cold front comes through thursday and breeze picks up but actually the weather is looking quite nice from wednesday on wednesday in through the weekend, high pressure in control lots of sun and temperatures fairly comfortable. forecast for tonight a few showers around spotty in nature and breezy along the beaches, low near 68.
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storms and afternoon sunshine coming out and temperatures warming into the low to mid 80s south winds 10-15 for boaters so winds come down sea 2-4 feet taking us into the weekend temperatures warm tomorrow and wow looking nice. a lot of sunshine a little bit of breeze but very very pleasant back to you. >> looking forward to it. another zika case reported in south florida the details ahead: mrs. the pope is in mexico half way through his visit to that country. we'll take a look at his jam packed day today that's next. mentoring matters some simple meals changing the lives of a young girl and her mentor ahead. and kanye west says he's tens of millions of dollars in debt. so why is he making a billion dollar pitch to the founder of facebook? tomorrow on cbs 4 this morning, relief from insomnia, stress and anxiety? flotation therapy is promoted as a way to help, but do these
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at 5:00 a.m. at least a dozen people including several children have been killed in air strikes in northern syria. authorities say russian planes launched four missles at a doctors without borders building. the human rights group said at
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children's hospital killing several children and a pregnant woman and in a nearby village an air raid reportedly hit a school killing at least seven more people there. and now to the pope's trip to mexico. we take you out live where pope francis is meeting with families in a stadium in mexico. you'll see him sitting there and the crowds gathering. he is on a trip to mexico and stopped by in cuba before making his rounds there and you'll see a family standing there it looks like waiting to meet him and of course we're following his entire trip to mexico and bring you more. earlier today pope francis paid a visit to the countries southern border where he celebrated mass with the countries indigenous people. for many migrants, mexico's southern border region is the start of a very dangerous journey north. cbs 4 adriana diaz has more from mexico city. >> reporter: mexico's southern most state is also the poorest. the pope's visit said on the
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community and the steady stream of migrants from central america who crossed the state on the way to the u.s.. before an audience of thousands, pope francis presided over a mass at the mexico. speaking in three indigenous languages he chastised mexico's elite saying the indigenous population has been excluded from society. the crowd started forming overnight where mexico meets guatemala. the southern borders also where hundreds of thousands from central america enter mexico on a dangerous journey to the u.s.. they tried to hitch a ride atop mexico's north bound freight train known as the beast. >> this is the half way point. trains come through mexico city on their way north. >> along the way we found this migrant who left guatemala for
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traveling for a month and asked us not to show his case or use his name. >> people die on the train. >> yes, people die or lose their lips he said families sometimes fall off the train. he lived in houston texas for seven years before he was deported. he praised pope francis' american for migrants and wants to make it to the u.s. border when the pope is there. the pope's itinerary reflects the past. today he's on the southern border and ends the trip on the northern border with the u.s.. >> every year nearly half a million migrants try to reach the u.s. through mexico. on wednesday pope francis visits the u.s. mexico border where he is expected to address immigration head on. in mexico city, adriana diaz, cbs 4 news. thank you, now a cbs 4 news health alert and tonight the state department of health is reporting a new case of zika in
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president of brazil says the zika virus will not have an impact on this summers olympics. saturday as a national mobilization day in brazil with military personnel working to fight the virus. zika is sweeping through parts of latin america. zika is mostly harmless for adults but its been linked to a serious birth defect among newborns and the olympic games get under way in august. at 5:30 concerns are growing in ft. lauderdale in a neighborhood after a bicyclist was struck and killed by a hit and run driver. >> cbs 4 is live in ft. lauderdale with more on what's being ton about it. ted? >> reporter: today police released the video of a car they believe hit that guy out and bicycling riding on the side of the highway and he died over there where that memorial is. tonight there are calls to make the highway more safe. it was on this stretch of dixie highway when ft. lauderdale and wilson manners
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hit and killed while riding his bike thursday night. neighbors complained cars went by all the time. >> as you can see, people are speeding. >> laura is president of the middle river terrace neighborhood association and working for years to make the road safer. already the speed limit was lowered but there are still big problems like snow stop signs and few crosswalks on this stretch they speed up not caring about pedestrians and bicycles . >> dixie highway belongs to the state and federal government. >> the mayor is well aware of the problems and there are plans to redesign the road putting in crosswalks, speed bumps and bike lanes reducing the speed limit to 25 miles an hour. >> regardless of the loss of life the other night it was a high priority project for the city. this is just a bigger spotlight. >> that spotlight can't be big


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