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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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calling a person of interest. the palmetto early christmas eve mourn a man killed helping a friend. 45 year old tony thomason drove his red pick up truck to help a pal whose car had stalled. another car slammed into both men well off the roadway, killed. his cousin at his funeral. >> he actually died doing what he's known for which is helping everyone. >> he was my only son thomason's mom told us christmas day. i don't know how i'm going to live without him. the friend he stopped to help, oscar rodriguez was critically injured and is still recovering. his brother spoke to us at the hospital. >> i don't know how somebody can do that especially christmas eve, you know? >> the case remains unsolved but cbs 4 news has learned the highway patrol has identified the person they believe was responsible for the christmas
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>> we have a person of interest. we are interviewing that person of interest and we are working on that case. >> indeed police seize this black honda accord, they believe killed one man and critically injured a second. the car was towed from his home where the person of interest, 35 year old elizabeth gonzalez lives with her mother and daughter. while police have this honda and believe they know who was driving they have an obsticle to overcome. >> right now we have a person of interest who we believe is the driver we just have to put him behind the wheel. >> what investigators need as help as the thomason family said of the driver when their loved one was killed. >> maybe they are running their mouth and talking about it, sometimes when people committ crimes they have usually somebody they confide in and their guilt. >> guilt perhaps hay solve this christmas eve tragedy. >> we tried without success
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her attorney, now investigators with the fhp are convinced someone knows where that black honda spent its night before christmas eve and that 6:00 a.m. crash and someone knows who was driving that car. the number is 305-471-tips, crimestoppers. we are live in sweetwater, gary nelson cbs 4 news. now, at 6:00 taking a live look outside from our broward county camera in downtown ft. lauderdale and it was a soggy end to the holiday weekend. us? meteorologist. >> elliott tomorrow afternoon we get to sunshine, the storm system that's producing quite a bit of severe weather through the deep south and winter weather crediting a big travel nightmare but just quick moving showers a little heavier earlier but for the most part have wound down a bit, still
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our way so off and on little showers as we go through the night and possibility of thunderstorms from activity in the eastern gulf of mexico during the early morning hours. after that we warm up and it should be in the 80s tomorrow we are in the 70s today still low 70s now and the winds tomorrow will come down, so wind gusts up to 36 miles an hour they have very windy day but those winds should come down. craig humidity new at 6:00 the mother of a 15 year old who survived a terrifying experience is speaking out tonight. deonhad fouls and three other friends were walking along railroad tracks in northwest miami-dade when they were confronted and shots were fired. the 16 year old did not survive. cbs 4 spoke with his mother at jackson memorial hospital. >> they just walked up killing people from the wrong or different neighborhood like good didn't give you that position or job to take a mans life. >> kimberly oshell is range her 15 year old son is now
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trauma center after he and a 16 year old friend were shot late saturday night. he did not survive. >> i wanted the gun violence to stop and i feel terrible about the kids that lost their life. >> miami-dade police say it was just before midnight when they were walking on railroad tracks near northwest 73rd street and 19th court with several males confronted them and shots were fired. >> he heard gun shots that when him and his friends were running they ran a different direction and when he ran he ran and asked for help. >> she says her son could have been killed. >> it came out this way and hit his liver. >> the incident prompted a tweet from miami-dade school superintendent who said the carnage continues in miami- dade, adding only the peoples voice will stop community violence.
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something, know something? say something. >> somebody needs to speak up because like everybody says next time is my day and it could be your day tomorrow. >> her son should be here for at least a few more days. she said he did not know the gunman and has no idea why this incident happened. if you could help miami-dade police with this call call them or miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips . there is a reward up to $3000. at jackson memorial hospital, cbs 4 news. peter thank you. in campaign 2016 two former presidents on the campaign trail today. george w. bush in south carolina supporting his brother jeb and bill clinton spent the day here in south florida. mr. clinton was in riveria beach this afternoon headlining a rally for his wife hillary. >> if you believe that president obama saved us from the depression and now it's time to prove we can make america work for everybody
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you should be for hillary. >> [applause] >> hillary clinton cancelled her appearance at todays rally in riveria beach choosing to travel west to focus on the nevada caucus and tomorrow is the last day to register to vote in the florida presidential primary. it's a closed primary state and only voters registered in a political party vote for their respect if party candidates. to register you have to be 178 and u.s. citizen. early voting begins february 29 and runs through sunday march 13. primary day in florida is march 15. in miami-dade county thousands of absent tee ballots will be in the mail beginning tomorrow. county elections department has more than 15 7,000 waiting to go out. absent tee ballots will go out soon in broward county. you have until march 9 to request one but you already have to be registered to vote. again the deadline to get yourself registered is tomorrow. stay with cbs 4 news and for your continuing
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pope francis continues his visit to mexico, a short time ago he left the cathedral nats in the mexican state where one of the poorest regions. indigenous mexicans are thanking the pope for visiting them sawing it calls attention to their culture and problems often ignored. tonight we're getting our first look at a meeting with former cuban leader fidel castro. the two met on saturday for about an hour. castro's home in havana the russian church leader was in cuba where he met with pope francis last friday. and i was in havana last week to cover the pope's visit and while i was there i took a short side trip to visit members of my family. after not seeing them in more than a dozen years i wanted to see how the changes going on in cuba rhiannon ally for exampling them. >> the trip to reconnect with my roots begins at the havana ferry terminal where i stand in
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cuba peso to visit my families hometown. the ferry is going to the other side of havana harbor. it's where my father was born and lived until he moved to new york where he married my mom who also left cuba for a better life in the united states. more than half a century later i'm back to pay a visit. >> awhile since i've been here. i'm eager to see it. >> i hope they are home. >> my cousin and her husband is home the house they've lived in for the past 50 years and they are retired now and miss their son who lives in miami and he recorded a video message on my iphone for his parents as we sit in their simple living room my cousins tell me i remind them of my dad. as i take a short walk, i'll see another reminder of my father. here is a place very special to me. this store was owned by my family.
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left for the united states. before the revolution my family members were business owners, after the revolution they became employees. >> my dads old store is owned by the cuban government and my cousin works here. he sells basic food supplies, some of them rationed by government others sold at a higher price. javier surprised me by taking out old black and white photos of the days my father was here. >> take a look this is my dad working at this store. >> there's one thing i can't help but notice look at all of the products on the shelves behind my dad. now look at the store today. my cuban family and i don't discuss politics. my mother and father made a decision to leave cuba and i'm grateful for it as i walk away from cespedes vote i see signs of how life is changing here. first a cruise ship packed with
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the harbor and then a park with wi-fi where locals are logging on to the internet. as i see these new sites i'm even more encouraged to see members of my own family also using social media. >> a lot of information on the internet is very important. this 20 year old has facebook friends all over the world. >> he knows people in miami, new york, texas and tampa thanks to this. >> in other words my family in the town my parents left behind is now connected to the outside world. >> well after my visit to havana it was clear the youngest generation of cubans has the most hope thanks to social media but for all generations, hope and change are coming with high price tag and happening very slowly. we are covering breaking
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a truck has fallen off a ramp on i95 and henk chester live with the latest for us. hank? >> reporter: so let's get our picture up from the helicopter. i do have miami fire here. can you give us a rundown what exactly did happen here? >> well right now we aren't sure exactly how he got off the highway but we understand the city of miami truck driving southbound on the 7th street exit lost control for unknown reasons fell about 100 feet on to the parking lot here and the impact possibly may have ejected the driver out of the vehicle but several structural damages to the park buildings itself but luckily nobody was injured on the ground. this is a park normally occupied by several children and a swimming pool but there were no injures to report. >> but there's no normal traffic where it landed? this is not a street through here? >> no this is a parking lot for the park and then just a side street.
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here at a daily basis look down on this park and the river this is where he fell? >> that is correct. some of the residents look among the park but unfortuntely for this accident but very fortunate that it's contained to this area not affecting traffic. >> again what is the situation with the driver? >> right now the driver was transported in serious condition to the trauma center and barely talking to us but he is able to obey commands and open his eyes but right now the critical information of how this happened lies with that driver. >> i can't see from here maybe you know or don't know but how about the traffic up above? >> by now the southwest 7th street exit is shutdown and they will be handling the investigation. >> so he went off southwest 7th exit there? >> that's correct. >> always good to see you but in circumstances lick this this is frightening what happened
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talk to other tv crews. we are now going to' it back to you guys as we gather more information.
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reporting live from little now at 6:00, you've heard from the grieving families, seeing jarring scene video, now the florida highway patrol is
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run epidemic in our community. hit and run accidents took the lives of 56 people in miami- dade and broward county last year and tonight law enforcement hopes to draw attention to the problem to prevent future incidents. cbs 4 has more. >> she's never going to meet my children. she's never going to be there when i need her or even at my graduation and that's really hard. >> reporter: you've heard tragic stories from grieving relatives before. her mother wassailed while crossing the street in kendall in december. >> if you saw something, just please call. >> you've seen jaw dropping surveillance video like this when i driver slammed into five people and drove off from the scene with no regard for the injured he left behind but florida highway spokesman joe sanchez says you may never fully understand the gravity of hit and run crashes in our community. >> when you are driving out and
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get involved shame on you. shame on you and i can tell you what i tell everybody. pray to god that's not your son or your daughter or wife or somebody you love out there. >> fhp is holding news conferences across the state bringing attention to the fact that the number of hit and run crashes has remained steady in florida for years. for those of us in miami-dade and broward that is especially alarming because we lead the state in nearly every kind of hit and run, including those involving fatalities. >> it's sad we have so many people down here willing to leave the scene and just forget about whatever happened. >> last year miami-dade saw nearly three times as many deadly hit and runs as any other county. >> the law clearly states you can not leave the scene and if you do leave the scene minimum by laws. >> sanchez says the key to making arrests besides appealing to the conscience of drivers ready to run is for the rest of us to speak up if we see something.
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we can't do it alone. we need your help. >> so the message is if you have seen any kind of hit and run or you have any information that might be able to help no matter how old fhp wants to hear from uconn tact them at star fhp or call crimestoppers. cbs 4 news. now it's time for weather and craig i was at the marine stadium yesterday enjoying the boat show and really odd about the weather today not so much. >> yeah, saturday was great too so two out of three not a bad weekend a live picture from our biscayne bay camera. light showers here or there relatively humid evening and temperatures not too bad. 72 in miami 73 ft. lauderdale, 72 wie coast stickiness scale is up for the time being but will drop back off 81% humidity east southeast breeze at 15 gusting up to 26 miles an hour. other wind gusts from 20-30 miles an hour on our neighborhood network and these are our heavier rainfall
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half an inch, a third from sweetwater as well as here at cbs 4 and west miami-dade under a tenth of an inch so rainfall amounts mostly light just a few spotty heavier amounts. high temperatures today normal 78 in the mid 70s about everywhere. we'll make it into the 80s tomorrow before temperatures cool off ahead of a couple of cold fronts headed our way and radar has been a little bit busy today or busier than its been of late. few showers now in palm beach county, broward, miami-dade spotty showers moving up so a brief shower possible here or there as we go through the night. late winter storm system along the gulf coast producing severe weather through the midwest and mid atlantic states and this cold front we're ahead of it tomorrow so early storms and warm temperatures in the 80s and then the cold front comes through late in the day tomorrow so wednesday, a little bit cooler or at least not as warm plenty of sun. stronger cold front still weak by cold front standards comes through on thursday, sun and
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saturday and sunday looking nice, lots of sun warmer as we go through the weekend. forecast for tonight looks like this. we'll see temperatures staying in the upper 60s to low 70s for overnight lows and spotty showers here or there. the breezes continue along the beaches but winds drop off very late. tomorrow look for a mix of sun and clouds possibility of early morning storms mainly before noon and then warm afternoon sun and high temperature near 83 for boaters winds out of the south at 10-15 receives 2-4 feet so winds coming down. into the weekend we go and warm day and temperatures fairly comfortable winter like lots of sunshine. craig thank you. we continue following breaking news in the city of miami a truck has gone off an i95 exit ramp. the driver was going southbound approaching the southwest 7th street exit when he somehow went off the ramp. the truck crashed into jose martinez park right next to the miami river. the driver was taken to jackson memorial hospital in serious condition. two vehicles on the ground were
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luckily no one on the ground was hurt but we continue following the story and we'll have the very latest for right here. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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i know, it's like they're always on television. what? jim berry here with sports, well this could be big news or a big tease. the heat trading whiteside for dwight howard. if so then whiteside elbow against san antonio might be his final play in a heat
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ejected and suspended for another game. whiteside could have a big upside but pat riley might prompt him to deal for this guy dwight howard who has his own issues but he's the big name riley always seems to want and get. the nba trade deadline is thursday. in college hoops the kanes have another 20 win season holding off florida state sunday in tallahassee and the win nudges them up to the latest and wednesday they host virginia tech and if the handles business it could be playing for firstly saturday in the acc when they play fifth ranked north carolina. >> well happy birth day, looking good for 44 lyman. now if the panthers could look good again, they have been hit with a rash of injuries, called up from the minors to bolster the roster and panthers host pittsburgh hoping to shake the slump they lost four of the last five division lead down to
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lost some soldiers but the next men up must step up. >> tough weekend and we went through a bad time but we've got to move on and play. when we're a good team we work hard and play 20 guys that compete and we didn't have enough of that and it's not just the guys calling up familiar with our team and some players that didn't play well either. >> and carlos stanton sneaking in a work out in the outfield before spring training and looks like thor with the baseball glove. the team starts reporting to jupiter this weekend. the marlins today play host to special olympics leading spirited softball games and has to be a thrill for these athletes to play on a big league field and also mighty cool for the marlin themselves. >> it's always nice to give back being in the community. just thanks for great programs like this and just be around kids and it's just fun for all of us and it's great that the
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>> finally did you see the best dunk of nba all-star weekend that came from this guy wearing jeans. wow over his buddy and behind his head canadian specialist calls this his scorpion move and even d wade and other nba all-stars were impressed by that. these guys rhiannon ally mazing i don't know if you saw the slam dunk contest. they were ridiculous. >> they are taking it to another level. >> although michael jordan back in the stay still. >> he isn't gone yet but this does seem like the kind of move
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>> sounds miami fire units remain where a solid waste truck went over a ramp on i95 and crashed injuring the driver in serious condition at jackson memorial hospital right now. we've got crews on the scene and will have a full report on the cbs evening news tonight at 11.
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now again we are out there with a full report tonight at 11. jo >> pelley: the supreme court after scalia. with a senate battle brewing over his successor, will the court be gridlocked? also tonight, trump and cruz keep firing at each other. jeb bush looks to "w" to put him in the win column. first the freeze, then the storms and plenty of accidents. and the odd couple. opposites on the bench, best buddies in life. >> we agree on a whole lot of stuff. we do. ruth is really bad only on the knee-jerk stuff. >> this is the "cbs evening captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight the stars and stripes fly at half-staff at the supreme court.


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