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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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a big announcement when it comes to us and cuba relations. sbo will make an historic trip visit to cuba. we're live with reaction and when the visit is expected to take place. were these women searching for religion and south florida synagogues? or something else?
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thank you for being with us. >> first let's check on the forecast. make sure to bundle up and that you have your jacket or sweater. a live view from our fort lauderdale camera. the skies have cleared and that has allowed for the radiation and cooling and temperatures to drop then yesterday. hello 50s. 58 pompano beach pier 62 miami. mid to upper 60s in the keys. and kendall 55. we're talking homestead 56 again it's on the chilly side. we see the wind blowing out of the northwest from 3-10 miles per hour. high pressure is off to the north and east which means with
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dangerous risk of rip currents. today 74 with sunshine and mild through the evening. the full forecast coming up. now let's check traffic. on the palmetto you can see it heading westbound and eastbound or southbound right in that interchange when you're hitting the big curve. it's looking good. let's talk about 95. we have an accident southbound. a hit-and-run crash off to the shoulder so it's not causing delays but it is taking time to clear. the repair on n. miami avenue. it is shutdown from 14 street- 20th st. in both directions. be careful. construction on the gratton parkway as you drive westbound
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it is shutdown. should open up soon. travel times are looking great. nine minutes on the turnpike from the don shula expressway up to the dolphin expressway. big developments this morning in historic change in -- change in relation between us and cuba. president barack obama will visit the communist island next month. marybel rodriguez is live at first i restaurant in miami with more. >> reporter: according to our news partners the miami herald, the president will visit cuba march 21. this comes more than one year after restoring or normalizing relations between the us and cuba. this week a big announcement was made of cuba and the us signing an agreement restoring commercial air travel between the us and cuba. this for the first time in 50 years. the white house now says conditions are right for the president to visit the communist island.
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more than one year after secretary of state john kerry traveled to havana for the reopening of the embassy, president barack obama will follow. he's expected to travel to the communist country next month. he said he would like to go to cuba before the end of his term only if the conditions were right. candidate ted cruz and marco rubio had this to say on cnn. >> is that -- as president is at something you do? >> not as long as the casters were in power. i was saddened to hear that not surprised this was foreshadowed for longtime >> i think it's a mistake. he ought to instead be pushing for a free cuba. >> one year and two months after the opening to cuba the cuban government remains as repressive as ever but now they have access to audience of dollars and resources they did not have access to before. >> this be the first time and 90 years a sitting us president would visit cuba. this is president calvin
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wife and cuban president on january 19, 1929. these are pictures from the associated press. that trip was 88 years ago. again our news partners the miami herald reports the visit will is expected to happen on march 21. there's a lot going on around that time. on march 20 the rolling stones will and their latin american tour with a concert in havana. on the 22nd they will play the havana raise --. the white house later today will be making the formal announcement. an 18-year-old accused of
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beach county is out of jail. malachi love-robinson was arrested after allegedly performing an exam on the female undercover deputy. he went as far as to open up his own doctor's office and had a website. he says he did nothing wrong. a church youth counselor is waking up in the broward county jail accused of eight counts of sexual battery. sylvester perrone worked at in middle school youth counselor at the church by the glades. that's when he prayed on a 14- year-old girl. the pair engaged in sex acts at the church and at the group's home. pope francis is headed back home this morning after his trip to mexico. he held a mass at the us mexican border to call on governments worldwide to open their hearts. he's expected to arrive in rome after 9 am. south florida jewish community is on edge after the odd behavior of women. suspicious incidents at two synagogues are raising concerns. hank test reports police have
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crime was committed. >> these people came into one of the temples in the community . i believe there was one if not too and they walked in from the parking lot and came into the temple and walked inside. >> reporter: no longer is concerned. he's involved with the security agency that patrols the jewish neighborhood. it appears to be middle eastern women who walked into several temples and engaged with temple members >> bishop the kron asked questions that rate concerns enough to alert the police. >> a similar incident occurred in miami beach. two women asking similar questions about meeting times and services. local and federal agencies are investigating a police car sits outside a north miami beach temple tonight. this from local police. north miami beach police are in receipt of this position incident that a temple in north
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multiple agencies to identify the people involved. >> alarm bells went off. >> yes. especially what's going on now around the world. >> reporter: the women were interviewed by police and determined no crime committed. >> a teenager involved in deadly new year's day crash will be charged as an adult. 17-year-old is being taught with vehicular homicide. he crashes family porsche on the front seat passenger. -- the state is concerned with the fact a 17-year-old chose to drive his porsche about 60 miles per hour through a residential setting when he killed one of his friends and was high on marijuana and had
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he's never had a drivers license. >> he showed with his remorse. it's been very difficult for the victim's family and difficult time for my client's family as well. >> the mother left court without commenting. his father is a diplomat at the un. he's being held on $100,000 bond. a cbs 4 exclusive. multiple cameras were rolling as a thief stole a car from it laundromat. video shows the high in the caps are going 2013 camry and at the front door when the car owner stepped inside to throw her clothes into the dryer he climbed into the car and took off. the video shows the owner running after the thief to stop him. >> you never think it's going to happen to you. >> i chased him to try to get in the car and pulling out. it didn't work well. i had the box it's official him in the face with it. >> police have not found her car
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asked to call crime stoppers. one of the officers accused of sending respect is wants his job back. an arbitrator is hearing testimony to determine if you should be reinstated his attorney says his client has the right to privacy and the information was illegally obtained. the hearing last until friday it is unclear if he will testify. another shot in nonduty says thank you to the young girl who helped bring his spirits in the hospital. david starling visit the girls at eric lloyd elementary school . the students sent the miami gardens, get all cards as he recovered from gunshot wounds. the cards are part of a lesson in teaching values matter in the embrace girls power after school program. >> when i got home from the hospital with a big box of cards enjoy the girls put a message on it. that meant a lot.
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through each one so it was nice. >> connecticut a shooting officer starling is still in jail. he start with five counts of attempted murder. a former treasury secretary is pushing to get rid of the $100 bill. furniture of the future. imagine chairs that south park in your office or meeting room. how this technology works coming up. >> reporter: rescue caught on camera. florida new power couple. winners of last month's historic powerball drawing. finally we're getting lucky as we're waking up with these numbers. mostly 50s and low 60s. you need your sweater and
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the forecast coming up. happy thursday. we have a nice quiet clear start
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it is mostly about the 50s this morning. yesterday we had mostly 60s. temperatures are cooler in comparison. 59 fort lauderdale. 58 pompano. 62 miami. the cold response redlands 55. sheridan 56. parkland 56. so you need your jacket or sweater this morning. the breeze out of the north northwest from to-10 miles per hour. it's helping to filter the cool air across the entire state high-pressure is in control and we're finally seeing the clouds have moved out. yesterday we had the national weather service confirm there
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place on tuesday. the first one in davie and the second one in pompano beach and third in miami-dade. not expecting any severe weather today or into the weekend. there could be a few showers or isolated sprinkles but we see the change next week. monday will be warm up ahead of the strong front. that means on tuesday it could be quite stormy weather threat for some severe storms. but today will be beautiful. highs in low to mid 70s breezy sunshine and gusts to 25 miles per hour . at the beach you will see red flags flying with a dangerous risk of recurrence. and boaters small craft advisory with waves 5-7 feet. low to mid-60s near the coast
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next few days we will be low our average was 73 tomorrow and a few sprinkles the strong breeze. the weekend lows in the 60s and highs in the mid-to upper 70s. warmer and stormier next week especially tuesday. let's check traffic. 95 in and out of the golden glades interchange is looking great. before you get to the interchange that's where we have the one and only accident this morning. it's a hit-and-run crash but it's off to the shoulder so it's just taking time to clear. we have some repairs on n. miami avenue. that shut down in both directions from 14 street the 20th st. also your drive times are looking great. broward no crashes for you.
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this is the palmetto westbound and southbound to 75. 13 minutes. on the turnpike 13 minutes from 288 northbound up to 874. caught on camera and heroic rescue in reston virginia. firefighters rushed to a late were a dog fell through thin ice. the dog named angel was pulled from the water after several minutes. they helped the dog to dry land where she was check out bite medics and returned to her owner. could the hurricanes take care of business against virginia tech? jim berry has the report. good morning the heat chris bosh might be trying desperately to get back on the basketball court. the team it will not say what is keeping him off of it. the team returns to practice with lots of questions about
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is away from the team and did not practice yesterday and will not travel with them for friday's game in atlanta. the heat noses could be familiar territory. without bosh he's back on blood thinners to once again fight blood clots. the team does seem to be worried about him as he was this time last year. >> he is fine. is not a healthcare like it was last year. >> he is good. i hope he is better. we know what's going on but i'm praying for him. in coral gables he can in the kids take on virginia tech they were not dazzling in the first half. the hokies had them down by. miami played like a ranked team in the second half. angel rodriguez there is a
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they are tied for first in the acc with north carolina. it lost to duke last night so that means saturday the hurricanes and tar heels in chapel hill phifer first-place. we're talking with joe. let's talk about what jim berry said college hoops. the hurricanes game against virginia tech. first half people thought it was bad but second-half hurricanes were on fire. >> they've done this over and over again. it's incredible. whatever the players talk about at halftime but they were different team in the second half. they outscored virginia tech 34- 27 and cannot on 14-2 run. but the game away. defensively they smothered virginia tech and that difficult. they shot under 30% for the game. but i was afraid this might happen. they might be flat.
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coral gables. and let's face it everyone is talking about saturday's game. they of north carolina followed by virginia. louisville and notre dame. 4 teams in the top 20 coming up. it's easy when you're growing up or in college it doesn't matter it's easy to overlook opponents when you have the big guys coming up next. it was a nice win in the second half. >> image north carolina. let's talk about unc. duke rallying to beat north carolina. was is one of the best rivalries in sports? this is a nailbiter. >> it's amazing whether one is ranked five and the other is barely ranked it's just incredible. it does not matter what court they play on. it's fun to watch. it's been like this for ever. duke and north carolina even if you don't like college basketball you want to know what happened.
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down to the last possession. they are so much fun to watch. duke and north carolina you don't get tired of it. they might see each other again once -- it's one of the best rivalries for sure. >> also we will be fun to watch the hurricanes take a north carolina here on saturday. looking forward to that. the mystery is over. we know the identity of the florida winners of last month's $1.5 billion powerball jackpot. a couple from melbourne beach clinched their portion of the winning $528.7 million. they elected a lump sum payment option of almost $328 billion.
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a publix supermarket the other home. she's a homemaker and they been manufacturing engineer. the first thing they plan to buy? >> he wants to get a new car. >> i don't know yet. i want to get a massage. >> the for a couple is one of three winners splitting the jackpot from the drawing. the other winning tickets were bought in california and tennessee. >> this saturday is the dolphins cancer challenge. we're once again a proud sponsor of the annual event. thousands of writers will head out across south florida saturday morning all routes leading back to sun life stadium for huge concert celebration featuring les etheredge and sheryl crow. there's also be kickoff party tomorrow night at some life. there's a leak have her special tomorrow night at seven from the party.
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will include some surprise guests. for more information about the cancer challenge go to our website cbs the chip enabled credit cards are causing confusion at the checkout line. more on the swipe ended debate. with your cable tv and internet not working this week? how comcast plans to make it up to affected customers. a reaction to the news of president barack obama will plan to visit cuba. how to spot a liar.
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this election year. welcome back. is it time to get rid of the $100 bill? comcast is offering credit to some of its customers jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: good morning. comcast is offering customers credit for a service outage on monday. the company apologize to customers for the 90 minute interruption. customers could get a credit for one day's worth of service. about two dollars. businesses are falling behind when it comes to give
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only 37% of businesses can read the cards. the technology is considered or secure than traditional cards. it's all about the benjamin's. or is it? treasury secretary larry summers says his tender movie $100 bill and ,500 note from circulation because high denomination bills are links to crime. in a in certain circles the $500 euro is known as the bin laden. nissan is having some fun at the office using technology for our roadways. >> reporter: nissan has shown off at self driving car technology in the office. the automaker has a emotional video that shows self parking chairs. they can return themselves to their fixed position when the meeting ends. the chairs respond to handclapping. now already today was put roomba vacuums on the bottom of
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cleaning crew. >> i love that idea. i love how it's controlled by clapping so when people are sitting people start clapping and go for a ride. the news at 6 starts now. president barack obama is set to make an historic visit to cuba. the first for a sitting us president in nearly 9 decades. we have reaction to the big white house announcement. a church counselor is busted and accused of having sex with an underage girl he met at his camp. a south florida teenager accused of posing as a doctor is speaking out. what the 18-year-old is saying about the allegations. south beach is sizzling with the sports illustrated swimsuit models. how you can help celebrate the
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issue. good morning. >> thank you for being with us. >> first let's check in with the forecast. the skies have cleared and temperatures have dropped. you will need to have your sweater or jacket this morning. broward is dry and mostly 50s out. 59 fort lauderdale. before kendall. mid to upper 60s in the keys. 54 kendall. fort lauderdale 56. the students will need to have a jacket or sweater with them this morning.


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