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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  February 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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robbed at gunpoint. a 13-year-old describes the terrifying day he was held up in front of his school as police make an arrest from the case. plus a fight at a local middle school and students airlifted to the hospital. it is 5:30 on friday february 19, i'm lauren pastrana. >> and i'm walter makaula. we made it to the weekend. first let's check in with meteorologist lissette gonzalez. how is it looking outside? >> reporter: looking great. happy friday lauren and walter. and to all of you at home. right now a live look from our cbs4 cameras looking toward the miami skyline. nice and quiet on the radar.
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to show you speckles of green, indicating isolated sprinkles moving through the upper keys. a 10% chance of a stray shower, anywhere from 8 to 15 miles per hour. it is comfortable out there. in fact we can call it downright cool in kendall, 68 degrees. as we head into the afternoon windy, highs in the mid-70s. tomorrow the dolphins cancer challenge. there will be many routes all to help battle cancer. mostly sunny, breezy conditions for those of you participating. a gusty breeze to 25 miles per hour. the rest of the weekend forecast ahead. let's talk construction on this friday morning. we are accident-free in miami dade and broward but watch out on the palmetto southbound. at south 72nd street. you can see the left lanes blocked off.
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88th street. more construction on the dolphin expressway, eastbound at red road or 57th avenue has two lanes blocked off but both issues should be clearing up in the next few minutes. they have to repair the guardrail on the ramp shut down to southwest 7th street and road repair on north miami avenue shut down from 14th street to 20th street. vanessa thank you. we are hearing from the 13- year-old victim of a suspected serial robber. locked up. cbs4's david sutter reports from west miami dade. >> reporter: his name is alvarado garcia and cops say he will be locked up for awhile. according to authorities he is the man in this video robbing a 13-year-old in front of his school. >> he is quite brazen. he threatened a child, a 13- year-old walking with friends, with a gun. >> reporter: but not for long.
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>> lots of times when we put videos out it is because we believe someone may recognize him. and with the 13-year-old, someone recognized that man, they called us with information and that is how we got the ball rolling. >> reporter: we spoke to the 13- year-old and his friends seen in the video, both were relieved. >> now i can walk around safe and i guess i don't have to worry about him. >> i feel safer now. i don't have to look back. >> reporter: garcia is no stranger to law enforcement. check out his rap sheet dating back to 2001, burglary, battery, grand theft, cocaine possession, and now five robberies. that's right five robberies detectives have tied to him across miami. and that is not all. >> detectives are certain that he may be the suspect in other open cases that we have within our city. >> reporter: garcia is being held on no bond. when he was arrested, authorities say he told them he
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gotten out of control. let's look at more of your friday morning headline. gaby. >> reporter: the president of the miami fraternal order of police wants officers to boycott beyonce's upcoming concert. javier ortiz says she honored the black per movement in the -- black panther movement during the super bowl . miami police major moss says ortiz does not speak for the police department, only the union members. the president will head to cuba next month to meet with raul castro. raul castro has vowed renewed diplomatic relations will not change the fabric of the socialist revolution.
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march 21 and 22. thousands of mourners are expected to pay respects today to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. scalia will lie in repose in the great hall at the supreme court. the private ceremony, including family, friends and justices will take place at the court this morning. the president and first lady are expected to be there late they are afternoon. a scuffle at school ends with one student at the hospital. a fight broke out at red land mills school yesterday afternoon. during the fight one student fell to the floor and hit his head. his injuries were serious enough to require air rescue. some concerned parents weren't all that surprised to hear about the violence. >> the way things are going right now, these young kids, it makes you nervous about it. seems like all the young kids now done lost their mind. >> police are investigating. a broward attorney accused
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in jail was back in court by his side. jessica michelle asked a judge to release israel grand on bond as he awaits a trial. she claims the sex claims were made up by guards. she claims grand was acting as a confidential informant on investigations in the jail. the judge denied the request for bond no a fired ft. lauderdale police officer will be back fighting for his job. yesterday police chief frank adderolly testified feet away from james wells, the officer he fired for allegedly sending racist messages. >> i've never seen this before. i mean in the 35 plus years i have been here, i've never seen an engagement with the community, the response that we
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think this is the worst i've ever seen. >> adderolly -- attention, i think this is the worst i've ever seen. wells says the messages were private made in jest with friends. a homestead woman accused of putting her baby in a freezer is out of jail and under house arrest. paula varga ortiz is facing a manslaughter charge. last month she threatened to taking her own life and allegedly admitted to putting her 3-month-old baby in a freezer. a big decision from the florida supreme court. it threw out the death sentence of a woman accused of killing her baby son. the court said the prosecutor crossed the line with inflammatory arguments.
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to death for the torture and murder of her son in 1990. the 3-year-old's body was found in bushes on miami beach. the state attorney had this response to the decision quote while we are saddened by the decision in the anna core don't that murder case we are prepared to retry this homicide. the cruelty involved in the murder deserves our fundamental commitment. straight ahead, you'll never lose your car keys again. the technology that offers a brand new way to use and share your car. and take a look at this. it looks like a fire and a tornado are all wrapped up in one. we'll have more of this wild video, coming up. plus a dog finds herself stuck with no way out. what crews did to free the pooch from a 16-foot deep sinkhole. >> thankfully he is okay. we will see a dangerous high-risk of rip currents today
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the winds will really be cranking out of the east. i'll let you know what is in store in my complete forecast. good morning i'm rudabeh shahbazi. >> we constantly rotate, i
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>> do you sleep with your caught on camera, fire crews battling a raging grass fire captured this fire tornado. you can see it swirling around there on the ground. so far there are no reports of any injuries. >> when i worked out on the west coast in los angeles we had a few of those fire tornadoes and it was cool to watch but very scary and very dangerous. we started off the week with active weather, the three tornadoes tuesday, thankfully that has changed. we are now quiet, courtesy of high pressure, and also mainly dry as we look live from our ft. lauderdale camera in broward county.
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some sprinkles here and there and some of them are not even popping up on the radar. so we are talking about an isolated shower today, a 10% chance of rain. you can see we have a little green, indicating sprinkles moving toward ocean reef in the upper keys because we have that northeast breeze in place anywhere from 8 to 15 miles per hour. temperatures a bit milder in comparison to yesterday. not as cool but still very comfortable, upper 60s in ft. lauderdale and miami. kendall waking up to 60 degrees and upper 60s down through the keys. happy friday, if you happen to be hopping on a plane, we are seeing colder temperatures across the northeast, mid- atlantic with the 20s, 40s for cincinnati atlanta. however 67 in kansas city, 60s even through texas as the jet stream is now a little bit more to the north, allowing for high pressure to take over the
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northwest where they are dealing with a storm system and yet another storm system impacting our friends up across the plain the midwest the great lakes. also dealing with snow. but as you can see, much of the southeast under the influence of high pressure, which will provide for pleasant sunshine. this weekend, nice and dry again with the exception of an isolated shower here or there. a mix of sun and clouds as we get into monday and high pressure veers off to the east and ahead of a midweek cold front, storms developing on tuesday. for today it is looking fantastic, 75 a mix of sun and sprinkles with a gusty breeze. however with the small craft advisory in place, a dangerous high-risk of rip currents. breezy and cool with the lows in the low 60s. a huge event kicking off tomorrow, the dolphins cancer challenge, we have many members of our cbs4 team participating.
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upper 70s for the weekend with pleasant sunshine. warmer next week with a better chance of storms tuesday and wednesday. vanessa? drivers still have construction southbound on 826. cones set upright here, at southwest 72nd street. after you pass the dolphin, you are going to see the lanes starting to reduce to one right lane opened up this morning. but cars are getting through, no delays on the southbound side. sydney a guardrail needs repair on i-95 southbound to southwest seventh street so the ramp is shut down as a result. also shut down from 14th to 20th street. drive times great, 13 minutes on the turnpike from 288th street northbound to 874. after that just 9 minutes on the turnpike from 874 up to the dolphin. if you are heading out in broward county, no accidents
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the shorthanded heat get ready to tipoff the second half of the season in atlanta. plus the first place panthers take on the sharks at the bb&t center. here's jim berry. >> reporter: good morningal. the explosive panthers offense has been missing in action lately. at the bb&t center the panthers bite hasn't been so mean lately. the game with san jose scoreless until the third. the game though the panthers could not win it, out right in regulation, when san jose ties the game right there and then the shootout failing to beat martin jones, san jose wins 2-1 but the panthers settle for one hard fought point. >> we battled really hard. it is unfortunate but it was a 1-1 game the whole way. huge point for us taken.
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the heat on the road in atlanta. dwayne wade getting a massage. he knows he is going to have to do a lot of heavy lifting, whiteside still suspended tonight. stokes traded to new orleans, the heat can shop big time in the off season. mr. wade you may have to do a lot of heavy lifting for now. >> times has came up where i have had to do certain things to the team. i have tried to do it and it is put on my plate from the standpoint of having to make more plays, score more points at times i'll try my best. >> he may not have any choice. i'm jim berry cbs4 sports this morning. we are talking with joe. joe rose is live from the studio this morning. joe you know me, i like to be positive and optimistic. but after passing the trade deadline and going into the second season for the heat i'm
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how do you feel about this? >> lauren it is hard to get excited with everything going on with chris bosch up in the air, whether he will employ a lot the rest of the season. that makes it very difficult -- he will play a lot the rest of the season. that makes it very difficult. it looks like now it is more about luxury taxes and not paying any of them instead of trying to win games in the second half. i'm screaming let's just get that eighth playoff spot, hang from there and somehow get a couple of playoff games. i think we'll find out they are shorthanded. obviously whiteside will not be in the lineup tonight. he is suspended, i'm curious to see what these 10 healthy bodies look like that will play on the road tonight. >> he is still on the team. could they just not trade him? or give him the rest of the season to see what he does? kind of interesting the thought
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for this guy to work out and be a mature player and really light it up in the second half of the season. especially now with the unknown of chris bosch. i think they are counting on hassan whiteside to step up here. they are going to need that guy to put up monster double doubles at times and looking like he is one of the best centers in basketball. they were hoping to see more that have guy on a consistent basis. and then we'll see what happens. by the way, he is in a win/win if he plays well. he either gets money here or he'll get it somewhere else right? >> and it will benefit heat fans if the whole team plays well. also dolphins fans looking forward to a better season next year. dolphins in contract talk with cam wake.
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of pass rushers and they know he is working hard to get healthy again, but they basically want to redo his contract to free up a lot of money. because if they are serious, and i think they have to resign olivier vernon. they have to. he might be the best pass rusher in the free agency coming up after von miller. it is going to be expensive, they are going to have to overpay, it is the way the business is when you are a free agent and in your prime. at age 5:00 i think one was done for the other. they are hoping that. >> simply the cost of doing business. thanks so much. see you again in the next hour. >> reporter: you cannot mess up a friday. >> that is true. >> reporter: we are all good. >> see you then joe.
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cbs4 a proud sponsor of the annual event. thousands of riders will head out with all routes leading back to the stadium for a concert featuring melissa ethridge and cheryl crow. join us for a live half hour special tonight at 7:00 from the party at sunset. it will include surprise guests. for more information go to cbs this morning a pennsylvania family is reunited with their dog after one major scare. look at this. you can see firefighters pull out a 7-year-old golden retriever from a sinkhole. yesterday her owners heard her barking from the 16-foot deep hole. once she was safe, sky happily pawed at her rescuers and they then went to the vet to make sure everything was okay. mcdonalds is testing a new
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but will customers be loving it? do you have a good relationship with your credit card? what a new report says about americans and their loyalty to
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and it is time to catch (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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today is the deadline to register your drone. anyone who owns one must register it with the faa before they fly outdoors or they could face civil or criminal penalties. on the money watch this morning, move over pancakes. mcdonalds is testing something new for breakfast. plus if you are tired of losing your car keys one company may have the solution you have been looking for. cbs4's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning walter. never lose your car key again. volvo is creating an app that replaces a physical key with a digital one. car owners could each send it to friends or -- could even send it to friends or family borrowing one. charge it but don't change
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loyal to their credit cards. millions have not switched their card in at least a decade. but loyalty doesn't really pay off. the site says other lenders would offer savings and incentives to win your business. you should shop around. and an 80s flashback. hi cwas used to promote ghostbusters, and looks like it could be back to promote the new ghostbusters movie. walter? >> i do remember that back in the 80s. mcdonalds is testing something new for breakfast jill, fill us in about it. >> reporter: all right the chicken mcgridal. a fried chicken patty comes between two syrup-infused pancake buns. if it is successful it could end up on the permanent all day breakfast menu. walter?
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the weekend is here and that means it is time to catch some friday olympics. this week the biblical story of jesus' resurrection is told. jessie owens comes to the big screen. here's entertainment tonight's kevin frazier year i will say you can -- kevin frazier, i will say you can run. >> the man facing discrimination as he headed to the 1936 olympics. >> for me it was about learning to run fast, for one. but then, learning to run like
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much of this i wanted to do myself. i didn't want a double to run all these things for me. >> those 10 seconds you are completely free. >> i have seen two things which cannot be reconciled. a man dead without question, and that same man alive again. >> in risen, a roman soldier is charged with investigating the disappearance of jesus' body after the crucifixion and resurrection. he begins as a nonbeliever who questions his feelings the more he learns as he searches for answers. >> it is a detective investigation and that led to a fresh momentum that didn't smack of a bible movie and i think that is the hook that will get believers and nonbelievers to witness the film together. >> i'm kevin frazier. back to you in the studio. >> you can catch kevin on
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nights at 7:00 on cbs4 followed by the insider at 7:30. that will do it for cbs4 this morning at 5:00. cbs4 this morning at 6:00 starts right now. next at 6:00. boycotting beyonce. then a historic visit from anger to acceptance. mixed responses as president obama gets ready to travel to cuba. plus the donald versus the pope. plus the image of marco rubio and president obama that is making the rounds on social media. and dramatic video as a helicopter slams into the water. find out what happened to the people on board. >> scary video there. good morning south florida. it is 6:00 a.m. on this friday, february 19th. thanks for waking up with us i'm walter makaula. >> and i'm lauren pastrana.
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is standing by with our look at the roads. meteorologist lissette gonzalez. what do you have for us? >> reporter: i have nothing. it is nice and quiet. i like that on a friday actually i want to mention something important later on dealing with the dangerous risk of rip currents. that is really the main weather have something actually. biscayne bay camera, miami, we are not seeing anything on the radar in terms of rain. we are dealing with the potential if a few sprinkles here and there. the breeze is kicking out of the northeast anywhere from 8 to 17 miles per hour and that will continue to increase throughout the day today. it is a comfortable start, not as cool as yesterday but still refreshing with low 60s and upper 60s near the coast. downright windy at times, and we will see the potential for stray showers and sprinkles.


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